Sermon Transcript – Like a Thief In the Night

Series A – Second To Last Sunday of the Church Year – Sunday, November 16, 2014 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28in the name of Jesus
0:32the text I’ll be preaching from this
0:33morning is our epistle text the gospel
0:36text will be spending some time looking
0:37at it during Sunday School in light of
0:39Genesis 3. actually the two work
0:42together and I’ll explain that during
0:44Sunday School
0:46our epistle text begins with these words
0:48now Brothers about times and dates we do
0:51not need to write to you why well you
0:54know very well that the day of the Lord
0:55will come like a thief in the night
0:58now who remembers the book that Hal
1:01Lindsay wrote entitled the late great
1:03planet Earth
1:04who read it
1:06okay how about the sequel uh 1980s
1:10countdown to Armageddon yeah I read that
1:13too unfortunately and in case you
1:15haven’t noticed the 80s have come and
1:19okay although I still really like these
1:22Styles and the skinny ties and all that
1:24kind of stuff but that’s a different
1:25story now have a question were any of
1:28you raptured on September 6 1994
1:32no okay uh May 21st 2011 any of you
1:35raptured no you you were raptured
1:38Stephen okay
1:40we’ll have to talk to you later how
1:42about October 21st 2011 any of you
1:46no okay now the reason I ask is because
1:49each three of all three of those dates
1:51were dates that Herald camping predicted
1:53that Christ would return
1:55and of course he’s very he was very
1:58convinced at the time that he had
2:00cracked the X catalogical code now let
2:03me get a little closer to home how many
2:04of you fear that the four blood moons
2:06are a harbinger of the impending return
2:08of Jesus
2:10this is this is kind of a popular book
2:13right now by the way they’re not and
2:15I’ll explain that from scripture here in
2:16a moment now all of these books and
2:18their prophetic speculations are nothing
2:20but the ravings of men who are off
2:22Mission any of you spend time in the
2:24corporate world you know what mission
2:26creep is Mission creep is a bad thing
2:30you know it would be as if Apple
2:32computer decided that it was going to
2:34start working on you know making fast
2:36food chains that’s what we would call
2:37Mission creep I am not interested in
2:40eating a MC Apple you know uh whatever
2:42you know you get what I’m saying or an I
2:45never mind I hamburgers and things like
2:47that that would be called Mission Creek
2:49Apple computer focusing on fast food
2:51well the same thing applies when it
2:53comes to eschatological uh code cracking
2:57it’s you’re off Mission this is not what
3:00Jesus has given the church to do which
3:02is why Paul begins our epistle text this
3:05morning with these words now Brothers
3:07about times and dates we do not need to
3:08write to you for you know very well that
3:10the day of the Lord will come like a
3:11thief in the night
3:12what hour do do thieves say Hey listen
3:15um you know I’m going to be there
3:16tonight uh 2 30. does that work for you
3:20I mean no Thief does this right so this
3:24is this is something we need to consider
3:26here all of these books
3:28from these eschatological code Breakers
3:30don’t buy these books don’t listen to
3:32these men they are end time
3:34speculationists who are all hyped with
3:37no biblical substance they use
3:39sensationalism to play on the fears of
3:41Christians in order to sell their books
3:43they all claim to have cracked the
3:45Bible’s end time code and in the end
3:47they end up robbing Christians of their
3:49money and the joy and peace and comfort
3:51given to us in scripture regarding the
3:53end times you’ll notice that our epistle
3:56text is not all doom and gloom coming
3:58soon there’s something more to this text
4:00fact is that Paul in our morning’s
4:03epistle text shows us that there is no
4:05end times code to crack you know it’s
4:08not like the book of Revolution the
4:10Revelation is a Sudoku puzzle and you
4:12got to figure it out and at the end of
4:13it you’ve got the numbers that you can
4:15put in order and figure out the date
4:16that Jesus is going to return that’s not
4:18how this works so the Bible doesn’t give
4:20us a puzzle to solve instead it gives us
4:23a message a gospel a good good news to
4:26Proclaim until Jesus returns and by the
4:30way Jesus himself makes this exact point
4:33if you’d like to look on in Acts chapter
4:351 I want to take a look at the first
4:37eight verses in Acts and I want to point
4:39something out to you a little known
4:41passage that I think is worth reviewing
4:43when it comes to all these end times
