Sermon Transcript – Satisfied

1 Year Lectionary – Seventh Sunday After Trinity – Sunday, July 31, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:22The holy gospel according
0:29to saint mark the 8th chapter [Music]
0:38in those days when again a great crowd had gathered and they had nothing to eat jesus called his disciples to him and
0:45said to them i have compassion on the crowd because they have been with me now for three days and have nothing to eat
0:52and if i send them away hungry to their homes they will faint on the way and some of them have come from far away and
0:59his disciples answered him how can one feed these people with bread here in this desolate place and he asked them
1:06how many loaves do you have they said seven he directed the crowd to sit down on the ground and he took the seven
1:12loaves and having given thanks he broke them and gave them to his disciples and set before the people and they set them
1:19before the crowd and they had a few small fish and having blessed them he said that these also
1:25should be set before them and they ate and they were satisfied and they took up the broken pieces of leftover seven
1:32baskets full and there were about four thousand people and he sent them away this is the gospel of the lord
1:39in the name of jesus amen y’all remember sesame street and when i was growing up that was like
1:45cutting edge children’s television right remember this song one of these things is not like the
1:52other one of these things doesn’t be long remember that they would always be like a comparison thing like
1:58you know so they’ll take like three kids shoes and then put in an adult work boot and it’s like you have to figure out
2:04which one doesn’t belong you just have to as a kid you sit there and go i think it’s the work boot i think that is the one that doesn’t belong so you’re gonna
2:11note here we’re gonna do a little comparative work today and we’re gonna note that um one of these things is not
2:17like the other as we look at our gospel text today you’ll note it’s another one
2:23of these miraculous food miracles multiplication of food feeding of a large crowd of people in the middle of
2:30nowhere and if you know your old testament this should invoke the exodus and there’s a reason why the exodus is
2:37if you would a type and shadow map of our salvation we are in our exodus
2:43right now you’re sitting there go how do you figure well let me kind of walk you through some of the highlights remember when exodus opens the people of god find
2:51themselves enslaved to a false god king who wears a snake hat you know that
2:56pharaoh guy right yeah yeah and so god then by ten mighty plagues of judgment
3:02what does he do he judges the false gods of egypt and he mightily releases the
3:09children of israel from slavery first order of business is what baptism
3:15okay yeah the apostle paul makes this very clear that the children of israel they were baptized when they went
3:21through the red sea and then begins the 40-year wilderness wandering
3:30and you sit there and go how does that relate to us well you’ll note that christ by dying on the cross
3:36christ is our passover lamb by the way and that whole passover is connected all the way back to the exodus itself christ
3:42our passover lamb has been slain we feast on him when we have the lord’s supper and that being the case
3:50he is the one who has set us free from slavery to sin death and the devil and
3:55now we are in our wilderness wandering as we head towards the real promised
4:01land which is not a postage stamp-sized piece of property in the middle east i know that there’s a tiny little bit of
4:07property there and man everyone’s fighting over that place that’s a type and shadow of the thing to come the new
4:14heavens the new earth right we’re going to live forever on the new earth all of that being said
4:20you’ll note that when the children of israel got through the red sea and then began their wilderness wanderings
4:27they were really known for grumbling all right i was liking it to a really
4:33bad family vacation in a station wagon with a long long way to drive right and there’s
4:41discontent there’s anger there’s there are we there yet no we’re not there yet and of course
4:48my mom would which not my mom my wife when she would tell stories of stories like this when she would travel and she
4:54would ask her mom are we almost there her mother would always say five minutes even if they’re worth like three hours
4:59left right and that just could create all kinds of anxiety but all that being said we’re going to take a look at two
5:06of these food miracles because god miraculously feeding a large multitude
5:12in the wilderness that’s exodus stuff and we’re going to note we’re going to take a look at two accounts
5:18one from the book of exodus one from the book of numbers and we’re going to then compare that with our gospel text and we
5:25get to our gospel text we’re going to notice that something is missing
5:31wonderfully something is missing it’s an important thing that that something is missing because you’ll note that the
5:37children of israel during the exodus not many of them really believed or trusted
5:42in yahweh and that’s really kind of the problem so in exodus 16 the account
5:48reads this way the children of israel they set out from alim alim by the way
5:53is that oasis with the 70 palm trees still exists to this day it’s just on the other side of the gulf of aqaba uh
5:59from egypt and it’s got that it’s got palm trees to this day you can look it up on google earth you can actually kind
