Sermon Transcript – Jesus Ain’t Like Jonah

Series B – Third Sunday after Epiphany – Sunday, January 24, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint mark
0:30the first chapter
0:39after john the baptist was arrested
0:41Jesus came into galilee proclaiming the
0:43gospel of god and saying the time is
0:46fulfilled the kingdom of god is at hand
0:48repent and believe in the gospel passing
0:51along the sea of galilee he saw simon
0:53and andrew the brother of
0:54simon casting a net into the sea for
0:57they were fishermen
0:58and Jesus said to them follow me and i
1:00will make you to become fishers of men
1:02and immediately they left their nets and
1:04followed him and going on a little
1:06farther he saw james the son of zebedee
1:08and john his brother
1:09who were in the boat mending the nets
1:11and immediately he called them and they
1:13left their father zebedee in the boat
1:15with the hired servants and followed him
1:18is the gospel of the lord in the name of
1:22amen all right hear these words of jonah
1:25forty days and nineveh shall be
1:29oh those are ominous words these are
1:31words of repentance
1:33and i would note as a little bit of a
1:35side i don’t know if you’ve been paying
1:36attention that
1:37there were a bunch of people who claim
1:38to be prophets today
1:40who prophesied that trump would win the
1:43election and they’re still
1:45doubling and tripling down and basically
1:47saying that he’s going to be president
1:49this year somehow that’s crazy stuff and
1:52confronted and said that told that this
1:54is not what god
1:55has said that they are false prophets
1:58they say that jonah was a false prophet
2:00because nineveh was not overthrown and
2:04yet scripture is very clear in the
2:05prophet jeremiah god has said very
2:08that if he has somebody prophesied
2:12judgment and destruction
2:14and those people turn from their sin
2:16that he will relent
2:18of the disaster and so that’s exactly
2:20what happened with
2:22jonah jonah prophesied yet 40 days
2:25and nineveh would be overthrown and what
2:27did the ninevites do
2:28they said god you’re right we’re wrong
2:32and they called on god to have mercy on
2:35what a great thing for them to do now i
2:38would note this
2:39that if you know the story of jonah
2:41jonah is like one of the worst
2:42prophets ever all right when he hears
2:45the voice of god there’s no doubt that
2:47he’s heard the voice of god
2:49what does he do well god says i want you
2:52to go to ninevite and
2:53prophesy and preach against them and
2:56jonah says no way
2:57jose and he heads off to some other
3:00place tarshish
3:01and we all know the story the big fish
3:03story as it goes what a terrible prophet
3:05this guy is
3:06but what’s the reason why jonah went the
3:09opposite way
3:10was it because well what is the reason
3:14well scripture is actually very clear in
3:16chapter 4 that the reason why jonah
3:18didn’t want to go to nineveh
3:19is because he knew god was merciful he
3:22knew that god was kind
3:24he knew that god would forgive him and
3:26jonah didn’t want those
3:28lousy good-for-nothing war criminal
3:32to be forgiven you know think of it this
3:34way think of the people that you like
3:36the least on the planet and that’s kind
3:39of the scary thing about
3:40our existence here there always seems to
3:42be some group
3:43that group that we don’t like and so
3:46maybe it’s that party that political
3:48party that you don’t vote for we don’t
3:50like them and i don’t want them to be
3:54or maybe it’s some war criminals from
3:56history’s past and things like this
3:58but i would note that this is a very
4:00very very scary
4:01frightening myopic way to look at
4:04repentance repentance being
4:06for them but not for me because
4:09if you think about it look at your own
4:11life even look at the confession
4:13that you gave at the beginning of the
4:15service confessing that you were by
4:17nature sinful and unclean
4:19you know are you any better than the
4:23no neither am i and so you’ll note that
4:27jonah the reason he
4:28heads the opposite direction is because
4:29he doesn’t want them
4:31for given but have you considered the
4:34that exists this morning that here is
4:36pastor roseboro
4:38in the pulpit preaching the gospel of
4:40god and it’s an
4:41absolute scandal that god has forgiven
4:44me but if you’re honest with yourself it
4:47is also a scandal that god has forgiven
