Sermon Transcript – Jesus the Son of David

Series B – First Wednesday of Advent – Wednesday, December 2, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28our reading tonight is taken from the
0:30gospel of matthew chapter
0:321. the book of the genealogy of Jesus
0:35Christ the son
0:36of david the son of abraham and jesse
0:40the father of david the king and david
0:42was the father of solomon by the wife of
0:45and solomon the father of rehoboam and
0:48the father of abhija and abhija the
0:51father of asaph
0:52and asaph the father of jehoshaphat and
0:55jehoshaphat the father of joram
0:58and joram the father of uzziah and
1:01uzziah the father of jotham and jotham
1:03the father of ahaz
1:05ahaz the father of the hezekiah and
1:07hezekiah the father of manasseh
1:10and manasseh the father of amos and amos
1:12the father of josiah
1:14and josiah the father of jeconiah and
1:16his brothers
1:18at the time of the deportation to
1:22oh lord have mercy on us in the name of
1:28Jesus the son of david and the son of
1:30abraham we’re going to hear more about
1:31abraham next week but today we’re going
1:33to be looking
1:34at Jesus the son of david now we all
1:37know the stories about david
1:39or at least the highlight reel stories
1:40the story of david and goliath david’s
1:43mighty men of valor
1:44maybe you’ve even heard of banaya who
1:47a lion in a pit on a snowy day those are
1:50kind of the highlight reels
1:51but as we embark on our advent
1:53meditations in advent being a time of
1:56it’s vital for us to remember that the
1:58heroic david who slew goliath
2:01also sinned greatly against god and
2:04needed to be rescued
2:05and needed to be saved you may be
2:08tempted to think that i’m referring to
2:09that famous incident of the adultery
2:11with bathsheba the murder of her husband
2:13uriah the hittite
2:15but tonight i’m not the sin i’m going to
2:17be referring to today
2:19in well in reference sheer numbers of
2:21people who died as a result of this sin
2:24um and it and you know let’s just say
2:27that it puts
2:29the consequences regarding bathsheba and
2:31uriah the hittite to shame as far as
2:33total consequences
2:34but before we get into that considering
2:37that david needed to be saved an
2:38important thing for us to consider in
2:40this regard today
2:41we’re going to need to set the stage so
2:43today we’re going to be doing a little
2:45bit of bible study
2:46if you would we’re going to start in the
2:48book of genesis we’re going to go all
2:49the way
2:50back to genesis chapter 22 and there’s a
2:53bit of information that we need to pick
2:55up here
2:56in this account where god asked for
3:00to sacrifice his son isaac
3:03it’s a fascinating text but we’re going
3:05to focus in on the end but i’m going to
3:07read it in its entirety
3:09since it doesn’t look like you all are
3:10going anywhere anyway
3:12so genesis chapter 22 verse 1 after
3:14these things god tested abraham
3:17said to him abraham and he said here i
3:19am he said take your son your only son
3:21isaac whom you love and go to the land
3:24of moriah i always like to point out
3:25your only son doesn’t abraham have two
3:29sons at this point two that i can count
3:31i mean
3:31you got ishmael the firstborn and you
3:33got isaac
3:34but god says your son your only son and
3:38it’s important for us to keep in mind
3:40that i like to note that in the types in
3:42the shadows that what we are going to
3:44see here
3:46is a type and shadow dress rehearsal if
3:48you would
3:49of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins
3:53Christ being the only begotten son of
3:55god if you think it is really about
3:57abraham and his obedience you’re kind of
4:01the point so take your son your only son
4:04whom you love and go to the land of
4:07keep that word in the back of your head
4:10you’re going to need it
4:11and offer him there as a burnt offering
4:13on one of the mountains
4:14of which i shall tell you so god has
4:18given abraham
4:18a specific place to go to mount moriah
4:21and he’s going to show him where it is
4:23so abraham rose early in the morning
4:25saddled his donkey