4:45speculations Acts chapter 1 I’ll start
4:48in verse 1 so we get our context here
4:50here’s what Luke writes he says in my
4:52former book Theophilus I wrote about all
4:55that Jesus began to do and to teach you
4:57know Luke is the author of the of the
4:59Gospel of Luke as well as the book of
5:00Acts so Theophilus is the person he
5:02wrote These to
5:04so I wrote about all that Jesus began to
5:06do and teach until that day when he was
5:08taken up to heaven and after giving
5:09instructions through the Holy Spirit to
5:11the apostles he had chosen after his
5:13suffering he showed himself to these men
5:15and gave many convincing proofs that he
5:17was alive like eating with them right he
5:19appeared to them over a period of 40
5:21days and spoke about the kingdom of God
5:23on one occasion while he was eating with
5:26them he gave them this command do not
5:28leave Jerusalem but wait for the gift of
5:30my that my father promised which you
5:32have heard me speak about for John
5:34baptized with water but in a few days
5:36you will be baptized with the holy
5:38spirit so when they met together
5:41so when they met together they asked him
5:43Lord are you at this time going to
5:46restore the kingdom to Israel the big
5:48eschatological question the kingdom of
5:51God here on Earth and you could just see
5:53Jesus going I spent three years with you
5:55guys so here’s Jesus’s response he said
5:59to them it is not for you to know the
6:03times or the dates that the father has
6:06set by his own authority
6:09you mean Peter and Paul and James and
6:13Bartholomew and those that they weren’t
6:15allowed to know when Jesus was coming
6:18bingo so notice it is not for you to
6:22know the times of the dates the father
6:23has set by his own authority but you
6:25will receive power when the Holy Spirit
6:27comes on you and you will be my
6:29Witnesses in Jerusalem and in Judea and
6:32Samaria and to the ends of the Earth
6:36so eschatological code cracking is not
6:40given for us to do
6:42that’s Mission creep the mission that we
6:44have is to Proclaim Christ and him
6:47crucified for our sins to call Sinners
6:49to repent and to be forgiven by what
6:52Christ has done for them on the cross
6:53all of that other stuff if you’ve seen
6:56the movie up that dog you know he’s the
7:00talking dog
7:01I think you’re great right okay well
7:05that’s what’s going on with this es
7:07catalogical stuff it’s a squirrel don’t
7:09pay attention to the squirrels what
7:11Jesus tells us what God’s word tells us
7:13is to stay on Mission and when it talks
7:16about the end times it does so in a way
7:17in a way that gives us Comfort now let
7:21me remind you what Jesus said in a
7:23couple of other places remember we’ve
7:25read the Olivet discourse last week I
7:26won’t reread the entire thing although I
7:28was highly tempted to do so Matthew 24
7:30verses 4 through 5 Jesus said watch out
7:33that no one deceives you many will come
7:35in my name claiming I am the Christ and
7:37they will deceive many this is a mark of
7:39the end times verses 26 and 27 so if
7:42anyone tells you there he is out in the
7:44desert don’t go out or here he is or in
7:47the Inner Room don’t believe it for as
7:49the lightning comes from the East and is
7:52visible even to the West so will be the
7:54coming of the son of man in other words
7:56when Jesus shows up everybody on the
8:00planet is gonna know it’s Jesus ain’t
8:01nobody gonna have any doubts about it
8:03it’s like people are going to go I don’t
8:06is that Jesus you know no they’re
8:08they’re all going to know okay this it’s
8:10not going to be a secret it’s not going
8:12to happen in it’s it’s not like you’re
8:13going to hear it in the news that Jesus
8:15has showed up and he’s going to appear
8:16in Canada and Winnipeg you know so let’s
8:18drive on up there and let’s see Jesus no
8:20that’s not how this works now I told you
8:22I’d tell you about the blood moons those
8:24of you who may be tempted by this thing
8:26let me explain something to you I’m very
8:28familiar with this Blood Moon’s business
8:31and it’s a bad bad book and the reason
8:34why is because it somehow equates a very
8:37normal thing that happens they’re called
8:39lunar eclipses they happen from time to
8:42night from time to time you know the
8:44moon passes into the Earth’s Shadow this
8:46is a this has been happening for like
8:48Millennia and it happens regularly they
8:50happen when I was a kid nobody freaked
8:52out about it but nowadays you know
8:54people are trying to somehow take these
8:55Blood Moons you know these these lunar
8:57eclipses and say oh look they fall on
9:00feast days in the Hebrew calendar it
