Sermon Transcript – Jesus Feeds Far More Than 5,000

Series B – Eighth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, July 19, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:31chapter 6 verses 30 through 44.
0:35the apostles gathered around Jesus and
0:37reported to him all they had done and
0:40then because so many people were coming
0:42and going that they did not even have a
0:46chance to eat he said to them come with
0:48me by yourselves to a quiet place and
0:50get some rest
0:51so they went away by themselves in a
0:54boat to a solitary place
0:56but many saw them leaving recognized
0:59them and ran on foot from all the towns
1:02and got there ahead of them when Jesus
1:04landed and saw the large crowd he had
1:06compassion on them because they were
1:08like sheep without a Shepherd so he
1:10began teaching them many things
1:13by this time it was late in the day so
1:16his disciples came to him this is a
1:19remote place they said and it’s already
1:21very late send the people away so that
1:24they can go to the surrounding
1:25Countryside in villages and buy
1:26themselves something to eat but he
1:28answered you give them something to eat
1:31and they said to him that would take
1:33eight months of a man’s wages are we to
1:35go and spend that much on bread and give
1:37it to them to eat
1:39how many loaves do you have he asked go
1:41and see and when they found out they
1:43said five and two fish then Jesus
1:46directed them to have all the people sit
1:49down in groups on the green grass so
1:52they sat down in groups of hundreds and
1:54fifties taking the Five Loaves and the
1:57two fish and looking up to heaven he
1:58gave thanks and broke the loaves then he
2:01gave them to the disciples and set
2:02before the people he also divided the
2:05two fish among them they all ate and
2:07were satisfied and the disciples picked
2:09up the 12 baskets full of broken pieces
2:11of bread and fish the number of men who
2:14had eaten was five thousand
2:16in the name of Jesus
2:19all right so the Liberals are flat out
2:21wrong in their explanation of the text
2:23that we just read so notice I’m Coming
2:25Out Swinging yeah the Liberals they tell
2:28us that the reason why Jesus was able to
2:32multiply fishes is because well John
2:36gives us this little detail in John
2:38chapter 6 verses 8 through 9 one of his
2:41disciples Andrew Simon Peter’s brother
2:43said to him there’s a boy here who has
2:46five barley Loaves and two fish but what
2:49are they for so many so we learned from
2:51the Gospel of John that there was a
2:53little boy who brought a sack of lunch
2:55right and the way the Liberals explain
2:58this and by the way liberals deny that
2:59Miracles are possible which is
3:01ridiculous but they deny they know for
3:04sure God can’t perform Miracles because
3:06you know all the philosophers say that
3:08you know natural law there’s these laws
3:11of the universe and they can’t be broken
3:12really how do they know they can’t be
3:15you know is somebody going to give God a
3:17speeding ticket for performing a miracle
3:19you know will he spend time in prison if
3:22he breaks the laws of physics but they
3:24claim Miracles are not possible so their
3:26explanation goes something like this
3:28well you see there was this little boy
3:30who brought his sack lunch and
3:32unbeknownst to Jesus’s disciples
3:35everybody also brought coolers and
3:38picnic baskets and they were hiding them
3:41you see they were hiding them because
3:43they didn’t want to share and so here
3:46comes this little boy with his sack
3:47lunch and he says something like hey Mr
3:50Apostle I’ve got I’ve got Five Loaves
3:54and two fishes I can share and that
3:56everybody felt so guilty because this
3:59little boy gave up his sack lunch that
4:01out come the coolers outcome the picnic
4:04baskets and it’s the miracle not of
4:06Jesus multiplying Loaves and Fishes it’s
4:08the miracle of everybody learning how to
4:12which is not a miracle at all and then
4:15they go on to say oftentimes and this
4:18tells us that we need to reject
4:20capitalism which is all about
4:22selfishness and embrace communism
4:28yeah I wish I was making that up and I
4:32will not ask you to raise your hand but
4:34I know there are some in this
4:35congregation who have heard this text
4:37preached that way so I won’t out you
4:39though now let me point you to our
4:42bulletin in our bulletin I have
