Sermon Transcript – Lord I Believe, Help My Unbelief

Series A – First Wednesday in Advent – Wednesday, November 30, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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0:22The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Luke the first chapter in the days of Herod the King of Judea
0:34there was a priest named Zechariah of the division of abijah and he had a wife
0:39from the daughters of Aaron and her name was Elizabeth and they were both righteous before God walking blamelessly
0:46in all the Commandments and statutes of the Lord but they had no child because Elizabeth was Barren and both were
0:54advanced in years now while he was serving as priests before God when his division was on duty according to the
1:00custom of the priesthood he was chosen by lot to enter the Temple of the Lord and to burn incense and the whole
1:07multitude of the people were praying outside at the hour of incense and there appeared to him an angel of the Lord
1:14standing on the right side of the altar of incense and Zechariah was troubled
1:19when he saw him and fear fell upon him but the angel said to him do not be
1:25afraid Zechariah for your prayers have been heard and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son and you shall call his
1:32name John and you will have joy and gladness and many Will Rejoice at his
1:39birth for he will be great before the Lord and he must not drink wine or
1:45strong drink and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even from his mother’s womb and he will turn many of the
1:51children of Israel to the Lord their God and he will go before him in the spirit of power of Elijah to turn the hearts of
1:59the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just and to make ready for the Lord a people
2:06prepared and Zechariah said to the angel how shall I know this for I am an old man
2:14and my wife is advanced in years and the angel answered him I am Gabriel
2:20I stand in the presence of God and I was sent to speak to you and to bring you
2:25this good news and behold you will be silent and unable to speak until the day
2:30that these things take place because you did not believe my words which will be fulfilled in their time and the people
2:38were waiting for Zechariah and they were wondering at his delay in the temple and when he came out he was unable to speak
2:45to them and they realized that he had seen a vision in the temple and he kept making signs to them and remained mute and when
2:53his time of service was ended he went to his home and after these days his wife
2:59Elizabeth conceived and for five months she kept herself hidden saying thus the
3:05Lord has done for me in the days when he looked upon me to take away my reproach
3:10among the people in the name of Jesus I’m reminded of that account when Jesus
3:17comes down from the Mount of transfiguration and he finds a kerfuffle you know how kerfuffles go usually
3:24people are talking loudly to each other there’s words going back and forth and
3:29there’s a little bit of pandemonium wee bit of Mayhem and what has happened is that a man has brought his young son who
3:37has a demon to Jesus’s disciples the ones who were remaining at the base of
3:42the Mount of transfiguration while Jesus Took Peter James and John up and they saw Christ transformed before their eyes
3:49and Moses and Elijah happen to show up but when they get down to the bottom the disciples who were left well the
3:56kerfuffle is going on and well they’re in a fight the Pharisees are screaming
4:01at the disciples the disciples are probably yelling back all because this fellow brought this boy who had a demon
4:07and they couldn’t cast it out and when Jesus shows up at this
4:15kerfuffle what ends up happening is the boy manifests the demon shows itself and the
4:22kid goes into a full convo convulsion I kind of Imagine It kind of like the Exorcist or one of those kind of movies
4:28he’s down there going doing whatever demon-possessed people do and Jesus rather than tending the boy
4:36tends to the father first you’ll note that fathers are important so Jesus said
4:41to him how long has this been going on and you can almost see the guy going you’re not doing anything yet you’re
4:48going to ask me we’re doing this now you know and so the follow says well ever since he was a small boy the demon has
4:54tried to destroy him throwing him into water and into flame and and he and then
5:00the fellow says this if you can help us please do and Jesus says if
5:06if all things are possible for the one who believes and the man blurts out
5:13Lord I believe help my unbelief
5:18it’s an important phrase and you’re going to note here that God does help our unbelief think about Zechariah think
5:26about his wife Elizabeth all right they started off life together probably
5:31fairly young back then it wasn’t uncommon for kids to get married in
