Sermon Transcript – Lord Over Death

1 Year Lectionary – Sixteenth Sunday After Trinity – Sunday, October 2, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29holy Gospel According to Saint Luke the
0:31seventh chapter
0:33soon afterwards Jesus went to a town
0:36called nane and his disciples and a
0:38great crowd went with him as he drew
0:41near to the gate of the Town Behold a
0:43man who had died was being carried out
0:45the only son of his mother and she was a
0:48widow and and a considerable crowd from
0:50the town was with her and when the Lord
0:52saw her he had compassion on her and
0:55said to her do not weep and then he came
0:58up and touched the beer and the Bears
1:00Stood Still and he said young man I say
1:03to you arise and the dead man sat up and
1:06began to speak and Jesus gave him to his
1:08mother fear seized them all and the
1:11glorified God sing a great prophet has
1:13arisen Among Us and God has visited his
1:17and this report about him spread
1:19throughout the whole the whole of Judea
1:21and all the surrounding country this is
1:25the gospel of the Lord in the name of
1:30death yeah we don’t like talking about
1:33it but whether we talk about it or not
1:35death comes death comes for all of us
1:38unless Christ shows up maybe next
1:41Thursday would be a good time for him to
1:43show up because then maybe we can avert
1:46and death but alas if Christ continues
1:48to tarry we will all someday
1:51die and you’ll note that throughout the
1:54gospels there are several instances
1:57three to be exact where Jesus raises the
2:01Dead the first is jarius’s daughter
2:04young 12 year old girl then we have this
2:07fellow the son of the Widow of nain and
2:12clearly he’s a young man so I would note
2:16here this uh this fellow by virtue of
2:18the fact that he’s a young man and the
2:21first person that Jesus raised from the
2:22dead was a girl a little 12 year old
2:26that death comes for us all we all are
2:31born already with one foot in the grave
2:34and death is no respecter of persons
2:37death doesn’t sit there and go oh well
2:38you’re too young to die no no no no no
2:40death doesn’t think this way death
2:43sweeps us all away infant unborn
2:48older younger it doesn’t matter and then
2:52the third of Jesus is Raising people
2:55from the dead Miracles is Lazarus the
2:58one whom he loved and so we’ll know that
3:01tragedy comes for us all In Our Gospel
3:05text today this is indeed tragedy it’s
3:09it’s in fact the tragedy is surpassed by
3:13the mercy of Christ so Jesus is
3:16traveling to a town called nane and as
3:20he drew near to the gate there was a man
3:22who had died being carried out the only
3:25son of his mother she was away Widow
3:27considerable crowd from the town was
3:29with her and this this woman as a widow
3:32I mean she’s facing
3:35abject poverty
3:38that’s what’s facing her
3:40she doesn’t have a son anymore her
3:43husband has passed what does her future
3:45look like
3:47the leak
3:48and you’re gonna note something here and
3:50that is is that
3:52oftentimes tragedy visits us and we cry
3:56out to God and we say why
3:59and I am not authorized to say why
4:02because I do not know the man the the
4:04mind of God however I have noticed that
4:07there are times in people’s lives when
4:10God sends tragedy oftentimes it is um to
4:15make it so that the good things of this
4:17Earth do not tempt Us in ways that we
4:21put our trust in them our hearts desire
4:24is for them rather than for God you’ll
4:26note that by faith we despise all the
4:30things of this Earth we do not cast our
4:33eyes on and Trust in riches our wealth
4:36or youth or in the love of a spouse or
4:40the love of a mother
4:42or the love of a child if we love these
4:46things more than Christ and we’re not
4:48worthy of eternal life we’re still
4:50impenitent we’re still dead in
4:52trespasses and sins and so sometimes
4:55tragedy comes as a means by which God
4:58strips away those things that would harm
5:01our faith in this particular case we’re
5:05in the middle of this tragedy this kid
5:07has just died and Christ here he has
5:11compassion that says the Lord saw her
5:13and he had compassion on her
5:15and he comes and offers words of
5:17consolation he’s saying to her do not
5:19weep this isn’t a Prohibition as if
5:21somehow weeping is an anti-christian
5:23thing to do no no this has to do with
5:25the fact that he’s saying take comfort
5:28take comfort don’t weep
5:30I’ve got something for you then he came
5:32up touched the beer and the bear Stood
5:35Still and he said young man I say to you
5:42talk about compassion third
5:45three people Christ raises from the dead
5:47the fourth is himself by the way when
5:50Jesus was challenged regarding the
5:52things that he was doing especially
5:53making a Accord and a whip and driving
5:56out the money changers and when the
5:58Pharisees challenged Christ and said why
6:01you show us a Sign by what Authority you
6:03do these things and Jesus said tear down
6:06this Temple and I’ll build it again in
6:08three days he said I will build it Jesus
6:10is God in human flesh so you’ll note
6:12that the second person of the Trinity
6:14the the Son of God he also was
6:17instrumental in his own rising from the
6:19dead so that technically counts as the
6:21fourth but what does this show us what
6:23does this show us you’ll note that the
6:25reaction of the people of nane they
6:27immediately realized
6:29something huge has happened in their
6:33midst let their fear speak to you fear