6:05of wander around it’s kind of neat but all of that being said then the congregation of the people of israel
6:11they came to the wilderness of sin which is between alim and sinai on the 15th day of the second month
6:18after they had departed from the land of egypt so the whole congregation the people israel they
6:24grumbled against moses and aaron in the wilderness and the people of israel said
6:30to them oh would that we had died by the hand of yahweh in the land of egypt when
6:36we sat by the meat pots and ate bread to the full for you have brought us out
6:41into this wilderness in order to kill this whole assembly with hunger
6:48yeah um their their recollections of slavery are already getting fuzzy i i’ve never heard of slaves like lounging
6:55around meat pots and just eating to the full and relaxing the slavery was one of
7:00these things is one of these things that a person really doesn’t get the best things in life and yet that’s their
7:06recollection at this point and note here what are they doing they’re slandering god
7:12this is very much akin to what the serpent did to god in the in the in the
7:18uh garden of eden right serpent says did god really say you shall not eat of any tree that’s in the fruit of the god in
7:24the in the garden right and the question itself implies that god is horrible that god is mean that god is just an evil
7:32taskmaster his intents are evil he has nothing good in mind and so already when
7:38the devil asks that question he’s slandering god with a question and here the children of israel they are
7:44slandering god horrifically but here’s the thing
7:49you’ll note by acting in this way and saying these things that they are acting faithlessly they show that they
7:56do not trust god they don’t have real faith in him and they believe and they project onto him
8:02the most evil of intents but how many of us do the same you know when things don’t go our way
8:10we sit there and go well my health isn’t good or maybe you my marriage is is in tatters
8:16at the moment or maybe my boss he’s a real jerk and it just ah and of course
8:22then of course i always consider having to go to the gym that’s a form of torture why doesn’t god just give him
8:27bless me with skinniness i mean say the word and the pounds will come right off right and so you’ll know whatever
8:34difficulties we have in this life we have a tendency to become annoyed with god
8:42and to not trust that he has our best in mind with gas prices skyrocketing with
8:49inflation running out of control have you noticed that you’re making less money this year than you were last year
8:55and it’s going to take a little bit of time to figure out how to readjust our salaries to catch up with the inflation
9:01all that being said it may be difficult for you to pay your bills right you’re just watching as your money supply is
9:07dwindling and your expenses are expanding and you sit there and go what
9:12are you doing god are you trying to kill me here
9:18we do this we have a lot in common with these folks
9:23now i always used to wonder and after preparing the sermon i don’t wonder anymore i always used to wonder
9:31what god would have done had the children of israel not grumbled
9:38what would he have done because you’ll know that it’s it’s hard to see god’s true character in the midst
9:44of their slander so god acts contrary to their slander it says so yahweh said to moses behold i’m about to reign bread
9:51from heaven for you and the people shall go out and gather a day’s portion every day that i might test them whether they
9:58will walk in my law or not and on the sixth day when they prepare what they bring in it will be twice as
10:05much as they gather daily and so moses and aaron they
10:11they went and told the congregation come near before yahweh for he has heard your
10:16grumbling and as soon as aaron spoke the whole congregation of the people of israel they looked toward the wilderness and behold the glory of the lord
10:22appeared in the cloud and yahweh said to moses i have heard the grumbling of the people of israel so say to them at
10:28twilight you shall eat meat and in the morning you shall be filled with bread and then you shall know that i am the
10:34lord your god then you shall know that i am the lord your god
10:40now that’s kind of an important little sub note here because when jesus does the same thing not only once but twice
10:47notice that the gospels contain two miraculous multiplication food miracles uh that should tell us who jesus is but
10:55i digress the text goes on to say in the evening quail came up and covered the
11:00camp and in the morning do lay around the camp and when the dew had gone up there was on the face of the wilderness
11:06a fine flake-like thing fine as frost on the ground and when the people of israel
11:11saw it they said to one another here’s how it is in hebrew
11:18what is it that’s what mana means he saw you’ve ever heard the word manna mana means what is it and it’s pronounced
11:24mana so for they did not know what it was and
11:30moses said to them it is the bread that the lord has given you to eat so there’s account number one all right
11:36so we kind of got this worked out people of israel grumbled well fast forward a
11:41little bit to numbers chapter 11. we get a similar account the details are
11:46slightly different and there’s one big difference you’ll
11:51see this here in a second it says in verse 4 the rabble that was among them they had a strong
11:58craving and the people of israel they wept again and they said
