Sermon Transcript – Hey, Good Shepherd, Are We Going the Wrong Way?

Series A – Fourth Sunday of Easter – Sunday, April 30, 2023 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint John the 10th chapter
0:36Jesus said truly truly I say to you he
0:39who does not enter the Sheepfold by the
0:41door but climbs in by another way that
0:43man is a thief and a robber but he who
0:46enters by the door is The Shepherd of
0:48the sheep to him the gatekeeper opens
0:50the sheep hear his voice and he calls
0:52his own Sheep by name and leads them out
0:54when he has brought out all his own he
0:57goes before them and the Sheep follow
0:59him for they know his voice a stranger
1:01they will not follow but they will flee
1:03from him for they do not know the voice
1:05of strangers this figure of speech Jesus
1:07used with them but they did not
1:09understand what he was saying to them so
1:11Jesus again said to them truly truly I
1:13say to you I am the door of the sheep
1:16all who came before me are thieves and
1:18robbers but the Sheep did not listen to
1:20them I am the door if anyone enters by
1:22me he will be saved and will go in and
1:24out and find pasture the thief comes
1:27only to steal to kill and to destroy I
1:30came that they may have life and have it
1:32abundantly this is the gospel of the
1:35Lord in the name of Jesus
1:37all right so it’s it’s no mystery I
1:40enjoy a good James Bond movie or
1:43something like that you know what I’m
1:44talking about the James Bond this is the
1:46guy who like uh you know he can get into
1:48any situation any scrape and find a way
1:50out of it the one thing I’ve always
1:51liked about Daniel Craig’s version of of
1:54James Bond is that he bleeds right he he
1:57he’s he’s not the kind of person that’s
1:59Invincible he’s not Superman he gets
2:01himself into real dangerous scrapes and
2:03comes this close to dying like all the
2:05time but over and again when you kind of
2:07think of Heroes like James Bond and the
2:09kind of the way the movie Trope works
2:11you know there there’s there’s one thing
2:13I love about these movies is there’s
2:15always like a travel log bit to it
2:17you’re going to Exotic locations places
2:19you haven’t traveled to before and and
2:22so this is where James Bond is doing his
2:24surreptitious spying kind of thing
2:26always on a mission and of course the
2:29bad guys detect him and next thing you
2:30know he’s like racing motorcycles across
2:34the tops of roofs and turkey and stuff
2:36like this right and so what ends up
2:38happening is he just escapes by this
2:41much and is picked up by an operative
2:43and is finally safely inside of a
2:45vehicle and they’re heading to get out
2:47of Harm’s Way and next thing you know
2:49James Bond notices that the person
2:51driving has made a turn that doesn’t
2:53make any sense this isn’t going the way
2:56it’s supposed to go and it says hey wait
2:58you just missed that turn and next thing
3:00you know the locks go down and now the
3:02next round of drama begins right I I
3:05like how I like to think of Good
3:07Shepherd Sunday like this again you’ll
3:10note that I always like to take swipes
3:12it like the these like almost
3:14ridiculously idyllic pictures of Jesus
3:18that take out any danger as it relates
3:21to the life of a Christian so we we’ve
3:23all seen these beautiful pictures of
3:25Jesus holding that beautiful little lamb
3:27and we want to just hold on to that
3:29image and just kind of think of Jesus
3:31like a good cup of chamomile tea on a
3:35slightly rainy day while snuggling up on
3:38your couch and it’s this is what
3:39Christianity is all about right it’s
3:41it’s all about that warm fuzzy safe
3:45feeling but I would note
3:47that is not what Good Shepherd Sunday is
3:51about and I love our epistle text
3:53because of it but let me let me help you
3:55out the assigned psalm for today is
3:58Psalm 23. and I’ve noted in the past
4:02that uh when I am visiting people on
4:05their Death Beds this is a Psalm that
4:07they want to hear and and there’s
4:10comfort for them as they are drawing
4:12near the end of their Journey but for we
4:15who still have a few days left in our
4:17journey Have you listened to this thing
4:20have you stopped and said wait a second
4:23Jesus where are you taking me okay this
4:27is a good shepherd who takes us through
4:28some pretty weird terrain if all you
4:31think that Christianity is is about
4:33fluffiness and and experiencing the
4:35Abundant beautiful blessed life now in
4:38fact listen to with the way it goes the
4:40Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he
4:44makes me lie down in Green Pastures he
4:47leads me besides Still Waters he
4:50restores my soul he leads me in Paths of
4:54righteousness for his name’s sake so far
4:56so good right and boy it’d be great if
5:00it like stopped right here okay
5:03but then it takes a really dark turn
5:06even though I walk through the valley of
5:09the shadow of death wait the what
5:11that there there’s a the huh yeah the
