Sermon Transcript – Kick the Can

Series B – Twenty-Fifth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, November 14, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy gospel according
0:29to saint mark the 13th chapter
0:39as Jesus came out of the temple one of
0:41his disciples said to him look teacher
0:43what wonderful stones and what wonderful
0:45buildings and Jesus said to him do you
0:47see these great buildings there will not
0:49be left here one stone upon another that
0:51will not be thrown down and as he sat on
0:53the mount of olives opposite the temple
0:55peter and james and john and andrew
0:57asked him privately tell us when will
0:59these things be and what will be the
1:01sign when all these things are about to
1:02be accomplished
1:04and Jesus began to say to them see that
1:06no one leads you astray many will come
1:08in my name saying i am he and they will
1:10lead many astray and when you hear of
1:12wars and rumors of wars don’t be alarmed
1:15this must take place but the end is not
1:17yet for nation will rise against nation
1:19kingdom against kingdom and there will
1:20be earthquakes in various places there
1:22will be famines but these are the
1:25beginning of birth pains be on your
1:27guard for they will deliver you over to
1:28councils and you will be beaten in
1:30synagogues you will stand before
1:32governors and kings for my sake to bear
1:34witness before them and the gospel must
1:37first be proclaimed to all nations and
1:39when they bring you to trial and deliver
1:40you over do not be anxious beforehand
1:42what you are to say but say whatever is
1:44given you in that hour for it is not you
1:46who speak but the holy spirit and
1:48brother will deliver brother over to
1:49death and father his child and children
1:52will rise against parents and have them
1:54put to death you will be hated by all
1:56for my name’s sake but the one who
1:58endures to the end will be saved this is
2:01the gospel of the lord in the name of
2:03Jesus amen amen all right we’re getting
2:06towards the end of the world so to frame
2:08our s our sermon today i’m going to take
2:11you back in time at least for a little
2:13bit of my life i want to grab something
2:15from my past so when i was growing up my
2:18parents divorced when i was three and
2:20then in third grade when i was eight my
2:22dad decided he didn’t want to pay child
2:24support anymore and so he up and
2:26disappeared he was gone for five years i
2:28had no meaningful contact with my father
2:30during that time and my grandparents
2:32stepped in kind of filled in the gap at
2:34that point my grandpa really understood
2:36that i needed to have a male figure in
2:38my life
2:39that was also from my father’s side of
2:42the family and so he stepped in to fill
2:43in the role and as a result of that
2:45during those five years i spent two
2:47summers of my childhood in new hyde park
2:51long island you have to say it like that
2:53apparently this is an unwritten rule
2:55it’s long
2:56island all right this is where i stayed
2:59and it was glorious i really enjoyed my
3:02time there with my grandma and my
3:04grandpa and one of the days
3:06that we had there my brother and i
3:10stands out in my memory is probably one
3:12of the happiest days of my life it was
3:15the day my my grandparents decided that
3:17we were going to go visit my uncle bobby
3:19and my aunt henny and we were off to
3:21connecticut they had just had a baby and
3:24on that particular day nothing special i
3:26mean by way of special things happened i
3:28mean there was a new baby she was
3:30sleeping all the time
3:33what happened as part of that day
3:36my uncle bobby decided it was time to
3:39play a game of pickle
3:41all right if you you know pickle you got
3:43two bases and the kids run back and
3:44forth and my grandpa was on one base
3:47hula hoops they had set up hula hoops as
3:49the bases and my uncle bobby was on the
3:52other base
3:53and it was
3:54just one of the most fun moments of my
3:57life one that i didn’t want to end
4:01however my uncle bobby and my grandpa
4:03got tired after a while of playing
4:06pickle and when they said i think it’s
4:09time to uh to you know switch gears here
4:12i i was well i was upset i thought no
4:15can’t we play a little longer and my
4:17uncle bobby said words that we’re all
4:18familiar with well chris
4:21all good things must come to an end
4:24isn’t that how it works in our life all
4:26good things must come to an end
4:29but i would argue based upon our
4:31biblical texts here and our study of the
4:33end of the world i think we’ve got this
4:37i think we’ve got this 180 degrees
4:39backwards now granted our experience
4:42under the curse because of sin
4:44well we get to experience
4:46and evil and they don’t always seem to
4:48come in in even measurements you know
4:50what i’m saying and so as a result of
4:52that under the curse yeah presently all
4:54good things do seem to come to an end
4:57and then come the not so good things in
5:00fact some of the evil things
5:01but that being the case we should pay
5:04careful attention to what is going on
5:07in our text here i’m going to weave all
5:10three of them together into the sermon
5:12so starting with daniel chapter 12.