4:45reproduced for you a fourth Century hymn
4:48on the Trinity which was written by
4:51prudentius a Latin poet and hymn writer
4:54and I want you to see what he does with
4:57this text in so many verses Five Loaves
5:00and Fishes two he orders placed as food
5:03before the people thronging round their
5:05Master by their hunger undeterred who
5:08mindful not of food forgot their towns
5:10their forts their markets hamlets
5:13trading posts and cities glad to feed
5:16upon his words the festive Gathering
5:18swarms upon the plane by hundreds they
5:21recline in Friendly bands and round the
5:23countless boards they arrange themselves
5:25to dine on two small fish and scanty
5:28crusts he multiplies know now that he is
5:34know now that he is God this miracle
5:37proves that Jesus is God it absolutely
5:41does because remember who was it that
5:43fed the children of Israel in the
5:47ah yeah that guy God right and we learn
5:51from Paul in First Corinthians that it
5:54was Jesus himself who fed the people of
5:56Israel in the wilderness so this takes
6:00place in a desolate region in the
6:02wilderness if you would and so Jesus
6:04feeds the five thousand and that proves
6:06he’s God so all the Liberals out there
6:08who deny that Miracles are possible by
6:10saying that Jesus didn’t multiply the
6:12fishes that nothing miraculous happened
6:13except for a bunch of people took out
6:15their coolers that they were hiding and
6:17started sharing their food well they’re
6:20in a sense denying that Jesus is God in
6:22human flesh but that’s exactly who he
6:24claimed to be Jesus by the way was not a
6:26Galilean Boy Scout who liked to help
6:28little old ladies walk across the Sea of
6:30Galilee he was none other than God in
6:32human flesh now there is another way of
6:34reading this today that evangelicals who
6:37do not deny the the miraculous Rob Jesus
6:40of his divinity and the reason why they
6:43do this or how they do this is they take
6:45this text and it’s not about popularity
6:49if you would their explanation is that
6:52well Jesus divvied up you know broke a
6:55little bit of the Five Loaves putting
6:56them in baskets and cut up the fish made
6:59it into Sushi or something I’m not sure
7:01put that in the baskets and then told
7:03the disciples to go out and distribute
7:06the food and of course they were looking
7:08at the baskets going well there’s like
7:11not enough to feed five thousand people
7:12what are we supposed to do here Lord and
7:14so they would go up and they would go up
7:16to one guy you know in the crowd and say
7:18here take some don’t take a lot this
7:20isn’t going to go very far and no sooner
7:22does the person grab a piece of bread or
7:25a piece of fish that it begins to
7:27multiply in the baskets and so the
7:30reason this happened was because well
7:32the apostles stepped out in audacious
7:34faith and it was their audacious faith
7:37that caused this miracle to happen to
7:39which I basically say did you people
7:42take basic reading comprehension in
7:44fourth grade because those details are
7:47found nowhere in the text that’s all
7:51so the text says we just read it and he
7:54Jesus divided the two fish among them
7:58all who did the dividing miraculously
8:01Jesus did so Jesus gets all the glory
8:04not the little kid with the sack lunch
8:06not all these people who secretly
8:08brought their coolers and shared with
8:10each other and not even the apostles who
8:12supposedly stepped out an audacious
8:14faith and as a result of this miracle
8:15happened no Jesus is the one who gets
8:19all the credit and I would remind those
8:21who would twist God’s word in this way
8:23and to Rob Jesus of his glory that the
8:27Lord Yahweh through the Prophet Jeremiah
8:29had some pretty strong words to those
8:30Shepherds who scatter Christ’s sheep
8:32here’s what it says woe to the Shepherds
8:34who destroy and Scatter the Sheep of my
8:36pastor and how do they do this through
8:37false Doctrine it woe to them declares
8:40the Lord therefore thus says Yahweh the
8:42god of Israel concerning the Shepherds
8:44who care for my people you have
8:46scattered my flock you have driven them
8:48away you have not attended to them
8:50behold I will attend to you for your
8:52evil Deeds declares the Lord
8:55word of warning for those Shepherds who
8:57don’t want to Shepherd God’s flock
8:59who want to twist his words and Rob him
9:02of his deity by teaching false Doctrine
