Sermon Transcript – Raise Your Heads Your Redemption is Drawing Near

Series C – Twenty-Sixth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, November 13, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:31chapter 21 verses 5-28
0:35while some were speaking of the temple
0:37how it was adorned with Noble stones and
0:40offerings Jesus said as for these things
0:42that you see the days will come when
0:46there will not be left here one stone
0:48upon another that will not be thrown
0:51and they asked him teach her when will
0:53these things be and what will be the
0:55sign when these things are about to take
0:58place and he said see that you are not
1:00LED astray many will come in my name
1:03saying I am he the time is at hand do
1:06not go after them and when you hear of
1:09wars and tumults do not be terrified for
1:12these things must first take place but
1:15the end will not be at once
1:17and then he said to them Nation will
1:18rise against Nation Kingdom against
1:20Kingdom there will be great earthquakes
1:22and in various places famines and
1:24pestilences and there will be Terrors
1:27and great signs from heaven but before
1:29all of this they will lay their hands on
1:32you and persecute you delivering you up
1:34to the synagogues and prisons and you
1:37will be brought before Kings and
1:39governors for my name’s sake this will
1:42be your opportunity to Bear witness
1:44settle it therefore in your minds not to
1:47meditate beforehand how to answer for I
1:49will give you a mouth and wisdom which
1:52none of your adversaries will be able to
1:54withstand or contradict you will be
1:57delivered up even by parents and
1:59brothers and relatives and friends and
2:00some of you they will put to death
2:03you will be hated by all for my name’s
2:05sake but not a hair of your head will
2:08perish by your endurance you will gain
2:10your lives
2:11but when you see Jerusalem surrounded by
2:14armies and know that its desolation has
2:16come near then let those who are in
2:18Judea flee to the mountains and let
2:20those who are in this inside the city
2:22depart and let not those who are out in
2:25the country enter it for these are the
2:28days of Vengeance to fulfill all that is
2:30written alas for women who are pregnant
2:32and for those who are nursing infants in
2:34those days for there will be great
2:36distress upon the Earth wrath against
2:38this people they will fall by the edge
2:40of the sword and be led captive among
2:42all nations in Jerusalem will be
2:44trampled underfoot by the Gentiles until
2:46the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled
2:49and there will be signs in the sun and
2:51the moon and the stars and on the earth
2:53the stress of nations in perplexity
2:56because of the Roaring of the Sea and
2:57the waves people fainting with fear and
3:00with foreboding of what is coming on the
3:02world for the powers of the heavens will
3:04be shaken and then they will see the son
3:07of man coming in a cloud with power and
3:09great Glory now when these things begin
3:11to take place straighten up raise your
3:14heads because your Redemption is drawing
3:18in the name of Jesus
3:21have you seen the news
3:24Great Britain has left the European
3:26Union Donald Trump won the Press
3:32the press the world is in total turmoil
3:34and the Chicago Cubs won the World
3:37Series what does this all mean
3:43it’s the end of the world as we know it
3:48and quite frankly I feel fine foreign
3:52now our text today deals with a very
3:56dark topic it deals with the topic of
3:58well the end of the world and well
4:02you’re gonna note that there’s a lot of
4:03anxiety in this text
4:06but this text is not designed to create
4:08anxiety for us Christians in fact the
4:12whole subtext of all of this is don’t
4:14worry about it Christ has got it all
4:16figured out you’re going to be just fine
4:18you see remember in The Sermon on the
4:21Mount where Jesus says don’t be anxious
4:23about your clothing about your food what
4:25you’re going to eat and all that kind of
4:26stuff don’t worry about that seek first
4:29the kingdom of God and his righteousness
4:31and all these things will be added unto
4:33you this is a call to faith and our text
4:35today is a call to Faith so let’s return
4:37to Our Gospel text as we look at the
4:41very serious topic of the end of the
4:44world and how we as Christians are not
4:46to be anxious
4:47here’s what it says while some were
4:49speaking of the temple how it was
4:51adorned with Noble stones and offerings
4:54you have a cross-reference to this by
