Sermon Transcript – Rightly Understanding the Necessity of Works

Series B – Fifteenth Sunday of Pentecost – Sunday, September 5, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint mark the 7th chapter [Music]
0:39Jesus returned from the region of tyre and went through sidon to the sea of galilee in the region of the decapolis
0:45and they brought to him a man who was deaf and had a speech impediment and they begged him to lay his hand on him
0:51and taking him aside from the crowd privately he put his fingers in his ears and after spitting touched his tongue
0:56and looking up to heaven he sighed and said to him ephesa that is be opened and his ears
1:03were opened his tongue was released and he spoke plainly and Jesus charged them to tell no one but the more he charged
1:10them the more zealously they proclaimed him and they were astonished beyond measure saying he has done all things
1:17well even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak this is the gospel of the
1:22lord in the name of Jesus amen now i need to note something here
1:27uh we lutherans get a bad rap and and and we have to address this like
1:32head on because you’ll note that it was martin luther you know that rascally reformer who was excommunicated by the
1:39roman catholic church the reason being is he stood as ground on what scripture teaches that we are
1:46saved by grace god’s unmerited favor by grace
1:52through faith all on account of Christ in other words we
1:57contrary to what rome teaches do not merit the lord’s forgiveness by our good works
2:05and over and again i’ve noted that on social media whenever i put out you know
2:11status updates or send out a tweet or something affirming what the scripture says that
2:17we are saved apart from works somebody comes out of the woodwork it’s like the bat signal goes off somewhere you know
2:24bing bing bing and they ha and they come swooping in well chris if you caught if you talk like
2:31this you you make it sound like salvation is too free that god’s grace is too gracious and if you start talking
2:38like this then people are gonna think that they have a license to sin
2:47i used to think this way too i really did and and so it’s important for us to recognize this
2:55the lutheran church the lutheran confessions affirm what scripture teaches regarding works
3:01and i want you to hear the words good works are necessary
3:07they’re necessary the question is necessary for what
3:13are you saved by your works even by a little bit no not at all
3:20good works are necessary by virtue of the fact that you have been raised from the dead
3:25now here’s the thing because we are Christians that’s the reason why we do good works oftentimes
3:31people will pit like this epistle text from james they’ll pit it against paul
3:37see james he disagrees with paul you know he says just as the body that is not breathing is dead faith without
3:43works is dead paul agrees he 100 agrees i want you to consider in this
3:50context here before we even get into our epistle text in ephesians chapter 2
3:56those three verses that we all know by heart verses 8 9
4:02and 10 they read such for by grace you have been saved past
4:08tense through faith this is not your own doing
4:19i’ll let that sit in this is not your own doing it’s the gift of god
4:24how many Christmas gifts do you pay for you know you know friends and family you know i for this year for Christmas here
4:31i’m going to give you 50 bucks would you give me a you know a gift card to walmart a red lobster
4:37is that a gift if you pay for it of course not okay of course not now you may treat yourself
4:43but that still you’re working off your wages right so it is not your own doing
4:49it is the gift of god it is not the result of works what isn’t the result of
4:54works salvation you have been saved by grace through faith it is not your own doing it’s the gift of god it’s not a
5:01result of works so that no one may boast and here’s the thing we lutherans get a
5:07bad rap as if somehow we stop there and like ignore verse 10. we don’t verse 10
5:13then says this we are god’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus
5:19for good works which god prepared that we should walk in them
5:25oh oh i see i see so good works are necessary you know why they’re necessary
5:31because god has prepared them in advance for you to do when we are his workmanship and we are created
5:36for good works we are you can think of it this way we’re not saved by our works we’re saved
5:43unto good works which is all the more reason why it’s absolutely deplorable
5:49when Christian churches and congregations become the scenes of well much unloved and
5:56unrest and backbiting and gossip and slander and just turmoil and anguish and
6:01rancor and right this is this is not to be happening
6:08and yet it does and so you’ll know what’s the what what do we do when we have
6:13well issues as it relates to sin manifesting in our own life or sin manifesting within the life of our
6:18congregation well we do go back to the basics and we never leave the basics we need to hear the law which will convict
6:24us of our sin we need to hear the gospel and the gospel assures us of our forgiveness and
