Sermon Transcript – Nothing Will Be Impossible With God

Series A – Third Wednesday of Advent – Wednesday, December 14, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27In the name of
0:29Jesus Amen
0:32impossible all right impossible it’s
0:34kind of a big word and I would note I
0:37you know I’ve been on the planet for a
0:39while uh you know I’m a 54 years old and
0:42I I remember the modernist liberals the
0:45the modernist liberals who denied that
0:48Miracles were possible these were people
0:50who would say things like this it is
0:53impossible impossible absolutely
0:55impossible that God would create the
0:58universe in six literal days that’s
1:03impossible and then they would say
1:05things like and it’s impossible for the
1:08children of Israel to cross the Red Sea
1:11on dry ground while you know while
1:14there’s water on the water on the right
1:15and on the left that’s impossible in
1:18fact one of the most ridiculous liberal
1:22ideas is that the yam soof of the Hebrew
1:26scriptures in Exodus that’s the yam soup
1:28the Red Sea they they claim it really
1:31needs to be understood as this marshy
1:33Wetlands it’s it’s up near the the Nile
1:36Delta and and and it’s a it’s a title
1:40you know the Marshland and when the tide
1:43tide comes in it could be as deep as
1:45three feet and they claim that that’s
1:48the real place where the miracle took
1:51place and I remember the late Dr Walter
1:53Martin going well what an amazing
1:55miracle that is God drowned the entire
1:58armies of pharaoh and three feet of
2:00water that that’s even a bigger yeah you
2:03get the whole point but modernist
2:05liberals you know all these things that
2:07are impossible it’s impossible
2:09impossible that uh that virgins conceive
2:12and give birth it’s impossible that
2:16corpses rise from the dead on the third
2:20and here’s the weird bit about all of
2:22this these yahoos said these things and
2:26made these bold assertions about what’s
2:29impossible while sitting and standing
2:32behind pulpits in churches across the
2:35country in western civilization and
2:38every church that listened to these
2:40yahoos has been burned out the best way
2:44I can put it you know every church that
2:47is adopted this liberal idea of the
2:49impossibility of what God can do yeah
2:52yeah you know they have these massive
2:54Cathedrals right and 50 gray-haired
2:58ladies show up on On Any Given Sunday
3:00and and they’re flying the rainbow flag
3:03today all right so you you get the idea
3:06um you you would probably do well to
3:10like Zip It regarding what you think is
3:14possible and impossible because I’ve
3:16noted this is that everybody out there
3:19who’s so boldly asserted what’s
3:21impossible when it comes to what’s in
3:23the Bible you know what they had this
3:25they had really really really small
3:28ideas about what was possible and
3:30impossible and really grandiose of
3:34feelings about how important their
3:36intellect was okay uh you know
3:39narrow-minded small and then ginormous
3:42intellect this is the claim but I would
3:44note that God has this amazing thing
3:47that he does and that is that he humbles
3:50the proud
3:52and he exalts
3:54the lowly
3:56that’s a major theme of Our Gospel text
3:59tonight and so as we as we consider the
4:02the impossibility of the circumstances
4:05here I I would note I I don’t have a
4:08problem believing that the Virgin
4:11conceived and bore Christ Jesus the son
4:15of God and that she was visited by an
4:17Angel and that Jesus is none other than
4:20God in human flesh because quite frankly
4:23I I I my brain isn’t that big all right
4:28I I’m just not that smart and in fact
4:31maybe I’m just lazy and that that’s my
4:34problem I’m lazy I’m just gonna go with
4:36the guy who Rose from the grave on the
4:38third day after he was crucified and
4:40appeared over 500 people I’m gonna
4:43pretty much go since he rose from the
4:45grave and the people who went to their
4:46went to their graves martyred for
4:49confessing their faith in Jesus Christ
4:51and claiming that they were eyewitnesses
4:53of his resurrection who am I the country
4:55predict them I I I’m just some guy who
4:59came along 20
5:0120 centuries later all right 2 000 years
5:05later and I I I I couldn’t even tell you
5:08what Jesus looks like or how tall Peter
