Sermon Transcript – Love of the World, an Embarrassment to Jesus

Series B – Second Sunday in Lent – Sunday, February 28, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint mark
0:30the 8th chapter
0:37and Jesus went on with his disciples to
0:39the villages of caesarea philippi
0:41and on the way he asked his disciples
0:44who do people say that i
0:45am and they told him john the baptist
0:48others say elijah
0:49and others one of the prophets and he
0:51asked them but who do you say that i am
0:54peter answered him you are the Christ
0:56and he strictly charged them to tell no
0:58one about him
0:59and he began to teach them that the son
1:01of man must suffer many things be
1:03rejected by the elders and the chief
1:06and the scribes and be killed and after
1:08three days
1:09rise again and he said this plainly
1:12and peter took him aside and began to
1:15rebuke him
1:16but turning and seeing his disciples he
1:18rebuked peter and said get behind me
1:20for you are not setting your mind on the
1:22things of god but on the things of man
1:24and he called to him the crowd with his
1:26disciples and he said to them
1:28if anyone would come after me let him
1:30deny himself and take up his cross and
1:33follow me
1:34whoever will save his life will lose it
1:36whoever loses his life for my sake
1:38and the gospel sake will save it for
1:41what does it profit a man to gain the
1:42whole world and forfeit his life
1:45and what can a man give in return for
1:47his life for whoever is ashamed of me
1:50and of my words in this adulterous and
1:52sinful generation
1:53of him will the son of man also be
1:55ashamed when he comes in the glory of
1:56his father
1:57with the holy angels this is the gospel
2:00of the lord
2:01in the name of Jesus amen
2:05are you guys awake today
2:09got to work on you norwegians get some
2:11pep in your step
2:12all right today’s gospel some terrifying
2:16Jesus gives us today and here are the
2:19words whoever is ashamed of me and of
2:22my words in this adulterous and sinful
2:24generation of him will the son of man
2:26also be ashamed
2:27when he comes in the glory of his father
2:29with the holy angels
2:32as we consider our lenten tide
2:35penitence looking and examining our
2:38lives in light of Christ’s commands
2:41we recognize here a major temptation
2:43that each and every one of us has given
2:45into to one
2:46degree or another that is being ashamed
2:50of the words of Christ and so let’s talk
2:53about the different ways in which this
2:55happens and note
2:57that this is by no means an exhaustive
3:00at the subject you think back in the
3:02history of the church in the history of
3:04the church during the 1900s
3:06uh darwin wrote that book the origin of
3:10and a whole lot of people started
3:13that rather than being the special
3:15creation of god made in his image
3:17although we have fallen into sin
3:19that humanity evolved from apes
3:23and the church lost its nerve the church
3:26was ashamed of the words of Christ where
3:29Christ confirmed that we were created by
3:31god in six days
3:33and so the church became ashamed of that
3:36also then falling out of that same
3:39flow if you would of theology well
3:42people began to deny that miracles were
3:46and so the church ashamed of the words
3:49of scripture that tell us that Christ
3:51was born of the virgin mary that Jesus
3:54walked on the water that Jesus healed
3:57people of their diseases
3:59and that Jesus physically rose
4:02from the grave on the third day after he
4:04was crucified
4:06the church ashamed of these words
4:08decided that it was best if we find a
4:10way to allegorize them instead
4:13and so the resurrection of Jesus rather
4:16than being his victorious bodily
4:18resurrection from the grave
4:19turned into an allegory of how god
4:23the flowers to grow again in the spring
4:28have any of you heard sermons like this
4:32and then you think in our day in our day
4:35i grew up
4:36during the rise of contemporary
4:39music all right i remember
4:43petra i remember steve camp and steve
4:46taylor and all this kind of stuff and
4:48here’s what gave rise to this by the way
4:50here’s what gave rise to contemporary
4:52Christian music if you all remember the
4:5470s the 60s and the 70s they were a
4:56little bit
4:56um let’s just say it this way
5:00right if you know the legendary stories
