Sermon Transcript – Missing the Full Council of the Word of God

1 Year Lectionary – Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity – Sunday, October 16, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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0:22The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew the 22nd chapter foreign
0:41that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees they gathered together and one of them a
0:46lawyer asked him a question to test him teacher which is the great commandment
0:51in the law and he said to him you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all of
0:57your mind this is the great and first commandment and the second is like it you shall love your neighbor as yourself
1:04on these two Commandments depend all the law and the prophets now while the
1:09Pharisees were gathered together Jesus asked them a question saying what do you think about the Christ whose son is he
1:15they said to him the son of David and he said to them well then how is it that David in the spirit calls him Lord
1:22saying the Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet if then David calls him
1:29Lord how is he his son and no one was able to answer him a word for from that
1:35day did nor from that data to anyone dare to ask him any more questions this
1:41is the gospel of the Lord in the name of Jesus well the Pharisees and Sadducees are
1:47still at it they’re doing that Wily coyote thing that we mentioned last week and if you guys have seen the movie
1:53um Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade you know like when they get to the final you know challenge that they’ve got to work
1:59their way through it’s it’s a gruesome scene because the bad guys show up first in order to get the holy grail and
2:07they’re sending in these soldiers one after another and they can’t get past the first thing and one guy goes forward
2:13his head gets cut off and rolls backwards and they send the next guy in and you see how this is going I kind of
2:19kind of think that’s what’s going on in Our Gospel text here the Sadducees had
2:25just been silenced by Jesus yet they were the ones who instigated the
2:30conversation for the whole purpose of testing Jesus to kind of get that thing
2:35that Jesus would say then that they can turn around and use in order to put him to death so we read in Our Gospel text
2:43when the Pharisees heard that he silence the Sadducees they gathered together and
2:49you have to wonder were they nervous you know here they’ve got to gird up their loins they’re going to go in we’re gonna
2:54we’re gonna succeed where the Sadducees had failed but we’re going to note this
2:59both the Pharisees and the Sadducees they are not people who recognize and
3:05understand the scriptures properly at all I mean not even close the Sadducees
3:12didn’t even believe in the resurrection Jesus silences them by basically asking
3:18a question how is it that that God is referred to as the god of Abraham Isaac
3:24and Jacob isn’t God the god of the living not the dead and the Sadducees go and the people say hmm something’s wrong
3:31with their theology right well the Pharisees we’re going to note this about them they are obsessed with the
3:39Commandments they love debating the Commandments and as a result of it
3:44you’ll see by the end of our gospel text Jesus Nails them to the wall because of
3:51their lack of understanding of the full counsel of the word of God now if you
3:56think about that Ark of the Covenant you know and I’m not trying to do an Indiana Jones theme here this is purely
4:03coincidental but the Ark of the Covenant on the very lid the very lid of the Ark
4:08of the Covenant you have what’s called The Mercy Seat and you have these two angels facing each other with their
4:16heads down towards The Mercy Seat Wings spread out right now I am I I’m on
4:23record and I’m not changing my mind on this I’m convinced that The Mercy Seat is a visible prophetic representation of
4:31what the Angels did while Christ’s body lay in the Tomb we learn from the gospel
4:37accounts that there were two angels one at Christ’s head one at Christ’s feet and you have to sit there and go hmm But
4:44it’s really interesting and considering maybe the theological significance of the imagery
4:50of The Mercy Seat itself Johann Gerhart and the church fathers all have a
4:55slightly different perspective now I’m not saying their perspective is wrong I’m saying I think both are true yeah if
5:02you remember back to infomercials when was the last time you saw an infomercial by the way I can’t remember last time I
5:07actually watched Television right you know there you are you’re having a fit of insomnia that telling you a little
5:13bit about myself having a fin of insomnia it’s two in the morning so you’re downstairs and you’re flipping
