Sermon Transcript – Judy Stengrim Funeral

November 19, 2014 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel According to
0:30Saint Luke chapter 23 verses 33-46
0:34when they came to the place that is
0:36called the skull there they crucified
0:39Jesus and the criminals went on his
0:42right and one on his left
0:44Jesus said
0:46father forgive them
0:48they know not what they do
0:50and they cast lots to divide his
0:53and the people stood by watching
0:56but the rulers scoffed at him saying he
0:58saved others let him save himself if he
1:01is the Christ of God and his Chosen One
1:05the soldiers also mocked him coming up
1:07and offering him sour wine and saying if
1:09you’re the king of the Jews save
1:13there was an inscription over him
1:15this is the king of the Jews
1:18one of the criminals who were hanged
1:21railed at Jesus saying are you not the
1:24Christ save yourself in US
1:27but the other rebuked him saying
1:29do you not fear God since you are under
1:33the same sentence of condemnation and we
1:37indeed justly for we are receiving the
1:39due reward for our Deeds but this man
1:42has done nothing wrong
1:45and he said
1:50remember me when you come into your
1:54and Jesus said to him
1:55truly truly I say to you today you will
2:00be with me in Paradise
2:03and it was now about the sixth hour
2:05and there was Darkness over the whole
2:07land until the ninth hour
2:08while the Sun’s light failed
2:11the curtain of the temple was torn in
2:14Jesus called out with a loud voice
2:16father into your hands I commit my
2:20and having said this he breathed his
2:25in the name of Jesus
2:30truly I say to you today
2:33you will be with me in Paradise
2:37word spoken 2000 years ago
2:40today we are here to lay to rest our
2:43sister in Jesus Christ Judy stangram
2:45but you see
2:48we’re all late to the party
2:50on Saturday morning
2:52Judy went to be with Jesus
2:55remember Jesus said to that dying man on
2:57the cross that dying thief on the cross
3:00truly I say to you
3:04you will be with me in Paradise
3:07in fact the last words that were spoken
3:09to Judy by her daughter Carol were the
3:11assuring words that she would be in
3:15with Jesus
3:20and you told her the truth
3:23I’ve been around death long enough to
3:25know that everyone talks about the dead
3:28by saying oh he or she is in a better
3:33that’s not always true
3:36but these words
3:37you know oftentimes sound like
3:39comforting platitudes but in the case of
3:41Judy strangrum these are not
3:44platitudes she truly is in a better
3:47place a place where she desires for you
3:51to join her
3:52listen carefully to what I’m saying
3:55she wants you to join her on that day
3:57when you breathe your last breath or
3:59when Jesus returns in glory to judge the
4:01living and the dead whichever comes
4:04now some of you
4:06may be tempted to look at Judy’s life
4:08and think that you’re not good enough to
4:10join Judy in Christ’s Heavenly Kingdom
4:13and if you think that
4:15you’re right but I want to let you in on
4:18a little secret a truth that might seem
4:22disrespectful but isn’t
4:24Judy wasn’t good enough to join Jesus
4:27I’m not good enough you’re not good
4:30enough no one is good enough to join
4:32Jesus in his Heavenly Kingdom Jesus
4:35instead made Judy Worthy
4:37as a gift which he gave to her by grace
4:41through faith alone and Jesus is here
4:44today promising you Heaven as well
4:47as a gift
4:49so with that let us return to our texts
4:51to see how that is possible
4:54Our Gospel text picks up in the drama
4:57on Golgotha on the day that Jesus is
5:00crucified and says when they came to the
5:02place it is called the skull
5:05they crucified Jesus
5:08what a shameful death
5:11God himself in human flesh
5:14having Nails driven through his hands
5:16and his feet
5:18his back scourged by the Romans whips
5:22and crucified between criminals
5:26this is no place for God to be
5:30one criminal was on his right the other
5:33on his left
5:34sounds like the setup for a really bad
5:38but Jesus said
5:40father forgive them for they know not
5:43what they do
5:46that day they crucified God
5:49that day they killed God and they did
5:52not know what they were doing
5:54they cast lots to divide his garments
5:56which was prophesied in psalm 22. the
6:00people stood by watching the rulers
