Sermon Transcript – His Word Has Authority

Series C – Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany – Sunday, January 31, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:31Chapter 4 verses 31-44
0:35and he went down to Capernaum a city of
0:37Galilee and he was teaching them on the
0:39Sabbath they were astonished at his
0:42teaching for his word possessed
0:43Authority and in the synagogue there was
0:46a man who had the spirit of an unclean
0:48demon and he cried out with a loud voice
0:50ha what have you to do with us Jesus of
0:53Nazareth have you come to destroy us I
0:57know who you are you’re the Holy One of
1:00but Jesus rebuked him saying be silent
1:02and come out of him
1:03and when the demon had thrown him down
1:05in their midst he came out of him having
1:08done him no harm and they were all
1:10amazed and said to one another what is
1:12this word for with authority and power
1:15He commands the unclean spirits and they
1:17come out and reports about him went out
1:19into every place in the surrounding
1:21region and he rose and left the
1:24synagogue and entered Simon’s house now
1:26Simon’s mother-in-law was Ill with a
1:28high fever
1:29and they appealed to him on her behalf
1:31and he stood over her and rebuked the
1:34fever and it left her and immediately
1:36she Rose and began to serve them now
1:39when the sun was setting all those who
1:41had any who were sick with various
1:43diseases brought them to him and he laid
1:46his hands on every one of them and
1:47healed them and the demons also came out
1:49of many crying you are the Son of God
1:52but he rebuked them and would not allow
1:54them to speak because they knew that he
1:56was the Christ and when it was day he
1:59departed and went into a desolate place
2:01and all the people sought him and came
2:02to him and would have kept him from
2:04leaving them but he said to them I must
2:06preach the good news of the kingdom of
2:08God to the other towns as well for I was
2:10sent for this purpose and as he was
2:13preaching and and he was preaching in
2:15the synagogues of Judea
2:17in the name of Jesus
2:22so some people are saying
2:24oddly so that the Great Tribulation
2:27begins in March of this year I wish I
2:29was making this up but it’s absolutely
2:30true there’s people out there engaging
2:33in prognostications regarding the end
2:35times saying that the Great Tribulation
2:37begins in March to this I say paw it
2:40began when the latest presidential
2:43candidate election season began it has
2:46been tribulation the whole time the news
2:48has been just difficult to bear and the
2:50reason I beating this up is because I
2:52don’t know if you have noticed this
2:53about politicians but they have a
2:55tendency to say words that never follow
2:58up with actions it’s as if this is an
3:01entire year long where we get to hear
3:03all these wonderful words of what so and
3:06so is going to do when he or she assumes
3:08office in the presidency and we all know
3:11that the words that they’re telling us
3:17they’re just telling us what we want to
3:19hear so that when we go to the polls in
3:21November we will pick their name and
3:23pull the lever so that they can go to
3:26the White House right we know this about
3:28politicians it’s this wonderful fiction
3:30that we’ve set up they tell us what we
3:32want to hear we vote them into office
3:34and then they proceed to do whatever
3:36they want
3:39yeah in other words the words of
3:42politicians don’t really have all that
3:47um value maybe a good way to say it
3:51um what was it uh that George Bush the
3:53first George Bush in office said read my
3:55lips no new taxes
3:58well that campaign promise didn’t last
4:00very long did it yeah maybe he should
4:03read my lips no new taxes the first year
4:05I’m in office
4:06now the reason I bring all this up is
4:10because today in our text our Old
4:12Testament and Our Gospel texts
4:15we see that God’s words
4:17are very different than the words of men
4:20and politicians
4:21when God speaks something happens
4:26The Words of Christ have authority and
4:28that’s kind of our theme for today so if
4:30you would turn back with me to Jeremiah
