Sermon Transcript – Remember to Stay Awake

Series B – Last Sunday of the Church Year – Sunday, November 21, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy gospel according
0:29to saint mark the 13th chapter
0:39Jesus said in those days after that
0:41tribulation the sun will be darkened the
0:43moon will not give its light the stars
0:45will be falling from heaven and the
0:48powers in the heavens will be shaken
0:50and then they will see the son of man
0:52coming in clouds with great power and
0:56and then he will send out the angels and
0:58gather his elect from the four winds
1:00from the ends of the earth to the ends
1:02of heaven
1:03from the fig tree learn its lesson as
1:05soon as its branch becomes tender and
1:07puts out its leaves you know that summer
1:08is near so also when you see these
1:11things taking place you know that he is
1:13near at the very gates truly i say to
1:15you this generation will not pass away
1:17until all these things take place
1:19heaven and earth will pass away but my
1:21words will not pass away but concerning
1:23that day or that hour no one knows not
1:25even the angels in heaven nor the son
1:27but only the father so be on your guard
1:30keep awake for you do not know when the
1:33time will come it is like a man going on
1:36a journey when he leaves home and puts
1:38his servants in charge each with his
1:39work and commands the doorkeeper to stay
1:42awake therefore stay awake you don’t
1:44know when the master of the house will
1:46come in the evening or at midnight or
1:48when the rose or in the morning
1:51lest he come suddenly and find you
1:52asleep and what i say to i say to all
1:55stay awake this is the gospel of the
1:58lord in the name of Jesus
2:01here again the words of our lord from
2:03our gospel text from this morning be on
2:07keep awake
2:08you don’t know when the time will come
2:11we confess in the creed that Christ will
2:13return in glory to judge both the living
2:15and the dead and as Christians we are
2:17wise to remember that for those who
2:21in faith
2:22who continue to believe who stay awake
2:25and trust Christ for the forgiveness of
2:27their sins waiting patiently and
2:30enduring suffering that when he returns
2:33he returns a savior
2:35but for those who persist in sin and
2:37unbelief he returns as judge
2:40it’s important for us to remember that
2:42and so here again our the admonishment
2:44of our lord we don’t know when this is
2:46going to take place
2:48it’s going to happen on a thursday
2:49that’s my best guess i always say that
2:51because no one expects Jesus on a
2:52thursday it’s worst day of the week
2:54right you know
2:55you’re not in the middle of the week
2:56you’re not up to friday thursday’s i
2:58don’t know why they’re there okay
3:01nothing and nothing happens on a tuesday
3:02either so there’s so marilyn’s putting
3:04in her bet right now it’s going to be on
3:06a tuesday
3:07do i hear a saturday you know
3:10see if we can
3:12you think it’s a that’s too predictable
3:17right so so the idea is we don’t know
3:19when it’s going to take place and and i
3:21don’t know if you’ve noticed the world
3:22seems to be ramping up and crazy but i
3:25don’t know when it’s going to happen it
3:27could be
3:28next year or next week five years from
3:30now 100 years from now it’s beyond my
3:33pay grade but i can say this that our
3:36lord his words are ones that we should
3:39stay awake
3:40in years past when i’ve preached this
3:42text i’ve talked about the movie hook
3:44you know that wonderful line that is in
3:47that movie neverland makes you forget
3:50have you noticed that everything in this
3:52world all the temptations they come at
3:54us kind of from three different major
3:56directions the devil
3:58the world oh and by the way
4:00your own sinful flesh right that all of
4:03those things are conspiring working
4:06together to knock faith out of you to
4:10get you to stop looking to Jesus to
4:12basically say this Christianity stuff is
4:14for the birds
4:16and to wander off and do your own thing
4:19that’s what it means to fall asleep
4:22and so with that in mind Jesus’s words
4:25stay awake you don’t know when the
4:27master of the house will come
4:29it’s whether it’s in the evening or at
4:32or lest he come suddenly and find you
4:34asleep or in the morning you’ll note
4:36that Jesus knows that the world is a
4:38globe because when he shows up for some
4:39it’s going to be midnight for some it’s
4:41going to be morning for some it’s going
4:42to be afternoon you get the idea even
4:44Jesus knows that so what he says i say
4:47to all of you
4:52now you think of peter and
4:54john and
4:55you know Jesus’s disciples there in the
4:56garden of gethsemane and the night that
4:58Jesus is betrayed Jesus has admonished
5:00them stay awake pray and what does he do
5:03he finds them
5:05right sleeping is a fun thing to do by
5:07the way i’m beginning to enjoy it more
5:09and more the older i get especially
5:10those afternoon naps they’re the best
5:12thing ever
