Sermon Transcript – Rejoice Daughter of Zion

1 Year Lectionary – First Sunday in Advent – Sunday, November 28, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint
0:30matthew the 24th first chapter
0:40when they drew near to jerusalem and
0:42came to bethphage on the mount of olives
0:44and Jesus sent two disciples saying to
0:46them go into the village in front of you
0:48and immediately you will find a donkey
0:50tied and a cult with her
0:52untie them and bring them to me if
0:54anyone says anything to you you shall
0:56say the lord needs them and he will send
0:58them at once and this took place to
1:00fulfill what was spoken by the prophet
1:02saying say to the daughter of zion
1:04behold your king is coming to you humble
1:06and mounted on a donkey on a cult the
1:09full of a beast of burden the disciples
1:11went and did as Jesus had directed them
1:13they brought the donkey and the colt and
1:15put them put their cloaks on them and
1:17sat on them and most of the crowd spread
1:19their cloaks on the road others cut
1:22branches from trees and spread them on
1:23the road and the crowds that went before
1:26him and that followed him were shouting
1:28hosanna to the son of david blessed is
1:31blessed is he who comes in the name of
1:32the lord hosanna in the highest this is
1:35the gospel of the lord
1:37in the name of Jesus
1:40here again our gospel text prophecy
1:43fulfilled on that palm sunday say to the
1:46daughter of zion behold your king is
1:48coming to you humble and mounted on a
1:50donkey on a cult the fall of a beast of
1:54burden i find it fascinating last week
1:56it was the end of the world and you all
1:57survived you did pretty well through it
1:59this week we begin to look at the season
2:02of advent and i love how the second
2:05advent of Christ and the first advent of
2:07Christ oftentimes overlap in our
2:09readings during this season but in order
2:11to understand what’s going on here i
2:13mean let me kind of frame it this way i
2:16don’t know if you guys have noticed
2:18but republicans and democrats don’t get
2:20along have you noticed that they don’t
2:22seem to they don’t seem to converse well
2:23with each other and i think we’ve hit
2:25the point now where people are
2:29like panic stricken they have anxiety
2:31and they load the idea of actually going
2:34to holiday meals especially if somebody
2:36from the other political party is going
2:37to be there because you know what’s
2:39going to happen you have a couple of
2:40glasses of wine and somebody says the
2:42word trump and then it’s well an all no
2:45holds barred brawl right this is how
2:48this goes
2:49well have you noticed that in the
2:51political one-upmanship
2:53that takes place in our country there’s
2:55a time-honored tradition okay now
2:57remember when trump was inaugurated
2:59there was he’s been elected he’s now
3:01being inaugurated it’s january and what
3:05does trump do he says that his
3:07inauguration was the most attended in
3:10all of you know u.s history this is how
3:12we talk and of course cnn has their
3:14helicopters up and they’re
3:15no it’s not that big that’s we’ve had
3:17bigger crowds here all right so biden he
3:20he at his inauguration where they say oh
3:22man big crowds it shows a big show of
3:24support and so they’re kind of you know
3:27basically looking at their whether or
3:29not they’re valid or whatever based upon
3:32how many people show up to the
3:34as if somehow this says anything right
3:37well i can do you one better but let me
3:40kind of do it in reverse all right if
3:42you remember a few weeks ago there was
3:44Jesus going through jericho heading
3:46towards jerusalem and there was that
3:48fellow blind bartimaeus right okay blind
3:51bartimaeus happens to be in this crowd
3:53all right because it says in in the
3:54gospel that we read that he left
3:55everything and followed Jesus well so
3:58blind bartimaeus is in that group of
4:00people but i want to note something here
4:02it is the passover season Christ is
4:04coming into jerusalem for the passover
4:06and to go and be our passover lamb
4:10to die in our place so that when his
4:12blood is over us the destroyer passes
4:14over us if you think of the passover
4:16themes here they’re very important but
4:18here’s the thing
4:19there are hundreds of thousands of
4:22people streaming in to jerusalem for the