5:02of the parties of led
5:04zeppelin and bands like that and then in
5:07time in my generation we saw the rise of
5:09kind of like the
5:10theatrical satanic bands like metallica
5:13and black sabbath and ozzy osbourne
5:16and what did the church do well we want
5:18to have
5:19rock and roll like the world and so what
5:21we’re going to do is we’re going to
5:22create an alternative
5:24entertainment source where they
5:28took the chops of the world and then
5:31came up with what i would consider to be
5:33a really cheap imitation of it
5:35and then guilt kids who were attending
5:37churches and
5:38youth groups and Christian schools guilt
5:41them if they
5:42didn’t listen to Christian music this
5:45past week something interesting happened
5:48though you’ll note that the Christian
5:50music industry was very high
5:52on entertainment always very thin on
5:56sound theology and this past week the
5:59number one
6:01Christian song on the
6:04Christian pop charts is sung by somebody
6:07who is openly lgbtq xyz
6:11whatever that alphabet soup is
6:16what is going on here and you’ll note
6:19that in our day
6:20people are ashamed of the words of
6:23Christ where
6:24Christ says that in the beginning god
6:26created them male
6:27and female have you all gotten rid of mr
6:31potato head because he’s too gender
6:35right it’s a
6:38crazy world we’re living in right now
6:40but what’s the church doing
6:42they’re sticking their fingers in
6:43they’re licking them going and then
6:44sticking it in the wind and going well
6:46the winds are blowing this way we better
6:47blow that way too
6:49but this is a form of being ashamed of
6:51the words of Christ
6:52and i would remind you what the apostle
6:56says john says this do not
6:59love the world or the things in the
7:03now scripture is clear we Christians are
7:05in the world
7:06we are not of the world Jesus in the
7:09gospel of john makes it clear
7:11that the reason why the world hates
7:14us is because we are not of the world
7:18but have you noticed this about us we
7:20don’t like
7:21not being liked that’s just
7:25normal human nature we want
7:28to be liked by people and so what have
7:31as a church done we’ve become ashamed of
7:33the words of Christ
7:34and we’ve sought the accolades of the
7:37world and we’re fearing who
7:39the world we’re afraid of being ashamed
7:43by the world
7:44but we’re not afraid of being ashamed by
7:48we’ve got our priorities completely
7:50backwards upside down and inside out
7:52and so in our day we’ve seen this happen
7:54with the rise in the mega churches
7:56and the diluting of god’s word because
7:59we’re all ashamed of those words we want
8:01to be liked by the world
8:03come to our church we’ve got a great
8:05disco ball
8:06we’ve got a great praise band
8:09and the good news is we’ve got it
8:11written gotten rid of the cross
8:14we’ve gotten rid of Jesus you can come
8:16and just have an experience with god and
8:18you can
8:19bake in the glory and our pastor hasn’t
8:22even been to seminary and he’s proud of
8:25in fact nowadays in so many churches
8:28the only qualifications necessary for a
8:30person to become a pastor
8:32is they have to be able to fog a mirror
8:34and they have to fit in skinny jeans
8:41you laugh because it’s true now
8:44this would mean i’m not qualified to be
8:45a pastor
8:47although i can fog a mirror if you put
8:49me in skinny jeans
8:51you would have to call the paramedics
8:53and pray they get here quick
8:54otherwise they’re going to have to
8:55amputate both my legs
9:04poor dwayne
9:08so here’s the thing scripture says do
9:10not love the world
9:12or the things in the world if anyone
9:13loves the world the love of the father
9:15is not in him for all that is in the
9:18world the desires of the flesh
9:20the desires of the eyes the pride of
9:23it is not from the father it is from the
9:27the world is passing away along with its
9:31and whoever does the will of god abides
9:34so note if you’re having a longing eye
9:36towards the world
9:38you’re having a longing eye towards the
9:39world and you’re loving what’s in the
9:42world rather than
9:43the things of god that this is a time
9:46for us to recognize that within
9:47ourselves and repent
9:49whoever does the will of god abides
9:51forever and what is the will of god
9:53that we repent that we