6:36sees them all and they ended up
6:38glorifying God saying a great prophet
6:40has arisen Among Us God
6:42has visited his people
6:45good words good words God has visited
6:49his people indeed he has you see God has
6:53visited his people because Christ is God
6:57in human flesh as Paul says in
6:59Colossians in him the whole fullness of
7:02the deity dwells bodily or as John says
7:06in the Gospel of John chapter 1 that God
7:09has tabernacled among us we have been
7:13visited by God and note that although
7:17this visitation by God is 2 000 years
7:20ago do not let the fact that fact keep
7:24you from seeing the truth God’s word is
7:27living and active and sharper than a
7:29double-edged sword
7:31the fact that Christ raised these this
7:34widow’s son from the dead is every bit
7:37as powerful and potent as it was two
7:42thousand years ago God has visited his
7:45people he’s visited you he’s visited me
7:47and he’s come and demonstrated something
7:50by fulfilling one of the words of the
7:52prophets in the prophet Hosea we read in
7:56Chapter 13 Verse 14. Yahweh speaking
8:02I shall Ransom them from the power of
8:08indeed that’s exactly what God did what
8:11Yahweh did by taking on human flesh
8:14Christ bleeding and dying for the sins
8:17of the world say all now kind of being
8:20portrayed as uh well as a Highwayman
8:23who’s who’s absconded with us and is
8:26holding us hostage waiting for a ransom
8:30and that’s what Christ does
8:32by bleeding and dying for your sins he
8:35has ransomed us from sin death the Devil
8:40Himself and so it says in Hosea chapter
8:4313 verse 14 Yahweh speaking I shall
8:45Ransom them from the power of shale I
8:49shall redeem them from death and that’s
8:53what Jesus has done you know death is a
8:56terrible thing there’s just no way
8:58around it if you find yourself in
9:01mourning it often feels like the whole
9:04world is passing you by that you’ve been
9:06somehow shoved to the side of the road
9:09and just had something stripped of from
9:13you that was so precious and so needful
9:18that’s always what happens when death
9:21but you know God knows a thing or two
9:23about death God the Father watched on
9:26while his son
9:29bled and died for your sins and mine and
9:34what was he doing on the cross redeeming
9:38redeeming us so that we can be set free
9:41once and for all from Death as it any
9:46Wonder then that Hosea then goes on to
9:47say oh death
9:49where’s your plagues what were your
9:52plague’s death you seem to be a
9:54toothless wonder you guys remember
9:56Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at
9:59Reindeer and the Abominable Snowman how
10:01did they conquer the Abominable snowmen
10:03well uh Hermie the dentist
10:07takes all of his teeth out
10:09and see that’s what Jesus did by him
10:12being swallowed up by Death
10:14on the third day Christ Rose Victorious
10:17from the grave and he is totally taken
10:20away death’s power death has no power
10:23over you as a Christian death has no
10:26power over me as a Christian when we die
10:30and our eyes close in this lifetime
10:33we are awakened to the joys of eternal
10:37life in the presence of Christ forever
10:40death is not something that is a
10:43horrible experience for a Believer
10:44indeed it’s the exact opposite so oh
10:47death where are your plagues
10:51O’Shea oh where’s your sting
10:56it’s the answer to the question is it’s
10:59nowhere to be found Jesus puts it this
11:03in the Gospel of John chapter 5. for as
11:06the father raises the dead and gives
11:08them life
11:10so also the son gives life to whom he
11:14for the father judges no one but has
11:16given all judgment to the son that all
11:18may honor the son just as they honor the
11:20father so whoever does not honor the son
11:23does not honor the father who sent him
11:24so truly truly I say to you whoever
11:27hears my words
11:30believes him who sent me has present
11:34tense now
11:35eternal life and that’s you
11:38you are in Christ you’ve heard the
11:41gospel you’ve heard his words you’re
11:42hearing his words right now because the
11:44words that I’m speaking they’re not my
11:46own they’re his and you trust in him and
11:49you believe in him you already have
11:52eternal life oh death where’s your sting
11:54man huh I already I already have eternal
11:57life and so do you he does not come into
12:00judgment and neither will you but it’s
12:04already passed from Death To Life
12:07truly truly I say to you Jesus says an
12:10hour is coming and is now here when the
12:12dead will hear the voice of the Son of
12:14God and those who hear will live
12:18ah for as the father has life in himself
12:21so he is granted the son also to have
12:23life in himself you’ll note by Jesus
12:26raising these three people from the day
12:27dead including the the son of the Widow
12:30of nane he’s demonstrated that he is the
12:34one who is the Lord of life and death
12:37and he is the one who’s ravaging death
12:40and he’s the one who’s taken the teeth
12:42out of death and taken its sting away so
12:46we already have eternal life and you
12:50oh brother sister you’re going to hear
12:53the voice of the Son of God when he
12:55returns in glory to judge the living
12:56dead because the dead will hear he says
12:59you’ll know the dead don’t seem to
13:00respond to anything you know okay are
13:03you there wake up wake up no they don’t
13:04respond to nothing right but they do
13:07respond to the voice of Jesus on the day