4:56the way is Matthew 24 if you want to see
4:58another version of this all of it
5:01discourse here’s what Jesus said well as
5:03for these things that you see the days
5:05will come when there will not be left
5:08here one stone upon another that will
5:11not be thrown down
5:13and they asked him teacher when will
5:15these things be what would be the signs
5:17when these things are about to take
5:19place you see with the temple destroyed
5:21it sounds like God is about ready to
5:23unleash the end of the world utter
5:25destruction talked about there by the
5:28prophet Malachi
5:29and the reason for this is quite simple
5:32where in this time is the only place you
5:35can go
5:36to hear of the Forgiveness of your sins
5:39answer the temple in Jerusalem
5:42if there is no forgiveness of sins then
5:45God intends to judge everybody and send
5:47them to hell it’s the end of the world
5:51and so what follows next Jesus does
5:53something that is quite typical
5:56with the Old Testament prophets of
5:58course it makes perfect sense he being
6:00God in human flesh he does something
6:01crazy he takes well the destruction of
6:05the temple and the end of the world and
6:07he squishes them together and Tangles it
6:10all up into a big knot and I defy you to
6:13untangle it you can’t
6:15because the two well they kind of work
6:17together are we talking about the end of
6:19the world of the destruction of the
6:22yes we’re talking about that
6:25that’s what Jesus is doing
6:27so here’s what he says talking about the
6:29end of the world see that you’re not LED
6:32there will be many who will come in my
6:35name saying I am he and the time is at
6:40first thing you need to know about the
6:41end of the world there’s going to be all
6:42kinds of false Doctrine false Christ
6:44false teachers false prophets they’re
6:47going to be all over the place running
6:49rampant throughout the church and
6:51nobody’s going to do anything about it
6:52you know what Jesus says
6:54don’t go after him
6:57just don’t go after him
7:00go find the people who are preaching the
7:02word just don’t go after those guys
7:05well that seems kind of like a simple
7:07answer and then when you hear of wars
7:11and tumults
7:13Wars and tumults now I don’t know if you
7:15all remember these things they used to
7:17make these things called newspapers and
7:19they used to have headlines the front
7:21page of the newspaper and have you ever
7:22seen like photographs of the newspaper
7:25headlines like when World War II broke
7:27out War it says in big black letters so
7:31when you hear of wars and tumults what
7:33are we as Christians supposed to do
7:36ah don’t be terrified
7:42War it’s War Jesus
7:45it’s as if Jesus is going yeah
7:47I know
7:49it’s like he’s sitting on a Shay’s
7:51Lounge you know with the remote control
7:53in his hand you know keeping an eye on
7:55the news while reading a book yeah oh a
7:57terrible War yeah that’s awful
7:59it’s Jesus thinking
8:01he says Ah these things must take place
8:04but the end is not we might be at once
8:06and then he said oh get this watch this
8:09nation will rise against Nation Kingdom
8:12against Kingdom there’ll be earthquakes
8:14various places famines pestilences
8:17there’s gonna be Terrors and great signs
8:20from Heaven I’ve seen this movie before
8:22isn’t that the one with the meteor never
8:24mind okay and before all of this oh you
8:27think that’s bad well pay attention to
8:29what’s coming next
8:31before all of this they’re going to lay
8:33their hands on you you Christians and
8:36they’re going to persecute you oh oh
8:38well there goes Joel Osteen’s book your
8:41best life now
8:43all right they’re gonna persecute you
8:45they’re gonna deliver you up to the
8:47synagogues and prisons you’re gonna be
8:49brought before Kings and governors for
8:52my name’s sake and this will be your
8:59is that a typo I’ve heard of
9:01opportunities have you ever had like one
9:03of those opportunities where come to
9:06well this Ballroom over here at this
9:07hotel and you’re going to learn about an
9:09opportunity well that just doesn’t come
9:10around very often we’re going to give
9:13you the opportunity to buy a Timeshare
9:15in Tahiti
9:17the best days of your life are when you
9:19buy into that time share and when you’re
9:21finally able to sell it we know all
9:23about opportunities and always the
9:25pressure on the opportunities you got
9:27this opportunity won’t last long make
9:30the decision now or you’re oh forever
9:32gone and Jesus here is talking about an
9:35opportunity all right so let’s see if I
