Sermon Transcript – Healed Soul and Body

1 Year Lectionary – Nineteenth Sunday After Trinity – Sunday, October 23, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:22The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew the ninth chapter foreign
0:39getting into a boat Jesus crossed over and came to his own City and behold some
0:45people brought to him a paralytic lying on a bed and when Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralytic take heart my
0:51son your sins are forgiven and behold some of the scribes said to themselves this man is blaspheming but Jesus
0:59knowing their thoughts said why do you think evil in your hearts for which is easier to say your sins are forgiven or
1:07to say rise and walk but so that you may know that the son of man has Authority on Earth to forgive sins he then said to
1:15the paralytic rise pick up your bed and go home and he rose and went home and
1:21when the crowd saw it they were afraid and they glorified God who had given such authority to men this is the gospel
1:28of the Lord in the name of Jesus amen the wages of sin is death this is
1:34absolutely true this is what we deserve in fact we deserve even far worse that being the case when we recognize this
1:41that the wages of sin is death we can look in the mirror confidently and note that the uh well the bad condition of
1:48our bodies which always seems to get worse is uh the early payments of those wages right as we head toward the grave
1:56and you’ll note then every single illness every single one of them the
2:03core problem is not biological the core problem is spiritual and that’s really
2:10what Our Gospel text is getting at at the heart of in fact I really like our gospel text it’s one of the most well
2:17amazing strategic moves that we have ever seen Jesus accomplish it’s
2:22brilliant when you think about it if it were a chess move kosparov would have stood there in awe because of just what
2:29Jesus pulled off in it but before we get to our gospel text I’m going to go back into the Old Testament because it’s
2:37Hezekiah something that Hezekiah wrote that is recorded for us in Isaiah’s prophecy that helps us make the
2:43connection between the soul and the body when it comes to healing in fact if you
2:49know the story Hezekiah had gotten deathly sick and when you read the details of his illness now I’m not a
2:56doctor nor do I play one on YouTube but um growing up in a medical family it
3:03legitimately sounds like Hezekiah had a boil or some kind of a cyst that had
3:08gone sept and this is the days before antibiotics and so as a result of it he he was
3:14literally at the point of death and so those details are not given in Isaiah’s prophecies you can find them instead in
3:21the books and the books of the Kings but here’s what it says in Isaiah 38. in
3:26those days King Hezekiah Hezekiah the king of Judah he became sick and he was
3:32at the point of death and Isaiah the prophet the son of Amos came to him and said to him thus says Yahweh set your
3:39house in order for you shall die you shall not recover
3:45now if Isaiah were to show up at my house probably unlikely that he would we should leave a table setting for him
3:51maybe right but if he should show up at my home uh and tell me this I would go
3:56yes thank you finally I get to get off this miserable suffering planet right
4:01and I can finally be done with sin and see Jesus face to face well Hezekiah is
4:08notably younger than I am he’s kind of in the middle of his years at he still has younger kids and this idea of dying
4:14kind of in the middle of your run is not the best thing for him and so Hezekiah
4:20he turns his face to the wall and he prayed to Yahweh and he said and listen
4:27to this wonderful wonderful plea please oh Yahweh remember how I have walked
4:35before you in faithfulness and with a whole heart and I’ve not done what is good and I have done what is good in
4:41your sight and then Hezekiah wept bitterly and you’ll note that the the
4:46experience of getting this close to death I’m sure was not a lot of fun he was not in much of a state but he had
4:52enough mind about him to basically ask God dare I say it plead with God that
4:59God would change his mind and you’ll note that over and again God hears our
5:05prayers let our prayers rise before you as incense the psalmist says the lifting up of our hands as the evening
5:11sacrifices and there are certain things that I have noted in Scripture that God
5:16went as he is planning and ordering our steps and ordering the way the universe
5:21is to be run certain things are written in stone some things seem to be written in pencil
5:27and this is one of them and so God hears
5:32hezekiah’s prayer and you’re going to note this Hezekiah was not like today’s Nar charismatic wing nut whacker Doodles