9:56believe that we trust in Christ
9:59james puts it this way and by the way if
10:02you’ve ever heard that lutherans don’t
10:03preach from the epistle of james
10:05that’s fake news it’s just really fake
10:07news listen to what james says
10:10chapter four what causes quarrels and
10:13what causes
10:14fights among you talking about
10:17Christians in the church
10:18is it not this that your passions are at
10:22within you talking about our sinful
10:25and our desires you desire but you don’t
10:29so what do you do you murder that makes
10:32perfect sense
10:33you covet and you cannot obtain so you
10:36and you quarrel and you do not have
10:39because you don’t ask you don’t even
10:41but then when you do pray you ask and
10:43you don’t receive because you ask
10:45wrongly in order to spend what god gives
10:48you on your own passions
10:50reminds me of that song from a while
10:52back lord won’t you buy me
10:54a mercedes-benz right
11:00but here’s what james says you
11:02adulterous people do you not know that
11:04friendship with the world is
11:06enmity with god
11:10and we’re going to note hindsight being
11:15over the past few months i don’t know if
11:16you guys have noticed that the great
11:19Christian entertainment empire known as
11:23has been racked with scandal after
11:25scandal after
11:26scandal some of them
11:29the details not even good idea to
11:32from a pulpit let’s just say that it
11:35involves sexual relations
11:38and here’s the thing people are shocked
11:42gasp we never saw this coming
11:45how could you not see it coming hillsong
11:48is the epitome of what it means to be
11:50ashamed of the words of Christ
11:52and to seek the accolades of the world
11:58is it any wonder that sin has been
12:01rampant among
12:02their leaders no not at all
12:08so whoever wishes to be a friend of the
12:12james says makes himself an enemy of god
12:16or do you suppose that it is no reason
12:18that scripture says he yearns jealously
12:19over the spirit that he’s made to dwell
12:21in us
12:22but he gives more grace therefore and
12:24says god opposes the proud
12:26and he gives grace to the humble and
12:28that’s kind of the point
12:29the one who is embarrassed by the words
12:32of Christ
12:33is ultimately arrogant and believe that
12:36they know better
12:38than Jesus it’s a form of pride and
12:41that’s the thing
12:41you think you know better than Jesus i
12:44think i know better than Jesus
12:46and i’m not talking now about people out
12:47there i’m talking about us
12:49all the different ways when we are
12:51ashamed of Jesus we don’t want to suffer
12:54we don’t want to be ridiculed
12:56we don’t want to be persecuted we think
12:59that we can actually make a bigger
13:02by finding a way to take the cross that
13:04Christ has given to us
13:05and put it to the side and instead
13:08find a way to make the world happy
13:12to present them a face of Jesus that
13:14they’re not ashamed of
13:16but in order to do that you end up
13:18having to cut out
13:19whole portions of what Jesus taught and
13:22and calls us to do
13:27kind of scary proposition isn’t it now i
13:30would note this
13:31Jesus gives us a great model to follow
13:36as it relates to speaking the truth that
13:39must be
13:39said a friend of mine dr michael horton
13:43of the white horse inn he calls the
13:46gospel of john chapter
13:486 he calls this Jesus’s great church
13:51shrinkage sermon
13:54and it’s something to consider in light
13:56of what Jesus says here
13:58you’ll note that Christ always practices
14:01what he preaches
14:02he’s not ashamed of the words that god
14:04the father has given him to preach
14:06and in the gospel of john chapter 6 we
14:09can see that Jesus was
14:10poised for what we would consider by
14:13worldly terms
14:14to be absolute greatness Jesus could
14:17have gone down in the annals of history
14:19as being one of the greatest conquerors
14:22of all time
14:23the person who led israel to overthrow
14:27the roman empire and get out from under
14:29their boot
14:30after the feeding of the five thousand
14:32notice that’s five thousand
14:34men that doesn’t even include the women
14:36and the children
14:37and the younger folks that were there it
14:39says in the gospel of john
14:42that after Jesus had done this that
14:45the uh the people that were there after