4:50and so we’ll note that god let’s just
4:53say disciplines jonah quite
4:55severely but in disciplining him he also
4:58graces him
4:59in disciplining him god caused him to
5:01spend three days
5:03in the belly of a large fish in the
5:05mediterranean cooling his heels
5:07if you would but as awful of as an
5:10experience as that had to have been
5:12Christ uses that as a sign as a type and
5:15shadow of his very death and
5:18and so we’ll note that in our gospel
5:21text today
5:22Christ kind of picks up where jonah
5:24leaves off
5:25there’s this wonderful unbroken chain in
5:28the old testament all the way
5:29coming into the new of people who are
5:33and teachers of repentance
5:36and Jesus is no difference
5:40in fact Christ in our gospel text it
5:42says that after john the baptist had
5:44been arrested
5:45john had finished his course this is the
5:47one prophesied by isaiah and malachi the
5:49one who would prepare the way of the
5:51we heard his preaching during advent and
5:54now that he has finished his course
5:56Christ now appears on the scene and he
5:58says the time is fulfilled the kingdom
5:59of god is at hand
6:01repent and believe in the good news and
6:04the good news
6:05of the gospel Jesus
6:08was a repentance teacher i would note
6:10there seems to be a lot of people
6:12nowadays who are pastors
6:13who are a little shy when it comes to
6:16the concept of preaching
6:17repentance i remember when joel osteen
6:20first came on the scene
6:22and there were people in the media who
6:24were noting that his preaching was a lot
6:26different than
6:27the normal way that Christians have
6:29preached in the past
6:30because he never really mentions sin
6:35and the need to repent and so some
6:37reporter actually spoke to him one time
6:39and said
6:40why is it that your messages are so
6:42different and you can almost hear him
6:44kind of in that
6:45southern drawl that he has well i feel
6:48like the lord’s called me to be
6:50very positive
6:53and my question for joel osteen is how
6:57how is it that you think that you are
6:58somehow more positive than Christ
7:02because Christ was a repentance preacher
7:04and repentance
7:06as a message gets a bad rap but in
7:08reality it’s a great rap
7:11it’s something that is necessary because
7:13we all of us
7:15are steeped in sin and rebellion against
7:18and the preaching of repentance is god’s
7:20call for us
7:22not to be judged but to be forgiven
7:26and so i would note that today since we
7:28began in the name of the father and the
7:31and the holy spirit and Christ has said
7:33that where
7:34two or more are gathered in his name
7:37even gathered
7:38on the internet that Christ is present
7:40and so the kingdom of god has drawn near
7:43us has drawn near to you and we hear
7:46now the message of Jesus to repent and
7:49believe in the gospel
7:51and don’t think for a second that you
7:52can sit there and say well i repented
7:54four years ago repentance is not like a
7:57coveted vaccination
7:58it’s not like that at all repentance is
8:01one of these things
8:02that is a daily life of a Christian
8:05Christ is the one who teaches us to pray
8:08every day
8:09forgive us our trespasses as we forgive
8:12those who trespass against
8:14us and you’re going to note this then
8:16that Christ
8:17picking up where jonah left off that
8:19Christ is nothing like jonah
8:21not at all in fact Jesus well
8:24rather than head the opposite direction
8:26when god the father approached him and
8:29son i would like you to go to earth
8:33to empty yourself be found in the form
8:36of a servant be born with virgin mary
8:38and go
8:38and bleed and die for the sins of the
8:40world so they can be reconciled to me
8:43Jesus unlike jonah didn’t say i think
8:46i’m going to head somewhere else
8:48Jesus gladly willingly for the joy
8:52set before him he went to the cross
8:56so that we can be forgiven and you’ll
8:59note here that at the beginning of
9:00Jesus’s ministry
9:02he says repent and believe in the gospel
9:04i would note that some people like to
9:07think that the gospel is different than
9:09the gospel that
9:10paul wrote down for us in first
9:13corinthians 15 the gospel that he
9:16says he received directly from Jesus and
9:18that gospel states very clearly
9:20that Christ died for our sins in
9:23accordance with the scripture
9:25and that he was raised on the third day
9:27in accordance with the scripture
9:28and so people will sit there and say
