Sermon Transcript – Jesus the Son of Abraham

Series B – Second Wednesday of Advent – Wednesday, December 9, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28our text today is taken from the gospel
0:30of matthew
0:32chapter 1 verses 1 to 6. the book of the
0:35genealogy of Jesus Christ
0:38the son of david the son of abraham
0:41abraham was the father of isaac isaac
0:43the father of jacob
0:45jacob the father of judah and his
0:47brothers judah the father of perez
0:50and zara by tamar and perez the father
0:53of hezron and hezron the father of ram
0:57ram the father of aminadab and aminadab
0:59the father of nashon and nashon the
1:02father of salman
1:03and salman the father of boaz by rahab
1:07and boaz the father of obed by ruth
1:10and obed the father of jesse and jesse
1:13the father of david the king
1:15and david was the follower father of
1:17solomon by the wife of uriah
1:20Jesus the son of abraham that is the
1:23focus of our meditation
1:25this second mid-week service of
1:29advent and we considered our gospel text
1:32which clearly laid out the
1:34genealogy of our lord Jesus Christ now
1:37not long ago
1:38i did one of those dna tests at
1:42and now i can definitively say that i
1:44that both my dna
1:46and my family tree prove beyond a shadow
1:49of a doubt that i am no one special
1:53there are no highlights to report in
1:56fact some low lights if
1:57i’m being honest with you um so uh
2:00i don’t have any famous people of
2:02history as my ancestors in fact it looks
2:06all of my ancestors are your garden
2:09hard-working european peasant nobodies
2:12whose births and deaths were met with
2:16little if no fanfare at all it just
2:19you know they kind of came and went and
2:21nobody even wrote a paragraph about them
2:23they were lucky if they got their name
2:25put in the white pages
2:26when there used to be these things
2:27called phone books but
2:29all of that being said i will say this
2:32and that is is that Christ
2:33in his genealogy there’s some pretty big
2:36highlights there
2:38abraham david
2:43solomon well he’s kind of getting
2:46but then well well next week we’ll
2:48consider some of the scandalous ones in
2:52in his genealogy but you’ll note that
2:55in Jesus’s time in fact we’ll take a
2:58at the preaching of john the baptist
3:00tonight from the gospel of matthew
3:02chapter 3.
3:03in Jesus time and even to this day there
3:05are some people
3:06who for some weird reason put their
3:10faith in the fact that they are
3:11physical descendants of abraham it’s the
3:16thing in fact there is one particular
3:18fellow who i’ve critiqued on my
3:21on my youtube channel and on fighting
3:23for the faith who
3:25claims that he’s half jewish but when i
3:28checked his ancestry
3:30family tree which was paid for by a
3:32professional genealogist
3:34turns out he’s as jewish as the lucky
3:36charms leprechaun
3:38and uh and but that’s a big deal for him
3:40and there was a lot of people in
3:43that gave him some kind of teaching
3:45credentials based upon the mythology
3:48that he is half jewish and so
3:52there is this big misconception that
3:54somehow being a physical descendant of
3:57that it gives you street creds with god
3:59that like you’re born with like
4:02a certain merits in your favor as it
4:06relates to
4:06the favor of god but here again the
4:09preaching of
4:10john the baptist the forerunner of
4:12Christ himself
4:14and here’s what he says it says in
4:173 in those days john the baptist came
4:19preaching in the wilderness of judea
4:22repent for the kingdom of heaven is at
4:26and you note the text says very clearly
4:28where he was preaching
4:29in judea and so he was telling all of
4:33physical descendants of abraham that
4:35they needed to repent
4:37and for this is he who was spoken by the
4:38prophet isaiah when he said the voice of
4:41one crying in the wilderness
4:42prepare the way of the lord make his
4:45paths straight
4:46apparently all these descendants of
4:48abraham had crooked paths that needed
4:50straightening out
4:52now john wore a garment of camel’s hair
4:54leather belt around his waist and his
4:56food was locus and wild honey
4:58i still haven’t figured out why somebody
5:00hasn’t figured out how to package locust
5:02and wild and
5:03hunt and wild honey and call it the john
5:05the baptist bars
5:07you know could it i mean did that be
5:09worse than keto anyway
5:11but uh you know that’s it’s biblical man
5:13i’m just saying you know
5:15there’s always somebody trying to make
5:16money on those things so when jerusalem
5:18and all judea
5:19and all the region about the jordan were
5:20going out to him they were baptized by
5:23him in the river jordan
5:24confessing their sins but when he saw
5:27many of the pharisees and the sadducees
5:29coming to his baptism he said to them
