Sermon Transcript – Reformation Day (Observed)

Series B – Reformation Day (Observed) – Sunday, November 1, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint John chapter 8 verses
0:35to the Jews who had believed in him
0:37Jesus said if you hold to my teaching
0:40you are really my disciples then you
0:42will know the truth and the truth will
0:44set you free
0:45they answered him we are Abraham’s
0:48descendants and we have never been
0:49slaves of anyone how can you say that we
0:52shall be set free
0:53Jesus replied I tell you the truth
0:55everyone who sins is a slave to sin now
0:59A Slave has no permanent place in the
1:02but a son belongs to it forever so if
1:05the sun sets you free you will be free
1:10in the name of Jesus
1:12so if the sun sets you free
1:15you will be free indeed
1:17now today we’re liturgically cheating
1:20and what I mean by that is that we are
1:23celebrating this day the Feast of the
1:26reformation and will also have a little
1:29bit in here in our service where we will
1:31recognize the saints that have departed
1:33before us in the faith but this as we
1:36observe the Feast of the Reformation Our
1:38Gospel text and our epistle text take us
1:41to the Wellspring to the central
1:43doctrine of the Christian faith the
1:46central Doctrine by which Christianity
1:48either stands or Falls here’s what the
1:51Augsburg confession says regarding this
1:53Doctrine it is also taught Among Us that
1:56we cannot obtain the forgiveness of sin
1:59and righteousness before God by our own
2:01merits our own Works our own
2:04satisfactions instead we receive the
2:07Forgiveness of sins and become righteous
2:09before God by grace
2:12for Christ’s sake through faith when we
2:15believe that Christ has suffered for us
2:17and that for his sake our sin is
2:20Forgiven and righteousness and eternal
2:22life are then given to us for God will
2:24regard and reckon this Faith as
2:26righteousness as the Apostle Paul says
2:28in Romans chapter 3 verses 21-26 which
2:31we just read as well as chapter 4 verse
2:345. now this Doctrine salvation totally
2:39as a gift
2:40this is something that our sinful nature
2:43sits there and says no this can’t be
2:44I’ve got to do something I’ve got to try
2:47hard it can’t possibly be saved by
2:50everything that God in Christ has done
2:52for me I’ve got to do something we all
2:55want to climb this Ladder into heaven
2:58but scripture is clear it’s absolutely
3:01clear that by works of the law not one
3:05single human being will be declared
3:06righteous in God’s sight salvation is
3:09gift from beginning to end it’s
3:12Christmas it’s not Labor Day
3:16you see see what I just did there right
3:18now this is the doctrine
3:21that got papered over by the Roman
3:23Church in the Medieval Era they hid it
3:26they obscured it and they did so with
3:29their man-made doctrines and then in the
3:33greatest moment of theological Insanity
3:35recorded in the annals of church history
3:37the Roman Church of the Council of Trent
3:39did the unthinkable they actually
3:42anathematized anyone who who would
3:45believe that they are saved solely as a
3:47gift by God
3:48Canon number nine of the Council of
3:50Trent reads this if anyone shall say
3:53that by faith alone the impious is
3:55Justified so as to mean that nothing
3:58else is required to cooperate in order
4:01unto the obtaining of the grace of
4:03justification and that it is not in any
4:06respect necessary that he be prepared
4:08and disposed by the movement of his own
4:11let him be damned
4:16let that sink in for a second the
4:18official doctrine of the Roman Catholic
4:20Church is that if you believe that you
4:21are saved by grace through faith alone
4:23you are damned that’s their official
4:25Dogma Canon 12 of the Council of Trent
4:27reads if anyone shall say that
4:29justifying faith is nothing else than
4:32confidence in the divine mercy and
4:34pardoning of sins for Christ’s sake or
4:36that it is that confidence Alone by
4:38which we are Justified let him be damned
4:42thank you
4:44Canon 14 the Council of Trent if anyone
4:48says that man is truly absolved from his
4:50sins and are Justified because he
4:53assuredly believed himself absolved and
4:55Justified or that no one else is truly
4:58Justified except for he who believes