5:11was or how youthful John was and you
5:14know and what his exact height was I
5:16couldn’t tell you if they had big smiles
5:18if they were missing teeth or anything
5:20like this couldn’t tell you a thing
5:21about them because I’m Johnny come
5:24lately and so are you and so we would be
5:27wise to put away what we think is
5:30possible and impossible and take on this
5:35wonderful humble attitude of faith
5:40that Mary has
5:42because God and his wisdom chose this
5:47she’s probably a teenager what maybe 14
5:5215. yeah they got married pretty young
5:55back then and she’s betrothed to be
5:58married and and you know everything’s
6:01going okay in her life but she lives in
6:03the small obscure Village of Nazareth
6:05okay which maybe at the time had 50
6:09families 50 okay and you’ll note that um
6:14Joseph he’s a direct descendant of King
6:17David oh how the mighty have fallen
6:20you’ll note that uh the the the the tree
6:24that was the grandiose uh monarchy of
6:28King David has been locked off kind of
6:30like Nebuchadnezzar and now all of a
6:34sudden this this dead stump
6:38and the Israeli monarchy of the kings of
6:42a new shoot is about to sprout up from
6:46the stump of Jesse and if you sit there
6:50and say well that’s impossible
6:55knock it off okay who are you to say
6:58what’s possible or not possible in the
7:01sixth month the angel Gabriel six months
7:04since Elizabeth
7:06Elizabeth this woman who was Barren and
7:09old and dried up and passed menopause
7:11she now has conceived and she’s six
7:14months into her pregnancy with John the
7:17Baptist in the sixth month the angel
7:19Gabriel that same Angel was the one who
7:22appeared to Zechariah in the temple this
7:24is the same Angel by the way that spoke
7:26to Daniel while he was in Exile in
7:30Babylon and so this angel I mean he
7:33stands in the very presence of God and
7:36he sit there and go well that’s
7:37impossible uh-huh really okay sure all
7:42right the angel Gabriel was sent from
7:44God to a city of of Galilee named
7:47Nazareth to a virgin betrothed to a man
7:50whose name was Joseph of the House of
7:53and the virgin’s name was Maryam Maryam
7:57that’s that’s that’s her that’s her
7:59Hebrew name and he came to her and said
8:03o favored one the Lord is with you
8:08man man is the Lord with her and here’s
8:11the thing she’s going to give birth to
8:13Emmanuel God With Us in fact that the
8:18the fact that Gabriel is saying the Lord
8:21is with you kind of you can hear an echo
8:24of that Prophecy from Isaiah and he will
8:26be called Emmanuel God With Us and boy
8:30is God going to be with Mary in fact
8:32God’s gonna be riding in a womb for nine
8:38absolutely amazing impossible you say is
8:43it really now
8:44and so
8:46greetings will favor one the Lord is
8:48with you but she was greatly troubled at
8:50the saying I always like to point this
8:51out uh when human beings sinful as we
8:54are come in contact with Holy Angels
8:57generally the first order of business is
9:00to uh is to get the fear thing out on
9:03the open and and to be greatly troubled
9:05because we human beings were were sinful
9:09and uh where soiled with sin and in fact
9:12I think of Isaiah poor Isaiah he had
9:14that beatific Vision where he was he was
9:17shown what was really going on in the
9:19temple and he said oh woe is me I’m
9:21undone I’m a man of unclean lips in fact
9:24God had mercy on him sent one of the
9:27Angels grabbed grabbed a coal from The
9:30Altar and touched his lips and says this
9:33your lips have been touched by this cold
9:35from the altar your sins are atoned for
9:38and so you’ll know order of business you
9:41got it you got to get the fear thing out
9:43so she was greatly troubled at the
9:45saying tried to discern what’s sort of
9:46greeting this might be you can just see
9:49this poor girl scratching her head and
9:51here’s the thing Mary hasn’t been to
9:53grade school and she’s she’s not she’s
9:56not a girl of letters this was long
9:58before girls were were allowed to go to
10:01school and things like this she’s been
10:03she’s been with her parents learning how
10:05to cook and clean and care for kids and
10:07and do all the things that girls do back
10:10then and you’ll note that they didn’t
10:11have grocery stores she probably had to