5:39right when Isaiah showed up and told him that he was going to die I you know Hezekiah didn’t say I rebuke you Isaiah
5:47and I decree and declare Death Shall Not Touch Me and on this nonsense no positive confessions from him just
5:55humble humble almost pathetic please the God would have mercy on him
6:03and God heard him God saw his weeping God saw the bitterness of his soul
6:10and God had mercy then the word of Yahweh came to Isaiah you go and you say
6:16to Hezekiah thus says Yahweh the god of David your father I always love how God
6:22those faithful Kings God always calls them the son of David and it’s really
6:29stands out when you get into the Book of Matthew we’re getting close to Advent I know it’s we haven’t quite done
6:35Reformation day yet but have you noticed that we’re only like a month or so away before everything changes colors here
6:42and we start heading into the Advent season but in the readings that you get right before the Nativity of Christ with
6:48the uh with Joseph when the angel Gabriel appears to Joseph he says to him
6:54son of David do not fear to take Mary as your wife God remembers all of this
7:02stuff and what a what a blessing here so we can say Hezekiah he wept bitterly
7:08and he is truly the son of David and God remembers that as he as he responds to
7:14his prayer he says I’ve heard your prayer I’ve seen your tears
7:19behold I will add 15 years to your life and I will deliver you and this city out
7:25of the hand of the kings of Assyria and I will defend this city this shall be
7:31the sign to you from the Yahweh that Yahweh will do this thing that he has
7:36promised behold I will make the shadow cast by the declining sun on the dial of
7:42ahas turn back ten steps so the sun turned back on the dial the ten steps by
7:48which it had declined now if you think about this all right there’s some notable Sun miracles in scripture s-u-n
7:56uh well in Joshua chapter 10 you have God promising Joshua in the armies of
8:02Israel that in the battle that they faced that they would win the battle but the battle went on and on and on and on
8:10and they were nowhere near completing the battle nor winning it and what did
8:17Joshua do he spoke to the son he said Son stands still right now we’re
8:24not talking Stephen furtick’s weird way of looking at this but the idea then is is that God made good his promise that
8:30they would win the battle that day listened to what Joshua said and caused
8:35the son to stand still but here Hezekiah prays to God that God would heal him and
8:42the sign that God gives Hezekiah Is Not only would the sun stand still it’s
8:48going to go backwards and you’re going to note everybody on planet Earth is
8:53going to see this and he is the only one then maybe Isaiah and a few other people
8:58in his Palace around the globe who know anything about what this means you think
9:04about some poor guy you know this day was a hot day was a hot summer day for him and the thing he was really looking
9:10forward to was the evening and the cooler temperatures coming at night time and there he is sweltering in his Hut
9:17and he looks up at the Sun and sees it going backwards and he’s going no no no no no no no no no go the other way right
9:23that poor fella and then you think of some you know some chicken in China right that sits there is ready for you
9:30know to to make his glorious cock-a-doodle-doo when the sun comes up and the sun doesn’t show up
9:37and this poor rooster doesn’t know what to do with himself right this is the kind of thing that really would get everyone’s attention around the globe
9:45and yet it was a merciful sign to King Hezekiah of God’s mercy and then
9:52I would note there is one other really major Sun miracle that happened in human
9:57history it happened while Jesus was bleeding and dying for your sins on the cross
10:02at noon three hours after Christ had been crucified and was as he was
10:09writhing in pain and struggling to breathe and bleeding so that you and I can be forgiven the son can no longer
10:16look at what was happening and it stopped giving its light came in the middle of the day just as
10:23the promise as the prophet Amos had said it would and so you’ll note these Sun Miracles
10:28are important but alas that’s probably for another sermon and so God answered hezekiah’s prayer
10:36and Hezekiah then reflecting on the miracle that he had experienced having
10:43been brought to the point of death God had mercy on him and made him recover and Hezekiah sat down and wrote out
10:52under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit what it all means theologically and
10:57Hezekiah becomes one of the smaller authors of scripture what he wrote Under
11:03the inspiration of the holy spirit is recorded for us by the prophet Isaiah and here’s what is King Hezekiah wrote
