Sermon Transcript – Risen Indeed!

Series B – Easter – Sunday, April 5, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:30the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:32chapter 16 verses 1 through 8.
0:37when the Sabbath was over Mary Magdalene
0:40married the mother of James and Salome
0:42brought spices so that they might go and
0:45anoint Jesus’s body very early on the
0:49first day of the week just after Sunrise
0:51they were on their way to the tomb and
0:53they asked each other who will roll the
0:55stone away from the entrance of the Tomb
0:58but when they looked up they saw that
1:00the stone which was very large had been
1:02rolled away as they entered the tomb
1:04they saw a young man dressed in a white
1:06robe sitting on the right side and they
1:08were alarmed do not be alarmed he said
1:10you are looking for Jesus the Nazarene
1:13who was crucified he is risen he’s not
1:16here see the place where they laid him
1:18go and tell his disciples and Peter he
1:21is going ahead of you into Galilee there
1:23you will see him just as he told you
1:25trembling and bewildered the women went
1:28out and fled from the tomb they said
1:31nothing to anyone because they were
1:35Christ is risen
1:41in the name of Jesus
1:45so this is an interesting day
1:47in the church here
1:48and the reason I say it’s interesting is
1:51because you’re either going to hear
1:52Christ crucified and risen for your sins
1:55if you go to church or you’re going to
1:57hear something completely different now
2:00I noted I note this fact that there are
2:03many pastors today who don’t believe
2:06that Jesus rose bodily from the grave
2:09and they hide their unbelief in strange
2:12Easter sermons
2:13strange Easter sermons that kind of go
2:15something like this
2:16and so we’ve read in the gospel text
2:18today that Jesus has risen from the
2:21grave but what does that mean what does
2:23that mean exactly well it means that
2:25Jesus has the power to resurrect the
2:28dead dreams in your life or if you do
2:31have a dead relationship are things
2:33going terribly with the Miss as well
2:35there’s resurrection power for your
2:38how about your dead finances are you in
2:41up to your eyeballs in debt well that’s
2:43death you know and you know clearly your
2:46finances are buried in a tomb but Jesus
2:48has come to open up the tomb of your
2:51finances and make you healthy wealthy
2:52and wise
2:58I clearly pastors who preached like this
3:00have become so Earthly minded that
3:02they’re of no Heavenly good
3:04so let me ask you a question this
3:06morning is there anyone here who has
3:09figured out how to cheat death
3:11show of hands
3:13nope okay now I don’t mean to sound well
3:17depressing but if you noticed here at
3:20Kong’s finger over on that side of the
3:23church there’s more people over there
3:26than there are right here
3:30yeah the graveyard is only getting more
3:33inhabitants if you would so none of us
3:36has figured out how to cheat death but
3:38see that’s the thing Jesus did cheat
3:41death now I would point you this morning
3:43to our epistle text in First Corinthians
3:4615 and we’re going to fill out a little
3:48bit of this and let’s take a look at
3:51what the text says Paul writing to the
3:53church in Corinth says now brothers and
3:56by the way I know we live in a time when
3:58political correctness says that whenever
4:01somebody says the word Brothers they
4:03have to also mean sisters if anyone says
4:05mankind they really mean Humanity
4:07because somehow these words that were
4:11used in the past somehow try to exclude
4:14when it talks like this it includes all
4:16of us so brothers and sisters I want to
4:19remind you of the Gospel which I
4:22preached to You gospel what a great word
4:25we’ve all heard it we’ve we’ve heard it
4:27used in kind of strange context we all
4:29know about possible music right what’s
4:32gospel music well it’s a particular
4:34genre of music but that’s not how Paul’s
4:36using this term the term Yuan Galleon it
4:39means good news and it’s really really
4:43good news and so here’s the idea I want
4:46to remind you of the good news that I
4:47preached to you which you received on in
4:49which you have taken your stand now
4:53we’re in a Lutheran Church and in the
4:54Lutheran Church we oftentimes talk about
4:56Martin Luther at the time of the
4:58Reformation when he was called on the
5:00carpet regarding him basically
5:02repudiating and denying all the things
5:04that he was saying in his books at the
5:06diet of verms spelled w-o-r-m-s which is
5:10a weird way to think about things in
5:11English but it’s pronounced verms
5:13because otherwise it’s the diet of worms
5:15and that does not sound like a good diet
5:16okay but he was told to recant all the
5:20things that he had written and he
5:21basically said it is not safe to go
5:23against conscience here I stand I can do
5:25no other
5:27and Luther you know used to they’ll see
5:29statues of Luther or pictures of Luther
5:31standing there with the here I stand you
5:33know it’s a big moment right but see
5:36Luther is so uncreative he got this from
5:40Paul here’s what Paul says remind you of
