Sermon Transcript – Longing to See one of His Days

Series C – Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, October 16, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:30chapter 18 verses 1 through 8.
0:34and Jesus told them a parable to the
0:36effect that they ought to always pray
0:38and not lose heart
0:41he said in a certain city there was a
0:43judge who neither feared God nor
0:45respected man and there was a widow in
0:47that City who kept coming to him saying
0:49give me Justice against my adversary for
0:53a while he refused but afterward he said
0:56to himself though I neither fear God nor
0:58respect man yet because this Widow keeps
1:00bothering me I will give her justice so
1:02that she will not beat me down by her
1:04continual coming
1:06and the Lord said hear what the
1:08unrighteous judge says and will not God
1:11give Justice to his elect who cry to him
1:13day and night will he delay long over
1:16them I tell you he will give Justice to
1:19them speedily nevertheless
1:21when the son of man comes will he find
1:25faith on Earth
1:27you may be seated in the name of Jesus
1:31all right our text today from our gospel
1:33lesson is a well teaching us something
1:35about prayer
1:37but don’t think for a second that the
1:39punch line of Jesus’s Parable is just
1:42keep nagging God and you’ll eventually
1:44get what you want
1:45and that’d be a great way to you know
1:48that’d be wonderful I’d get whatever I
1:49want as long as I just nag God come on
1:51God God I want this please give it to me
1:54God says no I go back come on God I
1:58really really really really really
1:59really want this that sounds kind of
2:01like the spoiled child approach to
2:03prayer that’s not what Jesus is talking
2:06about now in order to understand what it
2:09is that Jesus is really referring to
2:11you’ll notice that there was a gap
2:14from last week’s gospel lesson the
2:16healing of the ten lepers and this
2:19week’s gospel lesson and the context and
2:21the right way of understanding what
2:23Jesus is talking about is found in the
2:25Gap now as we work through the gap for
2:28our context then think of it this way
2:31we’re going to have to learn some well
2:34theological jargon if you want some big
2:38impressive theological ten dollar words
2:40that you can throw around at you know
2:42Christmas parties and things like that
2:44take some notes and then you can use
2:46those you know to impress your friends
2:47later that’s really not the point of it
2:49you’re going to need some theological
2:51jargon because well Christianity has
2:53some Concepts that must be taught and
2:55not rightly understood so to help us get
2:57the context we’re going to pick up at
3:00the very tail end of last week’s gospel
3:03lesson Luke chapter 17 verse 15. if you
3:06remember the point of last week’s gospel
3:09lesson was that there’s a new Temple in
3:11town that new Temple is Jesus and we’re
3:13going to note that the Pharisees
3:15quickly pick up on what’s going on here
3:18and its implications regarding the
3:19kingdom of God and then watch what Jesus
3:22does here’s what it says Luke chapter 17
3:24verse 15 then one of them when he saw
3:27that he was healed this is the Samaritan
3:29turn back praising God with a loud voice
3:31voice he fell on his face at Jesus’s
3:34feet giving thanks and now he was a
3:38when Jesus answered we’re not ten
3:40cleansed where are the nine was no one
3:43found to return and give praise to God
3:45except for this Foreigner we noted that
3:47for the first time in 400 years a
3:49Samaritan actually worshiped at the
3:51right Temple and so he said to them rise
3:54and go your faith has
3:56saved you that’s what the Greek says
3:59next verse being asked by the Pharisees
4:02so the Pharisees were clearly standing
4:04by and they see the Samaritan worshiping
4:06and thanking Jesus for healing him and
4:11they can see the connection now and
4:13immediately they kind of pick up on the
4:16theme and they said so the Pharisees
4:18when the king they asked him when the
4:20kingdom of God would come so when is the
4:22kingdom of God coming then Jesus that’s
4:24kind of what’s going on here
4:26and Jesus answered them the kingdom of
4:29God is not coming in ways that can be
4:33observed the way the Greek says it the
4:36kingdom of God does not come by
4:39in other words those people nowadays who
4:42are very well dead set on trying to