5:15at that time shall arise michael the
5:17great prince who is charge of your
5:18people and there shall be a time of
5:20trouble such as never has been since
5:23there was a nation until that time
5:26tribulation is coming
5:28what should we do about it well i’ll
5:30help you frame that in a second too yeah
5:32it’s going to be tribulation like
5:34unheard of like never before seen in
5:37human history never to be repeated again
5:39and at that time your people shall be
5:44cool everyone whose name shall be found
5:47written in the in the book
5:49now this is where we have to note a few
5:53we as Christians
5:56information about the future how far off
6:00is this into the future i couldn’t tell
6:02you it’s beyond my pay grade to explain
6:04that part of it because i just don’t
6:06know is it next thursday maybe is it
6:09five years from now could be is it a
6:11hundred years or a thousand years from
6:13now who knows
6:15i have no idea when this is going to go
6:17down but i can tell you this we’ve all
6:19been given this information we know
6:21exactly what is coming and so because of
6:24that i would remind you of a few things
6:28number one
6:29Christ has bled and died for all of your
6:31sins every
6:33single one of them but more than that
6:36even more than that you have been
6:38regenerated by the powerful working of
6:40god the holy spirit and in your baptism
6:43you have been united with Jesus in his
6:45death and in his resurrection and as
6:48you’ve heard me say many times and i’ll
6:51you are already dead
6:54and dead people have all kinds of
6:56freedom all right so keeping that in
6:58mind we must recognize that we have been
7:02made holy we have been clothed with the
7:04righteousness of Christ and when god
7:07looks at us as a result of the merits of
7:10Christ and his righteousness in which we
7:12are clothed he doesn’t see evil he
7:15doesn’t see bad
7:17he sees righteousness
7:20and good
7:22in other words because of what Christ
7:24has done everyone whose name is written
7:28in the book that’s you that’s me
7:30we who sleep in the dust even though
7:33during that tribulation many Christians
7:35will lose their earthly lives since
7:37they’re already dead it really doesn’t
7:39matter and scripture here describes the
7:42that we will experience in death as just
7:47and i’ve noticed that the older i get
7:49the more skilled i am at sleep yeah have
7:53you ever maybe it’s just me
7:57i desire it more often is kind of how
8:00that goes the afternoon nap is a thing
8:02now but all of that being said
8:05we need to by faith embrace what
8:08scripture is telling us here because
8:09what scripture is telling us is that we
8:11do not need to fear
8:15we do not need to fear the tribulation
8:17that is coming when it shows up we can
8:19actually kind of be nonchalant about it
8:21you know you remember the movie titanic
8:23there’s the ship it’s totally looking
8:25like it’s going to be going down and
8:26there’s a
8:28orchestra playing you know they’re
8:30they’re playing their music and doing
8:31their thing and at the very end well
8:34it’s been a pleasure it’s been an honor
8:35to play with you and off they go into
8:37their death
8:38you know that’s kind of the idea that we
8:41Christians should embrace
8:43putting it a different way you’ll note
8:45that we oftentimes fear death
8:49you know i don’t exactly enjoy getting
8:51old and i’m not looking forward to dying
8:53i don’t want to physically die this is
8:55most certainly true and this shows up
8:57over and again in our different movies
8:59in our television programs you guys
9:01remember the black and white twilight
9:03zones remember those
9:05oh yeah and when i was a kid growing up
9:08in southern california every
9:10thanksgiving day on ktla channel 5 in
9:13los angeles we would have a twilight
9:16zone marathon 24 hours of nothing but
9:20those classic old black and white
9:22twilight zones and i remember as a kid
9:25really being fascinated by those
9:26twilight zone episodes but there was one
9:28in particular that really stood out and
9:31i liked the remake of it remember back
9:33in the 80s they made a movie called the
9:35twilight zone where they took four of
9:37the episodes and kind of made them into
9:38one big movie and the one that really
9:41stands out in my mind was the one that
9:43scat man cruthers was in you guys
9:45remember scat man crothers