5:13but if we’re gonna ask ourselves the
5:16question what does it mean to stay awake
5:18i think it’s important that we take a
5:19closer look
5:21at the epistle of jude a little fun fact
5:24jude only shows up in the three-year
5:26lectionary doesn’t show up in the one
5:28year doesn’t show up in series a or
5:31series c he only shows up in series b of
5:34the three years we only only hear from
5:36jude once every three years but with
5:38that i would like to consider what jude
5:40writes here if you consider the bigger
5:42context of what’s going on in this
5:45jude is writing in the late 60s of the
5:49first century that’s the time when they
5:51had those really weird fashions back in
5:53the roman empire but you know
5:54bell-bottoms and stuff never mind that
5:56was a joke you get the idea
5:58but here’s what’s going on
6:02is dead he’s been crucified upside down
6:04paul dead he’s had his head taken off
6:08his shoulders by a roman centurion most
6:11of the apostles they’re long gone at
6:13this point
6:14maybe one or two
6:16persist and live the apostle john for
6:19sure but you’re going to note that jude
6:22here the half-brother of Jesus with the
6:24departure of most of the apostles
6:27is alarmed why
6:29well because
6:31just a few years after the death of the
6:34major prominent apostles
6:36already the Christian church is slipping
6:38into apostasy
6:40Christians who have been awakened by god
6:42the holy spirit who had been vivified
6:45who have been regenerated by the power
6:48of the holy spirit they’re getting
6:50sleepy and dozing off and no longer
6:54eating the words
6:59that’s what’s happening here
7:01yeah sorry i don’t need my cpap machine
7:03actually i don’t have one of those but
7:04you get the idea here and how is that so
7:07and he’s alarmed at this well the
7:10apostle paul if you remember in acts
7:11chapter 20 when the apostle paul is on a
7:14ship heading towards rome they you know
7:17they make a stop over in ephesus and
7:21paul has his farewell address to the
7:23churches to the pastors at the churches
7:25in ephesus and he says to them very
7:29after my departure fierce wolves will
7:33arise among you
7:35talking about the pastors not sparing
7:38the flock
7:42and well as he prophesied
7:45that’s exactly what’s taking place
7:47so if you want to understand what it
7:49means to stay awake
7:51think of it this way all right
7:53is that
7:55god has given us all life
7:58we have been born we’ve gone through our
8:00childhood and now we are responsible for
8:04stewarding this gift of life that god
8:06has given us
8:07if we spend our days eating twinkies
8:12and nothing else
8:13how long are we going to live
8:16not very long but we will be happy
8:20okay we will not live long but we will
8:22be happy the idea here is is that we are
8:26to steward this life that god has given
8:28us similarly
8:30jude is writing and he’s writing to
8:33concerned that they’re going to fall
8:35asleep knowing full well
8:37the onslaught of the devil and the
8:39agents of the devil who have already
8:41crept into the church and he’s noting
8:43that the food that they’re feeding these
8:45sheep is garbage
8:48this is the kind of stuff that kills
8:51faith and people are falling asleep
8:54that’s his concern his warning so it
8:57says here in jude verse 3 i’m going to
8:59back up into the context a lot in a
9:01minute first word in verse 3
9:05what a great word by the way beloved
9:08who who beloved when i think of beloved
9:10you know you think of like those
9:11hallmark greeting cards valentine’s to
9:14my beloved wife right you say things
9:16like this to those who are dear to you
9:18but no this is a word from the holy
9:20spirit to each and every one of us each
9:22and every one of us in Christ we are
9:24beloved and he sit there and go yeah but
9:26i’m not all that great i know i heard
9:28your confession right but you’ll note
9:30that because Christ has bled and died
9:32for all of our sins it is important for
9:35us to remember that in god’s eyes we are
9:40Christ has bled and died forgiven us
9:42pardon us and you’ll see as we get to
9:44the end of our text today that this
9:46beloved thing is not a throwaway line
9:48it’s practically everything beloved
9:50although i was eager to write to you
9:51about our common salvation
9:53i found it necessary to write appealing
9:56to you to contend for the faith that was
9:59once for all delivered to the saints for
10:01certain people have crept in unnoticed
10:04who long ago were designated for
10:07condemnation they are ungodly people who
10:10pervert the grace of our god into
10:13sensuality and deny
10:15our only master and lord Jesus Christ
10:19where are these ungodly people operating
10:21these people who are
10:23designated for condemnation who pervert
10:26the grace of god into sensuality and
10:28deny Jesus
10:30were they operating from pulpits
10:36does anyone else think that’s just weird
10:39all right that’s just weird but you’ll
10:42note that the roots of the nar the roots
10:45of today’s liberalism you know where it
