Sermon Transcript – Sanctified by the Word of Truth

Series B – Seventh Sunday of Easter – Sunday, May 16, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint john
0:30the 17th
0:32chapter glory to you
0:35oh lord Jesus said
0:39holy father keep them in your name which
0:41you have given me
0:42that they may be one even as we are one
0:45while i was with them i kept them in
0:47your name which you have given me
0:48i have guarded them and not one of them
0:50has been lost except for the son of
0:51destruction that the scripture might be
0:54but now i am coming to you and these
0:56things i speak in the world
0:58that they may have my joy fulfilled in
1:01i have given them your word and the
1:03world has hated them because they are
1:05not of the world just as i am not of the
1:07i do not ask that you take them out of
1:09the world but that you keep them from
1:10the evil one
1:12they are not of the world just as i am
1:14not of the world sanctify them in the
1:17your word is truth as you sent me into
1:20the world so i have sent them into the
1:22and for their sake i consecrate myself
1:24that they also may be sanctified
1:26in truth this is the gospel of the lord
1:30in the name of Jesus all right
1:34a little bit of a confession here i
1:36don’t always eat the way i should
1:38is that is it just me have you ever
1:40noticed that like
1:42there’s certain foods that you are
1:44tempted to eat and you
1:46know that if you eat them you’re gonna
1:49suffer for it later
1:50right i mean my midsection is proof
1:53okay my midsection is proof that not
1:55everything i eat is healthy
1:57and not everything i eat is good for me
1:59and you’ll note that
2:01as human beings we generally try to eat
2:05right but then again those people who
2:07are always talking about
2:08all the right foods they’re sketchy you
2:11know we kind of keep them at a distance
2:12you know
2:13something a little bit off with them
2:14they’re just a little too uptight
2:16but all of that being said none of us
2:19would really be willing to have a salad
2:23with strychnine on top of it you know as
2:26part of the salad dressing nobody would
2:28do that
2:29right because well our life would come
2:32to an abrupt end
2:33poison is a bad thing and so as we
2:36consider our gospel text today
2:39we’re going to note the fact that what
2:40we are listening to here
2:42is a section of scripture that biblical
2:44scholars have referred to for
2:46a long long time as Jesus’s
2:49high priestly prayer we get to listen in
2:53as Jesus prays for the church
2:55and you’re going to note that this is an
2:57important and vital function that Christ
2:59continues to this day in the book of
3:01hebrews it’s very clear
3:02that Jesus is our great high priest
3:06and not only that he’s also the
3:08sacrifice for our sins
3:10paul puts it this way in ii timothy
3:12there is one god
3:14there is one mediator between god and
3:18and that is the man Christ Jesus
3:21he is our mediator he is our
3:24advocate he is the one who prays for us
3:27and so as we are given a glimpse of
3:30Christ’s prayers for the church for the
3:34we might want to pay attention because
3:37you can hear
3:38some of the will of god for us all here
3:41especially as it relates to
3:43how we Christians are sanctified
3:47so it says this Jesus praying for his
3:51says i am no longer in the world but
3:53they are in the world
3:54and i am coming to you holy father keep
3:57them in your name which you have given
3:59that they may be one even as we are one
4:02and we’ll note this past thursday was
4:04actual ascension day we didn’t have
4:05ascension day services but it’s
4:06important to note
4:07that in the history of how the
4:10lectionary works
4:11you know you have easter and then
4:12ascension comes just a little bit before
4:16and so already Christ has ascended to
4:19throne and to be with his father but
4:22here you’re going to note one of the
4:23first things he prays for
4:25us is that we be
4:28one you know unified
4:32you know one holy catholic
4:35and apostolic church right this is what
4:38he wills but here’s the question i have
4:39for you
4:40what is it that cause division in the
4:42church what causes divisions
4:45what does scripture say is the cause of
4:49answer false teachers they’re the ones
4:52who cause
4:53divisions and so in order for us to be