4:32chapter one we’re going to walk through
4:34our Old Testament text to set the
4:36foundation for our theme today as we
4:39look at our gospel text in Jeremiah
4:41chapter 1
4:43starting at verse 4 it says this now the
4:46word of the Lord came to me the me there
4:47is Jeremiah saying before I formed you
4:50in the womb I knew you before you were
4:53born I consecrated you and I appointed
4:56you a prophet to the Nations by the way
4:59there’s so much we could talk about here
5:00notice that apparently even unborn yet
5:05conceived children
5:07have value in the eyes of God right
5:10so I think that unborn children even
5:12today still have value in the eyes of
5:14God but also consider the implications
5:16of this where is Jeremiah’s free will
5:19doesn’t seem to exist poor little
5:21Jeremiah when he was growing up people
5:23would ask him Jeremiah what do you want
5:25to be when you grow up well it says well
5:27I wanted to be a fireman but God
5:28consecrated me before I was formed in
5:31the womb and appointed me to be a
5:32prophet for the nation so what I want to
5:34be when I grow up really doesn’t matter
5:36God’s going to have his way with me
5:38he could have said that could he not
5:42so I appointed you the Lord says Prophet
5:45to the Nations even before he’s born and
5:48then I said oh Lord God behold I don’t
5:51know how to speak for I’m only a youth
5:54oh that’s not going to work either here
5:57we’ve heard Moses give similar
5:59complaints to God but the Lord said to
6:01me do not say I’m only a youth
6:03for to All To whom I send you you shall
6:07go and whatever I command you you shall
6:12speak do not be afraid of them
6:15for I am with you to deliver you
6:17declares the Lord
6:19yeah in other words the fact that he’s a
6:21youth at the time of his calling to be a
6:25that does not cause God to say whoa well
6:28wait a minute here yeah I guess you’re
6:30right no God says nope don’t worry about
6:32it I’m sending you and don’t be afraid
6:35about what you’re going to speak because
6:37I’m going to give you words to speak oh
6:40and by the way Jeremiah this is going to
6:42be a rough gig the reason I say that is
6:45because well I’m sending you to a bunch
6:47of people who are steeped in idolatry
6:49steeped in sin they do not listen to my
6:52words and so when I give you words to
6:56speak they’re going to get angry at you
6:58you can almost hear Jeremiah saying
7:00please don’t shoot the messenger
7:04I’m only telling you what God told me to
7:06tell you
7:07so then the Lord put his hand and he
7:09touched my mouth this is similar to what
7:11we see happening with the great vision
7:13in Isaiah 6 where you know Isaiah goes
7:16to heaven and says oh I’m undone I’ve
7:18seen the Holy One of Israel and then the
7:20angel come and grabs one of the one of
7:22the Embers from the fire touches his
7:24lips and says this your sins have been
7:26atoned for very similar words going on
7:28here you’ll notice here then the Lord
7:29put out his hand whoa whoa whoa when
7:31does God have hands
7:34God has whatever he wants whenever he
7:37needs it but but this was before Jesus
7:39was born of the Virgin Mary do you think
7:41our understanding of time has any
7:43bearing on God’s understanding of time
7:46right notice what it says so then the
7:49Lord said to me behold I’ve put my words
7:51in your mouth who’s God’s
7:55see I set you
7:56this day over Nations over kingdoms to
7:59pluck up and to break down to destroy
8:01and to overthrow
8:02to pluck up and break down and overthrow
8:04to build and to plant but you dress
8:07yourself for work arise and say to them
8:09everything that I have commanded you oh
8:12and don’t be dismayed by them lest I
8:14dismay you before them yeah it’s as if
8:17God really understood what poor Jeremiah
8:20was going to be up against it’s kind of
8:22like well let’s say that we decide that
8:24we’re going to send you to go swimming
8:26in the ocean and what we’re really going
8:28to do here is we’re going to slap some
8:30red meat on you right rather than the
8:32scuba tank we’ll throw some pork you
8:34know pork loin and maybe some you know
8:35big you know Brown steaks on your back
