Sermon Transcript – Invited to the Wedding Feast

Series A – Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, October 11, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint
0:30matthew the 22nd chapter
0:40again Jesus spoke to them in parables
0:42saying the kingdom of heaven
0:44may be compared to a king who gave a
0:46wedding feast for his son
0:47and sent his servants to call those who
0:49were invited to the wedding feast
0:51but they would not come again he sent
0:53other servants saying
0:55tell those who are invited see i
0:56prepared my dinner my oxen and my fat
0:59calves have been slaughtered everything
1:01is ready come to the wedding feast
1:04but they paid no attention and went off
1:06one to his farm another to his business
1:08while the rest seized his servants
1:10treated them shamefully and killed them
1:12the king was angry sent his troops and
1:14destroyed those murderers and burnt
1:16their city
1:17then he said to his servants the wedding
1:18feast is ready but those invited were
1:20not worthy go therefore to the main
1:22roads and invite to the wedding feast
1:24as many as you find and those servants
1:26went out
1:27into the roads and gathered all whom
1:29they found both bad
1:30and good so the wedding hall was filled
1:32with guests but when the king came to
1:34look at the guests
1:35he saw there a man who had no wedding
1:38garment and said to him
1:40friend how did you get in here without a
1:43wedding garment
1:44and he was speechless then the king said
1:46to the attendants bind him hand and foot
1:48and cast him into outer darkness
1:50in that place there will be weeping and
1:51gnashing of teeth for many are called
1:54but few are chosen this is the gospel of
1:57the lord
1:58in the name of Jesus now you notice our
2:01today takes a very decided turn in in
2:04direction of the eschatological
2:08regarding the last days the big blowout
2:10party at the end of the world
2:12or at the beginning of the new world the
2:14answer is yeah it’s both if you would
2:15think of it that way
2:16and you’re gonna note it’s a wedding
2:18feast and we get a
2:20glimpse of the menu the menu includes
2:22fatted calves
2:24that have been slaughtered oxen that
2:25have been slaughtered isaiah puts it
2:28this way
2:28a feast of rich food feast of well-aged
2:32full of food food full of morrow
2:35well you’re going to note here this this
2:39is not being put on by women dudes are
2:42are the ones who who’ve put this all
2:44together you’ll note that the emphasis
2:46is on the groom
2:47not the bride so we’re talking about a
2:49wedding where there’s barbecue
2:51there’s wine the groom is the focus
2:54you’ll know there’s no discussion here
2:55about what colors they’ve chosen for the
2:57wedding or anything like this
2:59nothing like that so this is kind of a
3:00fascinating thing and keep that in mind
3:02because i mean nowadays
3:04you know everyone’s out there saying
3:05down with the patriarchy
3:07so if that’s your slogan you’re not
3:09going to be thrilled with this
3:10particular wedding feast it has a
3:13male slant to it that’s kind of the
3:16so that being the case let’s work our
3:18way through this text this amazing text
3:21and consider the implications and we’re
3:24going to frame this by
3:25way of law and gospel we’re going to
3:27frame this particular parable
3:29using the third commandment third
3:31commandment remember the sabbath day to
3:33keep it holy luther asked the question
3:35vasastas what does this mean
3:37well the answer is we should fear and
3:39love god so that we do not despise
3:41preaching and his word but gladly
3:45hear and learn it so that’s going to be
3:48our commandment that’ll kind of frame
3:49the law here
3:50and uh we’ll work our way through this
3:52so get again Jesus spoke to them in
3:56he said the kingdom of heaven may be
3:58compared to a king who gave a wedding
4:00for his son and sent his servants to
4:03call those who were invited to the
4:04wedding feast
4:05but they would not come
4:08now you’re going to know in this
4:10particular parable we’re going to see
4:12an allusion to actually mentioned in
4:15type and shadow in in parabolic um
4:18symbols the the ancient people of israel
4:21people who are genetically related to
4:23abraham and you’ll note that in chapter
4:2722 of the gospel of matthew
4:29it’s past its past palm sunday
4:33and there’s just this on going
4:37beating of heads and again the irony
4:40is is that you have the pharisees you
4:43have the temple leaders