5:00himself Justified and that by this faith
5:02alone Absolution and justification are
5:05affected let him be damned
5:10this is theological suicide
5:14because if we’re not saved by grace
5:16through faith alone as scripture says
5:18then scripture is wrong and Jesus was
5:21wrong when Jesus said the scripture
5:22cannot be broken
5:24the apostles were teaching us lies
5:26because we just heard from the Apostle
5:28Paul writing under the inspiration of
5:30the Holy Spirit
5:31that we are saved by grace through faith
5:34as a gift
5:36so it’s really sad that this has
5:38happened in church history but I’ll be
5:41I’m going to be blunt
5:43it doesn’t take an action of the Roman
5:47to anathematize the gospel in each and
5:51every one of us our sinful Adam wants to
5:55believe that we can somehow save
5:58ourselves or that we can somehow add to
6:01Christ’s work and that salvation is
6:04Jesus plus me working really hard
6:08and then I’m saved but that’s not what
6:10scripture says so we foolishly do the
6:13same thing in our own Hearts when we do
6:15not believe that salvation is a free
6:17gift and we try to appease the wrath of
6:19God by our good works
6:21it will never work but let’s return now
6:24to Our Gospel text fascinating thing is
6:26happening in Our Gospel text and I want
6:29to clear some up clear up some of the
6:30confusion that you may have had while
6:32hearing it and I’ll show you what it is
6:34along the way we’re going to go back
6:35into the context and we’re going to go
6:37to the Gospel of John chapter 8 and
6:39we’re going to start at verse 21 so you
6:41can see what’s happening here because if
6:43you don’t get this little bit of context
6:45you’ll be a little bit confused about
6:47what Jesus is saying
6:49verse 21 so Jesus said to them again
6:53I am going away
6:55you will seek me
6:57and you will die in your sin
7:00where I am going you cannot come
7:03so the Jews said
7:04will it kill himself since he says where
7:07I’m going you cannot come he said to
7:09them you are from Below
7:11I am from above
7:13you are of this world I am not of this
7:15world I told you that unless I told you
7:18you would die in your sins for unless
7:20you believe that I am
7:23you will die in your sins now your
7:26translation might say something unless
7:28you believe that I am he but to see that
7:30it’s not what the Greek says if you do
7:32not believe ego Amy that I am
7:37Jesus is referring to the Divine name
7:39for God found in Exodus 3 when Moses is
7:42speaking to the burning bush that is not
7:44consumed and God commissions him and
7:46sends him to go to tell Pharaoh the Lord
7:48Yahweh says Let My People Go and Moses
7:51when he’s commissioned by God he says to
7:53God he says who should I say sent me
7:55what’s your name and God says I am so in
7:58this text in the Greek it literally says
8:00if you unless you unless you believe
8:03that I am
8:05you will die in your sins which is a
8:08terrible and foolish thing to do by the
8:10way you don’t want to die in your sins
8:12you don’t need to die in your sins so
8:15they ask Jesus who are you
8:18he just said it by the way he says I am
8:20right so who are you Jesus said to them
8:23just what I’ve been telling you from the
8:25beginning I have much to say about you
8:26much to judge but he who sent me is true
8:29and I declare to the world that I have
8:32heard from him now they did not
8:34understand that he had been speaking to
8:36them about the father so Jesus said to
8:38them when you have lifted up the son of
8:42man then you will know that I am
8:46how will they know that Jesus is the I
8:48am oh you’ll know when I’m lifted up on
8:51the cross
8:52that’s what he’s referring to when you
8:54have lifted up the son of man then you
8:56will know that I am
8:57and that I do nothing on my own
9:01but I speak just as the father taught me
9:03and he who sent me is with me he has not
9:06left me alone for I always do the things
9:08that are pleasing to him now as he was
9:11saying these things many doesn’t say all
9:14it says many believed in him
9:18so you’ll notice what we’ve read so far
9:20there’s a little bit of a kind of a
9:22heated discussion going on and the Jews
9:25some of the Jews that Jesus is talking
9:26to they’re kind of looking for any
9:27little excuse to kind of argue with