9:30well Christ hasn’t died yet so
9:31the gospel he preached has to be
9:34different than that one
9:36and to which i would say o contrer have
9:38you not read your old testament
9:40the gospel that the apostles preached is
9:43the same gospel that’s revealed in the
9:45old testament
9:45in such wonderful passages like isaiah
9:4853 he was pierced for our transgressions
9:51bruised for our iniquities the
9:54chastisement the punishment that brought
9:56us peace with god
9:57was upon Jesus and that being the case
10:00you’ll note that Christ is really able
10:02to go back into
10:04the old testament itself the gospel is
10:07there and he can preach the gospel from
10:09the old testament
10:10prophets as having not yet been
10:13but knowing that he has already set his
10:16face like flint to go to the cross
10:18so that we can be forgiven and
10:21and that’s the thing Jesus is not
10:24scandalized by the mercy of god
10:26he gladly brings it to us
10:30and so Christ now wants us all to hear
10:34this good news of what he has done for
10:37and taking our sins upon himself
10:39bleeding and dying and calling us out of
10:41darkness into his light
10:43and so we see that Christ now already at
10:45the beginning of his ministry begins to
10:47take steps
10:48to train disciples who would then
10:51make disciples and they in turn all of
10:55through each successive generation would
10:58fishers of men here’s what it says
11:00passing along the sea of galilee
11:02Jesus saw simon and andrew the brother
11:04of simon casting a ned into the sea
11:06for they were fishermen and Jesus said
11:08to them follow me and i will make you to
11:09become fishers of men
11:11he did the same thing with the sons of
11:13zebedee and you sit there and go
11:15hmm fishermen becoming fishers of men
11:17it’s an interesting
11:18idea but it’s going to take three years
11:20for Jesus to train these men
11:22and so Jesus even at the beginning of
11:24his ministry begins to invest
11:27in these disciples and to teach and to
11:30them how to do what he is doing
11:33calling sinners to repent and discipling
11:37in the word of god and the disciples
11:40after Christ’s death
11:41resurrection and ascension they
11:43immediately got to work
11:45in doing that preaching repentance and
11:47the forgiveness of sins in Jesus name
11:50and as Christ has commanded the church
11:52making disciples of all nations
11:54and so each following generation then
11:57disciples are made who make disciples
11:59who make disciples
12:01and those disciples like you and like me
12:04are also
12:05now joining with Jesus joining with
12:08joining with the prophets of old
12:11to people to repent of their sins and to
12:14be forgiven by the rich
12:16grace and mercy of god which covers all
12:20of our sins and reconciles
12:21us to god because as it says in
12:24scripture it is not god’s will that any
12:26should perish
12:27including you and including me and so
12:30you’ll note that
12:31Christ rather than run the opposite way
12:34not only does he
12:35run right to the task that the father
12:37has given him
12:38he then takes steps to ensure that that
12:42work continues to this day because
12:45like i said rather than be scandalized
12:48by the grace of god
12:49he is instead all too eager to make sure
12:53that we all
12:54hear about it and that being the case i
12:57our epistle text is a little bit helpful
12:59for us
13:00now you’re going to sit here and say
13:02well maybe only
13:04pastors are the ones who are qualified
13:06to share the good news of what Christ
13:08has done and i would say that is not
13:12each and every one of us have the
13:14privilege of telling others of the mercy
13:16and the grace of Jesus
13:18and the reconciliation that we have
13:20because of what he has done for us
13:22and so that being the case it’s easy for
13:26to somehow say well that’s just the
13:27pastor’s job or even worse
13:30to say something to the effect of well
13:31i’m too busy with things here
13:34right now to do that i’ve got bills to
13:37i’ve got house chores to you know
13:40and honeydew lists to do and i’ve i’ve
13:43got to make sure that i’m studying for
13:45this exam and all this kind of stuff and
13:47all those things
13:48are good but scripture teaches us
13:51that we must always as Christians keep
13:54an eye on the fact that the world in its
13:56present form
13:57is passing away it is always passing
14:01away in fact i would note this