5:43the Gospel that I preached to you which
5:45you received and on which you have taken
5:49your stand
5:52you are standing if you believe this
5:55gospel on some very important promises
5:58so here is what Paul says by this gospel
6:01you are saved
6:04saved from what
6:06a bad hair day bad finances poor
6:09relationships what exactly are you being
6:11saved from
6:13well Paul’s not talking about something
6:15as trivial as that he’s talking about
6:17being saved from the soon to be revealed
6:20wrath of God when Jesus returns in glory
6:23to judge the living and the dead we all
6:25know that we’re all going to die someday
6:27and we all know that we’re going to
6:29stand before Jesus someday
6:32and trust me when I tell you this the
6:35last thing you want when standing before
6:37Jesus is have to give an accounting of
6:39the things that you’ve done in your life
6:41I know I don’t want to have to give an
6:42accounting because when I look at the
6:44math it doesn’t stack up very well for
6:46me but this is why it’s good news
6:49by this gospel you are saved if you hold
6:54firmly to the word that I preached to
6:55you otherwise you have believed in vain
6:57for what I received I pass on to you as
7:00of first importance are you ready
7:02remember those commercials that they had
7:04a few years back you know the the guy
7:07who had the uh EF Hutton as his
7:09financial advisor remember those
7:10commercials you know two people will be
7:12talking and say yeah I was talking to my
7:14financial advisor EF Hutton and everyone
7:15in the all of a sudden you know they’re
7:17in this restaurant everyone just stops
7:18and goes
7:20right they have to listen EF Hutton is
7:22giving advice well think of it this way
7:24which I I’ve passed on to as of first
7:27importance what I received listen
7:31Christ died
7:34for our sins
7:36that’s right every single one of them
7:40from the sin that you were well credited
7:44with the sin of Adam and Eve that was
7:46given to you reckoned to you and you
7:48were born dead in trespasses and sins to
7:51the last sin that you commit as you draw
7:53your final breath here on Earth Christ
7:56has died for every single one of them
8:01so Christ died for our sins he was
8:05buried and he was raised on the third
8:08day according to the scriptures and then
8:10he appeared to Peter and to the twelve
8:12and that after that he appeared to more
8:14than 500 of the brothers at the same
8:16time most of whom are still alive though
8:18some have fallen asleep
8:20and see that’s the good news
8:22we are truly saved by what Christ has
8:25done for us he’s done it all and the one
8:29of the ways in which we know that this
8:31is absolutely true is because Jesus did
8:34something that nobody else has ever done
8:37he actually conquered death
8:39he was graveyard dead on Friday
8:43afternoon when he cried out it is
8:46finished father into your hands I
8:48commend my spirit and then gave up his
8:50spirit and he died the Roman soldiers
8:52were kind of a little bit surprised at
8:54how quickly he died but just to make
8:57sure one of the Roman soldiers took his
8:59Lance and shoved it up into Jesus’s
9:01cavity right here under his heart and
9:03out came blood and water he was
9:07graveyard dead
9:10but on the third day he rose and I mean
9:14Rose bodily from the grave Rose in such
9:16a way that he was able to eat fish and
9:18food with other people Rose in such a
9:20way that when he appeared to the
9:21disciples they said ah it’s a ghost and
9:23he said no
9:25a ghost a spirit doesn’t have flesh and
9:27blood as you see that I have he rose
9:30from the grave
9:34and you sit there and go but nobody has
9:36ever done that
9:38right that’s kind of the point
9:41but he did you know if you know the
9:43story of Harry Houdini you all Remember
9:46The Escape Artist Harry Houdini
9:48once a year there is a seance held I
9:52think it’s all it’s held every year on
9:54the anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death
9:57and Harry Houdini basically asked his
10:01family and friends to hold the Seance
10:03and to see if he can actually conquer
10:06death because he says if I can I’m going
10:08to appear on that day you know on that
10:11one of those anniversary days you know
10:14during the Seance
10:15and uh well Harry Houdini continues to
10:18not be able to escape
10:20the jaws of death the one trap Harry
10:24Houdini has never been able to escape
10:26from Christ did he conquered it and he
10:30did it for you and he did it for me now
10:34continues verse 12 but if it is preached
10:37that Christ has been raised from the
10:39dead how can some of you say there is no
10:41resurrection of the Dead oh you think
10:43this is a problem that exists just today
10:45there’s plenty of pastors and preachers
10:47and Christians who say I don’t know if
10:49he really wrote family from the dead
10:50right well this is what Paul says how
10:53can some of you but if it’s preached the
10:55Christ has been raised from that how can
10:57some of you say there is no resurrection
10:58of the Dead if there’s no resurrection
11:00of the dead then not even Christ has