6:30then we always need to remember that we are saved in Christ unto good works not by them they are necessary by virtue of
6:38the fact that we are a new creation in Christ and that even our good works are a little bit weak and
6:44paltry but sometimes because we have our old sinful nature still hanging around our necks
6:50sometimes we have to pull the writing crop out and remind ourselves
6:56that these are the things that we are created in Christ Jesus to do
7:01and another way to put it is is that have you noticed that sin isn’t freedom have you noticed that you know
7:08sin is absolute slavery absolute slavery and so Christ has set
7:14us free from slavery to sin death and the devil and we well our sinful nature
7:20wants to go back to egypt back to slavery and no Christ continues to want have us
7:25walk through the wilderness so in this regard then we’ll note that paul and james they actually teach the same
7:32thing in james chapter one james affirms salvation as a gift from god so the
7:37question is is what is he writing about then why is this talk going on about you know
7:45faith without works being dead answer well what had happened is is that you’ll
7:50note that paul when he writes against the judaizers those who are saying we’re
7:55saved by our works he he doesn’t cut them any slack well the people that james is writing to
8:02they have been influenced by some kind of form of gnosticism all right and gnosticism teaches that
8:08well historic gnosticism teaches that your your body what you do with your
8:14body really doesn’t matter okay because matter that you see and smell and taste
8:19and touch that’s all an accident anyway and so the goal is to get off the wheel of reincarnation they actually believe
8:25in reincarnation and to become one with god and spirit and so because you still
8:31have your sinful flesh i mean you don’t really need to worry about anything so you can do with it whatever you want you
8:37want to engage in debauchery and drunkenness sexual immorality no problemo right
8:42and worse within that way of believing is also a latent form of what’s called
8:48antinomianism that’s a big word anti against namas law antinomianism is
8:54against the law so you you refuse to hear the preaching of god’s law or to
9:00allow yourself to be convicted by what you end up doing is taking the gospel and saying thank you Jesus for forgiving
9:07me and then you just live like hell you want to see what a modern day
9:13example of this looks like all right let’s let’s have an uncomfortable conversation right well there are entire
9:20church denominations now that affirm sexual immorality and claim that god blesses it but he doesn’t
9:27and if you don’t think that conservative congregations are not complicit in this they also are because they’ve gone well
9:34how shall i say it really silent when it comes to
9:40sexual immorality within their own ranks as long as it’s heterosexual sins
9:45right i’m just saying right and so the the question comes up
9:53what do you believe the gospel does do you believe the gospel sets you free so that you can be enslaved to sin that
9:59doesn’t make any sense and so the idea here is that
10:05james is addressing an issue and he’s going with something that is a very glaring
10:10obvious disconnect and watch where he goes to with these antinomians he goes
10:16all the way back to what the law seems weird right okay but that’s exactly what he does and
10:23so he says my brothers show no partiality as you hold the faith in our lord Jesus
10:30Christ the lord of glory show no partiality let that one ruminate
10:35for a second here now he’s going to point out that well back in his day just like in our day that people they give
10:42preference to the rich the powerful those who wear nice clothes
10:47have well jewelry and things like this right do we not do the same thing
10:55of course we do i mean pardon me but haven’t you ever watched tick tock
11:02where people literally you know who they film themselves with a you know like a movie star they’re doing a dance or
11:08something and somebody famous walked in and they just lose their minds and millions of people watch the video right
11:14millions oh my goodness did you see what the rock did did you see what yeah celine dion
11:20did it’s it’s nuts right if i were to um you know decide that we’re going to have
11:27our own version the kungsfinger academy awards right and we’re we’re going to invite some church people and and maybe
11:33some folks from grand forks and and maybe maybe we’re going to give out awards to the the guys who uh work for the waste
11:39management district or we’re going to give some awards out to the truckers that make it possible for us to have
11:45groceries and stuff like that send out a press release to the media do you think that people would show up
11:50to our red carpet event no who are you guys
11:57right who are you guys right but if i invited a movie star and the movie star
12:02took us up on it oh the media would be here to cover it right why
12:08because he’s famous he’s rich he’s powerful right and everyone would want
12:14autographs everyone wanted to take selfies with the person that’s a problem here that’s that’s a
12:20form of partially you do know that this is going to be the third week in a row you do know that that movie