4:26took two of his young men with him his
4:28son isaac
4:29cut the wood for the burnt offering a
4:31rose and went to the place
4:32of which god had told him on the third
4:36got to pay attention to that third day
4:38stuff in scripture on the third day
4:40abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the
4:42place from afar
4:43and then abraham said to his young men
4:46stay here with the donkey
4:47i and the boy will go over there and
4:49worship and come again
4:51to you and abraham took the wood of the
4:53burnt offering
4:54laid it on isaac his son so isaac is
4:57about to be sacrificed
4:58and he’s carrying the wood
5:02hmm that sounds a lot like somebody i
5:05can remember in the new testament so he
5:07took the wood
5:08and abraham took the wood burner off and
5:10laid on isaac his son took
5:11in his hand the fire and the knife so
5:14they went
5:14both of them together and isaac said to
5:17his father abraham my father
5:18and he said here i am my son he said
5:20behold the fire and the wood but where
5:22is the lamb for the burnt offering
5:24good question right abraham said god
5:27will provide himself the lamb for a
5:29burnt offering my son
5:31boy no truer words could be said no true
5:34words could
5:35definitely be said here so they went
5:36both of them together and when they came
5:38to the place of which god had told him
5:40abraham built the altar there
5:42laid the wood in order bound isaac his
5:44son laid him on the altar on top of the
5:46then abraham reached out his hand took
5:48the knife to slaughter
5:50his son but the angel of the lord called
5:52to him from heaven saying abraham
5:54abraham and he said here i am he said do
5:57not lay your hand on the boy or do
5:59anything to him for now i know that you
6:01fear god saying that you have not
6:02withheld your son
6:03your only son from me and then abraham
6:07lifted up his eyes
6:08and looked and behold behind him was a
6:11caught in the thicket by his horns well
6:14thickets have
6:15thorns and so you have a ram caught in a
6:17thicket by
6:18thorns think of it this way that’s a an
6:20allusion to the crown of thorns that was
6:22pressed into the head of our
6:23lord and savior Jesus Christ so abraham
6:26went took
6:27the ram offered it up as a burnt
6:29offering instead of his son
6:31notice substitution is in play and verse
6:35is where we’re going to need to pay
6:36close attention and i’m going to offer
6:38a different translation than the esv in
6:41front of you for the hebrew
6:43so abraham called the name of that place
6:46here’s what it says in the esv the lord
6:48will provide
6:49as it is said to this day on the mount
6:52of the lord it shall
6:53be provided but if you pay close
6:55attention to your esv there’s little
6:58little numbers there that tell you that
7:00there are alternative translations
7:02to this verse and let me give you a more
7:06translation abraham called the name of
7:09that place
7:10the lord will
7:14see the lord will see
7:18yahweh the lord will see
7:21and on the mount of the lord now it
7:24changes just a little bit
7:25he shall be seen
7:30that’s just a straight literal
7:33now hold that in mind hold that in mind
7:36we’re going to come back to that point
7:38in just a little bit now if you would
7:41like to turn i’m going to take a look
7:43at first chronicles chapter 21
7:46first chronicles chapter 21 and
7:50a much misunderstood account
7:53of a very grievous sin that david
7:56committed and the consequences led to
7:58the death
7:59of seventy thousand israelites
8:03seventy thousand consequences were
8:07here’s what it says in first chronicles
8:0921 verse one
8:10satan stood against israel and satan
8:13incited david to number
8:14israel so david said to joab the
8:17commander of the army
8:18go number israel from barashiba to dan
8:21and bring me a report that i may know
8:23their number but joab said may the lord
8:27add to his people a hundred times as
8:29many as they are
8:31are they not my lord the king all of
8:33them my lord servants
8:34why then should my lord require this
8:37why should it be a cause of guilt for
