Sermon Transcript – If You’re the Son of God Come Down From the Cross

Series B – First Wednesday in Lent – Wednesday, February 24, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28tonight’s reading is from the gospel of
0:31chapter 27.
0:35and over Jesus head they put the charge
0:38against him which read
0:40this is Jesus the king of the jews then
0:42two robbers were crucified with him
0:45on one the right and and one on the left
0:49and those who passed by derided him
0:51wagging their heads and saying
0:53you who would destroy the temple and
0:54rebuild it in three days save yourself
0:57if you are the son of god come down from
1:00the cross
1:01so also the chief priests with the
1:03scribes and the elders they mocked Jesus
1:06he saved others he cannot save himself
1:09he is the king of israel let him come
1:11from the cross and we will believe in
1:13him he trusts in god
1:15let god deliver him now if he desires
1:18him for he said i am the son of god
1:20and the robbers who were crucified with
1:22him also
1:23reviled him in the same manner
1:26in the name of Jesus well i haven’t
1:31what our sermon series is going to be
1:33for the midweek lenten services
1:35until now a friend of mine a colleague
1:39one of my seminary professors who
1:41i work with with the elethia seminary
1:44and the letheus synod
1:45he came up with an interesting idea one
1:47that i have to give him credit for
1:48because i’ve never heard a sermon series
1:50quite like this
1:51oftentimes pastors will do a sermon
1:54series during lenten season where we
1:56look at the words that Jesus spoke
1:58from the cross over this lenten tide
2:01we’re going to look at the words that
2:03people spoke
2:04to the cross the things that they said
2:08to Jesus while he was on the cross today
2:11focusing on
2:12these words um those who pass by derided
2:16him wagging their heads and saying
2:18you who would destroy the temple and
2:20rebuild it in three days
2:21save yourself if you are the son of god
2:24come down
2:25from the cross this lenten tide always
2:28and again we have to
2:29examine our lives in light of the ten
2:31commandments first commandment you will
2:33have no other gods what does this mean
2:35we should fear love and trust
2:36in god above all things only god
2:40well that’s kind of the rub have you
2:42ever noticed that we have this amazing
2:44ability to just cobble together our own
2:46deities without much effort
2:48i was recently rebuked by a woman in the
2:53she is she has her own
2:56ministry and she is out there defeating
2:58demons and declaring
3:00prosperity in fact she even recently
3:03declared the pandemic to be over
3:05and declared that anybody who gets covid
3:07will live
3:09that hasn’t gone very well and let’s
3:11just say that in our exchange i pointed
3:13out that she was a false teacher
3:16and she then proceeded to let me know
3:18that she has
3:19looked at Christianity very closely and
3:22that she wouldn’t be a Christian if
3:23there wasn’t
3:24something in it for her her words
3:29well there is something in Christianity
3:32for all of us but the thing is is that
3:33it may not be the thing you expect
3:35and that’s kind of the rub if you think
3:38about it is that
3:39we have our own preconceived notions of
3:42what it is
3:42exactly that we need to be saved from
3:45and what exact kind of savior
3:47we’re going to be requiring for such a
3:51are you suffering from credit card debt
3:53don’t worry so a thousand dollar seed
3:56make your check payable to pastor chris
3:59and don’t do that
4:02right so we we need a financial savior
4:05we need a political savior
4:07right you know we need one of those we
4:10we need
4:11we need saving from poverty we need
4:13saving from sickness we need
4:15saving from the pandemic and so we need
4:17something practical we need something
4:19well you get the idea and so when you
4:24scripture in this manner it’s amazing
4:28what we’re capable of doing we’re
4:29capable of not
4:31seeing the savior that is there
4:34for us because well what good is a
4:38crucified curse
4:42suffering dead Jesus
4:47in fact isn’t that the whole point of
4:48these words to the cross
4:51you who would destroy the temple and
4:52rebuild it in three days save
4:54yourself you’re going to die
4:58Jesus save yourself isn’t death like the
5:00end of everything anyway right
5:03we all know how that works even harry
5:06is a fellow who who wanted to conquer
5:09there’s a seance held every year on the
5:12anniversary of harry houdini’s death
5:14and they ask harry houdini have you
5:16conquered death come
5:18forth and guess who doesn’t show up year
5:20after year after year
5:22harry houdini he continues to be dead
5:26and so there they are thinking that
5:27Jesus is on the verge of his ultimate
5:29defeat come down from the cross
5:32save yourself if you’re the son of god
5:38when he saved others he cannot save
5:41himself and there’s the point
5:44Jesus wasn’t there to save himself he
5:46was there to save you
5:48he was there to save me because man we
5:51needed saving
5:52and the fact that these people rather
5:54than being on their knees
5:56humbly praying pleading with god for
6:01that they that god himself god the
6:03father would send the son to suffer and
6:06bleed in our place and die they’re
6:08mocking him deriding him
6:10thinking that the gospel is some kind of
6:12a scandal something to be
6:14looked at like a cockroach on your floor
6:18but it’s not in fact you’ll note that
6:22it was peter who had this same