9:37got this right people are persecuting us
9:39delivering us to prisons because of him
9:41we’re going to stand before political
9:43leaders and this is going to be an
9:46opportunity an opportunity to do what
9:50bear Witness
9:52let me give you the Greek word for Bear
9:55witness you will have the opportunity to
9:58to Martyr oh
10:05to Bear witness is to be a martyr
10:10you might have that opportunity so with
10:14this opportunity affords itself for you
10:16settle it therefore in your minds not to
10:20meditate beforehand on how to answer for
10:23I will give you a mouth and wisdom which
10:26none of your adversaries will be able to
10:28withstand or contradict so if you have
10:31this opportunity there you are in prison
10:33your hearing is tomorrow your defensive
10:35attorney is saying aren’t we going to
10:38sit down and map out what we’re going to
10:40say you say no I’m I’m busy I’m watching
10:43television I’m reading a book
10:47all of this is to be expected and see
10:50when you stand up then Jesus promises
10:53under these circumstances with this
10:55opportunity when you speak
10:58he’s going to speak through you
11:00they’re not going to be talking to you
11:02they’re going to be talking to him and
11:04here’s what he says
11:06so settle it therefore in your minds not
11:08to meditate beforehand how to answer I
11:10will give you a mouth and wisdom which
11:13none of your adversaries will be able to
11:15withstand or contradict you’ll be
11:17delivered up even by parents and
11:19brothers and relatives and friends oh
11:23and some of you that are even going to
11:25put to death
11:26you’re going to be hated for my name’s
11:30but here’s what he says yeah no big deal
11:33not a hair of your head will perish
11:37what you just said some of them are
11:40going to be put to death how can you say
11:42not a hair of their head will perish
11:46you see because Jesus isn’t all that
11:47concerned about this first death thing
11:49it’s that second death that we need to
11:51worry about and when you read in the
11:53Book of Revelation the second death is
11:55the Lake of Fire it’s eternal hell
11:58we don’t have to worry about any of that
12:00so when people arrest you hate you
12:03persecute you put you in prison and all
12:05of that stuff and even kill you for the
12:07name of Jesus which is an opportunity
12:09for you to Bear Witness
12:12don’t worry Jesus has got you covered
12:15not a hair of your head will perish and
12:17the reason for this is quite simple
12:19remember what Romans 6 says when you
12:22were baptized you were buried with
12:24Christ and you were raised with Christ
12:26you’re already dead
12:29they can’t kill you you’re dead already
12:31you’re in Jesus in fact think of it this
12:33way Jesus’s body that you know they took
12:36the spear and thrusted into his side
12:38think of that as like the door to the
12:40ark and you’ve been walked into and
12:41tucked nicely into Jesus’s death and
12:44Resurrection he’s got you covered relax
12:48whole world’s going crazy
12:51sit there and go yeah I know
12:53to be expected and please pass me a
12:56little bit of chamomile tea I I’d like
12:58to relax a little bit more right now
13:01so when you see and now Jesus does
13:03something very interesting here when you
13:05see Jerusalem surrounded by armies a
13:07little bit of a note here liberals hate
13:10and I mean this hate this prophecy you
13:13want to know why
13:15because if Jesus actually gave this
13:17Prophecy Before Jerusalem fell well that
13:20means he could see the future that means
13:22he’s dividing it means he’s God that
13:24means Miracles are possible so you ask
13:26the liberal theologians when was the
13:28Gospel of Luke written
13:30110 A.D
13:32110 A.D
13:35how is that possible Luke traveled with
13:38well he it couldn’t have been written
13:42why well because then Jesus could have
13:45predicted the future
13:46in the fall of Jerusalem
13:49I see
13:51yeah I don’t think Jesus is the problem
13:54It Was Written long long long before 110
13:5880. long before 70 A.D a little bit of a
14:01note here the talking about this
14:03persecution and the suffering and these
14:04apostates and false teachers false
14:06prophets let me tell you a little story
14:08a very close friend of mine a father in
14:11the faith within the Lutheran Church
14:12years and years and years ago three
14:14decades ago he was a pastor in the ELCA
14:18and he had a thriving congregation and
14:21he had a bishop his Bishop well was one
14:24of these guys that didn’t believe in
14:26miracles and things like that and this