14:48they gathered up the leftovers
14:50that when the people saw this what Jesus
14:52had done they said
14:53this indeed is the prophet who is to
14:56come into the world
14:57and perceiving then that they were about
14:59to come and take Jesus
15:00and make him king by force Jesus
15:03withdrew to the mountain by himself
15:07i want you to think about this you’ve
15:09got this crowd here that’s just been fed
15:12recognize this is the son of david this
15:14is the messiah
15:15we’re going to make him king and that
15:18group would be like the nugget of like
15:21what would be necessary to
15:23rally the forces of israel get the
15:25people the army together and
15:27put a fight on i mean the guy who can
15:30feed an entire multitude
15:32by multiplying loaves and fishes this
15:35same guy
15:36could miraculously get rid of the romans
15:39we’re saved
15:42and by human standards by worldly
15:44standards Jesus would have been
15:46one of the greatest generals slash kings
15:49of all times but that’s
15:52not why he came
15:59so Jesus then sends his disciples
16:04in the boat that they came in across the
16:06sea of galilee
16:08he spends some time in prayer and then
16:10that night
16:11Jesus walks on the water to join them
16:14and the purpose of Jesus doing this was
16:16to get the people the crowd
16:18off his trail
16:21because they are an obstruction to what
16:23it is that he came to do
16:25and so the next day it says in john 6
16:2822 that the crowd remained on the other
16:31side of the sea that they saw that there
16:33had only been one boat there
16:34and that Jesus had not entered the boat
16:36with his disciples
16:37but the disciples had gone away alone
16:40other boats from tiberias came near the
16:42where they had eaten the bread after the
16:44lord had given thanks
16:46so when the crowd saw that Jesus was not
16:48there nor his disciples they themselves
16:50got into the boats and went to capernaum
16:52seeking Jesus and you’ll note
16:56by worldly standards Jesus’s actions
16:58make no sense
16:59none whatsoever come on Jesus we’re
17:02ready to follow you we’re ready to make
17:04you king
17:05so when they found him on the other side
17:07of the sea they said rabbi when did you
17:08come here
17:10and listen to Jesus’s words truly truly
17:12i say to you
17:13you’re seeking me not because you saw
17:15signs but because you ate your fill of
17:17the loaves
17:19do not work for food that perishes
17:22but for the food that endures to eternal
17:26your priorities are all wrong Jesus
17:29politely tells them and the son of man
17:32will give you this food that endures to
17:35eternal life
17:37for on him god the father has set his
17:41so then they asked Jesus all right what
17:42must we be doing to do the works of god
17:45and here’s the work this is the work of
17:48god that you believe
17:50you believe in the one whom he has sent
17:55hmm really
17:58doesn’t sound like a work to me and
18:01that’s kind of the point is it
18:02so they said all right what sign do you
18:04do so that we may believe
18:06you or what work do you perform our
18:09fathers ate the manna in the wilderness
18:11as it is written he gave them bread from
18:13heaven to eat
18:14and Jesus said to them truly i say to
18:16you it was not moses who gave you the
18:18bread from heaven but my father gives
18:19you the true bread from heaven
18:21for the bread of god is he who comes
18:23down from heaven
18:24and gives life to the world and they
18:27said sir
18:27okay give us this bread always and Jesus
18:30said i am the bread of life
18:33wait what that’s not what we’re looking
18:38we’re looking for a real meal here here
18:40Jesus what do you mean you’re the bread
18:42of life
18:44Jesus says i am the bread of life
18:46whoever comes to me shall not hunger
18:48whoever believes in me shall never
18:49thirst but i said that you do
18:52you have seen me and yet you do not
18:53believe all that the father gives me
18:56come to me whoever comes to me i will
18:57never cast out
18:59for i have come down from heaven to do
19:02not to do my own will but the will of
19:04him who sent me
19:05and this is the will of him who sent me
19:07that i should lose nothing of all that
19:08he has given me
19:09but raise it up on the last day and you
19:12can see the total disconnect here
19:13they’re looking for a bread king Jesus
