Sermon Transcript – Prophet Business is Dangerous Business

Series C – Lent 2 – Sunday, February 21, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:30the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:31chapter 13 verses 31 through 35.
0:36at that very hour some Pharisees came
0:39and said to him
0:40get away from here for Herod wants to
0:42kill you
0:44he said to them you go and tell that fox
0:46behold I cast out demons and perform
0:48cures today and tomorrow and the third
0:51day I finish my course nevertheless I
0:54must go on my way today and tomorrow and
0:56the day following for it cannot be that
0:58a prophet should perish away from
1:01of Jerusalem Jerusalem the city that
1:04kills the prophets
1:05Stones those who are sent to it
1:08how often I would have gathered your
1:10children together as a hen her brood
1:12under her wings and you were not willing
1:16behold your house is forsaken
1:19I tell you you will not see me until you
1:21say blessed is he who comes in the name
1:24of the Lord
1:25in the name of Jesus
1:28don’t you love it when you get together
1:29with your family and somebody ruins the
1:32whole occasion by talking about either
1:34religion or politics
1:36isn’t it funny how often times when we
1:38get together as families we set ground
1:40rules no talk of religion
1:43no talk of politics and the reason for
1:46this is quite simple is because as soon
1:48as either of those subjects gets brought
1:50up well
1:52War breaks out
1:55there’s consternation there’s loud
1:58talking maybe even shouting and in some
2:01families where they allow drinking well
2:04that just lubricates the whole fight
2:07right it’s true now pay attention today
2:11because we’re going to connect our Old
2:14Testament text our new testament Gospel
2:17reading as well as our epistle text and
2:20we’re going to see a straight line and
2:22we’re going to see a straight line how
2:23it seems to be that much of religion and
2:27politics oftentimes are in cahoots
2:29against a very important message if you
2:32remember what we heard in our epistle
2:33text we heard that many today live as
2:37enemies of the Cross of Christ
2:40enemies could you imagine being an enemy
2:43of the Cross of Christ why on Earth
2:45would you want to be an enemy of the
2:48very cross the message itself of the
2:51Forgiveness of your sins well the
2:53epistle text answers this question by
2:56pointing out the fact that those who are
2:58opposed to the Cross of Christ
3:01well they have their minds set on things
3:04here on Earth
3:05not and things above and this distorts
3:09their understanding of things and as a
3:11result of it the very message that is
3:13their salvation is the one that they
3:16hate the most they think it’s the
3:17stupidest who wants to waste their time
3:20on a Sunday morning going and hearing
3:22about some guy who was crucified I’ve
3:25got better things to do ah man football
3:28season isn’t going to come around till
3:29fall though uh maybe it’s time to start
3:32breaking out the fishing rods
3:36I notice around here that every summer
3:38people disappear to the lake not sure
3:40which one it is I’m beginning to think
3:42there’s many of them around here but
3:45that’s another sermon okay let’s return
3:48to our Old Testament text and we’ll work
3:50our way through it and you’ll notice
3:51that our Old Testament text kind of
3:54picks up with Jeremiah saying something
3:56well let’s let’s do a little contextual
3:58work here if you open up your Bible your
4:00Pew Bible to Jeremiah chapter 26 in your
4:04Pew Bible it should be on page 654.
