Sermon Transcript – Judgement Day

Series C – Twenty-Seventh Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, November 20, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke chapter 23 verses 27 through 43. and
0:35there followed Jesus a great multitude of the people and of women who were mourning and
0:40lamenting for him but turning to them Jesus said Daughters of Jerusalem do not weep from me but weep for yourselves and
0:48for your children for behold the days are coming when they will say blessed are the barren and the wounds that never
0:54bore and the breasts that never nurse then they will begin to say to the mountains fall on us into the hills
0:59cover us for if they do these things when the wood is green what will happen when it is dry
1:05to others who were criminals were LED away to be put to death with him and when they came to the place that is
1:11called the skull there they crucified Jesus and the criminals one on his right and one on his left and Jesus said
1:18father forgive them for they know not what they do and they cast lots to divide his garments and the people stood
1:24by watching but the rulers scoffed at him saying he saved others let him save himself if he is the Christ of God his
1:31Chosen One the soldiers also mocked him coming up and offering him sour wine and
1:36saying if you are the king of the Jews save yourself there was also an inscription over him
1:43this is the king of the Jews one of the criminals who were hanged railed at him saying are you not the Christ save
1:50yourself and us but the others rebuked him saying do you not fear God since you
1:56are under the same sentence of condemnation and we indeed justly for we are receiving the due reward of our
2:01Deeds but this man has done nothing wrong and he said Jesus Remember me when
2:07you come into your kingdom and he said to him truly I say to you today you will be with me in Paradise in the name of
2:15Jesus that’s better today is the last Sunday of the church year this is the Sunday
2:22when we focus our attention on Judgment Day now the last couple of weeks we’ve been
2:28focusing on everything leading up to that as we get into the end days now we focus on the day itself yet Our Gospel
2:36text seems to be out of sync this is a good Friday text that I just read why is this passage making an
2:43appearance on this day in other years the lectionary has us and the church
2:48here with either like the parable of the ten virgins or the parable of the Judgment of the sheep and the goats will
2:55that make sense if you want your focus to be on the day of judgment but if you take a little bit of time
3:02walk with me through this text today and you Ponder what is revealed there what you’re going to find is that Jesus’s
3:08death on the accursed wood of the cross is actually connected
3:14directly to Judgment Day and Jesus’s crucifixion comes into focus when you
3:21start to walk through this you can see that the day of Jesus’s death well
3:28that’s Judgment Day but I have to make myself clear here
3:34that’s Judgment Day for believers have you ever been to the doctor and the
3:41doctor says we need to do a procedure I’ve been there done that right and when
3:47the doctor says we’re that we’re going to do this procedure come in on Wednesday at 10 A.M so what happens all
3:52night Tuesday you can’t sleep because all you’re thinking about is the procedure and so when you have the
3:59procedure done the doctor says all right this is the part that’s going to hurt and what do you do you look away you
4:05don’t want to see it you don’t want to feel it and then you don’t really feel anything you go that’s it
4:10yeah that’s it you see that’s what Judgment Day is like for Christians
4:18it’s like that accursed hated procedure that you’re really worried about and at
4:24the end of the day sit there and go well that was like nothing and the reason for this is simple
4:30is because Judgment Day for us occurred two thousand years ago while Christ was on the cross
4:37that’s not true for those who persist in sin and unbelief and we’ll explain that as we go and the reason for this is
4:44quite simple Jesus was judged for your sins
4:49and he was found guilty for your sins and mine Jesus was made
4:56the singular sinner of all of humanity and God poured out his wrath down to the
5:02dregs for you so the crucifixion of Christ
5:07is Judgment Day for believers and so with that we return to Our Gospel text which begins with
5:14these words there follow Jesus a great multitude of the people and of women who were mourning and lamenting for him but
5:20turning to them Jesus said Daughters of Jerusalem do not weep for me but wait for yourselves and for your
5:26children for behold the days are coming when they will say blessed are the barren and the wounds that never bore
5:31and the breasts that never nursed they will begin to say to the mountains falling us into the hills cover us