6:01scoffed at him saying well he saved
6:04others let him save himself if he’s the
6:06Christ of God and his Chosen One the
6:08soldiers also mocked him
6:12mocked God
6:15coming up and offering him sour wine
6:17saying well if you’re the king of the
6:19Jews save yourself
6:22it was also an inscription over him this
6:24is the king of the Jews but you see
6:26Jesus wasn’t about saving himself on
6:28that day
6:30it was about saving you and saving me
6:33that’s why he was there
6:36one of the criminals who were hanged
6:37railed at Jesus saying are you not the
6:40Christ save yourself in US
6:42but the other rebuked him saying
6:45do you not fear God
6:49since you went under the same sentence
6:51of condemnation yeah you’re about to
6:53meet God and there he is right next to
6:55you on the cross right next to you do
6:58you not fear God since you are under the
7:01same sentence of condemnation what a
7:03strange thing to say about God
7:06Jesus God in human flesh born of the
7:08Virgin Mary suffered under Pontius
7:10Pilate condemned
7:13condemned to die
7:17the criminal rightly says we indeed
7:20justly for we are receiving the due
7:23reward for our Deeds
7:26but this man
7:28has done nothing
7:30nothing wrong
7:34how is it possible
7:36that we murdered the only innocent man
7:38who ever lived Among Us
7:40he did nothing wrong and yet he’s there
7:43hanging on the cross bleeding and dying
7:47as a condemned man
7:49how is this possible
7:51well Isaiah tells us Isaiah 53
7:59he says this
8:01who has believed what he has heard from
8:03us and to whom has the arm of the Lord
8:06been revealed
8:07for he grew up before him like a young
8:09plant like a root out of dry ground he
8:11had no form of majesty that we should
8:13look at him and no beauty that we should
8:14desire him
8:16he was despised and rejected by Men A
8:19Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief
8:21and as one from whom men hid their faces
8:23he was despised and we esteemed him not
8:28surely he has borne our griefs and
8:31carried our sorrows
8:34yet we esteemed him stricken Smitten by
8:36God and afflicted
8:38and here’s the important part
8:40but he Jesus was pierced for our
8:47he was crushed
8:49for our iniquities
8:51and upon him was the chastisement or the
8:54punishment that brought us peace
8:57peace with whom
8:59peace with God
9:01peace with each other
9:04upon him was the chastisement that
9:07brought us peace and by his wounds we’re
9:09healed all we like sheep have gone
9:12astray we have turned everyone to his
9:13own way
9:15and the Lord Yahweh has laid on Jesus
9:18the iniquity of us all
9:20he was oppressed he was afflicted yet he
9:24opened not his mouth and like a lamb
9:25that has led to the slaughter and like a
9:27sheep that before its shears is silent
9:29so he opened not his mouth
9:32by oppression and judgment he was taken
9:34away as for his generation who
9:37considered that he was cut off from the
9:38land of the living and stricken for the
9:40transgression of my people and they made
9:42his grave with the wicked and with a
9:44rich man in his death although he had
9:46done no violence there was no deceit in
9:48his mouth yet it was the will of the
9:51Lord to crush him
9:54he has put him to grief
9:56when a soul makes an offering for guilt
9:59he shall see his offspring he shall
10:01prolong his days the will of the Lord
10:04shall prosper in his hand and out of the
10:06anguish of his soul he shall see and be
10:09satisfied by his knowledge shall the
10:11righteous one my servant make many to be
10:13accounted righteous
10:15and he shall bear their iniquities
10:16therefore I will divide him a portion
10:18with the many and he shall divide the
10:20spoil with the strong because he poured
10:22out his soul unto death and was numbered
10:25with the transgressors yet he bore the
10:28sin of many
10:29and makes intercession for the
10:33how is it possible that God is condemned
10:36to bleed and die on a tree
10:39it’s real simple
10:41he took your condemnation upon himself
10:45so that you wouldn’t have to be
10:46condemned before God
10:48and you see like I said
10:52Judy was not good enough to make it into
10:55instead Jesus bore Judy’s sins
10:59took him upon himself while he was being
11:03and he bore your sins
11:06and he bore mine
11:09which begs the question why