4:56one we’re gonna have to be one around
5:00we have to be one and united in thought
5:02and mind
5:03and in mission and that’s only gonna
5:05come from one place and that’s gonna
5:07come from god himself and Christ will
5:09in this prayer reveal to us the source
5:12of how we can become unified
5:16when we sinful human beings seem to be
5:18at odds with each other and with the
5:20whole world at times
5:21especially as it relates to theology
5:23doctrine the bible things like this
5:26so Christ goes on to continue praying he
5:28says while i was with them
5:29i kept them in your name which you have
5:31given me
5:32i have guarded them not one of them has
5:34been lost except for the son of
5:37so that the scripture might be fulfilled
5:40scriptures are never
5:41broken they are always fulfilled god’s
5:43word doesn’t return to him void isaiah
5:4555 makes that
5:46very clear that god’s word always
5:49accomplishes the thing for which he sent
5:51and since the old testament prophets
5:53prophesied the word of the lord
5:54that while there would be one who
5:56betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver
5:58and that he would have a destruction
6:01well that destruction has come
6:02the word of god always accomplishes that
6:04for which he sends it it cannot be
6:07but now i’m coming to you and these
6:09things i speak in the world
6:11that they may have my joy fulfilled in
6:14and i have given them your word and the
6:17world has
6:18hated them because they are not of the
6:21just as i am not of the world
6:24by the way we Christians we human beings
6:27i should put it this way
6:28we don’t like it when people don’t like
6:30us have you noticed that i mean it’s
6:32kind of a fair thing it’s like
6:34you know what did i ever do to you yeah
6:36when somebody is
6:37really upset with us or or has secretly
6:40become our enemy
6:42i didn’t really realize i had a nemesis
6:44and now all of a sudden i have one what
6:45has happened here
6:46we don’t like it when we’re not liked
6:48but we’re going to note that
6:50everybody who is in Christ is not
6:54of the world and because of this fact
6:57the world is not um well
7:00friendly towards us the world wants
7:04unity too
7:05unity around its values unity around
7:08what it perceives
7:10or believes to be important so Christ
7:13comes along and he upsets our apple
7:16and tells us you are not the center of
7:17the universe you are not your own deity
7:19you are a creation
7:21and god is the one who gets to call the
7:24i always like to point out to the
7:25radical feminists that
7:27god the father son and holy spirit all
7:31male pronouns and it would be
7:34well absolutely wrong of you to
7:36misgender him
7:37and so the world the universe is run by
7:41and they don’t like this fact and so
7:44what does the world do we’ve got to get
7:46of the patriarchy but that’s a whole
7:48other thing altogether
7:49what they’re basically saying is they
7:50want to get rid of god and so when we
7:52come along and we say yeah
7:54i believe in king Jesus the crucified
7:57and also the circumcised
7:59the feminists go right
8:02this is not politically correct so you
8:05know the world wants unity
8:07and Christ wants unity the question is
8:10which voice are you going to listen to
8:11whose voice are you going to be unified
8:13around and before you think that well
8:15the problem is always out there
8:18knock that off real quick because have
8:20you ever noticed that your old sinful
8:22nature is a preacher
8:24all of us inside of us there’s a
8:26preacher and a bad one at that
8:29and this preacher tells you things like
8:31yeah i know that god’s word says this
8:34but you deserve it
8:38all right this is how your your sinful
8:41nature talks you know you’ve got to look
8:43out for yourself i mean you’ve got to be
8:45authentic to who you
8:46are you got to be you you got to love
8:49the one you’re with you got to
8:50you see and see our old sinful nature is
8:54preaching messages to us and you know
8:57we’re foolish enough to listen all the
9:00every day i’m less concerned about joel
9:03than i am about my old adam because that
9:06guy has got a megaphone
9:09running into my head and so does your
9:11old adam
9:12as well so Christ continues
9:15i have given them your word the world
9:18has hated them because they are not
