Sermon Transcript – Soiled Commandment Keeping

1 Year Lectionary – Sexagesima – Sunday, February 20, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint luke
0:31the eighth chapter and when a great
0:33crowd was gathering and people from town
0:36after town came to Jesus he said to them
0:38in a parable a sower went out to sow his
0:40seed and as he sowed some fell along the
0:43path and was trampled underfoot and the
0:45birds of the air devoured it and some
0:47fell on the rock and as it grew up it
0:49withered away because it had no moisture
0:52some fell among thorns and the thorns
0:54grew up with it and choked it and some
0:56fell into good soil and grew and yielded
0:58a hundred fold as he said these things
1:01he called out he who has ears to hear
1:03let him hear and when his disciples
1:05asked him what this parable meant he
1:08to you it has been given to know the
1:10secrets of the kingdom of god but for
1:12others they are in parables so that
1:14seeing they may not see and hearing they
1:16may not understand now the parable is
1:18this the seed is the word of god the
1:21ones along the path are those who have
1:23heard then the devil comes along and
1:25takes away the word from their hearts so
1:27that they may not believe and be saved
1:30and the ones on the rock are those who
1:32when they hear the word they receive it
1:33with joy but these have no root they
1:36believe for a while and in a time of
1:38testing they fall away as for what fell
1:40among the thorns they are those who hear
1:43but as they go on their way they are
1:45choked by the cares and the riches and
1:47the pleasures of life
1:49and their fruit does not mature
1:52as for that in the good soil they are
1:53those who hearing the word hold it fast
1:56in an honest and good heart and bear
1:59fruit with patience this is the gospel
2:01of the lord in the name of Jesus amen
2:06so y’all y’all remember the movie bug’s
2:08life yeah
2:09that was that second pixar movie with
2:11flick and dot and you know you remember
2:14that remember when flick was giving that
2:16that pep speech to dot because dot was a
2:19she was a she was an immature
2:22queen aunt in training kind of thing and
2:25and she wasn’t really able to fly and do
2:27a lot of great things so what does flick
2:29do he goes and grabs a rock okay and he
2:32says listen
2:35you’re just like a seed you know and you
2:36know the the in and he starts talking
2:39about how inside of a seed are all these
2:41important things and then when it
2:42matures it turns into something
2:44beautiful right
2:45and dot just doesn’t track with it you
2:47know she kind of looks and kind of weird
2:49and goes but it’s a rock right and it’s
2:51it’s kind of cute how the way she does
2:53it so here’s the thing
2:55you’ll note that in scripture
2:57this seed
2:59plant fruit metaphor
3:02you know they’re they’re the scriptures
3:04are filled with them in fact let me let
3:06me kind of throw in another metaphor the
3:08scriptures are watch this ripe with them
3:11you see see what i did there okay
3:17all of that being said Jesus is doing
3:19the same thing so the seed that is sown
3:22in our parable
3:23is the word of god and if you think
3:26about it the seed of the word of god as
3:28we heard in the prophet isaiah chapter
3:3055 this morning it accomplishes the
3:33thing for which he sends it god’s word
3:36does stuff but we have to also as we
3:39look at this parable note something here
3:42Jesus is engaging is in some pretty
3:47and exposing the sin in our hearts and
3:50worse than that exposing the fruit of a
3:54different word if you would if you were
3:55to think of the devil’s words in the
3:58garden of eden as a seed now
4:01let me make something clear there’s this
4:03weird heretical doctrine out there
4:04called the serpent seed doctrine that
4:06ain’t what i’m talking about i’m talking
4:08about the actual words of the devil they
4:10had they were like a seed and they
4:13produced in us all kinds of really awful
4:17things so returning to the scene of the
4:19crime which i do from time to time let’s
4:21again hear
4:23uh where the problem comes in and and
4:25where what it is that we naturally
4:28because we are born dead in trespasses
4:30and sins
4:31bear the fruit of and where that seed
4:33came from
4:34it says in genesis 3 serpent was more
4:36crafty than any other beast of the field
4:38that the lord god had made and he said
4:40to the woman did god really say you
4:43shall not eat of any tree in the garden
4:45that’s not what god said by the way this
4:47is slander and so the woman said to the
4:49serpent well we may eat the fruit of the
4:51trees in the garden but god said you
4:52shall not eat of the fruit of the tree
4:54that’s in the midst of the garden
4:56neither shall you touch it lest you die
4:59now now i’m going to note here you know
5:02if if those of you in my catechism
5:04classes you’ll you’ll note that the kids
5:06i make the kids memorize the the
5:08commandments right so if you know if i
5:10were to ask you all right uh let’s see
5:13here uh you know lily what’s the third
5:15commandment literally would just go oh
5:16the third commandment is remember the
5:18sabbath day by keeping it holy right and
5:20then and i said all right what does this
5:22mean and she might go well it means um
5:25to fear and love god
5:27so that um we keep the sabbath day holy
5:30she might say something like that it was
5:32real really early on right and so you’ll
5:34note that you know she doesn’t quite get
5:37the catechism memorization thing right
5:40but she’s in the ballpark so eve says
5:43you shall not eat of the fruit of the
5:44tree that’s in the midst of the garden
5:46neither shall you touch it lest you die
5:48i’ll take two points off for her memory
5:50work she needs to hammer that out a
5:52little bit better but the serpent then
5:54keeps the attack on and then he says
5:56this you will not surely die in other
5:59words god’s a liar and i’m telling you
6:01the truth for god knows that when you