11:09regarding his sickness and his recovery I said in the middle of my days I must
11:16depart I’m consigned to the gates of shayol for the rest of my years I said I
11:23shall not see Yahweh Yahweh in the land of the living I shall look on man no
11:28more among the inhabitants of the world my dwelling is plucked up and removed
11:33from me like a shepherd’s tent like a weaver I have rolled up my life he cuts
11:40me off from the loom and from day to night you bring me to an end
11:47I calmed myself until morning like a lion he God breaks all of my bones from
11:55day to night you bring me to an end and here we must take this into
12:01consideration that Hezekiah rightly is identifying that his suffering that he has experienced was not some deception
12:10of the devil but it was God himself who was breaking his bones it was God himself who ordered his days it was God
12:17himself who was allowing him to suffer so horribly as he approached death
12:23and we must take that into consideration we as Christians do not do as well as we
12:30ought when it comes to suffering in fact here’s a good distinction historically
12:35that lutherans have made and Luther very early after discovering the Gospel made this distinction he makes the
12:40distinction between theologians of Glory and theologians of the cross
12:45theologians of Glory they are theologians of self-glory it’s all about
12:51them being glorified here and now and it’s well The Logical result and the end
12:59game and goal of self-righteousness and you’ll note that your old Adam my
13:06old Adam is a theologian of Glory par excellence and so when you hear in
13:12Christian churches God doesn’t want you to suffer you should say to yourself balagna and that’s how you pronounce it
13:19I know how to read I’ve seen that on the Oscar Meyer packages balag na just look at how it just sounded out I was Hooked
13:25on Phonics one time right it is not true that God doesn’t want you to suffer nor that God is not the one
13:32who sends suffering he does and Hezekiah knew full well that the suffering that he had gone through was from God he says
13:40that God was like a lion breaking all of his bones and from night to day he was
13:46bringing him Hezekiah to an end and the response what did he respond in
13:52this like a swallow or a crane I chirp I moan like a dove my eyes are weary with
13:58looking upward oh Lord I’m oppressed be my pledge of safety Hezekiah prays
14:07for what shall I say for he has spoken to me and he himself has done it
14:12I walk slowly all my years because of the bitterness of my soul and brothers
14:18and sisters Hezekiah here is a theologian of the Cross he recognizes
14:23that as well sinners suffering is something that God brings
14:28on us in order to teach us a few things you should welcome these crosses Jesus
14:34says all who would follow after him must deny themselves and take up their cross
14:41and follow me what do you think crosses are for
14:47right they’re not for glorifying yourself they’re for killing you
14:54and you’ll note crosses are painful we get the word excruciating from the word
14:59crucifixion they’re meant to hurt and this pain is vital for us because it
15:06says in scripture you are children of God and God scourges
15:12all of his children for their good you’ve heard the phrase
15:17spare the rod spoil the child why do you only think about this in a
15:24physical way do you not recognize
15:29that when God gives you the rod and it hurts and it’s meant to hurt
15:35it’s so that you will not be spoiled we should praise God
15:40for our scourgings because he knows as our heavenly father what we need
15:46and rather than say I have no need to come to to have suffering I want all my
15:53suffering and bitterness to be removed from me you better start figuring out what it all means and what it is that
15:59God is working through it oh Lord by these things men live
16:05and in all these is the life of my spirit oh please Lord restore me to health and
16:13make me live that was part of hezekiah’s prayer recorded for us here in Isaiah oh
16:19restore me Lord to health and make me live and you’ll know Hezekiah then says this
16:25behold it was for my welfare that I had great bitterness
16:31but in love you have delivered my life from the pit of Destruction for you have
16:36cast all my sins behind your back and here Hezekiah then sees that the healing
16:43that he received from God the answer to his prayers the restoration of his soul and health that it resulted in his
16:50salvation not merely his healing you see my stepdad my stepdad he spent his
16:57career as an emergency room physician right and when I was growing up I heard
17:03stories of his exploits in the emergency room and they are exploits indeed I