11:02been raised and if Christ has not been
11:04raised our preaching is useless
11:10amounts to nothing it’s a hill of beans
11:13you might as well be sleeping in this
11:15morning if Christ has not been raised
11:17from the dead you got better things to
11:19do on a Sunday because he’s well just
11:21like everybody else if Christ hasn’t
11:23been raised from the dead he really
11:25didn’t die for your sins and that’s kind
11:26of Paul’s Point more than that we’re
11:28found to be false Witnesses a bit about
11:30God for we’ve testified about God that
11:32he raised Christ from the dead
11:34but God did not raise him if in fact the
11:38dead are not raised for if the dead are
11:39not raised then Christ has not been
11:41raised either and if Christ has not been
11:43raised your faith is futile it’s doo doo
11:47and you are still in your sins and those
11:51also who have fallen asleep in Christ
11:53they are lost
11:56does the Apostle Paul sound like it’s
11:58possible for you to believe that Jesus
12:00didn’t really rise bodily from the grave
12:01but somehow there’s some kind of moral
12:03lesson that we can apply to our lives if
12:05we don’t believe that Jesus rose no the
12:07Bible is clear if Jesus didn’t actually
12:10conquer death he isn’t who he claimed to
12:12be you’re still dead in your sins and
12:13you might as well Party Like It’s 1999
12:15because you’re going to die soon anyway
12:19cold hard reality
12:22but Paul says this
12:24if only for this life we have hope in
12:27Christ well then we are to be pitied
12:29more than all men you see Jesus came to
12:33solve a very specific problem and the
12:35problem he came to sell was not your bad
12:37hair days or how poorly your
12:39relationships are going or how much debt
12:41you’re in or any such nonsense instead
12:44Jesus came to actually solve the one
12:46problem that really matters and the one
12:48that we all face that is that we are all
12:52have been around death long enough to
12:55know just how depressing it is last year
12:59I lost my best friend
13:04put me into mourning for the better part
13:06of a month
13:08I did my best not to let it show when I
13:11was preaching from the pulpit
13:13but get me home after church and I was
13:16in a funk
13:17death stinks
13:20it takes our loved ones from us
13:24and oftentimes we try to comfort
13:26ourselves by saying things like well at
13:28least that person is no longer suffering
13:31but I think that’s just all some talk
13:34that we talk to ourselves to somehow
13:36find a way to take all of this pain and
13:39suffering that we’re going through
13:40because death really stinks
13:43put it into a box and try to find a way
13:45that we can stop thinking about it
13:46because when you’re in the middle of
13:48your pain and suffering and mourning it
13:50hurts like you wouldn’t believe
13:54there’s sorrow there’s sadness it’s
13:57difficult to think time slows down
14:02and then you get angry
14:05you get angry at the situation and you
14:07even get angry at God
14:08this is what happens any of us who’ve
14:11been around death know exactly what I’m
14:12talking about we’ve all been there we’ve
14:14all done that and the reality is is that
14:16if this hasn’t affected you just give it
14:20because death is no respecter of persons
14:23death visits the old and the young it
14:26doesn’t matter in fact each and every
14:28one of us are just a heartbeat away from
14:30our appointment with death
14:34and the reality is is that once we draw
14:36our last scripture says it is appointed
14:39once for man to live and die and then
14:42face the judgment
14:46so Jesus came to solve the real problem
14:48that we have and that’s the core problem
14:52the problem of our sin and our Rebellion
14:54against God and if God gave us all what
14:58we deserve then each and every one of us
15:00are ungodly and truly deserve a devil’s
15:04there’s none of us not one of us that
15:06can say oh well I’m a good person
15:09well I’ve got news for you friend Jesus
15:11didn’t die for good people
15:13he died for sinners
15:17this is why Paul says if only for this
15:20life we have hope in Christ well then we
15:21are to be pitied more than all men
15:24in other words the problem that Jesus
15:26came to solve is not a temporal one it’s
15:28an eternal one
15:30then he says this but Christ has indeed
15:33been raised from the dead he has
15:37he actually conquered it this is not a
15:40myth this is not Legend This is history
15:42and this is fact and Jesus is the first
15:45fruits of those who have fallen asleep
15:47notice what he says first fruits
15:50Jesus is the down payment in
15:52guaranteeing The Inheritance he’s the
15:55first of the new creation and the new
15:58creation is coming in total
16:01for since death came through a man that
16:03would be our parents Adam and Eve the
16:06resurrection of the Dead comes also
16:08through a man for as in Adam all die so
16:12in Christ all will be made alive but
16:15each in his own turn Christ is the first
16:18fruits then when he comes those who
16:20belong to him then the end will come
16:23when he hands over the kingdom to God
16:25the Father after he has destroyed all
