Sermon Transcript – Liberation by the Great I AM

Series C – Trinity Sunday – Sunday, May 22, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint John chapter 8 verses
0:34the Jews answered him are we not right
0:36in saying that you are a Samaritan and
0:38you have a demon Jesus answered I do not
0:41have a demon but I honor my father and
0:43you dishonor me yet I do not seek my own
0:46Glory there is one who seeks it and he
0:48is the judge truly truly I say to you if
0:51anyone keeps my word he will never see
0:53death the Jews said to him now we know
0:56you have a demon Abraham died as did the
0:58prophets and yet you say if anyone keeps
1:00my word he will never taste death are
1:03you greater than our Father Abraham who
1:05died and the prophets who died who do
1:08you make yourself out to be
1:10Jesus answered
1:11if I glorify myself my glory is nothing
1:14it is my father who glorifies me of whom
1:16you say he is our God but you have not
1:19known him I know him if I were to say
1:22that I do not know him I would be a liar
1:24like you but I do know him and I keep
1:27his word your father Abraham rejoiced
1:29that he would see my day he saw it and
1:31was glad so the Jew said to him you are
1:34not yet 50 years old and you’ve seen
1:36Abraham and Jesus said to them truly
1:39truly I say to you before Abraham was I
1:43am so they picked up stones to throw at
1:46him but Jesus hid himself and went out
1:49of the Temple
1:50in the name of Jesus
1:52all right so listen to the opening
1:54sentence of Our Gospel text today the
1:57Jews answered him are we not right in
1:59saying that you are a Samaritan and you
2:00have a demon
2:01you got to love it when the reading
2:04begins right in the middle of a story
2:05seriously what’s going on here what does
2:08Jesus have himself embroiled in and in
2:11order to get what’s going on we’re going
2:13to have to grab some context I know
2:15you’ve heard me say this before but in
2:17order to rightly understand God’s word
2:19there are three rules you’ve got to
2:20abide by and they are get this context
2:24context and you know the third one right
2:27context right now just so you know some
2:30of the context is a few verses ahead
2:32while some of the needed context get
2:35this it’s all the way back in the book
2:37of Exodus
2:38yeah I know you can talk about context
2:40here because you got to understand
2:41what’s going on now keep in mind today
2:43is Trinity Sunday today is the one day
2:46of the year when we really focus in on
2:49the doctrine of the Trinity and one of
2:51the major tenets of the doctrine of the
2:52Trinity is that Jesus Christ is both God
2:55and man oh and yeah Jesus is the same
2:58God as the father but Jesus isn’t the
3:00father I know it’s kind of mind-blowing
3:02right you have to work it all out and
3:06rather than confess the words of the
3:08Nicene or Apostles Creed we’re going to
3:11pull out that one that only comes out
3:13once a year the athenation created I
3:15understand that this is Janet’s favorite
3:20now with that we’re going to turn to the
3:23Book of Exodus
3:25we’re going to be in chapter three and
3:27I’ll start at verse one if you want to
3:29get there and by way of a little bit of
3:31a context as to what’s going on here in
3:33Exodus chapter 3 Moses has already
3:35experienced his basket experience if you
3:38would as an infant was put down the Nile
3:40because Pharaoh had basically ordered
3:44that all the male Children of the
3:46Israelites be killed Moses was put in
3:48the basket he was drawn out of the Nile
3:50River by the daughter of pharaoh raised
3:52in the palace
3:54then goes on to decide he wants to set
3:56his people free and murders an Egyptian
3:58that didn’t go so well he ends up on
4:00Egypt’s most wanted list every Saturday
4:03night they featured his face have you
4:05seen this man his face was all over the
4:07post office all over Egypt and so he
4:10spends 40 years on the run if you would
4:12as a fugitive and is living in the land
4:14of Midian and this is when God decides
4:17to call him we have to pay attention to
4:19a few things going on here so Exodus
4:21chapter 3 verse 1 begins now Moses was
4:23keeping the flock of his father-in-law
4:25Jethro priest of Midian
4:28he led his flock to the west side of the
4:30Wilderness and came to Horeb Horeb is
4:32Mount Sinai and the Mountain of God and
4:35the angel of the Lord appeared to him in
4:37a flame of fire out of the midst of a
4:39bush he looked and behold the Bush was