5:31you brood of vipers
5:34i always liked walter martin’s
5:36explanation of what that particular
5:39means brood of vipers his loose
5:42translation is
5:43your mothers are snakes you know
5:47john the baptist apparently didn’t go to
5:49political correct
5:50rhetoric training school and so he was a
5:52little spicy there
5:54your mothers are snakes who warned you
5:58to flee
5:59from the wrath to come bear fruit in
6:01keeping with repentance
6:03and do not presume to say to yourselves
6:06we have abraham as our father
6:10for i tell you god is able from these
6:12stones to raise up children for abraham
6:15now even the axe is laid at the root of
6:17the trees every tree therefore that does
6:20bear good fruit is cut down and thrown
6:23into the fire in other words being a
6:26descendant of abraham doesn’t automate
6:28automatically make you a good tree that
6:30bears good fruit
6:33something to consider there but
6:36Christ is truly one of the descendants
6:38of abraham and it’s important to note
6:41that he is prophesied of scripture along
6:44abraham the man of faith the ones to
6:48whom the promises were given not one
6:50person but
6:51two one person was given the promises
6:53and that’s abraham and abram believed
6:55god it was credited to him as
6:58but as paul points out in the epistles
6:59of the galatians chapter 3 that the
7:02promise was not given to abraham unto
7:04his offsprings
7:05this is plural but to his offspring
7:09zara singular and that is Christ
7:12so in other words having faith that you
7:15having faith that you have an inside
7:17track with god because
7:19you’re descended from abraham is
7:22if you think about it a foolish faith
7:26abraham was a sinner just like you and i
7:28he was not the messiah
7:30faith in your abrahamic descent is not
7:33even remotely the same
7:35as faith in Christ and notice where the
7:39the focus of the faith is i’ve said it
7:41many times that faith is like eyesight
7:44it always has an object to which it
7:46looks to
7:47does your faith look to Jesus or does
7:50your faith look to your great
7:52pedigree whether it be abraham or some
7:55other thing the nice thing is
7:57i don’t have that luxury i come from
8:00well the salt of the earth you get the
8:03but all of that being said faith in your
8:06ancestry is not
8:07faith in Christ plus if you pay
8:10attention to scripture
8:12abraham was a sinner just like
8:15you and i um we would note that abraham
8:20flat out lied about his marriage to
8:23sarah and told his wife
8:26because he was afraid that he was going
8:28to be murdered because
8:29she was a beautiful woman that if they
8:32knew that he was married to her that
8:34they would kill him
8:35and so he got her to go along with his
8:38idea let’s just lie and say that we
8:41are siblings brother and sister and in
8:44one particular text in genesis
8:46this particular lie of abraham’s nearly
8:50resulted in her being sexually
8:52violated by another man who took
8:55her to be his wife and then
8:59remember when abraham’s wife sarah
9:03got impatient waiting for god’s promise
9:06of a son
9:07she came up with this brilliant idea and
9:09said to abraham
9:11you should sleep with hagar my
9:14and abraham went sure that sounds like a
9:17great idea
9:18and let’s just say there’s been trouble
9:20in humanity ever
9:22since sons of ishmael and the sons of
9:24isaac continue to
9:26argue and quarrel to this day
9:30so if we’re talking about abraham let’s
9:33make this clear
9:34scripture is very clear that abraham
9:37was saved by faith not
9:41by his good works in fact if you’re
9:43trying to be saved by your good works
9:45you had better be 100 percent positive
9:49that you are sin less because that’s
9:52about the only way you’re going to make
9:54but romans 4 helps us out in this regard
9:57reminding us of the faith of abraham
10:00romans 4 verse 1 begins with these words
10:02what then shall we say was gained by
10:05our forefather according to the flesh
10:09if abraham was justified by works then
10:12he has something to boast about but not
10:14before god
10:15for what does the scripture say abraham
10:18god and it was counted or credited to
10:22him as righteousness
10:24now to the one who works his wages are
10:27not counted as a gift
10:28but as his due and to the one who does
10:32work but believes in him who justifies
10:34the ungodly
10:36his faith is counted as righteousness
10:40just as david also speaks of the
10:42blessing of the one
10:44to whom god counts righteous apart from
10:48blessed are those whose lawless deeds
10:50are forgiven
10:51and whose sins are covered blessed is
10:54the man against whom the lord will not
10:57count his sin and that is truly a
11:01indeed because on the face of planet
11:04right now we’re looking at somewhere