5:18channels right and you see oh this is the most amazing product ever you can take potatoes and turn them into French
5:24fries in three seconds flat and if you act now wait there’s more we’ll even throw in free Ginsu Knives right you
5:31remember remember these things okay so I like to think of it when it comes to The Mercy Seat you know wait there’s more
5:37and here’s how the church fathers and Johann Gerhard talk about The Mercy Seat
5:44if you were to think of it this way The Mercy Seat has two angels and for my
5:50Greek students uh the the word Angel Angelas is also has kind of the same
5:56meaning that it does in Hebrew and an angel is a messenger right an angel is a
6:02messenger so it is not out of place to think of the two angels Over The Mercy
6:08Seat as maybe representing God’s law the messenger of the law and the gospel both
6:13are in both Testaments and some people like to talk about it just kind of in crass you know simplistic terms uh one
6:20Angel is the Old Testament the other is the New Testament it’s not a bad way to think about it in Exodus chapter 25
6:25here’s what it says when God gives the command and I think this this interpretation by the church fathers in
6:31Johann gerhardt really Bears out here’s what it says God says you shall make a mercy seat of pure gold two cubits and a
6:39half shall be its length and a cubit and a half its breath and you shall make two share a beam of gold of hammered work
6:46shall you make them on the two ends of The Mercy Seat make one cherub on one end and one cherub on the other end and
6:55one piece with The Mercy Seat shall shall you make the cherubim on its two ends the cherubim shall spread out their
7:03wings above overshadowing the mercy seat with their wings their faces one to
7:10another toward The Mercy Seat shall the faces of the cherubim be and you shall
7:15put the mercy seat on the top of the Ark and in the ark you shall put the testimony that I shall give you there I
7:22will meet with you and from Above The Mercy Seat from between the two cherubim
7:29that are on the Ark of the testimony I will speak with you about all that I
7:35will give you in commandment for the people of Israel so God says I’m going to speak with you
7:44from Right Above The Mercy Seat between the cherubim hmm that’s kind of an
7:51interesting concept so this interpretation of The Mercy Seat the two cherubim one being law the other gospel
7:58one being the Old Testament one being the New Testament not a bad way to think about it in fact you have to understand
8:04that God does send two Messengers in the scripture one for the express purpose of
8:11condemning us and showing our sin and our need for the Savior and the other
8:17assuring us that God is merciful and kind and in the New Testament we learn that God’s mercy and kindness is for the
8:24sake of Christ who fulfilled God’s law perfectly for us and bled and died for
8:30our sins in our place in order to reconcile us to God and you’ll note the
8:35Pharisees they were focused in only on one of the messengers and that was the
8:44law right it was all law and these guys oh
8:51man it everything they did everything they said was about debating the finer
8:57points of the law and their own man-made laws that they had added through the oral Torah the tradition of the elders
9:03and as a result of that you’ll note that Jesus’s question to them exposes their
9:10biblical ignorance and their focus being incomplete if you
9:17were to think of the Apostle Paul his parting words to the pastors of the Church of ephesite Ephesus in Acts
9:23chapter 20. he says to them I am Guiltless regarding the blood of all of you for I did not withhold teaching to
9:30you the full counsel of the word of God but here’s the thing all the
9:37self-righteous they’re um let’s say they are biblically illiterate when it comes to the aspects
9:44of scripture that don’t well jive with their theology their self-righteousness
9:50their assumption that somehow my good works now Merit salvation for me right
9:58and this is how the how the Pharisees thought this is what their theology expressly taught in fact they added to
10:05the 630 Commandments of the Mosaic Covenant their own set of like a thousand more and made it clear that if
10:12you kept their Commandments you’d never break God’s commands and you’d be in with God and you’d be and you’d be saved
10:19but you cannot be saved by the law in fact none of us can and it’s in this
10:26regard then that we consider Our Gospel text so one of them a lawyer what a bad
10:32combo a Pharisee and an attorney okay if he invites me to lunch I’ll pass
10:38right a lawyer asked him a question in order to test him here goes Wiley Coyote
10:45again I can hear the whistle now Splat right you know this is what’s