4:07we’re going to take a look at verse one
4:09and figure out what on Earth it is that
4:11Jeremiah was saying that made people so
4:15well let’s take a look first one
4:18in the beginning of the reign of
4:20jehoiakim the son of Josiah king of
4:23Judah this word came from the Lord
4:25there’s your politics here we’ve got a
4:29anchoring and knows what happens next
4:32here’s the message from God that
4:34Jeremiah has got to preach thus says the
4:37Lord now notice it’s all capitals all
4:40capitals in the Old Testament means that
4:42we’re dealing with the very name of God
4:43itself so you can say thus says Yahweh
4:46that’s his name stand in the court of
4:49the Lord’s House
4:50speak to all the cities of Judah that
4:53come to Worship in the house of the Lord
4:54all the words that I command you to
4:57speak to them don’t hold back a word
5:02poor Jeremiah man I’m telling you this
5:05profit business is a dangerous business
5:07I mean when you preach the word of the
5:11well it could get you in a lot of
5:12trouble and a lot of trouble and the
5:14reason for this is quite simple because
5:16each and every one of us wasn’t born
5:19good you know not when you see those
5:21little babies and they’re so cute they
5:23look so innocent don’t be deceived no
5:26don’t be deceived we all remember them
5:28when they were like the smallest that’s
5:31when they are the most demanding
5:35right without words more like screams of
5:39Terror feed me change my diaper hug me
5:42love me and everything you do is always
5:45like walking on eggshells right yeah
5:47there’s a sign here pay attention well
5:49each and every one of us were born dead
5:52in trespasses and Sins not a single one
5:54of us is born loving God no we love
5:57ourselves big difference all right we
6:00want to be the center of the universe we
6:02want to be God so this is why preaching
6:06what God wants you to preach could get
6:08you in a lot of trouble but God says
6:10don’t hold back anything Let it Fly
6:12they’re going to be offended so brace
6:15now it may be it may be that they will
6:18listen and everyone turn from his evil
6:20way so that I might relent of the
6:23disaster that I intended to do them
6:24because of their evil Deeds notice here
6:27the love of God
6:29you see our sin is slavery our sin
6:33destroys us our sin earns God’s Wrath
6:36but God doesn’t desire to throw us into
6:39the fires of Hell God does not desire to
6:42let loose with his judgments he instead
6:45desires that we would repent and be
6:47forgiven and live this is his desire for
6:50us so he says all right don’t hold
6:52anything back and the reason for this is
6:54maybe some will listen you shall say to
6:57them thus says Yahweh if you will not
6:59listen to me to walk in my law that I
7:01have set before you and listen to the
7:03words of my servants the prophets whom I
7:06send to you urgently though you have not
7:08listened then I will make this house
7:11like Shiloh and I will make this city a
7:14curse for all the nations of the Earth
7:16now a little historical note just like
7:19Shiloh what’s a Shiloh it’s a good
7:21question Shiloh means peace but Shiloh
7:23is a city and in ancient times before
7:26the temple was built Shiloh was the
7:28place where when the children of Israel
7:30came into Israel finally into the
7:32promised land this is where the
7:33Tabernacle was so this is where the
7:36original Temple was but the original
7:37Temple wasn’t made of stone it was a big
7:40canvas kind of thing you know big tent
7:43and it was there for a long time but
7:45once the temple was built what happened
7:47to the place where it was Shiloh where
7:50it was
7:51well it became a ghost town and still to
7:55this day you can visit Shiloh I’ve done
7:57this by looking at other people’s
7:58vacation photos you should try it
7:59sometime it’s a great way to go on a
8:00vacation get on the internet and go
8:02where you want to go and look at all the
8:04pictures that somebody else took for you
8:05right and just imagine yourself there
8:08but you can still see photographs of it
8:09today there you can see the outlines of
8:11the Rocks where the Tabernacle itself
8:14was it’s totally desolate nobody lives
8:16there it’s not a high-end neighborhood
8:18it’s just like well the Lord says here
8:21like a ghost town he’s saying to the
8:22people of Jerusalem listen to me your
8:25sin has earned my wrath repent repent be
8:32be forgiven because if you stay on this
8:34path nothing but destruction
8:37is what’s in your future because that’s
8:39what you’ve earned but I don’t want to
8:41give you that I want to forgive you I
8:43want you to live
8:46but if you don’t then I’m going to make
8:48Jerusalem like Shiloh
8:52all right verse 7 to the priests the
8:54prophets and all the people heard
8:56Jeremiah speaking these words in the
8:58house of the Lord
9:01you can almost hear like the dark music
9:05you know enter Darth Vader
9:11this is may not go well so Jeremiah had
9:14when he had finished speaking all that
9:15the Lord had commanded him speak notice
9:17poor Jeremiah he’s not even speaking his
9:19opinions these are words from God all
9:21the people then the priests and the
9:22prophets and all the people noticed the