9:30Jesus but while Jesus is teaching while
9:33he is speaking while he is answering
9:35them many begin to believe in him and so
9:38now we have two groups we have those who
9:41believe in Jesus and who are believing
9:43his words and Jesus knows that they now
9:46believe that they’ve miraculously been
9:48brought to death from Death to life and
9:50then you have those who sinfully and
9:52obstinately are working against and
9:55resisting the work of the Holy Spirit
9:57and they are continuing to argue with
10:00Jesus keep the two groups separate and
10:02you’ll see now what’s going on in the
10:03text so we continue verse 31. so Jesus
10:06said to the Jews who had believed in him
10:09if you abide in my word you are truly my
10:12disciples and you will know the truth
10:14and the truth will set you free now
10:16Jesus is not saying here that abiding in
10:20his word is the thing the one thing that
10:22you’ve got to do in order to be saved
10:24that’s not this kind of conditional
10:26sentence there are different kinds of
10:28conditional sentences and let me give
10:29you the kind that this is if I were to
10:31say to you if you go outside and you
10:33look at the sidewalk and the sidewalk is
10:35wet then you know it’s raining
10:38okay does a wet sidewalk cause the rain
10:41to fall
10:43no not unless you need to go to that
10:46little hospital with the white coats
10:47right okay we know this okay so Jesus is
10:52saying the same thing if you abide in my
10:54word the one who abides in his word is
10:56the one who believes and is the one who
10:59is already saved you see the difference
11:01here so abiding is not the thing that
11:03saves you it’s the thing you do because
11:05you are saved so
11:08and they already believe in him if you
11:10abide in my word you are truly my
11:13disciples by the way he’s here speaking
11:14as if he’s God because I mean Jesus is
11:17basically saying yeah my words they’re
11:19the word of God you abide in my words
11:20and it’s like ah
11:22the Jews are freaking out about this so
11:25here Jesus acknowledges that these men
11:27that they are now in his word in other
11:31words that they now Embrace his word by
11:33faith if you abide in my word Jesus says
11:36the word of Jesus then is this it’s the
11:38gospel so if you want to get a picture
11:40just a little picture of what this looks
11:42like to abide in Jesus’s words we see
11:45this in the book of Acts after the great
11:46day of Pentecost when all these
11:48thousands of people are repent and are
11:51baptized for the Forgiveness of their
11:52sins we read in Acts 2 42 that they then
11:55these new disciples these new Christians
11:57devoted themselves to the apostles
11:59teaching the fellowship the breaking of
12:01bread and the prayers and you’ll notice
12:04this there to abide in Jesus’s words
12:06require us to well abide in the teaching
12:09of the Apostles how many books did Jesus
12:11write by the way
12:14not one at least not with his own
12:16physical hands did he no we are left to
12:18believe in Jesus based upon the writings
12:21and the teachings of the Apostles this
12:22is why we confess in the Creed one Holy
12:25Catholic and Apostolic the word their
12:28Apostolic means we abide in the apostles
12:30teaching and so that’s what it means to
12:33abide the opposite of this by the way
12:35will be to drop the word that they have
12:38taken up to leave it again and then by
12:41doing so return back to unbelief which
12:44is really foolish absolutely foolish a
12:47friend of mine puts it this way she says
12:49if I don’t go to church I become a pagan
12:52and I think we all know that that’s true
12:54it’s something happens to us when we
12:56stop hearing and abiding in the word of
12:58God so to believe Jesus equals to
13:00believe what he says
13:02so we now come back to our text then now
13:05it says they answered him we are
13:07offspring of Abraham this is the other
13:09group the ones who still don’t believe
13:11not the ones who are believing but the
13:13other group The unbelievers in the group
13:14they say this we’re offspring of Abraham
13:16and we’ve never been enslaved to anyone
13:18how is it that you say you will become
13:21and all the Norwegians said ufta
13:26it’s like really yeah yeah so Jesus has
13:30to do like anthropology 101.
