Sermon Transcript – Repent or You Will Likewise Perish

Series C – Lent 3 – Sunday, February 28, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:32chapter 13 verses 1 through 9.
0:35there was some present at that very time
0:38who told Jesus about the galileans whose
0:41blood pilate had mingled with their
0:43sacrifices and he answered them do you
0:46think that these galileans were worse
0:48Sinners than all the other galileans
0:50because they suffered in this way no I
0:53tell you but unless you repent
0:55you will all likewise perish
0:58or those 18 on whom the Tower of Siloam
1:01fell and killed them do you think that
1:03they were worse offenders than all the
1:04others who lived in Jerusalem
1:06no I tell you but unless you repent you
1:11will all likewise perish and he told
1:13this Parable a man had a fig tree
1:16planted in his Vineyard
1:17and he came seeking fruit on it found
1:21he said to the vine dresser look for the
1:23for three years now I’ve come seeking
1:24fruit on this fig tree and I couldn’t
1:26find none cut it down why should it use
1:29up the ground and he answered him sir
1:31let it alone this year also I’ll dig
1:33around it and put on manure then if it
1:36should bear fruit next year well and
1:38good but if not you can cut it down
1:42in the name of Jesus
1:45all right so we’ve all seen in our
1:47lifetime some pretty tragic things
1:49happen from tsunamis and earthquakes and
1:52tsunamis to nuclear reactors melting
1:55down after tsunamis you know notice the
1:57tsunami theme here it’s all wet but
2:00um two you know construction accidents
2:03cranes collapsing people dying death and
2:06destruction everywhere and everyone
2:08wants to know the answer to the question
2:09what does it all mean what is God up to
2:12what is he saying in all of this right
2:15and there are whole YouTube channels
2:17which are quite entertaining if you
2:19actually take the time to watch them
2:20where people are trying to have an Open
2:23Bible and an open newspaper or web
2:26browser now and try to figure out what’s
2:29the message that God is sending us
2:32well Jesus gives us the definitive
2:35answer to what does it all mean he does
2:39so in our text today and I would have
2:41you pay close attention because what he
2:44tells us has everything to do with not
2:46only the season of Lent but also the
2:49very Christian Life that we live every
2:50day outside of Lent from day to day
2:53every day
2:54seven you know what is that 24 7 365 and
2:58just put the numbers together right so
3:00let’s return to Our Gospel texts there
3:02were some present at that very time who
3:05told Jesus about the galileans whose
3:07blood pilate had mingled with their
3:09sacrifices now why was this being
3:12brought up well if everybody knows look
3:14at pilate he’s a dictator he’s a
3:17terrible politician what do you think
3:19about that Jesus look at what he did
3:20those galileans those innocent Brothers
3:23of ours they were slaughtered by pilate
3:27and then he took their blood and he
3:29mixed it with the sacrifices he’s
3:30desecrated the altar he’s desecrated
3:33these people what do you think about
3:35that Jesus with the expectation that
3:37Jesus is going to say something
3:39political something well important you
3:41know like well that political leader
3:43well we all know how wicked and evil he
3:46is right or maybe Jesus was going to
3:48comment on the galileans because
3:50everybody understands historically the
3:51galileans were a little sketchy at this
3:53time and what I mean by that is is that
3:56well the galileans were known to well
3:58not be so good in the obey Rome category
4:02no they uh there was a lot of them that
4:04were very zealous in fact
4:08the Romans had a whole bunch of them
4:10crucified all at once to basically send
4:13a political statement you mess with us
4:16we kill you
4:19so maybe the galileans weren’t exactly
4:22Innocent but clearly pilate is more evil
4:25and we do the same thing today right
4:28what’s going to happen to our country if
4:30this person gets elected or that person
4:32gets elected how are we going to survive
4:34look at that what that person has done
4:36consider the email Scandal consider how
4:39many divorces that person’s had what are
4:41we in for God what do you have to say
4:43about all of this
4:46all right we all do the same thing we
4:48want to know what God thinks watch what
4:51Jesus does so he answered them all right
4:53do you think that these galileans were
4:56worse Sinners than all the other
5:00uh what
5:02because they suffered in this way do you
5:04think they were more they were more
5:06were they
5:08was this Karma striking
5:14Jesus says now listen I’m not going to
5:16talk about that he says no I tell you I
5:18tell you unless you repent you allow
5:21likewise perish
5:24now if they were in a room when this was
5:26said I’m sure you can just hear those