8:41now a little bit of a note here this has
8:43caused a lot of confusion
8:44i mean after all here in the united
8:46states we
8:47take a census every 10 years
8:51but you’re going to note something here
8:52in the united states when a census is
8:54took and
8:55took and yeah
8:58i woke up again with another speech
9:00impediment not sure what’s going on
9:02but when a census is taken it’s a big
9:04deal there’s a lot of politics involved
9:05a lot of power is involved
9:07but here’s a little known portion of the
9:09mosaic covenant that is going to help
9:11shed a little bit of light on this
9:13in exodus chapter 30 verses 11 through
9:16here’s one of the stipulations of the
9:18mosaic covenant
9:20yahweh said to moses when you take the
9:22census of the people of israel
9:25then each shall give a ransom for his
9:28life to yahweh when you number them
9:32that there be no plague among them when
9:34you number them so in order for there to
9:37be a census in israel in order for jews
9:39to be counted
9:40in the in the in the kingdom of israel
9:43they have to offer a ransom
9:47they have to offer a ransom and this is
9:49kind of interesting stuff
9:50each one who is numbered in the census
9:52shall give this
9:54half a shekel according to the shekel of
9:57the sanctuary
9:58the shekel is 20 guerras and half a
10:01as an offering to yahweh
10:05so the ransom price for each person
10:08numbered is an entire shekel half for
10:11the lord
10:12and half for the upkeep of the sanctuary
10:15everyone who is numbered in the census
10:17from 20 years old and
10:19upward shall give yahweh’s offering
10:23the rich shall not give more the poor
10:25shall not give less
10:27then the half shekel when you give
10:29yahweh’s offering to make atonement
10:31for your lives so you’re going to note
10:33here this
10:35money that goes along with the census
10:38is for the purpose of atonement for the
10:40purpose of
10:41ransom all of these are words that we
10:44use regarding
10:45whom Christ and what he did on the cross
10:49so in this particular case any every
10:51head that gets counted
10:53must be atoned for
10:56command of god you shall take the
10:59atonement money from the people of
11:01you shall give it for the service of the
11:03tent of meeting that it may bring the
11:05people of israel to
11:06to remembrance before the lord so as to
11:10listen to the quote make atonement for
11:12your lives
11:14now did david in this census
11:18atone for all the people of israel
11:22did he require them to pay the shackle
11:25nope and so here we’ve got the entire
11:28nation of israel
11:29being numbered without an atonement
11:34that’s not gonna fly and joab the
11:37commander of the army
11:39knows perfectly well that this is to
11:41create a cause of guilt for israel
11:43so you wonder what is going on inside
11:46the mind in the heart of king david as
11:49he’s getting to finish out his days
11:51is he putting his trust in the army
11:53rather than in god
11:55where is his focus and why is it so
11:57important for him to know
11:59the number of people who can carry the
12:01sword in israel
12:02so the story then continues but the
12:04king’s word prevailed against joab
12:07so joab departed and went throughout all
12:10of israel and came back to jerusalem
12:12and joab gave the sum of the numbering
12:14of the people to david
12:16in all of israel there were 1 million
12:19000 men who drew the sword and in judah
12:21470 000
12:23who drew the sword and you notice these
12:24are all numbers that are rounded up
12:27in other words joab really didn’t care
12:30to give a correct accounting he just
12:31kind of gave a ballpark figure and he
12:34didn’t even include levi and benjamin in
12:36the numbering he only counted 10 of the
12:39for the king’s command was abhorrent to
12:43and indeed it should have been it should
12:46have been
12:47so god was displeased with this thing
12:50and he struck israel
12:52david said to god i have sinned greatly
12:55and that i have done this thing but now
12:58take away the iniquity of your servant
13:00for i have acted
13:02very foolishly and you’re going to note
