Sermon Transcript – Saved From the Fiery Furnace

Series A – Tenth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, August 17, 2014 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27This morning I
0:29will be preaching from Daniel chapter 3.
0:33figure for Heritage days you know let’s
0:35pull out an old Good Old Testament story
0:37right story of Shadrach Meshach and
0:41so let’s begin in the name of Jesus
0:46now the remnant of those who believed in
0:49the one true God
0:50the god of Abraham the god of Isaac and
0:53the god of Jacob
0:54this is the god who promised Adam and
0:56Eve in the Garden of Eden that he would
0:58send a seed of a woman to crush the head
1:00of the serpent who had deceived our
1:02first parents in the Garden of Eden and
1:04in this account in the story of Shadrach
1:06Meshach and Abednego in in Daniel
1:08chapter 3.
1:09well the the remnant of those who
1:11believe in the one true God they find
1:13themselves in captivity and of all
1:15places Babylon now why why were they
1:19there well they were there because of
1:20Israel’s in penitence they had turned
1:23aside from worshiping the one true God
1:25to worshiping ba’al ashirah and Molech
1:29by the way little historical side note
1:31when you’re reading your Bible in the
1:33Old Testament you read the word Molech
1:35right that really wasn’t that deities
1:39name and notice I used air quote okay
1:41that deity was known by its followers as
1:45Melech Melech is the Hebrew word for
1:48but none of those who believed in the
1:50one true God would ever call him Mela
1:52because there is only one king right so
1:54they called him Molech they changed the
1:56vowels and Molech doesn’t mean King it
1:59means shame
2:01little side note
2:04so Israel had turned aside from
2:06worshiping the one true God to
2:07worshiping but all Ashira Molech these
2:10are gods who were figments of men’s
2:12imaginations they and they were animated
2:15by the power of the devil and his demons
2:17so the Lord Yahweh the one true God he
2:19sent prophets to Israel calling them to
2:21repent and to be forgiven and God’s
2:24patience was long-suffering and is
2:27pleased to his people to return to him
2:29and to be forgiven for their idolatry
2:31and iniquities went with few exceptions
2:33mostly unheeded
2:36finally God God’s patience and mercy
2:39they expired and God acted in judgment
2:41and he sent Nebuchadnezzar from Babylon
2:44to destroy Jerusalem and to take the
2:47survivors captive and marched them to
2:49Babylon remember they were brought into
2:51the promised land Israelites were
2:52brought into the promised land the land
2:54flowing with milk and honey God so
2:57powerfully removed the people who are
3:00the inhabitants there but well what
3:02happened Israelites returned to
3:04worshiping false gods broke the Covenant
3:07that they had made with God and God
3:09executed the Judgment Clauses of the
3:11Mosaic Covenant right sent
3:13Nebuchadnezzar now those who survived
3:15this is kind of an interesting note they
3:17were primarily those who believed the
3:18word of the Lord given by the Prophet
3:20Jeremiah Jeremiah told the people of
3:22Israel that whoever surrendered to
3:24Nebuchadnezzar would have their life
3:26spared those who wouldn’t surrender
3:29would die
3:31those who believed the word of the Lord
3:33through the Prophet Jeremiah they lived
3:34and those who did not believe they
3:37perished and only about 10 percent of
3:39the population of Judah survived
3:42now with the Temple of the Lord
3:43destroyed the people of Israel find
3:45themselves in Babylon about to face a
3:48terrible Choice here’s the choice bowed
3:51down in worship a false god or perish in
3:53a fiery furnace
3:55sounds like fun so let’s turn to our
3:57text it’s in Daniel chapter three I’ll
4:00begin in verse one here’s what it says
4:02King Nebuchadnezzar made an image of
4:04gold 90 feet high nine feet wide and
4:08he’s set up on the plane of dura in the
4:10province of Babylon
4:12he then summoned the say traps the
4:15prefix the governors the advisors the
4:18treasurers the judges the magistrates
4:20and all the other provincial officials
4:23to come to the dedication of the image
4:25that he had set up so the say traps the
4:28prefects the governors the advisors the
4:31treasurers the judges the magistrates
4:33and all the other provincial officers
4:35assembled for the dedication of the
4:37image that King Nebuchadnezzar had set
4:39up and they stood before it
4:41now the Church Father John chrysostom in
4:44his sermon on this text says this uh the
4:46enemy prepares the theater and the King
4:49himself collects The Spectators and he
4:51prepares the lists a theater too not of
4:54chance persons or some private