17:09remember one time him coming home and him still having blood splattered on his shirt
17:15telling of how some young man had been brought in had been shot in the drive-by
17:20shooting is brought in and he was dead his stone cold dead and they were able
17:26to resuscitate him and bring him back to life I was the only kid in the seventh grade
17:31who could pronounce cricoid thorotomy I knew medical terms right but all of that being said you’ll know
17:38that God isn’t merely a good ER doc a physician who heals our bodies God is
17:46one who heals our souls and so we recognize with I with Hezekiah
17:51that the bitterness that we experience and our suffering and believe me there’s nothing easy about going through it have
17:58you ever been in a hospital and the doctor hasn’t quite come in yet to give you the pain meds and you’ve
18:05been suffering and debating as to whether or not you should go to the hospital in the first place
18:10and then when you get there the the well the remedy doesn’t come immediately
18:15they’ve got to run your vitals they’ve got to run the test the doctor has to make some decisions and finally finally
18:22finally after all these agonizing hours then they finally give you the morphine right
18:30it’s all for your welfare all of this suffering produces
18:37perseverance perseverance character
18:44character hope God doesn’t only send you blessings he
18:50sends you scourges it was for your welfare that you’ve suffered it was for hezekiah’s welfare that he suffered but
18:57he says this but in love you have delivered my life from the pit of Destruction Hezekiah sees that his
19:03healing is not only a pledge or a sign of his healing but his healing is a
19:08pledge and a sign of his eternal salvation yeah God told him I’m giving
19:14you 15 years but really is that all that God gave him where is Hezekiah today
19:21Hezekiah is worshiping God Before the Throne of Christ at this very moment
19:29he’s with the angels and the archangels and all the company of heaven and like all who trust in the son of David who
19:37would come and rescue us from sin death in the grave Hezekiah had faith in that son of David as well he has the promise
19:45of eternal life in a World Without End a world without suffering and bitterness
19:50and pain is it any Wonder then that he says you have cast all my sins behind your back I
19:57love the phrase because when God chastises somebody for sinning against him he says why have you despised my
20:02words why have you cast my words behind your back as you know note that but what
20:08does God do God takes our sins and he casts them all behind his back
20:13he despises him so much he just says I don’t want to see these things anymore and he gets rid of them well how is that
20:19just we’ll talk about that Hezekiah continues Rochelle does not thank you death does not praise you those who go
20:27down to the pit do not hope for your faithfulness the living the living He thanks you as I do this day the father
20:34makes known to the children your faithfulness and then he gives this great Proclamation Yahweh will save me and he
20:43and we will play my music on stringed instruments all the days of our lives at
20:49the house of Yahweh that is most certainly true and that’s
20:56where Hezekiah is today and you’ll note Hezekiah here helps us to sit to recognize that God is not just a good
21:03doctor he’s the physician of our souls themselves and so here’s what happens then in Our Gospel text I’m going to add
21:10a few little details from the gospel of Mark because Mark gives us just a little bit more information getting into a boat
21:16Jesus crossed over and came to his own City now if you’re thinking well Jesus is Jesus of Nazareth yeah that’s where
21:23he grew up Jesus is from Nazareth but after Jesus graduated from college he got a job in Capernaum okay that’s kind
21:29of the right way to think about it and he bought a house there okay we learned from the gospel of Mark that Jesus
21:35bought a house he owned a house in Capernaum and where this healing takes place is in Jesus’s house
21:44connect the dots it’s really kind of fascinating oh and by the way it’s kind of anachronistic to say Jesus graduated
21:49from college I’m just trying to help you out here okay I don’t want anyone to say that I can just see the internet going
21:56gee Chris Roseboro thinks that Jesus went to college no he doesn’t it was an analogy right
22:03so getting into a boat he crossed over came to his City and behold some people brought to him a paralytic lying on a
22:09bed and when Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralytic take heart my son your sins are forgiven and here we have
22:17to consider this in Jesus day paralytic that they don’t have much of a good
22:23prognosis you’ll know in our day it’s still it takes some heroic efforts when