13:05something here
13:06in what follows next we see one of the
13:09horrifying things about sin and that is
13:12that our sin doesn’t impact only
13:16us note that we have been thrust
13:19into the curse and the chaos that we
13:23ourselves in because of the sin of one
13:26adam thank you adam
13:29and so you’ll note adam stood as a
13:31representative of all of us
13:33and in this particular case now david
13:37his sin is going to have consequences
13:41for the entire nation but whose sin was
13:46his sin and so you’ll note that
13:49god does when somebody who’s a
13:52of an entire country or an entire people
13:56he has the prerogative to punish
13:59one person’s sin throughout the entire
14:02community remember
14:03at the fall of jericho god had said that
14:06all of jericho has to be devoted to
14:09and then there was that that fellow who
14:11decided he was going to take some of the
14:13gold for himself
14:14some of the plunder for himself and the
14:16silver for himself and he hid it and dug
14:18it under his tent
14:19and god caused the entire nation of
14:22israel to suffer defeat
14:24at the hands of the people of ai as a
14:26result of this
14:27one man’s sin and so now we can kind of
14:31see kind of a bigger universal picture
14:33david is almost like a representative of
14:37of adam the people of israel are being
14:39made to suffer
14:40so who’s going to make atonement for
14:42them because none of them have made
14:44atonement for themselves by paying what
14:46was required of them to pay
14:48for this census and that’s kind of the
14:50big rub isn’t it
14:51don’t you think that somebody in israel
14:53would have said hey wait a second there
14:56you just counted my head here’s a thing
14:58here’s a shackle for you
15:00nobody even remembered the command of
15:03the lord regarding how censuses are to
15:05be taken
15:06that there needs to be a ransom that
15:07there needs to be atonement
15:10well now we’ve got a problem so
15:13david said please take away the iniquity
15:15of your servant i’ve acted very
15:17and yahweh spoke to gad david’s seer
15:20that’s his prophet
15:21saying you go and you say to david thus
15:23says yahweh
15:24three things i offer you choose one of
15:27them that i may do it to you
15:29so now there are consequences so god
15:31came to david and said to him
15:33thus says yahweh choose what you will
15:36either three years of famine three
15:39months of devastation
15:40by your foes while the sword of your
15:42enemy overtakes you
15:44or else three days of the sword of
15:48pestilence on the land with the angel of
15:51destroying throughout all the territory
15:53of israel
15:54now decide what shall i answer what what
15:58answer shall i return to him who sent me
16:02well none of those sound really good is
16:04there an option for
16:06no there is no option for so david said
16:09to god
16:10i am in great distress let me fall into
16:14hand of yahweh
16:15for his mercy is very great but do not
16:17let me fall into the hand of men
16:20and so david casts his lot with the
16:23mercy of god
16:24even in god’s judgment he trusts
16:28that god is merciful he knows much about
16:31the very
16:32nature of god this is the same god who
16:34when confronted
16:36with his sin regarding bathsheba and
16:38uriah the hittite
16:39upon confessing his sin he unflinchingly
16:44a full absolution from the prophet
16:48this is the man who prayed it psalm 51
16:52created me a clean heart o god and renew
16:55a right spirit within me
16:57cast me not away from your presence and
16:59take not your holy spirit from me this
17:01is the one
17:02who has been forgiven multiple times and
17:05needs to be so but here’s the issue
17:08there is an unmet requirement
17:11for atonement that must be
17:15taken care of
17:18and so i’m in great distress
17:22so the lord sent a pestilence on on
17:2670 000 men of israel
17:30fell seventy thousand
17:34god sent the angel to jerusalem to
17:36destroy it
17:38but as he was about to destroy it listen
17:41to the words
17:42the lord saw
17:47and he relented from the calamity
17:51you remember what it says in genesis 22.