12:03oh that we had meat to eat we remember the fish we ate in egypt
12:09that cost nothing of course it cost nothing you were enslaved you didn’t even own yourselves
12:16you were being fed like you were a pet okay yeah you get the idea here this this is
12:21just horrible so they got this strong craving oh we missed the cucumbers the melons the leeks the onions and the
12:28garlic but now our strength is dried up there’s nothing at all but this men had to look
12:35at right huh remember keith green and his song so you want to go back to egypt it
12:42kind of reminds me of of that right yeah this is this is horrible but you’re going to note there’s a big craving
12:48going on now my question is this is had they asked kindly
12:56if they had asked god kindly lord we thank you for the mana that you give
13:02us we thank you however is it possible lord that in your mercy
13:08that you would add a little variety to our menu that’s uh you know we would we’d like some cucumbers or some meat or
13:14some other thing to go along with the menu but uh we we do not despise what you have given us and it’s quite
13:20miraculous that you feed us the way you do this entire multitude over a million people in the middle of nowhere and we
13:26are so honored and humbled by the fact that we can see your glory when we can see your visible
13:32presence with us night and day and we would also like some meat as well
13:38and we pray that you would forgive us if this is if this is out of line to ask for but
13:43we’re not we’re not not thanking you we would just like a little bit more you think what would god say in a situation
13:50like that right and you’re going to know that many things that we desire in our lives
13:55there’s cravings for them all right and hunger itself and you know the desire to
14:01pay our bills or maybe you’re single and you want to be married and and you really desire to do this but note here
14:08that what they’ve done their desire has caused them again to slander god and to act faithlessly to treat god as if his
14:16intent is evil or that he doesn’t care about them at all and so they are grumbling in a way that is patently
14:24sinful and beyond excuse at this point considering all the ways that god has
14:30met their needs and shown them by his actions his kindness and his mercy and
14:35his love toward them in the same way then we are tempted and we often times do our cravings cause us to blame god
14:42for the things that we don’t have and we are not satisfied with the good things that god has given us you’ll note that
14:50i’m still more than a million dollars away from being a millionaire and it always irks me that those rank pagans
14:56who have no fear of god they fly around in private jets and things like this
15:03yeah you get the idea right would it be wise for me to sit there and go well what’s the deal god
15:09maybe not maybe not you see um we are taught to be content with the
15:16good gifts that god has given us and in our day and age we have a saying the grass is always greener right the grass
15:23is always greener where just across the fence in the other yard right how is it that my neighbors
15:30flowers that they just bloom and this looks spectacular and in my yard
15:35weeds why why right i desire for people to look at my yard
15:42and go ah a slice of paradise instead they think this is what hell must look
15:47like right and so you’ll know that rather than
15:55being content with the good gifts that god has given them they are
16:00not content they are discontent they have a craving and so god now is going
16:06to answer their grumbling
16:12but he’s going to do so in a way that shows that he’s acting in judgment
16:17so moses he heard the people weeping throughout their clans every one at the door of his tent and the anger of yahweh
16:24blazed hotly and moses was displeased moses said to yahweh why have you dealt
16:30ill with your servant why have i not found favor in your sight that you lay the burden of all this people on me
16:36don’t you remember when god met with moses at the burning bush moses said send someone else
16:43he didn’t even want the assignment and now everyone’s grumbling to him about the menu
16:49and he’s now well forwarding the grumbling he says did i conceive all this people did i give
16:55birth to them that you should say to me carry them in your bosom as a nurse carries a nursing child to the land that
17:01you swore to give them give their fathers where am i to get meat to give
17:07to all of this people huh that sounds a lot like our gospel text it sounds a lot like the same
17:13question that the disciples ask when jesus says that you need to feed them in the feed in the feeding of the five
17:18thousands were we supposed to get enough of that right they so for they weep before me saying
17:24give us meat that we may eat am i able to carry all this people alone the burden is too heavy for me if you will
17:30treat me like this kill me at once if i find favor in your sight that i may not see my wretchedness this assignment’s so
17:37hard moses is all just kill me i just want this to be done with this right
17:43and you’ll note that many times many times when we are made to suffer you’ll note
17:49that christ says that we are to deny ourselves take up our crosses and follow christ
17:55to our death that crosses are not fun things to carry
18:01they hurt they’re heavy they’re difficult and you’re not permitted to take your cross off of you
18:08and i don’t know what you’re suffering with i don’t know what god is working
