Sermon Transcript – He Has Delivered Us

Series C – First Wednesday of Advent – Wednesday, December 2, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29our scripture reading tonight is taken
0:31from the epistle to the colossian church
0:33Colossians chapter 1
0:35verse 1 through chapter 2 verse 7 we
0:39will be working our way through the book
0:40of Colossians this Advent season
0:44Paul an apostle of Christ Jesus by the
0:47will of God and Timothy our brother
0:50to the Saints and the faithful brothers
0:52in Christ at colossi Grace to You and
0:55peace from God our Father
0:58we always thank God the father of our
1:00Lord Jesus Christ when we pray for you
1:02since we heard of your faith in Christ
1:04Jesus and of the love that you have for
1:06all the saints because the Hope laid up
1:09for you in heaven of this you have heard
1:11before in the word of the truth the
1:14gospel which has come to you as indeed
1:16in the whole world it is bearing fruit
1:18and increasing as it also does among you
1:21since the day you heard it and
1:23understood the grace of God and Truth
1:25just as you learned it from epaphras our
1:27beloved fellow servant
1:29he is a faithful minister of Christ on
1:32your behalf and is made known to us your
1:35love in the spirit and so from the day
1:38we heard we have not ceased to pray for
1:40you asking that you may be filled with
1:42the knowledge of his will and all
1:44spiritual wisdom and understanding so as
1:46to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord
1:48fully pleasing to him bearing fruit in
1:51every good work and increasing in the
1:53knowledge of God may you be strengthened
1:55with all power according to his glorious
1:59for all endurance and patience with joy
2:01giving thanks to the father who has
2:04qualified you to share in the
2:06inheritance of the Saints in light he
2:08has delivered us from the Dominion of
2:10darkness and transferred us to the
2:12kingdom of his beloved Son in whom we
2:14have Redemption the Forgiveness of our
2:16sins he is the image of the invisible
2:19God the firstborn of all creation for by
2:23him all things were created in heaven
2:25and on Earth visible and invisible
2:28whether Thrones or dominions or rulers
2:30or authorities all things were created
2:32through him and for him he is before all
2:35things and in him all things hold
2:38together and he is the head of the body
2:41the church
2:42he is the beginning the firstborn from
2:44the dead then in everything he might be
2:46preeminent for in Christ in him all the
2:50fullness of God was pleased to dwell and
2:53through him to reconcile to himself all
2:55things whether on Earth or in heaven
2:58Making Peace by the blood of his cross
3:01and you who were once alienated and
3:04hostile in mind doing evil Deeds he is
3:07now reconciled in his body of Flesh by
3:10his death in order to present you holy
3:13and blameless and above reproach before
3:15him if indeed you continue in the faith
3:18stable and steadfast not shifting from
3:21the hope of the Gospel that you heard
3:23which has been proclaimed in all
3:25creation under heaven and of which I
3:27Paul became a minister now I rejoice in
3:31my sufferings for your sake and in my
3:33flesh I am filling up what is lacking in
3:35Christ’s Affliction for the sake of his
3:37body that is the Church of which I
3:39became a minister according to the
3:41stewardship from God that was given to
3:43me for you to make the word of God fully
3:46known the mystery hidden for ages and
3:48generations but now revealed to his
3:50Saints to them God chose to make known
3:53how great among the Gentiles are the
3:55riches of the glory of this mystery
3:56which is Christ in you
3:58the hope of glory him we Proclaim
4:02warning everyone and teaching everyone
4:04with all wisdom that we may present
4:06everyone mature in Christ for this itoil
4:09struggling with all of his energy that
4:12he powerfully works within me for I want
4:14you to know how great a struggle I have
4:16for you and for those at laodicea and
4:18for all who have not seen me face to
4:20face that their hearts may be encouraged
4:22being knit together in love to reach all
4:25the riches of the full Assurance of the
4:27understanding of the knowledge of God’s
4:28mystery which is Christ in whom are
4:30hidden all the treasures of wisdom and
4:32knowledge I say this in order that no
4:35one may delude you with plausible
4:36Arguments for though I am absent in body
4:38yet I am with you in spirit rejoicing to
4:41see your good order and the firmness of
4:44your faith in Christ therefore as you
4:47receive Christ Jesus the Lord so walk in
4:50him rooted and built up in him and
4:52established in the faith just as you
4:55were taught abounding in Thanksgiving
5:00in the name of Jesus
5:03now for our Advent meditations we will
5:06be working our way through the book of
5:08Colossians and if you’ve noticed this is
5:11quite a hefty passage how do you pull
5:14this apart in 10 minutes well it’ll take
5:17me an hour I’m joking two