4:57individuals but of all those who were
4:59Honorable in in Authority so that their
5:02testimony may be worthy of credit with
5:04the multitude so if you were to imagine
5:06this were taking place today this would
5:08be like Obama setting up a huge golden
5:11statue you know maybe next to the
5:13Washington Monument and out comes
5:16all of Congress the Senate the cabinet
5:19right the military the all the Chiefs of
5:23Staff everybody’s out there to worship
5:25this image you know that kind of gives
5:27you the idea well with such a group of
5:30people the average ordinary citizen
5:33would think
5:34well this is super duper important if
5:36all the highest people in our land are
5:38doing this well who am I to not do it
5:40right that’s the setup
5:44then the herald loudly proclaimed
5:47you can see this guy getting up and this
5:50is the days before they had
5:51amplification so I have no idea how he
5:53would pull this off right okay so he
5:55stands up clears his throats and
5:57proclaims this is what you what you are
6:00commanded to do all peoples and nations
6:02of men of every language as soon as you
6:06hear the sound of the horn the flute the
6:08zither the liar the heart the pipes and
6:11all kinds of music You Must Fall Down
6:14and Worship the image of God that King
6:16Nebuchadnezzar has set up oh and by the
6:20way whoever does not fall down in
6:22worship will be immediately thrown into
6:24a blazing fiery furnace and it’s over
6:27there okay and so over there they’ve got
6:29the Blazing fiery furnace everyone sees
6:31it right
6:34quite the bargain right
6:37all the most important officials
6:40big statue of gold this guy gets up and
6:44says what you’re supposed to do and oh
6:45if you don’t you’re going to die
6:49so as The Story Goes therefore as soon
6:52as they heard the sound of the horn the
6:55flute the zither the lie or the harp and
6:57all kinds of music this is the worst
6:59praise band ever okay worst praise band
7:02ever you as soon as they start singing
7:05you’ve got to bow down to a false deity
7:07and if you don’t you’re going to die
7:09so all the nations of men of every
7:11language they fell down and worshiped
7:13the image of gold the King
7:15Nebuchadnezzar had set up
7:22you see at this time some astrologers
7:24came forward and they denounced the Jews
7:26they said to King Nebuchadnezzar O King
7:29may you live forever you have issued a
7:31creole King that everyone who hears the
7:33sound of the horn the flute the Sith of
7:35the liar the harp the pipes and all
7:36kinds of music in other words the praise
7:38band from Hell Must Fall Down and
7:41Worship the image of gold that whoever
7:43does not fall down in worship will be
7:45thrown into a blazing fiery furnace but
7:49there are some Jews whom you have set
7:53over the Affairs the province of Babylon
7:55Shadrach Meshach and Abednego they pay
7:57no attention to you O King and they
8:00neither serve your Gods nor worship the
8:02image of gold that you have set up
8:05oh boy
8:08quiet the story right
8:12let me ask a question
8:14If This Were You
8:17it would be really tempting to just bow
8:19down and live would it not
8:21but see that image
8:24false god
8:26and the first commandment says you shall
8:28have no other gods before me right
8:32so these astrologers who’ve ratted on
8:35the the Jews
8:37have given their message and here’s
8:40Nebuchadnezzar’s response
8:42Furious with rage
8:46Nebuchadnezzar summoned Shadrach Meshach
8:49and Abednego so everyone’s there right
8:53Supreme Courts there Congress there
8:55senates there Chief of Staff All of
8:57everybody from all the government
8:58officials are there and here comes
9:00Shadrach Meshach and Abednego
9:02everybody’s bowed down except for these
9:04three guys they clearly don’t get with
9:06the program they don’t understand what’s
9:07going on here so Nebuchadnezzar says to
9:12is it true
9:14Shadrach Meshach and Abednego that you
9:16do not serve my gods or worship the
9:18image of gold that I have set up
9:21now is it true now they’re about to
9:24answer right
9:25but he cuts them off yeah now when you
9:28hear the sound of the horn the flute the
9:30zither the liar the harp the pipes and
9:31all kinds of music if you’re ready to
9:33fall down and worship the image made
9:35well then very good but if you do not
9:38worship it you will be thrown
9:40immediately into a blazing furnace
9:43then what God will be able to rescue you
9:46from my hand
9:52Church Father to tour llian writing on
9:55this passage he says this in terms of
9:57the honors due to King or Emperor well
10:00we have a clear ruling to be subject in
10:02all obedience according to the apostles
10:04commands and we’re to be obedient to
10:07magistrates to princes and those in