5:14Valley of the shadow of death you’re
5:17taking us through there Jesus have you
5:19ever thought Jesus is the Good Shepherd
5:21he’s leading his sheep and where does he
5:22take him through the valley of the
5:24shadow of death is one of my pastors
5:27used to say Jesus doesn’t save us from
5:31he saves us through it
5:33Jesus doesn’t save us from suffering
5:38he saves us through
5:40suffering and if you have this idyllic
5:43picture of Christianity that somehow
5:46being a Christian if I if I just put out
5:49the right amount of money into the plate
5:52every week if I just make sure that I
5:54obey the Commandments the right amount
5:57because obviously I can’t keep them
5:58perfectly but I mean God knows the
6:00intentions of my heart if I just try
6:03really hard to be the best Christian
6:05that I possibly can and love my good
6:07shepherd Jesus then the Abundant Life
6:10that Jesus is talking about is going to
6:12make me healthy wealthy influential wise
6:15and all those other things it’s it’s
6:17kind of a form of the Prosperity Gospel
6:21but here the scriptures are clear that
6:23our Good Shepherd
6:25leads us through the valley
6:28of The Shadow
6:29of death all of a sudden you recognize
6:32the Good Shepherd Jesus has taken a
6:34wrong turn didn’t expect that where are
6:37we going Jesus and as soon as we ask the
6:39questions the locks go down and we are
6:41in for well the ride of our lives right
6:45but you’ll note the psalmist says even
6:47though I walk to the Valley of the
6:48shadow of death I will fear
6:51no evil
6:53that’s a pretty dicey neighborhood that
6:55shadow of death by the way not a place
6:58you want to live but some of us have to
6:59sojourn through there yet so when you’re
7:02in the midst of that neighborhood no you
7:04do not need to fear any evil because you
7:06are with me you’re rod and your staff
7:09they comfort me ah the disciplining
7:12actions of a Shepherd yeah you know by
7:15hook or by crook if a sheep is not going
7:17to obey and not going to listen to the
7:19Good Shepherd well then the shepherd can
7:22grab the hook and just put them on the
7:23right path and if they’re being stubborn
7:25or an obstinate we could just break a
7:27leg and you know and wound them just
7:28enough so that they’ll get the point and
7:30do the right thing hooker by crook
7:32you’re rod and your staff they comfort
7:33me you prepare a table before me again
7:36notice this Valley of the shadow of
7:37death dicey neighborhood you prepare a
7:40table before me in the presence of my
7:44what kind of picture is this sheep
7:46having a meal while the wolves are kind
7:48of circling around
7:50that’s the Christian Life is it not
7:53it is but you anoint my head with oil my
7:57cup overflows and surely goodness and
7:59mercy shall follow me all the days of my
8:01life and I will
8:03in the future dwell in the house of the
8:05Lord forever
8:07another way to think of it is this is
8:09that it always cracks me up when you see
8:11a Marxist trying to execute Acts chapter
8:132 our text today marxists are all about
8:17creating that utopian workers Paradise
8:19here on Earth it never works out because
8:22you’ll note that that’s that’s just
8:24these ideologies are contrary to reality
8:26itself but they’ll sit there and go well
8:29take a look at this isn’t this what
8:30Christianity is supposed to be right
8:32after after Pentecost Sunday you have
8:35all these newly baptized Christians
8:37their ears are still wet behind them and
8:40they now listen to what it says they
8:43devoted themselves to the apostles
8:44teaching in the fellowship to the
8:46breaking of bread and prayers and the
8:48Lutheran sits there and goes yeah that’s
8:50all you need for church you need God’s
8:52word you need Fellowship the Lord’s
8:54supper and to pray you you have that and
8:57you have the church and that is portable
8:59anywhere you can take it into the
9:01catacombs you can take it into the
9:03forest you can do it here in a beautiful
9:04building like this but you can do it on
9:06the run while being chased by Wolves
9:08there’s all kinds of places you can do
9:10this and you don’t even need a building
9:12and we would note that’s the case but
9:14note it then says and Allah Came Upon
9:16every soul and Many Wonders and signs
9:18were being done through the apostles the
9:20Nar folks need to pay attention to that
9:22not every Christian can perform signs
9:25and wonders but all who believe were
9:27together and they had all things in
9:29common and here it is here we got
9:30Marxist communism right there in the
9:33text they had all things in common and
9:35they were selling their possessions and
9:37belongings and distributing the proceeds
9:39to all as any had need and day by day
9:42attending the temple together breaking
9:44bread in their homes they received their
9:46food with glad and generous Hearts
9:48praising God and having favor with all
9:50the people and the Lord added to their
9:51number day by day those who are being
9:53saved what a beautiful picture they had