5:20no it’s really not but uh We’re Not
5:23Gonna We’re Not Gonna obviously work our
5:24way through all of this we’re going to
5:25have to tear this apart a little bit and
5:28I chose the book of Colossians for two
5:30primary reasons one the book of
5:32Colossians is Christological
5:36In this passage of scripture that we
5:38read tonight we get what is considered
5:39one of the most magnificent Christ hymns
5:42in all of scripture and when you read
5:44the commentators on it there’s a lot of
5:46ink spilled as to whether or not it’s a
5:48legitimate hymn or if it just looks like
5:52if it just looks like when the
5:54difference that makes no difference is
5:55no difference at all but let us return
5:58back to our text and I’ll read portions
6:02of it and I want you to pay attention to
6:06how the verbs work in fact Let me let me
6:09work through from the beginning Paul an
6:10apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of
6:12God and Timothy our brother to the
6:15Saints the faithful brothers in Christ
6:17at colossi Grace to You and peace to God
6:20from God our father now in this section
6:22of this text I mean you could literally
6:25go on and tease out some of these themes
6:28the fact that the Apostle Paul was an
6:30apostle by the will of God and as you’re
6:32going to see later in the text you are
6:34in Christ because of the will of God God
6:36will chose you to be saved and then it
6:40says to all the saints and you’ll notice
6:42that there are some well some Christian
6:45churches and denominations and large
6:47Church bodies that they talk about
6:49sainthood as something that you aspire
6:52I’m no saint but I hope to be one
6:57well the Apostle Paul clearly missed the
6:59memo on that because he’s writing to all
7:01these lowly Christians at the church of
7:03colossae and he’s calling them saints
7:06he’s not saying Saint candidates
7:09he’s saying Saints you are Saints so
7:12grace to you and peace from God our
7:15and when we see the word peace here
7:18think of the word shalom it’s
7:20fascinating how Paul uses Shalom peace
7:22so we always thank God the father of our
7:25Lord Jesus Christ when we pray for you
7:26since we heard of your faith in Christ
7:28Jesus and of the love that you have for
7:30all the saints because of the Hope laid
7:32up for you in heaven of this you have
7:34heard before in the word of the truth
7:36the gospel notice here in this text and
7:40your translations may run into this just
7:42a little bit different than what I have
7:43here is that the gospel is considered to
7:46be the word of Truth and what is the
7:50gospel if we were to have a little quiz
7:52tonight and I say all right somebody
7:53comes up to you they’re a pagan they
7:55want to know what the gospel is what do
7:58you tell them really quick you’re on the
7:59spot what do you say where do you go
8:01what do you do well you would take a
8:03look at First Corinthians chapter 15
8:05where Paul says let me remind you let me
8:09remind you the gospel that I preach for
8:10I Proclaim to you what was the first of
8:12importance that Christ died for our sins
8:15and accordance with the scriptures they
8:17was buried and raised again on the third
8:19day in accordance with the scriptures
8:21that’s the gospel in a nutshell it has
8:24to do with the death of Christ for your
8:26sins and mine and his resurrection from
8:29the grave and then Paul in the book of
8:31Ephesians kind of ties Jesus’s
8:33resurrection to our justification so
8:36Jesus isn’t just dead he’s raised from
8:38the grave all of this is for us
8:41so Paul says that the gospel
8:45the gospel itself is the word of Truth
8:47which has come to you as indeed in the
8:50whole world it is bearing fruit and
8:53increasing as it also does among you and
8:55I can say to you Saints of Kong’s Binger
8:58not saint candidates but Saints
9:00that the gospel has come to you and it
9:03is bearing fruit even in your life right
9:05now we continue a little bit ahead and
9:08so from the day that we heard we have
9:09not ceased to pray for you asking that
9:11you may be filled with the knowledge of
9:13his will and all spiritual wisdom and
9:15understanding so as to walk in a manner
9:18worthy of the Lord fully pleasing to him
9:21bearing fruit in every good work and
9:22increasing in the knowledge of God may
9:25you be strengthened with all power
9:27according to his glorious might for all
9:29endurance and patience with joy
9:31and so from this portion of the text we
9:34learned something kind of important and
9:36that is is that wow God Wills for you to
9:40walk in a manner worthy of the Gospel he
9:43is saying because you are in Christ
9:45because you are forgiven because you
9:48have heard the gospel the word of truth
9:50because you know of the Forgiveness of
9:52your sins and you trust in him that now
9:55this then leads to you walking in
9:58Freedom and walking in a way that is
10:00pleasing to the Lord there’s no such
10:02thing as a Christian who doesn’t do good
10:04works that does that animal doesn’t
10:06exist I mean it’s like saying I’ve got a