4:25passover this is where it’s supposed to
4:27take place big throngs large crowds well
4:32let’s just say that you know finding a
4:34place to stay is going to be tricky and
4:36challenging where to eat at night
4:38there’s going to be long lines you know
4:40and things like this you get the idea
4:43and here comes how many people
4:47maybe a hundred and twenty
4:52how are they dressed
4:54well you know galilean fishermen how
4:57they dress they’re not they’re not
4:58really impressive is there a military
5:00parade here
5:0321 gun salute
5:05did the military do a flyover
5:08all right was Jesus wearing a crown
5:13no a lot of those things are missing
5:16hang on a second here
5:17there we go a lot of those things are
5:19missed in fact none of them are there
5:20okay so we have a
5:22motley crew a former blind guy we got
5:25some galilean fishermen we have
5:28you know pretty basic smelly judeans you
5:31know after having walked on a
5:34they need a shower and what’s Jesus
5:37riding on by the way
5:39white horse
5:40you know kings
5:42have horses and stuff
5:47does this sound impressive to you guys
5:51doesn’t sound impressive at all
5:54the point
5:55all right that’s really the point and
5:58this is mucho importante a little
6:01spanish there just to help out
6:03all right it’s really important because
6:05we have to kind of sort this all out
6:07Christ has two admins right this is his
6:10and you can kind of think of this as
6:12Jesus’s triumphal entry his inauguration
6:15as the king of israel
6:17as our king your king my king and this
6:20is most certainly true but then Christ
6:22has a second coming a second advent and
6:25usually when we think of power and might
6:28and kings this is along the lines of
6:30what we’re thinking of if we were to
6:32fast forward to the near end of the new
6:35testament revelation chapter 19.
6:37it says this regarding Christ
6:40verse 11 i saw heaven open and behold a
6:44white horse
6:46this sounds this sounds about right the
6:49one sitting on it’s called faithful and
6:51true oh you betcha he is in
6:53righteousness he judges and he makes war
6:56that’s what we want we want him to yeah
6:59war yeah
7:01his eyes are like a flame of fire and on
7:02his head are many diadems oh there there
7:05it is the crown jewels there they are
7:07and he has a name written that no one
7:08knows except for himself he’s clothed in
7:11a robe dipped in blood i bet it’s the
7:13blood of his enemies yeah right and the
7:17name on which he is called
7:19for you greek guys out there halagos
7:22tooth they you
7:23the word of god and the armies of heaven
7:27they are raid in fine linen white pure
7:30following him on white horses from his
7:33mouth comes a sharp sword with which to
7:35strike down the nations and he will rule
7:38them with a rod of iron he will tread
7:40the winepress of the fury of the wrath
7:43of god the almighty and on his robe and
7:46on his thigh he has a name written king
7:48of kings
7:49lord of lords
7:51now that’s what we expect crown jewels
7:54white horse military oh and he even has
7:57designer clothes king of kings lord of
7:59lords no doubting who this is right well
8:02this is what the jews were expecting the
8:03messiah to do
8:05to come in
8:06and Christ doesn’t use and this is not
8:08what he does he fulfills a different
8:10prophecy altogether but here’s the thing
8:12had Christ ridden into jerusalem on that
8:15palm sunday
8:16and on this horse with that military
8:20and executed justice um where would you
8:22and i be
8:28oh yeah i see yeah that’s kind of the
8:30issue isn’t it you see all good stories
8:34and i mean this is have you ever noticed
8:36like the best stories all tell the same
8:38story over and over and over again
8:41think back with me
8:43i know i’m a little bit of a romantic
8:45here one of my favorite stories of all
8:47time cinderella right wasn’t there a
8:49prince involved right then there was a
8:51prince yeah there was a prince wasn’t
8:54there a
8:54maiden you know wasn’t she like
8:56oppressed and well stripped of any kind
8:59of dignity and she was abject poverty
9:02and all this kind of stuff right well
9:04see here’s the thing and all of the good
9:06stories like that when you have a prince
9:08who rescues his love
9:10right even if she comes from humble
9:12birth even if she’s there’s nothing