10:47all started all the way back there
10:50all right it was weird as soon as the
10:52apostles leave up comes the nar and the
10:54liberals and the people who are denying
10:56Christ and who are twisting and mangling
10:58scripture and here’s the thing remember
11:00what Jesus says in matthew 7 on the day
11:03of judgment many will come to me saying
11:06lord lord did we not prophesy in your
11:08name lord lord did we not do mighty
11:11in your name and cast out demons in your
11:13name and je what is Jesus said to them
11:15depart from me i never knew you
11:18you workers of what
11:27so here we have it
11:29and always that’s kind of the move i
11:30don’t care what brand of false teaching
11:33it is
11:34it doesn’t matter if it’s
11:36crazy bizarre false prophecy nar
11:40mainline liberal or just the guy who
11:42wants to get along with the world and
11:45grow his church and be more relevant at
11:47the end of the day you know what they’re
11:49doing they’re watering down the
11:53so that people don’t have to hear that
11:55they’re sinners
11:57and then they kind of twist things up a
11:59little bit and say you know it’s really
12:00not all that bad you know Jesus isn’t
12:02going to condemn people for that sin or
12:04that sin and you’ll note always and
12:07when people pervert the scriptures
12:09lawlessness comes in and then they kind
12:11of wink at evil it’s no big deal
12:15so the half brother of Jesus says listen
12:18i want to remind you although you once
12:20fully knew it apparently you’re falling
12:22asleep things have kind of gotten
12:23squishy in your head that Jesus who
12:26saved the people out of the land of
12:27egypt yeah that’s right it was Jesus who
12:30saved the people out of the land of
12:33afterward he destroyed those who what
12:36did not believe
12:39to stay awake is to keep on believing
12:42the angels who did not stay within
12:45within their own position of authority
12:47but left their proper dwelling he’s kept
12:49an eternal chains under gloomy darkness
12:52until the judgment of the great day
12:54just as sodom and gomorrah and the
12:56surrounding cities which likewise
12:58indulged in sexual immorality and
13:01unnatural desire they serve as an
13:03example by undergoing a punishment of
13:05eternal fire yet in like manner
13:08these people also relying on their
13:11dreams they defile the flesh they reject
13:14authority they blaspheme the glorious
13:18you’re going to note here that jude kind
13:20of expects
13:21hey guys haven’t you been reading your
13:24don’t you see the similarities here
13:26between these guys who are preaching
13:29nonsense and the people who Christ
13:31condemned and killed
13:34don’t you see the connection yeah yeah i
13:36just think you’re just a little too
13:38uptight you’re being a little extreme
13:40don’t you think jude you better just
13:42cool your jets a little bit
13:44no he’s absolutely right so he notes
13:49that these people that god punished in
13:52the old testament they serve as an
13:55to us
13:56pay attention always and again it always
13:59you know it’s a big red flag like
14:02you know practically the size of like a
14:03bull fighting you know red cape right
14:06when somebody says you know that old
14:09so irrelevant so difficult to understand
14:12we don’t really need that today yeah we
14:14do yeah we do
14:16they serve as an example to us but yet
14:19in like manner these people they rely on
14:21their dreams
14:23they play they end up giving prophecies
14:25on youtube that mean nothing right they
14:27defile the flesh they reject authority
14:29they blaspheme the glorious ones and
14:32haven’t you have you ever seen somebody
14:33do something like this
14:35satan i rebuke you right and they’re
14:38they’re actually talking to satan you
14:40know oh you devils you come down from
14:43your high place and i know this kind of
14:45stuff all right when somebody does that
14:47they’re doing exactly what this text
14:49says nobody should be doing all right
14:52you don’t have to have any conversations
14:55with the devil or with demons nor do you
14:57get to cast them out and rebuke them and
14:59stuff like that if you run into a demon
15:03but these people
15:05all right they blaspheme the glorious
15:07ones but michael the archangel when he
15:09was contending with the devil and
15:10disputing about the body of moses he
15:13didn’t presume to pronounce a
15:14blasphemous judgment instead he said
15:17the lord rebuke you
15:19but these people
15:20they blaspheme all that they do not
15:24they are destroyed by all that they like
15:26unreasoning animals
15:33did you just say here that false
15:36teachers are like unreasoning animals
15:42is it any wonder that in some of these
15:43movements they they tell people that the
15:45holy spirit wants them to bark like a
15:49it’s really sick but here’s what jude
15:52says woe to them
15:54they walk in the way of cain cain is
15:56that fellow who had religious activity
15:58but no faith they abandoned themselves