13:09that he returns in glory to judge the
13:11living and the dead the dead
13:13will hear the voice of the Son of God
13:15and those who hear they will live for as
13:18the father has life in himself so he is
13:20granted the son also to have life in
13:23he’s given him authority to execute
13:25judgment because he is the son of man
13:28so do not Marvel at this for an hour is
13:32coming when all who are in the tombs
13:35will hear his voice and they will come
13:38out you see the the the that widow’s son
13:42Jesus said the young man I say to you
13:44arise well Jesus when he returns he will
13:48say to you arise call you by name arise
13:51you will come out and those who have
13:53done good by trusting in Jesus for the
13:56Forgiveness of their sins who’ve already
13:57passed from Death To Life who will not
14:00come into judgment
14:02they will go to the resurrection of life
14:04but those who persist in sin and
14:06unbelief well
14:09foolishly they’ll head to the
14:10resurrection of judgment Paul says it
14:13this way in First Corinthians 15
14:14starting in verse 35. some will ask
14:19how are the dead raised with what kind
14:21of body do they come
14:23now you foolish person what you sow does
14:25not come to life unless it dies and what
14:27you sow is not the body that is to be
14:29but a bare Colonel perhaps of wheat or
14:32of some other grain but God gives it a
14:34body as he has chosen to each kind of
14:37seed its own body for not all flesh is
14:40the same but there is one kind for
14:42humans another for animals and another
14:44for birds and another for fish there are
14:47heavenly bodies
14:48and there are Earthly bodies but the
14:51glory of the Heavenly is of one kind the
14:53glory of the earthlings of another there
14:55is one glory of the sun another glory of
14:58the Moon and another glory of the stars
15:01for stars differ from star and Glory so
15:03it is with the resurrection of the Dead
15:05what is sown is perishable
15:09what is raised is imperishable
15:13it is sown in dishonor
15:15it is raised in glory it is sown in
15:19it is raised in power it is sown a
15:22natural body and it is raised a
15:25spiritual body now if there is a natural
15:27body there’s also a spiritual body thus
15:30it is written first man Adam became a
15:31living being and The Last Man became a
15:34life-giving spirit
15:36but it’s not the spiritual that is first
15:38it is the natural
15:39then the spiritual the first man was
15:42from the earth a man of dust the second
15:44man is from Heaven as was the man of
15:47dust so are also those of the dust and
15:50as is the Son Of Heaven of the man of
15:52heaven so are those who are of Heaven
15:53just as we have borne the image of the
15:55man of dust we shall also bear the image
15:58of the man of Heaven
16:00so I tell you this Brothers flesh and
16:02blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God
16:04our mortal flesh cannot
16:07it is required
16:10that we take off this sinful flesh we do
16:13so naturally by dying
16:15all right and then being raised from the
16:18dead so I tell you Brothers flesh and
16:19blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God
16:21nor does the perishable inherit the
16:25so behold I tell you a mystery
16:27we shall not all sleep
16:29there will be Christians when Jesus
16:31returns but we shall all be changed in a
16:36moment in the twinkling of an eye at the
16:39last trumpet for the trumpet will sound
16:41and the dead will be raised
16:44imperishable and we shall be changed for
16:47this perishable body must put on the
16:49imperishable and this Mortal body must
16:52put on immortality when the imper when
16:55the perishable puts on the imperishable
16:57and the Mortal puts on immortality then
17:00shall come to pass the saying that is
17:03written and we just read it
17:06death is swallowed up in Victory
17:09O Death where is your Victory oh oh
17:11death where is your sting right the
17:14sting of death is sin
17:16the power of sin is the law
17:18but thanks be to God who gives us the
17:20victory through our Lord Jesus Christ
17:22therefore my beloved brothers be
17:27immovable in your faith in Jesus always
17:30abounding in the work of the Lord
17:32knowing that the Lord and the Lord
17:35to your labor none of it is in vain so
17:38Brothers and Sisters Jesus Christ truly
17:40is the Lord of Life he’s ravaged death
17:43for you he’s suffered death in your
17:45place so that you would never have to
17:47die and we know this theme of death and
17:51Resurrection it’s not a theme as if
17:53somehow it’s a mythology it’s a fact you
17:56are already alive in Christ you’ve been
17:58buried with Christ in the waters of your
18:00baptism you’ve been raised with Christ
18:02in the waters of your baptism God has
18:05already seated you in Heavenly places
18:07with Christ and when he comes again in
18:09glory to judge the living and the dead
18:11he will bring you back with him if you
18:13perish now and he will raise you from
18:17the dead
18:18to live
18:19forever there’s a day coming when
18:23mothers will never again be taken away
18:25from their children fathers the same nor
18:30will any children die and be taken from
18:32their parents but we will all enjoy our
18:35Lord and Savior Jesus Christ face to
18:38face on into eternity and enjoy each
18:43other in a World Without End Christ has
18:46conquered death he’s risen he is risen
18:49indeed and so will you in the name of
18:52Jesus Amen
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