Sermon Transcript – No One is Good Except God Alone

Series B – Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, October 11, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:31chapter 10 verses 17-22
0:35as Jesus started on his way a man ran up
0:38to him fell on his knees before him good
0:41teacher he asked what must I do to
0:45inherit eternal life
0:47why do you call me good Jesus answered
0:49no one is good except for God alone you
0:52know the Commandments do not murder do
0:54not commit adultery do not steal do not
0:56give false testimony do not defraud
0:59honor your father and mother
1:02teacher he declared all of these I’ve
1:04kept since I was a boy
1:06now Jesus looked at him and he loved him
1:08all right one thing you lack he said go
1:11sell everything you have give it to the
1:14poor and you will have treasure in
1:16heaven then come follow me
1:19at this the man’s face fell
1:23he went away sad because he had great
1:27in the name of Jesus
1:30all right so this is an interesting text
1:32it’s before us and you’re going to need
1:33your Pew Bibles we’re going to be in a
1:34few different spots today
1:37we’ll begin with our gospel text gospel
1:39Mark chapter 10 verse 17.
1:42here’s what it says as Jesus started on
1:44his way a man ran up to him fell on his
1:46knees before him and said good teacher
1:49he asked what must I do to inherit
1:55eternal life
1:57let’s stop for a second and analyze the
1:59question what must I do to inherit
2:02eternal life all right let’s say that
2:04grandma has written you into her will
2:06she’s written you into her her will and
2:08she’s decided that she’s going to give
2:10you the whole estate you get the farm
2:11you get the land you get the implements
2:13you get even the green combine grandma’s
2:15being very generous of course she’s not
2:17going to be here and so what do you have
2:20to do to inherit all of this
2:22what work must you do
2:25answer nothing
2:27an inheritance is a gift
2:29in fact if you really want to be
2:32industrious what you really need to do
2:33is figure out how to knock off granny
2:35right but if you get caught you will not
2:39get the inheritance you’ll spend the
2:40rest of your life in one of those orange
2:42jumpsuits and we all know how good those
2:45look right
2:46so rather than knock her off what you do
2:49is you just sit and you wait and when
2:51Grandma dies you receive the estate
2:55eternal life in scripture is an
2:57inheritance this man has it right he
3:00knows that he’s going to inherit it it’s
3:03an inheritance but he wrongly thinks
3:05that he’s got to do something to earn it
3:08he’s very confused it’s well okay how
3:12many good works are enough for me to do
3:15you know how many little old ladies do I
3:17help have to help across the street how
3:19many poor people do I need to give money
3:20to how many homeless people do I need to
3:23feed let me know what the level is so
3:25that I know that now now I have eternal
3:29life because I’ve done certain things
3:31and this is how we all think we I do
3:34good works God says good boy and then he
3:36gives me good he gives me eternal life
3:38Ah that’s not how it works now watch
3:40what Jesus Does
3:42this is not a throwaway question it’s
3:45the key to unlocking this passage Jesus
3:47says why do you call me good
3:51the guy should have stopped right there
3:52and really taken this question to Heart
3:54Jesus answered no one is good except for
3:57God Alone
4:00not you
4:03not any of the people in this church not
4:05me no one is good except for God Alone
4:08this guy should have taken the hint
4:10because Jesus was politely in a way
4:13saying without dishonoring this man
4:15you’re not good
4:19no one is good except for God alone all
4:22right so you know the Commandments do
4:25not murder do not commit adultery do not
4:28steal do not give false testimony do not
4:32defraud honor your father and mother by
4:35way of a side note here
4:37you’ll notice that when we read our Ten
4:40Commandments Commandments 9 and 10 have
4:42to do with coveting
4:43you know you don’t covet your neighbor’s
4:47and then you also don’t covet your
4:48neighbor’s wife or his manservants or
4:51his maidservants right and Jesus Takes
4:54the two Commandments regarding coveting
4:55and sticks them together and says you
4:57will not defraud defrauding is a form of
5:00theft and it begins with coveting and
5:02defrauding basically involves coming up
5:04with a clever scheme by which you can
5:06then come into possession of your
5:09neighbor’s things without actually
5:11sneaking into his house in the middle of
5:12the night and taking him while he’s not
5:14looking defrauding basically it’s a
5:17wonderful scheme that you’ve come up
5:19with that technically is legal but it’s
5:21still a form of theft and it begins with
5:23covenanting just by way of a note there
5:26so Jesus here
5:28he asks the question you know the