16:00for the sake of gain to balaam’s error
16:03balaam was the prophet for prophet if
16:05you remember oh yeah he’s he balaam’s
16:08heir runs rampant today when somebody
16:09says send me a thousand dollar seed
16:11offering and the lord will make you a
16:13millionaire uh-huh yeah right
16:16right and they perished in korah’s
16:18rebellion korra was the fellow who
16:20refused to recognize the proper offices
16:23that god had established within his
16:25church you can see this when people sit
16:27there and go we don’t need no pastors we
16:30everybody everybody has the right to be
16:32a you know a pastor or a teacher in
16:35Christ church now that’s not how Christ
16:36established things
16:38talking about these folks they are
16:39hidden reefs at your love feasts that’s
16:42right and there they are there to
16:44shipwreck you while you’re enjoying a
16:46meal with them or the lord’s supper as
16:48they feast with you without fear
16:50they are shepherds who feed only
16:52themselves they are waterless rain
16:54clouds swept along by winds fruitless
16:56trees and laid on them what good is a
16:58fruit tree and laid on them it doesn’t
17:00have any fruit on it right
17:02they are twice dead uprooted wild waves
17:05of the sea casting up the foam of their
17:06own shame wandering stars for whom the
17:09gloom of utter darkness has been
17:11reserved forever
17:12now it was about these that enoch the
17:14seventh from adam prophesied saying oh
17:16behold the lord comes with ten thousand
17:19of his holy ones to execute judgment on
17:21all to convict all the ungodly of all
17:24their deeds of ungodliness that they
17:25have committed in such an ungodly way
17:28and of all the harsh things that ungodly
17:31sinners have spoken against him
17:33these are grumblers
17:38they following their own sinful desires
17:41their loudmouth boasters showing
17:43favoritism to gain an advantage
17:48you let those guys take over the pulpit
17:50and the congregation
17:56back into the slumber of
17:58sin back in the slumber of unbelief
18:03made comfortable by the devil
18:04entertained laughing every sunday
18:09all the while heading to hell
18:11but here’s what
18:13jude writes
18:15you must remember
18:20remember beloved that’s who you are
18:23Christ has bled and died for your sins
18:25he’s reconciled you for all the times
18:28that you have sinned against god and
18:30broken that first commandment by
18:32listening to people like that
18:34who are trying to lull you back into the
18:36slumber of unbelief
18:40the predictions of the apostles you must
18:42remember them the predictions of the
18:44apostles of our lord they said to you
18:48in the last time there will be scoffers
18:51following their own
18:53ungodly passions
18:58in fact
18:59if you think about it everything’s going
19:01exactly the way they said
19:04that’s right the scoffers are here
19:06people within the visible church who are
19:09openly defiant
19:11and hostile to the word of god who are
19:14openly obviously greedy for gain
19:18those who without any fear of god
19:21whatsoever just
19:23make up
19:24their own messages
19:26to scratch and tickle
19:28itching ears
19:30and there’s so many people who are
19:32asleep in the church today that’s how
19:34they prefer it
19:36you bring in somebody who preaches law
19:39and gospel rightly handles the word
19:40convicts people of sin well
19:43i don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but
19:45have you ever had somebody wake you up
19:47from a nap and you were not happy that
19:49they did
19:50right okay that’s kind of the thing
19:52those who are in the slumber of unbelief
19:55in the churches they don’t like it when
19:57somebody wakes them up
19:59tell that guy to be quiet i’m trying to
20:01sleep here
20:07but this is exactly what the apostle
20:09said would happen because Christ said
20:11this is what would happen
20:13it is these then
20:15they are the ones these false teachers
20:17who cause divisions they’re worldly
20:19people for all their talk of the holy
20:21spirit they’re completely devoid of the
20:23holy spirit
20:25but you
20:26beloved there he goes again beloved
20:31may i remind you
20:32that Christ has gone to the cross
20:36god laid on him all of your iniquity all
20:38of your sin
20:40Christ was scourged beaten and had nails
20:43driven through his hands and his feet in
20:45a crown of thorn press
20:47pressed into his head
20:48and he
20:49truly bled suffered died in your place
20:52in mind
20:53carrying your sin and mind so that we
20:55can be reconciled is it any wonder here
20:58that jude keeps calling us beloved you
21:01beloved building yourselves up in your
21:04most holy faith praying in the holy
21:07spirit and praying in the holy spirit
21:08here is not this idea of somehow
21:11clucking like a duck or somehow speaking
21:14in gibberish praying in the holy spirit
21:15is to pray according to the way
21:16scripture tells us in faith believing
21:19that even our own prayers that we do not
21:23rightly know what we are to pray for