22:29somebody experiences a spinal injury that results in them being paralyzed it takes heroic efforts in order to
22:34stabilize them in order for them to even have something of a life after that fact right and I remember when I was a kid
22:41when I was in junior high or high school watching the movie about the how of Johnny Erickson Tada and how she as a
22:49young young lady you know she was at she was at a lake with her friends and she dove into the water and hit a sandbar
22:56and broke her neck and all the efforts that were shown in the movie of what it took to stabilize
23:02her with a halo around her neck and everything and and to get her to the point where well she could now get
23:09around in a mobile wheelchair but she couldn’t use her hands she couldn’t use her feet she could she learned how to
23:17paint using her mouth and that’s her life
23:23for decades but that was not possible in Jesus’s time
23:29they didn’t have the medical care that we have and somebody who is a paralytic somebody
23:35who’s had a neck injury of this type in the days before antibiotics and this kind of medicine their prognosis is
23:41Bleak this is a death sentence because they can’t feed themselves somebody has to take care of all of the
23:48bodily fluids that have to be tended to they have to be fed and they don’t have wheelchairs they don’t have things like
23:55this it’s a really really dire situation this guy is as good as dead at this
24:01point and it says in the text when Jesus saw their faith and here we need to pull in
24:07a little bit more information how does one see their faith okay we see our faith by based on our actions right just
24:15as the body that is breathing it not breathing is dead so faith without works is dead and we’ll note here we don’t
24:22really know much about what these fellows said or did but you know that there had to be a conversation the
24:28conversation going something along the lines of Jesus Is Our Hope what do you think if we take you to Jesus or maybe
24:34the paralytic was the one who says take me to Jesus and they all thought that this was a good idea but when they
24:40arrived at Jesus’s house you learn from the gospel of Mark the crowd was so big
24:45in front of their in front of Jesus’s front door there was no way for them to get to Jesus and so what do they decide
24:52to do they get they head up onto the roof and this is not an A-frame roof this is a flat roof and this is Jesus’s
25:00house they dug a hole in his roof okay and one
25:07has to wonder how long did this take place was Jesus just preaching and teaching while the dust and the dirt was
25:13falling from his ceiling what was going on here so as soon as they had a hole
25:18big enough they lowered the fellow down to Jesus and here’s the important bit
25:23there was no demand there wasn’t even a request spoken
25:29they just knew that if Jesus saw the situation that he would do something and
25:36they trusted him
25:44and Jesus’s first words don’t let these go by you
25:49take heart my son when God and human flesh calls you son
25:55or daughter pay attention because each and every one of us we have
26:01been baptized into Christ into his death into his resurrection and the Book of
26:06Galatians makes it clear that we are all now children of God adopted into the
26:12family Christ says to this fellow who has faith in him
26:18take heart my son and then he gets to the core problem
26:26this man’s core problem is not that he’s a paralytic this man’s core problem is that he’s a
26:33sinner and he needs to be reconciled to God and so Jesus begins with the most dire
26:41of the needs core root itself
26:46my son your sins they are forgiven
26:52now I don’t know if that’s what he expected in fact you can tell by how the scribes
26:57and the Pharisees responded they didn’t see this one coming at all and this is that brilliant
27:03chess move that even casparov would just sit there slack jawed Jesus hearing and knowing the thoughts
27:12that they were thinking some were saying that Jesus is blaspheming and we learned from the gospel of Mark others were
27:17saying who can forgive sins except for God Alone of course my my favorite answer to that question is duh okay who
27:25Do You Think Jesus Is Right so Jesus knowing their thoughts he asked
27:31the question why do you think he why do you think evil in your hearts it was evil of them to question Jesus’s
27:36authority to forgive sins which is easier to say Jesus said your sins are
27:43forgiven or to save rise and walk now we all know the answer to the question the
27:49answer is well it’s a lot easier to say your sins are forgiven because there is no visible evidence that your sins are
27:56have been removed from you you’ll note that after I pronounce the Absolution today during the beginning of our divine