14:03that there’s many different ways in
14:05which the present form of this world
14:07passes away i remember growing up
14:10in the 70s and in the 80s and i can tell
14:13you with
14:14absolute certainty that that world
14:16doesn’t exist anymore
14:17it only exists in the memories of those
14:20who lived through it
14:21and if you think about it this past week
14:24we had
14:25well our present form of our government
14:28from one administration to another
14:32and so the world that we lived in in
14:35has already passed away and a new world
14:39has emerged with the rise of the new
14:42and also the inauguration of a different
14:46and given time this present
14:49form of the world will also pass away
14:51but also i would remind you of this
14:54that each and every one of us we are
14:56passing away
14:59that’s just the fact of life i keep
15:02telling you guys and i
15:03will re-emphasize it over and over again
15:06it was
15:07yesterday that i was 18 years old
15:11and i had a 29 inch waist with six-pack
15:14abs had a swimmer’s body and
15:17you’re sitting there going well what
15:18happened i don’t know it was terrible it
15:20but it happened so quickly right
15:25but the thing is is that in a twinkling
15:28of an eye
15:29by this time tomorrow i
15:32will not be here you will not be here
15:35when i had covet i had the ability to
15:37spend a little time thinking about my
15:39mortality because
15:41when you get a positive uh testing and
15:44it’s the test comes back and says that
15:46you have covid
15:47you scratch your chin and you have to
15:50am i going to make it
15:54and all of us who’ve been through that
15:56we we know that experience you wonder if
15:58this is something that’s killed so many
16:00will i be part of that number and the
16:03reality is
16:04is that whether covid takes somebody’s
16:07or if it’s cancer in 20 years or they
16:11pass away in their sleep the present
16:13form of this world is passing away we
16:15are all passing away
16:17and that’s the reason why we need to pay
16:19close attention to this task that is set
16:22before us
16:22of going and proclaiming repentance in
16:24the forgiveness of sins
16:26because not only are we promised by
16:28Christ that our sins
16:29are forgiven but we are promised by his
16:33grace and his mercy and his love for us
16:35that he is gifting us a new world
16:39a new creation a world where there is no
16:41sin where there is no death where there
16:43is no covet
16:44where there are no flus where there are
16:47no stillborn children
16:48where there are no failed crops
16:52or pandemics that is what is promised to
16:55in Christ this world is passing away but
16:58the world that Christ
17:00is making that he will create on the
17:03last day of this creation and the first
17:06day of the next
17:07it will not pass away so that being the
17:10as we now are called to join the fishers
17:13of men
17:14of the past in proclaiming Christ on any
17:17fishing journey it’s a good idea to pack
17:20light to not bring too much luggage
17:23to not set down deep roots and that’s
17:26really what paul’s getting at here
17:28and so paul says this is what i mean
17:30brothers the appointed time has grown
17:32very short from now on let those who
17:34have wives lives
17:36as though they have none now Christ is
17:38not telling Christians to neglect their
17:40the idea here is to not put them on a
17:43pedestal and make them the focus of all
17:46of their earthly attention those who
17:48mourn as though they were not mourning
17:50those who rejoice as were they they were
17:52not rejoicing
17:53there’s no time for those things those
17:55who buy as though they had no goods and
17:57those who deal
17:58with the world as though they had no
17:59dealings with it at all
18:01for the present form of this world is
18:04passing away so brothers and sisters
18:08hear again
18:08then the words of Christ the time is
18:11the kingdom of god is at hand this
18:14present world is passing away
18:16and Christ desires you to be forgiven
18:19and reconciled to god
18:21so again repent believe
18:24keep on believing the good news that in
18:27Christ you have been forgiven because of
18:28what he has done
18:30even for a sinner like you or like me
18:33note then in the right time
18:37the world that is coming will finally
18:38appear and this is our hope
18:40in the name of Jesus amen
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