10:09Authority but this obedience must be
10:13within the bounds of Christian
10:14discipline that is it is proper to obey
10:17our magistrates only in so far as we
10:20keep ourselves free from idolatry it was
10:22for this reason that the familiar
10:24example of the three friends occurred
10:26before our time obedient in other
10:28respects to King Nebuchadnezzar they
10:30most firmly refuse to honor His Image
10:33and by this they proved that to extend
10:36the honor proper to a mortal being
10:37Beyond its due limits until it resembles
10:40the Grandeur of God well that’s idolatry
10:42Daniel in the same way subjected himself
10:44to Darius in all points and performed
10:46his duty as long as it did not imperil
10:48his religion to avoid that Daniel showed
10:50no more fear of the king’s lines than
10:52and they had shown to the king’s fires
10:54so here’s the idea
10:59your king is Jesus
11:01your God is Jesus and you are to obey
11:05the people who make the laws in our land
11:08only if
11:11those laws do not conflict
11:13with our worship and service of Jesus
11:16when a government writes a law that is
11:20contrary to the word of God our
11:23responses that’s all well and good but I
11:27have a higher King than you my king is
11:29Jesus right
11:31so now we’ve got this story we’ll go
11:33back to it here comes Shadrach Meshach
11:36and the bendigo’s reply to the question
11:38and kind of the ultimatum it was so
11:41merciful of King Nebuchadnezzar to give
11:43them another opportunity to do the right
11:45thing right
11:47so Shadrach Meshach and Abednego they
11:49replied to the king O King
11:52we do not need to defend ourselves
11:54before you in this matter
11:56if we are thrown into the Blazing
11:58furnace the god that we serve is able to
12:01save us from it and he will rescue us
12:03from your hand oh King but even if he
12:06does not we want you to know O King that
12:08we will not serve your Gods we will not
12:11worship the image of gold that you have
12:13set up
12:19Church Father Jerome says this let us
12:22turn our thoughts to these three boys in
12:24the fiery furnace in Babylonian listen
12:26to what they say when Nebuchadnezzar
12:28summons them before him and compels them
12:30to worship His false god what is their
12:33answer to Nebuchadnezzar King there’s no
12:35need to defend ourselves
12:37look at their faith
12:39we believe it says that he’s able to
12:42save us but if it should be that our
12:43sins prevent him we still believe in him
12:45even if he does not deliver us we do not
12:48believe in this life but in the future
12:50life nor do we believe in him in order
12:53to escape burning here but in order to
12:55escape passing from this fire into
12:57another so go ahead then prepare your
12:59furnace this heat this fire it’s our
13:01purgation and happy is he whose help is
13:03the god of Jacob
13:05now clearly
13:08Nebuchadnezzar was not
13:10happy about this and the text says then
13:13Nebuchadnezzar was Furious
13:15Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and his
13:18attitude toward them changed he ordered
13:20the furnace to be heated seven times
13:22hotter than usual and commanded some of
13:24the strongest soldiers in his army to
13:26tie up Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and
13:29throw them into the Blazing furnace so
13:32these men wearing their robes trousers
13:34turbans and other clothes they were
13:36bound and thrown into the Blazing
13:37furnace the King’s Command was so urgent
13:40and the furnace so hot that the Flames
13:44of the fire killed the soldiers who took
13:45up Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and
13:49these three men firmly tied fell into
13:51the Blazing furnace now this is
13:53important the fact that the men who
13:55bound them and threw them into the
13:56furnace died was proof to everybody that
13:59this was no magic trick
14:01right it killed the ones who were
14:03throwing them into it
14:05so then the story takes an interesting
14:08turn and here’s where I need to give a
14:10little bit of preface
14:12back a long time ago when I was skinnier
14:17my kids were young
14:18and my children loved when I would read
14:21the Bible stories to them every night at
14:23the dinner table and I remember my
14:26youngest daughter when she was five when
14:28I told the story when I read this tour
14:30she literally hung on every word and
14:33when we got to this part in the story
14:36she went
14:39what happened Dad they’re gonna die
14:42somebody’s got to save them right she’s
14:45very upset about this and I said well do
14:47you want me to keep reading the story or
14:49not right
14:50so here the story builds and think of
14:53yourself as a little child hearing the
