Sermon Transcript – Paradise Re-Given

Series B – Second Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, June 6, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint mark
0:30the third chapter
0:39then Jesus went home and the crowd
0:40gathered again so that he could not even
0:43eat and when his family heard of it they
0:45went out to seize him for they were
0:46saying he’s out of his mind
0:48and the scribes who came down from
0:50jerusalem were saying he’s possessed by
0:52beausable and by the prince of the
0:53demons he casts out demons
0:55and he called men to him and said to
0:58them in parables
0:59how can satan cast out satan if a
1:01kingdom is divided against itself that
1:03kingdom cannot stand
1:05and if a house is divided against itself
1:07the house that house will not be able to
1:09and if satan has risen up against
1:11himself and is divided he cannot stand
1:13but is coming to an end but no one can
1:16enter a strong man’s house and plunder
1:17his goods unless he first
1:19binds the strong man then indeed he may
1:21plunder his house
1:23truly i say to you all sins will be
1:25forgiven the children of man
1:26and whatever blasphemies they utter but
1:28whoever blasphemes against the holy
1:30spirit never has forgiveness but is
1:32guilty of an eternal sin
1:33for they had said he has an unclean
1:35spirit and his mother and his brothers
1:37came and standing outside they sent to
1:39him and called him
1:40and a crowd was sitting around him and
1:42they said to him your mother and your
1:44brothers are outside seeking you
1:46and he answered them who are my mother
1:48and my brothers and looking about
1:50at those who sat around him he said here
1:52are my mother and my brothers whoever
1:54does the will of god he is my brother
1:56and sister and mother this is the gospel
1:59of the lord
2:00in the name of Jesus all right so we all
2:04know that something’s wrong with the
2:05world have you ever noticed that
2:07and no one has ever been able to solve
2:09the problem in fact
2:10the people have tried valiantly to solve
2:13the problem that exists in our world
2:16they’ve all failed miserably let me give
2:18you an example of like one of the most
2:19spectacular failures
2:21in all of human history as it comes to
2:23solving the world’s problem
2:25photographers tried this all right
2:27there’s a book a photo book years and
2:29years ago when i worked in the corporate
2:30world i managed
2:31salespeople and one of my salespeople
2:34her name was adriana and she
2:36was a spectacular professional
2:39and well with that kind of skill we knew
2:42she was going to eventually get picked
2:44off and she was some headhunter founder
2:46and she took a job working for somebody
2:48else’s corporate team bummer for us
2:50and so she gave her notice and we were
2:53having a going away party and i was her
2:55and she at her going away party gave me
2:58a gift
3:00because she knew i like to tinker with
3:01photography and she gave me a gift and
3:03the gift is called
3:05the family of man it’s a photo book put
3:08out years and years ago which actually
3:10began as a as a photography art exhibit
3:14and then you could see it in different
3:16places around the world
3:17and it had such notable names as edward
3:20steichen and andre
3:21cartier brasson who provided photography
3:24for the photography is great
3:25photography is spectacular but the
3:27premise behind the book
3:29and behind the art exhibit is something
3:30to this effect the world has
3:33wars and people treat each other
3:34unkindly and there’s all this violence
3:36in the world
3:37if we could just all appreciate the fact
3:40that we’re all the same you know we all
3:44married we fall in love we have children
3:47those children grow
3:48up they fall in love they get old and
3:51they die
3:52and so these are wonderful photographs
3:54taken of people around the world in that
3:56kind of setting
3:57and the basic idea is if we just all
4:00how much we are all like you know the
4:02family of man
4:04then maybe just maybe wars and stuff
4:06would end and of course
4:08um i’m always into bad marketing ideas
4:11and it’s the final photograph which is
4:13just black
4:14on this one because here’s the thing
4:16i’ll show it to you there’s a photograph
4:18of these two children they’re in the
4:21shadows and they’re walking into the
4:22light as if somehow
4:24now that we know that we’re all the
4:25family of man we can walk out of the
4:27darkness of violence
4:28into the light of love and the world
4:31will be a happy place and we can all