14:27bishop made it a point to go and visit
14:30this pastor’s congregation
14:32and upon the visitation he literally did
14:36this with our pastor friend and said I
14:40want to meet you in your office and have
14:42a talk with you
14:44so he went into his office and there was
14:46the bishop his boss if you would in the
14:48church and he said the Bible is full of
14:52myths and legends and contradictions
14:55it’s not to be trusted do not preach it
14:58as if it’s the truth do you understand
15:00what I’m saying
15:04and this Pastor said yes I understand
15:06perfectly well what you’re saying he
15:08understood him
15:10but he didn’t agree with him
15:12two years went by and well our pastor
15:16who many of you actually might know
15:18he went
15:20on preaching as if the Bible is the word
15:22of God well two years later the bishop
15:25showed up again and this time he made a
15:26point to going to every one of the
15:28services on a Sunday morning
15:30and afterwards he said I want to see you
15:32in your office again
15:33so he showed up and the bishop said I
15:36want your resignation on my desk first
15:38thing in the morning
15:40and he was kicked out of the ELCA for
15:43preaching the Bible as if it were true
15:49to be expected
15:51this is exactly what Jesus said would
15:52happen so now Jesus says when you see
15:55Jerusalem surrounded by armies
15:58then know that its desolation has come
16:01then let those who are in Judea flee to
16:04the mountains and let those who are
16:06inside the city depart let not those who
16:09are out in the country enter it for
16:11these are the days of Vengeance to
16:13fulfill all that is written
16:15alas for women who are pregnant
16:17for those who are nursing infants in
16:19those days there will be great distress
16:20upon the Earth and wrath against this
16:22people they will fall by the edge of the
16:24sword and led captive among all the
16:26nations in Jerusalem will be trampled
16:28underfoot by the Gentiles until the
16:30times of the Gentiles are fulfilled and
16:32this is exactly what happened in 70 A.D
16:36the armies of the Roman general Titus
16:38surrounded Jerusalem
16:41and took a captive and you know what
16:43they did to the temple
16:45after they their Siege worked they took
16:48the temple and they it’s like it’s like
16:50they took a squeegee and just squeegeed
16:53the whole thing off the top of the
16:54Temple mount it now sits in a Big Rubble
16:57Heap off to the one side just like Jesus
17:00because Jesus knew what was coming
17:03very interesting indeed he predicted the
17:07and by the way the Christians who were
17:10living in Jerusalem
17:11when they saw and heard that Rome had
17:15landed with their expeditionary force
17:18and that they were going to be coming
17:20through Judea you know what they did
17:22they skedaddled they got out of
17:23Jerusalem the Christians survived just
17:25fine because Jesus let them know ahead
17:27of time
17:29and in the same way
17:31in the same way
17:32when the end comes and the whole world
17:38don’t worry Jesus has got you covered
17:40you’re going to get through it just fine
17:41you may not live that you won’t die
17:45you see what I’m saying
17:47then Jesus says this there’s going to be
17:49signs in the Sun the moon the stars and
17:53on the earth the stresses of nations in
17:56perplexity because of the Roaring of the
17:58Sea and the waves people fainting with
18:01fear with foreboding of what is coming
18:04on the world
18:06the world starts to come unraveled Fox
18:10MSNBC every news channel is playing
18:13constantly you’re not going to believe
18:15what’s happened look at the sky see the
18:18signs oh my goodness the oceans are out
18:20of control the world is coming apart and
18:23people are going to go oh
18:27and what do you do grab some popcorn
18:32let’s grab some popcorn
18:34it’s gonna be fascinating to watch
18:36people are like what what are we gonna
18:37do quick grab your bug out bags get get
18:42get your family photo albums the world
18:45is coming apart Run for the Hills
18:48no no no grab a lounge chair
18:51get one of those drinks and get a little
18:53pineapple Spear and an umbrella
18:55yeah I know it’s all terrible isn’t it
18:57it’s just awful
19:00this is what Jesus is saying
19:03and the reason for this is simple
19:05he’s told you ahead of time what’s
19:08you are in Christ you are bled for you
19:11are died for you’re forgiven
19:13you have faith today you are here
19:16feasting on the word of God
19:19he said all this is coming this is to be
19:21expected don’t worry about it
