Sermon Transcript – Offensive Jesus

Series B – Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost – Sunday, August 15, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint john
0:30the sixth chapter
0:38Jesus said i am the living bread that
0:40came down from heaven if anyone eats of
0:42this bread he will live forever and the
0:45bread that i will give for the life of
0:46the world is my flesh
0:48the jews then disputed among themselves
0:50saying how can this man give us his
0:52flesh to eat so Jesus said to them truly
0:55truly i say to you unless you eat the
0:56flesh of the son of man and drink his
0:58blood you have no life in you whoever
1:00feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood
1:02has eternal life i will raise him up on
1:04the last day for my flesh is true food
1:08my blood is true drink whoever feeds on
1:10my flesh and drinks my blood abides in
1:12me and i in him as the living father
1:14sent me and i live because of the father
1:16so whoever feeds on me he also will live
1:19because of me
1:20this is the bread that came down from
1:22heaven not as the father’s aden died
1:25whoever feeds on this bread will live
1:28Jesus said these things in the synagogue
1:29as he taught at capernaum
1:32when many of his disciples heard it they
1:34said this is a hard saying who can
1:36listen to it but Jesus knowing in
1:39himself that his disciples were
1:40grumbling about this said to them do you
1:43take offense at this what then if you
1:45were to see the son of man ascending to
1:47where he was before
1:49it is the spirit who gives life the
1:51flesh is of no avail the words that i
1:54have spoken to
1:55are spirit and life but there are some
1:58of you who do not believe for Jesus knew
2:00from the beginning who those were who
2:02did not believe
2:04and who it was who would betray him he
2:06said this is why i told you that no one
2:08can come to me unless it is granted to
2:09him by the father and after this many of
2:12Jesus disciples turned back and no
2:14longer walked with him so Jesus said to
2:16the twelve do you want to go away as
2:19simon peter answered him lord to whom
2:21shall we go
2:22you have the words of eternal life and
2:24we have believed and come to know that
2:26you are the holy one of god this is the
2:29gospel of the lord in the name of Jesus
2:33can you believe the scandal of our
2:35gospel tax today
2:37Jesus offended people
2:40wait what
2:42yeah apparently didn’t you know that
2:44offending people is the worst possible
2:46thing you can do nowadays i mean it’s as
2:49if the only dogma that exists is the
2:52dogma that says there can be no dogma
2:56you’ll note that when we confess the
2:58nicene creed today note the specificity
3:01of all of the things that we confess
3:04i believe in god the father almighty the
3:06maker of heaven and earth right in Jesus
3:09Christ his only son our lord conceived
3:11by the holy spirit born of the virgin
3:13mary suffered under pontius pilate
3:16you’ll you’ll note that in our days all
3:18of those really specific biblical
3:22doctrines and teachings have all whoosh
3:25vanished right what have they been
3:27replaced with
3:33nebulous hard to define
3:36spirituality if you would i remember
3:38last week i i i think this might be a
3:41confession of sins i’m not sure i have
3:42to work this out we played prophecy
3:45bingo here at uh kongsfinger right
3:47and uh i always loathe doing prophecy
3:50bingo segments on the fighting for the
3:51faith youtube channel and the reason why
3:53is this it is depressing
3:56to note that people have exchanged the
3:58real word of god that we find in
4:02the real doctrines of scripture for
4:04things that go something like this i
4:06feel a download from the holy spirit
4:08he’s telling me that in the coming
4:10season that god’s going to be releasing
4:12breakthroughs and suddenlies you know
4:14every time i have a suddenly i have to
4:16take kaopectate but that’s a different
4:18thing altogether right in fact if you
4:21think about it what does the world
4:22really want
4:27spirituality haven’t you had talked to
4:29anybody who says you know
4:31i’m i’m spiritual but i’m not religious
4:36what exactly does that mean you’re
4:38spiritual but not religious now we can
4:40kind of work through history those of us
4:42old enough to remember the beatles you
4:44guys remember the beatles i know they’re
4:45still you know but