4:33it’s a small world after
4:37anyway the photography is great though
4:41but here’s the thing the photographers
4:44failed us they have not solved the
4:47world’s problems so
4:49don’t look to photographers but have you
4:50also noticed that our pop music stars
4:54and our movie stars they’ve failed us
4:57most spectacular failure of all time is
4:59who john lennon
5:01imagine right i can’t even sing that
5:03song it drives me
5:04nuts right and of course the beatles
5:07all you need is love no no no no
5:11right well if love is all we need why is
5:14it that we can’t seem to solve our
5:16right and then have you noticed that the
5:19politicians have also failed us too
5:21you know on a scale of like one to ten
5:25one being absolute abject miserable
5:28incompetence ten being the most
5:30spectacular thing ever
5:32how would you grade our politicians and
5:34how they handled the covid pandemic
5:37a one okay two all right do i do i hear
5:40three is there a three out there
5:41four no no fours negative two
5:45okay you get the idea so so our
5:48photographers are incompetent
5:50musicians and movie stars incompetent
5:53and our politicians are incompetent at
5:55solving the world’s problem
5:58oh boy we’re in trouble right and that’s
6:01kind of the issue
6:03and so as we consider our old testament
6:05text today
6:07and and its implications and kind of
6:09flesh out the theme a little bit
6:11we are again confronted with
6:14the problem that we all have and that is
6:18is that
6:19well we have fallen truly fallen
6:22into sin and as a result of it
6:25as god said that the day that adam and
6:28eve ate the fruit of that tree the tree
6:30of the knowledge and good of evil they
6:32spiritually and have you noticed that
6:35good and evil seems to be the thing that
6:37are mixed together in this life
6:40don’t get used to it when you have
6:41something good happen because the next
6:44something bad will follow it it just
6:45seems that the two come together
6:47in well weird quantities but you’ll note
6:50that these
6:51terrible words they adam and eve heard
6:54the sound of the lord god walking in the
6:55garden in the cool of the day and this
6:57is after they had eaten of the tree they
6:59told by god not to eat of and they
7:01didn’t listen to god’s voice
7:02they listened to the voice of the
7:03serpent into their own hearts
7:05and the man and his wife they hid
7:07themselves in the presence of the lord
7:08god among the trees of the garden
7:10and lord god called to the man and said
7:12to him where are you and he said i heard
7:14the sound of you in the garden
7:16and i was afraid because i was naked and
7:18i hid myself
7:20and he said who told you that you were
7:21naked have you eaten of the tree of
7:23which i commanded you
7:25not to eat and we know the answer to
7:28that question
7:30but consider if you would the absolute
7:33that we see here and that is is that
7:36adam and eve in their fall into sin
7:38their immediate response to when the
7:40presence of god shows up
7:41is that they have to run and hide they
7:44are naked and now
7:45terribly afraid but just before
7:48we read this in genesis chapter 3
7:51in genesis chapter 2 we get again this
7:53wonderful beautiful picture
7:55of just how loving kind caring and
7:59god is it is absolutely appropriate that
8:02we would refer to god as god
8:04our father because that is what we see
8:07going on in this text have you ever been
8:10to a wedding and
8:12well everybody goes to weddings at one
8:14time or another and
8:15there you see the bride decked out just
8:19looking spectacular and always and again
8:21when everybody stands up when the bride
8:23comes in
8:24my heart just kind of catches right here
8:27and i can’t help but have a little bit
8:28of a tear in my eye
8:30especially if it’s like one of my
8:31daughters but that’s a whole different
8:32story right
8:33but the point is this is that that’s a
8:36moment that we’ve
8:37all that we’ve all kind of witnessed but
8:40have you ever witnessed
8:42when the groom sees the bride
8:45for the first time in her wedding dress
8:48have you ever everyone’s looking at the
8:50bride next time you’re at a wedding
8:52turn around quick take a look at the
8:55take a look at the groom
8:57okay i’ve seen guys almost buckle
9:00okay when they see their bride for the
9:03first time like this
9:04and in this context consider then just
9:07the absolute
9:08wonderfulness of god there’s god he’s
9:11created the heavens and the earth all
9:13the animals
9:14and well it says in genesis 2 18 then