4:41burning and it was not consumed Moses
4:44said I will turn aside to see this great
4:46sight why the bush is not burned when
4:49the Lord saw that he had turned aside to
4:51see God called out to him out of the
4:55Bush now pay attention to how many times
4:57you hear the word God in the next few
4:59sentences all right Moses Moses he said
5:03here I am then he said do not come near
5:05take your sandals off your feet for the
5:08place which you are standing is Holy
5:10Ground and he said I am the god of your
5:13father the god of Abraham the god of
5:16Isaac the god of Jacob Moses hid his
5:20face where he was afraid to look at God
5:24y’all got who Moses is talking to
5:27okay there’s no doubt about it right
5:30here you have to have really bad reading
5:33comprehension skills to not realize he’s
5:34talking to God right so then the Lord
5:37Yahweh said I have surely seen the
5:40Affliction of my people who are in Egypt
5:42I’ve heard their cry because of their
5:44task Masters I know their sufferings and
5:47I have come down to deliver them out of
5:49the hand of the Egyptians and to bring
5:51them up out of that land to a good and
5:54broadland a land flowing with milk and
5:56honey to the place of the Canaanites the
5:58Hittites the amorites the perizzites the
6:01hivites and the jebusites and as I like
6:03to tell my children the ballet tights
6:05and the uptights
6:09and Now Behold The Cry of the people of
6:12Israel has come to me I have also seen
6:14the oppression with which the Egyptians
6:16oppressed them come I will send you to
6:18Pharaoh so that you may bring my people
6:20the children of Israel out of Egypt but
6:23Moses said to God
6:25who am I that I should go to pharaoh and
6:28bring the children of Israel out of
6:31but he said I will be with you and this
6:34shall be the sign for you that I have
6:35sent you
6:36when you have brought the people of
6:38Egypt You Shall Serve God on this
6:41so then Moses said to God if I come to
6:45the people of Israel and they say and
6:46say to them the god of your fathers has
6:48sent me to you and they asked well
6:50what’s his name
6:52what shall I say to them
6:54so God said to Moses I am who I am he
6:59said say to this people of Israel I am
7:02has sent me to you
7:06God also said to Moses say this to the
7:08people of Israel the Lord the god of
7:10your father is the god of Jacob the god
7:12of Isaac the god of Jacob has sent me to
7:14you this is my name forever and thus I
7:18am to be remembered throughout all
7:21all right so in our context here we know
7:24who Moses is talking to it’s pretty
7:26clear he’s talking to God what’s the
7:28name of God that God wants him to give
7:30to the children of Israel it’s a weird
7:32one I am
7:35what a name I am not I was I am
7:40God is basically saying I am the
7:42self-existing one I have always been all
7:45right so now we know who he’s talking to
7:47we know the name
7:49tucked that little bit of information
7:50away also by way of just a little bit of
7:53a note here note that Old Testaments
7:56type and Shadow New Testament is reality
7:59notice the story of slavery and
8:02Liberation and how God is doing
8:05something to set his people free we’ll
8:07key on on that a little bit now let’s go
8:10back to the Gospel of John
8:12we’re going to back up to verse 31. now
8:16back on Reformation Day last year I
8:19preached on this text I know you all
8:21love that sermon and you’ve memorized it
8:23so you know it was a great one this
8:28you guys are a tough crowd today tough
8:30crowd tough Norwegians I’m telling you
8:33all right so let’s take a look at verse
8:3631. so the Jews so Jesus said to the
8:38Jews who had believed in him if you
8:40abide in my word you are truly my
8:42disciples you will know the truth and
8:44the truth will what set you free all
8:47right now keep in mind here there’s
8:50because of the context before this
8:52there’s two groups now that Jesus is
8:54addressing one are those who are
8:56believing him and then you got the other
8:58guys who are not and they are the ones
9:01who form the basis of kind of like the
9:03ongoing battle that’s taking place all
9:06the way up to Our Gospel text so here
9:08notice that Jesus is talking like his
9:10words are equal to God’s words
9:13that’s a funny way to act I mean if I
9:15were to tell you Hey listen I’ve got
9:17some really great ideas listen to my
9:18words oh and my words well they’re going
9:20to set you free you think all right
9:23Pastor rosebrose lost it right well this