10:50going to happen and the question itself seems pretty straightforward teacher what is the great commandment in the law
10:58and one has to wonder what’s going on with this question right because you’ll
11:03note that over and again we learn in the gospels that the Pharisees were incensed
11:09and scandalized by the fact that Jesus forgave Sinners that Jesus ate with
11:17Sinners he hob-nobbed with Sinners so the question itself makes me wonder if
11:24they were thinking that Jesus was some kind of antinomian that was somehow putting the law of God aside but Jesus
11:32wasn’t putting the law of God aside at all remember there’s two angels the law and the gospel we must hear both so
11:39Jesus Takes on their question and says all right you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your
11:47soul with all your mind this is the great and first commandment
11:53so let me ask you a question how are you guys doing on that one by the way not so good yeah me either we’ll talk
12:01about that more in a minute all right now this is and a second commandment is like it you shall love your neighbor as
12:07yourself on these two Commandments depend all the law and the prophets now
12:13here’s an important point that we need to take into consideration is that many
12:19people who profess Jesus as their savior mistakenly think that the gospel
12:27is love you ask some people that are Christians what’s the gospel love God
12:33and love neighbor no love is the Commandment of the law and each and
12:40every one of us falls woefully short I don’t think that there has been a single
12:46moment in my existence on planet Earth from the time I was conceived until this
12:53moment now in my 54th year of life that I could legitimately say yup did that I
13:00loved God with all my heart with all my soul and with all my mind not even close
13:07and you’ll note that this condemns me because I haven’t loved God with all of
13:14me and neither have you and then the second one hinges from the first and you
13:21shall love your neighbor as yourself maybe I’ve gotten closer with that one
13:28but you’ll note that each of my arrows still seriously and egregiously misses the
13:35mark and so do yours loving my neighbor as myself my general problem is I love
13:41myself right I got half of that right but it’s the loving other people like the way I love me that’s the tough bit
13:49and you are the same as I am but here’s the thing when we consider the fact that
13:56love is the core root of the law we recognize then that Christ is perfect
14:03Christ he has loved God with all of his
14:08heart with all of his soul with all of his mind at no point has Christ ever
14:14broken this first and great command and you’ll note that the whole reason why
14:20Jesus is on Earth is because as the second commandment says he has loved his
14:27neighbors perfectly as he has loved himself that’s the whole reason why why
14:33he came so you’ll note that love then is the motivation for the gospel but it is
14:40not the gospel you have to make that distinction so Jesus says on these two
14:45Commandments depend all the law and the prophets and now Jesus who literally
14:51Wills for the Pharisees to repent of their heresies Pharisees heresies that
14:57kind of Rhymes I should become a rapper right maybe not okay stop stop stop rolling your eyes I saw that I saw that
15:06all right okay I I relent of said disaster okay
15:12so the Pharisees they now Jesus is going to confront them regarding their heresies and point out what’s really
15:19missing in their theology for all their debating of the law they haven’t considered the full counsel
15:26of the word of God and so Jesus does a little Messianic theology with them from
15:32the Old Testament because the New Testament didn’t exist when he said this and so he asked a straight up question
15:37all right what do you guys think about the Christ the Messiah whose son is he
15:44and you’ll note it’s a straightforward question but Jesus here the physician of
15:49their souls is willing for them to see what is missing in their theology for
15:55them by them not being able to answer these questions to see their need to go
16:01back into the scriptures and consider again what is revealed there because you’ll note that one of the things that
16:08the Pharisees and the scribes and the chief priests had all said was the
16:14reason why Jesus was such a dangerous fellow was because he said that God was
16:19his father and he was making himself equal with God so Jesus’s question here who do you
16:27think the Christ is whose son is he they immediately answer the question he’s the son of David but then going into the
16:34Psalms and this is said in in the Psalms very explicitly he said to them well
16:39then how is it that David in the Holy Spirit calls the Messiah Lord saying the