4:45you have the sadducees all of them
4:48claiming to worship
4:49the one true god and there he is
4:53in front of them in human flesh
4:56performing great signs and wonders and
4:59the only thing
5:00they are focusing in on is how they can
5:03trap him in his words
5:04so that they can kill him it’s a weird
5:08thing right that you cannot reason with
5:10unbelief that is
5:12the dangers of unbelief the blindness of
5:15it if you would
5:16have false religion and idolatry so
5:18you’ll note
5:19the a-listers the the children of israel
5:22those descended from abraham
5:24they are the first ones to get the
5:27they are the first ones and they
5:30wouldn’t come
5:34that’s odd so again he sent other
5:36servants saying
5:37tell those who are invited you know let
5:39them know what’s on the menu i’ve
5:41prepared my dinner
5:42my oxen my fat calves have been
5:45everything is ready
5:48and think of it this way you get an
5:50invitation from a king i don’t know if
5:51you’ve noticed this but royals have a
5:54when they put out invitations there’s a
5:56little bit of fanfare that goes along
5:58with that
5:59the paper is really nice the ink the
6:02best calligraphers right
6:03maybe even the the the ink itself may be
6:07laced with gold to just kind of make the
6:09point because when we’re talking about a
6:11king who’s inviting you
6:12and you’ll know that in all of our fairy
6:14tales when a king invites the people of
6:17the land
6:18people to come to a wedding feast or to
6:20a party or to a ball
6:21everyone’s like i gotta go i gotta be in
6:23the palace
6:24these people no too busy
6:28so they paid no attention they went off
6:31one to his farm
6:33another to his business while the rest
6:36sees his servants treated them
6:38shamefully and then killed them
6:40which makes no sense i would like to
6:42invite you to the wedding
6:44feast being put on by our king and their
6:47response is
6:48i kill you you dead and then they kill
6:52it just doesn’t make
6:55sense well now
6:59things take a decidedly dark turn
7:02because the king rightfully so
7:04is angry at how those
7:07whom he sent to invite people to the
7:09wedding feast were treated
7:11and the reference there who were these
7:12people who were extending the invitation
7:15well these were the prophets of old
7:17these were the prophets of old
7:19and so you’ll note here is they were
7:21sending out an invitation to the wedding
7:24well what does the invitation really
7:26sound like though by the way
7:27you know what it sounds like repent
7:30repent repent of your sin
7:32repent of your idolatry repent of your
7:34wickedness repent of all of your
7:36worthless ways
7:37be forgiven and pardoned that’s what the
7:40sounds like well they treated the
7:44those inviters those prophets of old
7:47shamefully and even killed them
7:48so the king was angry and you’ll note
7:50that Jesus Christ
7:52the son of god himself was killed by
7:54these same folks the ones who killed the
7:55prophets also killed Jesus
7:58so he’s angry and it says he sent his
8:00troops destroyed those murders and
8:01burned their city
8:02this is a little bit of a veiled
8:04reference if you would to 70 a.d when
8:06god will send the roman legions
8:08to israel who will then besiege the city
8:11of jerusalem
8:13and destroy it and tear down the temple
8:14and burn their city that’s exactly what
8:17so that kind of leaves the next bit of
8:19it and you’ll note that there’s a group
8:21two then he said to his servants well
8:23the wedding feast is ready
8:25those invited were not worthy so go
8:28therefore to the main roads
8:30and invite to the wedding feast as many
8:33as you find all right the a-listers
8:36didn’t want to come that’s fine
8:38we’re still having the party anyway
8:40we’ve already slaughtered the fatted
8:42the food is ready it’s time to bring in
8:45and fill
8:46the wedding hall with guests so you go
8:48and find anybody you can
8:50and now this is a description of well
8:52the Christian church
8:54right and you’re going to know the new
8:56testament believers
8:58new testament israel we well we’re not
9:01exactly described in the best terms
9:03so you’ll note the servants went out
9:05into the roads and they gathered
9:06all whom they found both good and bad
9:10you know that that guy who was running
9:12the shoe shop
9:13over down the street you know the
9:15respectable business guy
9:16he was given the invitation he came well
9:20also the town drunk he was given the
9:22he came and we’ll talk about
9:26the meth heads and the crackheads and
