Sermon Transcript – Just As He Said

Series A – Easter Sunday – Sunday, April 09, 2023 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew the 28th
0:37toward the dawn of the first day of the
0:39week Mary Magdalene and the other Mary
0:41went to see the tomb and behold there
0:43was a great earthquake for an angel the
0:45Lord descended from heaven and came and
0:47rolled back the stone and sat on it his
0:50appearance was like lightening his
0:52clothing white as snow and for fear of
0:54him the guards trembled and became like
0:56dead men but the angel said to the women
0:59do not be afraid for I know that you
1:01seek Jesus who was crucified he’s not
1:03here for he has risen as he said come
1:07and see the place where he lay then go
1:09quickly and tell his disciples that he
1:11has risen from the dead and behold he is
1:12going before you to Galilee there you
1:15will see him see I have told you so they
1:17departed quickly from the tomb with fear
1:19and great joy and ran to tell his
1:22disciples and behold Jesus met them and
1:25said greetings and they came up and took
1:28hold of his feet and worshiped him then
1:30Jesus said to them do not be afraid go
1:31and tell my brothers to go to Galilee
1:33and there they will see me this is the
1:36gospel of the Lord hallelujah Christ is
1:42what a glorious day this is it’s warm
1:45for a change can you believe that it’s
1:47almost as if well the resurrection has
1:50brought us new life but that’s really
1:52not the whole point of it but I have to
1:53make a comment about the weather because
1:55it feels like jadis’s power has been
1:57broken and the snow is about to melt and
2:00as land will appear right that’s what it
2:02feels like here it’s glorious and to
2:05have it happen right Easter is just
2:07doubly great so in Our Gospel text today
2:11in Our Gospel text today we hear an
2:14eyewitness account of what took place at
2:17the tomb and you’ll note the tomb is
2:20empty and why is the tomb empty because
2:23Jesus rose bodily from the grave make no
2:28mistake about it he actually Rose bodily
2:31well what do you mean by bodily well
2:32touch yourself you know pinch if
2:35necessary that’s what I’m talking about
2:37flesh bones stuff like this that’s what
2:40we’re talking about and don’t let anyone
2:43tell you otherwise if you hear some
2:45nimkampoop who’s opposing the word of
2:47God tell you that well what Christ
2:50really was doing was Rising spiritually
2:52within our hearts and that the
2:54resurrection is merely a metaphor how
2:56the flowers come back in the spring
2:59don’t listen to that fellow you might
3:01even consider if he’s your pastor toss
3:03him out and get a pastor who’s faithful
3:05who will preach the word to you here’s
3:07what Our Gospel text says now after the
3:09Sabbath that’s right there Christ was
3:12crucified on the eve of the Sabbath he
3:14had his Sabbath rest in the Tomb you’ll
3:16know Jesus did zero work on the Sabbath
3:19day after he was crucified he didn’t
3:21even burn a single calorie all right
3:23that’s how how restful he was
3:27so the day after the Sabbath the women
3:29who wanted to give their final respects
3:32to Jesus and you’re going to note here
3:33one of the things I love about the
3:35gospels is they tell us the truth and
3:37that is is that Mary Magdalene Mary
3:40Peter John all the rest of the disciples
3:43they were a little slow on the upload
3:46when it comes to the words of Christ and
3:48it helps me by what by the way it really
3:51helps me it gives me some hope because
3:52when it comes to things that my wife
3:54notices needs to be fixed around the
3:56house I’m a little slow on the upload
3:59myself right I’ll I’ll find something
4:02that’s wrong in the house and I’ll say
4:04to my wife did you know that this was
4:06broken and I think I better fix it and
4:08she says I’ve been telling you that for
4:10months right
4:12um yeah that’s right I have some hope
4:14here because you’ll note in Our Gospel
4:16text in the scriptures it’s clear that
4:19Jesus from the time that Peter confessed
4:21that he was the Christ the son of the
4:23Living God Jesus was openly very Frank
4:27frankly simply explaining we’re going to
4:30Jerusalem boys guess what’s going to
4:32happen I’m going to be betrayed handed
4:34into the Gentiles they’re going to
4:36crucify me I’m gonna die and rise from
4:39the dead
4:41and they all went
4:43right they had no clue what he was
4:45talking about all right it was just a
4:48little bit slow you’ll note that they
4:49didn’t go to the tomb thinking oh man
4:51it’s Easter Sunday it’s it’s it’s the
4:54sun has risen Jesus has got to be up by
4:56now no that’s not what was going on they
5:00didn’t understand it so Mary Magdalene
5:03and the other Mary went to see the tomb
5:05and behold I love this account