9:15about her that would you know make you
9:18say that she should be a princess
9:20the king the the prince’s eye falls on
9:23her and he loves her
9:24and so always in those stories there’s a
9:27rescuing of the princess and then
9:29finally a reconciling with the evil
9:32forces of darkness that were oppressing
9:34her in the first place
9:35so when we think about advent you have
9:37to think along those lines Christ rides
9:40into jerusalem
9:43on a cult the full of a donkey and the
9:46prophecy being fulfilled says this say
9:50to the daughter of zion
9:52well who’s she
9:54who’s the daughter of zion i’d like to
9:57meet her
9:59there you are
10:00you’re the daughter of zion
10:03i’m part of the daughter of zion
10:06you see the daughter of zion is the love
10:08of Christ
10:09it’s his church it’s his bride
10:12and so in his triumphal entry
10:14he comes in
10:16not bedazzled in diadems he comes in not
10:20riding a war horse he comes in
10:22on a beast of burden a borrowed donkey
10:26and don’t let
10:28these appearances
10:30fool you
10:31or to deceive you into thinking
10:33something bad about Jesus don’t be
10:35scandalized by this because what he is
10:38coming to do
10:39is to bleed and die for the sins of his
10:42bride the daughter of zion
10:45those who have faith in him
10:47to lay down his life so that she can be
10:50washed in his blood
10:52so that she can have all of her sin and
10:55filth taken from her
10:58and that she can be clothed
11:00in a bedazzled
11:06wedding dress
11:09important thing to be happening here so
11:11you’ll note
11:12in fulfilling this prophecy
11:14the prophet announces to the daughter of
11:17zion those who trust in Christ those
11:20whom Christ has washed away their sins
11:23so that they can be forgiven because
11:24he’s going to the cross
11:26not to well have the blood of his
11:28enemies spilled but for his own
11:31blood to be spilt so that she
11:33can be forgiven and pardoned
11:35and so in the midst of this we learn
11:36from philippians chapter 2 that even
11:39though Jesus is king of kings and lord
11:41of lords even though he is by nature
11:43equal with god he humbles himself and
11:45takes on the form of a servant and
11:47became obedient to death even death on
11:49the cross so that you and i can be
11:52so say to the daughter of zion behold
11:55your king is coming to you
11:57how’s he coming humble mounted on a
12:00donkey on a cult the full of a beast of
12:02burden a borrowed one at that so you’ll
12:04note that even though Jesus at this
12:08is in the form of a servant a slave
12:11don’t think for a second that he’s not
12:12king of kings because he is
12:14and don’t think that because he’s
12:16borrowing a donkey that he’s
12:17poverty-stricken he owns the cattle on a
12:19thousand hills none of the billionaires
12:21of our time have anything on this guy
12:25but he’s put all of that aside in order
12:28to redeem and to save his love because
12:30god so loved the world he so loved you
12:32that he gave his only begotten son that
12:34whoever believes in him
12:36will not perish but have everlasting
12:40and don’t think for a second that
12:42despite the fact that he’s not wearing
12:44diadems that he isn’t exactly who he he
12:47claims to be and who the crowd
12:49recognizes him to be
12:50hosanna to the son of david they
12:52recognize him as king the prophet has
12:55declared him to be king indeed he is and
12:58although he’s not wearing a crown he
13:00will be in just a few days
13:02the crown he’s chosen for himself is not
13:05bedazzled in diadems
13:07crown is chosen for himself as the crown
13:09of thorns where he takes your sin and my
13:11sin upon himself
13:13so that we can be forgiven and pardoned
13:16he dies in our place
13:18so that we do not have to suffer the
13:20fate that we have so horribly earned
13:23and instead he does the greatest work of
13:27giving laying down his life so that we
13:29can live so say to the daughter of zion
13:34behold your king is coming to you humble
13:36mounted on a donkey what does this call
13:40everyone who believes these words
13:43who can see past the poverty see past
13:47the borrowed donkeys he passed the
13:48scandal that he’s not riding a white
13:51everyone who has faith they see what is
13:54happening here and their hearts leap and
13:57they rejoice and they
14:00with the crowd at that time now cry out