5:38now notice here Jesus and saying to these women who are Weeping and mourning about Jesus being led a way to be
5:45crucified Jesus said don’t weep for me in fact you should be happy for me
5:50because I’m dying for your sins it is my joy to save you
5:55but then he points them not to the immediate future but to the distant
6:01future the end of days the days when the Book of Revelation tells us that people
6:07will desire so badly to die but will not be able to they will call on the
6:13mountains to fall on them and they won’t death will will not well visit them on
6:20those days and so Jesus focuses on the ascaton basically is saying listen weep
6:27for yourselves the days are going to get worse and worse and worse and worse and it’s going to be a really bumpy ride
6:35all the way until the end so when the world gets worse and worse and worse and worse and it gets to be a bumpy ride
6:41we should say this is exactly how Jesus said it would be even here on the day when he’s being led off to the cross
6:49chapter verse 32 then says two others who were criminals were LED
6:54away to be put to death with Jesus and when they came to the place that is called the skull There They Crucified
7:00him and the criminals one on his right and one on his left
7:05hmm I seem to recall a passage of scripture in Matthew 25 that talks about Jesus
7:12returning and while people being separated like sheeps and goats goats on
7:18the left the Sheep on the right you start to see the theme here in fact One Church Father notes that this is exactly
7:25what he it sounds like and he says this the very appearance of The Gallows showed the Criterion that he would apply
7:31when he comes to judge everyone the believing thief’s faith prefigured those
7:37who would be saved while the blasphemer’s wickedness foreshadowed those who would be condemned Christ’s
7:44passion therefore contains the mystery of Salvation And although I completely
7:50agree with this church father I would say that this isn’t a prefiguring if you would this is the first court cases
7:57of the Judgment Day that’s really what’s going on so Jesus in the midst of all of the
8:05circus going on around him the Weeping women the shouting in the jeers
8:11he’s just been nailed to the cross hands feet and all his bleeding badly from the
8:18Well from the back where he had been scourged and rather than saying that’s it
8:25father give them what they deserve he instead says this father forgive them
8:32they know not what they do so they cast lots to divide his garments
8:38which is a polite way of saying that Jesus was crucified naked the people stood by watching the rulers
8:45scoffed at him there’s your politicians saying well he saved others let him save himself if he’s the Christ of God his
8:52Chosen One the soldiers also mocked him coming up and offering him sour wine and
8:57saying if you are the king of the Jews save yourself
9:02what’s all this if you are save yourself show us a sign perform a miracle do a
9:07magic trick Jesus and then we’ll really believe in you there was an also an inscription over Jesus that said this is
9:14the king of the Jews and by the way this inscription had it absolutely right
9:20now as we here in the United States prepare for our new president president Trump
9:25takes power in January I assure you that they are already planning his
9:31inauguration ceremony they’re working out a list a short list of people who
9:36would like give an invocation maybe say a prayer give an opening thought they probably already starting to work on the
9:42draft of President Trump’s inauguration speech and of course the invitations will be going out shortly for the
9:49inaugural ball right they’ve got you’ve got lots of lots and lots of planning to do well keep in mind
9:56the cross is Jesus’s inauguration rather than wear a crown of gold he’s
10:03wearing a crown of thorns and this was by his own choice this is what King Jesus chose he even
10:11carefully invited two fellows to have the greatest seats of Honor one on his
10:16right and one on his left it’s important to note that James and John wanted these
10:22important seats of Honor but they were denied to them instead these seats of
10:27Honor were held in reserve for these two thieves one of the criminals
10:33who were hanged with Jesus railed at him saying are you the Christ save yourself
10:39and us so no this criminal joins his voice with those who mocked Jesus and
10:45railed against Jesus it’s as if he’s saying um well
10:53if you’re really important Jesus if you really are who you are please please let’s engage in some kind of great big
11:01prison escape right now escape from prison well literally on The
11:07Gallows that’s what he’s talking about here so if you are the king of the Jews save
11:14us are you the Christ save us all of these voices that we’ve heard
11:20thus far are the voices of unbelief these are the voices of rebellion Jesus is literally suffering bleeding