9:19of the world just as i am not of the
9:21world so i do not ask that you take them
9:23out of the world
9:24but that you keep them from the evil one
9:27wants his disciples to tell people about
9:30Jesus to proclaim the good news
9:32that Christ has bled and died for their
9:33sins to call all nations to repentance
9:36and to be baptized in the name of the
9:37father son and the holy spirit
9:39so if you were ever wondering why is it
9:41that as soon as you
9:42are made new in Christ and become a
9:44Christian that you’re not
9:45beamed up like scotty and you know the
9:48star trek crew up to heaven to be with
9:50well because Christ wills for you to
9:52stay here for a bit
9:53and his prayer for every one of us is
9:55that we
9:56are kept from the evil one isn’t that
9:59what we pray in the lord’s prayer every
10:02lead us not into temptation but deliver
10:04us from
10:05and here’s the thing the matthew version
10:07of it actually in the greek says from
10:09the evil one
10:11and so Christ here he prays for us that
10:13we will be kept from the evil one
10:16and then he continues they are not of
10:17the world just as i am not of the world
10:19and then his prayer is this sanctify
10:22them in the
10:23truth your word
10:26is truth
10:31next week we’re going to hear how well
10:34god the father sends the spirit
10:38of truth and that’s the issue is it not
10:42what is truth answer god’s word
10:45is truth and so you’ll note that Christ
10:47wills and he’s praying for each and
10:49every one of us
10:50that we would be sanctified through what
10:53the living active sharper than a
10:56two-edged sword
10:57god breathed word of god it is god’s
11:01word that sanctifies us it is god’s word
11:04that the holy spirit uses to produce in
11:06us repentance and the fruit of the
11:08spirit and it is god’s word then that
11:10will create the unity
11:12that Christ prayed for earlier in this
11:16and when people deviate from
11:19and depart from the word of god or make
11:22excuses for it or undermine its
11:26what they end up doing is casting it
11:28behind themselves
11:30so that they can establish their own
11:32words their own
11:33truth and there is no other truth except
11:35for the truth of scripture especially in
11:37the church
11:37and that being the case when a church
11:40body or a church congregation
11:42deviates from the word of god they’re
11:44not being sanctified
11:46not being made holy they are drifting
11:49into unholiness and sin
11:53this is just the facts and you see this
11:56pattern repeated over
11:58and over and over again in the old
11:59testament and we’re warned about it in
12:02the new
12:03sanctify them in the truth so that means
12:06as Christians well
12:07how does that commandment go remember
12:10the sabbath day to keep it holy what
12:12does this mean
12:14where’s james there he is that we should
12:16fear and love god so we do not despise
12:18preaching in his word
12:20but gladly hear and learn it
12:25but the word of god tells me that i
12:26can’t do my favorite sin
12:29the word of god tells me that i’m not
12:30the center of the universe
12:32the word of god tells me that that
12:35authentic self that the world tells me
12:37is inside my
12:38heart is actually sinful and evil right
12:41it does who will you be unified with
12:48all of that being said we then recognize
12:51it is important for us to be attentive
12:53to god’s word
12:55to come and hear it rightly preached to
12:57not tolerate deviation
13:00by those who would manipulate it and
13:02make it void
13:03or cast it behind them i found it really
13:05fascinating that
13:07this past week i had a fellow on twitter
13:09who claims to be an antifa
13:11theologian what an interesting title an
13:14antifa theologian
13:15and he informed me that all of the
13:18passages in the new testament
13:20that forbid women from being pastors
13:22that those particular letters
13:24by paul are all forgeries
13:27how convenient
13:31and he we just figured this out in the
13:3221st century
13:34you know the church has been wrong the
13:35whole time i could have had a v8
13:38anyway you get the idea here all right
13:41but that’s what happens people find ways
13:43well it wasn’t written until after that
13:45we were
13:46we the bible wasn’t compiled into the
13:48fourth century
13:49a bunch of drunken monks got together in