14:02hosanna to the son of david blessed is
14:04he who comes in the name of the lord
14:07and with that we consider then in his
14:09first advent Christ comes humble but we
14:12know in his second advent he will not
14:14come humble he will finally come on that
14:17and so we hear then the admonition the
14:19exhortation of the apostle paul in our
14:21epistle text so you know then brothers
14:24and sisters
14:26that the hour has come for you to wake
14:28from sleep
14:30and we talked about sleep last week
14:34it just puts us all to sleep right and
14:37that’s what it is sin is sleep slim sin
14:39is darkness
14:41there’s nothing good in sin it’s slavery
14:44and so you’ll note that the time the
14:46hour for us to wake from sleep it is
14:49near at hand it’s just around the corner
14:53salvation is nearer to us now than when
14:55we first believed didn’t we just do
14:57advent a year ago
14:59we’re doing it again now what we do this
15:01every year and it’s a good thing we do
15:03right but you’ll note that last year we
15:06were that we were that much closer
15:09to the end of this darkness and this
15:12and our salvation was near to us then
15:14and now it’s nearer to us than ever it’s
15:17never been closer the night is far gone
15:20the day is at hand i gotta admit i’m not
15:23a keen fan of just how little sunlight
15:25there is during this time of the year
15:26have you guys noticed that all right
15:28it’s you know even after the time change
15:31it’s like i’m sitting in my office
15:33working on the bulletins or whatever and
15:35it’s it’s almost eight o’clock and oh
15:37the sun decided to finally wake up right
15:40but i one of the things i enjoy is is
15:42that my my office faces east and so on
15:46those days when i’m up and it’s dark in
15:49my office and i look out the window and
15:52always and again you can just see the
15:54very first twinges the slightest subtle
15:59color of pink in the clouds right he’s
16:01there go oh well the sun’s about to come
16:03up you give it just a little bit of time
16:05and that tiny little faded bit of pink
16:09turns to something a little bit more
16:11vibrant and then you see they begin to
16:12see an orange all right or maybe even a
16:15yellow and it starts to get brighter and
16:17brighter and brighter and thinking dang
16:19it where’s my camera and ah it’s too
16:21cold i don’t want to go out there and do
16:22anything right so i sit there and i
16:24watch and finally
16:27it happens so
16:31but you’re going to note brothers and
16:33as we anticipate
16:35and get ready to celebrate the first
16:37advent of Christ
16:39who comes to us humble born of a virgin
16:42born in a barn if you would
16:45humble laid in a manger
16:48that the second coming that we’re
16:50looking forward to is not something that
16:52we need to fear
16:53just like we shouldn’t fear
16:56him in his first advent he’s already
16:58come to us on a beast of burden laying
17:00down his life so that we can be forgiven
17:03note then that the night is far spent
17:06have you noticed the world’s going crazy
17:09just look off into the east you can
17:11already see those first faded colors of
17:14pink the sun’s about to rise
17:17ah the night is far gone the day is at
17:19hand and because of this then even
17:22before the sun comes up let us then cast
17:25off the works of darkness and put on the
17:28armor of light even now before the sun
17:32let us walk properly as in the daytime
17:34not in sexual immorality and sensuality
17:37not in quarreling and jealousy but let
17:40us instead put on the lord Jesus Christ
17:43now and make no provision for the flesh
17:45to gratify its desires the night is soon
17:49to give way to the rising sun Jesus
17:51Christ when he returns in glory to judge
17:54the living and the dead and he’s going
17:56to lead us into a world without end
17:58and we have nothing to fear from this
18:00Jesus he comes to us humble today he
18:03comes to us next week in his body and
18:05blood given in shed for us for the
18:06forgiveness of sins on the cross he
18:08comes to comfort us so daughter of zion
18:11you who are in Christ you bride of
18:16your king is coming to you
18:18he loves you deeply laid down his life
18:20for you so repent
18:23and dare to hope
18:25the day is at hand in the name of Jesus
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