17:57abraham named that mountain
18:00that place yahweh will see
18:05it’s the same mountain by the way and i
18:07can prove it in a minute
18:08yahweh will see and on the mount of
18:10yahweh he
18:12shall be seen that’s just the straight
18:16but here we are in first chronicles 21
18:19and Jesus himself that’s who the angel
18:21the lord is
18:22is on his way to jerusalem to basically
18:25lay it
18:26waste and what happens the text
18:29says he was about to destroy jerusalem
18:34yahweh saw
18:38and he relented from the calamity
18:41what did he see what did he see
18:46well i’ll show you this in just a little
18:50but it’s absolutely patently clear that
18:54what he saw we saw mount moriah
18:59mount moriah is the place where the
19:01temple will be built
19:03and you’ll see that shortly but also
19:06about four blocks away
19:09from where the temple is built is the
19:12exact place where Christ was crucified
19:14for our sins
19:17yahweh saw and that’s what the text says
19:20he saw
19:21and then it also says on the mountain of
19:24the lord
19:25he will be seen but i’m getting ahead of
19:30so yahweh saw and he relented of the
19:32calamity and he said to the angel who
19:34was working destruction it’s enough
19:36now stay your hand and the angel of
19:39yahweh was standing by the threshing
19:41floor of ornan the jebusite
19:44and david lifted up his eyes and saw the
19:46angel of the lord listen to these words
19:48standing between earth and heaven
19:52wait a second isn’t that what Jesus was
19:55doing when he was suspended between
19:57earth and heaven he was standing between
19:59the two
20:00while on the cross you see these little
20:03details are not throw away details
20:05all of them are pointing all of us to
20:08in what he would accomplish on that same
20:12so ornan the jebusite the threshing
20:14floor of a gentile a man who isn’t
20:17even a jew and so david
20:20and the elders cl
20:23elders clothed in sackcloth they fell on
20:26faces and david said to god was it not i
20:30who gave command to number the people
20:32it is i who have sinned and done great
20:35evil but these sheep what have they done
20:38please let your hand oh yahweh my god be
20:41against me and against my father’s house
20:45but do not let the plague be on your
20:48but i would note how could the plague be
20:50on david and his father’s house god has
20:53that the descendant of david the one who
20:55would be the messiah
20:56would sit on the throne of david forever
21:00so god’s hand couldn’t be against david
21:02or his family or his house
21:07so the angel of yahweh
21:10commanded gad to say to david that david
21:13should go up and raise an
21:14altar to yahweh on the threshing floor
21:18ornan the jebusite what an interesting
21:21have you ever stopped to think for a
21:22second the implications of this
21:24the very place where atonement for sins
21:27was made
21:28in its previous iteration was a
21:31threshing floor a place
21:33where wheat and chaff were separated
21:37and isn’t that what Christ’s cross is to
21:40this day
21:41it is the place where our atoning
21:45sacrifice was made so that we can be
21:48reconciled and pardoned and atoned
21:50and ransomed but also the cross itself
21:53is a threshing floor
21:54think of while Christ was hanging on the
21:56cross between two thieves
21:58one believed and the other didn’t and
22:01the threshing floor
22:02activity of the cross began at this
22:04point and now even to this day the cross
22:07is the big dividing point
22:08do you believe that Jesus died for your
22:11sins or not
22:12well i’m a good person i don’t really
22:14need that
22:16well with the chaff you go
22:20or do you repent in sackcloth and ashes
22:24saying i have sinned against you and
22:26done what was evil
22:28have mercy on me god so david went up
22:32a god’s word that he had spoken in the
22:34name of yahweh
22:35now ornan the jebusite was threshing
22:38wheat of course he was
22:39he turned and saw the angel and his four
22:42sons who were with him and they hid
22:44kind of invokes the book of revelation
22:47when god comes in judgment and people
22:49hide themselves
22:50wishing that the rocks would fall on
22:51them to kill them and as david came to
22:53ornan ornan looked and saw david and
22:55went out from the threshing floor
22:57and paid homage to david with his face
22:59to the ground and david said to ornan
23:01give me the sight of the flesh threshing
23:03floor that i may build on at an
23:04altar to yahweh and give it to me at its
23:07full price
23:08so that the plague may be averted from
23:10the people then ornan said to david take
23:13and let my lord the king do what seems
23:15good to him see i give oxen for burnt
23:17offerings and the threshing sledges for
23:18the wood
23:19and the wheat for the grain and the
23:21offering i give it all but king david
23:23said to orana no
23:24but i will buy them for full price and i
23:27will not take for yahweh what is yours
23:29nor offer burnt offerings it costs me