13:51a tavern and had too many beers and they
13:53gave us this bible thing
13:55we don’t need to listen to them they
13:57always and again they create these
13:58narratives to undermine
14:00the word of god but god’s word is truth
14:05sanctify them in the truth we are
14:08sanctified through the word of god
14:11so consider then in juxtaposition to
14:13these strange examples that i’ve brought
14:15up i always have some really fun exotic
14:17examples along those lines
14:18but consider what god’s word says about
14:20god’s word have you ever taken the time
14:23slowly work your way through psalm 119
14:27it’s stunningly beautiful comforting
14:31and its praise for the word of god
14:34cannot be matched i’d like to read just
14:37a portion of it
14:39psalm 119 i’ll start in verse 49
14:42in the zion section
14:45the psalmist writes remember your word
14:47to your servant in which you have made
14:50me hope oh isn’t it great already here
14:53you can see that god is the one who
14:55makes us hope in his word
14:56he is the active one when it comes to
14:59our salvation and giving us faith
15:00even the psalmist knows this you are the
15:03one who have made me hope
15:04in your word so this is my comfort in my
15:08so that your promises give me life
15:12true true true insolent
15:15the insolent they utterly deride me but
15:18i do not turn away from your law
15:20when i think of your rules from of old i
15:23take comfort o lord
15:24hot indignation seizes me because of the
15:27wicked who forsake your law
15:28your statutes have been my songs in
15:32house in the in the house of my
15:33sojournings i
15:35remember your name in the night oh lord
15:37and i keep your law
15:39this blessing has fallen to me that i
15:41have kept your precepts
15:43so the lord is my portion and i promise
15:45to keep your words
15:47i entreat your favor with all of my
15:49heart be gracious to me according to
15:51your promise
15:52when i think on my ways i turn my feet
15:54to your testimonies
15:55and i hasten and i do not delay to keep
15:58your commandments
15:59though the cords of the wicked ensnare
16:01me i do not forget your law
16:03at midnight i rise to praise you because
16:05your righteous rules
16:07i am a companion of all who fear you and
16:10of those who keep your precepts
16:12the earth o lord is full of your
16:14steadfast love so teach me your statutes
16:18you want to know what god is like you
16:19want to know
16:21his voice do you want to hear the
16:23message that he has for you
16:25it’s written in a book rightly preached
16:29rightly taught it will lead you to the
16:33of jerusalem twisted and mangled
16:37and made void it will lead you to the
16:39gates of hell
16:41at least the ones who mangled it up but
16:45word is true and it is through his word
16:47that we are sanctified
16:49i think in the old testament the story
16:51of king manasseh
16:52you guys remember guys a guy by the name
16:54of hezekiah hezekiah was supposed to die
16:57and hezekiah had apparently like a boil
17:01that had gone septic and he was supposed
17:03to die isaiah the prophet shows up to
17:05let him know you’re gonna die
17:07get your stuff in order and what does
17:09hezekiah do he prays to god
17:11and he reminds god of his well all the
17:14things he has done and his love for the
17:16lord and his steadfastness and so god
17:18sends isaiah the prophet back and says
17:20all right
17:21i’m going to give you 15 more years
17:23right well during those 15 years
17:26manasseh was born and boy was this guy
17:29poorly catechized
17:31okay and when he became king after
17:33hezekiah died
17:34he took god’s word and just got rid of
17:37and he brought into the temple itself
17:40all kinds of abominations
17:42idols to ashira of mo he sacrificed his
17:46son to molech
17:47he set up shrines and incense altars to
17:50the starry host of heaven
17:52and even shamash the the the abomination
17:55of the moabites
17:56and you can almost hear you can almost
17:58hear the rhetoric justifying
18:00this blasphemy right i do not believe in
18:04a god who is not
18:05inclusive what kind of god would we be
18:08worshiping here
18:09who didn’t invite in all of these other
18:12deities so that we can all
18:14be together and unified around
18:20it has a ring of truth to it doesn’t it
18:23right but