9:01must be a harbinger of the end
9:03let’s take a look at Matthew chapter 24
9:05real quick this Bible does talk about
9:08the Moon turning to blood but watch how
9:10it does so
9:12Matthew 24 29-33 immediately after the
9:15tribulation of those days watch this the
9:18sun will be darkened
9:21the what the sun will be darkened okay
9:24well I don’t know if you’ve noticed this
9:26but the moon doesn’t actually give off
9:27any of its own light it kind of borrows
9:29it from the Sun Well if the Sun is
9:32darkened what do you think is going to
9:34happen to the Moon
9:35right it’s going to become dark it says
9:38and the sun will be dark and the moon
9:40will not give its light the Stars will
9:41fall from the heaven and the powers of
9:43the heavens will be shaken
9:44so this Blood Moon business yeah the
9:48blood moon you’re looking for is in
9:50tandem with the sun darkening when that
9:53happens you know Jesus is just about to
9:57return and you say yeah you don’t say oh
10:01you say yeah so and here’s what it says
10:03so then the then will appear in heaven
10:05the sign of the son of man and all the
10:06tribes of the earth will mourn they will
10:08see the son of man coming on the Clouds
10:10Of Heaven and the powers and the great
10:11glory and he will send out his angels
10:13with a loud trumpet call and they will
10:15gather his elect from the Four Winds
10:17from one end of the heaven to the other
10:18from the Fig Tree learn its lesson as
10:21soon as its branches become tender and
10:23puts out its leaves you know that summer
10:25is near so also when you see all these
10:27things you know that it is near at the
10:30very Gates so it’s not like we’re going
10:32to be caught unawares why well we know
10:34God’s word Jesus has kind of given us
10:36the inside scoop we know what’s coming
10:38and if we’re alive when these things
10:40happen we’re not going to be caught
10:42unawares now back to our now back to our
10:46epistle text just a reminder it’s not
10:47for you to know the times of the dates
10:49the father has set by his own authority
10:50we can know that it’s getting close and
10:52that’s about all that we can know so
10:54Paul then says this while people are
10:57saying peace and safety here on the
11:00earth destruction will come on them
11:02suddenly as labor pains on a pregnant
11:04woman and they will not Escape
11:07now I like the fact that it describes
11:10Christ’s return as labor pains because
11:12that’s talking about the arrival of new
11:14life and what’s going to give birth with
11:16all the labor pains in the tribulation
11:17in the end is the visible kingdom of God
11:20at new Heavens new Earth it’s a big deal
11:22and it’s something that we can Rejoice
11:23about but for those who are not in
11:27who have heard the good news and
11:28rejected Jesus persisted in sin and
11:30unbelief this is not going to be a good
11:33day this is why Zephaniah describes it
11:35this way remember our Old Testament text
11:37on that day declares Yahweh a cry will
11:40go up from the fish gate wailing from
11:42the new quarter in a loud crash from the
11:44hills whale you who live in the Market
11:47District all you Merchants will be wiped
11:49out all who trade with silver will be
11:52ruined at that time I will search
11:54Jerusalem with lamps and punish those
11:56who are complacent who are like wine
11:58left on its dregs who think the Lord
12:00will do nothing either good or bad
12:03it’s like somebody’s saying you really
12:05believe Jesus is coming back come on
12:07it’s been like 2 000 years really yeah
12:11come on Jesus isn’t going to do anything
12:13either way he’s Jesus is off playing
12:15golf somewhere on a different planet
12:16right their wealth will be plundered
12:19their houses demolished they will build
12:22houses but not live in them they will
12:23plant Vineyards but not drink the wine
12:25the great day of the Lord is near near
12:29and it’s coming quickly listen The Cry
12:32of the day of the Lord will be bitter
12:34and shouting of the warrior there the
12:36day that day will be a day of Wrath a
12:39day of distress and anguish a day of
12:41trouble and ruin a day of darkness and
12:43Gloom a day of clouds and Blackness a
12:45day of trumpet and Battle Cry against
12:47the Fortified cities against the corner
12:49towers do you kind of see why
12:51everybody’s going to know it’s Jesus you
12:53know it’s this is the description of
12:55what the day of the Lord is going to be
12:59this kind of hearkens to what we heard
13:01at the end of our gospel text
13:04Jesus says throw that worthless servant
13:06outside into into the darkness where
13:08they’ll be weeping and gnashing of teeth