10:08dog that never barks I got a cat that
10:10never meows in fact it moves that that
10:13animal does not exist although I’ve seen
10:15parrots be able to do strange things but
10:17that’s a different story
10:22so may you be strengthened with all
10:23power according to his glorious might
10:25for all endurance and patience with joy
10:27giving thanks to the father who has
10:30qualified you
10:32to share in the inheritance of the
10:35Saints in light
10:37major major idea here you do not qualify
10:43yourself for heaven in fact if you are
10:46trying to do that give it up right now
10:48knock that nonsense off you’ll never be
10:50able to do it instead receive the good
10:53news that that you have been qualified
10:58by God himself by what Christ has done
11:01for you and it says this he God has
11:05delivered us that’s including you and me
11:07from the domain of darkness and he has
11:10transferred us into the kingdom of his
11:12beloved Son in whom we have Redemption
11:14the Forgiveness of our sins
11:17and so God is the one who qualifies you
11:20God is the one who transfers you from
11:22the Dominion of Darkness God is the one
11:24who redeems you he is the one who
11:27forgives you he is the one who saves you
11:29you do not do these things
11:32they are done for you by God they are
11:35received as a gift and this is very good
11:38news this is very good news because if
11:40you are like me well when you’re out
11:43away from Kong’s Winger this Embassy of
11:46the kingdom of God and you’re out well
11:48in the in the world
11:50at home dealing with your sinful flesh
11:52living with other sinners
11:54right okay being tempted by your own
11:58sinful flesh the devil the world and all
12:01of its Temptations you and I both know
12:03that we don’t measure up and see that’s
12:05the thing
12:06you can either do something you can do
12:08this crazy thing with the law which the
12:09Lord’s word does not allow you to do you
12:12can sit there and say well it doesn’t
12:13really matter if I keep God’s law
12:17God knows that I’m trying it’s the heart
12:21that matters
12:24wrong it’s not how that works because
12:27Jesus says it’s out of the heart comes
12:30all kinds of wickedness and sinful
12:32thoughts murder theft adultery all of
12:36these things
12:37go and come from the heart and so when
12:41you sin you are demonstrating that you
12:44have an impure and sinful heart
12:47and so if we if it were left up to us to
12:51save ourselves to qualify ourselves by
12:54our good works to qualify ourselves by
12:56our effort to qualify ourselves by
12:58really giving a good college try at the
13:01Ten Commandments well understand this
13:05this is one of those tests you know you
13:08know I’m talking about this is one of
13:10those tests it’s either pass or fail
13:13it’s not graded on the curve it’s either
13:15pass or fail you either get a hundred
13:19are you getting zero
13:25we might as well leave I got a zero
13:27today how about you
13:30how about yesterday anyone get a hundred
13:32no no all right for Sunday that was a
13:36holy day and and no okay yep me either
13:40but see this text tells us something
13:42very important
13:43God has qualified you
13:45he has qualified you through what Christ
13:48has done for you and that’s what we’re
13:50really kind of celebrating here and if
13:52you think about it we have Christmas
13:54coming it’s just a few weeks away we’ve
13:56got all the decorations out it looks
13:57like we’re ready for a party right
14:00break out the eggnog you know get out
14:03the the Christmas DVDs it’s that time of
14:05the year cuddle up in front of the fire
14:06and watch the snow fall and get ready
14:09for that great day we all remember when
14:11our kids were really small and they
14:12would get super excited about Christmas
14:14don’t you kind of missed that I missed
14:16that right
14:17but we really ought to be excited
14:20because we’re celebrating the birth of
14:24the one who has qualified US
14:27we’re celebrating the birth of the one
14:29who has delivered us from the Dominion
14:31of Darkness we’re celebrating the one of
14:33the of the birth of the one who has
14:35transferred us to the kingdom
14:39of light
14:40and I love the interplay between light
14:42and darkness In this passage
14:44our sin the Dominion of the devil and
14:48our Rebellion against God is all likened
14:50his Darkness
14:51in fact you think about John chapter 1
14:54where Jesus where it says of Jesus that
14:57light came into the darkness but the
14:59darkness is not understood it
15:03Christ came to his own
15:05but his own did not receive him
15:08but to all who have received him who do
15:11receive him he’s given the right
15:13to be sons of God
15:16and so God is the one who has delivered
15:20us he is the one who has transferred us
15:22from the kingdom of darkness and the
15:24Dominion of Darkness into the Kingdom of
15:26Light of his beloved Son in whom in
15:29Jesus we have Redemption and the
15:32Forgiveness of our sins and here’s the
15:34great Christological passage that will