5:37their teens because well the average life expectancy wasn’t all that long you
5:43know 40 ish if you get to 50 you’re really old right that’s that’s how
5:48they’re thinking at this point and so they started off their life together and they had their wedding ceremony just
5:54like every other young couple in Israel and it was probably beautiful the bride
5:59was gorgeous the the groom was excited they came together with the expectation
6:06that they were going to start a family together because this is what happens
6:11but no kids not one and back in those days if you’re not
6:18burying kids as a woman well as Elizabeth says in Our Gospel text she was bearing reproach
6:26among her own people the murmurings begin is there something wrong what’s going on
6:33here maybe they’re cursed from God maybe maybe God is angry with them maybe maybe this just goes on and on and on and on
6:39and on and well she has to surreptitiously raise other
6:44people’s kids it’s kind of a it’s a well it’s a bum deal and all of this if you
6:50were to think about it is kind of a big result of the consequence of sin but this is a common theme throughout the
6:57scriptures women who are Barren who then conceive she’s in good company if you
7:02think of Abraham and Sarah Sarah also she didn’t conceive until she was well
7:07advanced in years way past the age of childbearing and Elizabeth seems to be following suit
7:14but all of those Barren wombs of the Old Testament and hear of Elizabeth all
7:21point to that miracle that God’s going to do and bringing us the Virgin born son of God our savior and so what
7:28happened with well Elizabeth and Zachariah is that weeks
7:34turned into months months turned into years years turned into decades and somewhere along the line probably
7:42all along the line up until a particular point there were
7:47that just cut out that area there were prayers and their prayers were probably to the effect of Lord have mercy please grant
7:55us children and yet that prayer went on answered
8:02for a long long time and then Elizabeth well her hormones level her hormone
8:10levels went out of whack she started having hot flashes and then she was past the age she’s dried up
8:18that’s how this all goes and at that point all hope is lost and you just hope
8:25on finishing your course well but see God had other plans in mind God
8:31actually intended to answer their prayer but answer their prayer Way Beyond what
8:38they would have even imagined you see God is able to answer our prayers far
8:44more abundantly than we can imagine and he oftentimes does because God was up to
8:49something big if you think about the the Old Testament the very last page of the
8:56Old Testament of the Tanakh in the prophet Malachi Malachi my servant My
9:02Messenger is his name Malachi he’s God’s messenger he prophesies that one would
9:08come in the spirit of Elijah and a Malachi’s prophecy makes it sound like
9:14it’s soon it’s like just on the cusp and you get the feeling that with God what he thinks is soon is like nothing
9:21related to like what we think is soon I mean if if I didn’t know better I would
9:27accuse God of being late at times in my life you know if he had showed up just a
9:32little bit earlier things wouldn’t have gotten as crazy as they did but always and again God is never late he knows
9:38exactly what he’s doing and so 400 years after Malachi told that one would come
9:46to prepare the way of the Lord and they would come in the spirit of Elijah God took that prophecy which had 400
9:53years of dust on it blew the dust off and breathed new life into it God was up
10:01to something and he was up to something more than removing the reproach
10:07that while Elizabeth felt because she was unable to Bear children he was about to send the son of God
10:16he was going to prepare the way for his own son who had come to Earth for the
10:21purpose of taking away our reproach our sin our iniquity and reconciling us to
10:29God and to each other and so in a very classic Old Testament kind of way God
10:37then does something spectacular he sends the angel Gabriel what a great name by
10:44the way and Gabriel all right the Lord is my hero that’s a
10:51good way to put it you know Gabriel means the Lord is my hero you know it’s just like it’s a great name for this
10:57Archangel and so our text then begins that in the days of Herod the King of Judea there was a priest named Zechariah
11:04of the division of abhija he had a wife from the daughters of Aaron her name was Elizabeth they were both righteous
11:10before God walking blamelessly in all the Commandments and the statutes of the Lord now important to note here
11:16think the Holy Spirit inspired Luke to put this in here to make it very clear
11:22to every generation that would follow that the reason why Elizabeth was Barren