11:07between 7 billion and 7.5 billion
11:10people on the planet it’s a little tough
11:12to keep up with the count because it
11:14keeps going
11:15up and of the seven billion plus people
11:19on planet earth right now how many of
11:22are numbered among the godly
11:26by nature not one of them
11:30not me not you not anybody
11:34regardless of the highlights that may
11:36exist in your ancestral
11:38tree we are all sinners and so you’ll
11:42note the blessing that
11:44abraham experienced was the blessing of
11:46the forgiveness of his sins
11:48abraham believed god regarding the
11:50promises and god credited to him as
11:53righteousness and these same promises
11:55now come to us the blessing of abraham
11:58is more to do with the arrival and the
12:01birth of his
12:04great great great great great great
12:05grandson Jesus
12:07the one who would be sinless
12:10sinless in our place perfectly keeping
12:13all the law of god
12:15who never compromised to the point of
12:18even once neither in thought
12:22nor word nor indeed in fact
12:25Christ kept the law perfectly and so it
12:29in him that we receive the promises the
12:33of full pardon forgiveness of sins these
12:35are only for the ungodly
12:37and life eternal and peace with god
12:41all because of what this son of abraham
12:45the very things that abraham himself
12:48could not
12:48accomplish and so paul asked the
12:51question then is this blessing only then
12:52for the circumcised
12:54the ones who are the physical
12:56descendants of abraham
12:58or are these promises not only also for
13:00the uncircumcised
13:02for we say that that faith was counted
13:04to abraham
13:06as righteousness so how then was it
13:09counted to him
13:11was it before or was it after he had
13:13been circumcised
13:15and if you know your genesis well then
13:18you’ll note that
13:18paul is correct when he notes it was not
13:21after but it was before he was
13:24abraham received the sign of
13:25circumcision as a seal of the
13:28that he had by faith while he was still
13:31uncircumcised so the purpose then was to
13:34make him the father
13:35of all who believe without being
13:40so that righteousness would be counted
13:42to them as well
13:44and this is the great mystery the great
13:46amazing thing
13:48about being a Christian about being
13:51united with Christ in his death and his
13:54of having all of our sins washed away of
13:58trusting and having the same faith as
14:01that god then numbers us
14:04among the children of abraham
14:09those who have the same faith as abraham
14:12are also the children of abraham and he
14:14is truly then
14:16by dissent one of their fathers
14:19even if their dna says otherwise
14:24so the purpose was then to make him the
14:25father of all who believe
14:27without being circumcised so that he
14:28might be so that righteousness would be
14:30counted to them as well
14:32and make him the father of also the
14:35circumcised who are not
14:37merely circumcised in the flesh
14:40but had before that uh circumcised let’s
14:44see i lost my place
14:46small text
14:52ah here it is and make him the father of
14:54the circumcised who are not merely
14:55circumcised but also who walk in the
14:57footsteps of the faith
14:59that our father abraham had before he
15:02was circumcised
15:03for the promise to abraham and to his
15:06singular that he would be the heir of
15:09the world did not come through the law
15:12it came through the righteousness of
15:14faith if it is the adherence of the
15:16torah who are to be heirs
15:18then faith itself is null and the
15:21has been voided for the law brings wrath
15:24but where there is no law there is no
15:25transgression that is why it depends on
15:28faith in order that the promise may rest
15:30on grace
15:31and be guaranteed to all of his
15:33offspring you and me
15:34included not only to the adherent of the
15:37law but also to the one who shares the
15:39faith of abraham
15:40who is the father of us all
15:43and with a text like that from romans 4
15:46it says so clearly that everyone who
15:49shares the faith of abraham that abraham
15:51is the father of
15:52all who have that faith it makes no
15:55sense then that somebody would want to
15:57fake their dna fake their heritage
16:01and claim to be a physical descendant of
16:04when they are not because in Christ
16:08is truly according to this text the
16:10father of us all
16:11it’s one of the weird things that when
16:13somebody does something like that they
16:14clearly do not
16:15understand how dissent works regarding
16:19abraham it’s not according to the flesh
16:21it’s according to the promise
16:23that was the whole point of ishmael
16:26isaac the son of promise versus the son
16:29of the slave woman and paul bears that
16:31out in galatians 4.