19:24he made a point of saying that your
19:26endurance will gain your lives and how
19:28do we endure as Christians
19:30by believing Jesus trusting him
19:34salvation is by grace through faith it’s
19:37not by works
19:39and if salvation is by grace through
19:42just keep believing what those prophets
19:45and journey said Don’t Stop Believing
19:48keep trusting in Jesus Keep Your Eyes on
19:51him and this is Jesus’s point when all
19:54of these distresses are coming
19:56there’s going to be fear of people
19:58fainting with fear with foreboding of
20:00what’s coming for the powers the heavens
20:01are going to be shaken and they will see
20:04the son of man coming in a cloud with
20:06power and great Glory now if you persist
20:09in sin and unbelief
20:11and you see Jesus coming
20:15and you see in the heavens the sign of
20:18his coming this is not going to be cause
20:20for rejoicing
20:22this is going to be cause for fear and
20:24this fear is caused by your sin we all
20:28that when we fall short and we do not
20:30obey God’s commands
20:32when we sin against him and persistence
20:35sin and unbelief and rather than repent
20:37and be forgiven
20:39it creates anxiety between us and God
20:43and it should
20:46but see in Christ there is forgiveness
20:48of sins he’s bled and died for all of
20:49these sins today is the day of salvation
20:55and it has been since Jesus died and
20:57rose again and ascended but this day of
21:00salvation will come to a close in this
21:03day we preach and Proclaim Christ and
21:06him crucified for the Forgiveness of
21:07sins we call people to repent to be
21:10forgiven trust in him and be saved and
21:13receive the gift of eternal life but
21:15this day is quickly coming to a close do
21:18you not see how far spent this day is
21:21look at the Horizon and see the sun
21:24it’s almost ready to go down
21:27and once this day is over the day of
21:30salvation ends and with the next day
21:32comes the day of judgment
21:35the day of judgment is not the day of
21:36salvation the day of judgment is the day
21:41you either receive your eternal life or
21:45you receive your damnation and receiving
21:48damnation is so foolish
21:50it’s so ridiculously foolish and the
21:53reason for it is simple is because Jesus
21:56has bled and died for all of your sins
21:59why would you persist and sin and
22:01unbelief and end up in hell when as a
22:05gift Christ is giving you full salvation
22:08eternal life days without end
22:11so you’ll notice the big difference
22:14well there’s those who have no faith and
22:17they are riddled with anxiety to the
22:19point where their heart is melting
22:20within their chest but Jesus says this
22:23now when you see these things begin to
22:25take place
22:27straighten up
22:28raise your heads because your Redemption
22:31is drawing nigh
22:35everyone else is going to be going and
22:39you’re gonna be going yeah
22:41because we know that no longer will be
22:44will we be walking by faith we will be
22:47walking by sight
22:49soon very soon we’re going to be United
22:53and reunited with Christ and we’re going
22:56to party like you wouldn’t believe
22:58we’re actually going to see his eyes
23:01worship at his feet touch the nail
23:04scarred prince in his hands and his feet
23:06and his side
23:09he has a name for you that only you and
23:13he will know and he knows you by name
23:16all of this is gift so when all the
23:20turmoil Breaks Loose everything goes
23:22crazy the Chicago Cubs win again
23:27straighten up raise your head your Jesus
23:32is Drawing Near he’s coming to save you
23:36to bring you to New Life to the new
23:39Heavens the new Earth all of this by his
23:42great mercy and Grace
23:44so repent repent of your anxiety
23:48repent of your lack of faith repent of
23:52why I want the news and going what are
23:54we going to do what are we going to do
23:57Repent Jesus has got it all covered none
24:01of this is catching him by surprise all
24:04of this is exactly what he would say he
24:07said was going to happen so trust him
24:09relax kick up your feet
24:12you’re in Jesus you’re saved it’s the
24:16end of the world no it’s not the end of
24:18the world it’s the beginning of the new
24:22and we have been told by Jesus exactly
24:25what’s going on this is not cause for
24:27anxiety this is cause for rejoicing for
24:30Faith for trust
24:32oh what a great powerful merciful great
24:36Redemptive savior we have in Jesus
24:38straighten up
24:40your Redemption is Drawing Near in the
24:43name of Jesus amen
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