4:46you remember when they did that
4:48maharishi mahesh yoga thingy and they
4:51were doing lsd and they were and they
4:53were the beatles became really
4:55what spiritual right i consider that
4:58this particular beatles song written
5:00during the time of the beatles spiritual
5:03moments right see if you can make any
5:05sense of these words
5:07words are flowing out like endless rain
5:10into a paper cup
5:11they slither wildly as they slip away
5:13across the universe pools of sorrow
5:16waves of joy are drifting through my
5:18opened mind
5:19possessing and caressing me
5:30you all know the tune right i’m not
5:31going to torture you with that
5:34what exactly does that mean i have no
5:38clue but man people were eating this
5:40stuff up going wow the beetles are so
5:44spiritual right and george harrison he
5:46was considered to be the super spiritual
5:48guy of the of the beatles i mean
5:50even died in this weird nebulous
5:52esoteric gnostic um spirituality
5:57but what exactly
5:58is this
6:00what it what does it mean
6:02and see that’s kind of the point you’ll
6:04note that Jesus in our gospel text he
6:06says some well you know
6:08pretty outrageous specific kinds of
6:12i am the living bread that came down
6:14from heaven Jesus says if anyone eats of
6:17this bread he will live forever and the
6:19bread that i will give for the life of
6:21the world is my own flesh
6:25wait Jesus doesn’t think that communion
6:27is a symbol no he doesn’t
6:31you’re right
6:32and of course the jews are sitting there
6:34going wait what how how can this guy
6:36give us his flesh to you and Jesus
6:38doesn’t go whoa whoa whoa whoa i didn’t
6:39mean that whoa what are you guys
6:41thinking that’s gross what does Jesus do
6:43he says truly truly i say to you unless
6:45you eat the flesh of the son of man and
6:47drink his blood you have no life in you
6:49Jesus doubles down on the specificity of
6:52this dogma
6:54as it relates to the lord’s supper
6:55whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my
6:58blood has eternal life i’ll raise him up
7:01on the last day my flesh is true food my
7:04blood is true drink whoever feeds on my
7:07flesh and drinks my blood abides in me
7:09and i and him
7:11wow that’s some really amazing stuff if
7:13you think about it
7:14Jesus pointing to himself the fact that
7:17he’s going to the cross the very body
7:19and blood of Christ nailed to the cross
7:22for your sins and mine and all of our
7:24idolatrous nebulous spiritualities
7:28that’s part of what Christ died for that
7:31he then promises the forgiveness of our
7:33sins and that in the lord’s supper when
7:35we have the lord’s supper this is one of
7:37the ways in which we abide in Christ and
7:40he abides in
7:42us ah
7:44kind of nice that we’re having that
7:46today right yeah so we got that abiding
7:49thing kind of going for us but here’s
7:51what happens when many of Jesus
7:53disciples heard these things
7:56they said this is a hard saying who can
7:57listen to it
7:59this is what we didn’t sign up for this
8:02you know just the day before you know
8:04they were ready to make Jesus the bread
8:06king now now they’re sitting there going
8:10and Jesus knowing that they were
8:11grumbling he said to them do you take
8:14offense at this
8:15do you take offense
8:17then then he like goes even more
8:19specific you know that doctrine talking
8:21about the ascension of Christ and it’s
8:23such an important one it says then what
8:24if you were to see the son of man
8:26ascending to where he was before oh the
8:29ascension of Christ is one of those
8:30things that proclaims him to be king of
8:32kings lord of lords god in human flesh
8:35that the exalted glorified risen savior
8:38right that’s what he’s pointing to it is
8:41the spirit who gives life
8:43and the flesh
8:44is of no
8:46avail pay attention to those words it is
8:49the spirit who gives life
8:51the flesh
8:52is of no avail the words that i have
8:54spoken to you they are spirit and they
8:57are life you need to be listening to the
8:59words of Jesus not the ramblings of
9:02weird fleshly spiritual people all
9:05claiming to be spiritual right and
9:07you’ll note here that one of the one of
9:09the major mantras of our time one of the
9:11major mantras you need to be authentic
9:14to who you are
9:17yeah you just need to
9:19find yourself
9:21have you ever watched somebody on social
9:23media kind of journal out for everybody