8:38and tie you up and just throw you in the
8:40water and Chum it with blood right this
8:42is the this is with the context into
8:45which Jeremiah steps in to preach the
8:47words of God and proclaim the word of
8:50the Lord to Israel and so knowing how
8:52dangerous this is God says to Jeremiah
8:55listen don’t be afraid of them
8:58be afraid of me
9:00focus on me not them
9:02my words are going to do what I sent
9:05them to do but you dress yourself rise
9:08don’t be dismayed by them lest I dismay
9:10you before them and behold I make you
9:12this day a fortified City an iron pillar
9:14and bronze walls against the whole land
9:17and against the kings of Judah it’s
9:18officials its priests and the people of
9:20the land they will fight against you
9:23but they shall not Prevail against you
9:25for I Am with You declares the Lord
9:28to deliver you
9:30and is this exactly what happened
9:32exactly what happened why because when
9:35God speaks things happen
9:37you remember how the universe was
9:40created there was Darkness
9:43chaos over the Deep the dough the boat
9:46the tohu of bohu there in the Hebrew
9:49right and God says let there be light
9:52could there be Darkness anymore for
9:53another Split Second of course not as
9:56soon as God says it acts now here’s the
9:59idea here
10:00God’s word is performative it has
10:04Authority When God says it’s this it’s
10:08that When God says this is going to
10:09happen you know what’s going to happen
10:10that’s going to happen
10:12period God doesn’t lie his word
10:15accomplishes the thing to which he sends
10:17it out to do
10:19and so when we come back to our gospel
10:20text in Luke chapter 4 verse 31 keep in
10:24mind who it is that we’re tracking with
10:26right now Jesus is none other than the
10:30word of God made flesh
10:32right that’s what John 1 1 says in the
10:35beginning was the word
10:37the word was with God and the Word was
10:40the word became flesh so here we have
10:43the word of God in human flesh and he’s
10:46going to go to church now granted back
10:49then they didn’t call it church and they
10:51met on Saturday rather than Sunday but
10:53it was church nonetheless this was the
10:55Gathering of those who believe it says
10:58this he Jesus went down to Capernaum
11:01a city of Galilee
11:03and he was teaching them on the Sabbath
11:05Saturday and they were astonished at his
11:08teaching for his word possessed
11:12Authority literal translation the word
11:15of him possessed Authority
11:18it’s a little stiff in the English but
11:20it really makes the point his word
11:23had authority Jesus didn’t teach like
11:25anybody they had ever heard the rabbis
11:27in the synagogue they kind of preached
11:28like this well as we look at this text
11:31in the prophet Isaiah Rabbi Shiva he
11:34interpreted it this way and told me
11:36about it this way and of course we all
11:37know that Rabbi Shiva studied under
11:39Rabbi Eleazar and Rabbi Eliezer he
11:41learned his stuff from Moses this I
11:44always have to footnote everything no
11:45Rabbi would speak on his own authority
11:47Jesus on the other hand he gets up and
11:49he says things like what we hear in The
11:52Sermon on the Mount you have heard it
11:53said but I say you have heard it said
11:56but I say this is authority Jesus is
12:00speaking with authority he’s doing this
12:02and the people in the synagogue are
12:03going whoa his word
12:07possesses Authority indeed it does
12:11and now keep in mind all right we all
12:15like to think that the devil is really
12:17hard at work out there you know in
12:20Hollywood maybe in Washington D.C places
12:23are loaded with demons right think of
12:25Las Vegas it’s just got to be teeming
12:27with demons
12:30why would the devil spend all of his
12:32time trying to deceive people he’s
12:34already deceived and already has
12:38do you think of it this way if we’re at
12:41War okay where are we going to station
12:44most of our soldiers where are their
12:47efforts going to be focused on the front
12:49line right taking enemy territory
12:53those places that we already have under
12:55our Dominion let me put a couple of guys
12:58there and you know pretty much leave it