5:30Commandments he lists off the
5:32Commandments and you’re going to notice
5:33something about these Commandments they
5:35all have to do with the second table of
5:37the law second table of the law is how
5:39we deal with each other
5:41and this guy then gives what I would
5:43consider to be a very foolish answer he
5:46says teacher I all of these I’ve kept
5:48since I was a boy
5:50and all the Norwegians said
5:55oh boy this guy needs a lot of help all
5:58right theologically he’s completely
6:00screwed up he thinks the law is
6:03basically a ladder that you climb he’s
6:04climbed the ladder and now he’s earned
6:06eternal life salvation is not something
6:09you earn it’s a gift given by God so
6:11Jesus knowing how to use the law
6:13properly looked at him and it says he
6:16loved him Jesus didn’t despise him he
6:18truly loved this man why because he’s
6:20going to the Cross to bleed and to die
6:21for him all right one thing you lack he
6:25go sell everything you have and give it
6:29to the poor
6:31and you’ll have treasure in heaven then
6:32come follow me
6:34and the guy’s face
6:36fell he went away sad because he had
6:39great wealth
6:42in other words oh now we’re going to
6:45deal with the first table of the law
6:47first commandment you will have no other
6:49gods before me
6:51what is this man’s God
6:54his money
6:55that is the thing he is trusting in that
6:58is the thing where he is getting his
7:00security from money is the thing that he
7:03worships and oh there’s many people who
7:06do this today very sad thing and so he
7:09left Jesus Jesus said come follow me
7:13Jesus is God in human flesh
7:16but he left sad because he had great
7:19wealth now it’s important for us to note
7:22kind of the interplay that’s going on
7:24here in order to understand this passage
7:26you have to get the proper distinction
7:27of Law and gospel and Jesus is not
7:31saying oh you can earn your salvation if
7:34you go and sell everything you have and
7:36give it to the poor it’s pretty easy
7:38eternal life
7:40eternally with God World Without End the
7:43streets of gold and all I have to do is
7:46sell everything I have and give it to
7:47the poor that’s an easy exchange I can
7:49go do that and now I’ve earned it that’s
7:51not what Jesus is saying what Jesus is
7:54doing is using the law to show this man
7:57that he is not good no one is good
8:00except for God Alone this man thinks
8:04he’s good
8:05and Jesus by pointing out his idolatry
8:07as revealed to this man that he’s not
8:09good he’s an idolater he’s not somebody
8:12who trusts in the one true God he trusts
8:15in himself
8:18now I want to compare this text
8:21to another text from the book of Acts
8:23you have your few Bibles open to acts
8:2516. we’re going to start at verse 11.
8:27we’re going to look at another man who
8:30asks almost The Identical question
8:33but it’s under different circumstances
8:34and you can kind of see the difference
8:36so that you can see what’s going on here
8:38acts 16 verse 11 and we’re going to hear
8:43about Paul and Silas
8:46and tacitly we’re going to hear about
8:48Luke the author of Acts and their
8:53arrival in the town of Philippi
8:55here’s what it says starting at verse
8:5711. from troas we put out the sea sailed
9:00straight for samoth race the next date
9:02on to neapolis and from there we
9:04traveled to Philippi a Roman colony and
9:06the leading city of that District of
9:08Macedonia and we stayed there several
9:12on the Sabbath we went outside the city
9:15gate to the river where we expected to
9:17find a place of prayer we sat down and
9:20began to speak to the women who had
9:22gathered there one of those listening
9:24was a woman named Lydia
9:26a dealer in purple cloth from the city
9:29of thyrotyra she’s a dealer in purple
9:31cloth she’s making lots of money purple
9:34is the color of royalty and it is an
9:38expensive color I think they made it
9:39using the ink from octopuses you know
9:42something to that effect very difficult
9:44to come up come across the stuff to make
9:47but it says this she was a worshiper of
9:50God note to yourself here
9:53in the New Testament especially in the
9:55book of Acts when somebody is described
9:57as a worshiper of God that means that
9:59they are a gentile learning to become a
10:04they are studying Judaism they’re in
10:06catechism class all right so a worshiper
10:09of God is a class of people if we had
10:12young ones here who were in catechism
10:14we’d call them our catech humans right
10:15so they’re studying to become Jews so
10:18she’s a worshiper of God and here’s what
10:20it says the Lord opened her heart to
10:24respond to Paul’s message
10:27there goes decision theology right there
10:29why because it’s the Lord who opens our
10:32hearts to hear the message of the gospel
10:34and saving work of Christ and so the
10:37Lord opened her heart and when she and
10:38the members of her household were