14:55story again
14:56because Jesus says unless you have faith
14:58like a little child you will not enter
14:59the kingdom of heaven so hear these
15:01words from the faith of a little child
15:03so here they’ve been thrown into the
15:06fiery furnace who can save them right
15:11and then it says this
15:13then King Nebuchadnezzar leaped to his
15:16feet in amazement and he asked his
15:19advisors weren’t there three men that we
15:22tied up and threw into the fire they
15:24replied certainly O King he said look
15:28I see four men walking around on the
15:31fire Unbound and unharmed and here’s the
15:34important part and the fourth looks like
15:37a son of the Gods
15:40and when I read this to my five-year-old
15:42daughter she sprung up and she goes
15:46Jesus showed up he came and he saved
15:51and you know what
15:53he’s right
15:55our savior is not an angel our savior is
15:57Jesus himself King of Kings Lord of
16:00lords the Alpha and the Omega the
16:02beginning and the end he was there with
16:04Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and he
16:07saved them from the fiery furnace
16:10so then Nebuchadnezzar approached the
16:12opening of the Blazing furnace and he
16:13shouted Shadrach Meshach and abandoned
16:15go Servants of the most high God come
16:18out come here
16:21well now he’s changed his tune hasn’t he
16:24he gets a glimpse of Jesus and he
16:27realizes that this image is nothing
16:30and he realizes that Shadrach Meshach
16:33and Abednego worship now he calls their
16:37God the most high God he still has some
16:39theological issues there that need to be
16:41hammered out because the god of Shadrach
16:44Meshach and Abednego is not the most
16:46high God he’s not one of many he’s the
16:49only God there is right but he
16:52recognizes that there’s no God like this
16:54so he tells them still kind of in an
16:56authoritative manner you you come out
16:58here now so Shadrach Meshach and
17:01Abednego they came out of the fire and
17:02the say traps the prefects the governors
17:04and the Royal advisors crowded around
17:07them and they saw that the fire had not
17:09harmed their bodies nor was a hair of
17:11their heads singed and the robes were
17:13not scorched and there was no smell of
17:15fire on them and then Nebuchadnezzar
17:18said this listen to this praise be to
17:20the god of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego
17:23who has sent his his Angel his messenger
17:26and rescued his servants so they trusted
17:29in him and defied the King’s Command and
17:32were willing to give up their lives
17:34rather than serve or worship any God
17:36except for their own God therefore I
17:39decree that the people of Any Nation are
17:40language who say anything against the
17:42god of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego
17:44shall be cut into pieces and their
17:47houses turned into piles of rubber
17:48Rubble for no other God can save in this
17:52now that’s I like the sentiment there
17:54his theology is a little screwed up we
17:57need to work with him on the proper
17:58distinction of long gospel and what it
18:00is that God really wants for us the
18:02christostom the the great church father
18:05says this
18:07all of these Regal men had had been
18:10summoned for one thing but they all
18:12departed having beheld another thing
18:14they came in order to worship the image
18:16and they departed having derided the
18:18image and struck with Wonder at the
18:20power of God through signs that had
18:22taken place with respect to these young
18:25now all of this
18:27okay all the scriptures written about
18:29Jesus here Jesus shows up and he saves
18:32Shadrach Meshach and Abednego think of
18:34that as like type and Shadow as somehow
18:37you know a symbol pointing us to the
18:40reality and the reality is this our
18:44the virgin-born King of Kings who
18:48suffered and died for our sins
18:50he truly is the one who saves all of us
18:52from the fiery furnace in Matthew
18:54Chapter 13 Jesus tells a parable here’s
18:57what he says he says Jesus told them a
18:59parable he says the Kingdom of Heaven is
19:01like a man who sowed good seed in his
19:03field but while everyone was sleeping
19:04his enemy came and sowed seeds among the
19:06wheat and then went away when the wheat
19:09sprouted and formed heads the weeds also
19:11appeared so the owner’s servants came to
19:13him and say sir did you not sow good
19:16seed in your field where then did the
19:18weeds come from
19:19said well an enemy did this and servants
19:22asked him well do you want us to go and
19:23pull them up no no he answered because
19:26while you’re pulling the weeds you may
19:27root up the wheat with them let bro both
19:30grow together until the Harvest and at