4:46crack the end times code eschatology by
4:50the way is the name given for the study
4:54of the end times eskatos last okay so
4:57eschatology is the study of the last
4:58times those who read the newspaper and
5:03with one hand in the Bible with another
5:06trying to figure out are these the signs
5:09and the times and we can figure out that
5:11Jesus is coming back next Thursday at
5:14four o’clock Eastern
5:16it always ends up in them making
5:18predictions does it not
5:20and how you know I sometimes joke and
5:22this is kind of a silly thing to do but
5:24I joke about how I have survived the end
5:26of the world at least six times in my
5:28adult life so the next time somebody
5:30predicts the end of the world it’s like
5:32oh I gotta survive the end of the world
5:34again really it always turns out to be a
5:37non-event right so Jesus puts all of
5:40that away he says the kingdom of God
5:42does not come by observation
5:44now that’s not to say that Jesus hasn’t
5:47given us things to look for that warn us
5:50of his eminent return
5:52but keep in mind the things that Jesus
5:54warned us about well they are likened to
5:58birth pangs and those of you men who’ve
6:00had your wives go to the hospital
6:02because they’ve given birth we all know
6:04how that works out right you go to the
6:07hospital because the wife wakes you up
6:08in the middle of life and says it’s time
6:11the baby’s coming and what do you do you
6:15drive 90 miles an hour to the you know
6:18to the hospital you know the police pull
6:20you over my wife’s having a baby that’s
6:22okay I’ll escort you and then when
6:25you’re driving the hell yeah right and
6:27then you get to the hospital and what do
6:29you do they hook her up to all the
6:30machines you got the probes and the and
6:32the the graph thing going on okay we’re
6:35ready we’re ready and what do you do
6:37you wait
6:39and the doctor comes and says well yeah
6:41she’s at four centimeters you know
6:44hunker down you’re going to be here for
6:46a while
6:4736 hours later and no sleep
6:51right what are you doing it’s like is
6:54this baby gonna come or not but all
6:57along what is happening is the
6:58contractions are getting closer and
7:01closer and stronger and stronger and
7:04your wife is getting more and more
7:07so all of the signs of the end times
7:10pointing to the birth of the new Earth
7:13well they’re like that so Hunker in
7:16we’re going to be here for a while
7:17that’s kind of Jesus’s point
7:21so Jesus then says the kingdom of God
7:24doesn’t come by observation nor will
7:26they say look here it is or there behold
7:29for behold the kingdom of God
7:31is among you it’s in the midst of you
7:34the kingdom of God is here right now do
7:36you see it
7:40well that’s an awkward silence
7:42you see the kingdom of God comes to us
7:45where people are brought to penance and
7:47faith in Christ for the Forgiveness of
7:48their sins the kingdom of God is here
7:51we believe this by faith someday we will
7:54see it by sight so that’s why Jesus says
7:57when they say Hey There It Is don’t
7:58believe him
8:00oh there it is don’t believe him and
8:02then he said to his disciples so he’s
8:03kind of done with the Pharisees they’re
8:05kind of a hopeless case at this point
8:06anyway so he says to the disciples all
8:09right listen boys
8:11the days are coming when you are going
8:13to desire really long to see one of the
8:16days of the son of man
8:18and you’re not going to see it
8:22there’s times coming when you’re going
8:24to think oh man if only I can just have
8:27one day with Jesus like we had back in
8:31and that’s not going to happen and in
8:34their lifetime they’re going to hear
8:36people say look there’s Jesus or look
8:39here he’s over there
8:41do not go out or follow them for as the
8:46lightning flashes and lights up the sky
8:48from one side to the other so will be
8:52the son of man in his day
8:54in other words keep this in mind when we
8:56pair this with Matthew chapter 24 we
9:00learn that one of the big end times
9:03is going to be a bunch of people saying
9:06that guy over there we heard that Jesus
9:10appeared in a set up court in the
9:13Kingdom of God in Nigeria we’ve sent the
9:16TBN news crew to go and check to see oh
9:19yes we’ve got Jesus sightings in South
9:24and stuff like that and here’s the sad
9:26part the reason why Jesus warns us about