18:13out in you where you are in a situation that despite your best efforts despite all your money despite all of your
18:20intent you can’t make this problem go away you’ll note that when we are in those
18:28situations we have nothing else to do but to cry out to god to give us strength
18:34and i assure you that if you don’t have a heavy cross right now one will be
18:40given to you eventually because we are all heading to the grave i always like to point out my physical appearance is
18:46proof that we’re not here for very long you’ll note that the skunk thing is getting bigger okay it’s just a matter of time before
18:54the skunk thing is gone and it’s just a big shock of gray hair right
18:59it’s coming i’m trying to prepare you now i’m trying to prepare myself but all that being said this these are we these
19:05are little reminders of the fact that we all are suffering the consequences of
19:11sin and receiving the wages of our sin which is death and it comes to us slowly for some
19:18and all of a sudden for others but all that being said moses it says in
19:24this text a wind then came from the lord and sprang up and brought quail from the sea and let him fall beside the camp
19:30about a day’s journey on this side and a day’s journey on the other side in the camp and about two cubits above the
19:36ground the people rose all that day and all that night and all the next and they gathered the quail those who gathered
19:43least gathered 10 homers and they spread them out for themselves all around the camp while the meat was yet between
19:50their teeth before it was consumed the anger of yahweh was kindled against
19:56the people and the lord struck down the people with a very great plague therefore the name of that place was
20:03called kibroth because they buried the people who had the craving and
20:09the people journeyed to azeroth and they remained in hazerath terrible outcome
20:15god fed them but also god judged them you want meat i’ll give you meat
20:22it’s not a good outcome and again you’ll note acting faith faithlessly slandering god not being
20:30content with the good things that god has given them they they blaspheme god they act faithlessly
20:38and so you’ll note that paul tells us in first timothy wise words for us as christians
20:45godliness with contentment this is great gain
20:50we brought nothing into the world and we cannot take anything out of it
20:56this is most certainly true if we have food and we have clothing
21:02with these we will be content but those who desire to be rich and i
21:08would note be desiring to be rich is a form of a craving it’s an idolatrous craving in many senses and it doesn’t it
21:15doesn’t have to be limited to just being rich this can be all kinds of desires
21:21that lead us to exchange the eternal promises and gifts of god
21:27for the temporal pleasures of this fleeting and passing life so paul points out to the rich that they
21:33those who desire to be rich they fall into temptation they fall into a snare into many senseless and harmful desires
21:42that end up plunging people into ruin and destruction
21:48this is all a form of idolatry a breaking of the first commandment the second commandment the third commandment
21:54it’s it’s all of them for the love of money
21:59it’s like the craving of the children of israel it’s a root of all kinds of evil it’s through this craving that some have
22:06wandered away from the faith and they have pierced themselves with many pangs
22:11and i would note that maybe your temptation isn’t money i’ll single out the singles again here the world we live
22:18in have you noticed that if you’re a christian and you’re single it’s hard to find someone to date
22:23it really is and i actually feel for the people who who are young who are
22:30who are faithful in their commitment to the faith but here’s the thing loneliness is a real thing
22:37and many people often times christians through their desire their craving to no
22:43longer be single and to alleviate the loneliness that they have they compromise
22:49and end up marrying somebody who doesn’t share the same faith that they have
22:55and as a result of it they jeopardize their faith and it’s a very very tragic thing so
23:01you’ll know this isn’t just limited to money any kind of craving for something that
23:08is contrary to the word of god or that would lead you to act faithlessly this is idolatry and sin and it’s a taking of
23:15god’s word and casting it behind your back and saying that you know better than god when you
23:21don’t which then leads to our gospel text remember one of these things is not like
23:27the other and it’s in our gospel text we see something quite fascinating
23:32it says in those days when again the great crowd had gathered they had nothing to eat and jesus called
23:40his disciples and he said and and called them to him and said to them i have
23:45compassion on the crowd because they have been with me now for three days and they have nothing to eat
23:51let that sell in for a second three days three days
23:58these people have been with christ for three days and they haven’t had a pitch in they haven’t had potluck no
24:05many people have come and they’ve run out of food in their hat and they haven’t eaten for days
24:11notice what’s missing there’s no grumbling there’s not a mention at all that the
24:18people complained to jesus that they had nothing to eat and that he needed to do
24:23something not a word was spoken against christ and as a result of it we get to
24:29see what exactly god would have done in the exodus had the children of israel
