Sermon Transcript – In My Flesh I Will See God

1 Year Lectionary – Easter Sunday – Sunday, April 17, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint mark
0:31the 16th chapter
0:40when the sabbath was passed mary
0:42magdalene and mary the mother of james
0:44and salome bought spices so that they
0:47might go and anoint jesus and the very
0:51early on the first day of the week when
0:52the sun had risen they went to the tomb
0:56and they were saying to one another who
0:58will roll away the stone for us from the
1:01entrance of the tomb and looking up they
1:04saw that the stone had been rolled back
1:06it was very large and entering the tomb
1:09they saw a young man sitting on the
1:11right side dressed in a white robe
1:14and they were alarmed and he said to
1:16them do not be alarmed you seek jesus of
1:19nazareth who was crucified he is risen
1:22he is not here see the place where they
1:24laid him but go tell his disciples and
1:26peter that he is going before you to
1:28galilee there you will see him just as
1:30he told you and they went out and fled
1:33from the tomb for trembling and
1:34astonishment had seized them and they
1:36said nothing to anyone for they were
1:38afraid this is the gospel of the lord
1:41christ is risen
1:48y’all remember being young now some of
1:49you are young so i apologize to the
1:51young folks here this might be a present
1:53reality for you at the moment but when i
1:55was young when i was a wee little lad
1:58you know maybe eight years old christmas
2:00was a big
2:02deal you guys remember the movie
2:03christmas story how the narrator said
2:06that his entire life kind of revolved
2:10around and orbited the the christmas
2:12season this was true for me when i was a
2:13kid so in fact every
2:16single year thanksgiving night all right
2:19there was a
2:21christmas special that aired on channel
2:245 ktla in los angeles right after
2:27thanksgiving dinner and it was called
2:29santa and the three bears and that was
2:32the official kickoff of the christmas
2:34season right and the only thing i could
2:36think about was christmas asking my mom
2:38bugging my mom when are we going to get
2:39our christmas tree then we get our
2:41christmas tree and when my parents would
2:43go to bed i would sneak into the living
2:45room and sleep on the couch because i
2:46wanted to sleep next to the christmas
2:48tree i loved the lights the color
2:50everything and all i could do was think
2:52about christmas i would take my toys
2:54play in front of the christmas tree
2:55because it was all about ah christmas is
2:58coming right but then what happened is
3:00that i grew old and i turned ugly it
3:02just this is what happens right i got
3:05old so first i grew up then i got
3:08married then i had kids and my kids had
3:10that same excitement and same joy but of
3:13course i knew it was my job to kind of
3:15rig it in their favor you get what i’m
3:17saying here right but then they grew up
3:19and then we kicked them out of the house
3:21you got to kick your kids out when they
3:22get to a particular particular age don’t
3:24let them stay too long okay it’s like
3:26milk it goes bad but all of that being
3:28said all of that
3:31all of that being said now when somebody
3:33says do you realize there’s like only a
3:35month and a half till christmas
3:38it’s like telling somebody in august you
3:40know snow’s coming in just a couple of
3:42months you sit there and go
3:44stop stop stop this is how it goes and
3:48that joy that anticipation i had for
3:52eh you know it’s it’s kind of not there
3:55but here’s the thing i’ve noticed as the
3:57beard has gotten grayer and the body is
4:00starting to fall apart oh praise god
4:02that’s finally happening right that what
4:04the thing i’m looking forward to and i
4:06can feel it it’s that same
4:09kind of really excited anticipation
4:12it’s easter and the fulfillment of
4:15easter in the resurrection of our bodies
4:17because have you guys noticed that this
4:19world is a little bit tough to live in
4:21have you noticed that that we’ve got
4:23full dose
4:26and evil
4:27the good comes from god the evil’s our
4:29fault because of sin and the two mix
4:31together and create this
4:33kind of a mix and then there’s whole
4:35seasons when like the suffering the pain
4:38the drama the
4:41well the sickness and the death it all
4:44seems that time to have a seasons where
4:46it gets the upper hand
4:48and so we’re going to note then because
4:50christ has risen from the dead
4:53we have well let me mix metaphors here
4:57we got a cool christmas coming it’s the