9:26is the way Jesus is talking and it’s not
9:28an accident so they these are the ones
9:30who don’t believe in Jesus they answered
9:32him we are offspring of Abraham and have
9:34never been enslaved to anyone how is it
9:36that you say that we will become free to
9:39which I would say really you’ve never
9:40been enslaved to anyone I just read from
9:42Exodus 3 how all of the children of
9:44Israel were enslaved in Egypt
9:46how do you get off saying you were never
9:48enslaved to anyone right clearly they’ve
9:51lost sight of a few things here
9:53Jesus though answers he says truly truly
9:55I say to you everyone who practices sin
9:58is a slave to sin
10:01the slave does not remain in the house
10:03forever the sun remains forever so if
10:05the sun sets you free you will be free
10:07indeed ah what is the sun setting you
10:11free from
10:14right and this is an important thing
10:17biblically this is a major category when
10:21you start talking about slavery and
10:23freedom type and Shadow in the Old
10:25Testament right the reality is is that
10:28the slavery we all find ourselves
10:32well born into is slavery descent so
10:36Jesus talks about Sin in this way Paul
10:39in Romans 6 talks about Sin in this way
10:41the Apostle Peter also talks about Sin
10:44in this way I’ll point out a little bit
10:46of a little bit of
10:48cross-reference here from First Peter
10:49chapter two I’ll start at verse 9. Peter
10:52writing to Christians says this about
10:53them you are a chosen race you are a
10:56royal priesthood you are a holy nation
10:59and the people for his own possession
11:00that you may proclaim the excellencies
11:03of him who called you out of Darkness
11:05Into His Marvelous Light once you were
11:08not a people but now you are God’s
11:10people once you had not received Mercy
11:12but now you have received Mercy notice
11:16here how the gospel precedes any talk
11:19about what we’re to do as Christians we
11:22do not do good works in order to become
11:25a chosen race we do not do good works in
11:27order to become a royal priesthood we do
11:30not do good works in order that God will
11:33once and for all say all right I’m going
11:35to finally take you out of Darkness
11:39we are already a chosen race we are
11:42already God’s holy people we are already
11:44a royal priesthood because we are in
11:46all right and it’s because of that that
11:49we do good works
11:51so Peter continues
11:54because we have received Mercy I urge
11:57you as sojourners and Exiles to abstain
12:01from the passions of the flesh which
12:03wage war against your soul keep your
12:05conduct among the Gentiles honorable so
12:08when they speak against you as evil
12:10doers they may see your good deeds and
12:13glorify God on the day of visitation
12:15be subject for the Lord’s sake to every
12:19Human Institution whether it be the
12:21Emperor as supreme or to Governors as
12:23sent by him to punish those who do evil
12:26and to praise those who do good for this
12:28is the will of God that by doing good
12:31you should put to silence the ignorance
12:33of foolish people so notice here all the
12:36instructions about how we live all come
12:38off of the fact that we are forgiven
12:41that we are already Christians so live
12:44as people who are free Peter says oh
12:47there’s that concept again Freedom Live
12:49as people who are free not using your
12:52freedom as a cover-up for evil
12:55but living as Servants of God honor
12:58everyone love the Brotherhood fear God
13:00honor the emperor
13:04so it is for Freedom that Christ has set
13:05us free and slavery
13:07well this has to do with sin
13:11sin is slavery
13:13back to our gospel text still picking up
13:17a little context
13:18Jesus then says this
13:21I know that you are The Offspring of
13:23Abraham yet you seek to kill me because
13:25my word finds no place in you yeah
13:28genetic descendants of Abraham and Jews
13:31who well God’s word finds no place in
13:34them he says I speak of what I have seen
13:36with my father and you do what you have
13:39heard from your father a little bit of a
13:41warning here if you think that Jesus is
13:44kind of like well think back to the 60s
13:47you know a guy running around the
13:48landscape wearing a bathrobe driving in
13:51one of those wonderful VW Vans painted
13:54up with the flowers and runs around and
13:57says peace and you know things like that
13:59and maybe sways at the campfire while
14:02playing Kumbaya on his guitar you got