10:13churn her own butter and make her own
10:16cheeses and and grind her own wheat and
10:19all the things that they have to do in
10:21order to speak out a living back then
10:23and so this woman she’s not in a palace
10:27she’s in a just in a po-dunk
10:29neighborhood bad zip code Nazareth and
10:33and she’s trying to make sense of all of
10:36this and so the angel says to her
10:39Gabriel says do not be afraid Mary do
10:42not be afraid
10:44gives her words of assurance and comfort
10:46you have found favor with God
10:53how does one find favor with God you
10:57know one of the things I I really loathe
10:59about the the Roman Catholic way of
11:02exalting Mary you know to almost to a
11:04point where she’s a goddess okay she can
11:07hear prayer and things like this is that
11:09they they they they they take away her
11:13sinfulness they even say that her mother
11:15uh had to had to have an Immaculate
11:18Conception of her so that she can have
11:20an Immaculate Conception of Jesus they
11:23say that she she was sinless you know in
11:26in order at this point where she
11:28conceived Christ and you sit there and
11:30go no no no no no no
11:33how does one find favor with god without
11:38is impossible
11:40to please God
11:42oh wait there’s an impossibility here
11:45and here’s the here’s the thing I’m not
11:48giving you my opinion about what’s
11:50that’s a direct quote from scripture
11:52when scripture says something’s
11:56pay attention pay attention
11:59without faith
12:01it’s impossible
12:03to please God
12:05but Mary because she found favor with
12:08God the one thing we can say about Mary
12:11she’s a woman she’s a girl of Faith
12:15although she may not be a girl of
12:17letters she may be very humble as they
12:19she has heard the scriptures in the
12:22synagogue and she believes
12:26and as a result of this she has found
12:29favor with God and here’s the thing
12:32everyone who trusts in Christ for the
12:34Forgiveness of their sins
12:37they too have found favor with God
12:40same kind of favor now I I’m not going
12:43to birth the Messiah neither were you
12:45that’s a one-time event it’s a thing in
12:46the past but it has ramifications for
12:50the present all the way to you and to me
12:53today so be do not be afraid Mary you
12:55have found favor with God and behold you
12:57will conceive in your womb and you will
13:00bear a son and you shall call his name I
13:04I always have to think that she heard
13:06this in Hebrew he shall call his name
13:12saves Yeshua hmm
13:19he will be great
13:20he will be called the son of the most
13:22high and the Lord God will give to him
13:26the Throne of his father David and
13:30listen to this and the his and he will
13:33reign over the house of Jacob
13:38and of his kingdom there will be
13:41no end
13:44holy guacamole is it it’s impossible
13:48that somebody would live forever it’s
13:49impossible that Kings would Reign
13:52forever is it now
13:54be careful what you declare to be
13:58and what comes out of your mouth is your
14:02we should only speak of impossibilities
14:04when the scriptures say something is
14:06impossible and I would note this that
14:09Jesus Christ
14:10he bore your sins and mine
14:13on the cross this child that was
14:17conceived in the womb of the Virgin Mary
14:19so gloriously
14:22he grew he was born he he had to wear
14:26diapers like the rest of us he nursed at
14:28his mother’s breasts like we all do he
14:31had to grow and learn how to walk say
14:34his first words Abba Abba Father father
14:38right he said to say his first words he
14:42had to lose his teeth and get you know
14:44I’m sure at some point Jesus’s life
14:46Jesus lost his two front teeth and you
14:49know like every five six-year-old kid
14:51does and then later his his bicuspids
14:55and then his molars would come out he
14:57went through puberty and his voice
14:58changed he went through all of the
15:01things that we go through
15:04and here’s the thing
15:06because of who he is
15:09the fact that he went through all of
15:12it it’s amazing
15:15because God himself rather than letting
15:21fall into sin and be gone forever and
15:24cast us into the Lake of Fire along with
15:27the devil as we deserve
15:29it it was God’s gracious mercy and his
15:33great love for his creation that he