11:27had nothing to do with the fact that she didn’t have enough Faith or that she was somehow being punished by God both her
11:35and her husband they walk blamelessly in all the Commandments and the statutes of the Lord and they were righteous before
11:42God that means they had faith they had no children because Elizabeth was Barren both were advanced in years and while he
11:49was serving as priests before God his division was on duty according to the custom the priesthood he was chosen by
11:56lot to enter the Temple of the Lord and to burn incense over and again when lots
12:02are thrown the in the idea is Lord who is the one you have chosen to do this
12:08duty today and on this particular day well God chose specifically Zechariah to
12:15go in and burn the incense this is the time of the evening prayer let my prayer
12:20rise before you as incense the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice and so he goes in and by the way it’s
12:28always well a little bit of a scary thing to go in to the temple of God because
12:37you never know what’s going to happen and according to the Mosaic Covenant the priests who would go in to serve inside
12:43of the Temple part of their ephod was they had little Jingle Bells on the
12:48bottom of their of their vestments why because if God was not happy with what
12:54they did and they didn’t didn’t do it right God had the prerogative and well
12:59the right if he wanted to to strike somebody down and so you can always tell a priest
13:05hasn’t made it when you hear oh and what do you do you well there’s a
13:12rope around his ankle you just drag the body out and send somebody else in right
13:18you’ll know this is the days before OSHA right could you imagine the lawsuits today but yeah right you
13:27get the idea so you do not volunteer for these these duties instead you have to
13:33be chosen he’s Chosen and he goes in and you have to know based upon what an
13:39awesome thing this is that he is not doing this willy-nilly he’s a man of Faith he knows very well he needs to dot
13:46his eyes and Crosses T’s and make sure that he doesn’t do anything out of bounds so that he doesn’t displease the
13:52god displease God and here’s what happened there appeared to him an angel we know the angel’s name is Gabriel an
13:59angel of the Lord standing on the right side of the altar of incense and Zechariah was troubled when he saw him
14:04and fear fell upon him I cannot make this point strong enough that is the
14:10standard operating procedure when a human being comes in the presence of a
14:15Holy Angel today when people say oh yeah there’s Angels everywhere I met one for lunch the other day they are lying to you okay
14:23and the way you can tell their life is how flippantly they talk about meeting with angels everybody meets with an
14:30angel in scripture their first thing that they do is their knees are knocking they are completely afraid and you’ll
14:36know what what Gabriel has to say he says first thing don’t be afraid
14:41Zechariah and then hear these words your prayer has been heard
14:50what which one you can almost what do you mean my
14:57prayer has been heard your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son we prayed for that three decades ago
15:06four maybe I don’t know we don’t know how old they are right we prayed for that decades ago
15:12you see but God doesn’t forget our prayers the prayer of a righteous one
15:20precious in the sight of God and so these words actually should help
15:25us see a little bit of something that we need to keep in mind and that is that God hears our prayers does it feel like
15:33when you pray your prayers bounce off the ceiling does it feel like when you pray God hasn’t heard you have you
15:40prayed and wondered where is he he’s heard your prayers
15:45he knows exactly what he’s doing and the suffering that you may you may be going through is still designed to
15:53create a new character and Hope that’s the purpose of these things so do
15:59not cast away your faith in God because God hasn’t answered your prayer in which
16:05you believe is a timely manner it may be that he is going to answer
16:10your prayer at a time and in a way that you would have never even foresaw
16:16foresaw so the angel said to him don’t be afraid your prayers have been heard your wife
16:21Elizabeth will bear a son you shall call his name John and you will have joy and
16:29gladness and many Will Rejoice at his birth for he will be great before the
16:35Lord and he must not drink wine or strong drink and he will be filled with
16:40the Holy Spirit even from his mother’s womb and he will turn many of the
16:46children of Israel to the Lord their God and he will go before him and the spirit
16:51and the power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children the disobedient to the wisdom of the
16:58just to make ready for the Lord a people who are prepared
17:05ah prepare the way of the Lord now this coming Sunday we’re going to hear the