9:26to see you know i’m on a quest to find
9:28myself i’m thinking just look in the
9:30mirror okay take your right hand touch
9:33your left arm there you are okay you
9:35found you
9:36come out come out wherever you are right
9:38this is nonsense right but what they’re
9:40really saying is is that they’re they’re
9:42they’re struggling with the feelings and
9:45the passions and the desires that they
9:47have within themselves and we have those
9:50same passions and desires
9:52do you want to be authentic to your
9:54sinful nature that’s not going to end
9:57it’s not going to end well at all
10:00right as Christians we recognize that we
10:02still have our old sinful nature to
10:04contend with and what does our old
10:06sinful nature want all the things that
10:08god tells us no to
10:10and all the things that god says yes to
10:13our sinful nature says no to
10:15but we have a regenerate will because we
10:18have been raised from the dead by the
10:20powerful working of god either in the
10:22waters of baptism or through the
10:23preaching of the gospel and that
10:25regenerate will desires to do the things
10:27of god and so it feels like you’re just
10:29kind of at war with yourself being a
10:31Christian isn’t easy
10:33because you know what’s right
10:35and you don’t want to do it
10:37you know it’s wrong and you want to do
10:40and every sunday you keep coming to
10:42church and you say these words i confess
10:44that i am by nature sinful and unclean
10:47i remember years ago somebody asked me
10:49how many sundays in a row are you going
10:50to tell me i’m a sinner
10:52well i’ll stop saying that as soon as
10:54you stop sinning right
10:56right that’s how that works and the
10:58thing is is that we don’t want that we
11:01want some vague spirituality that says
11:04everything’s gonna be okay and the true
11:08spiritual enlightenment is just
11:10embracing your sinful passions and
11:13saying that’s who i am
11:17that’s how this goes but Christ doesn’t
11:19speak in these ways Christ calls us to
11:23Christ calls us to be forgiven
11:25Christ calls us to bear fruit in keeping
11:27with repentance
11:28Christ calls us to eat his flesh and
11:30drink his blood for the forgiveness of
11:32our sins Christ says some very specific
11:35things and you’re going to note that
11:36Jesus has no problem watch how i say
11:40this hurting our fifis
11:44our feelings
11:45in fact you’ll note that when the crowd
11:48was offended by Jesus Jesus doesn’t sit
11:50there and go wait
11:52wait i didn’t mean to upset you i’m so
11:56please give me give me a second chance
11:59i’ll i’ll tell you a bunch of sweet
12:01nothings i’ll i’ll just tell you what it
12:03is that you want to hear please don’t
12:05leave me
12:06because everybody knows true success of
12:09a ministry is gauged by how many
12:11followers they have and everyone will
12:13say that i’m a big failure because
12:17you you left it doesn’t do this right
12:19you’ll note that
12:20Christ has no anxiety at this point
12:23there’s no conflict you want to leave go
12:24right ahead
12:27go right ahead
12:29in fact the text says
12:32there were some Jesus says there are
12:34some of you who do not believe for Jesus
12:35knew from the beginning those who did
12:37not believe
12:38and who it was who would betray him and
12:41note the who would not believe that’s a
12:42plural that’s a group it’s practically
12:44the entire crowd he said this is why i
12:47told you no one can come to me unless
12:49it’s granted him for the by the father
12:51and after this many of his disciples
12:53turned back and no longer walked with
12:59we’re done with you Jesus
13:01we’re done with you
13:03and the thing is is that this still
13:05happens in the church today
13:08i don’t want to hear that pastor that
13:10teaches me that bible stuff
13:13i’m sick and tired of being made to feel
13:15like i’m a sinner
13:18well you are
13:21and you need to hear this
13:23but the law isn’t the final word the
13:25gospel is
13:27the gospel is the good news that Christ
13:29has died even for our annoyance
13:31at the truth
13:33of the word of god
13:35and our temptation to say that’s it i’m
13:38out of here
13:39i don’t want to hear that bible stuff
13:41anywhere i know Jesus said his words are
13:43spirit and life and stuff but they just
13:45annoy me
13:50so Jesus
13:51after this many of his disciples turned
13:53so Jesus turns to 12.