15:35didn’t abandon them that the solution
15:38for sin was that he was going to come
15:40and get into the muck with us
15:43Jesus knows what it’s like
15:46To Lose Friends who had died
15:50to lose his father who died before his
15:53Earthly Ministry he knows what it’s like
15:55to see suffering and to suffer himself
15:58because he suffered and bled and died
16:01for your sins and mine he knows what
16:03it’s like to die
16:06because that’s exactly what he did on
16:08the cross so that you and I can live
16:11God is up to something and it’s so
16:14radical it’s so unexpected that your
16:18first response might be impossible
16:22but it’s not
16:24it’s absolutely glorious
16:27that God
16:28would humble himself
16:32and be born of a virgin in Humble and
16:36mean circumstances in poverty in the
16:38middle of nowhere
16:41and then obey God’s law perfectly for me
16:44and for you so that you and I can be
16:46saved you know when we talk about
16:51consider this one
16:54fellow came up to Jesus and he said
16:57teacher what good deed must I do to have
17:00eternal life
17:05it’s not a good question
17:07it’s a bad one and so Jesus asked him
17:10it’s all right why do you ask why do you
17:12ask me about what is good there’s only
17:14one who is good if you would enter into
17:17life keep the Commandments and he said
17:20well which ones Jesus said you should
17:23not murder you shall not commit adultery
17:24you shall not steal
17:27shall not bear false witness honor your
17:29father and mother you shall love your
17:30neighbor as yourself quoting from the
17:32second table of the Ten Commandments the
17:35the table that deals with our
17:36relationships with each other
17:38the young man said well all of these
17:40I’ve kept
17:42remember what Jesus said there’s no one
17:44good except for one
17:46this guy thinks he’s good
17:48he thinks he’s the one
17:51it’s ridiculous if you think about it
17:55well Jesus said all right well if you
17:57would be perfect go and sell what you
18:00possess and then give it to the poor and
18:02then you will have treasure in heaven
18:03and then come follow me
18:06and when the young man heard this he
18:08went away sorrowful for he had great
18:12I guess he wasn’t good after all was he
18:15because it turns out he was an idol at
18:17and his great possessions were the
18:19things that he trusted in rather than
18:21the God who he was speaking to
18:24so then Jesus said to his disciples
18:26truly I say to you only with difficulty
18:30will the rich person enter the kingdom
18:32of heaven
18:33again I tell you it’s easier for a camel
18:35to go through the eye of a needle than
18:37for a rich person to enter the kingdom
18:39of God
18:40and when the disciples heard this they
18:42were greatly astonished of course they
18:44were because the Pharisees were teaching
18:45if you’re if you’re rich you’re blessed
18:47of God which means you’re tight with him
18:49and Jesus is saying the exact opposite
18:51so he is the Jesus Jesus’s disciples are
18:55astonished and then they ask Jesus this
18:57question and pay attention to the answer
19:00who then can
19:03be saved
19:06who then can be saved
19:09Jesus looked at him said with man this
19:12is impossible
19:15but With God all things are possible
19:19and in saying that Jesus makes this very
19:22painfully clear
19:24it is impossible for you to save
19:28it is impossible for you to attain the
19:33righteousness necessary for salvation it
19:36is impossible
19:39and don’t sit here and tell me that it’s
19:42impossible for for the Bible to be true
19:45it’s impossible for all those miracles
19:46to happen it’s impossible that Jesus
19:49walked on Waters no what’s impossible is
19:51for you to save yourself
19:54because With God all things
19:57are possible
19:59including a virgin a humble
20:04handmade in in the middle of nowhere for
20:07her to conceive and bear within her womb
20:11the very Son of God
20:13who has come to save us because Jesus is
20:17going to do the impossible he’s going to
20:21live a sinless and righteous life
20:25perfect in all observance of God’s law
20:28at no point will Jesus falter he will be
20:32tempted by the devil and overcome he
20:36will be tempted in every way that you
20:38and I are attempted and yet be without
20:40sin so that he can be the sinless