9:48a great guy anyway scat man crothers and
9:51the name of that episode was called kick
9:53the can
9:54and so he plays kind of this wise old
9:57guy who somehow has tapped into some
10:00kind of ancient power we don’t know what
10:03it is but you know what while everybody
10:05else in his nursing home he’s he’s
10:07living in a nursing home with some other
10:09people everyone else is getting old and
10:12weak and complaining and oh and
10:14complaining about their creaks and their
10:16cracks and stuff like this he’s trying
10:18to encourage them to take on a different
10:19mindset and he reminds them of when they
10:22were children it reminds them of when
10:24they would go outside and play and he
10:26asked them do you remember the game kick
10:28the can i remember playing the game kick
10:30the can and i didn’t even grow up you
10:32know once gatman crothers did kick the
10:34can yeah we played kick the cam with
10:36joey in new wide park in long island and
10:38his brother but that’s a whole other
10:41story but what happens in the episode is
10:43that there’s this one fellow who
10:44basically says to scat man he says this
10:46is ridiculous these people shouldn’t you
10:49shouldn’t be filling their heads with
10:50this nonsense and having them remember
10:52when they were young and stuff like that
10:54and already at this time scat man oh we
10:56should go outside and play a game of
10:57kick the can he said you have no
10:59business taking these people what if
11:01they fall what if they whatever but he
11:03convinces them to go out and play this
11:06game of kick the can with the exception
11:08of the guy who said they shouldn’t and
11:10to a person everyone who goes out and
11:12plays the game
11:13they’re no longer in their 80s or their
11:1590s they’re no longer old they become
11:17kids again
11:20and that particular twilight zone kind
11:23of taps into that yearning that we all
11:25have but if you think about it and i
11:28want you to think about this the
11:29scriptures here regarding the end of the
11:31world and the promises of the new life
11:34that we have in the world to come are a
11:36lot like Jesus as scat man crothers
11:38telling us all come on outside let’s
11:41because when you play
11:43when you trust him believe his words the
11:46thing he gives you and the thing that
11:47will ultimately happen to all of us is
11:49death will give way to life age will
11:52give way to youth once again
11:55and we will be restored and all of this
11:58because of the great love and mercy
12:01of Christ and so our text one of our
12:04texts here our daniel text says many
12:06then who sleep in the dust of the earth
12:08for us who are Christians death is but
12:11sleep it’s a nap
12:12some will awake to everlasting life and
12:15sadly some to shame in everlasting
12:18you’ll note that even daniel teaches the
12:21doctrine of hell but for us who are in
12:24Christ awaking from sleep to everlasting
12:27life this is what we yearn for and long
12:30for those who are wise shall shine like
12:33the brightness of the sky above those
12:35who turn many to righteousness like the
12:37stars forever and ever and what is
12:40wisdom according to scripture well
12:41scripture says the fear of the lord is
12:43the beginning of wisdom and you’ll note
12:45by hearing god’s word and being
12:48terrorized rightly facing god’s judgment
12:50because of our sin we have learned to
12:53fear god but more importantly we’ve
12:55learned to trust him
12:56even though we have earned his wrath and
12:58his judgment we are wise enough to
13:01believe the promises that he has given
13:03us that he intends to give us good not
13:07life rather than death
13:09eternal life in a new earth rather than
13:11the hell we deserve all because of
13:14Christ and it’s so wonderful then if you
13:16think about it
13:17and mark then picks up on Jesus’s
13:21prophecies regarding the close of the
13:23age and i want you to consider again
13:25what i’ve said here listen carefully to
13:28Jesus he’s laying this all out ahead of
13:31time and he’s telling us with his words
13:35to not be anxious
13:38the end of the world is the death throes
13:41of this cursed creation they are the
13:44birth pains of the world to come and yes
13:47it’s going to be terrible and yes
13:51actual Christians are truly going to die
13:54and Jesus basically says it’s no big
13:58don’t sweat it
14:00in fact he is encouraging us to take on