14:04the wrong Jesus okay that’s not what
14:06Jesus is like okay this is going to blow
14:09that up so I apologize but the real
14:12Jesus he’s kind of in your face
14:15and watch what he does here
14:17so Jesus says
14:19all right
14:22I know that your offspring of Abraham
14:23yet you seek to kill me because my word
14:25finds no place in you so they answered
14:28him Abraham is our father Jesus said all
14:32right if Abraham if you were Abraham’s
14:34children you’d be doing the works that
14:35Abraham did but now you seek to kill me
14:38a man who has told you the truth that I
14:40heard from God
14:42this is not what Abraham did
14:44you are doing The Works your father did
14:48and you can see them scratching their
14:51Our Father did
14:55they basically infer from this that
14:57Jesus is saying that they were
14:58illegitimately born so we they said well
15:01we have one father we were not born of
15:04sexual immorality we have one father
15:05even god well Jesus said to them all
15:08right if God were your father you would
15:09love me for I came from God and I’m here
15:11I came not of my own accord but he sent
15:14me why do you not understand what I say
15:17it’s because you cannot bear to hear my
15:20word you are of your father the devil
15:24and all the air got sucked out of the
15:28oh no he did and no way he just said
15:31that I mean seriously If This Were the
15:33Days of social media I mean could you
15:34imagine the outrage
15:36okay Twitter would be a buzz Facebook I
15:39mean it would be all over the place
15:40Jesus calls Jews Sons of the devil
15:46we got to do something about this
15:49right notice but he’s speaking the truth
15:52this isn’t hyperbole
15:54you are of your father the devil
15:56your will is to do your father’s desires
15:58he was a murderer from the beginning and
16:01does not stand in the truth because
16:03there is no truth in him when he lies he
16:06speaks out of his own character for he’s
16:08a liar and the father of lies because I
16:11tell you the truth you don’t believe me
16:13so which one of you convicts me of sin I
16:16tell you the truth why do you not
16:18believe me whoever is of God hears the
16:20words of God the reason why you do not
16:22hear them is that you are not of God
16:26and there’s our little that’s our
16:28context now
16:29all right so now to Our Gospel text
16:32which begins with their response to
16:34Jesus saying that their father is the
16:37devil they decide to respond in kind so
16:40the Jews answered Jesus are we not right
16:42in saying that you are a Samaritan and
16:44you have a demon
16:47all right
16:48by the way this is a racial Epitaph
16:50that’s a Samaritan
16:52phrase here at this point to call
16:54somebody Samaritan well that’s a lot
16:56like you know being in the South prior
16:58to the days of the civil rights movement
16:59and calling somebody the n-word
17:03so are we not right in saying that
17:05you’re uh and have a demon
17:10this conversation is
17:11spinning out of control but let me point
17:14something out here
17:15this is total blindness on their part
17:17and shows you the nature of Sin Sin
17:20blinds us to the truth being born
17:23enslaved to sin and the devil totally
17:26gets our world upside down we end up
17:28thinking that good is evil and that evil
17:31is good that’s how things get crazy and
17:33by the way the demons themselves they’re
17:36not even this blind let me give you an
17:38example Mark chapter 5 opens with a
17:41story about a demoniac in the garrisons
17:44here’s what it says when they came to
17:45the other side of the sea into the
17:47country of the garrisons and when Jesus
17:49had stepped out of the boat immediately
17:50there met him out of the tombs a man
17:52with an unclean Spirit he lived among
17:54the tombs no one can bind him anymore
17:56not even with a chain for he had often
17:59been bound with shackles and chains but
18:01he wrenched the chains apart he broke
18:03the shackles and pieces no one had the
18:05strength to subdue him night and day
18:07among the tombs on the mountains he was
18:09always crying out and cutting himselves
18:11with stones I mean this sounds like the
18:14preview for a terribly scary horror
18:17movie right can you imagine seeing this
18:20on this big screen you know some new
18:22horror movie coming out featuring this
18:24guy doesn’t get much worse than this
18:26right demon possessed you’ve totally
18:28lost control of yourself but again the
18:30demons are not as blind as we are so
