Sermon Transcript – Jesus Doesn’t Gloss Over Sin

Series B – Fourteenth Sunday of Pentecost – Sunday, August 29, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint mark
0:30the seventh chapter
0:39Jesus called the people to him again and
0:41said to them hear me all of you and
0:44there is nothing outside of a person
0:46that by going into him can defile him
0:49but the things that come out of a person
0:51are what defile him and when he had
0:53entered the house and left the people
0:54his disciples asked him about the
0:56parable and he said to them then are you
0:58without understanding do you not see
1:00that whatever goes into a person from
1:02outside cannot defile him since it
1:05enters not his heart but his stomach and
1:07is expelled thus he declared all foods
1:11and he said what comes out of a person
1:14is what defiles him for from within out
1:16of the heart of man comes evil thoughts
1:19sexual immorality theft murder adultery
1:23coveting wickedness deceit sensuality
1:27envy slander pride foolishness
1:30all of these evil things come from
1:33within and they defile a person this is
1:36the gospel of the lord in the name of
1:40amen all right it’s not a secret i i’m a
1:43fan of monty python especially the the
1:45movie the holy grail yeah i’ll remember
1:47that movie
1:48hopefully y’all do there’s a there’s a
1:50goofy silly kind of scene in there where
1:53king arthur is traveling through the
1:55woods and none other than the black
1:57knight is there and he’s decided to take
1:59it upon himself to not allow anybody to
2:01pass and he even says none shall pass
2:05well arthur challenges him to a duel and
2:08arthur immediately bests the black
2:10knight by cutting off one of his arms
2:14and arthur gets down on one knee to
2:16thank the lord for his victory and while
2:19the black knight continues on and just
2:22kind of brushes aside the fact that he’s
2:24lost an arm and says it’s a mere flesh
2:26wound right and he continues on loses
2:29his other arm then loses one of his legs
2:31and no joke he’s hopping around going
2:33come on let’s fight right and so arthur
2:36finally cuts off his final leg and there
2:39is stumpy the black knight you know
2:42basically wanting to continue the fight
2:44and basically saying let’s call it a
2:46draw right
2:48and i think what the parting shot was
2:50you’re a loony right now here’s the
2:53thing it’s funny when we see things like
2:55that in a comedy movie
2:57but when it comes to sin
2:59taking sin and well diminishing the
3:03impact of it diminishing the importance
3:05of it the severity of it we end up doing
3:08all kinds of goofy things and this is
3:10not a good thing and you’re going to
3:12note here that Jesus isn’t like today’s
3:15preachers who for whatever reason have
3:17lost the boldness that we heard paul
3:20praying that we should pray for him for
3:22the boldness to proclaim the gospel that
3:24there are many pastors and preachers
3:25nowadays and Christians who don’t want
3:28to talk about well that three-letter
3:30word you know what that three-letter
3:32word is
3:34right you have to say with a southern
3:35accent when you do that
3:37nobody wants to talk about sin anymore
3:40right so they talked about slipsies and
3:42oopsie-doopsies and mistakes and when it
3:46comes to that when you start talking
3:48like this and you start diminishing the
3:50importance the impact the severity of
3:54you start giving people false hope
3:57well if it’s just a slipsy or an
4:01or a mistake do you really need a
4:03crucified and risen savior for that
4:07do you really need to feel all that bad
4:09about it no not at all in fact i have
4:12even heard of pastors when somebody
4:14comes to them and confesses well an
4:17egregious sin that the pastor or their
4:20church leader will say you know it’s not
4:22that big of a deal i mean it’s
4:23understandable other people struggle
4:25with such things you really shouldn’t
4:27beat yourself up over stuff like that
4:32yeah and then don’t even get me started
4:35about some of those liberal
4:36denominations what do they do
4:39well they bless
4:41sexual immorality and say that god is
4:43okay not only okay with it he’s he’s
4:45he’s 100 in favor of it and don’t think