24:36not grumbled and complained and that is is that he would have had compassion on them
24:41in the same way that god has had compassion on all of us you’ll note that the exodus tells us that we were born
24:50dead in trespasses and sins enslaved to sin death and the devil that’s the whole point of our epistle text talking about
24:56in our baptism we have been set free from slavery to sin and all of that because god has had compassion on us
25:03god had so much love and compassion that he sent his only begotten son so that
25:08whoever believes in him even if they’ve grumbled horribly against god and blamed him for the misery that they are in
25:17that he would forgive them of all of their sins so that anyone who believes in him would
25:22not perish but instead would have eternal life christ has borne our grumblings in his
25:29own body on the cross so that we can be forgiven have you ever had a
25:34conversation with a pagan and the pagan says if god is good and if he’s loving then why does he permit all of this evil
25:41to happen in the world it’s like are you kidding are you kidding you’re blaming god for
25:47that don’t you think you should instead be blaming us and notice i’m using all of us you think
25:53god is the one responsible for the war in the ukraine we are you think god is responsible for all the
26:00misery that we suffer in this human life the broken relationships the failed
26:06economies the the horribly inept politicians you think god is responsible
26:12for that we are and so we don’t have anything to
26:18complain against god and you’ll note this crowd in spending three days with
26:24jesus jesus preaches and teaches and comforts and heals them for three days
26:30but he doesn’t feed them even a morsel of food and there isn’t a single complaint because everyone is listening
26:38by faith and trusting in the words the christ is speaking
26:45they’re convicted of their sin they’re also confronted with who their god is and how loving and compassion god
26:53now moves and he has compassion on the crowd and he says if i send them away
26:58hungry to their homes they will faint on the way and some of them will come as some of them have even come from far
27:04away now we can see the character of god clearly it’s not obscured by human
27:10slander and so the disciples answered jesus much the same way moses answered god how can one feed these people with
27:17bread here in this desolate place but if we remember from exodus 16 that
27:23it is this kind of miracle that shows who their god is
27:29and so jesus divulges his deity when he has the people sit down
27:36and he takes the seven loaves and the few fish that they have he blesses them
27:42and he distributes them and everybody ate
27:47and they were satisfied
27:52it’s amazing they were utterly satisfied you know the lutheran table
27:59prayer in the small catechism begins with a psalm and the psalm goes something like this the eyes of all look
28:05to you o lord you grant them their food at the proper time you open up your hand
28:12and you satisfy the desires of every living thing
28:18you know the things that we desire oftentimes are the very things that we need we need food we need clothing we
28:26need shelter do you think god doesn’t know that of course he does and this is the whole
28:33point of jesus’s sermon on the mount in the in chapter 6 starting at 25 jesus
28:38says don’t be anxious about your life what you’re going to eat what you’re gonna drink or about your body what
28:45you’re gonna put on is not life more than food and the body is it not more
28:52than clothing and if you know your scriptures you know that’s true you see man doesn’t live by
28:58bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of god and for three days those
29:06people got to be fed by christ in their souls through the preaching and teaching
29:12and ministry of christ so much so that they didn’t even complain at all about
29:17the fact that there was nothing in their belly so jesus says look at the birds of the air they neither sow they don’t reap
29:24they don’t gather into barns yet your heavenly father he feeds them are you not more valuable than they
29:33yeah in my yard we got all kinds of little cute little birds we have blue jays and
29:38these little chickadees are cute they’re just amazing to watch all the different
29:43and all the stuff going on plus the squirrels you know i’m tempted to get a pellet gun for them but
29:48that’s a different story right right but all of that being said you’re going to note here
29:54they are thriving and they don’t have jobs
30:00they don’t have bank accounts they’re well taken care of and who is it that takes care of them god and are you
30:08not more valuable than the chickadees and the squirrels so which of you by being anxious could add a single hour to
30:16his lifespan what a great question because we now know from science and you know evidence evidence-based you know
30:23things like this that anxiety doesn’t lengthen your life it shortens it
30:30a lot not a little anxiety oftentimes is the underlying
30:36issue when it comes to different kinds of cancer that’s been proven right
30:41so jesus says why are you anxious about your clothing consider the lilies of the field how they grow
30:47they neither toil nor spin yet i tell you even solomon in all of his glory was
30:53not arrayed like one of these but if god so clothes the grass of the field which today is alive and then
31:00tomorrow is thrown into the oven will he not much more clothe you
31:05owe you of little faith and there’s the issue