13:00alone right so where is the devil most
13:02active then if he wants to take ground
13:04from the enemy answer
13:09devil never leaves Church alone and we
13:13read in this story
13:15that there was a man who had
13:18an unclean demon
13:21now before you sit there and say whoa
13:22whoa wait a second are you are you
13:23saying the demons are real
13:27what’s the text say
13:30the text says there was a man who had an
13:32unclean demon
13:34he came into church nobody knew the guy
13:37was demon possessed nobody had any idea
13:40at all
13:41and let me ask you this what is the
13:43devil always attacking
13:45answer the word of God do you remember
13:48the attack in the Garden of Eden the
13:51attack in the Garden of Eden what does
13:52the devil say first words did God really
13:58oh the devil knows
14:00that the word of the Lord
14:02possesses Authority and has power
14:05so the thing he’s got to get you off of
14:08is the word of God well this poor guy in
14:11the synagogue who was demon-possessed
14:12the demon could could stand it no more
14:17oh my goodness all of this work that
14:19I’ve been doing in this synagogue
14:20deceiving this people Jesus comes and
14:23shows up and it’s all just disappearing
14:25right before my eyes like a snowfall in
14:28June right
14:30and so the demon can’t help but do what
14:32he does next and it’s very important you
14:35pay attention to the details here
14:37so the guy literally stands up and the
14:40guy and the demon cries out and here’s
14:43what he says ha now the ESV says this
14:46what have you to do with us Jesus of
14:48Nazareth not bad but let me clean it up
14:51a little bit because they try to make it
14:53understandable in the English let me go
14:54back and give you the literal
14:55translation here’s what he literally
14:57said ha what have we to do with you
15:01Jesus of Nazareth have you come to
15:04destroy us and then he says I know who
15:08you are the Holy One of God
15:10which then begs the question what’s this
15:12we stuff
15:13what’s this us stuff right what is this
15:16demon referring to now it’s very easy
15:19for us to conflate and think well this
15:21is like the demoniac and the garascenes
15:24the guy who’s living in the tombs who
15:26had the Legion of demons right so that
15:28we and the US has to refer to other
15:30demons oh not so
15:33that’s not what’s going on here now to
15:36help us understand this I’ve decided
15:38that we’re going to for the sake of
15:40argument recreate the scene of the crime
15:42if you would okay so if I would like you
15:45to imagine that it’s Any Given Sunday
15:47here at Kong’s Binger I’m up here
15:49preaching about Christ and proclaiming
15:52to the word of God and right in the
15:54middle of my sermon this happens
15:57what have you to do with us
16:00Pastor Roseboro have you come to
16:02kungsbringer here to stir up a lot of
16:05trouble ah
16:07see you can have a seat yeah I won’t
16:10rebuke the demon because I believe he’s
16:12not deemed obsessed but now notice okay
16:14if somebody stood up in the middle of my
16:16sermon and did that
16:18all right
16:21what do his words tell you
16:24is going on
16:26he’s standing up as one of you one of
16:29the members of the congregation
16:31basically what he’s trying to do is cast
16:33doubt on the word that I’m bringing to
16:35you this is exactly what’s happening in
16:37this text the demon stands up ha what
16:40have we to do with you Jesus of Nazareth
16:44have you come to destroy
16:48the us there is the people in the
16:50congregation the demons trying to cast
16:52doubt on this authoritative word of
16:55Christ that’s going out in their in
16:57their midst and so he’s trying as best
17:00as he can to basically make Jesus look
17:03like he’s not there for their good but
17:05therefore they’re bad have you come to
17:07destroy us Jesus I know who you are
17:10you’re the Holy One of God and you can
17:12see the people in the synagogue going
17:13Jesus is here to destroy us really he’s
17:15the Holy One Of God ah
17:18that’s what’s going on in this text
17:23and that’s what the text says but death
17:26Jesus rebuked him saying be silent come
17:29out of him
17:32and when the demon had thrown him into