4:49that we’re just merely talking about
4:50same-sex kind of stuff they they’ve now
4:53you know they’re blessing adultery
4:55they’re blessing all kinds of weird
4:56strange things and here’s the thing
4:59Christ doesn’t do any of that if you
5:01remember last week last week in our
5:03gospel text
5:04Jesus was really going hard after the
5:07pharisees because they were offering lip
5:10service to god but their hearts were far
5:12from god and what they ended up doing
5:15was leaving the true commandments of god
5:18in order to establish their man-made
5:21and their man-made tradition was a
5:23competing religion all together and that
5:26competing religion
5:29all in the name of honoring god and
5:31serving god and obeying god was doing
5:33the exact opposite if i i would remind
5:37of that thing called corbon let me kind
5:40of kind of give you the idea here so
5:41nowadays when when our parents get old
5:44right what do we start doing we start
5:47looking for a facility for them a
5:49nursing home a place where they can go
5:51and be cared for and that’s not a bad
5:53thing but back in the day
5:56they didn’t have those
5:58they didn’t have those at all
5:59so when it came time to take care of
6:02your aging and ailing parents in their
6:04twilight years who is gonna do that
6:09their kids right
6:11and what if you and mom didn’t get along
6:13so well i mean have you ever noticed
6:15that that you know that moms and sons
6:17sometimes can not exactly always get
6:19along you know you can just see you can
6:21see the guy going oh my mother drives me
6:24nuts every time she comes to my house
6:26she tells me that i need to you know
6:28tell my wife to clean the floors more
6:30and she found dust up on some top of a
6:33bookshelf who looks for dust like that
6:35and she’s always telling me yeah i’ve
6:37got to do this or i’ve got to do that or
6:38i’ve got to get a better job and so what
6:40happens is mom gets under his skin and
6:43so he here’s what the pharisees came up
6:45with all right you can almost see it was
6:47like on a commercial you know like he
6:49was flipping channels on the cable
6:50television back at 2 000 years ago some
6:52guy goes you know and you can just see
6:54the intro does your mother irritate you
6:57are you really not looking forward to
6:58having to care for her in her twilight
7:00years well don’t worry we’ve invented
7:03something called corbon
7:05corbon yeah it’s a gift given to god
7:09yeah that’s right you don’t even have to
7:11take care of mom anymore all you gotta
7:14do is we’ll work out an amortization
7:16schedule based upon the average lifespan
7:19that we would expect to see from your
7:21mother and what we’ll do is if your mom
7:24has 12 years to live we’ll say give us
7:26this amount of money you can give it to
7:28god and once you give that amount of
7:31money to god you don’t have to take care
7:33of mom at all
7:37isn’t that crazy
7:38all right so work it out we’ve got it’s
7:41going to cost me
7:43twelve thousand
7:44thirty six hundred i don’t know
7:47amount of money to care for my mother
7:48i’m just gonna give it to the church and
7:50so you can imagine how this conversation
7:52goes right
7:54so there’s mom she comes to visit
7:57for once the guy’s happy mom’s visiting
7:59right oh mom i wanted to tell you you
8:01know you’ve been telling me that i need
8:03to take god more seriously right oh i’ve
8:06decided that you’re absolutely right i i
8:08need to take god more seriously so have
8:11you heard of corbon
8:13and you can almost hear the voice of his
8:15mother like kind of like george
8:16costanza’s mother what are you talking
8:19about right what’s carb on well mom the
8:22money that we would have spent caring
8:24for you
8:25i gave it to god isn’t that great i’m
8:28taking religion seriously well what
8:30who’s gonna take care of me well mom
8:33that’s between you and god i’m sorry but
8:35i can’t help you
8:38what a sick religion right
8:41absolutely sick
8:43what does the scripture say honor your
8:45father and mother
8:47honor them
8:48and so the pharisees in their handling
8:51of things
8:53well they ended up basically
8:55telling people that they could break