13:56and this is almost kind of an invitation
13:57you want to walk you want to go away too
13:59you go ahead if you want
14:03and you get to see them all sitting
14:05there going
14:06you were going to be king yesterday and
14:08now it’s down to just us
14:11you know
14:12you’ll note that Jesus wasn’t one of
14:14these seeker guys secret driven guys
14:17we’ve got to tailor the message to fit
14:19so that it has the broadest appeal to a
14:21bunch of people Jesus doesn’t care
14:22anything about that
14:25because that’s not what we need
14:27and so everyone’s left the 12 or 11
14:28Jesus said you want to leave two you can
14:30if you want
14:34awkward silence
14:36you can see them kind of kicking their
14:37sandals going what did we sign up for
14:40what is this all about
14:43simon peter said to him lord to whom
14:44shall we go
14:47you have the words of eternal life
14:50everybody else those are not words of
14:54those are words that bring god’s
14:55judgment in fact consider our epistle
14:57text in this context
14:59listen to that apostle paul have you
15:01ever noticed that a lot of people really
15:03really hate paul
15:05and they always find these like ad
15:07hominem attacks to slander him to
15:10undermine him and make it so he has no
15:12authority well that apostle paul he just
15:13hated women he was the official
15:16first member of the he-man woman haters
15:18club that’s why he said that women can’t
15:20be preachers oh and that apostle paul he
15:23didn’t even walk with Jesus he wasn’t
15:25even there when our gospel texts took
15:27place so you really can’t trust him he
15:30came up with his own version of
15:31Christianity we’ll call it paulianity
15:34but real Christians they follow Jesus
15:36and this is how they talk about trying
15:38to drive a wedge bellogna
15:40Christ himself called paul
15:44in fact when paul was on his way in a
15:46ship to rome
15:48Christ appears to him
15:50and says don’t stop preaching keep
15:53saying what you’re saying
15:56Jesus puts his stamp of approval on the
15:58message of paul
15:59and so listen to these words boy in our
16:01post-modern age this is going to ruffle
16:03some fellers feathers
16:05let no one deceive you with empty words
16:11wait what
16:12you mean
16:14there are words being preached from
16:15pulpits and spiritual people and gurus
16:18around the world that are empty
16:20yeah oh well that’s not very loving of
16:24not very inclusive
16:26how are we supposed to coexist with you
16:28having an attitude like that
16:33you see when people
16:35say things like this they show that they
16:37have bought into those empty
16:39words empty words cannot save you
16:42Christ’s words are the words of life
16:44they are spirit and they are truth empty
16:46words false platitudes vague
16:49spiritualities these are just empty
16:52somebody claiming that the lord has told
16:54me that you’re going to have a suddenly
16:55that’s just nonsense
16:59let no one deceive you with empty words
17:01it’s because of these because of these
17:03empty words that the wrath of god is
17:06coming upon the sons of disobedience
17:12but but those empty words are a lot
17:15easier to digest
17:18i don’t feel uncomfortable when somebody
17:20speaks those empty words
17:24and that’s the problem you need to feel
17:27i need to feel uncomfortable
17:29what does paul say then regarding what
17:32our attitude should be regarding those
17:34who are trafficking in empty words
17:37don’t associate with him he says
17:39for at one time you were darkness but
17:41now you are light in the lord walk as
17:44children of the light in fact children
17:45of the light do not associate with those
17:48who are speaking empty vapid
17:50nebulous spiritual words
17:53don’t associate with them
17:56god’s wrath is coming upon them for
17:58speaking those words the fruit of light
18:01is found and all that is good
18:04all that is right
18:06all that is true
18:09when people speak words that are not
18:11true about god they are blas blaspheming
18:15they are breaking the second commandment
18:20these are empty words they cannot save
18:22Christ is the truth he wants us to hear
18:26words that are good
18:29paul then goes on try to discern what is
18:32pleasing to the lord
18:34try to discern that well how am i
18:35supposed to figure that out
18:37good news he gave us a book