9:29this stuff is because there are going to
9:31be a lot of people who are Christians
9:34who are going to sit there and go really
9:37really and then when they see the image
9:40to The Fuzzy image of Jesus like the
9:42Sasquatch pictures on the television
9:44they’re gonna go oh that’s Jesus and
9:47it’s like no that’s not Jesus Jesus told
9:51you that’s not Jesus so that’s how
9:53deceptive things are in the last days so
9:55think of it this way when Jesus returns
9:58it’s going to be as obvious as Lightning
10:00ain’t nobody gonna sit there and go
10:03is is that Jesus everyone’s gonna know
10:06it’s Jesus and if you’re sitting there
10:07going is that Jesus it ain’t Jesus
10:09I know it just seems kind of obvious and
10:11I’m trying to have a little fun with
10:12this but this is a dark topic note this
10:15then Jesus said the son of man first he
10:19must suffer many things and be rejected
10:22by this generation and now Jesus engages
10:25in something that’s kind of fascinating
10:27as you read this next portion Jesus is
10:30going between two poles this is what we
10:33call and here comes the jargon this is
10:36inaugurated eschatology versus
10:39consummated eschatology the last days
10:43begin with the death resurrection and
10:45Ascension of Jesus they end with his
10:48coming in glory to judge the living and
10:50the dead so Jesus goes to two bookends
10:52and he kind of goes back and forth
10:54switches channels without any warning
10:56one second he’s he’s talking about
10:58inaugurated eschatology his death
11:00resurrection and then he switches to
11:03when he’s coming again in glory and so
11:05you kind of have to watch the two does
11:07that make sense
11:08so he says
11:10for as the lightning flashes
11:12crosses the sky so it will be the son of
11:15man in his day first he must suffer many
11:17things be rejected by this generation
11:20inaugurated eschatology just as it was
11:23in the days of Noah so it will be in the
11:25days of the son of man they were eating
11:26and drinking and marrying and giving in
11:28marriage until the day when Noah entered
11:30the Ark the flood came and destroyed
11:32them all
11:33consummated eschatology you see the two
11:35book ends here
11:37they were eating and drinking likewise
11:39just as it was in the days of lot they
11:41were eating and drinking buying and
11:43selling planting and building but on the
11:46day when when lot went out of Sodom fire
11:49and sulfur reigned from heaven and
11:51destroyed them all so it will be on the
11:53day when the son of man is revealed
11:56that’s the end of time on that day let
11:59the one who is on the housetop with his
12:01Goods in the house not come down to take
12:04them away and likewise when the one who
12:06is in the field not turned back and
12:09here’s the gist of what Jesus is saying
12:11we know what to expect Jesus told us
12:14what’s going to happen and if we happen
12:16to be alive on this day when Jesus
12:18returns in glory to judge the living and
12:19the dead your neighbors are going to do
12:22this unbelieving neighbors are going to
12:24go oh my goodness what are we going to
12:26do we gotta we gotta we gotta figure out
12:28how to survive this quick grab grab the
12:31photo albums get the bug out bag go get
12:34all that food that we’ve been stocking
12:36up and let’s go go get in our bunker
12:38like that’s gonna solve the problem we
12:41on the other hand we see the sign of
12:43Jesus is coming and we sit there oh
12:44that’s Jesus coming you know what we do
12:47grab a lawn chair and wait for the
12:49angels to pick you up
12:53there’s no point in running there’s no
12:54point in hiding we know how this is all
12:56going to go down and this is Jesus’s
12:57point so then he says
13:00whoever seeks to preserve his life will
13:03lose it whoever loses his life will keep
13:06I tell you in that night there will be
13:09two in one bed one will be taken the
13:12other left
13:13there will be two women grinding
13:15together one will be taken the other
13:17left now notice when does all this take
13:19place on the day that Jesus returns in
13:22glory to judge the living and the dead
13:24all right you’ll notice this one taken
13:26one left this isn’t secret stuff
13:28okay this is in conjunction with Jesus’s
13:31return in glory
13:33so the idea here is is that this one
13:35taken one left this is the separation of