9:24religious leaders here’s what they said
9:27I wish they had said this oh you’re
9:29right we repent forgive us no here’s
9:31what the first thing is lay hold of him
9:33you will die
9:36that’s it Jeremiah you’re dead
9:39and who are the people calling for his
9:43the religious leaders
9:49that’s a strange irony you’d think that
9:51if they were truly worshiping and
9:53serving the one true God that they would
9:56hear the word of the Lord and say Yep
9:58this man speaks truth this man speaks
10:01no instead you will die why have you
10:04prophesied in the name of Yahweh saying
10:07this house shall be like Shiloh and this
10:09city shall be desolate without
10:11inhabitants and all the people gathered
10:13around Jeremiah and the house of the
10:16and when the officials of Judah Here
10:18Comes politics now religion and politics
10:20now working together heard these things
10:21they came out from the King’s house to
10:23the house of the Lord and took their
10:25seat in the entry gate of the new gate
10:26of the house of the Lord and then the
10:28priests and the prophets said to the
10:30officials and all the people this man
10:32deserves the sentence of death because
10:34he has prophesied against this city as
10:37you have heard with your own ears
10:40isn’t it strange
10:43that you can almost hear Echoes of Jesus
10:46on trial in this trial
10:49you can almost hear the same charges
10:52against Jesus he speaks against the
10:55temple he says tear down this Temple and
10:57I’ll build it again in three days and
10:59there’s a reason for this the reason is
11:02is because you can hear in this text The
11:04Echoes of the forthcoming trial of
11:06Christ and even Our Gospel text makes
11:09that clear
11:11you’ve heard it with your own ears
11:14and then Jeremiah spoke to all the
11:16officials and all the people saying
11:19Yahweh sent me to prophesy against this
11:21house and this city
11:24and all the words that you’ve heard
11:26now therefore mend your ways repent
11:33repent of your ways and your deeds and
11:35obey the voice of Yahweh your God
11:39and the Lord will resilent of the
11:40disaster that he has pronounced against
11:44but as for me I’m in your hands do with
11:46me as it seems do whatever you want to
11:51wow so sure that he has the words of God
11:57that they want to go ahead and take his
11:59life no problemo for him
12:03plus I mean death for him would have
12:05been a lot easier than the job that God
12:06gave him to do anyway so please kill me
12:12do whatever seems right only know this
12:13for certain that if you put me to death
12:15you will bring innocent blood upon
12:17yourselves and upon the city and its
12:19inhabitants foreign truth the Lord did
12:22send me to speak to all of these words
12:23in your ears
12:26and Watch What Happens here when God’s
12:28word goes out it does things there’s a
12:32reason for that because the word of God
12:34is living and active
12:36and the words that he spoke were not his
12:38words they were very the guy very words
12:39of God and God’s word doesn’t return to
12:41him void
12:44so then all the officials all the people
12:46said to the priests and the prophets
12:49this man does not deserve the sentence
12:51of death for he has spoken to us in the
12:53name of Yahweh our God
12:59didn’t see this coming and certain of
13:01the Elders of the land arose and spoke
13:03to all the assembled people saying Micah
13:05of morisheth he prophesied in the days
13:08of Hezekiah the king of Judah and said
13:10to all the people of Judah thus says
13:12Yahweh of hosts
13:16Zion shall be plowed as a field
13:18Jerusalem shall become a heap of ruins
13:20in the mountain of the house a wooded
13:22height did Hezekiah the king of Judah
13:24and all Judah put him to death did he
13:26not fear Yahweh and entreat the favor of
13:29the Lord and did in the and did not the
13:31Lord relent of the disaster that he had
13:33pronounced against them
13:35but we’re about to bring great disaster
13:37upon ourselves
13:39there was another man who prophesied in
13:41the name of the Lord Uriah the son of
13:42shamaya from kyrieth Jerome he
13:45prophesied against this city and against
13:47this land in words like the like those
13:50of Jeremiah and when King jehoiah came
13:52with all of his Warriors and all the
13:53officials heard his words the king
13:55sought to put him to death but when
13:56Uriah heard of it he was afraid and fled
13:59and escaped to Egypt then jehoiakin sent
14:02to Egypt certain men El Nathan the son
14:05of akbore and others with him and they
14:08took Uriah from Egypt and brought him to
14:10King jehoiakim who struck him down with
14:12the sword and dumped his dead body in
14:13the burial place of the common people
14:15but the hand of ahikam the son of shafan
14:19was with Jeremiah so that he was not
14:21given over to the people to be put to
14:25look at that
14:27God’s word did something
14:29they began to think wait a second does
14:33this man really deserve to die for
14:34speaking God’s words of course he
14:36doesn’t is he speaking death and
14:38destruction or is he not preaching and
14:41teaching mercy and forgiveness in God
14:45and so we come back now to Our Gospel
14:47text Luke chapter 13.