8:57that commandment to honor your father
8:59and mother all in the name of giving
9:01money to god of course
9:03the pharisees and people in the temple
9:05they were the ones who were benefiting
9:06from those donations if you know what i
9:09mean right
9:10so note here that when we establish our
9:13own religions when we do not pay
9:15attention to what god’s word says
9:18we end up not dealing with sin properly
9:21at all or worse dealing with it lightly
9:23so Jesus here decides that he’s going to
9:26give a little bit more explanation as to
9:29why he and the pharisees aren’t getting
9:31along so he gathers the people come on
9:34people i have something else i need to
9:35tell you and he says this hear me all of
9:37you and understand there is nothing
9:40outside of a person that by going into
9:42him can defile him but the things that
9:45come out of a person are what defile him
9:48and you can all see them going what
9:51what about bacon i mean it’s a legit
9:53question i mean what about bacon right
9:55so when he had entered the house he left
9:57the people his disciples asked him about
9:59the parable and he said to them then are
10:01you also without understanding and watch
10:02this explanation
10:04do you not see Jesus says that whatever
10:06goes into a person from outside cannot
10:09defile him since it enters not his heart
10:13but his stomach and is expelled and i
10:16would note in the greek here the greek
10:17text actually explains the final resting
10:20place of this food in in the latrine is
10:23how it’s described in the greek so
10:25you’ll know this what you eat doesn’t
10:28impact you in that way thus he declared
10:31foods clean now a little bit of a modern
10:34day example here in the past couple of
10:36weeks we’ve all been watching the news
10:38with the fall of kabul and afghanistan
10:40and hearing stories of Christians who
10:42are being murdered murdered by whom
10:45religious people
10:47religious people who do not eat bacon
10:49but think it’s completely fine to murder
10:51their neighbors
10:53do you see the disconnect
10:57a problem
10:58so here’s what Jesus says it is what
11:00comes out of a person
11:03that defiles him in other words what
11:05comes out of your sinful heart
11:08actually defiles you while what comes
11:10out of you and ends up in your toilet at
11:12home doesn’t in other words your poop is
11:15more sanctified than your heart
11:19scary to think about it this way but
11:20that’s the gist of where Jesus is going
11:23so here’s what comes out of a heart for
11:25from within out of the heart of man
11:27comes evil thoughts and watch this list
11:29and ask yourself this question am i in
11:33the clear have i not done any of these
11:36things or thought these evil things
11:38right out of the heart comes evil
11:40thoughts sexual immorality theft
11:43murder adultery coveting wickedness
11:47deceit sensuality envy slander pride
11:55anyone here
11:56that doesn’t describe you at all
12:00maybe i should have you guys raising
12:02hands how many how many of you had three
12:04or more things from that list
12:08me too
12:09that was just yesterday
12:13all of these things come from within and
12:15they are what defile a person you’ll
12:17note that Jesus doesn’t treat sin
12:21and he makes it very clear that these
12:24are the things that defile us and the
12:26thing is if they’re coming from within
12:28us then the problem isn’t out there
12:31the problem isn’t with bacon
12:33thank god it’s not with bacon right the
12:36problem isn’t with bacon the problem is
12:38my sinful heart your sinful heart
12:42each and every one of us have defiled
12:45through our sinful thoughts that have
12:47resulted in sinful actions and there’s
12:49nothing sound within us within our
12:51sinful flesh
12:53and so you’re going to note here kind of
12:54like last week this week also
12:57our gospel text doesn’t contain any
13:01wait wait how is that possible well
13:04that’s kind of how it works sometimes
13:06so i’ll be sure to weave it in now i’m
13:08going to make another point i’m going to
13:10give you a cross-reference that’s not
13:11part of our readings today
13:13our cross-reference today is going to be
13:16from the book of jeremiah chapter 6.