11:11why would God do such a thing
11:13well because of God’s great love for
11:16Judy and for you
11:18John chapter 3 says this as Moses lift
11:22up the serpent in the wilderness so must
11:24the son of man be lifted up that whoever
11:26believes in him
11:28might have eternal life
11:31this is not granted for people who are
11:34good because there are none good Among
11:37this is only granted for sinners
11:40why because God so loved the world that
11:42he gave his only begotten son that
11:44whoever believes not works believes in
11:47him would not perish but have eternal
11:50life for God did not send his son into
11:53the world to condemn the world
11:55but in order that the world might be
11:57saved through him
12:00whoever believes in Jesus is not
12:02condemned whoever does not believed well
12:06stands condemned already because they
12:07have not believed in the name of the
12:09only son of God
12:11Judy believed in Jesus
12:16she is not condemned she is safely with
12:20Jesus now
12:22and Judy despite all of her suffering
12:24never abandoned her faith in the one who
12:27bled and died for her and the one who
12:29bled and died for you also
12:34on many of my trips to the hospital to
12:36visit Judy I arrived I’m sorry on one of
12:38my trips to the hospital to visit Judy I
12:40arrived a few minutes after the doctors
12:42had told her that her situation was Dire
12:45that she needed a heart valve surgery in
12:47order to live
12:48but that the heart valve surgery would
12:50most likely kill her
12:53she’d come to the end of the road it was
12:56just a matter of time
12:59Judy was
13:03and she told me
13:05that she did not want to die
13:10who of us does
13:13but her desire to not die was not one
13:16that was selfish
13:18she wasn’t afraid to die
13:21it wasn’t because she was fearing it
13:23instead it was because what she wanted
13:25to do
13:27the things she wanted to do were not for
13:29herself but For Those whom she loved in
13:32fact her words were an echo of the
13:34Apostle Paul’s words in Philippians let
13:36me read what Paul says
13:38I will not at all be ashamed but with
13:41full courage now as always Christ will
13:43be honored in my body whether by life or
13:45by Death
13:46for me to live is Christ to die is gain
13:50if I live in the flesh well that means
13:52fruitful labor for me yet which shall I
13:54choose I cannot tell I’m hard-pressed
13:56between the two my desire is to depart
13:59and be with Christ for that is far
14:01better but to remain in the flesh is
14:03more necessary on your account
14:06Judy really desired to stay in her body
14:09because she felt that it was necessary
14:12for the work that she still wanted to
14:16she wanted to be here for all of her
14:18family and the ones she loved and the
14:19people she served in this community
14:21the fact that you’re here today shows
14:24that this is a woman of Faith Who Bore
14:26fruit in keeping with good works and
14:28each and every one of you were touched
14:30by what she did
14:33Judy Carol and I prayed that morning
14:37we prayed that Jesus would heal her
14:39and we pray that Jesus would let her
14:41stay to serve Those whom she loved
14:44but also in that prayer we acknowledge
14:46that Jesus is the Lord he is the Lord of
14:50and we trusted him even if he decided
14:52that it was time for Judy to depart and
14:55to be with him
14:56but I will never forget Judy’s words
14:59Pastor I don’t want to die
15:05but you see
15:06Judy was baptized
15:09that’s why she has the Paul over her
15:13she was baptized on that day she died
15:19the day that Judy was baptized was the
15:21day she died
15:23scripture says
15:25do you not know that you have been
15:26baptized and baptized into Christ’s
15:29and raised in his resurrection you see
15:32Judy died at the baptismal fund when the
15:35pastor poured the water over her head
15:37and said I baptize you in the name of
15:39the father and the Son and the Holy
15:41it just took a while for her body to
15:43catch up to the death certificate that
15:45was her baptism
15:47she was baptized and raised with Christ
15:49in the waters of her baptism she had
15:50faith in Jesus and the same Jesus who
15:52bled and died for Judy also bled and
15:55died for you and also for me and this
15:57same Jesus says this in John chapter 11.