4:59christmas when christ raises us all out
5:02of the grave to a new heavens and a new
5:04earth and this is most certainly true
5:07because christ our paschal paschal lamb
5:10has been slain
5:12this is true so death passes over us we
5:16have the blood of christ over us and
5:19christ has bled and died for our sins
5:21reconciled us to the father ransomed us
5:25raised us from the dead adopted at us in
5:27his family we are forgiven nothing can
5:31change that
5:33the word of god must be fulfilled
5:36and so in that regard then let’s
5:38consider our old testament text first
5:40i’m going to throw in a bonus text today
5:42too did you know there was an assigned
5:44psalm for today yeah there is there’s a
5:46signed psalm and i’m just going to
5:48happen to preach part of it because it’s
5:49so cool but job and let me can we kind
5:52of set this up properly
5:54job was written probably
5:59before genesis although it’s kind of
6:00hard to figure out how that all works
6:02let’s just say that if you’ve if you
6:04understand hebrew and you’ve ever tried
6:08uh working through job and translating
6:11wow is it hard
6:13it’s you know have you ever guys you
6:14haven’t ever read beowulf in like the
6:16original you know it’s kind of that that
6:19kind of hard that’s how pristine this
6:21hebrew is and so
6:24that being the case
6:25we know that this is
6:27really really really really old even
6:30older than me that being the case
6:32consider then thousands of years before
6:35jesus walks the earth
6:37this old testament saint has really
6:41solid theology he understands the gospel
6:45and how is that possible how is it
6:48possible that he understands the gospel
6:50could it be that god the holy spirit
6:52revealed this to him or that this
6:54reflects the faith of the saints of old
6:57i think it does
6:59so here’s what job writes oh that my
7:02words were written oh that they were
7:04inscribed in a book oh that with an iron
7:08pen and lead they were engraved in the
7:10rock forever
7:12and i would say well
7:14your mission accomplished here because
7:16you’ll note that job’s words are written
7:18in scripture and god’s word will never
7:20pass away it’s written in something
7:22better than iron and lead or engraved in
7:25the rock it is written in the living
7:27active word of god that is
7:29us and god breathed
7:31so now here comes the sentence for i
7:36i know that my redeemer
7:40he does
7:41and this is before christ has been
7:43raised from the dead it’s before christ
7:44was even consumed in the womb of the
7:47virgin mary and yet job all those
7:49thousands of years before that he knew
7:51that he had a redeemer and we all need
7:54one and that’s what we have in christ
7:56and he knew that he was alive and that
7:58he was living and at the last he will
8:00stand upon the earth oh an
8:03eschatological reality here even he’s
8:07good understanding of the gospel
8:09good understanding of the eskatana we’ll
8:11note that maybe just maybe we can use
8:14this last bit in a proleptic way that
8:17maybe there was an immediate fulfillment
8:19and a far fulfillment this is one of the
8:21ways prophecies of the old testament
8:22work think of it this way job looking
8:25forward through time all right there’s
8:28two appearances of christ when he stands
8:31on the earth one when he is conceived in
8:34the womb of the virgin is born and then
8:37suffers under pontius pilate all the
8:39things that jesus did while he was alive
8:41and then the far far one at the end when
8:44he stands on the earth when he returns
8:46in glory to judge the living and the
8:48dead but we will remember this we just
8:50observed good friday our day of
8:53atonement and that christ on good friday
8:56was not standing upon the earth
9:00he was suspended between heaven and
9:03he was our sacrifice he is the one who
9:06reconciles us to god he’s the one who
9:10bears our sin suffers the wrath of god
9:12in our place and now calls us to repent
9:15and believe in what he has done for us
9:17and you might say well why should i
9:18believe because he’s risen from the dead
9:21his resurrection proves that his
9:23sacrifice for our sins was accepted by
9:26god the father and that we are saved
9:28death has been conquered we have nothing
9:30to fear regarding death anymore this is
9:33why then he goes on to say after my skin
9:35has been thus destroyed yet in my flesh
9:39i shall
9:46he even believes in the resurrection
9:49and we should too
9:50because what he said here is true it is
9:54right now i have not privy to the date
9:56when jesus returns i have no insights to