13:18jeremiah chapter 6 if you want to follow
13:20along i’ll start in verse 9 for context
13:23sake and i’m going to point something
13:24out here that in the apostasy of judah
13:27leading up to their
13:29exile in babylon god sent prophet after
13:32prophet after profit calling israel to
13:35repent of their idolatry of their
13:37syncretism of their sexual immorality
13:40and what had happened is is that the
13:42religious leaders in judah at the time
13:45well they they were much like many of
13:47the pastors that are we’re hearing
13:50nowadays who just make so light of sin
13:53and so listen to these words you note
13:55the parallels thus says the lord of
13:57hosts verse 9 chapter 6 of jeremiah they
14:00shall glean thoroughly as a vine that
14:02the remnant of israel like a grape
14:04gatherer pass your hand again over its
14:06branches to whom shall i speak and give
14:08warning so that they may hear
14:11behold their ears are uncircumcised they
14:13cannot listen behold the word of the
14:16lord is to them an object of scorn and
14:18they take no pleasure in it let those
14:21words kind of sink in for a second here
14:23what a strange
14:24description of well the tribe of judah
14:28these are people who are descendants of
14:31those who received the bible the law of
14:34god on mount sinai they these their
14:37descendants walked on the bottom of the
14:39red sea as on dry land with wall of
14:41water on the right and left and when
14:43pharaoh’s army pursued they well god
14:45destroyed them they were miraculously
14:48set free from slavery to pharaoh and
14:51egypt and generations later
14:55the very words that god gave them as an
14:58inheritance well
15:00the word of god has become an object of
15:02scorn to them
15:04they take no pleasure in it and as we
15:07continue reading you’re going to see
15:08here it’s not merely the people who take
15:11no pleasure in the word of god it’s also
15:14the prophets and the priests the
15:16religious leaders as well and this is a
15:20therefore god says i’m full of wrath the
15:23wrath of the lord i’m weary of holding
15:25it in pour it out upon the children in
15:27the street and upon the gatherings of
15:28the young men also and both husband and
15:30wife shall be taken and the elderly and
15:33the very aged their houses shall be
15:35turned over to others their fields and
15:37their wives together for i will stretch
15:39out my hand against the inhabitants of
15:40the land declares the lord for from the
15:43least to the greatest of them
15:46everyone is greedy for unjust gain and
15:49from prophet to priest everyone deals
15:56in other words they had gathered to
16:00religious teachers who would tell them
16:02what they want to hear
16:04and note that greed and falsehood seem
16:06to be top of the lists here as the
16:08problem and this becomes the warp and
16:11woof of the religion of judah before god
16:14acts in judgment
16:15is it any different today
16:18how is it that
16:20evangelicalism the primary teachers in
16:22evangelical are joel osteen ken copeland
16:26right all these prosperity preachers
16:28people who will tell you what you want
16:30to hear
16:31basically telling you that god and
16:33religion Christianity is a means to an
16:36end and the end is your prosperity your
16:40your influence
16:42this is nonsense right and of course
16:44people say yeah i like that idea i’m
16:46glad that god wants to make me rich god
16:49wants to make me powerful i wish god
16:51would make me younger but that’s a
16:53different story altogether right
16:56so just like in jeremiah’s day just like
16:59in Christ’s day just like in our day
17:01prophet and priests they deal falsely
17:04and then listen to these words they’ve
17:06healed the wound of my people
17:10they say peace peace when there is no
17:12peace and the peace that is being
17:13described here in this text
17:16is the so-called peace with god
17:20now is it true that there is no peace
17:23between sinners and god
17:28in a large sense no because Christ died
17:32for sinners
17:33he died for the ungodly he died for you
17:35and i there is peace between god and
17:39sinners like you and i
17:41only through Christ and Christ’s message
17:44to us is to do what
17:48to not look lightly on your sin to not
17:51think it’s no big deal to not treat a
17:54fatal wound as if well just some kind of
17:57a rash ointment would get a you know
17:59would solve the problem
18:01jeremiah goes on they were ashamed when
18:03they were they ashamed when they
18:05committed abominations no they weren’t
18:07ashamed at all
18:08they didn’t even know how to blush
18:10therefore they shall fall among those
18:13who fall at the time that i punish men
18:15they shall be overthrown says the lord
18:18but then listen to the turn verse 16
18:20thus is yahweh
18:22stand by the roads and look
18:24ask for the ancient paths where the good
18:26way is walk in it and find rest for your
18:31you see the solution to our sin problem
18:33and well the problem that we have as far
18:35as our hostility towards god and his
18:37wrath towards our sin is found the
18:40solution is found in the ancient paths
18:43it’s found in the scriptures the very
18:44things that people do not even want to
18:46hear anymore today
18:48the very things that we need to hear and