5:28oxygen being sucked out of the room
5:34you’re supposed to talk about the
5:36galileans and how innocent they are and
5:37pilate how evil he is and you’re telling
5:42to repent
5:44and then Jesus picks up on a late
5:46another news story at the time there was
5:48a construction accident that happened in
5:51construction accidents we just had a
5:54construction accident happen in New York
5:55City the video was quite well shocking
5:58to watch when that crane came down to
6:00New York City right yeah anyone watch
6:02the actual footage on that the people
6:04who died so in a similar way Jesus says
6:07or those 18 on whom the Tower of Siloam
6:10fell and killed them do you think they
6:13were worse offenders than all the others
6:15who lived in Jerusalem
6:17huh no I tell you unless you repent you
6:22will all likewise perish
6:25so Jesus rather than
6:28um scratched their itching curiosity
6:30about what God is saying
6:32in a very real way gives us the
6:34definitive Divine interpretation of all
6:39of these natural disasters and
6:40calamities that happen that just seem so
6:45the message that God is sending to us
6:49and all of them is repent
6:52you see
6:53by Jesus asking the question do you
6:56think these people were worse Sinners
6:57than the other galileans or these
7:00Sinners and the sinners in Jerusalem
7:02were they any worse the answer to the
7:04question is no
7:05they were all Sinners indeed
7:07and those who died well God has already
7:10dealt with them
7:12their fate is determined as for pilate
7:15give it time it’ll happen he’ll stand
7:17before the judge himself
7:20the question is what about you
7:23what about you
7:25you want to talk about them Jesus wants
7:27to talk about you and what Jesus wants
7:30to talk about with you is your need
7:33and my need to repent
7:37we heard it in our Old Testament text
7:39the Hebrew word
7:41turn away to turn back
7:45right we hear it in the words of Jesus
7:48in the Greek text here today metanoia
7:50which means to have a change of mind
7:54it’s important that we understand what
7:55repentance is and what it is not
7:58we think repentance is something to the
8:01effect of well it’s December 31st
8:04Midnight’s about to strike I’ve got to
8:07make some kind of a resolution right
8:09this is the Year this is the year I
8:12finally begin to make some progress on
8:15regaining my 18 year old physique
8:18this is the year that I’m going to Sock
8:20away a certain amount of money this is
8:21the year that I’m going to treat my
8:23spouse a little bit better not much but
8:25a little bit this is the year that I’m
8:27gonna just fill in the blank right we
8:29think this is what repentance is
8:32that’s not repentance
8:35that’s put in the cart for the horse
8:39what is repentance
8:41is repentance the thing that you did
8:43that one time when you walked the aisle
8:45at the Billy Graham Crusade
8:48what is repentance
8:52put simply
8:53repentance is saying God
8:56you’re right
8:58I’m wrong
9:01it’s saying God you’re holy
9:05and I’m ungodly
9:08it’s confessing
9:10what you truly are
9:12it’s speaking the truth about yourself
9:15about your sin
9:17about your ungodliness and about your
9:20need for forgiveness
9:24return to the Lord your God for he is
9:26gracious and merciful slow to anger and
9:30abounding in steadfast love the
9:32scriptures say
9:36and so
9:38you’re thinking well are you saying that
9:40cleaning myself up isn’t part of it yeah
9:43no actually that’s kind of a funny way
9:45of putting it I’m glad you asked the
9:47because the one who recognizes that he
9:49is ungodly and that God is in the right
9:53and that he is in the wrong
9:55confesses that he’s not living right
9:58that he’s not thinking right remember we
10:00sin against God in thought word and by
10:03our actions and deeds by the things we
10:05do oh and the things we don’t do
10:09all right remember the uh the Seinfeld
10:12television program
10:14that was yeah I’m dating myself now that
10:16was quite the fun experience when it was
10:18on every week I remember people you know
10:21every week talking about Seinfeld and
10:23the latest episode at the water cooler
10:25and you know at the office
10:27well it was a program that was the show
10:29about nothing that’s what they said
10:30Seinfeld is the television program about
10:33nothing and in a very funny way to end
10:37the whole series when the fight when the
10:39last Seinfeld it was actually aired it
10:43was the story of how the main characters
10:44were arrested and go to prison for doing
10:47nothing there was a crime that was being
10:50committed in front of them and they did
10:52nothing to stop the crime but the place
10:55where this occurred was one of those
10:57states where they have a Good Samaritan
10:59law if you see somebody in need and you
11:01don’t help them you are criminally
11:03liable and so they all ended up going to
11:06for doing nothing