18:24also we learn that somewhere in between
18:27manassas reign
18:29and the reign of josiah they came up
18:31with an interesting idea
18:33and that was they brought in male cult
18:36prostitutes who were who set up business
18:40inside the temple complex itself i
18:43always wonder
18:44every time i see that fact i want to go
18:47how did that church council meeting go
18:53i make a motion that we set up a male
18:56cult prostitute brothel in our church
18:59and people going you know that that
19:00sounds like a great idea
19:02okay that sounds like a great idea but
19:05what was missing in all of this was what
19:08the word of god that’s what was missing
19:12because manasseh had made that thing
19:13gone in fact it hints at the fact that
19:15those who were speaking the truth of
19:17god’s word
19:18that manasseh had put them to death and
19:20murdered many people who were speaking
19:21the truth
19:23that’s how it goes well his grandson
19:26josiah when he came to the throne was
19:28eight years old and then 18 years into
19:30his reign
19:31they came up with this great idea he
19:32thought you know what
19:34solomon’s temple is looking a little
19:36long in the tooth it needs a new paint
19:37job we need to replace some of the
19:39timbers you know we got to do a
19:40refurbishment thing
19:41and here’s the thing they still had
19:44still had high priests
19:46who were tasked with the job of offering
19:49the sacrifices and stuff
19:50along with offering incense to ball and
19:53all these other gods and stuff
19:55right and so they and so he came up with
19:57this idea save out some of the money
19:59you know and then we’ll go and finish up
20:01and fix up the temple
20:03and so when they finally had enough
20:05money and they started the project
20:07hilkiah the high priest
20:10well something happened that startled
20:14they found a book they didn’t know that
20:17there was a book
20:19they found a book and for the first time
20:21in his life
20:22hilkiah the high priest of the temple
20:26in jerusalem read the words of moses
20:29genesis exodus leviticus numbers and
20:34and then he went uh-oh
20:37and so he went to the king and said king
20:40we uh
20:40found a book and so that afternoon that
20:45they read to the king josiah
20:49from the torah and at the
20:52finishing of the closing sentences of
20:56king josiah tore his clothes
20:59and he said we are in big trouble
21:02because the wrath of god is burning
21:05hard against this place
21:08how is it that religious worship and
21:10sacrifices were going on
21:12in jerusalem without a bible
21:17what had they done they took the word of
21:20threw it away thought they’d gotten rid
21:22of that thing for good
21:24and they were just worshiping any old
21:25way they wanted to
21:29that will lead you to hell
21:32so josiah repented josiah repented
21:36and god allowed him to not see the
21:38destruction that would come later
21:39when he would send nebuchadnezzar to
21:41destroy jerusalem
21:43but that’s for another point another
21:45time so know this then brothers and
21:47each and every one of us we are not
21:49immune from that preacher inside of each
21:52and every one of us
21:53that would lead us astray that would
21:55justify our sin
21:56and that would have us wander after our
21:58own sinful passions
22:00all under the pretense of piety put it
22:02away repent
22:04Christ has prayed for you and continues
22:07to pray for you and me
22:08that we be sanctified in the truth and
22:11his word
22:12is truth and we’ll note then that
22:15then the sanctifying word of god we
22:18become united to each other
22:20but not only that an amazing thing if
22:22you consider it
22:24from our epistle text and one we don’t
22:26want to miss
22:27that we not only then through the word
22:30of god are sanctified we have
22:32confidence that we are saved but there’s
22:34another little issue here
22:36let me let me see what if i can tease
22:37this out in first john 5 verse 10
22:40whoever believes in the son has the
22:41testimony in himself
22:43whoever does not believe god has made
22:45him to be a liar
22:46because he’s not believed in the
22:47testimony that god is born concerning
22:49his son
22:50so this is the testimony that god has
22:52given that god
22:53has already now given us eternal life
22:57we all have it now and this life is in