13:39the sheep and the goats the Sheep on the
13:41right the goats on the left the angels
13:43are doing the Sorting
13:45so when they pick you up all right I’m
13:47gonna be put with the Sheep because
13:49that’s how that goes because you is
13:51sheep I know that’s bad English but it’s
13:53true so then they said to him
13:56where now this is an interesting thing
13:58so Jesus is describing consummated
14:02eschatology the very very last day and
14:06they go
14:07where’s this gonna happen
14:09okay now watch what Jesus does he goes
14:12all the way back to the other bracket
14:15where Lord he said to them where the
14:17corpse is
14:19there the vultures will gather
14:21he’s referring to the corpse of his body
14:23and where was Jesus’s corpse
14:26originally Jerusalem so in the sense
14:30this last phrase which is kind of a
14:31little bit cryptic Jesus is referring to
14:33his death and resurrection and also
14:35returning talking about the place to
14:37which he will physically return on the
14:39last day you see it
14:42now that’s our context
14:44so Jesus in talking about boys you’re
14:47going to wish to see experience and have
14:50one of those days with me but you’re not
14:52going to have it so what do you do in
14:54the in between time from the time of
14:57Jesus’s death and Resurrection into the
14:59time of his return what’s what’s your
15:03because I know you’re going to want to
15:05see me but it ain’t gonna happen and
15:08it’s going to seem like I’m not hearing
15:09your prayers and oh you’re going to go
15:11through all kinds of trials and
15:12tribulations it’s going to be really
15:14awful at times so what should be your
15:16mindset here’s what he says
15:18so Jesus told him a parable to the
15:20effect that they ought always to pray
15:24and not lose heart
15:26and so he tells the story about a really
15:30ornery judge this guy doesn’t care about
15:32anybody except for himself in a certain
15:35city there was a judge who neither
15:36feared God nor respected man and here’s
15:39kind of the point and that kind of tease
15:41this out this unjust judge is
15:46representing God in certain ways but
15:49Jesus’s point is that although this
15:51judge has similar power to God in that
15:54sense God is nothing like this judge
15:57and so trust that but here’s who he says
16:01this judge neither feared God nor
16:04respected man which means he was neither
16:08Jewish in his thinking because he didn’t
16:10fear and love God and he didn’t respect
16:12man he didn’t go along with the culture
16:14and that was an honor culture at the
16:16time you can say that he didn’t go along
16:18with Norwegian yantolovan Concepts right
16:20this guy was totally in it for himself
16:22and then there’s this Widow widows in
16:25that day had like nothing they had no
16:26power No Authority she’s totally at this
16:29guy’s mercy and this guy doesn’t care
16:31about her doesn’t care about their
16:34culture doesn’t care about God the only
16:37person he cares about is himself and so
16:39she came to him saying give me Justice
16:41against my adversary
16:43interesting little note there that
16:46frames what kind of prayer Jesus is
16:49talking about and I’ll show it to you
16:51from scripture in a minute give me
16:52Justice against my adversary for a while
16:57he refused
16:59but afterwards he said to himself self
17:01though I neither fear God nor respect me
17:04man yet because of this widow she keeps
17:06bothering me
17:08I’m gonna give her justice so that
17:09she’ll not continue to beat me down by
17:11her continual coming it’s like really
17:14you again seriously so finally he just
17:16acquiesces and gives her the justice
17:18that she
17:21and see here’s the thing this is the
17:23kind of prayer that Jesus is talking
17:25about because in the in-between time in
17:28the in between time of Jesus’s death and
17:30resurrection and his return we as
17:33Christians are persecuted we as
17:35Christians have to witness the rise of
17:38the rise of apostasy we have to see all
17:41kinds of things going wrong in the world
17:44and even in our own lives and here’s the
17:47reason why
17:48because God is saving people God is slow
17:53to anger and abounding and steadfast
17:55love and so God in his patience is not
17:59giving people what they deserve today
18:01instead today is the day of Mercy today
18:04is the day when we Proclaim that in
18:06Christ is the Forgiveness of sins