17:34their midst so you can almost see the
17:35guy diving right into the center of the
17:38of the synagogue the demon came out of
17:41him having done him no harm
17:44and then everyone they were all amazed
17:46and said to one another what is this
17:49what is this word for with authority and
17:53power He commands even the unclean
17:55spirits and they come out
17:58of course everyone was sitting there
17:59going I don’t understand why Moshe was
18:01demon-possessed how long was that going
18:02on and none of us knew right
18:05maybe that explains why he was yes dude
18:07this some they have to do a postmortem
18:10on this later so the text then says this
18:14reports about Jesus went out to every
18:16place in the surrounding region they
18:18remember this is very early in Jesus’s
18:20Ministry so Jesus arose left the
18:22synagogue and he entered Simon’s house
18:25this is Simon Peter now watch this now
18:27Simon Simon’s mother-in-law was ill and
18:31had a high fever now if you have any
18:32Roman Catholic friends you can point in
18:34this text and say hey did you notice
18:35that the first pope had a wife
18:39they believe Peter is the first pope
18:41well he has to have had a wife if he had
18:43a mother-in-law because no one would
18:45want one of those voluntarily
18:48I’m joking
18:52you just don’t go down the street I
18:54think I’ll get myself a mother-in-law
18:57so he has a mother-in-law now watch this
19:01so she was Ill with a high fever and
19:03they appealed to him on her behalf and
19:06rather than saying to her ah listen it’s
19:09only a fever to have some water and
19:11it’ll go away in a couple of days here’s
19:13some Tylenol you know right here’s what
19:15the sex says he stood over her and same
19:18word he rebuked the fever Jesus is
19:21rebuking demons he’s rebuking fevers
19:24both of which are a result of our fall
19:26into sin right
19:29and the fever it left her immediately
19:32she Rose and began to serve them
19:34Selah okay and I think this is a good
19:37idea for mothers-in-laws to be doing
19:38okay now when the sun was setting all
19:42those who had any who were sick with
19:44various diseases they brought them to
19:46Jesus and he laid hands on every one of
19:48them and healed them and demons also
19:51came out of many crying you are the son
19:53of God
19:55but he rebuked them and would not allow
19:57them to speak because they knew that he
19:59was the Christ or you can say the
20:00Messiah now the question is why on Earth
20:02would Jesus silence the demons trust me
20:05when I tell you when a demon says the
20:08truth about Jesus it’s because their
20:11hope is to do something nefarious right
20:13so the demons are out there saying
20:15you’re the Son of God and the reason for
20:18this is because they know that if they
20:19can get people to listen and hear that
20:21and understand that it’s going to bog
20:23Jesus’s Ministry down and plus the
20:26demons clearly had been spending a lot
20:28of time confusing the children of Israel
20:31regarding what the Messiah would do when
20:34he showed up
20:36the demons had them focusing in on the
20:38second Advent of Christ the prophecies
20:41where Jesus is going to come in and flex
20:43some muscle and slay the evil doers and
20:46get rid of the idolaters and what’s
20:48happening in Israel at this time they’re
20:50under the thumb under well more like the
20:53boot of the Roman Empire right
20:56they’re chafing under this
20:58and even the disciples don’t quite get
21:00what the Messiah is going to do and over
21:03and over and again they get it wrong as
21:06they’re on their way to Jerusalem what
21:08do the Zebedee Brothers do with Jesus
21:10hey Jesus when you come into your glory
21:12can one of us sit on your right and the
21:13other on your left they’re jockeying for
21:15well cabinet positions and Jesus’s
21:18Administration they don’t even know what
21:20they’re talking about right and even
21:22after Jesus rises from the dead
21:24what is it that the disciples say to him
21:26just before he ascends are you now going
21:29to restore the kingdom to Israel
21:31okay this is the equivalent of a guy
21:34going to Seminary and and everything