9:55everything in common people were selling
9:57their possessions giving to the poor
9:59nobody was in need therefore communism
10:03it’s the workers Paradise here on Earth
10:07I would note this and they did this out
10:10of generosity fruit of the Holy Spirit
10:12caring for each other’s needs they
10:14didn’t do this
10:15at the point of a gun
10:18you’ll note that’s kind of the big
10:20difference between the two there’s a
10:22difference between
10:23voluntary generosity and love for
10:25neighbor and trying to save your own
10:28skin by not being well murdered by your
10:30own government for not going along with
10:32the regime there’s a big difference
10:34between the two but you’ll note that
10:37this is an incomplete picture of what
10:39happened in the early church because yes
10:41it’s true this is how things started off
10:44but does that mean the church didn’t
10:46have problems moving forward that their
10:48faith had to they had to walk out by
10:50faith of course they had problems don’t
10:53you love it like when you spend time
10:56working on a project in your home right
10:58maybe you’ve got a bathroom that needs
11:00to be redone or maybe you got to paint
11:01your house over again right yeah things
11:04like this and and you know what after
11:06you’re done with the project it looks
11:08beautiful right and then the first
11:11winter comes and then the next year
11:13comes and what was so wonderful to
11:16behold it was so clean and new you
11:18recognize you’re going to have to do the
11:20whole thing over again the this year
11:26because that second law of
11:28Thermodynamics is really fun to work
11:30with right but the idea here is this is
11:32that this idyllic picture is not where
11:34Christianity stops in fact Christianity
11:37has to go forward and you note in the
11:39chapters that follow there was
11:42murderous persecution that the
11:45Christians had to face they had turmoil
11:47and Discord among themselves that had to
11:51be dealt with in faith they were made to
11:55suffer they had to scatter and leave
11:57their homes in order to not be arrested
11:59and rounded up there’s all kinds of
12:02troubles that they had to face so it is
12:04an incomplete picture of Christianity if
12:07you just kind of stop here at where
12:09things started and you’ll note that we
12:11too are called to then walk out our
12:15faith with Christ beside us our Good
12:18Shepherd leading us and here’s where we
12:21then should pay attention to our epistle
12:23text because our epistle text gives us a
12:26far more accurate picture of what it is
12:28that we are and listen to the word
12:30called to do
12:33all right I note that there are a lot of
12:37people out there they want to know what
12:38God’s will is what are we called to do
12:40what’s our purpose why are we here
12:43well you’re not going to like this text
12:44because what it says is not going to
12:46make you feel good about and safe and
12:50instead it might actually convince you
12:52that there’s a cost to being a Christian
12:57and you’ll note Christianity our faith
13:00our Salvation is Free by grace through
13:03faith because Christ has bled and died
13:04for our sins but that doesn’t promise US
13:08easy living here on Earth and if that’s
13:12what your expectation of Christ is
13:13you’ve got the wrong Jesus
13:16and so listen to this epistle text
13:18this is a gracious thing when mindful of
13:22God one endures sorrows
13:26while suffering unjustly
13:30no just think about that sentence for a
13:32second isn’t that exactly what happened
13:34to Jesus how many sins did Jesus commit
13:36zero how many crimes did he commit zero
13:42um how did he end up
13:44dead on a cross executed right
13:49um so you’ll note that Jesus is quite
13:51the Exemplar of those who suffer
13:52unjustly and indeed he did suffer
13:54unjustly except for this one little fact
13:57God laid on him the iniquity of us all
14:00so that we can be forgiven and pardon of
14:02our sins
14:03you’ll note that oftentimes one of the
14:06impetuses behind people in gauging in
14:09criminal activity is this this belief
14:12that somehow they’re entitled to things
14:15and people have stuff that they
14:16shouldn’t have that really belongs to me
14:18but they found a way to rig the system
14:20so that it ended up with them rather
14:22than me so they justify their actions
14:24and as a result of it they commit crimes
14:26and things like this
14:28the people who are caught for committing
14:30such crimes are truly beaten and have to
14:32endure those beatings but they are not
14:35suffering unjustly they are suffering
14:38justly this is why Peter goes on to say
14:40what credit is it if when you sin and
14:42you are beaten for it and you endure I
14:45assure you when I was a kid and my my
14:48parents spanked me now thankfully they
14:49stopped spanking me when I was at a
14:51particular age they were pretty
14:53reasonable in that regard I hated being
14:55spanked but at no point when I would
14:57receive a good lashing from my dad when