11:09which is what all of us actually deserve
11:14the law of God
11:16is summarized as love God
11:19and love your neighbor as yourself
11:21so when your neighbor has a need
11:23and you do not help your neighbor
11:26and you do nothing
11:29not only in God’s Court do you deserve
11:31to go to prison no you deserve to go to
11:35so examine your life how are you
11:37measuring up
11:40are you holy
11:42are you righteous are you good
11:47do you fall short
11:52Jesus says
11:56repent and you’ll notice he’s not
11:58talking to unbelievers he’s talking to
12:01the children of Israel
12:03and this should tell us something
12:04repentance is not a flu shot
12:08repentance isn’t something you did one
12:10time back then
12:12repentance is something that you do
12:15every day
12:17repentance is a lifestyle for a
12:20because the difficulty of being a
12:22Christian is just beyond the description
12:27you see because you have been raised
12:31from the dead through the preaching of
12:33the word through the waters of baptism
12:35God has given you a new life and
12:37regenerated you and at the same time you
12:40still have your old sinful nature to
12:42contend with being a Christian feels a
12:44lot like being schizophrenic
12:47the Apostle Paul in Romans 7 says oh the
12:50things I don’t want to do I keep on
12:53doing the things I don’t the things I
12:56want to do I don’t do
12:59who will rescue me from this body of
13:05that’s why Paul in our texts and
13:07Epistles in in First Corinthians
13:10careful unless you think you’re strong
13:12and you’re standing lest you fall
13:15repentance daily repentance is the type
13:18of lifestyle that basically says God
13:20you’re right I’m wrong
13:22and you wake up the next day and you say
13:24God you’re right I’m wrong it’s
13:26confessing that I still have all kinds
13:29of wickedness and evil living within me
13:32and I truly still am in and of myself
13:35not holy
13:39and I need to do better
13:41you see the doing better is the fruit of
13:45it is not repentance itself
13:48and so consider now
13:50the scriptures clearly teach
13:52that it’s God’s kindness
13:55that leads us to repentance
13:58not his Wrath
14:00it’s his kindness and I want you to see
14:02see this
14:03in the next part of our gospel text
14:05verse 6 chapter 13 Luke
14:08so Jesus told this Parable a man had a
14:11fig tree planted in his Vineyard he came
14:14seeking fruit on it and he found none
14:18that’s me
14:21that might even be you
14:24what do you do with worthless fig trees
14:26what’s the point of having a fig tree if
14:28it doesn’t bear any fruit right that’s
14:30real simple so I said to the binder look
14:33for three years now I’ve come seeking
14:34fruit on this fig tree
14:36I find none what kind of a selfish fig
14:38tree is this right
14:40cut it down why should it use up the
14:44kill him
14:46send them to the Grave why should that
14:48person continue to breathe my air
14:50another way of putting it right
14:52cut it down why should it use up the
14:54ground he says sir sir sir let alone
14:56this year
14:57let alone this year also I’ll dig around
14:59it and put on manure
15:02than if it should bear fruit next year
15:04well and good if not then you can cut it
15:07look at the patience
15:10where’s Jesus in the story
15:12he’s the one saying no no no don’t cut
15:14it down
15:15I’ll take care of it
15:16let me dig around it let me put a manure
15:18on it now this Parable is called the
15:21parable of the baron fig tree I think a
15:24better name for this Parable would be
15:26the year of manure
15:30the year of manure
15:32I love it because look at the tender
15:35loving kindness no no don’t kill it
15:38let’s let’s let’s help this tree out
15:41and this is what Jesus does with each
15:43and every one of us you look at your
15:45life and you sit there and go
15:47this bearing fruit of the spirit thing
15:50just isn’t working out so well for me
15:53I know I deserve to be cut down and
15:56you’re right you do
15:58here today Jesus is here
16:01to dig around the roots
16:05put some manure on you
16:08to help you to strengthen you to sustain
16:11you he doesn’t want you to thrown into
16:13the fire
16:15he’s going to help you bear fruit
16:18that’s how kind our Jesus is
16:21that’s how good and merciful and
16:23gracious he is
16:26and it’s his kindness that leads us to
16:30Lord Jesus you’re right
16:33I’m wrong
16:34you’re good I’m not
16:38have mercy on me Lord
16:41I truly want to do better
16:46so today
16:48I recommend
16:52confess that Christ is right and you are
16:56confess that your fruit is so lacking
16:59and wanting
17:01and ask Jesus to come and care for you
17:06to come and care for you the way he
17:08cared for the fig tree
17:10and you know what
17:12you didn’t even have to ask he’s already
17:14doing that
17:16here today to the preaching of his word
17:19in the name of Jesus
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