5:08there was a great earthquake right for
5:11an angel of Yahweh the angel of the Lord
5:13descended from heaven and came and
5:16rolled back to Stone and he sat on it
5:18his appearance was like lightning his
5:21clothing white as snow and by the way
5:24standard operational procedure if you’re
5:25ever in the presence of a Holy Angel in
5:27his glory uh you are going to become
5:29like a dead person don’t talk to me
5:31about having conversations with angels
5:33and stuff like this I won’t believe you
5:35so for fear of him the guards the guards
5:38that were there to keep the disciples
5:40from stealing the body the guards
5:43trembled and became like dead men and
5:46this has got to be a disconcerting thing
5:48but there’s that angel sitting all proud
5:50of himself at the top of the stone that
5:53he just rolled away and he had words of
5:55comfort to give to the women who came to
5:57give their last regards their final
6:00respects to Jesus and he said to them do
6:03not be afraid for I know that you seek
6:05Jesus who was crucified he’s not here he
6:09has risen as he said now there’s a lot
6:12to unpack here and I remember for years
6:14when I was doing my podcast on a daily
6:16basis and thankfully I don’t have to do
6:18this anymore this one of the things I
6:20kind of really kicked myself for like
6:23putting into gear and having to do year
6:25after year I did these things called
6:26Worst Easter Sermon of the Year contest
6:28and if you want to be suicidal after
6:31just a week of listening to sermons just
6:33listen to all the candidate submissions
6:35for the Worst Easter Sermon of the Year
6:37contest talk about adventures in missing
6:40the point
6:42but what I would do in the lead up to
6:44give me enough time to listen to all
6:46these terrible sermons the week after
6:48Easter I would play nothing but good
6:49sermons so people kind of knew what the
6:52good sermons were like and I remember a
6:54very good sermon on Easter Sermon preach
6:56by Pastor Brian wolfmuller and he made a
6:59very good comment regarding one of the
7:01things that the angel said here he says
7:03I know that you seek Jesus who was
7:08and his point was this is that Jesus now
7:11is forever the one who is crucified he
7:15bears in his hands and his feet the
7:18marks of his crucifixion these are the
7:20tokens of the great victory that he won
7:22over sin death and the devil for you and
7:24for I and so for us Jesus is always our
7:28Lord who was crucified so that we can be
7:31forgiven and pardon of our sin and to
7:34which all of this we say Amen Alleluia
7:37but then he note he says these things he
7:39says he’s not here he’s risen and these
7:42are the words as he said as he said now
7:46no what am I what book am I reading this
7:48from by the way the Bible right he is
7:51risen as he said now important to note
7:53here Jesus in The Gospel of John chapter
7:5610 I think verse 35 somewhere in that
7:59neighborhood says these simple words the
8:02scripture cannot be broken
8:06the scripture cannot be broken there are
8:10people today within the visible Church
8:12who on Resurrection Sunday the day of
8:15Easter do everything they can to oppose
8:18what these words in Scripture say and
8:22they attempt through their bizarre and
8:25delusional machinations to somehow break
8:28the scripture let me give you an example
8:31right years ago I I had coffee with
8:34Nadia Bulls Weber of the ELCA Nadia
8:38Bulls Weber the woman who wrote
8:39Patrick’s I was doing research on the
8:42emergent Church movement she was still
8:43kind of hanging out in that group she
8:45had just recently come back from a
8:47clandestine almost secret society kind
8:50of meeting with Brian Mclaren and a few
8:53other people and she was rattled by it
8:55and she asked me part way through our
8:58conversation together and she says so I
9:00gotta ask you a question Chris yeah
9:02what’s the question Nadia if if they
9:04found the bones of Jesus would you still
9:07be a Christian
9:09absolutely not
9:10if they found the bones of Jesus
9:12Christianity is a sham it’s a flam it’s
9:15a skim-scanned flam and you shouldn’t be
9:17believing it I better things to do by
9:19the way on a Sunday if they find the
9:21bones of Jesus you know then coming to
9:23Kong’s Vineyard and telling you that
9:25he’s risen from the dead if he hasn’t
9:26you get the point well now a little bit
9:29of a note she thinks she’s a Christian
9:31as she ate she’s as apostate as they get
9:34and so I asked her I said well what you
9:36know what would you do if they found the
9:38bones of Jesus she says well I would
9:39still uh you know be in the church Aha
9:43and I said why would you do that it says
9:46in the scripture he rose bodily from the
9:48grave well I would just come to the