28:02service that your skin didn’t start to Sparkle like the vampires of Twilight right there was no visible manifestation
28:11that your sins were forgiven so how does one then know that their sins are
28:17forgiven by faith by faith but Jesus here now gives a
28:23visual aid and what he does is brilliant which is easier to say your sins are forgiven to save rise and walk but that
28:31you might know that the son of man has Authority on Earth to forgive sins he
28:36then said to the paralytic rise pick up your bed and go home
28:42now there had to have been just a momentary pause from when the words left
28:48Jesus’s mouth to when the man stood up and in that pause in that silence you
28:54had to wonder what people were thinking is this really going to happen
29:00and while they’re looking on wondering what’s going to happen next the paralytic
29:05for the first time since becoming a paralytic he can feel
29:13his fingers he can wiggle his toes and God had taken his muscles and made them
29:21strong again he had been healed completely soul and
29:27body and where there was no feeling just moments ago the feeling had come back
29:34one has to wonder was there a buzz of electricity in his body could he was
29:39there a feeling of warmth where he can now again feel the blood in his own body
29:47rise pick up your bed and go home and you know what he did
29:54he did he rose and he picked up his bed and he went home
29:59now in reading this I’m not a paralytic
30:05neither are you there’s no guarantee tomorrow any of us will not be
30:10we don’t know what tomorrow the sufferings that we will experience are but today
30:17I don’t need Jesus to heal me from paralysis I need Jesus to forgive me of my sins
30:24I’m surprised that the text doesn’t end with people saying and there was a line a cue that immediately was set up people
30:32standing there waiting to have their sins forgiven next right because that’s what we all need
30:40and the reason why Jesus is able to cast our sins behind his back and say to this
30:46man so authoritatively that your sins are forgiven is because Jesus is about to do something for him and for all of
30:53us Jesus who is perfectly healthy Jesus who in the middle of his Years you’ll
30:59note Hezekiah was a young man so was Jesus and Hezekiah didn’t want to die in
31:06the middle of his life Jesus willingly laid down his life right in the middle
31:13of it where Hezekiah was healed Jesus instead allowed his body to be broken
31:21and he submitted himself to the Roman authorities who beat him punched him in the face
31:28scourged him pressed a crown of thorns into his head
31:33made him carry his cross to Golgotha and then nailed him to the cross
31:40Jesus’s perfect body became so derelict that even Isaiah says that we weren’t
31:45able to recognize him after the fact he was broken
31:50so that you and I can be healed and by his stripes we are truly healed
31:56soul and body and you’ll note the words that Christ said to this fellow rise pick up your
32:04bed and go home these are words that we’re going to hear a derivation of when
32:09we hear the voice of Jesus when he returns in glory though your body be in the grave
32:16mouldering though you have gone far beyond being
32:21paralyzed and your body is now dead you’re not able to feel or say or do
32:27anything yet alone breathe Christ will say to you when he returns rise rise
32:33from the grave and you will and you will rise from the grave with a perfect body
32:38one that will never die that does not have sickness or pain or suffering or
32:45any ailment and Jesus will lead you to your home that he has created for you
32:53and he will show you your new bed and your new home and you will be there with him forever
32:59and ever you see when Jesus heals us its soul and body
33:07so brothers and sisters take heart take heart the suffering that we are going through
33:13it’s real it hurts it’s difficult and at times you
33:18are desperate for God to give you just an ounce of Remedy some easing from the pain that
33:25you are going through your pain is not without meaning and God loves you and is scourging you and working your bet your
33:31welfare through what you are suffering but note then you will rise from the
33:37dead your sins are forgiven you will spend eternity with Christ in the home that he has prepared for you there is a
33:44day coming when the night will finally be over and the dawning of the new day will be
33:50upon us when Christ returns I know it’s dark right now but just take a look out
33:55at the horizon first colors of pink can barely be seen he it’s not that far off
34:04so rise rise you are alive in Christ trust in
34:09him and he will save you soul and Body in the name of Jesus Amen
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