12:26stars poop right
12:31i just point this out but let’s talk about another way in which people show partiality okay
12:37let’s talk about another way in which people show partiality racism
12:42isn’t racism partiality that’s exactly what that is
12:48racism the this ridiculous belief that somehow your skin color
12:54if you gather together with other with other people who have the same skin color that as a group you are superior
13:01to people who have a different skin color are you out of your mind
13:06what does scripture say that in Christ there is neither jew nor greek slave nor free male or female
13:13does Christ show partiality no and so we’ll note that hatred towards
13:20people and showing partiality based upon something as shallow
13:26as their skin color or their ethnic heritage it’s a sin
13:31it’s a form of partiality and so listen to what james says because he’s preaching to all of us here so if a man
13:38wearing a gold ring fine clothing comes into your assembly and a poor man in shabby clothing comes also i want you to
13:45think about this sometimes i get asked the question what what do i wear to church
13:51is it what should i wear especially people who haven’t been to church in a while do i have to buy a suit
13:56no this text notes that the poor sometimes show up in shabby clothing why because that’s all they got
14:03right so a poor man shows up in shabby clothing and you say to the rich man
14:08that you sit here in a good place here’s our vip where’s our vip sitting here at kung’s finger by the way
14:15the back back row yeah yeah good lutheran answer to that one
14:20yeah that’s right there’s always a fight for the back road fuse so
14:27so we make the rich sit and we allow the rich to sit in the back and poor man shows up and we make them sit in the
14:32front right yeah boy that would that would be terrible all right
14:38all right but you say to the poor man you stand over there or you sit at my feet what a horrible thing to say
14:44sit at my feet like you’re a dog but remember in the ancient world they didn’t have a middle class they really
14:50didn’t not this time in roman history they had the wealthy and then everybody else
14:57and everybody else they were far away from the wealthy and the landed and the powerful and so you’ll note that
15:03Christianity the message of the gospel has reached rich and poor and that in church there’s rich and
15:09there’s poor and but what are they doing they’re bringing the world’s partiality
15:15and sinfulness into the church and then treating each other horribly accordingly
15:20i mean seriously we’re talking about a baptized penitent believer in Jesus Christ
15:26who is one who has an inheritance like you and i do all given as a gift in the new earth by Christ
15:32and in this world you’re going to treat him like a dog at church what kind of church is
15:38this right that’s kind of the point that he’s getting that he says when you do this have you not
15:45made distinctions among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts so listen my beloved brothers has not
15:52god chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom the answer is yes he has
15:58you’ll know god has shown no partiality god doesn’t sit there and go well you know
16:04you know you’re only making about 20 000 a year i’m not sure i i’m
16:10i’m not sure if there’s any salvation for you maybe you can ask for a waiver
16:17does Christ do this no why do we treat people as if Christ does because that’s the thing
16:24when we as Christians treat each other poorly as Christians this reflects on Christ as if somehow
16:30Christ is making these distinctions and that’s why he’s having to peel this all back but underneath the hood here is a
16:37belief that no i don’t need to show i don’t need any good works to show that i’m a Christian that’s not exactly true
16:44so listen my beloved brothers has not god chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of
16:51the kingdom yeah he has which he’s promised to those who love him but you’ve dishonored the poor man
16:56are not the rich the ones who oppress you and the ones who drag you into court now that i think about it yeah
17:03you ever notice how litigious the rich can be because they can afford the attorneys and they know how to work the system in their favor are they not the
17:09ones who blaspheme the honorable name by which you were called yeah that’s generally true
17:16so if you really fulfill the royal law according to the scripture you shall love your neighbor as yourself
17:22then you are doing well and then you’ll note the the scriptures
17:28the ten commandments are called the royal law and that we as Christians are called to what love our
17:34neighbors as our self and every single infraction of any of
17:39the ten commandments is not a love for god it is not a love for neighbor it is a complete utter
17:46love for you over and above other people
17:54i mean think about it let’s kind of review some of those ten commandments second table of the law you guys are
17:59familiar with this stuff i love what luther does in the small catechism because not only does it tell us what
18:05the commandment forbids us to do but he also reminds us what these commandments