9:50conclusion that the word bodily meant
9:52something other than what I thought it
9:56aha we’re now playing word games at this
9:59point right and the reality is this is
10:02that if Christ has been raised has not
10:04been raised we ought not to be
10:06Christians the Apostle Paul of all
10:08people says that very thing in the book
10:11of First Corinthians chapter 15. listen
10:13to these words from the Apostle Paul
10:16if Christ is proclaimed as raised from
10:18the dead how can some of you say there’s
10:21no resurrection of the dead yet you’ll
10:23note where those people were they were
10:25in the church at Corinth I kept I make
10:27this point I’ll continue to make it talk
10:29about a messed up church I mean you had
10:31a church where the rich people were
10:33keeping the poor people from having the
10:35Lord’s Supper by even getting drunk on
10:36the communion wine you had a guy who was
10:39sleeping with his stepmom ew then you
10:42had all kinds of weird things going on
10:45with a mismanagement and misuse of this
10:48of the sign gifts of the Holy Spirit and
10:51here you have people in the church at
10:53Corinth who are Christians who are
10:55baptized and saying there’s no
10:57Resurrection from the dead
10:59and you’re sitting there going uh ah
11:02right now note who’s writing this again
11:05the Apostle Paul and we know about his
11:09beginning it wasn’t really a good start
11:11was it when he first makes his
11:12appearance in scripture he’s not the
11:14Apostle Paul he’s Saul of Tarsus and he
11:17hates absolutely hates loathes detested
11:20detests and goes after to make suffer
11:23those people who confess Jesus Christ as
11:26Lord as Savior and as one who has risen
11:29from the dead and he is persecuting them
11:32all over the place rounding them up
11:34having them arrested flogged and beaten
11:36and things of this nature and it just so
11:39happens that Jesus decided that he was
11:41going to schedule a face-to-face
11:42appointment with Saul of Tarsus while he
11:45was traveling on his way to Damascus and
11:47how did that go for him right not so
11:51well he went from being a hater of
11:53Christians to being not only a believer
11:56in Christ but one who was appointed by
11:59Jesus himself to be Jesus’s personal
12:01Apostle sent to the Gentiles in order to
12:05proclaim the good news of Christ and him
12:07crucified for our sins and raised from
12:09the dead because the Apostle Paul too is
12:12an eyewitness
12:14I think that’s pretty convincing stuff
12:16if you think about it and so he says if
12:19Christ is proclaimed as raised from the
12:21dead how can some of you say there’s no
12:22Resurrection from the dead but if
12:24there’s no Resurrection from the dead
12:26then not even Christ has been raised and
12:29if Christ has not been raised then our
12:31preaching is in vain and your faith is
12:35in vain for we are found to be
12:37misrepresenting God because we’ve
12:39testified about God that God raised
12:42Christ whom he did not raise if it is
12:44true that the dead are not raised for if
12:47the dead are not raised and not even
12:48Christ has been raised and if Christ has
12:50not been raised your faith is futile
12:53you’re still in your sins and then those
12:56who have fallen asleep in Christ they’ve
12:58perished if in Christ we have hope in
13:00this life only
13:02we are of all people to be most pitied
13:07I think that’s a pretty compelling case
13:09right I think that makes a lot of sense
13:11blue kind of put it another way when you
13:13compare Christianity to all the
13:15religions of the world and I can’t say
13:17that I’ve studied every single religion
13:19but I can say that I’ve spent time
13:21studying all the major world religions
13:24and the one thing I can tell you is that
13:26none of them have a truth claim like we
13:28have none of them do if we were to
13:30travel to India today and maybe sit down
13:33with some Hindus and ask him about Shiva
13:36and Vishnu and the deities that are
13:38discussed in The Vedas and basically ask
13:41a Hindu today so these stories in The
13:43Vedas did they actually take place is
13:45this a historical narrative that we’re
13:47reading here about these deities they’ll
13:49say oh no no no no no no no this isn’t
13:51history these are real stories these are
13:54stories that are told in order to convey
13:57a deeper a spiritual meaning
14:01aha got it okay so you there is no
14:04evidence for the existence of Shiva
14:06Vishnu or any of the deities of Hinduism
14:09correct now what about Siddhartha Buddha
14:12did he exist the answer is yes he’s a
14:14historical character he actually existed
14:16but let me ask you this can we with
14:19certainty say that Buddha achieved
14:22Nirvana upon his death and that he was
14:24released from the wheel of reincarnation