18:32when Jesus when he saw Jesus from afar
18:35this demoniac ran and fell before him
18:37and cried out with a loud voice get this
18:40what have you to do with me Jesus Son of
18:43the most high God
18:47the demons know who Jesus is
18:52they know
18:56these Jews who Jesus is talking to
18:59tally Clueless
19:02so Jesus’s answer to them I do not have
19:05a demon
19:06but I honor my father and you dishonor
19:10yet I do not seek my own Glory there’s
19:12one who seeks it he’s the judge truly I
19:14say to you if anyone keeps my word he
19:17will never see death
19:21do you believe that
19:24it’s true Jesus doesn’t lie
19:26I don’t know what it means
19:28I really don’t
19:29I just know that Jesus doesn’t lie so if
19:32you’re in Christ
19:35and those who are in Christ keep his
19:36word you’re never going to see death
19:39so when death comes knocking whatever
19:42whatever that end looks like you’re not
19:44going to see it you’re not going to
19:45taste it and of course this incites his
19:49now they think he’s totally lost it
19:52right he’s talking about his words as if
19:54you know it’s somehow going to keep you
19:56from dying
19:57and Jesus is speaking the truth just in
19:59a way I don’t understand so the Jew said
20:02to him now we know you have a demon
20:03Abraham died as did the prophets yet you
20:07say if anyone keeps my word he’ll never
20:09taste death are you greater than our
20:11Father Abraham who died and the prophets
20:13who died who do you make yourself out to
20:16be it’s either they’re starting to catch
20:18on Jesus isn’t claiming to be an
20:20ordinary human
20:22so Jesus answered well if I glorify
20:24myself my glory is nothing it’s my
20:26father who glorifies me of whom you say
20:29he is our God
20:31but you have not known him I know him if
20:34I were to say that I do not know him I
20:36would be a liar like you but I do know
20:39him and I keep his word your father
20:42Abraham rejoiced that he would see my
20:44day he saw it and was glad
20:50when did Abraham Rejoice at seeing
20:52Jesus’s day where does it say that in
20:54the Book of Genesis answer it doesn’t
20:58Jesus is talking about Abraham in a way
21:00well as if he has like inside
21:03information about Abraham that ain’t
21:06nobody got because he and Abraham used
21:08to kick it together or something like
21:09that right
21:12now a little bit of a side note here
21:15Abraham did know about the day of the
21:18Lord and he did rejoice and when you
21:20read the church fathers when they try to
21:22pinpoint well where is it that Abraham
21:24Sees at least from afar the day of the
21:27Lord coming
21:28and rejoices in it they pinpoint it to
21:31Genesis 22 with the sacrifice of Isaac
21:34all right
21:35the Lord calls on Abraham to go to Mount
21:38Moriah and sacrifice his son Isaac as
21:42they’re going Isaac says where’s the
21:44lamb for the sacrifice Abraham says the
21:46Lord himself will provide for himself
21:49the lamb for the sacrifice
21:52and then they continue verse 9 of 22
21:54they came to the place of which God had
21:55told him Abraham built the altar there
21:57laid the wood in order bound Isaac his
22:00son laid him on the altar on top of the
22:01wood dress rehearsal for the crucifixion
22:04by the way so Abraham reached out his
22:06hand took the knife to slaughter his son
22:08but the angel of the Lord called to him
22:10from heaven and said Abraham Abraham and
22:13he said here I am he said do not lay
22:15your hand on the boy or do anything to
22:17him for now I know that you fear God
22:19seeing that you have not withheld your
22:21son your only son from me Abraham lifted
22:24up his eyes and looked and behold behind
22:26him was a ram caught in the thicket by
22:28his horns
22:31so Abraham went took the ram offered it
22:33up as a burnt offering instead of his
22:35son Abraham called the name of that
22:37place the Lord will provide
22:40as it is said to this day on the Mount
22:42of the Lord it shall be provided
22:46and see that’s the day
22:49that Abraham’s looking to the day in
22:51which on the mountain the Lord it will
22:53be provided because on Mount Moriah if
22:56you were to travel there today you can
22:57go there Mount Moriah is crowned with
22:59the Temple Mount today and it was just
23:01outside the city Gates of Jerusalem on
23:03the slopes of Mount Moriah that God did
23:06provide the lamb for himself for the
23:07sacrifice and that’s the Lamb of God who
23:09takes away the sin of the world Jesus
23:11Christ on the Mount of the Lord it shall