9:16the lord god said it’s not good that man
9:18should be alone and it’s not
9:20we are not we cannot thrive alone it is
9:23not good that he is alone i will make
9:25a helper fit for him kind of his
9:28counterpart his physical opposite the
9:30hebrew is a little hard to pull into the
9:31english here
9:32but you think of jigsaw puzzles now out
9:35of the ground the lord god had formed
9:37every beast of the field every bird of
9:38the heavens and brought them to the man
9:40to see what he would call them
9:42whatever the man called every living
9:43creature that was its
9:45name and so you can see here adam names
9:48all of the animals all the beasts of the
9:50field every creature and critter
9:51he gives them a name but it’s as if god
9:54is like parading them all in front of
9:56just to kind of build the anticipation
9:58because the hope is there
10:00that as he’s naming the animals he’ll
10:02finally see his
10:05counterpart because these animals whom
10:08he’s naming
10:09he’s seeing that they have already been
10:11created male and female
10:13and that they come in pairs and so well
10:16he’s he hasn’t been paired up yet so
10:20the man called every living creature and
10:22whatever he called it that was its name
10:24he gave names to all the livestock the
10:26birds of the heaven to every beast of
10:27the field but for adam
10:29there was not found a helper fit for him
10:32not one
10:33and you can just kind of see the
10:36hmm still haven’t found what i’m looking
10:40so the lord god caused a deep sleep to
10:42fall upon the man and while he slept he
10:44took one of his ribs
10:45and closed up its place with flesh now a
10:48little bit of a note here we’re going to
10:49hear this in our
10:51in one of our cross references in the
10:52sermon when you think of adam think of
10:56the scriptures explicitly say that adam
10:59is a type and shadow of Christ
11:01and that Christ is the fulfillment of
11:03his type so
11:04the lord god took one of his ribs closed
11:06up its place with flesh
11:08the rib that the lord god had taken from
11:09the man he made into a woman
11:12and he brought her to
11:15the man think
11:18marriage think this is the first time
11:22that adam is laying eyes on his
11:25wife and god is the one
11:29who’s the matchmaker here he’s made the
11:32perfect counterpart
11:34for adam like a father he’s chosen a
11:37for his son because scripture says that
11:40adam is the son of god
11:42uh read read the gen the uh the
11:45generations of
11:47Jesus and you’ll see that adam is
11:48referred to as the son of god
11:50and so like a loving doting caring
11:54kind father who wants his son’s needs to
11:57be met
11:58he makes this woman and adam
12:02this at last you hear it
12:05this at last this is it i’ve been
12:07looking for you
12:09this at last is bone of my bones flesh
12:11of my flesh
12:12she shall be called isha for she was
12:16taken from each
12:20beautiful picture beautiful picture
12:23consider again the loving kindness
12:26of god therefore
12:29a man shall leave his father and his
12:31mother and hold fast to his wife
12:33and they shall become one flesh the man
12:36and his wife were both naked and they
12:37were not
12:38ashamed the church fathers when you read
12:41them on this particular passage
12:43they they like to point out the fact
12:44that the reason why adam and eve
12:46were not afraid or ashamed when they
12:49were naked
12:50is because they were created in the very
12:52image of god
12:53being made in the image of god there’s
12:56nothing to be
12:57ashamed of even if you’re not wearing
12:59any clothes
13:00but you’ll note that since the fall the
13:03first thing that adam and eve realized
13:05after they bit into that forbidden fruit
13:07they realized that they were naked
13:10and you’ll note that you know being
13:12naked is one of those things that’s
13:13really awkward
13:14even for all of us descendants of adam
13:16and eve if you don’t believe me
13:18just remember the last time somebody
13:20walked in on you while you were in the
13:21bathroom and you didn’t have all your
13:23clothes on and tell me how that
13:24experience went
13:26okay it’s very very uncomfortable and
13:30memorable it’s like it’s hard to burn
13:32these things out of your
13:34head but you get the idea then but
13:36here’s the thing so
13:37what has befallen us
13:41is that we have now fallen into sin
13:44and well what’s broken in us can’t be
13:49not by art not by politics not
13:53by music not by well-meaning people
13:56there’s only
13:57one solution and the solution requires