19:32that time I will tell the Harvesters
19:34first collect the weeds and then tie
19:36them in bundles to be burned and then
19:37gathered the wheat and then bring them
19:38into my barn
19:40so the Disciples of course they didn’t
19:42quite understand what the story was
19:43about because it’s kind of cryptic so
19:45they asked Jesus to explain it to him so
19:47he said here’s what it says he answered
19:49the one who sowed The Good Seed well
19:51that’s the son of man that’s Jesus the
19:53field is the world The Good Seed stands
19:55for the sons of the Kingdom the weeds
19:56are the sons of the evil one and the
19:59enemy who sows them well that’s the
20:01devil and the Harvest This is the End of
20:05the Age and the Harvesters they’re the
20:07Angels so as the weeds are pulled up and
20:09burned in the fire so will it be at the
20:11End of the Age the son of man will send
20:13his angels and they will weed out of his
20:15kingdom everything that causes sin and
20:17all who do evil and they will throw them
20:19into get this the fiery furnace
20:23there it is right there in the New
20:25Testament so King Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery
20:27furnace is kind of a picture of hell
20:29but the real thing is Hell itself
20:33says and in the fiery furnace there will
20:35be weeping and dashing of teeth but the
20:37righteous they will shine like the sun
20:38and the kingdom of their father and so
20:40he who has ears led him here so there is
20:43a fiery furnace and the fiery furnace
20:45was prepared for the devil and his
20:46demons and unlike Shadrach Meshach and
20:49Abednego who had done no wrong in
20:51deserving to be thrown into
20:53Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery furnace well each
20:55and every one of us all of us we’ve
20:57rebelled and sinned against the god of
20:59Jacob and have through our wickedness
21:01earned a spot
21:03in the real fiery furnace this is what
21:06scripture says have you not loved god
21:08with your whole heart
21:10have you not perfectly loved your
21:12neighbor as yourself
21:13well then you’re a sinner
21:16and the good news is that you’re in good
21:17company so am I we’re all Sinners
21:19together and the good news is that
21:21Christ came to save Sinners he didn’t
21:23come for good people he came for Sinners
21:25so if you are one of them there’s good
21:28news right
21:30so I’m here to Proclaim to you that the
21:32Son of God who rescued Shadrach Meshach
21:34and Abednego from the fiery furnace he
21:37has appeared in human history to save
21:38you and to save me he was born of the
21:41Virgin Mary he suffered crucifixion
21:43under Pontius Pilate and Isaiah
21:45describes his crucifixion this and you
21:47know over 600 years before Jesus was
21:49born the prophet Isaiah says this about
21:51Jesus surely he took up our infirmities
21:54he carried our sorrows yet we considered
21:57him stricken by God and Smitten by him
21:59and Afflicted but here’s the important
22:02part he was pierced for our
22:04transgressions he was crushed for our
22:07iniquities and the punishment the
22:10chastisement that brought us peace with
22:12God was upon him and by his wounds we
22:14are healed all we like sheep have gone
22:16astray each of us has turned to his own
22:18way and the lord has laid on Jesus the
22:21iniquity of us all so he Jesus today is
22:25calling all men and all women you and me
22:27included to repent of our sins our
22:30idolatries our adulteries and to be
22:32forgiven and pardon on his account
22:34because of his shed blood for us on the
22:36cross why well because God loves you
22:40he does he does not desire your
22:43destruction John says this for God so
22:46loved the world that he gave he gave his
22:48only son that whoever believes in him
22:50will not perish but will have eternal
22:53life for God did not send his son Jesus
22:56into the world to condemn the world
22:57instead he sent him to save the world
23:00whoever believes in him is not condemned
23:03whoever does not believe stands
23:05condemned already because he has not
23:06believed in the name of God’s one and
23:08only son
23:09and the chapter ends with this whoever
23:11believes in the son has eternal life
23:13whoever rejects the son will not see
23:16life and the wrath of God remains on him
23:19so this morning God is making his appeal
23:21to you today and he’s calling you to
23:25and to be forgiven Jesus is here today
23:28to save you from the fiery furnace just
23:31like he saved Shadrach Meshach and
23:34so do not Harden your hearts against him
23:36repent believe and live
23:40he who has ears to hear Let Him hear in
23:43the name of Jesus
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