13:34so here’s anthropology 101 Jesus
13:36answered them truly truly amen I’m in I
13:39say to everyone who practices sin is a
13:41slave to sin
13:43see Jesus isn’t talking about being
13:45slaves to other human beings he’s
13:47talking about Sin to the devil slavery
13:50to sin to death the devil this is the
13:53slavery that we all encounter and Jesus
13:55is saying no really you all are all you
13:58know slaves and by their persistence and
14:02resistance in their sin against the
14:04message in the words of Christ they are
14:06showing that they are truly slaves to
14:07sin and Jesus says this the slave does
14:10not remain in the house forever
14:12but the sun remains forever so if the
14:15sun sets you free you will be free
14:16indeed and you’ll notice here that Jesus
14:18here and talking about slaves set free
14:20isn’t just saying Hey listen slaves I’m
14:23setting you free and good luck to you
14:25you know I’ve just paid your Redemption
14:27price you know here’s a couple of bucks
14:29for your wallet you know maybe you can
14:30catch a train and who knows where you
14:32can go the sky’s the limit on off into
14:34the sunset with you that’s not what he’s
14:36saying but Jesus is literally saying is
14:38is that the slaves he set for he’s
14:40setting free he’s also adopting them as
14:43his own Sons
14:45and daughters
14:46this is quite the freedom the freedom
14:49that gives us the inheritance the very
14:51inheritance of the kingdom of God so
14:53when Jesus sets us free we are of course
14:56Freeman and yet we are far more than
14:59so-called Freeman in the old Roman
15:01Empire or even in the American west or
15:03south we ourselves are turned into Sons
15:06adopted in the household of God Children
15:08of the father and Joint heirs with
15:13and notice if the sun sets you free it
15:16doesn’t say if you buy your own Freedom
15:18if you work really hard then maybe maybe
15:21just maybe I’ll set you free
15:23no the sun is here to set us free and we
15:27will be free indeed and we are free
15:29indeed now this all then hooks into our
15:32epistle text which we’ll review again
15:34Romans chapter 3 19. now we know that
15:38whatever the law says it speaks to those
15:40who are under the law so that every
15:42mouth may be stopped you can even kind
15:44of in a way say that the law is speaking
15:47to those who are slaves
15:50slaves to the to the sin slaves to the
15:52law and the purpose of the law why did
15:55God give us the law The Ten Commandments
15:59was it so that we can now have a 10
16:02wrong ladder that we can climb our way
16:04into heaven with is that the reason why
16:06no absolutely not
16:09primary reason why God gave us the law
16:10is to show us that we are sinners and
16:12that’s why Paul says that we now know
16:15that whatever the law says it says to
16:16those who are under the law so that
16:18every mouth may be stopped
16:21one of the purposes of the law is to get
16:23you to shut up
16:25and shut up in this way stop saying to
16:27God but God I’m a good person
16:29no you’re not let’s review those Ten
16:31Commandments again right no really
16:33you’re not Christ only died for the
16:35ungodly and the law shows us that I are
16:38one of those and so are you
16:41so the purpose of the law is to get us
16:43to shut up so that the whole world may
16:46be held accountable to God and then we
16:48get these words from Paul
16:49for by works of the law no human being
16:52will be declared righteous in God’s
16:55sight since through the law comes the
16:58knowledge of sin you look into God’s law
17:01and you go ah
17:03man I’m not Measuring Up
17:06I know what I’ll do I’ll go grab some
17:08paint you know put a little Fresh coat
17:11of paint on my tomb here and that’ll
17:13Spritz things up and I’ll look really
17:16great then right that’s not going to
17:18solve the problem is it not at all
17:21because here’s the solution
17:23Paul then says this but it’s important
17:26but because butts usually have a way of
17:28erasing things that come before it so
17:31all of that lost stuff but but now the
17:34righteousness of God has been manifested
17:37apart from the law
17:43says God’s it’s his it’s been manifested
17:47apart from the law although the law and
17:48the prophets they bear witness to it
17:50this is the righteousness of God that is
17:52through faith in Jesus Christ for all
17:54who believe oh that’s right if you
17:56believe that Jesus has bled and died for
17:59you you don’t have your own
18:01righteousness you are covered in the
18:03very righteousness of God and that’s
18:04given to you as a gift and it doesn’t
18:06get more righteous than that
18:09perfectly sinless perfectly righteous
18:12all for you all given as a gift
18:14for There’s no distinction
18:16Here We Go Again watch this for all have
18:21and you’re sitting there going yeah but
18:23I didn’t send that bad I haven’t done
18:26that sin
18:28yeah I know okay here’s the idea sin is
18:32missing the mark right that’s kind of
18:34what that’s actually kind of the analogy
18:36of the word sin it means to miss the
18:38Mark it’s kind of an archery term so you
18:40take your bow and arrow shoot for the
18:43Target and you shoot wide and you’re off
18:46by you know a foot or two off to the
18:49side right that’s missing the mark but
18:51here’s the deal none of us have actually
18:53hit the target we’ve all missed the mark