14:49Luke chapter 13.
14:51in a similar way religion and politics
14:53are working hand in hand against the
14:57Son of God now God not sending his
15:01Prophet but sending his own son
15:03and Watch What Happens verse 31 chapter
15:0613 at that very hour some Pharisees came
15:09and they said to Jesus get away from
15:11here Herod wants to kill you
15:14now I gotta throw a flag on the play I
15:17wish I had a whistle wait a second since
15:19when did the Pharisees care about Jesus
15:21being harmed
15:24right what’s going on here oh Herod
15:27wants to kill you Jesus well actually
15:29I’ve read several texts that say the
15:31Pharisees one Jesus did so why are they
15:33warning him right well probably in the
15:36context it’s that Jesus’s word is going
15:39out people are listening to him the sick
15:40are being healed demons are being cast
15:43out the dead are being raised and
15:45they’ve just had about enough of this so
15:47let’s send a threat to Jesus and we’ll
15:49have it signed Herod oh herod’s gonna
15:52kill you Jesus you better run away get
15:54out of here we’re done with you right
15:57how strange
16:00the Pharisees were the religious leaders
16:02of Israel at the time
16:04they claimed to worship the very God
16:06that Jesus is
16:09why aren’t they repenting and trusting
16:13in Him
16:15so Jesus
16:17who by the way will never have his life
16:20taken from him
16:24he laid down his life of his own accord
16:26nobody had the authority to take Jesus’s
16:29life from him he laid it down and he
16:31wasn’t about to have his life taken from
16:33him before the appointed time so Jesus
16:36says you go and tell that fox behold I
16:38cast out demons I perform cures today
16:41and tomorrow and the third day I will
16:43finish my course oh there it is Third
16:45Day stuff important things happen on
16:47third days really important things
16:49happen on third days it was on the third
16:51day that Christ Rose from the grave
16:54Jesus making an allusion to that
16:56and then Jesus says nevertheless
16:58I must go on my way today and tomorrow
17:01and the day following
17:03for it cannot be that a prophet should
17:05perish away from Jerusalem
17:08so this what we see is a pattern
17:11developed in the Old Testament
17:13the people of God
17:17Chase After idols
17:19reject the true God who saves
17:23God sends his Prophets
17:25sends his prophets and says repent
17:28repent be forgiven give up your false
17:34come I will heal you I will forgive you
17:38I will restore you and I will care for
17:40you this is the message of the prophets
17:42well over and again God would send His
17:45prophets to appeal to the people to
17:47repent and to be forgiven and they would
17:49have none of it and so many of the
17:52prophets were actually killed
17:55in the city of God itself
17:58how ironic is that
18:03oh Jerusalem Jesus then says this o
18:07Jerusalem and he can hear the love the
18:09compassion and the Broken Heart of
18:10Christ in his words o Jerusalem the city
18:13that kills the prophets and Stones those
18:17who are sent to it it was Jesus who sent
18:19those prophets and now he himself has
18:21arrived and Jesus is way more than a
18:24way more
18:26how often I would have gathered your
18:28children together as a hen gathers her
18:30brood under her wings
18:31you are not willing
18:33what a beautiful picture
18:35God Gathering up his children like a hen
18:38gathers up little chicks
18:40and see Jesus does that in a very real
18:43way because he does go to Jerusalem he
18:46cannot perish anywhere else except for
18:48the place that has stoned the prophets
18:50and there is the one to whom the
18:53prophets point to
18:55and what does he do he spreads his arms
18:58that have him nailed to the cross
19:00so that he can gather us
19:02the forgiven
19:04under the wings of God
19:08all because he loves us so much