14:03a mindset that seems so foreign kind of
14:07like the mindset of getting outside and
14:08kicking the can think of it this way so
14:11as Jesus sat on the mount of olives
14:13Jesus disciples came to him privately
14:15and asked him about the things that he
14:16had said regarding the temple being
14:18destroyed tell us when will these things
14:21what will be the sign when all these
14:22things are about to be accomplished and
14:24Jesus began to say to them all right see
14:27that no one leads you astray so you want
14:29to know what the end of the world is
14:30going to be like well there’s going to
14:31be a lot of deception but you you’ve
14:33heard his words see that no one leads
14:35you astray many will come in my name
14:37saying i am he and they will lead many
14:39astray so when you look at the state of
14:41the church today have you noticed
14:42there’s a lot of false prophets and
14:43false teachers false apostles and a lot
14:46of people being led astray by a bunch of
14:47yehus who shouldn’t be preaching at all
14:51don’t sweat it
14:53Christ said that this is exactly what
14:55would happen
14:56so then you’ll hear of wars and rumors
14:59of wars don’t be alarmed but wait what
15:02if china attacks taiwan what what what
15:05if what if
15:06you get the idea right
15:08what does Jesus say
15:10don’t be alarmed don’t be alarmed you
15:12don’t have to sit there and strategize
15:15and figure out you know all right which
15:16of the chinese officials are going to be
15:19giving people the mark of the beast and
15:22and attacking israel this is nonsense
15:24just put it all away don’t just forget
15:25it all right
15:27the nation will rise against nation you
15:29hear of wars and rumors of war
15:31don’t be alarmed this must take place
15:34the end is not yet nation will rise
15:36against nation kingdom against kingdom
15:38there’s going to be earthquakes in
15:40various places there will be famines
15:43these are but the beginning of
15:45birth pains
15:48have you noticed that usually couples
15:50are pretty excited when the labor comes
15:53nine months of expecting all of a sudden
15:56the water breaks and now come the
15:58contractions and it’s like ah
16:00it’s time right
16:02so take that attitude don’t be anxious
16:05regarding the end of the world when all
16:07of this starts going down sit there
16:09going yeah we’re in labor and you know
16:11what’s going to be giving birth to the
16:13new earth
16:15your new bodies
16:17a new creation
16:20Jesus says all right ready be on your
16:23they will deliver you over to councils
16:26you will be beaten he doesn’t say you
16:28might he says you will
16:30okay so what’s the end of the world like
16:32well Christians are kind of on the
16:35they got the short end of the stick in
16:37those last days so you’re going to be
16:38beaten you’re going to be handed over to
16:40councils you’re going to stand before
16:42governors and kings for my sake and
16:44you’ll bear witness before them by the
16:46way the word for bear witness march oh
16:48that’s where we get the word martyr from
16:50and the gospel must be first proclaimed
16:52to all nations and then when they bring
16:54you to trial i want you to consider
16:57Jesus’s ideas here all right this goes
17:00completely against all sane
17:03legal advice
17:04right if you are arrested
17:08don’t talk to anybody without an
17:11attorney present right
17:13and then if you can’t afford an attorney
17:15they will assign you an attorney and
17:17then you and your attorney will work out
17:19your defense strategy and you don’t do
17:22anything without your attorney’s advice
17:27so there you are you’ve been arrested
17:30for what crime believing in Jesus
17:34that’s not a crime you guys are lost
17:36your brains here what’s wrong with you
17:38right and so they’re going to bring you
17:39they’re going to put you on trial and
17:41Jesus says all right so when they put
17:42your own child and they deliver you over
17:44don’t be anxious beforehand
17:46what you are to say
17:49what but whatever is given you in that
17:52hour for it is not you who speak it is
17:54the holy spirit
17:55so during the great tribulation
17:58we are the unanxious
18:00where are the ones looking around going
18:01yeah this is exactly what Jesus said
18:03would happen it’s terrible isn’t it but
18:05repent believe in him even now you can
18:08be forgiven right and so there you are