18:10require us to do and from the catechism fourth commandment look at the second table honor your father and your mother
18:17what does this mean luther says well we should fear and love god so that we do not despise or anger our parents and
18:24other authorities you’ll note that even political power
18:30comes by virtue of the fact that it’s granted to them by families and fathers right
18:36but what are we to do then we are to honor them serve and obey them
18:41love and cherish them
18:46do you slander your boss
18:53how about your president yeah you see you see all of a sudden
19:00you’re sitting there going yeah okay i see where this is getting at
19:07how about one that we haven’t committed thou shalt not murder anyone here murdered anyone
19:13not physically right but here’s the issue when we consider what Christ says in
19:19regard to this commandment we’re kind of in trouble let me explain so the commandment says you shall not
19:24murder what does this mean we should fear and love god so that we do not hurt or harm our neighbor in his body but
19:31help and support him in every physical need that’s kind of where james is going to
19:37go here because he’s going to talk about the person who says that they have faith but they have no works and he’s going to
19:43use an example regarding somebody who is in absolute physical need their their bodily needs are not
19:50being met they’re they’re they’re not making it financially and somebody within the congregation has
19:57the means to help them and doesn’t so note that yeah the answer to kane’s question and my my
20:03brother’s keeper is yeah you are and then also keep this in mind Jesus makes
20:08it clear that if you hate your brother or you’re angry at him that you’re guilty of breaking this commandment so
20:14even if you’ve never you know put a knife in somebody’s back and help them assume room temperature
20:22that by every way in which we hate and harbor anger and grudge and well you get
20:29the idea towards our neighbor and rather than help them we’re guilty of breaking this command
20:36you shall not commit adultery we’re all in the clear here right no actually we’re not because even if
20:42you’ve looked at another person with lust in your heart you’re guilty of breaking this commandment as well
20:48we should fear and love god so that we lead sexually pure and decent life in what we say and do and husband and wife
20:54are to love and to honor each other listen to that last part husband and wife are to love and honor each other
21:02yeah but you don’t understand what he’s like you don’t understand what she’s like yeah i do i’m one of them
21:08right and so you’ll note that we all fall short in this way too don’t steal you know we’ve done that you
21:14shall not bear false witness against your neighbor then we can talk about all the ways in which that happens but so you’ll note
21:20here this is where we make an important distinction as we walk through the ten commandments
21:28for Christians they do two things one they convict us of our sin this is
21:33why lutherans say lex semper accusa the law always accuses
21:38so every time we walk through the ten commandments we sit there and go
21:44i’m not measuring up and we also trust the good news that
21:50Christ has bled and died for every one of our infractions against his commandments
21:56and the third use of the law then gives us a guide it shows us where our good works
22:03are to be done and the good works that god has prepared in advance for us to do so we don’t invent our own which we are
22:10prone to do horribly which then ends up putting us into the category of breaking
22:16the first table and committing idolatry so our good works are to be expressed in
22:22love towards each other in the ways that god has commanded us
22:28and well just like the folks that james is is smashing over the head
22:34with the law and saying that they’ve become transgressors we recognize the truth about ourselves that we have but
22:40this is where we recognize the gospel and let’s put this put the gospel in at this point in our gospel text
22:48we heard that Jesus had traveled to the area known as the decapolis and if you were
22:55to kind of imagine in your mind the sea of galilee right so you got the sea of galilee you got the jordan river coming
23:01down on the um on the western northwestern side of the
23:06sea of galilee you have capernaum in the place where the jews live right but on the
23:12eastern side of the sea of galilee you have the decapolis the decapolis is a
23:17region where you have roman colonizers you have people who’ve moved from rome
23:22to colonize and to take advantage of the expansiveness of the roman empire and
23:28they’ve built 10 cities decapolis means 10 cities and in those 10 cities you’re going to find well
23:34temples to zeus and the pantheon of the roman false gods
23:40and you’re going to note here Jesus goes there to preach the gospel as well Jesus considers gentiles to even be his
23:48neighbor and when people come to him in physical need
23:54beyond what money can fix that only god can fix
23:59Jesus doesn’t send them away Jesus meets their needs you’ll note that
24:04Jesus perfectly loved his neighbor as himself and this is important for us so listen