18:09in him his eternal life and salvation as
18:12a free gift today we talk about the free
18:14pardon in Grace
18:17that ends that ends when Jesus returns
18:21does that make sense so because of God’s
18:24Great patience and long-suffering and
18:27his forgiveness and Grace God puts up
18:30with a lot of nonsense in the in between
18:32and as a result of it we Christians
18:35experience persecution suffering well
18:39people who mock us people who become our
18:42adversaries and do injustices against us
18:45and what do we pray in the midst of all
18:47of that Lord are you even there do you
18:50not care I’m one of your children and we
18:54long to see the day of Christ just even
18:56one day like Jesus’s apostles and God
19:00tells us
19:01don’t lose heart keep praying God hears
19:08he hears you and that’s the point
19:10so Jesus said hear what the unrighteous
19:13judge says and will not God give Justice
19:16to his elect who cry to him day and
19:20night will he delay long over them
19:23no not long
19:26not long by God’s standards Maybe by
19:29ours and will not God give Justice to
19:32his elect and brothers and sisters
19:34that’s you
19:36you are the elect
19:38you are in Christ you are forgiven bled
19:41for died for Buried and raised with
19:44Christ your sins have been washed away
19:46and a couple weeks ago we had the Lord’s
19:48Supper where we feasted on the body and
19:50blood of Christ broken and shed for us
19:53for the Forgiveness of our sins
19:55you are his precious blood-bought
19:59children he hears you keep crying to him
20:03day and night and if you want to get an
20:05idea of what this looks like
20:07well the Psalms show us what these
20:09prayers look like Psalm 79 is a perfect
20:12example of this type of prayer that
20:15Jesus is encouraging his Saints to
20:18continue to pray don’t lose heart God
20:20hears Psalm 79 verse 1 says this
20:24oh God
20:26the Nations have come into your
20:28inheritance they’ve defiled your Holy
20:31Temple they’ve laid Jerusalem in Ruins
20:34they’ve given the bodies of your
20:35servants to the birds of the heavens for
20:37food the Flesh of your faithful to the
20:40beasts of the Earth
20:42they’ve poured out their blood like
20:44water all around Jerusalem there was no
20:46one to bury them we have become a taunt
20:49to our neighbors mocked and derided by
20:52those around us
20:54see this is the kind of prayer that
20:56Jesus is admonishing us to pray
21:00and not lose heart these prayers are not
21:03going nowhere God hears them
21:06the psalmist continues how long O Lord
21:12will you be angry forever will your
21:14jealousy burn like fire pour out your
21:17anger on the Nations that do not know
21:19you and on the kingdoms that do not call
21:21upon your name for they have devoured
21:23Jacob and laid waste his habitation
21:26do not remember against us our former
21:31and so you’ll notice it’s kind of two
21:33tracks in a prayer like this and this is
21:35the type of Prayer
21:36a prayer for justice but knowing this
21:39Justice does not come until Christ
21:44and that God is working to save sinners
21:47sinners like you and like me if he had
21:50not been patient and slow to anger where
21:53would we be today
21:55so we pray do not remember against us
21:57our former iniquities
21:59God let your compassion come speedily to
22:02meet us for we are brought very low help
22:05us o God of our salvation for the glory
22:08of your name
22:10Deliver Us and atone for our sins for
22:13your name’s sake why should the nation
22:16say where is their God let the avenging
22:19of the outpoured blood of your servants
22:22be known among the Nations before our
22:24eyes let the groans of the prisoners
22:26come before you according to your great
22:28power preserve those doomed to die
22:32returns seven-fold into the lap of our
22:35neighbors the taunts with which they
22:36have taunted You O Lord
22:38but we are your people
22:40we are the Sheep of your pasture we will
22:43give thanks to you forever from
22:45generation to generation we will recount
22:47your praise
22:49and so this type of Prayer
22:51causes us to bring our petitions to God
22:55to cry for justice to cry for mercy and
22:59to continue to trust him even if it
23:01means for a moment that evil gets the
23:04over the the upper hand even against us
23:09you can pray this prayer even if you’re