18:10you’re putting and put in prison you’re
18:12put on trial and your attorney shows up
18:15says all right we need to work out the
18:17strategy what we are going to say when
18:19you are on the stand and you say to your
18:22attorney i appreciate your zeal and
18:24defending me here but i can already tell
18:26you how this is going to go down i’m a
18:28dead man anyway so i’m not going to be
18:30anxious about any of this i’m not going
18:32to even worry about it so could you see
18:34could you maybe get me another cup of
18:36coffee and maybe a donut i’d like to
18:38enjoy this moment and the attorney says
18:41you’re out of your mind you’re out of
18:42your mind you should be anxious you
18:44should be worried about these things nah
18:47nah i i’d go and get a massage but they
18:49won’t let me out of prison so i’m just
18:51gonna relax maybe do my nails or
18:57have you noticed here
18:59Christ is encouraging us because we know
19:00what’s happening
19:02to basically see this as a game we don’t
19:04have to participate in
19:06at least mentally not in faith
19:09so and it’s going to how bad is it going
19:11to be well
19:14this is all going down
19:16brother will deliver brother over to
19:18father his children children will rise
19:20against parents and have them put to
19:22death you will be hated by all for my
19:25name’s sake but the one who endures to
19:27the end will be saved
19:29and how does one endure just keep on
19:32that’s right
19:34yeah yeah well i don’t care if my own
19:36child has
19:37turned me in to put me to death i’m
19:40going to keep on believing in Jesus he’s
19:41the one who rose from the dead he’s the
19:43one who told his disciples there i’m
19:46going to jerusalem they’re going to hand
19:49me over they’re going to crucify me and
19:52on the third day i’m going to rise from
19:54the dead and you know what happened it
19:57happened exactly the way Jesus said it
20:00they he went to jerusalem they arrested
20:02him handed him over to the to the romans
20:05they crucified him and just like he said
20:09on the third day he actually rose bodily
20:12from the grave
20:13so that same Jesus says to you don’t be
20:16anxious don’t worry about don’t even
20:18prepare your defense ahead of time the
20:20holy spirit will speak through you and
20:22oh yeah it’s going to be terrible and by
20:24the way when you think about the holy
20:25spirit giving words to you in that hour
20:28when you make your defense have you guys
20:30noticed the holy spirit seems to be
20:31obsessed about telling everybody about
20:35have you noticed that
20:36it almost makes me think that there’s
20:38going to be Christians in that day when
20:40they’re put on trial and the holy spirit
20:42is now speaking through them the appeal
20:44will be you know Jesus has bled and died
20:47for your sins and he’ll even forgive you
20:49for this kangaroo court and all this
20:50wickedness that you’re engaging in you
20:52should repent be forgiven and join me
20:55be a great defense if you think about it
20:58well that’s it we have everything we
21:00need kill him kill him all right cool
21:05i i needed to take a nap anyway
21:08and then you can sit there and go you
21:09know pastor rose it really sounds like
21:12you’re not taking this end of the world
21:13thing seriously
21:18why should i
21:20because the new world’s coming
21:22Christ told us
21:25just keep on believing and do it to the
21:26end it’s not a big deal
21:28and so you’ll note then in our epistle
21:32text from from from hebrews
21:36beautiful reminder of what Christ has
21:38done for us and how this then frames our
21:42mindset and something that we are to
21:45consider and think on and ponder and
21:48have as the center of our faith and our
21:50thinking all the way up to the end of
21:52the world it reminds us again that Jesus
21:55is the true sacrifice for all sins
21:58hebrews 10 says every priest the old
22:00levitical priest of the levitical
22:01priesthood the mosaic covenant they
22:03stood daily in service offering
22:05repeatedly the same sacrifices which can
22:08never take away
22:10sins did any of those goats any of those
22:14sheep any of those sacrifices take away
22:17sins nope they were all types and
22:18shadows pointing to Christ but when
22:20Christ had offered for all time a single
22:23sacrifice for sins he sat down at the
22:26right hand of god waiting from that time