16:47Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your
16:53feet and you’ll note for all their debating of The Commandments they had never
16:59considered this in fact in the next chapter chapter 23 is that whole well
17:06that whole woe section that I read out last week where Jesus calls down woes on
17:12the Pharisees how they strain out in that swallow a camel how they’ve ignored
17:17the weightier matters of the law Justice and mercy and faithfulness and things like this and you’ll note the
17:24self-righteous they are utterly Blind by their belief that they can somehow save
17:29themselves by their good works it never works that way so Jesus here and asking
17:37the questions puts his finger on the fact that they’re only listening to one
17:42of the messengers of the scripture and that God speaks from The Mercy Seat with
17:47two Messengers not one law and gospel and this gets at the heart of the gospel
17:53and who Jesus is who the Messiah is if then David calls him Lord
17:59how then is he his son and no one was able to answer him a word nor from that
18:07day did anyone dare to ask him any more questions well that failed spectacularly in fact
18:16Jesus isn’t the one who walks away from that encounter looking embarrassed they are the ones who are truly embarrassed
18:22and now their theology is suspect and it should be so what do we do with this
18:28commandment to love like I said love is the very motivation for the gospel
18:33itself that scripture we’re all familiar with God so loved the world that he gave
18:39his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have
18:44eternal life I love the way Paul puts it in Titus Chapter 3 and here’s what he
18:50says in describing what we were like prior to the appearance of Jesus he says
18:55we ourselves we were once foolish we were disobedient
19:01LED astray we were slaves to various passions and pleasures and we were
19:07passing our days in Malice and envy hated by others and hating one another
19:15well that sounds like Twitter and Facebook doesn’t it yeah it does you’ll note that nothing
19:21has changed have you noticed that as the world has changed and boy has it it
19:26hasn’t changed for the better it’s changed for the worse it is palpable just how much hatred there is in the
19:33world have you ever stopped to think that the real reason why we are paying
19:38four five six dollars a gallon for gas is because of hatred and because of a
19:44lack of love I mean the timing is impeccable just think back when do the gas prices start going up as soon as war
19:52broke out in Ukraine right that’s not an act of love that’s an act of hatred and
19:57well people seeing ah There’s an opportunity here they jacked up the gas prices
20:04in order to make more money right this is motivated out of malice this is
20:12motivated out of greed the world that we live in you’ll note that love is a rare
20:19commodity difficult to find hatred you can find
20:24that aplenty just turn on the news right
20:30every single day it’s a Litany of hatred man’s offenses against man and it’s
20:37getting worse by the day have you noticed that when mass shootings take
20:44place here in the United States they’re happening with such frequency it it doesn’t even phase us anymore ah
20:52another one oh well those poor people right and then don’t even get me started
20:59about the hatred and the malice that exists within our own relationships you
21:05know over and again I think about you know when I conduct a wedding ceremony
21:10and I haven’t conducted that many of them I’m kind of hoping there’s one coming up in the future but uh all of
21:17that being said all of that being said I really think I should change make a
21:23slight modification to the right of holy matrimony okay and and here’s here’s the
21:31change I would like to offer are you ready right after they exchanged their vows
21:37and they say I do to each other do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife to heaven to hold to in
21:43Fitness in his health until death to you apart I do do you take this man to be your husband in sickness and in health
21:50you know for better for worse till death do you apart I do you may now kiss the bride right and I want to make one
21:57slider like slight modification and here’s the modification we put a boxing ring bell right here and
22:06as soon as they’ve kissed each other ding ding ding ding ding let’s get ready to rumble right
22:15because that’s how marriage works it’s a realistic look at these things
22:22and everybody who’s married knows what I’m saying is true but don’t let that scare you
22:30right don’t let that scare you and you’ll note that even within our
22:36most cherished relationships there is anger malice hatred Discord
22:45Strife anger right and
22:51I would not be telling the truth if I said it’s only coming from your spouse