23:12being marched off to your death
23:16don’t lose heart God hears your prayers
23:19and how do I know this
23:22because Jesus himself prayed in this
23:25exact way
23:26and you won’t find Jesus’s prayer
23:30in the New Testament you’re going to
23:32find Jesus’s prayer in the Psalms it’s
23:35in Psalm 22 and watch how Jesus prays
23:38even in the midst of his crucifixion
23:42remember when Jesus was on the cross and
23:44he cried out
23:48my God my God why have you forsaken me
23:51well that prayer
23:53then in its entirety
23:55we see in Psalm 22. my God my God why
24:00have you forsaken me
24:02why are you so far from saving me from
24:05the words of my groaning
24:08oh my God I Cry by day but you do not
24:10answer by night but I find No Rest yet
24:13You Are Holy enthroned on the Praises of
24:17in you our fathers trusted they trusted
24:20and you delivered them to you they cried
24:22and were rescued in you they trusted and
24:24were not put to shame
24:26but I’m a worm not a man scorned by
24:29mankind despised by the people all who
24:32see me mock me they make mouths at me
24:35they wag their heads he trusts in the
24:37Lord let him deliver him let him rescue
24:40him for he Delights in him
24:43you are he who took me from the womb you
24:46made me trust at my mother’s breasts on
24:48you as I cast from my birth and from my
24:51mother’s womb you have been my God
24:54be not far from me for trouble is near
24:57and there’s none to help many bulls
25:00Encompass me strong Bulls of Bashan
25:02surround me they open wide their mouths
25:04at me like a ravening and roaring lion
25:06and I am poured out like water and all
25:10my bones are out of joint my heart is
25:12like waxed and it is melted within my
25:14breast my strength is dried up like a
25:17pot shirt and my tongue sticks to my
25:21and you lay me in the dust of death dogs
25:24Encompass me a company of evildoers
25:26encircles me they have pierced my hands
25:28and my feet and I can count all my bones
25:31they stare and glowed at me and they
25:32divide my garments among them
25:35for my clothing they cast lots
25:38But You O Lord
25:40do not be far off
25:42oh you my help come quickly to my Aid
25:46deliver my soul from The Sword my
25:49precious life from the power of the dog
25:51save me from the mouth of the lion you
25:54have rescued me from the horns of the
25:56wild oxen
25:58and I will tell of your name to my
26:00brothers in the midst of the
26:01congregation I will praise you you who
26:04fear the Lord praise him all you
26:07offspring of Jacob glorify him and stand
26:09in awe of him all you offspring of
26:11Israel for he is not despised or
26:14abhorred The Afflicted
26:15the Affliction of The Afflicted and he
26:17has not hidden his face from him but he
26:19has heard when he has cried to him
26:23so Jesus told a parable to the effect
26:25that they ought always to pray
26:28and not lose heart
26:30and this is the type of Prayer
26:32that we’re talking about
26:34the prayer in the now and the not yet
26:37where we are right now
26:39while the world is in labor
26:41and the birth pangs are getting stronger
26:44and getting closer together a new world
26:47is on its way it’s here but it’s not yet
26:51and in these times of Affliction Christ
26:53has comforted us and said do not lose
26:55heart God hears your prayers and God is
26:58nothing like that unjust judge and he
27:00will answer your prayers speedily he
27:04will not long delay to give you justice
27:08trust in him in the same way that Christ
27:10trusted while he was on the cross
27:14because this day these prayers they’re
27:17answered on the great day when Jesus
27:20returns and so remember the days are
27:23coming when you will desire and long to
27:25see one of the days of the son of man
27:27right now you will not see it
27:30someday you will see Christ with your
27:32very eyes the one who is bled and died
27:35for you whose hands and feet were
27:37pierced for your transgressions
27:39whose head was bruised for your sins and
27:41your iniquities
27:43he has heard your prayers and he will
27:45answer them speedily do not lose heart
27:48today is the day of Mercy not the day of
27:52so today it looks like evil gets the
27:54upper hand
27:56but that this day is coming to a close
28:01continue to trust do not lose heart
28:03Christ has you in the name of Jesus
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