9:05you scatter Christ’s sheep
9:07by denying that Miracles are possible
9:09you end up literally teaching people not
9:12to trust Jesus but to doubt him and
9:15that’s a very terrible thing to be
9:17teaching people and so I would warn them
9:20Christ here through the Prophet Jeremiah
9:23says that God will attend to them for
9:24their evil deeds and if they do not want
9:26to have to give an accounting for their
9:27false Doctrine they need to repent and
9:29to be forgiven and then bear fruit in
9:31keeping with repentance by teaching
9:33God’s word straight
9:35and proclaiming Christ from every
9:39by the way
9:40this miracle we’re going to now kind of
9:43go back to our text all of that was
9:45preface we’re going to go back to our
9:47text this miracle there’s one very
9:50similar to it in the Old Testament a
9:52little known a little heralded miracle
9:54it’s found in second Kings chapter 4
9:57verses 42-44 and so you’ll notice here
10:00if you haven’t read this about the
10:02Prophet Elijah here’s what it says a man
10:06shalisha bringing the man of God bread
10:09of the first fruits 20 loaves of barley
10:11and fresh years of grain in his sack and
10:14Elijah said give to the men that they
10:17may eat Elisha had a company of prophets
10:19that he kept you know company with if
10:21you would and there were a hundred of
10:2620 you know 20 loaves of barley and some
10:31ears of grain that’s not going to go
10:33very far between 100 men
10:36his servant said how can I set this
10:39before a hundred men Elisha repeated
10:42give them to the men they may eat for
10:45thus says Yahweh they shall eat and have
10:48some left so he said it before them and
10:51they ate and they had some left
10:53according to the word of the Lord notice
10:56with God there’s always leftovers which
10:58is great because you know don’t you guys
11:00love leftovers like Chinese food
11:02leftovers wow Pizza leftovers I mean
11:05cold pizza that’s just fantastic right
11:08so God is always giving you abundantly
11:11more in the sense if you think of it we
11:14read in our Psalm that our cup runneth
11:16over what a wonderful thing you know so
11:19God is the one who only not only takes
11:21care of our needs but he gives us a
11:23leftovers to boot and we see this in the
11:25Old Testament parallel if you would to
11:27this miracle which again is pointing to
11:29Christ’s deity because who can multiply
11:32food except for God himself
11:35so let’s return to Our Gospel text I’m
11:37going to be reading it from the ESV you
11:39can follow along with you with your Pew
11:41Bible here’s what it says the apostles
11:43returned to Jesus told him all that they
11:45had done and taught remember Jesus sent
11:49the apostles out on a training Ministry
11:52Mission if you would gave them authority
11:54over demons and over sicknesses and they
11:57went out and preached repentance perform
11:59Miracles and if anyone wouldn’t receive
12:01them Jesus said Shake the Dust off your
12:03feet and move on to the next town you’re
12:05not going to waste your time changing
12:07the message or you know trying to
12:09continue to talk to those who have
12:10hardened their hearts against the spirit
12:12in his word of repentance so the
12:14disciples come back and they report
12:16everything to Jesus and of course after
12:18spending you know that time doing
12:20Ministry they’re tired and notice that
12:22Jesus cares for them he says them come
12:24away by yourselves to a desolate place
12:27is what is what the text says a desolate
12:30place and rest for a while for many were
12:32coming and going and they had no leisure
12:34even to to eat and they went away in the
12:38boat to a desolate it says desolate
12:40place by themselves now many saw them
12:43going and recognized them and so they
12:45ran there on foot they could figure out
12:46it’s like okay Jesus got in a boat with
12:48his disciples they’re heading that way
12:50oh we know where they’re going and they
12:51ran on foot to get there first
12:54so they ran there on foot from all the
12:57towns they got there ahead of them
13:00when they went ashore he saw a great
13:03crowd and he had compassion on them
13:07because they were like sheep without a
13:10Shepherd the Greek there for compassion
13:12means his guts were wrenched he
13:15literally had a gut-wrenching compassion
13:17for them and it says because they were
13:20like sheep without a Shepherd now keep