9:28and the prostitutes
9:30and the losers and the floozies and
9:33well they were all invited too and guess
9:36what they showed up
9:39so this is a picture of the Christian
9:40church this is a chris
9:42a picture of the church we’re on the b
9:45if you would but yet we were also
9:47invited now let me
9:49pause there for a second i want you to
9:51consider this in the ancient world
9:53at least in ancient israel you were
9:56a jew or you were a gentile gentile is a
10:00catch-all kind of junk drawer for
10:02everybody else right
10:05has the invitation gone out to everybody
10:07on planet earth
10:10yeah everybody well that rules out
10:14so don’t tell jd hall i said that
10:19right that rules out calvinism the
10:21invitation goes out to
10:22everybody and so what ends up happening
10:26is that now the wedding hall is filled
10:29with guests and then we get this strange
10:32little bit
10:33when the king came in to look at the
10:35guests he saw there
10:38was a man who had no wedding garment
10:41say what say what
10:45you’re gonna know nobody had time to
10:46change clothes or anything like that
10:48they got the invitation immediately
10:50started heading off to the palace
10:51they didn’t have time to change clothes
10:52so what ends up happening at this
10:54particular wedding
10:55well the king himself provides the
10:57wedding garments for the guests
10:59you know the men show up here’s an
11:01armani suit
11:02and we have a tailor who will make sure
11:04that this is made to fit you perfectly
11:06you women you got beautiful dresses here
11:08pick the color that you like and now
11:10we’ll make sure that that fits you as
11:12well they are provided with the best
11:14clothing what is this a picture of well
11:16remember our intro it our intro it
11:20our intro it from psalm 146 verse 2
11:24it says this i will greatly rejoice in
11:26yahweh my soul
11:28shall exult in my god for he has clothed
11:31me with garments of salvation
11:33he has covered me with the robe of
11:39so how on earth does somebody get into
11:41the wedding hall
11:43without a wedding garment on and
11:46consider the disrespect
11:48that this fellow has for the king
11:51all right he’s there for his own
11:53purposes yeah yeah
11:55yeah i know you provided me with wedding
11:56you know with you know with wedding
11:58garments but uh
11:59yeah listen i’ve got my own things to do
12:01here and
12:02and so he continues on
12:06at the wedding in a street clothes and
12:09the king said to him buddy that’s that’s
12:12the better translation of the greek
12:14buddy how’d you get in here without a
12:16wedding garment
12:18now i know the esv says he was
12:20speechless but just a straight
12:22translation of the great
12:23of the greek here is he was silent
12:26he wasn’t made to be silent he was
12:29in other words listen listen i’m not
12:31really interested in talking to you just
12:33kind of ignore the king just remain
12:35and the king said that’s it bind him
12:37hand and foot and cast them out into
12:38outer darkness
12:39in that place there will be weeping and
12:41gnashing of teeth many are called
12:43few are chosen so what are we to make of
12:46all of this
12:47well we have already made it clear that
12:49the call the invitation
12:51is the call to repentance and the
12:53forgiveness of sins
12:54and you’ll know that in the divine
12:56service especially those services where
12:58we partake of the lord’s supper it is
13:01over and again
13:02stated in our liturgy that the lord’s
13:03supper is a foretaste of the feast
13:06to come you see the invitation has
13:09gone out and every time we hear
13:13come and join together for the divine
13:16we are gathering for a sampling if you
13:19would of the feast
13:20that is to come and in a way practicing
13:24practicing for the final invitation
13:26which goes out
13:27where you either respond in faith or you
13:30respond in
13:31indifference or violence
13:34or you have your own agenda you see
13:37what does the commandment say remember
13:39the sabbath day keep it holy
13:41to fear love and trust in god so that we
13:44do not despise
13:46preaching and his word you see when we
13:48are inattentive to the word of god
13:52when we have more important things to do
13:56on the weekend than attend the divine
13:57service to hear the word of god
14:00that’s in a way the same attitude as
14:03some of the a-listers had
14:05when they said yeah yeah yeah i got
14:06other things to do i got to take care of
14:08my farm
14:08i got other business or things like that