14:00us to look
14:01to Christ and i found it fascinating as
14:04i was preparing
14:05this sermon that as i was looking for
14:07the cross references and putting the
14:09story together and the themes
14:11of this text together that in the new
14:16the new testament never mentions adam
14:18without quickly
14:20pointing to Christ it’s it’s as if
14:23the new testament says don’t think of
14:25adam without thinking about Jesus don’t
14:27think of adam about think without
14:28thinking about Jesus because
14:30when you can see how Jesus fulfills the
14:32type and shadow of adam
14:33you can see that there’s something good
14:36that is for us because
14:37if you think about it what is the
14:39implications of what our
14:41first parents have done they lived in a
14:44perfect world
14:45without sin without toil
14:48without death without pain
14:52it was paradise that’s how eden is
14:56and they squandered all of that
15:00to take a bite of a piece of fruit
15:03that has then plunged us into all the
15:05misery that we experience
15:06now and is it not true that we all in
15:10some sense yearn for that paradise
15:15isn’t that the impetus the thought and
15:17the thinking behind we’ve got to solve
15:20the world’s problems we have to solve
15:22the problem of poverty of suffering and
15:24all this other kind of stuff but the
15:26reality is this beyond us to fix
15:30so romans 5 says this therefore just a
15:32sin came into the world through
15:34one man and that’s the problem sin
15:37and through that one man death through
15:39sin and so death is now spread to all
15:42men because all
15:43have sinned you me everybody
15:46sin indeed was in the world before the
15:48law was given but sin is not counted
15:50where there is no law
15:51yet death reigned death itself reigned
15:54from adam to moses even over those whose
15:57was not like the transgression of adam
16:00and he was the type of the one who was
16:02to come
16:03what is it that reigns in this world
16:05according to this text
16:07death and it comes for us all
16:10but then in contradistinction to this it
16:12goes on to say this but the free gift
16:15the free gift of god oh isn’t that like
16:18the same god who gifted adam with such a
16:22beautiful gift as his wife
16:23eve the same god now gifts us
16:27gifts us with forgiveness of our sins
16:29you see the free gift is not like the
16:31for if the many died through ones a
16:33man’s trespass how much more
16:35have the grace of god and the free gift
16:38by the grace of that one man Jesus
16:40Christ abounded
16:41for many you see the free gift it’s not
16:43the result
16:44of the free gift is not like the result
16:46of the one man’s sin
16:47for the judgment following one trespass
16:49brought condemnation
16:51but the free gift following many
16:53trespasses has brought justification
16:55forth because of the one man’s trespass
16:58death reigned through that one man how
16:59much more will those who receive the
17:01abundance of grace
17:03and the free gift of righteousness reign
17:06in life through the one man Jesus Christ
17:10and so you’ll note that here in contra
17:12distinction to death
17:13reigning over all humanity we who have
17:17forgiven united with Christ in his death
17:20and resurrection
17:21there’s a new reality for us one that
17:25at and gives us hope hope of a different
17:27outcome than
17:28the death that this life promises us
17:31death reigns presently
17:32but now for us Christians grace and
17:36reign because of Christ therefore as one
17:40trespass led
17:41to condemnation for all men and that
17:43that’s true for all of us
17:45so one act of righteousness now leads to
17:47justification in life for all men
17:49for as by the one man’s disobedience the
17:51many were made sinners
17:53so by the one man’s obedience the many
17:55will be made righteous
17:57so the law then came to increase
17:59trespass but where
18:00sin increased grace abounded all the
18:02more so that as sin reigned in death
18:05also might reign through righteousness
18:07leading to eternal life through Jesus
18:09Christ our lord
18:10and so you’ll note then that adam and
18:13eve having been
18:14plunged into sin and plunging us into
18:17in the process that at the tail end
18:20there of genesis chapter 3 we read these
18:23words in verse 21
18:24and the lord god made for adam and his
18:27wife garments of skins
18:29and he clothed them and you just have to
18:32ask the question
18:33did god literally kill some
18:37beasts to clothe adam and eve
18:41and the answer is really yeah