13:21in mind they had a governor they had a
13:24Roman Emperor they had synagogue rulers
13:27and leaders it’s not like they were
13:30but despite the fact they had political
13:32leaders and synagogue rulers and even
13:34Pharisees teaching them it says they
13:36were like sheep without a shepherd
13:38and so Jesus the Good Shepherd tends to
13:41them which recalls our Psalm the Lord is
13:43my shepherd and I shall not want. he
13:47makes me lie down in Green Pastures
13:49notice how the text from the psalm says
13:52he makes me lie down in Green Pastures
13:54this in a sense the psalm prophetically
13:57points to this miracle that we’re
13:59looking at
14:00so Jesus began to teach them many things
14:04the text says by the way this is what
14:06Shepherds do they teach
14:08and remember man shall not live by bread
14:11alone but by every word that proceeds
14:13from the mouth of God so the way in
14:16which God’s Shepherds tend to God’s
14:19sheep is through preaching and teaching
14:23God’s word because man shall not live by
14:25bread alone but by every word that
14:27proceeds from the mouth of God so Jesus
14:30the Good Shepherd what does he do
14:32he teaches he feeds them God’s words how
14:37so while he’s God in human flesh when
14:39Jesus speaks everything he says is the
14:42word of God is it not and so notice here
14:44that Jesus doesn’t tend to their bodily
14:48needs first he tends to their spiritual
14:51needs first there are a lot of people
14:53today who Embrace what’s called The
14:54Social Gospel and they are of the
14:56mistaken opinion that you can’t preach
14:59the gospel to somebody who’s in need
15:01physical want unless you first meet
15:04their physical need
15:06Jesus did this all backwards clearly he
15:09wasn’t listening to the guys out there
15:10promoting the social gospel because not
15:13only did he not tend to their physical
15:15needs first he preached
15:17and he preached for a long time you
15:21think my sermons are long
15:23yeah Jesus’s sermons well he went on all
15:26day here’s what it says and when it grew
15:28late so Jesus starts preaching and the
15:32Sun starts moving and it gets lower and
15:35lower and the Shadows get longer and
15:37longer and he’s still preaching
15:40what’s wrong with you Jesus people have
15:43to use the restroom we need some
15:44fellowship time here well grew late and
15:48so his disciples came to him and said
15:51Jesus this is a desolate place the hour
15:54is now late
15:56send them away to go into the
15:58surrounding Countryside in villages and
16:01buy themselves something to eat
16:04perfectly reasonable idea is it not
16:08notice it says Villages it doesn’t say
16:10send them to the closest Village I mean
16:12these guys had thought this through I
16:14mean it’s not like you can send a crowd
16:16of 5 000 people to the local Olive
16:18Garden yeah can we you got a table for
16:21five thousand
16:22oh plus men and women too yeah no you
16:25can we make a reservation for next week
16:27no it’s not going to work right so the
16:29disciples thought this through send them
16:31to the Villages send them back send them
16:33away that spread them out right this is
16:36a perfectly reasonable thing to be
16:38proposing Jesus answered them and boy
16:41his answer is anything but reasonable
16:44you give them something to eat
16:47I gotta admit this is one of those parts
16:50of scripture that I wish there were like
16:53videographers recording this because I’m
16:57sure at this point this disciples were
17:02what you want us to what right really
17:07you know he’s lost his mind you give
17:11them something to eat
17:12so you can almost hear the kind of the
17:15shall we go and buy 200 daenery worth of
17:17bread to give them you know to give it
17:19to them to eat
17:20you know good good question Jesus is
17:23clearly you know preaching all day long
17:25and the sun has clearly baked his brain
17:28he said to them how many loaves do you
17:32have go and see and out comes the little
17:35boy’s lunch right so when they had found
17:37out they said five and two fish
17:42then he commanded them all to sit down
17:44in groups watch this on the green grass
17:49here Jesus the Good Shepherd not only
17:52has fed his sheep with the very word of
17:55God he now will tend to their physical
17:57needs as well
17:59because keep in mind it’s our spiritual
18:01needs that are are clearly more
18:03important than even our physical but our