16:33so in hope abraham believed against hope
16:36that he would become the father of many
16:38nations as he had been told
16:39so shall your offspring be and you’ll
16:42note that we
16:43in Christ we hope against hope that we
16:46would be declared
16:47righteous by god by grace through faith
16:50apart from our works
16:51all because of the mercy and merit won
16:54by Christ
16:55on the cross for ungodly and miserable
16:59sinners like you and i
17:00so he did not weaken in faith when he
17:02considered his own body which was as
17:04good as dead
17:05since he was about a hundred years old
17:07or when he considered the barrenness of
17:09sarah’s womb
17:10no unbelief made him waver concerning
17:13the promise of god
17:14but he grew strong in his faith as he
17:16gave glory to god
17:18and you’ll note we too them by the power
17:20of the holy spirit
17:22even though the reflection that comes
17:25back to us from the mirror of god’s law
17:27says that we are sinners we trust by
17:30faith in the promises of god and we do
17:32not waver in unbelief we believe what
17:34Christ has spoken to us
17:36that we are forgiven that we are
17:38pardoned that we are absolved
17:40that we are reconciled to god and that
17:42we truly have
17:43peace with him so no unbelief made
17:46abraham waver
17:47and through the working of the holy
17:48spirit our faith doesn’t waver either in
17:51the promises
17:52that have been given to us so fully
17:54convinced that god was able to do what
17:56he had promised
17:57we also are fully convinced that god is
17:59able to do what he has promised to us
18:01to save even us to bring us safely
18:06the final jordan into the real promised
18:09land of the new earth
18:10he is fully able to do what he has
18:12promised and there is no reason for us
18:14to cower and fear before god
18:16because of what our brother Jesus has
18:18done that is why
18:20abraham’s faith was counted to him as
18:22righteousness and
18:23paul then says but the words that was
18:25counted to him were not written for
18:27abraham’s sake alone
18:28but they were also written for our sake
18:30and see
18:31it is our faith that will be counted to
18:33us who believe in him
18:35who raised Christ from the dead our lord
18:38who was delivered up for our trespasses
18:41also raised for our justification
18:44and isn’t it amazing that abraham trusts
18:47the promises of god
18:48and we too are counted as children of
18:51trusting in the promises of god now god
18:54has not promised us in this life
18:56you know descendants as multitudinous as
18:59the sands on the seashore
19:01but what he has promised us is full
19:05and peace full forgiveness and grace
19:08and an inheritance given as a gift so we
19:11do not waver just like he doesn’t waver
19:14and so note then romans 9 then goes on
19:16to say but it is not as though the word
19:17of god had failed talking about those
19:20who are true physical descendants of
19:22abraham yet who do not
19:24believe in Jesus for not all who are
19:26descended from israel belong to israel
19:28and not all are children of abraham
19:30because they are his physical
19:32offspring but it is through isaac shall
19:34your offspring be named
19:36and this means that it is not the
19:38children of the flesh who are the
19:39children of god
19:40it is the children of the promise that
19:42are counted as offspring
19:44and the children of the promise that’s
19:49and it’s amazing when you think about it
19:51so know then paul writes in galatians 3
19:54that is those of faith who are the sons
19:56of abraham
19:57and the scripture foreseeing that david
19:59would justify the gentiles by faith
20:01preached the gospel beforehand to
20:03abraham saying in you
20:05shall all the nations be blessed so then
20:07those who are of faith
20:09are blessed along with abraham the man
20:12of faith
20:13so let us cast aside the works of
20:16and all pretenses that our genealogy our
20:19heritage or good upbringing
20:21can somehow merit favor with god
20:24and let us recognize then that we by
20:27faith have something in common
20:29with Jesus all who have faith
20:33in Christ abraham is their father
20:36and so when it says Jesus the son of
20:41we can by faith regardless if we are
20:44or german or polish or japanese or
20:47korean or australian or irish
20:50it doesn’t matter all of us because of
20:52our faith in Christ
20:54we can say that along with Jesus
20:57that abraham is our father in the name
21:00of Jesus
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