10:00give you there i don’t know the day i
10:02just work in marketing god the trinity
10:04they’re in management they’ve got that
10:06all sorted out but that being the case
10:09that being the case
10:11when christ returns
10:13we hear in scripture that he’s bringing
10:16everybody back who believed in him and
10:18they will be raised first because he is
10:21the first fruits of the resurrection and
10:23the first fruits of the new creation
10:25think of it that way and so job here
10:28picks it up properly even though i die
10:32and i dissolve and decay and my skin is
10:34destroyed yet in my flesh i shall see
10:38god and brothers and sisters so will you
10:41the fact that the tomb is empty makes
10:44this beyond certain this promise is for
10:47all who are in christ whose sins are
10:51we will all see god with our own eyes it
10:54doesn’t matter if you die tomorrow 20
10:56years from now or some time off in the
10:59distant future before the return of
11:01christ you are going to see christ with
11:03your very eyes and if you’re fortunate
11:05enough to survive the greatest part of
11:08the tribulation and then christ returns
11:11you’ll see him with the eyes that you
11:12have today but my eyes shall see for
11:15myself he says my eyes shall behold and
11:17not a another my heart faints within me
11:20at the thought of it ah right there my
11:22heart faints within me that’s that
11:24christmas bit that part that’s gone from
11:26me regarding christmas but now looking
11:29forward to the resurrection yesterday i
11:31had the privilege
11:34burying one of the members of emmanuel
11:36radium he died back at the end of
11:38january from covid and we we all know
11:40sometimes you have to wait for the
11:42ground to unfreeze in order to bury
11:43people nowadays right but that being the
11:46case i was there graveside with him as
11:48we put his remains in the earth and
11:51although it was a sad occasion it was
11:53not an occasion without hope and it was
11:56very much a privilege to remind them
11:58what the scriptures say that we
12:00christians because of the resurrection
12:01of christ we do not mourn as those who
12:04do not have hope that would be out of
12:06line for us for us christians we never
12:09say goodbye it is always see you later
12:12and i was able to say to marv before he
12:14died that i would see him later and now
12:16he is worshiping around the throne of
12:19christ with all the departed saints and
12:21so that being the case then consider a
12:23little bit of the
12:25account of our resurrection and we’ll
12:27see the gospel nuggets that are in here
12:29and i’ll say this always and again when
12:31mark 16 shows up as the text for the
12:34resurrection of christ
12:35always as a pastor i look at this text
12:37and go
12:38what am i supposed to do with it it ends
12:40off with scared women running away
12:45but alas alas if we work our way through
12:48it we can see a few things that are
12:50worth noting so it says in our gospel
12:52text when the sabbath was passed mary
12:55magdalene married the mother of james
12:56and salome they bought spices so that
12:59they might go and anoint him referring
13:02to the body of christ now i find this
13:07to a person every one of jesus’s
13:09disciples either men or women
13:12none of them
13:14seem to have had jesus’s words register
13:17in their brains and in their hearts
13:19where they understood and believed what
13:21he said and here’s what i mean going to
13:24jerusalem christ says
13:26when we get to jerusalem
13:28i’m going to be betrayed
13:30i’m going to be arrested i’m going to be
13:32flogged i’m going to be crucified i’m
13:34going to die and i’m going to rise again
13:37on the third day
13:39and the disciples went what did he just
13:43right and even these women it didn’t
13:46register with them how do we know
13:48because they’re going to anoint the body
13:50of christ they’re expecting to see a
13:54even christ’s words did not register
13:57with them
13:58so very early on the first day of the
14:00week which is sunday
14:02when the sun had risen
14:04we can do a little double entendre with
14:06that indeed the sun did rise they went
14:09to the tomb and they were saying to one
14:11another who will roll away the stone for
14:14from the entrance of the tomb again they
14:16don’t even believe what christ said
14:19then looking up they saw the stone had
14:22been rolled back it was very large
14:24entering the tomb they saw a young man
14:27sitting on the right side dressed in a
14:30white robe
14:31and they were alarmed now this is the