24:10listen again to our gospel text Jesus returned from the region of tyre went through sidon to the sea of galilee to
24:16the region of the decapolis they brought him a man who was deaf had a speech impediment and they begged him to lay
24:22his hand on him and taking him aside from the crowd privately he put his fingers into his ears and after spitting
24:29touched his tongue and he looked up to heaven and he sighed and said to him i love even the aramaic
24:35word interesting it’s a breathy verb here ephitha that is be opened and his ears
24:43were opened his tongue was released and he spoke plainly and Jesus charged them not to tell anyone but the more they
24:50charged he charged them the more zealously they proclaimed him but listen to what they said and they were
24:55astonished beyond measure saying he has done all things well he even makes the deaf to hear and the
25:01mute to speak in fact Jesus indeed has done all things well and this is good news for us and the reason why it is
25:07good news for us is because you’re going to note that in our epistle text james says some very terrifying things and the
25:16one of the terrifying things that he says is that if you break one
25:21commandment you’re guilty of breaking
25:27all of them i want you to think about that for a second we have this weird habit that we
25:34engage in we think of the 10 commandments kind of like
25:40like like a plinko game or something like that you know you got commandment one you got commandment two and all you
25:45know ten little things down at the bottom of plinko and so when you commit a sin you know the the thing goes into
25:51one of the categories right well i’ve con done this sin but i i haven’t done
25:57that one all right as if somehow there’s like some kind of a column you know the so the plinko things are coming in and
26:04just doing their thing huh that’s not how it works james
26:10is very clear here very clear that
26:15whoever keeps the whole law but fails even in one point has become guilty
26:23of all of it well i i haven’t committed you know that
26:30one the big one whatever the big one is you know people think differently about what the big one is
26:35i beg to differ you you have you’ve done the big one you’ve done the
26:41small one you’ve done all the little ones middle ones medium-sized ones in between two
26:46if you committed one sin you are guilty of well the whole thing
26:51but our gospel text says that Jesus has done all things well
26:57all things and this is important for us because you’ll note that the requirement
27:03for the sacrifice of sins it must be a spotless sinless sacrifice
27:09and that’s exactly what Christ is where we have failed to love our neighbor and to love our god Christ
27:17never failed he did all things well and he then
27:23well in your greatest need gave you exactly what you needed even though you didn’t even ask him for it
27:30he bore your sins in his body on the cross and he went to the cross the sinless spotless lamb of god who takes
27:36away the sin of the whole world he bled and died in your place he suffered the wrath of god in your place
27:44money couldn’t buy this you don’t have any power to free yourself from slavery to sin Jesus has done this all for you
27:52where you have fallen short he never fell short and he didn’t fall
27:58short in order to rub your nose in how you have fallen short
28:04he didn’t fall short so that he can give you as a gift his perfect sinless righteousness which you
28:11need to stand before god on the day of judgment but he didn’t set us free from sin in
28:18order to serve ourselves and our sinful passions so james asked the question well what good
28:24is it my brothers if someone says he has faith but does not have works can that faith save him and james’s point is this
28:32that person doesn’t have faith you are created in Christ Jesus for good
28:40works paul says so the person who basically says well i’m going to be a spiritual couch potato
28:45and i’m not going to trouble myself with the law at all i refuse to even hear that i’m a sinner
28:52anymore Jesus has forgiven me of my sins so i can do whatever i want
28:59james says can that faith save him he says so if a brother or sister is poorly clothed lacking in daily food one of you
29:06says to them go in peace be warm be filled without giving the things needed
29:12for the body what good is that well you know he’s a poor person so he
29:19just came here looking for a handout why would he think that he could get
29:25that here could it be that we are commanded to
29:30not murder and not giving somebody what they physically need
29:36is to murder them now you’re making me uncomfortable
29:42pastor i know make myself that way too because i can think
29:49of far too many ways in which i have not done good for my neighbor
29:59someone will say well you have faith i have works he says show me your faith apart from your works and i’ll show you my faith by my works you see just as the
30:07body that is breathing is not dead faith without works is dead and remember our good works are defined
30:13by the ten commandments not by stuff that we invent and no we’re not required to no longer sin we confess our sin