13:10yeah Jesus believed in hell
13:12in other words the popular preachers at
13:15evangelicalism has put out there who
13:17tell us that love wins and that there is
13:19no hell
13:20they’re not speaking the truth
13:22they’re not speaking the truth they’re
13:24deceiving people but now for the good
13:26news but you Brothers
13:29sisters notice that Paul acts like he’s
13:32writing to Christians can you imagine
13:34that what a thought and you know what
13:36I’m a pastor in a church so I feel like
13:38I’m talking to Christians so I’ve got
13:40some words of comfort for you this
13:41morning you are not in the darkness so
13:44that this day should surprise you like a
13:46thief you’re not
13:48you are all sons of the light now Sons
13:51is used in a broad sense we can say Sons
13:54and Daughters here you are all sons of
13:56the light that’s you you
13:58Judy you are a son daughter of the light
14:01Gary you are Don you are everybody here
14:05we are sons of the light
14:08we do not belong to the night or to the
14:12so then let us not be like others who
14:15are asleep
14:16but let us be alert and self-controlled
14:19for those who sleep they sleep at night
14:22and those who get drunk get drunk at
14:25so because you are children of the light
14:28live as children of the light be sober
14:31minded and awake good cross reference to
14:34this passage is Romans chapter 13 11-14
14:36besides this you know the time that is
14:39the hour has come for you to wake from
14:42salvation is near to us now than when we
14:45first believed Paul writes it sure
14:48certainly is salvation is nearer now
14:51it’s almost here it’s like Christmas is
14:53coming for salvation is nearer now to us
14:56well then when we first believe the
14:58night is far gone the day is at hand
15:04so then let us cast off the works of
15:06darkness and put on the armor of light
15:09let us walk properly as in the daytime
15:11not in orgies or drunkenness not in
15:14sexual immorality and sensuality not in
15:16quarreling and not in jealousy
15:19put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no
15:21provision for the flesh to gratify its
15:23desires the light is about to break
15:27since we belong to the day let us be
15:30self-controlled putting on faith and
15:32love as a breastplate look at that faith
15:35in love as a defensive armor what a
15:38beautiful thought and the hope of
15:40Salvation as a helmet
15:42for God did not appoint us to suffer
15:46let me tweak this a little bit God did
15:48not appoint you to suffer Wrath
15:52instead to receive salvation through our
15:55Lord Jesus Christ he died for us so that
15:58whether we are awake or asleep that
16:00means dead or alive we may live together
16:03with him
16:05so encourage each other and build each
16:07other up just as in fact you are doing
16:10that’s right God did not appoint us for
16:13wrath Christ bled and died for you
16:16he has given us salvation we have
16:20received his salvation he’s washed Us in
16:23the waters of baptism
16:24buried us with Christ raised us with
16:28Christ has circumcised our hearts every
16:30Sunday that we have the Lord’s Supper
16:32the Lord is here and you receive his
16:34body and blood broken and shed for you
16:36for the Forgiveness of your sins you are
16:38not children of the darkness you are
16:40children of the light Christ has bled
16:42and died for you and he has not
16:44appointed you to suffer the wrath of God
16:48on that great and terrible day
16:53you will see Christ face to face
16:56and just like the good servants in the
17:00parable that we read in Our Gospel text
17:02you too will hear from Jesus well done
17:06good and faithful servant
17:09and you might be tempted to say but yeah
17:15I know what I’ve done
17:18I don’t deserve this
17:21and the reality is you don’t but the uh
17:24the other reality is this there is no
17:26higher authority than Jesus and he’s
17:29bled and died for you he’s accounted for
17:31your sins and so on the great day of
17:35his verdict cannot be overthrown you are
17:39in him and he has said you are not
17:42appointed for Wrath
17:45you are saved you are in Christ he has
17:48bled and died for you the gavel has come
17:52and you are declared innocent
17:55let us rejoice with what a great
17:57salvation that we have in Christ
18:00he came to save sinners sinners like me
18:03and like you and that we have hope on
18:07this day of Terror the day of the great
18:09Wrath of the Lord
18:10we are assured that he did not appoint
18:12us to suffer that wrath instead we have
18:15received salvation through our Lord
18:17Jesus Christ in Jesus name amen
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