20:43Spotless Lamb of God that takes away the
20:45sin of the world and so at this point
20:52the angel Gabriel tells us that this
20:55child will be the will reign over the
20:57house of Jacob forever his kingdom will
21:00have no end and indeed this is true so
21:03Mary then said to the angel okay well
21:05how will this be since I’m a virgin
21:09that’s I mean the logistics are kind of
21:11important here uh you know she hasn’t
21:14actually been with a man she’s betrothed
21:16to Joseph but they haven’t consummated
21:18their marriage yet so the angel answered
21:21her the holy spirit will come upon you
21:23the power of the most high will
21:26overshadow you
21:27there for the child to be born will be
21:30called holy
21:32the Son of God and behold your relative
21:35Elizabeth in her old age has also
21:38conceived a son and this is the sixth
21:40month with her who was called barren
21:42and here it is the Angel Gabriel himself
21:45declares it for nothing
21:48will be impossible with God your
21:51salvation is impossible for you to
21:54that’s why you need a savior and that’s
21:57why this story this historical account
22:02resonates within our souls it gives us
22:06hope this is a story that we like to
22:08hear every single year every year when
22:12it comes around time for the birth of
22:15Christ to be celebrated at Christmas we
22:18love to hear these words what nothing
22:20will be impossible with God and God
22:24himself in human flesh is going to
22:27accomplish The Impossible
22:30salvation and mine and so Mary said
22:36I am the servant of the Lord
22:38let it be to me according to your word
22:40no no pushing back on saying well this
22:43is impossible you’ll know Zechariah poor
22:46Zechariah he had to lip off to the angel
22:48Gabriel when you know hog in his beam my
22:52wife is old she’s past the age dude this
22:55is impossible and and so the angel
22:58Gabriel silenced his foolish mouth for
23:01nine months right not so merry
23:05this humble woman girl of faith
23:12she just says behold I’m the servant of
23:14the Lord let it be to me according to
23:15your word
23:16and here’s the thing
23:18when you hear
23:20the words of the Absolution when you
23:23confess your sins and you hear these
23:26words eyes are called an ordained
23:28servant of the word I announce the grace
23:30of God unto all of you and in the stand
23:32and by the command of my Lord Jesus
23:34Christ I forgive you all your sins
23:40believe me when I tell you I have no
23:43special Authority this is an authority
23:44given to the church
23:46these are Keys given to all Christians
23:49but when we speak these words we are
23:52communicating the verdict of Heaven the
23:55verdict of Heaven is is that you are
23:57forgiven so let it be done to you
24:00according to the word of God may you be
24:03forgiven because you are forgiven in
24:07Christ and more than that the scriptures
24:09say that even though you were born and
24:12conceived in sin and Children of the
24:14devil I was too that because of Christ
24:17becoming a human among us and then going
24:20to the cross and bleeding and dying for
24:22us that we now are adopted and we are
24:25children of God
24:27let it be done to you as you believe
24:31then that you have this great gift that
24:35you are children of God adopted into his
24:37family and also also throw into the mix
24:40that you have been promised an
24:42inheritance in the new Earth when Jesus
24:44returns in glory to judge the living and
24:46the dead and set up his kingdom visibly
24:49physically on Earth in a World Without
24:52End in a kingdom Without End just as the
24:55gay Angel Gabriel said because he was
24:58sent by God to say those words
25:00I know it sounds impossible but you too
25:02just like Christ will live
25:06may it be done to you according to the
25:09word of God
25:11that’s your faith cling to these words
25:14let your faith be emboldened by those
25:19so that you can endure the suffering
25:21that we have to go through and endure
25:24but on the other end of it the joys of
25:27Heaven and the new Earth await us let it
25:29be done to us according to the word that
25:33God has spoken because with God nothing
25:37including your salvation will be
25:39impossible in the name of Jesus Amen
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