16:27Dominion Authority and power for he
16:30Christ must Reign until he has put all
16:32of his enemies under his feet
16:34notice what the text says The Last Enemy
16:38to be destroyed is death
16:41death is not our friend
16:43death is our mortal enemy and that’s not
16:46a play on words
16:48at the very end Christ will take death
16:51itself that last enemy and he will
16:54destroy it and those who are in Christ
16:57you baptize Believers in Jesus who’ve
17:01had your sins washed away who who have
17:03been made had your filthy garments made
17:06white in the blood of the Lamb
17:08you will never face God’s Wrath you will
17:12live eternally with him because he lives
17:15he and when he returns he’s going to
17:17destroy death and for us it is life
17:20Everlasting Jesus in John chapter 11
17:23says this
17:24I am the resurrection and the life
17:28whoever believes in me though he die yet
17:31shall he live and everyone who lives and
17:34Believes In Me shall never die
17:39do you believe this
17:43do you believe it
17:45Jesus never lies he conquered death John
17:49chapter 3 Jesus says As Moses lifted up
17:51the serpent in the wilderness so must
17:53the son of man be lifted up that whoever
17:55believes in him may have eternal life
17:58you don’t have to earn it not a thing
18:01that you can do to pay for it it’s all
18:04done for you and given to you as a gift
18:06by the gracious mercy and love and
18:09kindness of our heavenly father
18:12if you tried to earn it
18:15then you really insult God
18:18because he gives it away as a gift
18:20do you believe
18:22for God so loved the world that he gave
18:25his only son that whoever believes in
18:27him should not perish
18:28but have eternal life
18:30for God did not send his son into the
18:32world to condemn the world but in order
18:35that the world might be saved through
18:36him whoever believes in him is not
18:39condemned whoever does not believe is
18:42condemned already because he has not
18:44believed in the name of the only son of
18:45God and this is the Judgment light has
18:49come into the world and Jesus is the
18:51light and people well they love Darkness
18:54rather than life because their Works
18:56were evil for everyone who does wicked
18:58things hates the light and does not come
19:01to the light lest his Works should be
19:04but whoever does what is true comes to
19:07the light so that it may be clearly seen
19:09that his Works have been carried out in
19:12verse 36 of the same chapter whoever
19:14believes in the son has eternal life
19:17whoever does not obey the son shall not
19:20see life but the wrath of God remains on
19:25so it’s a matter of life and death
19:27it’s a matter of your life and your
19:29death at this point Christ has bled and
19:31died for your sins and he is raised
19:34again from the grave proving that he is
19:35who he claimed to be the very Son of God
19:37in human flesh and that his sacrifice
19:39for our sins was accepted by God the
19:43so believe trust in this Jesus repent of
19:48your sins and your wickedness
19:50believe that he bled and died for you
19:53and you have
19:54now presently eternal life
19:58and so we come to our text again from
20:01the gospel
20:03says this
20:06that Mary Magdalene Mary the mother of
20:09James and Salome
20:11bought spices so that they might go to
20:13anoint Jesus’s body very early on the
20:15first day of the week it was a Sunday
20:17just after the sunrise they were on
20:19their way to the tomb and asked each
20:21other who will roll away the Stone from
20:23the entrance they looked and they saw
20:26that the stone which was very large had
20:28been rolled away they entered the tomb
20:30they saw a young man dressed in a white
20:31robe sitting on the right side and they
20:33were alarmed don’t be alarmed he said
20:36you are looking for Jesus the Nazarene
20:39who was crucified
20:40notice even the angel here makes it
20:43clear that Jesus is the one now who was
20:46crucified he is forever your crucified
20:48savior forever he is the crucified and
20:52he’s crucified for you
20:54but he has risen he is not here why
20:58because he rose bodily just as he said
21:01see the place where they laid him but go
21:04tell his disciples and Peter he’s going
21:06ahead of you into Galilee
21:08now you after you leave here you go you
21:11tell Oslo you tell Alvarado you tell
21:13Warren you tell Grand Forks
21:16tell them all that Christ is risen
21:19that he’s bled and died and rose again
21:21from the grave and conquered death and
21:24the devil and he’s done it for you and
21:26for your sins let them know the good
21:28news that there is life in Jesus Christ
21:31and that the grave doesn’t have the
21:33final say even that mortal enemy of ours
21:36the grave he will take that thing and
21:38destroy it on the last day and the day
21:40is coming when there will be no death
21:43and those of us in Christ who live
21:45eternally face to face with the
21:47glorified risen Son of God who bled and
21:51died for you and me and conquered death
21:53for you and for me
21:56Christ is risen he is risen indeed
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