18:05physical is our physical needs are
18:07important but keep in mind this body of
18:10yours I don’t know if you’ve noticed
18:13take a look at your high school
18:14graduation picture things are not
18:17looking good for you
18:19not for me either this these physical
18:22bodies of ours are wearing out things
18:25are heading south gravity is having its
18:27effect Upon Us hair has gone from
18:29wonderfully colored to well white right
18:33I’ve almost got the whole Santa thing
18:35going on here in my goatee and my
18:38daughter lets me know this all the time
18:39to which I basically let her know that
18:42she will never look as good as she looks
18:43right now
18:48okay we’re all heading to the grave and
18:51these are the wages of our sin but
18:53remember Jesus has compassion true splog
18:56needs of my gut-wrenching compassion for
18:59his sheep without a shepherd and so he
19:02feeds them with his word
19:04and then he takes care of their physical
19:07and so how many loaves do you have go
19:10and see five and two fish I’ll have them
19:13sit down in the green grass now remember
19:15Jesus who when he was tempted in the
19:18wilderness in the desolate place he was
19:21tempted by the devil to turn stones into
19:23bread he refused to use his miraculous
19:26power to serve himself
19:29Gregory of Nancy anzus the church father
19:31he writes as man Jesus was put to the
19:35test But as God he came through
19:37Victorious yes he bids us be of good
19:40cheer because he has conquered the world
19:42he hungered yet he fed thousands he is
19:47indeed living Heavenly bread he thirsted
19:50yet he exclaimed whoever thirsts let him
19:53come to me and drink indeed he promised
19:55that Believers would become Fountains of
19:58Living Water
19:59but here Jesus the Good Shepherd he has
20:03the Sheep whom he has compassion on sit
20:05in the green grass and then he prepares
20:08a table for them in the presence of
20:10their enemies so they sat down in groups
20:12by hundreds and by fifties and taking
20:15the Five Loaves and the two fish he
20:17looked up to heaven and said a blessing
20:19or you could say he gave thanks he said
20:21a blessing and broke the Loaves and gave
20:23them to the disciples and set them
20:26before the people now if you look in
20:28your Bible
20:30the section heading in this portion of
20:33scripture it might say Jesus feeds the
20:35five thousand right
20:38a good friend of mine and a colleague
20:40taught Pastor Todd Wilkin
20:43he was musing on this text earlier this
20:45week and he pointed out what a
20:47ridiculous thing to say Jesus feeds five
20:51and the reason why he was saying that is
20:52because do you not understand that Jesus
20:55feeds every single one of us every day
20:57now granted my wife who’s a good cook
21:00whom I impart blame for what’s going on
21:06C is a wonderful cook and she prepares
21:09breakfast for me every morning this
21:11morning I had eggs and I had a muffin
21:13and I had a banana and I also had some
21:15little cherries to go along with it and
21:17a little glass of pineapple juice it was
21:19fantastic right but I would say even
21:22though my wife did a fine job of
21:23preparing that my wife did not make the
21:27that made the eggs
21:28she did not make the plants that made
21:31the wheat where she that she turned into
21:34a muffin
21:35I guarantee you my wife has never made a
21:38banana tree God is the one who’s made
21:40all these things God made the chicken
21:42God made the cow God made the the animal
21:45that gives us bacon ah bacon right
21:50he gave all of that to us he’s the one
21:53who made them in other words there isn’t
21:56a single meal that you can point to that
22:00God didn’t feed you
22:03not one
22:05and so here in this miracle
22:07Jesus who feeds the five thousand shows
22:11through his miraculous power that he is
22:13The God Who not only fed them but he’s
22:15also the God who fed us because he’s the
22:18same God who can speak the universes
22:22into existence merely by his word and he
22:25did so because remember back in Genesis
22:27let the Earth produce
22:29seed bearing plants
22:32and it was so
22:34see God feeds us to this day and that’s
22:36the interesting thing about it is that
22:39we all when we recognize this realize
22:42well wait a second that means that God
22:44is feeding
22:45people who believe in him and people who
22:48reject them