17:10preaching of John the Baptist and I must confess by today’s standards it’s a wee
17:15bit bumpy somewhat rough Politically Incorrect extremely
17:21necessary yes because to make ready a people who are
17:26prepared for the lord requires God’s law to go out and to
17:32confront people in their faces with their iniquity with their sin with their
17:38hard-heartedness with their false religion their idolatry and all the ways in which they are guilty before God it
17:47is necessary because before the gospel comes the law must convict us of our sin
17:53and exactly what Gabriel said would happen is exactly what happened because
18:00Gabriel wasn’t giving these words because he was sharing his opinion with Zechariah he was sent from God with an
18:08actual message and he delivered the message and When God Says is going to happen is going to happen and nobody can
18:15stop it and nobody can turn away the words of God his words cannot be broken
18:21and we take solace in this so Zechariah upon hearing this amazing
18:30amazing word from God delivered by the Archangel Gabriel Gabriel by the way
18:36also showed up in the Old Testament twice in the Book of Daniel he shows up
18:42he actually explained a vision to Daniel in Channel chapter 9 and was there in
18:49Daniel chapter eight this is well known Angel so it wasn’t just stand old angel
18:54this is the one that actually spoke to Daniel and rather than sit there and go this is amazing praise God thank you
19:02Lord for hearing my prayer Zechariah goes well how shall I know
19:09this for I’m an old man and my wife is advanced in years
19:16is anything too hard for the Lord are you familiar with what happened with
19:22Sarah what about uh Samson’s mother how
19:27about Hannah right there’s great examples in the Old Testament why are you doubting this you were experiencing
19:34the fear of being in the presence of the Angel and now you’re kind of going well I don’t know
19:41who does this well the reality is is that I think we
19:47all do this he said they’re going well I haven’t had an angel appear to me yeah I know neither have I but I think we have
19:53something a little stronger than that we have the eyewitness accounts of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ on
20:00the third day after he was crucified under Pontius Pilate and you know what a big doubt that people struggle with as
20:07Christians I don’t know if God can really forgive me seriously
20:13Jesus is risen from the dead and you have doubts regarding that well you don’t understand what I’ve done
20:19it’s so really no I do and so you’ll note we struggle along
20:25these lines and what happens next I think is a kind punishment Lord I
20:33believe help my unbelief right so Gabriel you can almost hear the indignation in his voice but he’s there
20:41to deliver good news he’s not there to Smite Gabe to Smite Zechariah Zechariah
20:47didn’t fall over dead and the Jingle Bells go off and then having to drag his corpse out that he was kind to him in
20:52that sense instead the angel answered him and said and you can just see this I am Gabriel
21:00I stand in the presence of God right you can always hear this the indignation and
21:06I was sent to speak to you to bring you this good news and this is great news do
21:12you not recognize the significance of what it is I just told you your son is
21:17the Fulfillment of Malachi’s prophecy the very last page of the Tanakh and ah
21:24right you can just hear Gabriel right
21:29and he says all right behold you’re going to be silent and unable to
21:35speak until the day that these things take place because you did not believe
21:40my words which we will will be fulfilled in their time
21:45so at this point Zechariah isn’t believing it he’s not trusting the angel
21:50Gabriel Gabriel says fine silence not a word from you
21:58for nine whole months Lord I believe
22:06help my unbelief and at the end of those nine months I do find it fascinating
22:11that wow Zechariah is a full-blown believer
22:18I would have to fast forward a little bit so he’s not able to talk but here’s
22:24the account then of the birth of John the Baptist later in this text now the time came for Elizabeth to give birth
22:30and she bore a son just like the angel Gabriel said surprise surprise they
22:36didn’t even have to like have an ultrasound to figure out the sex of the child they knew before he was even
22:42conceived that it was going to be a boy right and she bore a son uh-huh and by
22:48the way Zechariah no talking up to this point and her neighbors and her
22:54relatives heard that the Lord had shown great Mercy to her and they rejoiced
23:00with her just like the angel Gabriel said I’m seeing a pattern here God
23:07speaks and look at it happens right so on the Eighth Day ah that Eighth Day
23:12stuff is important first day of the new creation right they came to circumcise the child and they would have called him