11:27and dying for their sins right there including the sins that they are committing at that very moment so that
11:33they could be forgiven and live but they are having none of it filled with the Venom of Satan’s hatred they hurl
11:40insults at Christ while he prays for them and for us father forgive them they know not what they do
11:47and like I had already pointed out what is Jesus doing he is bleeding and dying for the sins of
11:53the world Paul says in second Corinthians 5 21 for our sake God made Jesus to be sin who knew no sin so that
12:01we might become the righteousness of God Paul in Galatians 3 13 says Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by
12:08becoming a curse for us for it is written cursed as everyone who is hanged on a tree and the prophet Isaiah
12:14hundreds of years before Christ was crucified prophesying as to his suffering and his death says this in 53
12:21starting at verse 8 by oppression and judgment he was taken away and as for
12:26his generation who considered that he was cut off from the land of the living stricken for the transgression of my
12:32people they made his grave with the Wicked with a rich man and his death although he had
12:38done no violence there was no deceit in his mouth yet it was the will of the Lord to crush him
12:44he has put him to grief when a soul makes an offering for Guilt he shall see his offspring he shall prolong his days
12:52the will of the Lord shall prosper in his hand and out of the anguish of his soul he shall see and be satisfied by
13:00his knowledge shall the righteous one my servant make many to be accounted righteous that’s right the prophet
13:07Isaiah prophesying how Christ’s death on the cross for us then gives us by God’s
13:14well Divine imputation the ability to be counted as righteous even though we are
13:20not because he has been crushed for our iniquities and it says he shall bear their iniquities therefore I will divide
13:26him a portion with the many he shall divide the spoil with the strong because he poured out his soul to death and he
13:33was numbered with the transgressors yet he bore the sin of many and makes intercession for the transgressors in
13:42fact Jesus right there on the cross is making intercession for them praying father forgive them
13:48we know not what they do and so think carefully about what Jesus is suffering for although he
13:57had never committed any sin he is numbered with the transgressors and the sins that he is suffering and bleeding
14:04and dying for well these are quite evident Galatians 5 19-21 comes to mind
14:12he’s dying for the sins of sexual immorality impurity sensuality idolatry
14:18sorcery enmity Strife jealousy fits of
14:24anger rivalries dissensions divisions Envy drunkenness orgies gossip coveting
14:32and things like these
14:37and then you say the pastor I heard some things in that list that I am guilty of
14:45exactly there’s nobody in this building or in the world who hasn’t committed
14:52one or all of these sins and this is what Jesus is bleeding and
14:58dying for while Jesus is suffering in that moment like I’ve said God has made him the
15:05singular sinner placing on him the iniquity of us all Jesus there on the
15:11cross is taken into himself think about it all of the knots the atrocities and war crimes the guilt of every couple who
15:19have aborted their child the guilt of every terrorist Thief crooked politician
15:25child molester bank robber tax cheat adulterer fornicator gossip slanderer
15:32that’s everybody and all of those sins and iniquities God
15:38has imputed to Jesus and when they are imputed to Jesus Isaiah says it was the will of the
15:44father to crush him it’s Judgment Day see Jesus was found
15:52guilty so that you can be declared innocent
15:58and in the midst of this circus one sees things
16:03the way they really are and I’m talking about one of the thieves one of the thieves sees what’s really going on
16:10one of these thieves recognizes that he is actually getting what he deserves
16:15and Jesus is not one man has a crystal clear moment of Sanity in the midst of the insanity of
16:23sin run amok run amok so much that we’re crucifying the Son of God and rather
16:28than join his voice with those who are mocking Jesus this thief’s voice cries out loud and
16:36clear above the taunts and the text says the other Thief rebuked him saying do
16:43you not fear God since you are under the same sentence of condemnation and we
16:49indeed justly for we are receiving the due reward of our Deeds but this man has
16:56done nothing wrong that’s quite the confession
17:02that’s a confession of sin and a confession of Faith a confession of his
17:07own guilt and a confession that Jesus truly is innocent a confession that he
17:13is he is getting exactly what he deserves but Jesus is getting none of what he deserves he doesn’t deserve this
17:20but remember Jesus has willingly gone to the cross for you