21:37rides on the last test that he takes the
21:41big final that covers all four years of
21:43Seminary and he gets an F
21:47the disciples flunked the final and you
21:50can almost see Jesus going
21:52no you know as he descends up and he
21:56goes why did what’s happening right here
21:58so not only they fail the final and they
22:01do miserably yeah this shows over and
22:03again they had the wrong idea of what
22:05the Messiah would do
22:07because the prophecies in the Old
22:09Testament according Christ are twofold
22:11one it is first coming to come and to
22:14serve and to die as a sacrifice for our
22:16sins and the second is the second coming
22:19where he comes in glory to judge the
22:21living and the dead
22:22the kingdom of God is not here on this
22:24Earth if you would the kingdom of God is
22:27coming it’s here Among Us tough to see
22:29but I kind of see it right now but it’ll
22:31disappear quickly after the church
22:33service ends
22:36so the demons are saying oh you’re the
22:38Son of God not to help Jesus but to bog
22:41him down
22:42and this is what happens and this text
22:45says this so when it was day he departed
22:47went to a decibel desolate place and the
22:49people sought him and came to him and
22:52they would have kept him from leaving
22:55see all this this is starting to get in
22:57the way of things but he said to them
22:59hey I must preach the good news of the
23:01kingdom of God to the other towns as
23:04well why because the word of God has
23:07and God Jesus is God’s word in human
23:10flesh I was sent for this purpose and he
23:12was preaching in the synagogues of Judea
23:16so where does the rubber meet the road
23:18here here today in our Old Testament
23:20text and Our Gospel text we’ve heard
23:21about the authority of the word of God
23:25that it accomplishes what it says it
23:27will do it’s unlike any word that we
23:29hear especially from politicians well I
23:32want you to think of it this way this
23:34morning you have heard the word of God
23:37you’ve heard the word of God and the
23:38gospel text you’ve heard the word of God
23:40in our epistle text and our Old
23:41Testament text
23:43and I would tell you this the
23:46authoritative word of God spoke to you
23:48this morning also in our Psalm text let
23:50me read again a portion of our Psalm
23:53Psalm 71 in You O Lord do I take refuge
23:57let me never be put to shame
24:00in your righteousness deliver and Rescue
24:03incline your ear to me and save me
24:06be to me a rock of Refuge to which I may
24:10continually come you have given the
24:12command to save Me For You Are My Rock
24:15and my Fortress there it is
24:18the Lord has given the command
24:21save you
24:24he has
24:26we all know that we are Sinners by
24:30nature and we deserve God’s Wrath but
24:32the command has gone forth to save even
24:35you you heard this morning in the
24:37Absolution not my words but the words of
24:39Christ your sins are forgiven if we were
24:42having the Lord’s Supper this morning
24:43we’ll have it next week you will hear
24:45these words take eat this is the True
24:48Body of Christ broken for you for the
24:50Forgiveness of your sins take drink this
24:53is the True Blood of Christ shed for you
24:56for the Forgiveness of your sins God’s
24:59word is performative
25:00he desires your salvation no he’s
25:03commanded your salvation
25:07and in the words of the Absolution he
25:10declares your sins to be forgiven in the
25:13words of institution of the Lord’s
25:15Supper we know that we are receiving the
25:17true body and blood of Christ in with
25:19and under the bread and wine for the
25:21Forgiveness of our sins and Christ is
25:24commanded that your sins be washed away
25:26in the waters of your baptism
25:30his word accomplishes what it sets out
25:32to do his word has Authority
25:35do you believe these words for you
25:40or do you believe that Christ is like
25:42the politicians
25:45his words sound nice but at the end of
25:47the day they have no cash value
25:50that’s the question
25:52what do you believe about Jesus’s words
25:56in the name of Jesus Amen
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