18:44something had to die in their place so
18:47that they can live
18:49and that something that died yeah well
18:52its skin then was given to them to cover
18:55their nakedness and their shame and
18:58their guilt
19:00but you see that’s a hint at what Christ
19:03for us although it is true we tru we too
19:06are naked just like adam and eve and
19:09we’re naked in our sin and experience
19:11that same shame
19:13we know that Christ is the one who has
19:16for us and scripture describes us as
19:19being clothed in garments of
19:21righteousness isaiah describes it this
19:23in chapter 61 he says i will greatly
19:25rejoice in yahweh
19:27my soul shall exalt in my god for he has
19:30clothed me with garments of salvation
19:33he has covered me with the robe of
19:37as a bridegroom decks himself like a
19:39priest with a beautiful headdress
19:41and as a bride adorns herself with
19:44and here if you start to connect some of
19:47the themes of scripture remember
19:49adam is a type of the one to come and
19:51that’s Christ
19:52Jesus is the second adam he is the first
19:56to rise first born of the new creation
19:59and who is Christ’s bride
20:04we are we are
20:08and so you can see here despite our
20:10nakedness our shame
20:12covered in dirt that scripture describes
20:15Christ’s love for his bride of having
20:17washed away her sins with the washing of
20:20water and the word and here it describes
20:23that what Christ does for us he takes
20:27bride and he adorns her with jewels
20:30with righteousness and garments of
20:32salvation covering
20:34our nakedness it’s a beautiful picture
20:37when you consider it
20:38and again what would we expect will we
20:41anything less than the god who is so
20:44amazing the one that revealed in the
20:46early chapters of genesis
20:48the one who cared for adam so much that
20:50he gave her such a great gift
20:52and in the same way then god gifts his
20:56with his bride by preparing her
21:00and you’ll note that the bride of Christ
21:03like adam was formed out of the side of
21:07while Christ hung dead on the cross
21:10roman sword
21:10pierced aside and outflowed water
21:14and blood and it is that water and blood
21:17is used to create to wash and regenerate
21:23us make us the bride of Christ
21:26when you see the connection it’s
21:28absolutely stunning and beautiful
21:31so in this reality then we consider
21:34the words of the apostle paul who
21:37explains to us
21:39that we now are to walk in newness of
21:43according to the reality that we believe
21:46by faith but is also
21:47true ephesians 4 says i say this and i
21:50testify in the lord
21:51that you must no longer walk as the
21:53gentiles do in the futility of their
21:56they’re darkened in their understanding
21:58they’re alienated from the life of god
22:00because of the ignorance that is in them
22:01due to their hardness of heart
22:03and that is the result of adam and eve’s
22:06that’s the impact it’s had on all of
22:08their descendants
22:09they’ve become callous they’ve given
22:11themselves up to sensuality they’re
22:13greedy to practice every kind of
22:15but that’s not the way that you learn
22:17Christ assuming that you have heard
22:18about him
22:19and you were taught in him as the truth
22:22is in Jesus
22:23so therefore listen to the words put off
22:25your old self
22:27your old self the one you inherited for
22:29adam put it off
22:31by the power of the holy spirit take off
22:33your old self
22:35which belongs to your former manner of
22:37life and is corrupt through deceitful
22:40and be renewed in the spirit of your
22:44and put on the new self which is created
22:46after the likeness of god in true
22:47righteousness and holiness
22:50and so it’s true we inherited a sinful
22:51nature from adam and eve
22:53but because we are in Christ and we have
22:56been regenerated there is a new self
22:58we’ve already got the bits the beginning
23:02of what we will be in the new creation
23:05presently now
23:06now it coexists in our bodies with a
23:09sinful nature
23:10but you can see the themes if you work
23:12it out and so because of this then
23:15we are to be of good cheer also
23:19as we yearn for what
23:22what we yearn for is to be no longer
23:24naked but clothed
23:26and look forward to receiving back from
23:29Christ the paradise that we lost
23:32because he is re-giving it to us second
23:34corinthians chapter 5 verses 1 to 10
23:37which is the epistle text for next week
23:38puts it this way
23:40we know that if the tenth that is our
23:41earthly home is destroyed we have a