18:50it’s in those scriptures that we hear
18:53that god so loved the world that’s you
18:55and me included that he sent his son
18:57Jesus Christ
18:59to bear our sin on the cross
19:01to be sin for us
19:03to suffer and die in our place and
19:06experience god’s punishment and wrath
19:08against sin so that you can instead
19:11receive from him mercy forgiveness
19:14pardon and peace
19:16this is why in romans chapter 8 it says
19:19there is therefore now no condemnation
19:21for those who are in Christ Jesus
19:24you see Jesus Christ and the gospel
19:26doesn’t deal lightly with sin Christ
19:29calls it what it is says what it does it
19:32defiles each and every one of us and the
19:34problem is within our hearts but in
19:36Christ there is forgiveness and because
19:38we are in Christ
19:40we there is therefore no condemnation
19:42for us
19:44and this is something that we should
19:46rejoice in humbly and thank god for
19:50because Christ has dealt with the
19:52severity and the defilement of our sin
19:54by taking that defilement in himself so
19:56that we can be clean
19:58so the text in romans 8 says the law of
20:00the spirit of life
20:02has set each and every one of us free in
20:04Christ Jesus from the law of sin and
20:06death god has done what the law was
20:08weakened by the flesh could not do he
20:11did this by sending his own son in the
20:13likeness of sinful flesh and for sin he
20:16condemned sin in the flesh in order that
20:18the righteous requirements of the law
20:20might be fulfilled in us who walk not
20:21according to the flesh but according to
20:23the spirit
20:24to set the mind on the flesh is death
20:26paul says to set the mind on the spirit
20:28is life and peace the mind that is said
20:30in the flesh is hostile to god it
20:32doesn’t submit to god’s law indeed it
20:34cannot but those who are in the flesh
20:36cannot please god you however you are
20:39not in the flesh but you are in the
20:40spirit if in fact the spirit of god
20:42dwells in you and i would
20:44remind all of you yes the spirit of god
20:46does well in you you’ve been baptized
20:48into Christ’s death and his resurrection
20:50and in your baptism your sins and your
20:52defilement was washed away
20:54your sins were forgiven you were united
20:56with Christ and you were gifted by god
20:59the gift of the holy spirit who convicts
21:01us of our sin and also teaches us to
21:03have confidence in the forgiveness and
21:06mercy of Christ given and shed for the
21:08forgiveness of our sins you get the idea
21:11think of it this way
21:13the solution that we need again is found
21:15in the ancient paths and in the ancient
21:16paths in the scripture the very places
21:18that people do not want to hear these
21:20things we hear again the words of our
21:23intro from psalm 51 written by king
21:26david after
21:28nathan the prophet confronted him
21:31regarding two whoppers of a sin right
21:36and murder
21:38and don’t even get me started on how he
21:40absolutely abused his his power as king
21:43when it came to that but what does david
21:46pray in psalm 51 he prays to god wash me
21:49thoroughly from my iniquity
21:51cleanse me from my sin
21:54purge me with hyssop and i will be clean
21:57wash me and i will be whiter
21:59than snow you see in the ancient paths
22:01we learn that god is the one who
22:03cleanses and washes away sin we should
22:05not look lightly on it and nor should we
22:08ever comfort somebody in their sin and
22:09say it’s no big deal
22:11don’t worry about it love is love
22:14it’s not the gospel the ancient path
22:16says that god washes away our sin
22:19and so here’s his plea
22:21his prayer to god and this is our prayer
22:23in just a moment when we sing the
22:24offertory created me a clean heart oh
22:30and only god can create a clean heart
22:32within us
22:33you see Jesus said it’s out of our heart
22:35that sin comes these things that defile
22:37us but our plea to god is the same plea
22:40as david created me a clean heart oh god
22:43renew a right spirit within me
22:45and in praying that he’s confessing that
22:47his heart is not clean that he does not
22:49have a right spirit cast me not away
22:51from your presence and do not take your
22:53holy spirit from me
22:54please restore to me the joy of your
22:57salvation and uphold me
22:59with a willing spirit
23:01these are only found in the ancient
23:03paths and the old books
23:05the books that no one wants to hear
23:07anymore the churches are not committed
23:09to preaching anymore
23:12only there will you hear that God
23:16relents God gives peace God gives a
23:19clean heart God solves the problem that
23:21we all have
23:23and so let us repent of taking sin so
23:27or worse listening to pastors and
23:29preachers who treat sin like it’s
23:31like a skin disease you know
23:34spray something on there and it’ll go
23:36away never does and let us re let us
23:39rejoice in the joy of our salvation
23:41that God has given us a clean heart in
23:44Christ forgiveness of our sins
23:46and that he will not cast us away from
23:48his presence when he returns in glory to
23:50judge the living and the dead but will
23:52welcome us freely into his kingdom
23:55in the name of Jesus
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