14:34normal procedure when you run into an
14:36angel by the way i just want to make
14:37this clear all right there was a black
14:39adder text you know there was a black
14:41adder joke years ago you know where the
14:43question was asked and what exactly
14:44should we do if we step on a land mine
14:47and the answer was well the normal
14:49procedure is you throw yourself up about
14:50200 feet in the air and then scatter
14:52yourself over a large area right that’s
14:55it’s a it’s a dark joke but here’s the
14:57thing when you run into an angel the
15:00normal procedure is to go ah
15:03that’s normal procedure so when somebody
15:05says yeah i had an angel appear to me
15:07and say this that and the other thing
15:08they’re lying to you right
15:11they would they would well practically
15:13die with that kind of encounter so the
15:15angel here
15:17he says to them
15:19don’t be alarmed you see jesus of
15:23nazareth who was crucified he has risen
15:26he’s not here see the place where they
15:28laid him but go tell his disciples and
15:30peter that he’s going before you to
15:32galilee there you will see him just as
15:35told you
15:38ah even the angel knows the words of
15:40christ but i would note something here
15:42think back to monday thursday christ is
15:45betrayed by judas iscariot and they go
15:48into the garden of gethsemane and there
15:51when he is arrested what does peter do
15:53he takes out his sword lops off the ear
15:56of the temple servant named malcus and
15:58christ says away with that sword and
16:00then he basically says the scriptures
16:02must be fulfilled if i wanted to all i
16:05would have to do is say the word and
16:07legions of angels would come and fight
16:09for me to prevent what was happening
16:12here and what he’s saying is true
16:14imagine how difficult this had to be for
16:16the angels to watch
16:19their god be crucified and murdered by
16:24and by me
16:25and yet here at the resurrection of
16:29this angel doesn’t have any sound of
16:35or of a grudge
16:36or of anger or anything of the sort he
16:39only has good tidings for christ’s
16:41disciples and he assures them you do not
16:44need to be alarmed you seek jesus of
16:46nather nazareth who was crucified he was
16:49crucified for you and he’s risen he’s
16:51not here and then see the place where
16:53they laid him and here’s where i’d like
16:56to kind of put this in here we learned
16:58from the other gospel of account
16:59accounts that there were at least two
17:02angels there at the tomb of christ and
17:06you’ll note that this angel seems to be
17:08tidying up now that christ has risen
17:10from the dead whatever his assignment
17:12was has come to an end he’s got to
17:14deliver a message and then kind of get
17:16on with his day but we learn from the
17:18fact that there were two angels present
17:20at the tomb of christ and it says very
17:22specifically in another gospel one was
17:24at the head where his head was another
17:27at the feet think of it this way you
17:29guys remember the movie raiders of the
17:30lost ark you guys remember that right
17:33there you have the ark of the covenant
17:36recreated for the movies if you would
17:39but the one thing they got right for
17:40sure was the very top part of the ark of
17:44the covenant the ark of the covenant
17:46that top was called the mercy seat that
17:49was the place where the blood of the
17:51sacrifices the annual sacrifice the day
17:53of atonement were poured once a year on
17:56the top of that thing and what’s on top
17:59of the mercy seat
18:01two angels cherubim according to exodus
18:03god commanded the two angels be put
18:06there on the top of the mercy seat
18:09facing each other with their wings
18:11spread out touching winged wing
18:15i think that is an image depicting
18:19the work that two angels did after
18:23tomb was sealed
18:25there were two angels
18:27guarding the body of christ
18:30there until he should rise from the dead
18:34i think that’s a beautiful depiction i
18:36learned it from the church fathers
18:37totally stole it from them at least you
18:39know where i got it from it’s such a
18:40great picture i had to share it it’s so
18:42awesome so now we’ve got one of the
18:44remaining angels tidying up folding the
18:47linens and things like this and he has
18:49nothing but good tidings for us because
18:52christ has risen so go tell his
18:54disciples and peter yeah that fellow
18:56that who denied christ three times you
18:58tell him that he’s going to galilee he
19:01will see you he will see you will see