22:49Believers and atheists idolaters and the
22:53unrighteous and sinners
22:54he feeds them all
22:56which tells us a lot about God’s great
22:59love for Humanity that despite our
23:02Rebellion God sent his only begotten son
23:04so that whoever believes in him would
23:06not perish but have everlasting life and
23:09we read in Scripture that God causes the
23:11rain to fall on the just and the unjust
23:15and so food itself is a mercy food
23:19itself is Grace it’s tangible Grace and
23:23these texts reveal that to us by
23:26revealing who Jesus is
23:28and what he does and when we can’t when
23:31we contemplate that and Ponder on that
23:33then we realize that it is appropriate
23:36for us before every meal to Bow our
23:38heads and to thank the Lord for the food
23:41that we are about to eat because it
23:43truly comes from his Bountiful hand it
23:46is a Grace it is a mercy it is a gift
23:49so the text says he divided the two fish
23:52among them notice it says he divided no
23:54one pulled out coolers or picnic baskets
23:56and they all ate
23:58and they were satisfied and they took up
24:0112 baskets full of broken pieces and of
24:03the fish one basket for each of the
24:06disciples who were well if you would
24:10that day you know Jesus was the cook
24:12he’s back in the kitchen ordering up
24:14fish multiplying it out giving it to his
24:17Runners and his disciples go and they
24:19they divvy it out as well which tells
24:22you something a little bit about
24:23Ministry because remember Jesus he said
24:25a blessing and he broke it sounds like
24:28the Lord’s supper right well those in
24:31Ministry are a lot like Waiters
24:33each Sunday I have the privilege of
24:37preparing a hot meal of God’s word and
24:40once a month we have the opportunity for
24:42me to also be a waiter here at this
24:44table as I feed you the very body and
24:47blood of Christ for the Forgiveness of
24:49your sins so Jesus feeds us physically
24:52he feeds us spiritually with his word
24:54and he feeds us spiritually also with
24:56his body and blood for the Forgiveness
24:58of our sins what a great and wonderful
25:01Shepherd we have who cares for us so
25:04deeply that he cares that we are like
25:07sheep without a shepherd and he gives us
25:09Shepherds to preach the word to us to
25:12deliver his body and blood and to hear
25:15and proclaim the Absolution of the
25:17Forgiveness of sins so that we do not
25:19faint in this Wilderness while we await
25:22the new heavens and the new Earth let me
25:24read to you a verse
25:26from a great hymn and yes it’s old and I
25:29apologize for that but it’s still
25:31wonderful it’s a stanza 2 of Lord Jesus
25:35Christ’s life-giving bread here’s what
25:36it says to pastures green Lord safely
25:42two restful Waters Lead Me
25:44your table well for me provide your
25:47wounded hand now feeds me
25:50though weary sinful sick and weak refuge
25:55in you alone I seek to share your cup
25:59of healing
26:02so remember this
26:04that Jesus tends to us his sheep because
26:07he has great compassion for us and now
26:10today he feeds us with his nail scarred
26:16and comes to us walking on his nails
26:18guard feet because he had such great
26:21compassion for you knowing your sinful
26:23condition he did not desire to send you
26:25to Hell instead he came and served you
26:28by taking all of your sin away from you
26:31and placing it upon himself and then
26:33going to the cross and bleeding and
26:35dying for you
26:36what a merciful and great savior that we
26:39have who doesn’t give us what we deserve
26:41but instead gives us Grace upon Grace
26:44and even while we were still shaking our
26:48fists at God and doubting that he
26:50believed and persisting in impenitent
26:54he still continued to cause the crops to
26:57and the grain to be harvested and made
27:00into bread so that every single meal
27:03that you had he was the one who was
27:05truly feeding you
27:06and now we because we have been raised
27:10from the dead spiritually given eyes
27:12that are no longer blind but can see we
27:14see the truth of that and we receive
27:16with thanks God’s spiritual food as well
27:20as his physical food knowing that
27:22everything we have
27:24all truly comes from the hand of a
27:26gracious and merciful Lord who not only
27:29gives us what we need but also gives us
27:32leftovers in the name of Jesus Amen
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