14:28hmm no there’s no evidence to that
14:30effect how about Muhammad of Islam how
14:33what about that fellow I mean he claimed
14:35to be a prophet of Allah is he now in
14:38the presence of his 70 virgins and stuff
14:40in in in the uh in the Muslim version of
14:45I I have no way of knowing
14:48but what about Jesus Christ
14:50crucified under Pontius Pilate he rose
14:54again Victorious from the grave and as a
14:58result of that we actually have
15:00confidence we have proof that God exists
15:03Beyond A Reasonable Doubt and the reason
15:05for this is actually quite simple
15:06because well Jesus claimed to be none
15:09other than God in human flesh and proved
15:11it by raising himself from the dead but
15:14on top of all of that we also then know
15:18that we who are in Christ have the very
15:21things that Christ promises to give us
15:24you’ll note that never in the history of
15:26humanity has anyone ever raised
15:28themselves from the dead after they’ve
15:30been dead for three days that’s never
15:32happened in fact Harry Houdini The Great
15:36Escape Artist hasn’t figured out how to
15:38unbind himself from Death although it is
15:42believed by those who kind of follow in
15:43his footsteps and who perform a
15:46particular Seance every single Halloween
15:49that someday day he’s going to reappear
15:52having escaped death itself so far not
15:56so good it’s not looking good for uh
15:58Harry Houdini but Jesus did rise from
16:01the dead and that means that we uh have
16:04all the things that he has promised us
16:05that his death truly was for the
16:08Forgiveness of your sins and mine that
16:10through Jesus we are reconciled to God
16:12the father and that death itself has
16:15been destroyed in the Life of Christ and
16:17his resurrection and we who are in him
16:20we will rise again from the dead into
16:24eternal life in a World Without End in a
16:26world without pain in a world without
16:31all of this is promised to us and we can
16:33have confidence because Jesus rose from
16:37the grave just as he said
16:41now we live in a day where I’ve already
16:44noted that people within the visible
16:46Church seem to be on a tear thinking
16:48that somehow they have figured it out
16:51the whole church has got it wrong for
16:53two Millennia Jesus didn’t really rise
16:56from the dead you can’t trust the
16:58scriptures they say and you people who
17:01believe in the inerrancy of the Bible
17:03you have turned the Bible into an idol
17:06they claim right I sit there and go if
17:09you are thinking that I’ve somehow made
17:11the Bible into an idol because I think
17:13it’s the inerrant inspired infallible
17:16trustworthy word of God if you don’t
17:19know what idolatry is
17:21because in the scriptures this is where
17:24the voice of God itself is recorded and
17:26these people they attack the word of God
17:29constantly now let me give you an
17:31example this is a very deadly game that
17:34they are playing and so think of it like
17:36the world of Chess we all have played
17:39chess right now some people’s like
17:41playing chess I’ve tried my hand at
17:44chess a few times in my life and all I
17:48can say is that because of the age of
17:50the internet my chest skills never
17:52really flourished and I did not enjoy
17:55the smackdowns that I would get on a
17:57regular basis with online chess this
17:59this is just a terrible thing but in
18:01applying myself to learn about Chess I
18:04learned that there are standard openings
18:06right you got your white pieces you got
18:08your black pieces white always goes
18:10first and then there are kind of like
18:12standard openings if you’ve ever seen
18:14the Netflix series called the Queen’s
18:16Gambit do you remember that came out
18:18while we were all in lockdown you know
18:20we watched a lot lot of weird things
18:22when there was lockdown you know that
18:24that lockdown kind of messed with our
18:25brains we actually thought that the
18:27Tiger King was a was good entertainment
18:28that was nothing but a slow motion train
18:31wreck and we all just watched it and
18:33gaping and eating lots of popcorn
18:34because we weren’t allowed to go outside
18:36of our houses right well the story of
18:38the Queen’s gamut is about this female
18:40chest Savant she starts playing chess as
18:43a young girl but I quickly became
18:45disillusioned with the Queen’s Gambit
18:48for this very reason because it seemed
18:50that her magical abilities at chess were
18:52fueled through her drug addiction and I
18:55had a hard time dealing with that so I
18:57only made it through a few episodes of
18:59the Queen’s Gambit but all that coming
19:01back to it different chess players use
19:04different openings in chess Kings Gambit
19:07Queens Gambit defense is known as the