22:28until his enemies should be made a
22:30footstool for his feet ah that’s coming
22:33by the way yeah there’s a day coming
22:35when god god the father says you know
22:37what son
22:38i think it’s time that you had a new
22:41all right
22:42i’ve been looking at
22:43things here and i think we can do a
22:45little renovation here in the throne
22:46room and so it’s time you had a
22:47footstool i think i’ll make one out of
22:49your enemies
22:51and all the enemies of Christ in that
22:53day we’ll be gathered up into the
22:55probably the weirdest looking footstool
22:57ever right that’s kind of the idea
23:03by a single offering Christ has
23:06perfected for all time those who are
23:10being sanctified
23:12say what
23:14did you see that
23:17by his sacrifice
23:19you have been perfected for all time
23:21you are being sanctified by Christ and
23:25boy this is amazing because you know
23:27over and again we hear that all good
23:29things come to an end but the thing is
23:31is that by grace through faith because
23:33of what Christ has done for us we who
23:35are sinners are now good we are
23:38perfected we are being sanctified
23:42and all good things
23:44live forever
23:46so the holy spirit now bears witness to
23:48us for after saying this is the covenant
23:51that i will make with them after those
23:52days declares the lord i will put their
23:54law my laws in their hearts and write
23:56them in their minds and then he adds i
23:59will remember their sins and their
24:02lawless deeds no
24:06what is the appropriate response for
24:09god has promised to forget every one of
24:12our sins and lawless deeds because of
24:15hallelujah praise the lord and the
24:18napoleon dynamite yes
24:21all seem appropriate in this regard
24:23so where there is forgiveness of these
24:26there’s no longer any offering for sin
24:28and because of this then we Christians
24:31have full assurance listen to this what
24:34this says therefore brothers since we
24:36confidence to enter the holy places by
24:39the blood of Jesus ah Jesus death on the
24:42cross makes it so that even in the midst
24:44of trial
24:45persecution slander threats of death
24:48beatings and things like this we can
24:50still confidently enter into the holy
24:53and make our petitions known to god
24:55confident that we are forgiven confident
24:57that we are children of god confident
25:00that we have been perfected confident
25:02that he is sanctifying us confident that
25:04we have a new world given to us by grace
25:08so by the new and living way that he
25:09opened for us through the curtain that
25:11is through his flesh and since we have
25:12such a great high priest over the house
25:14of god
25:15let us then draw near with a true heart
25:18in full assurance of faith with our
25:20hearts sprinkled clean from an evil
25:22conscience let our bodies be washed with
25:25pure water referring back to baptism let
25:27us hold fast then to the confession of
25:30our hope without wavering for he who
25:32promised is faithful has Jesus ever said
25:36something and it didn’t turn out to be
25:38true has he ever lied to you not even
25:42he who promised is faithful
25:44he’s going to bring us through all of
25:46this so let us then in light of this our
25:49forgiveness our confidence our mercy
25:51having been purified perfected let us
25:54consider then how to stir one another up
25:56to love and to good works not neglecting
25:59to meet together as is the habit of some
26:01but instead encouraging one another
26:05all the more as you see the day drawing
26:07near you see Jesus said the one who
26:09endures to the end will be saved and
26:11here hebrews 10 tells us what that all
26:13looks like
26:15continuing with assurance
26:17confidence the mercy and grace of Jesus
26:21and the faithfulness of the one who
26:22promised us that when he returns in
26:26glory we will meet him in the air
26:29we will be with him in a world without
26:31end so let the devil rage
26:33let the scoffers scoff let the deceivers
26:38Jesus said it was going to be like this
26:42as for me
26:44i deny
26:45that truth that we have all heard
26:47that all good things must come to an end
26:50baloney all good things
26:53will continue
26:54forever and ever in a world without end
26:57as for me i’m gonna go play a game of
26:59kick the can
27:00in the name of Jesus amen
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