10:40baptized she invited us to her home if
10:43you consider me a believer in the Lord
10:45she said come and stay at my house and
10:48she persuaded us you’ll notice that Luke
10:50here the author of Acts is including
10:52himself us we he’s part of this
10:55and notice it says that our entire
10:57household was baptized everybody in her
11:00house now in the days before birth
11:04if an entire household is baptized would
11:07that include little ones
11:10oh absolutely everybody
11:13so then the story continues once when we
11:16were going to the place of prayer we
11:19were met by a slave girl who had a
11:22Spirit by which she predicted the future
11:26huh she earned a great deal of money for
11:28her owners by fortune telling now you
11:31can’t see it in this English translation
11:32but in the Greek it’s very clear what
11:34kind of a spirit she had
11:36the Greek says that she had a spirit of
11:41sounds like a python or snake right well
11:44by saying that she had a spirit of
11:45puthon we know exactly where this girl
11:48spent some time serving and that was at
11:51a place called The Oracle of Delphi
11:54if you’ve heard of this if you’ve read
11:56any of the ancient accounts regarding
11:57the Oracle Adelphi it was the place you
11:59would go to ask the gods about your
12:02future and Fortune and in fact Alexander
12:05the Great made a stop at the Oracle of
12:07Delphi and the way this worked by the
12:10way is that the Oracle Adelphi you can
12:12visit the the place to this day the
12:14ruins of the temple are still there it
12:16was built over a crevice where there was
12:19volcanic gases that were coming up
12:21through this crevice and they were
12:23intoxicating type of gases and the girls
12:26that served at the Oracle of Delphi they
12:29would put their face over the crevice
12:31breathe in the fumes and then go into an
12:34ecstatic State and speak in tongues the
12:37men of the Oracle of Delphi would then
12:40interpret the tongues you know to and as
12:44if this was an answer so somebody would
12:46say I’m here to find out my fortune does
12:49so and so love me will we get married
12:50and have children and live happily ever
12:52after and then one of these girls would
12:54stick her face over the crack and
12:57breathe it in and start just speaking
12:58gibberish and then the priesthood
13:01interpret and say yes no maybe who knows
13:03you know
13:04how do you answer a specificity
13:06something like that but so we know
13:08because this girl in Philippi had a
13:10spirit of puthon that puts her as at one
13:14point working at the Oracle of Delphi
13:17so she’s demon possessed she’s able to
13:20predict the future she earned a great
13:22deal of money for her owners by fortune
13:24telling and this girl followed Paul and
13:29the rest of us shouting
13:32be careful not to shout too loud these
13:34men are Servants of the most I God who
13:39are telling you the way to be saved
13:42always beware when the demons are
13:44proclaiming Christ
13:46they never are really quite telling the
13:52in a ancient culture in a town like
13:55Philippi where the people believed in
13:57the pantheon of the Greco-Roman deities
14:00of Apollo of Athena Zeus
14:04to Proclaim that Jesus is the most high
14:09is to basically say that he’s one of
14:13now granted Paul was preaching the way
14:16of salvation
14:17but he wasn’t preaching that Jesus is
14:20the most high God he’s proclaiming that
14:23Jesus is the only true God see the
14:28so she kept this up for many days
14:31had to be a bother so finally Paul
14:34became so troubled he turned around and
14:36said to the spirit in the name of Jesus
14:39Christ I command you to come out of her
14:40and at that moment the spirit left her
14:43and when the owners of the slave girl
14:45realized their hope of making money was
14:47gone They seized Paul and Silas dragged
14:51them into the marketplace to face the
14:52authorities they brought them before the
14:54magistrates and said these men are Jews
14:56they’re throwing our city into an uproar
14:58by advocating Customs unlawful for us
15:01Romans to accept or to practice and the
15:04crowd joined in the attack against Paul
15:07and Silas and the magistrates ordered
15:09them to be stripped and beaten by the
15:12way Paul and Silas are both Roman
15:13citizens they did not have to put up
15:15with this but they said nothing about
15:17their rights and the reason for this is
15:19quite simple because they considered
15:21this type of reproach this type of
15:24beating to actually be a blessing
15:27that they were found worthy to suffer
15:29shame for the name of Christ they would
15:31rather have that than exercise their
15:34so the mass rates ordered them to be
15:36stripped and beaten and after they had
15:38been severely flogged which means
15:41they’re in need of medical care they
15:43were thrown into prison and everybody
15:45knows how clean the prisons were at that