30:21daily and much to Christ but it’s to the power of the holy spirit given to us
30:26that god gives us the strength to mortify our sinful flesh so that we stop focusing in on ourselves
30:32so that the only person that we ever think about pleasing is our self and instead
30:38our eyes are bent away from us and towards our neighbor so that we now
30:44serve them and paul himself makes it clear that we are to consider others to
30:49be better than ourselves this is only possible for somebody who is regenerate
30:55someone who has been made new in the waters of baptism whom the gospel has reached and god has raised from the dead
31:02faith always seeks to do good works and your sinful flesh always seeks to
31:08see to serve itself and so it’s not
31:14that well the best way to put it is it’s not it’s perfection isn’t the thing that we’re called to as Christians even
31:20though Christ says be perfect he recognizes that we sin much the issue is are you
31:27just giving yourself over to sin to where you care nothing about other people
31:33that’s not Christianity and you
31:38like me need to hear the law and the gospel preached again to you
31:44so that you rightly understand that even your best good works are still soiled with sin
31:50and as for those as for those works they demonstrate to our neighbor that our faith is alive
31:56you know so uh you know mark is here and you know since he’s spent so much time in florida i’m sure
32:02he takes a lot of naps in the afternoon and stuff like that so you know if if we were to see mark this afternoon taking a
32:08nap you know i i’ve heard that he sleeps really soundly so sound that it’s hard to tell if he’s even alive or not right
32:14now i’m being not not being a medical professional i would have no way to tell whether or not you like had a heart
32:20attack and gone on to be with the lord if i saw you napping so if i had to check to see if you were if you were
32:26still alive i would go back to an old tried and true method because i don’t even like the idea of touching a corpse
32:32in case you died it’s just yeah i’m just not going to do it so what i would do is
32:38i would grab one of those hand mirrors you know the kind that your wife keeps in your purse right and i would take that mirror and i would
32:44hold it up to your nose and if you fog the mirror i know that you’re alive
32:49that’s the point that james is making is that we are not saved by our works we
32:56are saved by grace through faith but if there are no works
33:01that’s a corpse just like a body that doesn’t fog a mirror is dead
33:08so faith without works is dead works show our neighbors that our faith
33:14is alive and that’s their function that’s why they’re necessary they’re necessary by
33:19virtue of the fact that you’re alive in Christ and the reality is this if you’re having any anxiety you are so far rich
33:27in works you you don’t even recognize how many works you do over and again when people think of
33:32works they think of something spectacular like you know i i sold everything i had and i went to on the mission field and i went to you know and
33:39preached the gospel to an indigenous people group who’ve never heard the gospel before by the way that’s a good work
33:45but when we think that that’s the standard for what defines a good work and everything else that isn’t that
33:51isn’t we misunderstand totally go back to those ten commandments
33:56being a good husband a good wife that’s a good work protecting your neighbor’s reputation
34:03good work helping your neighbor take care of his physical needs good work and if you’re
34:09not sure who’s your neighbor in this regard let’s think about those little children that god gives us right
34:16he delivers them to us naked and hungry
34:22have you noticed that’s like the first order of business got to clothe that little thing and got to give it something to eat all right
34:28so taking care of our children feeding and clothing them meeting their bodily needs that’s a good work
34:35they said they’re going well then i i guess i have those right
34:41and so the idea here is is that we are then instructed in scripture
34:46to not despise the good works that god has called us to do he’s called us all to these amazing good works and so note
34:53this then that even our good works are soiled with sin but Christ has done all things well he’s bled and died for even
35:00your best good work that’s soiled with sin and he admonishes you again
35:06to deny yourself because that’s what sin is the opposite of sin is all about well
35:13helping yourself focusing on yourself you know being number one taking care of self without any regard for the
35:20consequences for other people and so Christ he admonishes us to again
35:25deny ourselves hear that we are sinners have confidence that we are forgiven because he has all done all things well
35:31for us and through the power of the spirit then not in ancient anxiety as if somehow we
35:39have to earn it but through the power of the spirit then breathe out
35:45those good works that Christ has called us to do and do so more and more
35:51because indeed scripture is clear works are necessary because faith without works
35:56and is dead in the name of Jesus amen
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