14:59my dad say you know son I’m very
15:01impressed how well you endured under
15:04that particular spanking you know and
15:06you know yes you deserved it just like
15:09anybody else but you really did a good
15:11job of um of being spanked well no I
15:16memories as a kid going to bed after
15:19having been spanked and there’s a weird
15:21cry that you do when you have when you
15:23when when this happens and you know what
15:24I’m talking about and the aftermath of
15:26it like lasts forever where like there
15:28you are you’re sitting and even though
15:30you’ve stopped crying you’re gonna go
15:31you still go like this you go
15:36hey it’s a terrible experience
15:38altogether but you’ll note that nobody
15:41has given credit when they have Justice
15:43Done to them because they have done
15:47but note then the text it is a gracious
15:51thing in the eyes of God when you do
15:55good and you suffer for it and you
16:01there’s a phrase that we’ve all heard
16:04no good deed goes unpunished
16:11that’s that’s a reality of our world
16:14and the scripture says that when you
16:17suffer for doing good this is a gracious
16:21thing in the sight of God and dare I say
16:24it that this is part of what the
16:27neighborhood of the Valley of the shadow
16:29of death is all about
16:31you live in that neighborhood you’ve
16:33been dwelling in that zip code all of
16:35your life
16:36it’s a bad neighborhood and people who
16:39do good in that neighborhood are singled
16:42out to be made to suffer
16:45and this is a gracious thing in the
16:47sight of God
16:49and verse 21 let these words sink in
16:53for to this y’all have been called
17:01wait what
17:03yeah this is your calling
17:05you I yeah
17:07there’s no way around it
17:09so if I were to stand up in the Pulpit
17:12weeks from now maybe I’ve lost my mind
17:14I’m clearly I’m not keeping step with
17:17things like I used to right and I start
17:19sitting there talking about rainbows and
17:21unicorns and how Jesus just wants to
17:22bless you in Candy Land and Candy Crush
17:24okay and all this kind of weird stuff
17:26right okay you’ve known you at this
17:29point you know it’s time to take Pastor
17:30Rose bro and put them in a home and to
17:32get another Pastor because I’m not
17:35telling you the truth I’m telling you
17:37something different we are called to
17:40suffer and how many of us want to do
17:43that oh please sign me up for it okay
17:45I’ve got great news for you you don’t
17:47even have to sign up
17:50your name has been written in the Lamb’s
17:52Book of Life
17:53good news that’s part of the program
17:56our Good Shepherd leads us through the
17:58valley of the shadow of death and we are
18:00called to
18:04to this you have been called and here’s
18:06the reason why
18:07because Christ also suffered for you he
18:11has now left you an example so that you
18:14might follow in his steps
18:16what I find fascinating is that in
18:19charismatic circles right they all claim
18:21that we need to follow the example of
18:23Jesus in performing Miracles we need to
18:26do signs and wonders and things like
18:29go for it dude you know I remember on
18:32Friday I asked Brandon kimbern that
18:34you’ve been doing these American gospel
18:36docu-series for a while we’re up to
18:38number three right and I said in all of
18:40your in all of the time that you’ve been
18:42doing this have you ever been given
18:44legitimate evidence of true Miracles
18:47that are really happening by these
18:48people who say that we as Christians
18:50need to do them
18:53in short his answer was no and he kind
18:55of chuckled at the thought
18:58right you’d think with all these
19:02charismatics knowing leaders and Nar
19:04leaders knowing that Brandon Kimber is
19:06putting out an entire docu-series about
19:09Holy Fire and stuff like this and
19:11talking about their movement they would
19:12have said this is the time this is what
19:14we need we’re going to give Brandon
19:15Kimber all the evidence that we need
19:17that to prove that we’re we’re following
19:20Jesus example and we’re performing
19:21Miracles and they couldn’t do it
19:24not a single one of them again all of
19:26their miracles kind of come down to this
19:28hey take a look isn’t that neat right
19:30that’s the miracle we’re talking about
19:32but you’re gonna note what we are called
19:36the example that we are called to
19:39emulate to look to Christ and say that’s
19:42what we’re supposed to follow him in
19:45it’s following him in his
19:52Christ suffered for you
19:54leaving you an example
19:57so that you might follow in his steps
20:00he committed no sin
20:03neither was deceit found in his mouth
20:06when he was reviled he did not revile in
20:09return when he suffered he did not
20:12threaten but continued entrusting
20:14himself to him who judges justly he
20:18himself bore our sins in his body on the
20:21tree so that we might die to sin and
20:24live to righteousness by his wounds you
20:28have been healed for you were straying