23:00his son
23:00whoever has the son has life whoever
23:03doesn’t have the son does not have life
23:05but we who are in Christ we do have the
23:09and so john says this i write these
23:11things to you who believe in the name of
23:13the son of god so that you may
23:15know that you have eternal life so
23:18don’t let that pass you by let me kind
23:20of tease it out this way
23:22every single time you’ve listened to
23:24that false teacher inside of you
23:26or that false teacher out in the world
23:28or that false prophet
23:30and you thought you know that’s a great
23:31thing and you’ve ended off in sin
23:34or in false belief note that Christ has
23:37even borne that sin it’s called the sin
23:38of idolatry by the way
23:41and he’s born those sins on the cross so
23:43that you can be forgiven
23:45and we who’ve been brought to repentance
23:47through the living active word of god
23:50and trust these promises of being
23:52reconciled because god has made us to
23:55trust in his word
23:56that we have eternal life and because of
23:59this we have confidence that
24:00we have that we have toward him that if
24:02we ask him anything
24:04according to his will he hears us and
24:07here’s the next
24:08kind of aspect of it god’s word
24:10sanctifies us
24:11it unifies us but it also starts to do
24:14something in us that’s really
24:16and that is it begins to unite our will
24:18with gods let me explain
24:20have you ever noticed that maybe early
24:22on when you were a Christian you prayed
24:23some pretty stupid prayers
24:25all right i know i have all right and i
24:28don’t want to get too
24:29personal in that regard but let me give
24:31you an example from a 1970s song that
24:34gets played on the radio from time to
24:36time lord won’t you buy me
24:39a mercedes-benz right we’ve all heard
24:41this song right
24:42what kind of prayer is that okay well
24:45ken copeland
24:46has taken that to a whole another level
24:47lord won’t you buy me a fourth
24:49you know private jet but the thing is
24:52that’s a horrible prayer
24:53and you’ll note that james and his
24:55epistle says you have not cause you ask
24:57and then you don’t have because you ask
24:59with evil intent
25:04so what is the solution here well you’ll
25:06note that
25:07we are instructed and
25:11comforted that when we pray according to
25:13god’s will
25:14he hears us and he answers us is it
25:16god’s will that you have a mercedes-benz
25:18probably not probably not you know
25:22i’m okay with the 2006 ford f250 you
25:25that still works you get the idea but
25:28what is it that
25:29needs to happen here through the
25:31sanctifying work of the spirit
25:33we by the power of the holy spirit begin
25:36the process and continue the process of
25:38daily taking off our old self and
25:40putting on the new
25:42mortifying our sinful flesh by the power
25:44of the holy spirit
25:46and one slow day at a time
25:51our will yields to god’s
25:54so that the prayers that we stupidly
25:58when we were younger Christians change
26:02to prayers where we’re not praying
26:05selfishly for ourself
26:07we’re praying the very things that god
26:09has willed for us to pray
26:10and we have confidence then our will
26:13being changed by the sanctifying work of
26:16the word
26:17makes it so that our will and god’s will
26:20unites together in our prayers
26:22and we have confidence then that god
26:24hears them
26:26and so let us pray then that the holy
26:28spirit would continue the spirit of
26:30truth would continue to sanctify us
26:32through his word
26:33so that we might have the strength and
26:36through the spirit
26:37bear the fruit of the spirit of love joy
26:39peace patience
26:40kindness gentleness goodness and
26:43and that we would learn how to pray
26:45according to God’s will
26:46and that we would have confidence that
26:48he hears us and that we would see the
26:50answer to these prayers
26:52because they are the very will that God
26:54has for us
26:55and you’ll note this that Christ has
26:58prayed for us
26:59so that this will be and i think
27:02that God hears Christ’s prayers and so
27:05that in his high priestly prayer we’ve
27:07seen that Christ has prayed according to
27:09God’s will
27:10so amen amen so be it
27:13in the name of Jesus amen
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