19:15you can multiple we can get rid of the
19:16hunger problem in israel
19:18in like four or five days it ain’t that
19:20big of a of a country
19:22what are you talking about this bread
19:23from heaven stuff Jesus
19:25we need something more practical
19:32but he continues this is the will of my
19:36everyone who looks on the sun and
19:37believes in him should have eternal life
19:40i will raise him up on the last day
19:43well what about today what what about
19:46today Jesus
19:48so the jews grumbled they grumbled
19:51because he said i’m the bread that came
19:53down from heaven
19:54and they said is this not Jesus the son
19:56of joseph whose father and mother we
19:58how does he now say i have come down
20:00from heaven and Jesus
20:02answered don’t grumble among yourselves
20:03no one can come to me unless the father
20:05who sent
20:06me draws him and i will raise him up on
20:08the last day
20:09it is written in the prophets and they
20:10will all be taught by god everyone who
20:12has heard and learned from the father
20:14comes to me not that anyone has seen the
20:17father except he who is from god
20:19he has seen the father so truly truly i
20:22say to you whoever believes
20:24has eternal life and i
20:28am the bread of life your fathers ate
20:31the manna in the wilderness and they
20:33this is the bread that comes down from
20:35heaven so that one may eat of it and not
20:38i am the living bread that came down
20:39from heaven if anyone eats of this bread
20:42he will live
20:43forever and the bread that i will give
20:46for the life of the world is my flesh
20:50and at this point
20:53now a dispute arises
20:57you’ll note that this great multitude
20:59ready to make Jesus king
21:01yesterday is now going what is this all
21:04about so they disputed and said
21:06how can this man give us his flesh to
21:13it’s not very practical is it it’s kind
21:14of gross if you think about it
21:16and so note that Jesus doesn’t sit there
21:18no no no no no guys
21:19i’m come on i you know i’m just talking
21:21metaphorically allegorically here
21:23let’s be practical no he doubles and
21:25triples down so Jesus says
21:27truly i say to you unless you eat the
21:29flesh of the son of man and drink his
21:31blood you have no
21:32life in you whoever feeds on my flesh
21:35and drinks my blood has
21:37eternal life i will raise him up on the
21:39last day for my flesh is true food my
21:41blood is true drink
21:43whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my
21:45blood abides in me
21:47and i in him as the living father sent
21:50me and i live because of the father so
21:52whoever feeds on me
21:53he will also live because of me this
21:56is the bread that came down from heaven
21:58not like the bread that the fathers ate
22:00and they died
22:01whoever feeds on this bread will live
22:08and you’re going to note here that
22:12having heard these words Jesus is
22:16to his own flesh the sacrifice for our
22:19sins so that we can be reconciled to god
22:22so that we can have eternal life and
22:25that’s the
22:26issue what we need is to be forgiven
22:29and that’s why Christ goes to the cross
22:31because the world that we’re presently
22:33living in
22:34is temporal it’s passing away
22:38and so are you
22:42and so Jesus is addressing the bigger
22:44issue that we have and that is is that
22:46we’re all under a death sentence
22:48by god because of our sin and so is it
22:52any wonder then that when
22:53Jesus asked the disciples who do people
22:55say that i am
22:57and finally he asked you know he asked
22:59them who do you say i am
23:02the peter answered you are the Christ
23:03the son of the living god
23:05and then after who he was was revealed
23:08and specified and confirmed then Jesus
23:12plainly begins to tell them boys
23:14here’s the plan are you ready we’re
23:17going to jerusalem
23:19they’re going to arrest me they’re going
23:21to beat me
23:22they’re going to flog me they’re going
23:23to crucify me and i’m going to die
23:27and then on the third day i’m going to
23:29rise from the grave
23:32and you can tell by peter’s rebuke that
23:33this isn’t exactly what he signed up for
23:36remember peter left his fishing business
23:38to follow
23:39Jesus lord may it never be
23:42this will never happen to you peter’s
23:45thinking come on