22:58it comes from me it comes from you husband and wife and children when they
23:04are added into the mix just make it even more complicated
23:10so you’ll note love is a thing that we all don’t have much of
23:16and it’s really to our detriment and you’ll note so Paul says we were
23:22once foolish disobedient let us pray slaves to various passions and Pleasures passing our days in Malice and envy
23:28hated by others and hating one another but here’s the here’s the turn but when
23:34the goodness and the loving kindness of God our savior appeared
23:40what an amazing set of words when the goodness and the
23:45loving kindness of God our savior appeared it makes me wonder if the
23:51reason why the self-righteous hate Jesus is because they imagine God to be like
23:58them they project their own hatred their own Pride their own prejudices their own
24:05malice they project it on to God and assume that God is as hateful and spiteful and wicked as they are
24:12and they’re offended to find out that God is not like that at all that’s the
24:18devil that they’re worshiping the devil that they are like but see God is good
24:24God is loving God is kind Christ wasn’t sent to condemn you and I when the
24:31goodness and the loving kindness of God our savior appeared he saved us not
24:38because of Works done by us in righteousness but according to his own
24:43Mercy by the washing of regeneration and the renewal of the Holy Spirit whom God
24:50has poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ Our Savior
24:57so that being declared righteous by his grace we might become heirs according to
25:03the hope of eternal life um that will preach
25:10the goodness and the loving kindness of God Christ has loved God and loved us
25:16perfectly and done so for us John writes it this way in first John chapter 4.
25:23beloved let us love one another for love is from God
25:30whoever loves has been born of God and knows God anyone who does not love does
25:38not know God because God is love in this the love of God was made
25:44manifest Among Us that God sent his only son into the world so that we might live
25:51through him and what kind of love is that we who’ve rebelled against God
25:57participated in the sins and the pride of the devil have mistreated each other
26:03horrifically gained an advantage over our own fellow human beings we who’ve
26:09hated God who thumbed our nose at him and shaken our fist at him and said if you were really good you’d give me more
26:16of what I want and since you don’t give me more of what I want I hate you God
26:21right but God doesn’t give us what we deserve in his great love he sends Jesus into
26:28the world so that we might live rather than die eternally in this is love not
26:35that we have loved God but that he has loved us and he has sent
26:41his son to be the atoning sacrifice and the propitiation for all of our sins
26:48and see Christ he took all of our hatred all of our Rancor all of our malice in
26:54himself and he swallowed it up on the cross because of his great love because
27:01by his great love and mercy he laid down his life so that you and I could live
27:09in this is love not that we have loved God he has loved us sent his son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins
27:15beloved if God has so loved us we also ought to love one another no one has
27:22ever seen God if we love one another God abides in us and his love is perfected
27:28in US is it any Wonder then that Jesus makes it clear the people
27:33would know his disciples not by whether they danced or smoked or chewed or drank
27:41alcohol he said that they will know you by your love for one another
27:46and so it’s then that we should consider that our love has failed
27:52our love for God has failed our love for others has faltered our prayers have
27:59been weak our good works for our neighbor for our neighbor’s sake have
28:05been well all too missing and here we must repent but be assured brothers and
28:11sisters both Angels speak today the law condemns us rightly but the second Angel
28:18is the Angel of the gospel and it speaks two words of comfort and peace forgiveness and mercy because of God’s
28:25great love for you so again as a baptized believer in
28:30Christ repent repent of your tepid
28:35lukewarm half-hearted love for God and for others
28:41repent and be forgiven and be assured Christ is bled and died for that and cry
28:46out to God the holy spirit that he would give you strength to no longer Focus
28:52only on loving yourself but that you would be unbent from looking only Inward
28:59and see then the God who loves you and love him in return and also see your
29:05neighbor and love them in good works all for the sake of Christ in the name of Jesus Amen
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