21:25therefore the holy spirit intercedes for
21:27us with groanings too deep for words i
21:31always kind of like to picture it like
21:32there i am praying in the morning or
21:34praying in the afternoon and the holy
21:36spirit is going
21:38what he meant to say was and then you
21:40know kind of go along
21:42that’s what it means to pray in the holy
21:44spirit believing in faith that the holy
21:46spirit will even make up for what i
21:47should be praying for
21:49keep yourselves then and listen to the
21:52keep yourselves in what the love of god
21:57now one of the worst sermons i ever
21:59heard and i mean this the worst sermons
22:01i ever heard on text like our gospel
22:03text today was when i was a nazarene one
22:06of my nazarene pastors the way he
22:08preached the text went something like
22:09this lord says stay awake
22:12now it will be just an absolute tragedy
22:16and i mean tragedy eternal tragedy if
22:19Jesus shows up at a time when you didn’t
22:21expect him when you were sipping on a
22:24beer or a long island iced tea after
22:26having smoked a cigarette Jesus isn’t
22:29going to let you into heaven with beer
22:31and alcohol on your breath and nicotine
22:34stains on your shirt no you’re not going
22:36to heaven if you sho so you stay awake
22:39don’t be doing that stuff
22:45there are parts of the world that don’t
22:46have these problems we americans seem to
22:49still be hung up on the moralism of
22:53but you’re going to know that’s not what
22:54he’s talking about
22:56he says this building yourselves up in
22:59your most holy faith keep yourselves in
23:02the love of god
23:05how is the love of god exemplified how
23:08is it held up for us to understand in
23:10scripture god so loved the world
23:14that he gave his only begotten son that
23:16whosoever including you believes in him
23:20will not perish but have eternal life to
23:22keep yourself in the love of god is to
23:25stay hearing the gospel to continue to
23:28believe even though your sins be a
23:31scarlet Christ makes them white as snow
23:34that’s what it means to stay in the love
23:36of god waiting then for the mercy of our
23:38lord and consider that when Jesus shows
23:41up he’s not going to sit there and go
23:42boy am i glad to see you because man
23:45i’ve been waiting to throw you into hell
23:48okay that’s not what’s going to happen
23:51instead you’re going to note we are
23:53waiting for the mercy of our lord
23:56and this is what leads to eternal life
23:59that forgiveness and hope and faith that
24:02god the holy spirit is giving us so in
24:04the meantime what are we to do
24:07have mercy on those who doubt
24:09somebody among us who says i’m just i’m
24:12not sure
24:13meet with them
24:14comfort them assure them with the words
24:16of Christ that they are forgiven save
24:18others by snatching them out of the fire
24:20you know somebody who’s snoozing and
24:22dozing off while listening to these
24:24false teachers shake them wake them up
24:27snatch them out of the fires of hell and
24:30here’s an interesting one to others show
24:37with fear
24:39hating even the garments staying by the
24:42show mercy with fear
24:45yeah you’ll note that in the book of
24:47galatians chapter 6 it talks about those
24:49who wander
24:51to restore them
24:53restore them by showing them faith but
24:56at the same time
24:58don’t fall into the temptation that they
25:00fell into even hating the garment that
25:02is stained by the flesh
25:05and then he ends with these words
25:08to him who is able to keep you from
25:09stumbling it is only Christ who can keep
25:12you awake
25:13only Jesus and he does it through his
25:15word he does it through the lord’s
25:17supper he keeps us awake today
25:19through his word his warnings and his
25:23he is able to keep you from stumbling he
25:26will present you blameless before the
25:28presence of his glory with great joy
25:32oh think about that for a second here
25:36it legitimately says
25:38that when Jesus finally presents you
25:42before the father before the spirit
25:44before the angels of heaven before the
25:45saints that have preceded us when Jesus
25:48presents you in the presence of his
25:50glory it is to his great joy that he
25:53does so
25:56that is
25:59but isn’t that what the scripture says
26:01that who for the joy set before him
26:05he laid down his life despising the
26:07shame of the cross who for the joy it is
26:10Christ’s joy to save you
26:13it is Christ’s joy to forgive you of
26:15your sins it is Christ’s joy to wash
26:18away the filth and the muck of your
26:20unrighteousness and to cover you in the
26:23robes of his righteousness and present
26:25you in the presence of his glory it is
26:28to his joy
26:34neverland makes you forget but Christ
26:36keeps us awake so that we always
26:39now to the only god our savior through
26:41Jesus Christ our lord be glory
26:44majesty dominion and authority before
26:47all time and now and forever
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