18:39it’s an open book quiz okay you want to
18:41know what god’s will is read the book
18:45hear the book
18:48god speaks to us through
18:50the book
18:52try to discern what is pleasing to the
18:54lord take no part in the unfruitful
18:56works of darkness instead expose them
18:58it’s shameful to speak of the things
19:00that the unbelievers the those who
19:02traffic in empty words what they do in
19:04secret but when anything is exposed by
19:06the light it becomes visible anything
19:08that becomes visible is light therefore
19:10it says a waco sleeper rise from the
19:12dead Christ will shine on you so look
19:14carefully then how you walk how you
19:16conduct your life not as unwise but as
19:19wise in fact we have to come to grips
19:22with this each of us because of our
19:24sinful nature because we were born dead
19:25in trespasses and sins we were all born
19:33and i’m going to take issue with our
19:35translation of our old testament text
19:37remember the verse 10 of proverbs 9
19:41the fear of the lord is the beginning of
19:43wisdom note that all those
19:45letters l-o-r-d are capitalized let me
19:48be more specific the fear of yahweh is
19:51the beginning of wisdom
19:56all of this
19:57counterfeit empty
19:59vague nebulous spirituality this isn’t
20:04this isn’t the wisdom from god this
20:06isn’t the wisdom where wisdom is calling
20:09to us and saying whoever is simple let
20:11him turn here to him who lacks sense
20:13come eat of my bread drink of the wine
20:16that i have mixed oh you’ll note that
20:17wisdom says come and what do what right
20:22eat of the bread drink the wine
20:25you want to be wise
20:27fear yahweh the very specific god of the
20:31old testament who gave us very specific
20:34in scripture and you’ll note they come
20:37to us with rigor
20:39with precision
20:42they have clear definitions these words
20:46and we are to turn away as paul says
20:48from the empty
20:51so summing it all up
20:55a whole bunch of people an entire crowd
20:58Jesus had a mega church right there in
21:01his hands
21:03and he speaks the words of truth
21:06and they don’t want to have anything to
21:07do with it
21:08so what do we do well
21:12says to you
21:13you’ve heard the truth what do you want
21:14to do with it you want to walk away with
21:16the rest of them you go right ahead
21:18don’t let the door hit your butt on the
21:20way out
21:24do you want to leave
21:26peter says lord to whom shall we go
21:29you have the words of eternal life and
21:31we have believed and come to know that
21:33you are the holy one of god and peter is
21:35true here
21:36he’s speaking absolute truth Jesus does
21:39have the words of eternal life in fact
21:41you heard them today
21:43today when you came to church you’ll
21:45note that we always assume that
21:47everybody coming here is a sinner
21:48because you are
21:50and what’s the first order of business
21:52Christ is here to care for you
21:54he’s here to feed you his word feed you
21:56his body and blood but also to assure
21:58you of his great love and compassion and
22:01mercy this same Jesus who is god and
22:04human son of david son of god he bore
22:07your sins in his body on the cross
22:11all of your sins including your idolatry
22:13your blasphemies all the different ways
22:15in which you’ve believed falsely and
22:17even taught others falsely regarding
22:19Christ and god
22:21he has died for all of your imprecision
22:24and your foolishness
22:28and he wants you to know that he loves
22:30you and he forgives you
22:33and so today you will have the body and
22:35blood of Christ given and shed for the
22:36forgiveness of your sins but peter says
22:39lord to whom shall we go you have the
22:40words of eternal life and those words
22:42were spoken to you today from Christ not
22:45and what were those words
22:47you are forgiven
22:49those are the words of eternal life
22:51who else
22:52can say such words
22:55nobody else does
22:57you are forgiven of all of your
22:58transgressions pardoned reconciled to
23:01God and because of Jesus you have peace
23:04with him
23:06so repent and believe trust in his true
23:11they are not empty they are not void
23:14they are the absolute truth
23:16you are forgiven
23:17and Christ loves you in the name of
23:19Jesus amen
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