23:13be provided and it was
23:16Abraham knew that day was coming and he
23:19rejoiced we have now seen and heard of
23:22that day and we also Rejoice with
23:25back to our story
23:28so the Jews picking up on the fact that
23:30Jesus is talking about Abraham in a way
23:31as if he really knows him said to him
23:34you’re not yet 50 years old and you’ve
23:36seen Abraham and here comes the bomb are
23:38you ready Jesus said to them truly truly
23:41I say to you before Abraham was
23:44I am
23:48who is Jesus making himself out to be
23:53he just used the divine name from Exodus
23:583 for himself
24:01well here’s what the text says so they
24:04picked up stones to throw at him not to
24:06say get out of here but to kill him
24:10because they believed he committed the
24:12sin of blasphemy and that he needed to
24:15die for
24:16because Jesus was claiming to be God
24:21but he hid himself and went out of the
24:25so Jesus was using the name that the
24:28Lord had revealed to Moses the name of
24:30which God himself said quote this is my
24:34name forever and thus I am to be
24:36remembered throughout all generations so
24:38now the story comes full circle
24:43remember in Exodus it says the Lord said
24:46I’ve surely seen the Affliction of my
24:48people who are in Egypt have heard their
24:51cry because of their task Masters I know
24:54their sufferings and I have come down to
24:56deliver them out of the hand of the
24:57Egyptians and to bring them up out of
25:00the land to a good and Broad land a land
25:02flowing with milk and honey
25:04in other words God has seen our
25:07afflictions and has heard our cries for
25:11deliverance and has heard our pleas for
25:14Liberation from our task Masters the
25:18devil and his demon horde
25:21God knows our sufferings and the I am
25:24who spoke to Moses in the burning bush
25:26he has now come down to deliver us and
25:30then take us to a good and Broad land
25:33flowing with milk and honey which is the
25:36new Earth
25:37whose capital as the New Jerusalem come
25:39down out of heaven
25:41and by the way Jesus has conquered
25:44our task Masters Colossians 2 13-15 puts
25:49it this way
25:50and you you Christians you were once
25:52dead in your trespasses and the
25:54uncircumcision of your flesh but God has
25:56made you alive together with Christ
25:58having forgiven us all of our trespasses
26:01by canceling the record of death that
26:03stood against us with its legal demands
26:05he is thus set it aside nailing it to
26:07the cross and by doing so he has
26:09disarmed the rulers and the authorities
26:12and put them to open Shame by triumphing
26:15over them in him the rulers and
26:18authorities here who Christ has
26:20conquered by the cross is the devil and
26:22all of his demons
26:24triumphed over them
26:26Jesus death on the cross therefore is
26:30our Emancipation Proclamation
26:34we are free
26:36his death fulfilled the prophecy Jesus
26:39spoke to Abraham in which he so greatly
26:41rejoiced that on the mountain of the
26:42Lord it would be provided and it was we
26:45now have been liberated to slavery to
26:47the devil we have been liberated from
26:49slavery to death we have been liberated
26:51from slavery to sin
26:54we have been baptized into the Red Sea
26:57of Christ’s blood and through and though
27:01we are are now in the wilderness
27:02sojourning through this life
27:05Christ is guiding us to the River Jordan
27:08where we will finally walk on dry land
27:11yet again because we will not see death
27:15and we will finally set foot in a land
27:18that is unlike this one a land flowing
27:21with milk and honey a land illuminated
27:23by the glory of God a land where we will
27:26forever see the face of Christ a land in
27:29a World Without End
27:32there will be no more sickness
27:34there will be no more brain tumors no
27:36more multiple sclerosis
27:38no more dementia no more suffering No
27:42More Death no more sin
27:44no more Tyrant devil in his demonic
27:49Christ through his death and his
27:51resurrection for you has toppled the
27:54satanic regime and now Reigns as king of
27:57kings and Lord of lords
27:59so let us rejoice
28:01and be glad with Abraham because like
28:03him we too have seen Christ’s day and
28:06like Abraham let us praise God for the
28:08great Victory and Liberation that has
28:11been won for us by The Great I Am
28:14himself Jesus Christ on Mount Calvary in
28:18the name of Jesus
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