18:55and some of you might be saying yeah but
18:57my arrows closer
19:00okay now what do they say the close only
19:04counts and Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
19:06doesn’t count regarding sin okay you
19:10either hit the mark dead center
19:12or you don’t and if you don’t well to
19:15hell with you
19:17that’s the that’s the penalty the wages
19:18of sin is death not just the first death
19:20but the second so we’ve all shot wide of
19:24the mark and some of you are a little
19:25closer mine well
19:30over here yeah right okay I don’t even
19:34think I hit the hay bale
19:39so all have sinned and fall short of the
19:41glory of God
19:42but listen to this and our declared
19:45righteous by God’s grace
19:47as a gift
19:49God says yeah I know you missed the mark
19:51so you know what I’m going to do
19:53I’m going to come to Earth
19:55born of the Virgin Mary become incarnate
19:57humble myself
19:59humble myself to the point of death even
20:01death on a cross I’m going to take all
20:02of your penalty for missing the mark on
20:04myself and I’m going to bleed and die
20:07for it I’m going to propitiate the wrath
20:09of God for you and then I’m going to
20:12give you my righteousness
20:14free gift total pardon all Grace
20:19what do we do we just
20:23there’s no work in belief all there is
20:25is receiving for all of sin and fall
20:28short of the glory of God and are
20:29Justified declared righteous by his
20:31grace as a gift through the Redemption
20:33that is in Christ Jesus and there’s a
20:36big word there Redemption Redemption
20:38it’s a slave term it means to purchase
20:41somebody off the slave block
20:44not just to purchase them so that they
20:46can go to work on your Plantation but
20:48purchase them in order to free them
20:50that’s what a Redemption is
20:52through the Redemption that is in Christ
20:54Jesus by whom God put forward as an
20:57atoning Sacrifice by his blood to be
21:00received by faith now God did this this
21:04was to show God’s righteousness because
21:06in his Divine forbearance he had passed
21:09over the former sins it was to show his
21:10righteousness at the present time so
21:12that he might be just and the justifier
21:16of the one who has faith in Jesus
21:19now Paul then asked this question
21:21so then what becomes of our boasting now
21:23think about this for a second okay if
21:25you think that you are saved by your
21:27good works you’re sitting there counting
21:29up all of your your good brownie points
21:31well that’s I gave a sandwich to a
21:33homeless person I was really close to
21:37cursing that one time my mom said that
21:39when I on the phone but I didn’t so
21:41that’s a good work and then I told my
21:42mom I love her
21:44um and then you know you start oh I went
21:46to church yes I I went to church and
21:48then I prayed yesterday oh click click
21:51click click click right right and then
21:53you start looking around looking at your
21:56I’m so happy with this and then you
21:59start looking at other people’s
22:00scorecards right oh yeah
22:04boy I’m so glad I’m not like that person
22:07did you see that scorecard it’s I got
22:09nothing on it right when you start
22:11thinking of the law in these terms this
22:13is what you do you start boasting and
22:16bragging because you think that somehow
22:18you’re climbing the ladder look how high
22:19I am oh you little peons over there
22:22you’re so down low if only you would be
22:24like me right
22:27this is all idolatry
22:29and this is the equivalent of what Rome
22:33did at the Council of Trent in
22:35anathematizing the gospel
22:38but Paul says where it then is boasting
22:41based on what he said since salvation is
22:44totally by grace through faith as a gift
22:48for the ungodly for the ones who miss
22:50the mark
22:52well there’s no boasting
22:55look it’s Christmas
22:58we all got gifts from God
23:00and it’s the same one
23:02full and complete pardon one by Christ
23:07there’s no room for boasting on that and
23:08that is there
23:10look Jesus forgave all my sins yeah what
23:15a great Jesus I have
23:17right not a great person I am because
23:19who without Jesus I was heading to hell
23:23so then what becomes of our boasting
23:25it’s excluded by what kind of law by law
23:28of Works no by the law of faith for we
23:31hold that one is declared righteous by
23:36apart from works of the law
23:40totally by grace through faith
23:44believe and you’re saved but it can’t be
23:47that simple
23:48no really it is that’s what the word
23:53because if the sun sets you free
23:56then you’re free indeed
23:58it is that simple
24:00but see the thing is it wasn’t simple
24:02for God
24:04it wasn’t simple for him at all
24:07when you look at Christ on the cross
24:09and you see him there gasping for his
24:11breath and bleeding and crying out my
24:14God my God why have you forsaken me
24:18he’s doing that because he’s suffering
24:21the penalty for your sin and mine
24:25he’s the one who did all the work
24:28every last bit of it he’s the one who
24:33our condemnation down to the dregs
24:38it wasn’t simple for him at all
24:40so that it can be a gift given to us
24:44because if it were up to us
24:46to work for it
24:49then we’d all be in hell
24:51but if the sun sets you free
24:54then you are free indeed in the name of
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