16:00I am the resurrection and the life
16:02whoever believes in me though he die yet
16:04shall he live
16:06and everyone who lives and Believes In
16:09Me get this
16:11will never die
16:14do you believe this
16:19your eyes deceive you
16:24there’s a casket here
16:25she’s dead but Jesus says she never died
16:29and so on that day when Judy said to me
16:31Pastor I don’t want to die
16:34she didn’t because Jesus said she didn’t
16:38that doesn’t mean there’s not a funeral
16:39today that doesn’t mean there’s not a
16:41body but in the truest sense of the word
16:43she never died
16:45because she’s in Christ and Christ has
16:48already died and risen again he has
16:50conquered death and those of you who
16:52believe you too are in Christ the one
16:55who has conquered death and you too will
16:58never die
17:04so the criminal said Jesus Remember me
17:07when you come into your kingdom
17:09and he said truly I say to you today you
17:11will be with parrot with me in Paradise
17:13on Saturday morning
17:17Judy stangram joined Jesus in Paradise
17:20and all because of what Jesus did for
17:23now back on Good Friday our text says it
17:26was now about the sixth hour
17:28and there was Darkness over the whole
17:30land until the ninth hour
17:32and the Sun’s light
17:36God knows what it means to grieve
17:41he knows exactly what it means to grieve
17:44God the Father watched on while his son
17:49God knows what it means to suffer
17:51he has joined us in our suffering he is
17:54not a God who was far off he is a God
17:57who has been Among Us
17:58and experience the grief of death
18:01and God grieved so badly that not even
18:04the son could bear its light
18:08and all of this was for you for me for
18:13the curtain of the temple was torn in
18:16and Jesus called out with a loud voice
18:18father into your hands I commit my
18:20spirit and having said this he breathed
18:23his last
18:24Jesus breathed his last breath for Judy
18:28Jesus breathed his last breath for you
18:32those who believe in Judy in Jesus will
18:35join Judy and Jesus in Paradise on the
18:39day when their eyes close here on this
18:41Earth and then open in eternity and what
18:44a blessed day that will be
18:47foreign if it’s not too sentimental I
18:51would like to close
18:52with a hymn
18:56for all the saints
18:59who from their labors rest
19:02who thee by faith before the world
19:04confessed thy name O Jesus be forever
19:08blessed Hallelujah
19:11halleluia thou was their Rock their
19:14Fortress and their might thou Lord their
19:16captain in the well-fought fight thou in
19:19the darkness Drear there are only one
19:21True Light
19:23o May thy soldiers faithful true and
19:25bold fight as the Saints who nobly
19:27fought of old and win with them the
19:29Victor’s Crown of gold
19:32o bless communion Fellowship Divine we
19:36feebly struggle they in glory shine
19:39yet all are one indeed for all are all
19:43are thine
19:46and when the fight is fierce the Warfare
19:48long Steals on the ear of the distant
19:51Triumph song and hearts are brave again
19:53and arms are strong alleluia alleluia
19:58the golden evening brightens in the west
20:00soon soon to faithful Warrior cometh
20:04sweet is the calm of Paradise The
20:11below their breaks a yet more Glorious
20:13Day the Saints triumphant rise and
20:16bright away the king of glory passes on
20:18his way o Hallelujah Hallelujah
20:23from Earth’s wide bounds From Oceans
20:26farthest Coast
20:28through Gates of pearl stream in the
20:31countless House singing to the Father
20:33the Son and the Holy Ghost Alleluia
20:41do you believe
20:45do you believe that Christ bled and died
20:47for you
20:49do you believe that you’re not worthy of
20:51heaven but that Christ is secured at all
20:56if you believe
20:59then you will live
21:01if you believed you will join Jesus
21:04and Judy on that great day when Christ
21:07returns in glory to judge the living and
21:10the dead in the name of Jesus
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