19:09Sicilian Defense and other things like
19:11this these are standard things but I
19:14would note if you were to think of those
19:16who were attacking scripture as those
19:18who are playing a game of chess
19:21I call what they do the apostates
19:24opening okay or the apostates Gambit and
19:28the apostates Gambit doesn’t begin with
19:31an actual moving of any chess pieces the
19:34apostates Gambit occurs the first move
19:36is when somebody dares to sit opposite
19:41of God and his word and decide that they
19:44are going to wage war against God and
19:47what is written in scripture just by
19:49sitting down as God’s opponent that is
19:52the first move of the apostates Gambit
19:55and when you see them trying to take
19:57God’s chess pieces off the boards to
20:00undo what the scriptures say you know
20:02you are dealing with an agent of Satan
20:04who has not come to lead you to a proper
20:07understanding of scripture but to lead
20:09you away from Jesus Christ and what he
20:11has done for you and Lead You and drag
20:14you back into the Dominion of darkness
20:16when you see somebody playing that game
20:19the apostates game
20:21don’t listen to them
20:25the word the scripture cannot be broken
20:28Christ Rose bodily from the grave isn’t
20:32that really the whole subtext of our
20:34first reading for today’s uh for today’s
20:37celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection
20:40here again the words of the Apostle
20:42Peter Peter knows a thing or two about
20:44whether or not cross Christ Rose bodily
20:47from the grave in our text today we find
20:49the Apostle Peter talking with Cornelius
20:53a Roman Centurion and his family and
20:56preaching the gospel to them and it’s
20:58such a momentous occasion because Jews
21:01and Gentiles don’t really get along and
21:04Peter is not the Apostle to the Gentiles
21:08Paul is but here’s the thing the very
21:11first Gentile Believers hear the Gospel
21:14of Jesus Christ from none other than
21:16Peter himself he is an eyewitness to
21:19Jesus’s resurrection let’s listen to the
21:22details shall we so Peter opened his
21:24mouth and says and he said to Cornelius
21:27and his family
21:28truly I understand that God shows no
21:31partiality but in every nation anyone
21:35who fears him and does what is right is
21:38acceptable to him great words by the way
21:40because you’ll note that not a lot of
21:43Jews here today Genetically speaking
21:45we’re quite the mix here right as a
21:48result of that we know that God shows no
21:50partial it doesn’t matter if you’re Jew
21:51or Gentile doesn’t matter if you’re
21:53German Chinese or Norwegian at all God
21:56loves us all and anyone who fears him
21:59and does what is right but what is right
22:01for us to do
22:02what is right for us to do is to believe
22:05and trust in Christ are crucified and
22:08bodily Risen Savior for the Forgiveness
22:11of our sins as for the word that he sent
22:14to Israel preaching good news of peace
22:16through Jesus Christ he is Lord of all
22:18you yourselves know what happened
22:20throughout all Judea beginning From
22:22Galilee after the baptism of John
22:25proclaimed how God had anointed Jesus of
22:27Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with
22:29power he went about doing good and
22:32healing all who were oppressed by the
22:33devil for God was with him what a great
22:36summary statement of Jesus’s Earthly
22:38Ministry he did he went about doing good
22:41and healing all who were oppressed by
22:43the Devil by the way that’s you and I as
22:46well God was with Christ because he is
22:49and we Are Witnesses of all that he did
22:53both in the country of the Jews and in
22:55Jerusalem they put Jesus to death by
22:58hanging him on a tree but God raised him
23:02on the third day and made him to appear
23:05not to all the people but to us who have
23:07been chosen by God as Witnesses and
23:10listen to the details who ate and drank
23:14with him after he rose from the dead
23:18you don’t eat and drink with Spirits
23:21right of all the paranormal
23:24investigation programs I’ve watched over
23:26the years as I’ve had insomnia I’ve
23:29never once seen a phantasma a ghost
23:32eating hot dogs out of somebody’s
23:34refrigerator now you’ll note that what
23:37happens in Ghostbusters That’s Just Pure
23:39Fantasy right right but all of that
23:42being said we don’t see any hungry
23:44ghosts out there gobbling up our
23:45leftovers that just doesn’t happen you
23:48know why because ghosts don’t eat
23:51spiritual resurrections don’t have food
23:54you can’t touch them and here the
23:57Apostle Peter just very nonchalantly
24:00says yeah we ate and we drank with him
24:03after he rose from the dead
24:06so what kind of bodily do you think he’s