6:25the same way of thinking if you would
6:29in our gospel text coming up this
6:32sunday it’s from the gospel of mark’s
6:34account of this passage from matthew
6:36we’ll just take a look at some of the
6:37highlights when Jesus came into the
6:39district of caesarea
6:41philippi he took his disciples outside
6:43of israel
6:44we’re going to ask the important
6:47who is the son of man so he asked him
6:49first who do people say the son of man
6:51is and they said well you know
6:53some say john the baptist other elijah
6:55and others jeremiah are one of the
6:57prophets that’s a weird answer for jews
6:59by the way
6:59they don’t believe in reincarnation so
7:02all of a sudden they become hindus right
7:04so Jesus now pushes the point just a
7:06little bit further who do you say that i
7:09and we get this great confession of the
7:11apostle peter
7:12you are the Christ you are the son of
7:14the living god and Jesus answered him
7:16blessed are you simon barjona for flesh
7:18and blood has not revealed this to you
7:19but my father who is in heaven
7:21and no sooner does that come out of
7:23Jesus mouth
7:24that Jesus it says from that time began
7:27to show his disciples
7:29that he must go to jerusalem he must
7:32suffer many things from that from the
7:34the chief priests the scribes and then
7:36be killed
7:38and on the third day be raised
7:42Jesus speaks about these things now
7:45bluntly plainly and peter takes him
7:48aside and began to rebuke
7:50Jesus man i am still
7:54shocked that the text doesn’t then go on
7:56to say thus
7:57perished peter you know because
8:01who can rebuke god right
8:04so he says far be it from you lord this
8:08never happen to you this isn’t what i
8:10signed up for
8:12i’m i’m i’m working and maneuvering with
8:14the other guys to figure out which
8:15cabinet position i can get in your new
8:18Jesus we’ve already picked out robes for
8:21the coronation
8:22ceremony and we’re building an army that
8:24you can go and conquer
8:26rome with what are you talking about
8:29you’re gonna go to jerusalem
8:31hand it over and die that’s not
8:34according to
8:35the plans that we we need somebody who’s
8:37gonna flex some muscle here
8:39and take the roman empire off of our
8:45far be it from you Jesus far be it
8:48so Jesus turned around and said to peter
8:51get behind me satan
8:52you’re a hindrance to me for you are not
8:55setting your mind on the things of god
8:57but on the things of man
9:00you see our problem isn’t the other
9:02party that we don’t vote for
9:04our problem isn’t poverty our problem is
9:07not that we suffer financially
9:09our problem is not that we need a better
9:12our problem is not communism it’s not
9:14capitalism our problem
9:16is sin it is our rebellion against
9:19god and all of the turmoil and the muck
9:22that we go through
9:23day after day week after week year after
9:27year without
9:28end all of this is the consequence of
9:31our sin
9:32and if Jesus were to just deal with one
9:35of the symptoms and not address
9:36the root we’re doomed
9:40and how many of us are guilty like peter
9:43of having in mind the things of man the
9:45things of this world
9:47and do by doing so are in league with
9:50the devil
9:55well now that you put it that way i
9:57guess we’re all
9:59guilty of that myself included
10:02so brothers and sisters this lenten tide
10:05our meditation
10:06for tonight these words to Jesus
10:09while he’s on the Christ on the cross
10:11you who would destroy the temple rebuild
10:13it in three days
10:14save yourself if you are the son of god
10:16come down from the cross
10:18let us thank god that Jesus had in mind
10:21the things of god and that he didn’t
10:22come down from the cross
10:24because scripture is clear that Christ
10:26had at his disposal even while nailed to
10:29the tree and suspended between heaven
10:31and earth
10:31he had at his disposal myriads of armies
10:35of angels
10:35that at his slightest little command
10:39would have immediately taken him off the
10:42and slaughtered everybody there standing
10:44at the foot of the cross mocking him
10:48but Jesus didn’t raise a finger
10:52he didn’t wink he didn’t say uncle
10:57he sat suspended between heaven and
11:02there to save you and me in fact i can’t
11:04think of a better way to put it because
11:06it’s so beautifully put in the hymn that
11:08we just
11:09sang listen to these these lyrics
11:13thou hast suffered men to bruise thee
11:16that from pain i might be free
11:19falsely did your foes accuse thee
11:23thence i gained security comfortless
11:27thy soulded languish me to comfort in my
11:31thousand thousand thanks shall be
11:32dearest Jesus unto thee
11:35verse six thou has suffered great
11:38and you have borne it patiently even
11:41death by crucifixion
11:42fully to atone from me thou dost choose
11:46to be tormented so that my doom
11:48should be prevented thousand thousand
11:50thanks shall be
11:52dearest Jesus unto thee then for all
11:55that wrought my
11:56pardon for thy sorrows deep and sore
11:59for then anguish in the garden i will
12:01thank thee evermore
12:03thank thee for thy groaning thy sign
12:06for thy bleeding and for thy dying for
12:09that last
12:10triumphant cry and shall praise thee
12:12lord on high
12:14let us thank our great merciful
12:17God and Savior Jesus Christ
12:21that he suffered all of these things he
12:23didn’t come down from the cross he
12:25didn’t save himself
12:26so that you and I can be saved
12:30in the name of Jesus amen
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