23:32so david payne ordon 600 shekels of gold
23:35by weight for the site
23:37and david built there an altar to yahweh
23:40and presented burnt offerings and peace
23:44and called on yahweh and yahweh answered
23:47him with fire from heaven upon the altar
23:49of burnt offering
23:51and then yahweh commanded the angel and
23:53he put his sword
23:54back into its sheath what a beautiful
23:58we who have sinned greatly against god
24:00we know full well that we
24:02we should expect from god that he would
24:04cut us down
24:05with the sword of the angel of the lord
24:08but because of what Christ accomplished
24:10for us on that same mountain
24:12and taking our sins upon himself dying
24:15in our
24:16place paying our ransom with his own
24:20now the dread angel of the lord sheathes
24:24his sword
24:25and we are at peace with god and at that
24:28when david saw that yahweh had answered
24:30him at the threshing floor of ornan the
24:33he sacrificed there for the tabernacle
24:36of the lord which moses had made in the
24:38and the altar of burnt offering were at
24:40that time in the high place
24:42at gibeon but david could not go before
24:45it to
24:45inquire of god for he was afraid of the
24:49sword of the angel of the lord
24:51when have you ever read of david
24:55this mighty man the one who slew goliath
24:58being so knee-knocking scared
25:02that he wouldn’t even go into the
25:04presence of the lord
25:06he knew his guilt full well the fear of
25:08the lord is the beginning of wisdom
25:10so david said here shall be the house of
25:14elohim and hear the altar of burnt
25:17offering of israel and if you fast
25:20forward just a little bit to second
25:22chronicles chapter 3
25:23you can see very well where this what
25:25this mountain is
25:27solomon began to build second chronicles
25:29chapter 3 verse 1
25:30to build the house of yahweh in
25:32jerusalem on mount moriah
25:34where the lord had appeared to david his
25:36father at the place that david had
25:38appointed on the threshing floor
25:40of on the jebusite but isn’t mount
25:42moriah the very place
25:44it is where abraham was told to offer up
25:49isaac and on that day the lord provided
25:52the sacrifice
25:54so this advent season as we consider
25:57the genealogy of our lord Jesus Christ
26:00the fact that he is the son of david
26:03note then that when you read the rest of
26:06the line of david it’s pretty much a
26:09sketchy list
26:10i mean really i mean i’m glad they
26:14that matthew wasn’t inspired by the holy
26:16spirit to say
26:17that Jesus Christ was the son of
26:21case you don’t know about this fellow
26:23manasseh was so wicked he offered up his
26:25own children as sacrifices to baal and
26:29and you’ll note that as you read the the
26:32account of Jesus’s genealogy
26:35at the very end there and talking about
26:37the line of david what happens
26:39they end up in babylon and Christ didn’t
26:42come to restore
26:43israel to her former glory as in the
26:45days of david
26:46or solomon instead david Jesus did what
26:50none of the sons of david nor david
26:52himself can do
26:54Jesus did what was perfectly right in
26:56the eyes of the lord
26:59and the lion of the tribe of judah
27:02became the lamb of god who takes away
27:05the sin of the world
27:06your sin and mine is it any wonder then
27:10that when Jesus was confronted by the
27:13pharisees in matthew 22 verses 41-46
27:17they gathered together around Jesus and
27:19they asked him a question saying
27:21what do you think about the Christ whose
27:23son is
27:24Jesus asks ask them what do you say
27:26about the Christ whose son is they
27:28is he they said well the son of david
27:31and he said to them well how is it then
27:32that david
27:33in the spirit calls him lord saying the
27:36lord said to my lord
27:38sit at my right hand until i put your
27:39enemies under your feet
27:41if then david calls him lord how is he
27:44his son
27:45and no one was able to answer him a word
27:48nor from that day did anyone dare to ask
27:50any more questions and that’s kind of
27:53the profound
27:54amazing bit of all of this is that Jesus
27:57Christ is david’s son and david’s
28:01lord and it’s truly
28:04amazing psalm 110 which we read earlier
28:08says the lord says to my lord sit at my
28:10right hand
28:11until i make your enemies your footstool
28:14and yahweh sends forth from zion
28:16your mighty scepter rule in the midst of
28:19your enemies
28:21and then listen to this verse your
28:23people will offer themselves freely on
28:25the day of your power
28:27clothed in holy garments from the womb
28:29of the morning
28:30to the dew of your youth it will all be
28:34yours so brothers and sisters in Christ
28:37this penitential season
28:39consider the fact that none is righteous
28:41no not one
28:42there was one that was righteous oh and
28:43that was Christ who was both the son of
28:46and the son of god in the name of Jesus
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