19:03him just as he told you so they went out
19:05they fled from the tomb for trembling
19:07and astonishment had seized them and
19:09they said nothing to anyone for they
19:11were afraid
19:13well that’s an unsatisfactory ending
19:15right there that you know if i were to
19:17end the sermon here i i wouldn’t think
19:18that that was
19:19satisfactory so let me pull on our
19:23assigned psalm for today let me set it
19:26up this way
19:28you remember when the children of israel
19:31crossed the red sea
19:33all right
19:34there they are being pursued by the
19:36armies of pharaoh they’ve come up
19:38against the red sea god commands moses
19:41to tell you know to raise his staff and
19:43depart the sea and god parts it
19:46and there the children of israel cross
19:49on dry land across the red sea and when
19:52the egyptians follow
19:55god begins to close things up and then
19:58the sea just crashes in and the entire
20:01army of pharaoh perishes in the red sea
20:04in chapter 15 of exodus we get that
20:10worship song
20:12talking about how the lord has mightily
20:14defeated the enemies of pharaoh and the
20:17horse and the writer it says he is cast
20:20into the sea if you were to think of it
20:22this way in light of christ’s
20:25psalm 18 is like the christian version
20:29of that song
20:31let me read a portion of it for you oh
20:33give thanks to yahweh
20:36for he is good for his steadfast love
20:41forever i should put some echo on that
20:44his steadfast love endures forever
20:47forever forever forever forever how long
20:50does god steadfast love last
20:52forever because christ has risen from
20:55the dead we know this is true he has
20:58given us eternal life and the steadfast
21:00love of our god will see no end in the
21:04days of our life here and in eternity
21:08glad songs of salvation are in the tents
21:12of the righteous and let me
21:15fill you in on that one remember christ
21:17bore your sins
21:19in his body on the cross god laid on him
21:23the iniquity of us all christ became the
21:27so that you can be forgiven but
21:29scripture also says that we are clothed
21:31in the robes of righteousness christ’s
21:34perfect sinlessness is imputed to us and
21:37so glad are the songs of salvation in
21:40the tents of the righteous that’s you
21:42the right hand of yahweh does valiantly
21:46the right hand of yahweh exalts the
21:48right hand of yahweh does valiantly and
21:51then listen to these words written by
21:53the psalmist hundreds of years before
21:56i shall
22:01but i shall live
22:03and i will recount the deeds of yahweh
22:07are these not the same words that christ
22:10to the women in john 11 i am the
22:13resurrection in the life
22:16he who believes in me though he die yet
22:18shall he live and anyone who believes in
22:20me will
22:23it’s right here in psalm 118 the
22:26psalmist says i shall not die and this
22:29is true for all of us who are in christ
22:32instead i will recount the deeds of
22:34yahweh the lord he has disciplined me
22:37severely and that’s the discipline we
22:40receive from a loving father but he has
22:42not given me over to death open to me
22:45now the gates of righteousness so that i
22:48might enter through them and give thanks
22:50to yahweh and this then is exactly what
22:53each and every one of us have to look
22:55forward to on that day when the lord
22:58stands on the earth at the end
23:01the new jerusalem will come down out of
23:04heaven and the gates of righteousness
23:06will be thrown open for you
23:09for me
23:11so open to me the gates of righteousness
23:13so that i might enter through them and
23:15that i might give thanks to yahweh this
23:18is the gate of yahweh the righteous
23:20shall enter through it and that is all
23:23of you i thank you that you have
23:25answered me and that you have become my
23:27salvation the stone that the builders
23:30rejected has now become the cornerstone
23:33this is the lord’s doing and it is
23:35marvelous in our eyes
23:36this is the day that the lord has made
23:39so let us rejoice and be glad in it
23:41today is the first day of the new
23:47blessed is he who comes in the name of
23:48yahweh we bless you from the house of
23:51yahweh yahweh is god he has made his
23:54light to shine upon us so bind the
23:57festival sacrifice with cords up to the
23:59horns of the altar you are my god and i
24:02will give you thanks you are my god and
24:04i will extol you o give thanks to the
24:07lord for he is good for his steadfast
24:14Christ is
24:15risen in
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