17:25and so rather than say if you are the Christ save us in yourself
17:32this guy can’t even ask Jesus to be saved instead he says Jesus Remember me when you come into
17:40your kingdom so he doesn’t ask to be saved he knows that he deserves death
17:47he knows that he’s suffering rightly for his own sins and he’s asked Jesus just
17:53to remember him keep this in mind every time we partake in the Lord’s
17:59Supper We join our prayers to this thief’s prayers
18:04what does the text say take eat this is the body of Christ broken you for you for the Forgiveness
18:10of your sins do this in remembrance of me do you think you’re the only one doing the remembering
18:18do you not think that God is remembering his promises to forgive and be merciful to you
18:24so every time we take the Lord’s Supper We join our prayers with this thiefs to
18:30be remembered by God is for God to recall and to know your
18:36name your names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life to be remembered by God is to have
18:42God forget your sins to persist in sin and unbelief is for God to remember your
18:47sins and forget your name that’s how that works so Jesus hears the
18:53Cry of this thief one of his lost sheep
18:59hears his cry and Jesus comes swiftly to comfort him even while he is suffering
19:06and Jesus said to him truly I say today to you today you will be with me
19:13in Paradise clearly this man wasn’t saved by his
19:20good works he had none to count
19:26he was saved purely by grace through faith
19:31in the crucified Lord who was dying right next to him now note this
19:38Jesus didn’t offer these comforting words to the crowd who were mocking him
19:44Jesus did not offer these comforting words to the criminal being crucified on his left the one who was mocking him
19:52to them there was only silence and an awkward one at that
19:58now the scary thing is that if we’re honest with ourselves we can see a lot of
20:06ourselves in the mocking Criminal I want you to think about this
20:12none of us wants to suffer we don’t want to die we want Jesus to Spring us out of
20:19the situation we’re in but in a particular way we’re looking to figure out how to perform the ultimate Houdini
20:26trick by cheating death finding a way to not be paid the wages of our sins
20:34if any of you have ever been served court papers somebody’s filed suit against you they have those guys who go
20:40around and they serve you papers of course if they can’t find you they can’t serve you and so some people have
20:45actually made a game of like never being served the papers by the person they know is trying to sue them so this is
20:51what we’re trying to do we’re trying to figure out how to not be served the wages of our sin and we want a savior
20:58who would do that for us but that’s no savior at all so we say things like well if you’re the
21:04Son of God prove it by paying off my credit card debt if you’re the Son of God could you give me some help on my
21:11student loans if you’re the Son of God prove it by giving me a promotion and a raise at work make me powerful
21:19influential give me six pack abs that’s a prayer I pray every day and thousands
21:25like yeah yeah and a thousand give me a thousand likes
21:31on my Facebook posts every time I post something make me beautiful healthy Rich give me a way to cheat death so that I
21:38can go on living for myself that’s what we want isn’t it
21:45you see dissatisfied with merely eating from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil we want to eat from the Tree of
21:51Life also and be affirmed in our sin for eternity as little gods and we think
21:57that if we mock God threaten to murder the Son of God make him have to prove
22:02himself while he’s suffering and dying that by doing so that will somehow get what we want it’s the ultimate sinful
22:09temper tantrum it’s like we’ve kidnapped the Son of God and have sent a ransom note to God the Father saying give us
22:15what we want and we’ll be happy to let Jesus go
22:22that’s kind of the picture right and see everything is going according to plan
22:27in Our Gospel text everything is going according to plan for evil until verse 44. just a little
22:35bit more it was about the sixth hour that’s noon
22:40and there was Darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour while the Sun’s light
22:47failed the Sun’s light failing
22:53is a picture is one of the signs of the day of judgment let me quote from the
22:59prophet Isaiah chapter 13 starting at verse 8. behold the day of the Lord it comes
23:05cruel with wrath and fierce anger to make the land a desolation and to
23:10destroy its sinners from it for the stars of the heavens and their constellations will not give their light
23:16the sun will be as be dark at its rising and the moon will not shed its light I
23:23will punish the world for its evil and the wicked for their iniquity I will put an end to the pomp of the arrogant and