19:12but they wouldn’t repent
19:14they wouldn’t be forgiven
19:16they didn’t receive the very God who
19:20they claimed to worship
19:22because their minds their hearts were
19:24set on Earthly things
19:25so he says behold your house is now
19:30and I tell you you will not see me until
19:32you say blessed is he who comes in the
19:35name of the Lord and when Jesus says
19:36your house is forsaken
19:38he’s promising to do to the temple what
19:41was done to Shiloh
19:43in mere decades after the death of
19:45Christ the Roman army
19:47under General Titus surrounds Jerusalem
19:51besieges it when they finally break
19:53through the wall
19:55first place they go is to the temple
19:59and because of all the gold that’s in
20:01the temple they set fire to it
20:04and the temple Burns
20:05and it’s said in the annals of History
20:09that the gold itself from the temple
20:11flowed like a river
20:15flowing out from the temple
20:17and it’s seeped into the cracks
20:21of the stones and the greedy Romans then
20:24tore the temple apart to get to every
20:27last bit of gold and by doing so they
20:30ended up taking the temple and literally
20:32scraping it off the Temple Mount and
20:35what’s left of the temple sits as a
20:37stone Heap today off to one side of the
20:39Temple Mount you can visit it to this
20:43the house is forsaken the temple becomes
20:46like Shiloh let’s see the temple itself
20:48was never the point
20:51the temple was a type and Shadow
20:53pointing us to the one who was the true
20:54sacrifice for our sins Jesus Christ
20:58and so
21:00we’ve looked at how things were in the
21:02Old Testament
21:03how they were in the times of Christ
21:06and now Philippians even though it was
21:09thousands of years ago now almost two
21:13is written to us as Christians today and
21:15we find that nothing has changed nothing
21:18nothing has changed because
21:22Jeremiah the prophet pointed to Christ
21:25Christ the Fulfillment of the Prophecies
21:28of Jeremiah has fulfilled them and now
21:30we Proclaim Christ almost prophetically
21:33you can say it this way today the word
21:35of the Lord comes to you Christians the
21:39word of the Lord comes to you you
21:41prophetically know what the future is
21:44because God’s word has told you
21:46you find it in the pages of scripture
21:48and now you speak as a prophet to the
21:51Nations calling people to repent to be
21:55forgiven by Christ
21:58and God will relent of the disaster that
22:01he has intended for them because of
22:02their wickedness which is the fires of
22:07we have so much in common with Jeremiah
22:09it’s not even funny
22:11and so Paul writing under the
22:13inspiration of the holy spirit says this
22:14to us today
22:17brothers and sisters
22:19Saints of Christ
22:21join in imitating me
22:23keeping your eyes on those who walk
22:25according to the example that you have
22:26in us the apostles
22:28why for many of whom I’ve often told you
22:32and now tell you even with tears they
22:36as enemies of the Cross of Christ
22:44God’s very message of love and
22:48the cross the thing that Christ was
22:51crucified on why because your sins were
22:54laid on him he suffers in your place on
22:57the cross
22:58your sins were on him he was condemned
23:02in your place and bled and died and
23:06suffered the wrath of God for you
23:11so that you would never have to be
23:14and yet people lived today
23:17as enemies of the Cross and Christ and
23:21just like back then
23:25it’s the same today
23:27some of the most vocal opponents of the
23:30Cross of Christ are found
23:32in religious institutions
23:35they’re pastors they’re leaders
23:38they’re politicians too
23:40right and when the church and state
23:43worked together in cahoots against the
23:46Cross of Christ
23:47and oppose the message
23:50well you may as well be under the rule
23:52of the devil