15:50and the Jailer was commanded to guard
15:51them carefully upon receiving such
15:53orders he put them in the Inner Cell
15:55fasten their feet in the stocks
15:59I’m worrying about at this point you
16:01know bacterial infection and things like
16:03that but here’s what Paul and Silas did
16:05it says this about midnight Paul and
16:07Silas were praying and singing hymns to
16:12and you go what
16:15these men have just been beaten have
16:16been just been flogged they are in need
16:19of medical attention
16:21their wounds have not even really been
16:22cared for
16:24and their
16:26idea at this point of the thing to be
16:30time to have a prayer service
16:33so they’re praying and they’re singing
16:36hymns to God and while this is going on
16:38the other prisoners we’re listening to
16:40them as well as the Guard the guard was
16:42hearing this too now if you would like
16:43an example of one of the hymns that they
16:47probably sung open up your Bibles to
16:50Philippians chapter 2 verses 6 through
16:54let me find the page for some of you
16:56Philippians chapter 2 6-11 you can find
17:00this on page 831 and you’ll notice in
17:05your Pew Bible it’s formatted as if it’s
17:07a poem
17:09and there’s a reason for this is because
17:11when you read it in Greek you can see
17:12what’s going on these are lyrics
17:15this is a hymn one of the ancient hymns
17:18of the first Christians and I like to
17:21think that since Paul puts this hymn In
17:24His epistle to the Philippians that this
17:26may have been one of the hymns that they
17:28were singing in jail let me read the
17:31talking about Jesus who being in very
17:34nature God
17:35did not consider equality with God
17:38something to be grasped but made himself
17:40nothing taking the very nature of a
17:43servant and being made in human likeness
17:45and being found in appearance as a man
17:46he humbled himself and became obedient
17:49to death even death on a cross therefore
17:52God exalted him to the highest place and
17:54gave him the name that is above every
17:56name the the name of Jesus every knee
17:58should bow in heaven on Earth and under
18:00the Earth and every tongue confess that
18:03Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God
18:06the Father
18:08that’s a pretty beefy hymn okay that the
18:12uh the iambic pentameter doesn’t quite
18:14come across in the English translation
18:16let’s just put it that way
18:18but that’s probably I one of the hymns
18:22that the prisoners heard that night as
18:25Paul and Silas were praising God and
18:27proclaiming Christ and praying and while
18:31this was going on
18:33text says this we’re back in Acts
18:35suddenly there was such a violent
18:39earthquake that the foundations of the
18:40prison were shaken at once
18:43all the prison doors flew open and
18:46everybody’s chains came loose and we all
18:49know how that story ends right
18:51Prison Break
18:52the guys in the orange jumpsuits come
18:54pouring out and heading you know this
18:56way and that while they call up the
18:59marshals and get the dogs and the
19:00helicopters out to look for them right
19:02that’s how that’s supposed to go
19:04but that’s not what happened this day
19:07the prison doors were open and the
19:09unthinkable happened not one prisoner
19:16and you ask yourself what is going on
19:20the Jailer woke up and when he saw that
19:22the prison doors were open he drew his
19:25sword and was about to kill himself
19:27because he thought the prisoners had
19:29escaped he was just going to save the
19:30Roman Authority’s time because had any
19:32of those prisoners escaped
19:34they would have killed him
19:37that is the price to pay for letting
19:40prisoners Escape but Paul shouted don’t
19:43harm yourself
19:45we’re all here
19:49so the Jailer called for lights
19:51and he rushed in and he fell trembling
19:55before Paul and Silas
19:59the parallel this guy comes and falls on
20:01his knees before Paul and Cyrus remember
20:03the Rich Young Ruler he come and he fell
20:04before Jesus right
20:06but unlike the Rich Young Ruler
20:09this jailer
20:11doesn’t think that he’s a good person
20:15he doesn’t
20:18he knows he’s heard about Jesus
20:22and his death on the cross
20:24and he knows that he’s a sinner in need
20:26of a savior
20:28through the preaching through the
20:30prayers through the hymns that he’s just
20:33he says then he brought them out and he
20:36asked sirs what must I do to be saved
20:42he’s not expecting to do something in
20:44order to inherit eternal life he knows
20:46he needs to be saved similar question
20:49yet very different
20:51pointing at kind of the same thing
20:53really the same thing totally but from
20:56two different approaches one a man who
20:58thinks he’s righteous and the other a
21:01man who knows that he’s not
21:03what must I do to be saved and they
21:05replied believe in the Lord Jesus Christ