23:43building from god a house that is not
23:44made with hands
23:45it’s eternal it’s in the heavens for in
23:48this tent we
23:49groan longing to put on our heavenly
23:53and is that not true of all of us you
23:56i keep pointing it out and i will
23:58continue to point it out i look worse
24:00today than i did two weeks ago
24:02a month ago a year ago and it’s not
24:04getting any better barb and i now that
24:06the warm weather has come back we
24:07decided we’d go on walks in the evening
24:09right and the first week was a little
24:11bit sketchy you know we got about 55
24:13minutes into the walk and barb’s all
24:16how much longer are we going gonna go
24:17yeah i’m thinking come on granny you can
24:19make it you can make it
24:21right she used to walk six seven miles a
24:24day and
24:25just like at a clip that nobody can keep
24:27up with but not so anymore
24:28yeah but why because well her earthly
24:31tent like my earthly
24:32tent is wearing out that’s like your
24:33earthly tent is wearing out
24:36and so you’ll note then that in these in
24:38this concept and we are well we’re
24:40longing for something different
24:42cross reference this with romans 8 paul
24:45says i consider that the sufferings of
24:47this present time they’re not worth
24:48comparing with the glory that’s going to
24:50be revealed to us
24:52for the creation now currently waits
24:54with eager longing for the revealing of
24:56the sons of god
24:57and that revealing takes place on the
24:59day of the resurrection
25:01for the creation itself has been
25:03subjected to futility not
25:05willingly but because of him who
25:07subjected it in hope
25:08so that the creation itself will finally
25:10be set free from its bondage to
25:13and will obtain the freedom of the glory
25:16of the children of god
25:17we know that the whole creation has been
25:19groaning together in pains of childbirth
25:22until now
25:22and not only the creation but we
25:24ourselves we who have the first fruits
25:27of the spirit we
25:28also groan inwardly as we wait eagerly
25:30for the adoption of sons and the
25:32redemption of our bodies
25:34for in this hope we are saved now hope
25:37that is seen is not hope
25:39who hopes for what he sees but if we
25:41hope for what we do not see we wait for
25:43it with
25:43patience and so you can see then the
25:46idea that
25:47right now forgiven
25:52sinners is what we are our sins have
25:56taken care of by Christ who bore his our
25:58sins in his body on the tree
26:00he died and rose again and ascended into
26:03and because of all of this we have hope
26:06and the whisper that is among us is that
26:09hope is
26:10that we will finally
26:13finally no longer be naked
26:17paul coming back to second corinthians 5
26:19says for
26:20in this tent we groan longing to put on
26:22our heavenly dwelling
26:24if indeed by putting it on we may not be
26:27naked for while we are still in this
26:29tent we groan
26:30being burdened not that we would be
26:32unclothed but that we would finally be
26:34further clothed
26:35so that what is mortal may be swallowed
26:37up by life
26:38he who has prepared us for this very
26:40thing is god
26:41who has given us the holy spirit as a
26:46so then we are always of good courage we
26:48know that while we are at home in the
26:49body we are away from the lord
26:52and we walk by faith and not by sight
26:54yes we are of good courage
26:56and we would rather be away from the
26:58body and at home with the lord
26:59so whether at home or away we make it
27:02our aim to please Christ
27:04and it’s true we will all must appear
27:06before the judgment seat of Christ
27:08and each one of us may receive what is
27:10due for what he has done in the body
27:12whether good or evil
27:13so brothers and sisters it’s true we’ve
27:15fallen into sin and we have been found
27:17before god
27:18naked and ashamed but Christ has come
27:21and he has bled and died in our place
27:23because of his great love for his bride
27:25which is you
27:26and he has now washed away our sin and
27:28clothed us with his righteousness
27:30and we presently await for the wedding
27:33feast that day when
27:34we will finally see him face to face
27:37and be given a new world a new world
27:40without end
27:41a world without tears pain suffering
27:44or any kind of evil he is that good
27:48that he would give us again what we
27:51even though we do not deserve it because
27:52of his great mercy and love for us
27:55in the name of Jesus amen
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