14:12or when the invitation of the gospel
14:15and you’re angry and you mistreat
14:18and shamefully persecute those
14:21who deliver the message of the great
14:24news of the forgiveness of sins in Jesus
14:27we’re a lot like the a-listers you’ll
14:29know that’s the case
14:30as for this fellow who shows up to the
14:32wedding fees without a wedding garment
14:35that’s like the people who attend church
14:37because well
14:38they think of it like a country club or
14:41a community center
14:42or they think of the church as a place
14:44where we gather together and the most
14:46important thing that we do at church is
14:50share a you know little orange juice or
14:53coffee in a bar
14:55between the divine service in the sunday
14:58school the most important thing is that
14:59community building stuff
15:01or the fellow who thinks that church is
15:03a great place where he can network his
15:06he doesn’t have any faith in Jesus he’s
15:08not covered in the robe
15:09of righteousness he’s there for his own
15:13he’s disrespecting the king who has
15:15invited him
15:17and disrespecting the whole purposes for
15:19which the feast is being put on in the
15:21first place
15:22and then when you kind of look at it
15:23with the third commandment in
15:25mind you recognize you know here’s the
15:28issue with this
15:30is that each and every one of us are
15:32still tempted along these lines
15:34each and every one of us are tempted to
15:37to the kind invitation of god the father
15:41to the wedding feast of the lamb with
15:44to be inattentive to hearing his word to
15:46think we got more important things to do
15:48on a saturday or a sunday
15:50more important things than study his
15:52word and gladly hear and learn it
15:54you know i mean after all you know it if
15:57i just show up
15:58to church you know every few weeks
16:01you know maybe at Christmas and easter
16:03you know that’s all that matters you
16:05know because
16:06i don’t want to be so heavenly minded
16:08that i’m no earthly good
16:10you can hear this this these are the
16:12this is the internal dialogue that each
16:13and every one of us are tempted to have
16:15and that’s the problem that’s the issue
16:19and you’ll note that Christ himself he
16:21himself has bled and died
16:23for our indifference to his word
16:25indifference to the invitation or even
16:27anger at the call to repentance
16:29he is also he is also bled and died
16:33for our disrespecting of him and god the
16:37in all the ways in which we have
16:40well come to church not to hear his word
16:43but for our own agendas
16:46and he is the one who went to the cross
16:48and carried our sins upon him
16:50and god punished him in our place Jesus
16:54was sent into darkness
16:58from 12 in the afternoon until three at
17:00his death
17:01the sun did not give its light while
17:04Christ bled and died for these sins of
17:07all of our breaking of the third
17:08commandment and other
17:10commandments Christ was in the darkness
17:14languishing suffering bleeding dying so
17:17that we would not have to be sent
17:19into outer darkness where there is
17:20weeping and gnashing of teeth
17:22without end and so you’ll note then
17:26that this is again a call to repentance
17:29a call for us to repent
17:31to acknowledge our sinfulness
17:35and cry out to god in mercy and note he
17:37will give it
17:38you see as isaiah said
17:42regarding what is coming god himself
17:46will swallow up on this mountain on
17:47mount zion the covering that is cast
17:50over all peoples
17:51the veil that has spread over all
17:52nations he will swallow up death forever
17:56and the lord god he himself will wipe
17:58away tears from all faces
18:00and the reproach of his people he will
18:02take away from all of the earth
18:04the lord yahweh himself has spoken and
18:06it will be said on that day behold this
18:09is our god we have waited for him so
18:12that he might save us
18:14you see along with the wedding feast of
18:16the lamb we finally get to see god with
18:18our own eyes
18:19and on that day that great day the day
18:22we are waiting for now
18:24the day that we partake in a foretaste
18:28of today finally we will see god face to
18:33that he might save us this is the lord
18:35we have waited for him
18:37so let us be glad and rejoice in his
18:40Christ has been crucified so that we can
18:47i don’t think i can end off on a better
18:49note than that
18:50in the name of Jesus amen
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