21:08and you will be saved you and your whole
21:11household that includes the babies
21:14so then they spoke the word of the Lord
21:16to him and to all the others in his
21:18house and at that hour of the night the
21:20Jailer took them and washed their wounds
21:23and then immediately he and his family
21:25they were baptized
21:27the Jailer brought them into his house
21:29and set a meal before them and he was
21:31filled with joy because he had come to
21:33believe in God he and his whole family
21:39how are we saved
21:42by trying hard doing good works
21:47getting our little good works star chart
21:50out and tracking our progress
21:53counting up the merits
21:56holding up our scorecard to God and say
21:58see I’ve done it
22:03the purpose of the law is not for you to
22:05save yourself
22:06Romans chapter 3 says this we know that
22:09whatever the law says this is verse 19
22:11it says to those who are under the law
22:13so that every mouth may be silenced and
22:15the whole world held accountable to God
22:17and that’s what Jesus did with the law
22:19that day with the Rich Young Ruler
22:22he used the law to silence that man
22:25so that he can be held accountable to
22:28and then Romans says this therefore no
22:30one not one person will be declared
22:32righteous in God’s sight by observing
22:34the law rather through the law
22:38we become conscious of sin
22:42that’s the purpose of the law
22:44so if you’re trying to
22:47rack up the brownie points and say oh
22:49I’ve kept all these Commandments God
22:51from the time I was little
22:53we say ufta no way
22:57no you haven’t
23:00that’s not why the law was given the law
23:02was given to show that you’re a sinner
23:04in need of a savior me as well as you
23:07but then Romans goes on to say this now
23:09righteousness from God apart from the
23:11law has been made known to which the law
23:13and the prophets testify this is the
23:14righteousness from God that comes
23:16through faith in Jesus Christ to all who
23:18believe what must I do to be saved
23:21believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you
23:23will be saved
23:25there’s no difference all have sinned
23:27and fall short of the glory of God and
23:30are Justified freely by his grace
23:31through the Redemption that came by
23:33Christ Jesus God presented Jesus as a
23:36sacrifice of atonement through faith in
23:39his blood he did this to demonstrate his
23:41Justice because in his forbearance he
23:43had left the sins committed beforehand
23:45unpunished he did this to demonstrate
23:47his Justice at the present time so as to
23:49be just and the one who justifies those
23:51who have faith in Jesus
23:54so where then is boasting
23:57if you’re not saved by your works but
24:00you’re saved totally by Grace as a gift
24:03because Christ died for the ungodly
24:06there’s absolutely no room for boasting
24:08what are you going to boast in
24:10yeah I’m a sinner in need of a savior
24:14I could boast in that I guess boast in
24:16the fact that Christ has saved somebody
24:18even as wretched as me
24:21there’s no room for boasting it’s
24:23excluded on what principle on that of
24:25observing the law no but on that of
24:27faith for we maintain that a man is
24:29justified by faith apart from observing
24:33the law
24:35so I go back to one of the questions
24:37what must I do to inherit eternal life
24:40and I pointed out the fact that eternal
24:43is an inheritance it truly is
24:47and Jesus has willed in his last will
24:51and testament that we inherit the
24:54kingdom and what’s necessary for us to
24:56inherit the kingdom is for one to die
24:59and that one has died
25:02it’s Jesus
25:04and it’s through his death
25:06and through his will last will and
25:10that he has chosen to give to us to you
25:13to me
25:16the inheritance of eternal life
25:18he’s willed it to us and he’s gone to
25:21the cross and bled and died so that we
25:23might possess it and own it
25:26and my job
25:28part of my job Sunday after Sunday is to
25:31read out the will and let you know
25:35that you are one of those whom Jesus has
25:39chosen to receive this inheritance
25:42not by any work that you’ve done he’s
25:45only giving this inheritance to sinful
25:47Wicked and Unholy people
25:50those who need a savior
25:53like me and like you
25:57so rather than leave today sad
26:01because you have great wealth or sad
26:05you found out that you’re a sinner leave
26:07today with great joy like the Philippian
26:10with the great joy of knowing that God
26:13has opened your heart has washed away
26:16your sins has forgiven you by the shed
26:18blood of Christ
26:20let your wounds be healed today
26:22and Trust and Believe
26:25that as I’m reading out this will
26:28that you truly have received a glorious
26:31inheritance by the one who bled and died
26:34for you
26:36in the name of Jesus Amen
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