23:29lay low the pompous Pride of the ruthless and see there it is Jesus bleeding dying
23:35naked on the cross the wrath of God being poured out him in
23:40full strength and fury and he’s drinking it all the way down and the sun stops
23:46giving its light this is the day of judgment
23:51this is your Judgment Day
23:57so the prayer of faith says to God
24:03I am getting what I deserve Jesus has done nothing wrong the prayer
24:10of faith confesses sin before God and confesses that Jesus is in the right
24:16and that he is innocent and then prays out Lord be merciful merciful to me a sinner
24:23but remember me when you come into your kingdom so put away your taunts put away your
24:28mockery put away your foolish unbelief and cynicism
24:34Christ has not come to help you cheat death or to make you the apple of the world’s
24:40eye by the way the devil won’t share that with you anyway
24:45if you persist in your sin and your unbelief then there is a day coming a
24:50dreadful day when Jesus will return in glory to judge the living and the dead and you will be numbered with the Damned
24:56and there will be no one who could save you then
25:01if you recognize that death suffering misery are the right wages
25:08that you’ve earned for your selfish satanic Rebellion against the one true God
25:13and you confess your guilt calling out to Christ to remember you to have mercy on you
25:19then like that thief on the cross the believing one you too will be with Jesus
25:26in Paradise forever Good Friday for all who are in Christ is
25:34the day of judgment the righteous one has been found guilty for all the wicked
25:40and the unrighteous in other words the righteous one has been found guilty for me
25:46and for you he’s been pierced for our sins bruised for our iniquities
25:51God has forgiven us all of our trespasses by canceling the record of debt that stood against us with its
25:58legal demands he did this by setting it aside nailing it to the Cross after Christ had finished his mission
26:06So Good Friday for all who are in Christ is the well is not only the day of
26:12judgment you should also note this it’s also the day of paradise beginning to be restored
26:20it is the day where the old creation begins to disappear and the new creation begins to make its
26:27arrival on the scene Paradise has already returned
26:33it’s here now and not yet can you see it
26:39no look harder look again look through the holes in Jesus’s hands do you see the
26:46sunlight of the new creation shining through his torn flesh and flowing blood you should
26:52it’s the day of judgment Matthew says when the son of man comes in his glory
26:58and all the angels with him then he will sit on his glorious Throne before him will be gathered all the nations and he
27:05will separate people one from another as a Shepherd separates the sheep from the
27:10goats search your hearts you already know this day is coming
27:16you’ve known this day is coming from the time you were a little tyke
27:21this is the day that you fear this is the day that you dread this is the day that when thinking about it in the
27:28middle of the night it causes you to wake up with a start it’s worse than those falling dreams
27:35because you know you’re going to have to stand before Jesus and you know you’re guilty
27:41but you have already gone through the Judgment Day if you are in Christ
27:49so he had placed the sheep on his right the goats on his left and if you are in
27:55Christ forgiven then you are a sheep
28:00if you persist in sin and unbelief continue to scoff and mock the son of
28:06God then you are a goat plain and simple salvation is a gift not
28:12something you earn then the king will say to those on his right come you who are blessed by my
28:18father inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world
28:25then he will say to those on his left depart from me you cursed into the Eternal fire prepared for the devil and
28:30all of his angels note Jesus is silent to the unbelieving thief
28:36while he’s being crucified but when he returns in glory to judge the living and the dead he breaks the silence
28:43and basically says to hell with you and these
28:49these goats will go away into Eternal punishment but the righteous into eternal life
28:56you who are baptized into Christ you who trust in Jesus Christ for the
29:01Forgiveness of your sins you who bear fruit in keeping with repentance because you have been made
29:06new in Christ and continue to mortify your flesh you have already made it through the day of judgment
29:13it’s the procedure we all dreaded and it turned out to be nothing you’ve made it through
29:19Christ remembers you you will be with him in Paradise along
29:25with that Thief and when we arrive the first order of business is the wedding
29:31Feast of the lamb and you ain’t ever seen a party until you see that thing
29:37Maranatha come Lord Jesus in the name of Jesus Amen
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