23:54but Paul says this
23:56their end is destruction and how sad
23:59because Christ bled so that it wouldn’t
24:01be their God is their belly in other
24:04words their appetites their desires the
24:07things they want to do how sad because
24:10their God really is not their belly
24:12their true God is the one who bled on
24:13the cross
24:14their glory is their shame
24:18with Minds that are set on Earthly
24:20things and how foolish is that
24:23English is that really
24:25why on Earth would you set your mind on
24:27things here
24:29nothing here lasts
24:33including you
24:35you don’t last
24:37in my short time here at Kong’s Winger
24:40we’ve buried three
24:41who’s next
24:44who’s next
24:45you’re not going to be here for very
24:47long I promise you it was yesterday that
24:50I graduated from high school I blinked
24:52and now look at me I’m almost 50. I’m
24:55afraid to close my eyes because when I
24:57wake up again good night I’m going to be
24:59in a hospital bed dying
25:01same with you why would you set your
25:04mind on anything here
25:06because everything here is passing away
25:10including you
25:12we all know this and we confess it in
25:14the Creed that Christ is coming again to
25:16judge the living and the dead
25:19it’s tomorrow
25:22put it in your day planner
25:25think about it
25:27with Minds that are said on Earthly
25:29things but here Christians pay attention
25:32you Christians all of us here are
25:35American citizens I’m sure is there
25:36anyone here who is not an American
25:38citizen no we’re all American citizens
25:40now I understand when you look at your
25:42passport you look at your birth
25:44certificate you realize you’re an
25:45American citizen that’s all well and
25:48but the other thing is is that all
25:50Christians have dual citizenship
25:53you have a different passport
25:55one you can’t see
25:58right your citizenship is in heaven and
26:02from heaven we await a savior the Lord
26:04Jesus Christ
26:07soon and very soon
26:09there will be no America
26:12there will be no Great Britain Australia
26:14New Zealand
26:16any of the nations of Africa
26:19there will be no China no Japan
26:22there will only be the kingdom of God
26:26it’s an invisible Kingdom now here Among
26:29and someday soon it will be visible
26:32you will not have an American passport
26:34and because there will be no borders you
26:37will not even need one you will be able
26:39to freely travel anywhere in the new
26:41Earth without a passport because all
26:44places will be flying the same flag
26:46the flag of the crucified
26:55so our citizenship is in heaven
26:58from heaven we await a savior the Lord
27:00Jesus Christ
27:01he’s going to transform our lowly even
27:03dead bodies to be like his glorious Body
27:06by the power that enables him to subject
27:09all things to himself and as a result of
27:12it therefore my brothers whom I love and
27:14long for my joy and my crown
27:18stand firm
27:20stand firm thus in the Lord my beloved
27:23stand firm
27:25tell people like Jeremiah did
27:29disaster is coming because of your
27:31wickedness but repent and God will
27:33relent because Christ
27:35has been crucified for you and Christ
27:37has victoriously risen from the grave
27:39repent and relent there is forgiveness
27:41and mercy in him
27:44don’t hold any words back
27:47you say but Pastor if I do that you know
27:49people are going to think I’m just a
27:51complete jerk
27:53or complete idiot
27:55yeah I know you’re in good company
27:59you’re in good company you’re in the
28:01company of the prophets
28:03and even Christ himself because they
28:05didn’t listen to him they crucified him
28:07so stand firm stand firm even to the end
28:11because you are already saved and you
28:15are already a citizen of Heaven
28:19in the name of Jesus Amen
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