23:19Zechariah after his father but his mother answered no
23:24He Shall be Called John and now Zechariah is not able to speak
23:30at this point right so you’ll note that Elizabeth she’s standing her ground she
23:35knows that his name is going to be John how has she figured out because well good old Zechariah had to scrawl it out
23:42for her you know that he had like a little wax tablet and the angel said to me and this had to take forever right
23:48his name is going to be John and you could just see her going ah this is great no his name is John so she’s heard
23:55the word of the Lord at this point and remember the angel is helping his unbelief so they said to her well none
24:01of your relatives is called this name and so they made signs to his father
24:06we’re going to talk some sense into you Elizabeth let’s let’s go to the patriarchy what do you have to say okay
24:13they want what inquiring what he wanted him to be called he asked for writing
24:18tablet and he wrote his name
24:23is John
24:29and they all wondered and immediately his mouth was opened
24:34and his tongue was loosed and listen to the words that come out of
24:40his mouth he spoke blessing to God you see although the angel Gabriel
24:47silenced him it was to help his unbelief and now Zechariah fulfills part of the
24:54words of the good news that were given by the angel Gabriel and he says blessed
24:59be the Lord God the maker of heaven and earth now fear Came Upon all the neighbors and these things were talked
25:05about through all the Hill Country of Judea and all who heard them laid them up in their heart saying what then will
25:13this child be for the hand of the Lord was with him
25:19and brothers and sisters as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our savior
25:25let us hear the words of scripture let us hear the words of John the Baptist
25:31that come they’re coming on Sunday and let us not turn away from them let us
25:36not say what a crazy loon this guy is what kind of diet is it that he’s eating
25:42and what is our what’s that uniform that he’s wearing let us not be offended by his words because as the angel Gabriel
25:49said he is the one whom God sent to prepare the way of the Lord and he is
25:55coming this Sunday to prepare us for the coming of Christ
26:03he will not be here physically but his sermon will be preached
26:09his message will be here and I assure you
26:15if you do not turn away if you take heart and take heed you are well
26:20prepared for the arrival of Jesus John will make you uncomfortable
26:27he will lay bare your sin he will cause you to feel grief
26:34and he might even remind you of the reproach that comes because of sin and iniquity but fear not don’t let that
26:42shake you because John has come to prepare us for the arrival of Christ who has not come to condemn us not in his
26:50first Advent he has come to save us our King is going to come well in diapers
26:58small and humble and obedient and he will go all the way to the cross
27:04to bear your reproach so that you do not have to bear it on the last day
27:10so as we consider this first Advent message the sermon
27:16series on the Angels note then hey Gabriel brought good news
27:23and in kindness he helped zechariah’s unbelief and now
27:28let me come back to this God helps our unbelief too
27:34if you struggle with believing that you are forgiven or struggling with knowing that God hears your prayers you’re not
27:42alone many Christians struggle with these things but take heart Christ is here to assure you and comfort
27:49you that you are forgiven in him and that you are reconciled to the father because of all that he has done for you
27:57so you too can cry out Lord I believe help my unbelief
28:03and he will help you he will not send you away and say well you better sort that out yourself and don’t you dare
28:09come to church until you got that worked out instead he welcomes you here to hear his
28:15words and take note let the words sink in and let your fears Melt Away
28:23to the comfort and confidence that is in Christ for you that you are forgiven
28:28because of his great sacrifice on the cross for your sins and he is not here to condemn you he’s here to save you and
28:36he promises to give you eternal life as a gift you do not need to fear Christ in
28:42his first Advent he’s come to give you comfort and forgiveness mercy and
28:48Reconciliation hang on to those words and note the pattern when God speaks his
28:54words come true even if it’s through an angel or an apostle or a prophet and he has assured us that we are forgiven in
29:00him and it is absolutely true so we need not bear our reproach alone
29:08and we can be forgiven so let us then have our unbelief give way to belief as
29:16God helps us in the name of Jesus Amen
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