31:11oh of little faith therefore don’t be anxious saying what are we going to eat
31:16what are we going to drink what are we going to wear the gentiles they seek after all of these things and your heavenly father he
31:23knows that you need all of them instead listen to the solution seek first the kingdom of god and his
31:31righteousness and let me explain what that is right the kingdom of god well that’s the kingdom where jesus is king
31:37right jesus is king of kings and lord of lords but what about this phrase end his righteousness seems like a little bit of
31:43an attachment right oh in his righteousness and you sit there and go i know what that means that means i need to go out there and strive harder and do
31:50gooder and be a righteous dude no that’s your righteousness
31:56it’s his righteousness this is seeking first the
32:01kingdom of god and the righteousness that god gives you out of his great compassion and love for you by grace
32:08through faith the righteousness of god the righteousness of christ which clothes you and covers your sin and your
32:16faithlessness seek first the kingdom of god and the gospel is a good way of saying it and
32:22note then all these things will be added to you all of them you don’t have to strive
32:29your god knows you need them so that being the case coming back to
32:34our our text we see a great example in our gospel text of the compassion that
32:41christ has and him taking the initiative to make sure that his people who have
32:48heard about the kingdom of god from him and about the righteousness of god through the lips of christ for three
32:54days without anything in their belly jesus now feeds them to the full and they are
33:00completely satisfied they took up broken pieces left over seven baskets full
33:06about four thousand people ate that day that’s just the men and then jesus sent them away
33:14so the idea here is through this miracle jesus is letting you know
33:20that he is the one who feeds us body and soul if you were to kind of think
33:26about it here this miracle divulges who he is god in human flesh
33:31but that being the case you’ll note then our bodily food each year jesus causes
33:38the crops to grow on earth i love the fact that we live out here in the you know in this rural area with all these
33:44farmers and farms around us right because it always amazes me every year you get these ginormous
33:50combines and and farm implements that go out there and plant these tiny little
33:56seeds right you barely see them with a microscope i need glasses anyway but you get the idea
34:03and what ends up happening after they put those seeds into the ground god multiplies those seeds
34:11and they have a harvest later in the season have you ever stopped to think that that
34:17food multiplication miracle that jesus took is just exactly the same miracle that jesus performs for us year after
34:23year after year we see it out here with our own eyes
34:30and if you live in the city i feel bad for you it’s fascinating to watch and there’s a great smell that goes along
34:37with being outside with these fields full of crops right it’s it’s it’s
34:43amazing and as we get close to the harvest have you noticed how the smell changes just a little bit it’s a unique
34:49thing and i never experienced that until i got out here but here’s the idea jesus
34:54causes the crops to grow and it’s these things that pertain to him he is the one who feeds us the same
35:01way year after year and note he does it out of his divine mercy and his
35:06compassion for all of his creation he causes the sun to come up and the rains
35:12to fall on the just and the unjust out of his great mercy and love for those
35:17whom he has created but we also note here that christ feeds us with spiritual food
35:24he feeds us with the manna of his word he teaches us he comforts us and
35:30strengthens us strengthens us with his word he enlightens and governs us by his
35:35holy spirit and when we have the lord’s supper he even gives us his own very body and blood to eat and to drink
35:42so that our souls may be nourished and we might have comfort in the forgiveness of our sins despite
35:48our unworthiness but also one more thing
35:54jesus also promises to feed us with eternal food there is a world to come
35:59and the first order of business when jesus returns in glory to judge the living and the dead after everybody is
36:06sorted out there is a big party and you all have been invited and even god has
36:13made clear what’s on the menu fine aged wine and meat with morrow we know
36:21that god is going to feed us in the world to come and we also learn from the
36:26book of revelation that that tree of life that god had the bar the way to
36:32it makes a reappearance in the book of revelation and we will eat and be satisfied from the tree of life
36:39in a world without end so much here in this text if you take
36:46the time to just compare and see why it is that one of these things is not like the other
36:52you see one of them absolutely isn’t like the other no grumbling no faithlessness and we see now the
36:59compassion and glory of god so repent of your anxiety repent of your
37:04sinful cravings repent of blaming god for your misery
37:09christ has died for you he has he loves you and he has offered you and given you
37:14eternal life as a gift he feeds you body and soul and promises you the food of the earth
37:20to come all is a gift because of his great love mercy and compassion
37:26in the name of Jesus amen
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