23:46we’re already working out who the
23:48cabinet members are going to be in your
23:50administration once you’re coordinated
23:52in jerusalem you know i’m i’m thinking
23:54i’m going to be chief of staff here
23:56what do you mean we’re going to
23:58jerusalem and you’re going to die
24:00this is nuts this is not what we need
24:04and what does peter say what does Jesus
24:06say to peter get behind me satan
24:08you don’t have the things of god in mind
24:09you have the things of this world
24:12in mind
24:19so after Jesus in john 6 talks about
24:23how it’s important to eat his flesh and
24:25drink his blood which were
24:27broken and shed for our forgiveness
24:32it says this when many of his disciples
24:35heard this saying they said this is a
24:37hard thing
24:38who can listen to it
24:45so Jesus hears their grumbling says do
24:48you take offense at this
24:50then what if you were to see the son of
24:51man ascending to where he was before
24:53it is the spirit who gives life the
24:55flesh is of no help at all
24:58the words that i have spoken to you they
24:59are spirit and life but there are some
25:01who do not believe
25:05and verse 66 then says this after this
25:08many of Jesus’s disciples turned back
25:12they no longer walked with Jesus so
25:15Jesus said to the 12 do you want to go
25:17away as well
25:20the previous day there were 5 000
25:24men ready to make Jesus king
25:2824 hours later we’re back down to 12.
25:32the rest have all gone away and they’re
25:34not going to listen to Jesus again
25:36they’re done the text says they no
25:38longer walk with him
25:40that’s it we’re done with rabbi Jesus
25:43so Jesus asked the disciples do you want
25:45to go away also
25:47and here simon peter i think redeems
25:50himself a little bit
25:52he says lord to whom shall we go
25:56you have the words of eternal life
25:59and we have believed that you’ve come
26:01and have come to know that you are the
26:02holy one of god
26:05so brothers and sisters this lenten
26:07titus we consider our own repentance
26:10let us consider all the ways in which
26:12we’re trying to manipulate
26:14Jesus we’re ashamed of what he said
26:16we’re ashamed of what he’s offering
26:18we’re ashamed of his call to repentance
26:20we’re ashamed of what he
26:22labels sin we’re ashamed
26:25of the fact that he is so unbending and
26:27unyielding and
26:28well irrelevant to the world
26:32and so we find ways to shave off to
26:34ignore to hide
26:36to obfuscate to quietly
26:40not believe him let us repent of that
26:43and then note then the great gift that
26:46god has given us in Christ
26:48because what we all need because of your
26:51sin and mine
26:53is we needed a sacrifice we needed god
26:57to reconcile us to himself because we
26:59cannot reconcile ourselves
27:01this same Jesus who said that he was
27:03going to jerusalem
27:04and that he was going to die and rise
27:06again did exactly that and when he was
27:07nailed to the cross
27:09all of your sin in fact all the
27:11different ways in which you were ashamed
27:13i have been ashamed of Jesus even those
27:17have been bled for and died for
27:20so that on the day of judgment Christ
27:22will not be ashamed
27:23of you and if you don’t believe me
27:29i would point you to peter that same one
27:32who confessed that
27:32Jesus is the Christ is also the one
27:36who was well ashamed of Jesus
27:39and his affiliation with him when a
27:42slave girl
27:42asked about whether or not he was with
27:46while Christ was on trial he was so
27:49ashamed of Jesus that he didn’t even
27:51acknowledge that he knew him at all in
27:52fact denied that he knew him not once
27:56not twice but three times
28:01and do we not also do
28:04the same we do
28:08so let us acknowledge this in ourselves
28:11receive like peter the forgiveness of
28:13this sin
28:15and this lenten tide make Christ through
28:18spirit grant us the strength to carry
28:21our cross
28:22to follow Jesus to endure the suffering
28:25and the persecution
28:26and the shame of being numbered among
28:28those who are in
28:33knowing that when he appears rather than
28:36being ashamed
28:37because of his mercy and grace we will
28:39hear from them
28:40him well done not because of our merit
28:44but because of his in the name of Jesus
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