15:36kind of end on for tonight he Jesus
15:41he’s the image of the invisible God
15:45you want to know what God is like
15:47you look at Jesus
15:49he’s the firstborn of all creation Now a
15:53lot of ink has been spilled on this
15:56firstborn of all creation doesn’t mean
15:58that Jesus was the first thing created
16:00the firstborn is the one who has
16:03preeminence over everything and when you
16:05read the the Greek translation of the
16:08Old Testament called the Septuagint you
16:10have Moses saying to Pharaoh Yahweh says
16:15release Israel Israel is my firstborn
16:18or any singer Israel is my firstborn
16:20well same word in the Septuagint
16:23firstborn doesn’t mean that it’s Israel
16:26was the first thing created no it means
16:29he’s the preeminent one so all of the
16:32older brothers out there you’ve got a
16:34passage I just want to make that clear
16:36so being firstborn I have to invoke this
16:39from time to time
16:42so he’s the firstborn overall creation
16:44for by Jesus all things were created
16:48that’s right it says by Jesus all things
16:52were created in heaven and on Earth
16:55visible and invisible whether Thrones or
16:59dominions or rulers or authorities all
17:03things were created through him and for
17:07he is the first he is before all things
17:10and in him all things hold together he’s
17:14the head of the body the church he is
17:16the beginning the firstborn from the
17:18dead that in everything he might be
17:21preeminent for in him all the fullness
17:23of God was pleased to dwell and through
17:26him to reconcile to himself all things
17:29whether on Earth or in heaven Making
17:33Peace by the blood of his cross
17:37what a great
17:39great thing to consider
17:42truly Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega
17:45truly he is the beginning of the end he
17:48is the one now we learned from this
17:50passage when God said let there be light
17:54it was Jesus’s Voice who is speaking
17:58let the Earth produce plant bearing or
18:01seed bearing vegetation and it was so
18:03right that was Jesus speaking all things
18:05were created by Him and through him he
18:09is truly Our God he is truly our King he
18:12is truly Our Redeemer and we see this
18:16that he has come
18:19we know this now
18:20that his birth
18:22by the Virgin was to make peace
18:27make peace by the blood of his cross
18:30because each and every one of us
18:33we needed
18:35we needed to be reconciled to God you
18:38think about family relationships family
18:40relationships have a tendency to go
18:43and so from time to time you get family
18:46members who are kind of at each other’s
18:48throats it always makes Christmas and
18:51Thanksgiving a little bit awkward which
18:52is one of the reasons why a lot of
18:53families have those rules that say ah
18:56you’re coming to Thanksgiving here’s the
18:57rules sign the card no politics no
19:00religion right that’s how that goes
19:03because if people talk about politics
19:04and religions on Thanksgiving well what
19:07ends up happening is well there’s
19:09generally weeping and gnashing of teeth
19:11and yelling and things like that and
19:12that doesn’t go well and so when that
19:15happens and things go squirrely in
19:18family relationships you have people who
19:20are estranged people who are in Conflict
19:22people who need to be reconciled to each
19:27and beloved that was us
19:29we were born enemies of God
19:32we were born in the Dominion of Darkness
19:35we were born in League with the Devil
19:39but this says that God has qualified US
19:42he’s transferred us
19:44and he has reconciled us to himself
19:49by the blood of his cross
19:52what a great and precious gift
19:54he made peace when we were at War
19:58what an amazing thing for us to consider
20:02so as we walk through now
20:05the season of Advent
20:08let us remember these words
20:10and you that’s you and I who were once
20:13alienated and hostile in mind
20:16we who are the ones who were doing evil
20:18Deeds Christ is now reconciled in his
20:21body of Flesh by his death in order to
20:24present you holy and blameless and above
20:28reproach before him
20:31and if you say me
20:33holy me blameless me
20:40yes you holy you blameless because he
20:45has reconciled us to himself he has made
20:49peace he clothed you in his perfect
20:51righteousness he forgives you he
20:54qualifies you he saves you he redeems
20:59and for all of that
21:02it just seems woefully inadequate
21:05say thank you does it not
21:07because in reality we owe everything to
21:12we owe our life our breath our salvation
21:16and our peace with God what a great and
21:20amazing Jesus we look forward to
21:22celebrating his birth by the Virgin Mary
21:25because he is the one
21:27who has taken us who were alienated and
21:30hostile in mind
21:31and he’s reconciled in his body of Flesh
21:34by his death and he now presents us holy
21:37and blameless and above reproach before
21:42in the name of Jesus Amen
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