24:08talking about here
24:10you know the bodily bodily kind right
24:13because there is no other kind of bodily
24:15right and so he commanded us to preach
24:18to the people and to testify that he is
24:20the one appointed by God to be the judge
24:23of the living and the dead oh what an
24:26amazing thing the judge of the living
24:28and the dead also was the one who bled
24:30and died for your sins I think he’s
24:32going to cook the books in your favor
24:34right to him all the prophets bear
24:37witness that everyone who believes in
24:39Him receives forgiveness of sins through
24:41his name and if Christ hadn’t risen from
24:44the dead would you have any confidence
24:46at all that your sins are forgiven by
24:48God because of what he did on the cross
24:50Jesus’s death would be no different than
24:53your death or mine when we Crump and we
24:55die we have a funeral we put the body in
24:57the ground and it stays there if Christ
25:01had just stayed in the Tomb we would
25:03have zero confidence of the Forgiveness
25:05of our sins but because he has risen
25:08from the grave bodily and the
25:09eyewitnesses all bear witness to it we
25:12know for sure that everything that
25:14Christ said that he would do he has
25:17accomplished he went to Jerusalem he was
25:19betrayed he was crucified for your sins
25:22and mine and just as he said he rose
25:26bodily from the grave and as a result of
25:30that we can have confidence that yes a
25:33sinner as well
25:36as sinful as you as sinful as me as well
25:41once who’ve betrayed God and not kept
25:44his Commandments as horribly as you and
25:46I have that despite all of that we have
25:50confidence because of Christ’s
25:51resurrection that even we can be
25:54forgiven and pardoned by God and have
25:56eternal life given to us as a gift of
25:58his grace through faith so having heard
26:02what the angel said he has risen just as
26:05he said come see the place where he lay
26:08yes you can investigate then go quickly
26:11and tell his disciples that he has risen
26:12from the dead and behold he’s going
26:14before you to Galilee there you will see
26:16him see I’ve told you so they departed
26:19quickly from the tomb with fear and with
26:22great joy mixed emotions indeed right
26:25and they ran to tell his disciples and
26:28behold Jesus met them and said greetings
26:31and they came up took hold of his feet
26:33and they worshiped Christ indeed because
26:35he is God and human flesh and then Jesus
26:38said to them do not be afraid go and
26:40tell my brothers to go to Galilee and
26:42there they will see me beautiful text so
26:46what does it mean for us well the
26:48Apostle Paul puts a wonderful
26:50punctuation mark right exclamation right
26:52at the end of what that question when he
26:55says these words in our epis in our
26:57epistle text
26:58if then you if y’all have been raised
27:01with Christ and indeed every one of you
27:04has and the Waters of baptism Christ has
27:07buried you with himself raised you with
27:10himself given you the Holy Spirit washed
27:13away all of your sins regenerated you
27:15you have already now been raised with
27:19Christ therefore you already have one
27:21foot out of the Grave therefore seek the
27:24things that are above where Christ is
27:26seated at the right hand of God set your
27:29minds on the things that are above not
27:31on the things that are on the earth I
27:34understand that we still have to pay the
27:36bills we still got to go to work we
27:39still have to do all of the hard labor
27:41and toil that goes along with the
27:43sentence that we are under because of
27:46our Rebellion against God but don’t fall
27:49for the trickery of the world do not
27:51follow the lust of your flesh and the
27:53lust of your eyes and the pride of life
27:56these will lead you astray set your mind
27:58lines on the things that are above
28:00everything you see outside this of us
28:03from the things you can smell
28:05taste touch everything everything this
28:09is all going away
28:11so don’t set your minds on it nothing
28:13here on Earth lasts including you set
28:16your minds on the things that are above
28:18because you’re already raised with
28:20Christ for you have died and your life
28:23is now hidden with Christ in God but
28:26know this then because Christ has risen
28:28from the dead when Jesus appears on the
28:31day of judgment Jesus who is your life
28:34when he appears you also will appear
28:37with him in glory in a World Without End
28:41what an amazing day this is what an
28:45amazing truth and all of this we can
28:47have confidence and certainty because
28:49Jesus did exactly what he said he was
28:52going to do he rose bodily from the
28:55grave Alleluia Christ is risen
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