20:31like sheep but you have now returned to
20:34the shepherd
20:36in the overseer of your souls
20:39have do you noticed how first Peter 2
20:43our epistle text talking about the
20:45shepherd and overseer of our souls is as
20:49David says leading us through the valley
20:52of the shadow of death he’s leading us
20:54through suffering
20:56and you’re going to note we as
20:58Christians it’s easy to loathe this idea
21:01it’s a load the idea well I I don’t want
21:04to suffer
21:05I don’t want to be unpopular I don’t
21:07want people to hate me I don’t want to
21:10be canceled I I don’t want to Bear the
21:13reproach of Christ I want to be liked by
21:16the people in my neighborhood it’s easy
21:18to think this way right
21:23but you’ll note
21:24that when we think this way we are
21:28the very thing that scripture says that
21:30we’re called to do
21:34it’s a form of idolatry
21:41the one who tries to save his life
21:42scripture says well what
21:45lose it
21:47and so note brothers and sisters this is
21:49the kind of stuff that challenges us on
21:51the level that is hard for us all and it
21:53calls us all out it accuses Us in ways
21:56that we are all found guilty
21:58it is true we don’t like to suffer we
22:00would prefer to get along
22:01but that’s not
22:03the idea here now we don’t suffer for
22:05suffering’s sake that that makes no
22:07sense you know I’m going to set out to
22:09suffer no we have to suffer for doing
22:11good which requires us to do what to
22:15love neighbor
22:16to love neighbor enough to tell neighbor
22:18the truth to love neighbor enough to
22:20help neighbor and to help neighbors that
22:22other people say you can’t help because
22:25they’re they’re not worthy of being
22:26treated as neighbors okay there’s a
22:28there’s a whole that’s a whole other
22:29sermon right
22:31and when you do such things you’ll note
22:34that there’s a really good chance
22:36especially in a world that’s going
22:37Crazier by the minute that you will be
22:40made to suffer as a result of doing good
22:44and when that happens we need to
22:46recognize that we are truly blessed but
22:48this also then requires us to be in the
22:51and to help us the Holy Spirit has to
22:55guide us through the word to adopt this
22:59so rather than seeing suffering as a
23:02burden seeing it as something that is
23:04necessary something that we are called
23:07Christ left us an example that we would
23:09follow in his steps
23:12so where is Jesus leading us you’ll note
23:16the suffering isn’t the Terminus it’s
23:18just the thing you’re passing through
23:20you’re passing through the valley of the
23:22shadow of death he’ll get you to the
23:24other side and so day by day what do we
23:28need to do repent
23:30repent of our selfishness
23:32repent of our arrogance
23:36repent of our belief that we are
23:38important repent of the belief that we
23:41are self-sufficient that we have the
23:43strength to get through and instead
23:45adopt this mentality that we are dumb
23:48sheep we don’t know the way that we’re
23:50supposed to go left to our own we’re
23:52going to be eaten by ravenous wolves
23:54stay close to Jesus
23:57continue to come to church hear his word
23:59confess your sins be forgiven rejoice in
24:03the Forgiveness that you have and let
24:05him guide you day by day through this
24:07very dicey neighborhood where we suffer
24:09and when that suffering kind of hits its
24:11heightened points along the way which it
24:14will do
24:15then stay close to Christ he hasn’t left
24:18you he’s right there beside you
24:21and he will get you through using his
24:23strength his wisdom his guidance he
24:26knows the way he’s brought many sheep
24:28through if you were to think of this
24:29world kind of like that Underground
24:31Railroad where slaves were being brought
24:33from the south and being brought to
24:34freedom in the north okay it’s a good
24:36picture here the Dominion of darkness is
24:38a lot like that and Christ is the one
24:40running the Underground Railroad taking
24:42these slaves people who were born under
24:45slavery and bringing them to freedom but
24:47in order to do that it’s a dicey and
24:49dangerous road freedom is on the other
24:52side of your death or the resurrection
24:54of that comes when Christ returns so in
24:57the meantime
24:58keep your head down he knows what he’s
25:00doing I understand the meals are weird
25:02because we’re eating in front of our
25:03enemies it’s a dangerous neighborhood
25:05and there’s lots of suffering biting and
25:07terrible things that happen but our
25:09Jesus does get sheep through he will get
25:12you through
25:14so repent Believe In Christ Our Good
25:17Shepherd he’s got you in the name of
25:20Jesus Amen
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We thank you for your support. All of our teaching messages may be freely distributed as long as you do not edit or change the content of the message, and, again, thank you for listening.
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