6:03eat of it your eyes will be open and
6:06you’ll be like god’s knowing good and
6:11then there’s the temptation you’re gonna
6:13be like god right and what’s really
6:15interesting is is in the in the
6:17septuagint this is the greek translation
6:20of the old testament that was uh written
6:23uh you know long before Christ was born
6:26they actually translated gods
6:28it’s a little provocative
6:30the serpent says you’ll be like gods
6:32knowing good and evil in other words
6:34he’s saying to adam and eve you’re going
6:36to be you’re going to be deities man
6:38you’re you’re going to know you’re going
6:39to be just you’re going to be gods just
6:41like god is god
6:43and so what does the woman do rather
6:45than listen to the seed of the word of
6:48the word that said you will not eat of
6:51that tree that’s in the midst of the
6:55here’s what happens she becomes an
6:56enthusiast she goes inside all right
7:00and so so when the woman saw that the
7:02tree was good for food
7:07and that it was a delight to the eyes
7:09nothing more than feelings and that the
7:12tree was be
7:14desired to make one wise
7:19feel this
7:20okay and here’s the
7:22who’s she listening to again
7:25words from the devil
7:27this is where the devil sows
7:30weed seeds all right and what does she
7:34well she took of its fruit she ate it
7:36and she also gave some to her husband
7:38who was with her and he ate
7:42fast forwarding to the book of galatians
7:45paul writing about the fruit of the
7:46flesh which is uh brought about as a
7:49result of our fall into sin now the
7:50fruit of the flesh the words of the
7:52flesh they’re evident are you ready
7:53sexual immorality impurity sensuality
7:56idolatry sorcery enmity strife
7:59jealousy fits of anger rivalries
8:01dissensions divisions envy drunkenness
8:03orgies and things like these i warn you
8:05as i warned you before that those who do
8:07such things will not inherit the kingdom
8:09of god
8:10so uh you’ll note that the fruit of that
8:14seed the word of the serpent has borne
8:17death in us and has brought us into much
8:22vice and just horrible horrible horrible
8:26sin it’s
8:27well stripped us of our godly dignity
8:30and made us like the devil
8:32so when Christ talks about in our
8:34parable then
8:36that the word of god is
8:39like a seed
8:40all right
8:41he’s going on about something that we
8:44need to pay close attention to
8:46and that is is that there are a few
8:48commandments that are in play here and
8:50we need to listen carefully to the the
8:52law in Christ’s parable
8:54because it’s going to identify
8:56well ways in which we need to repent
9:00ways in which we need to be forgiven
9:03ways in which we need to cry out to god
9:04the holy spirit to help us so first
9:07commandment in play is that third
9:09commandment and what is the third
9:10commandment remember the sabbath day by
9:12keeping it holy what does this mean we
9:14should fear and love god so that we do
9:16not despise
9:18preaching and his word
9:20but hold it sacred and gladly hear and
9:24learn it
9:25now when we hear Jesus’s explanation of
9:28this parable the parable of these
9:29different soils all right Jesus is
9:32making it clear to his disciples to them
9:34has been given
9:35that to them to know the secrets of the
9:37kingdom but for others he’s speaking in
9:39parables so that seeing
9:41they do not see hearing they do not hear
9:43and do not understand
9:45and so the parable then is this the seed
9:48is the word of god the ones along the
9:50path of those who’ve heard and then the
9:52devil comes and takes away the word from
9:54their hearts so that they may not
9:55believe and be saved now what’s really
9:57interesting for many years i have always
10:01kind of just assumed
10:03that this first bit about um about them
10:07hearing the word and then uh and then
10:10not believing that this would be like
10:12what happens to people who are out there
10:14you know out preaching the gospel on the
10:16streets i i think of my my friend in the
10:19uk pastor gervais nicholas edward
10:21charmly uh there’s video of him from
10:23time to time he goes out on the streets
10:25of hanley stoke on trent what a cool
10:28name for a town by the name hanley stoke
10:30on trent that’s an awesome name but he
10:32goes out and he has a little soapbox
10:34that he’s created legitimately it’s a
10:36soapbox and he goes out there and he
10:38proclaims Christ and him crucified for
10:40our sins and he’s proclaiming the need
10:43for people to repent to turn from their
10:44wickedness and trust in Jesus so that
10:47they can be forgiven and so when i think
10:49about the devil coming along and
10:51snatching the word up i always kind of
10:52think about it in the context of street
10:56but then this week you know for the
10:58first time ever ever i actually read
11:00luther’s sermon on this
11:02and you know what luther thought it was
11:04and he may be right he’s actually kind
11:06of describing what’s going on in the
11:08church because the church is a place
11:09where the word of god is preached all
11:11the time
11:12now all of a sudden you sit there and go
11:14whoa what if that’s true then this first
11:18bit it might actually apply to me even
11:22hold on a second here
11:24have you ever had this experience maybe
11:26it’s just me
11:27you wake up in the morning you grab your
11:30very large cup of coffee and i filled
11:32this up a couple of times during the
11:34morning and and there you are you kind
11:36of sit down at your laptop or maybe you
11:38pull out one of those analog bibles you
11:40guys remember those things analog bibles
11:42they have things called pages in them
11:44but anyway you you open up your bible
11:46and you’re going to do your morning
11:49devotion right so you open up the word
11:52and no joke you read like five six
11:57and none of it is sunk in
11:59not a bit
12:00and you you all of a sudden you realize
12:02like five minutes later you go
12:04oh i’m reading
12:11and you don’t know a thing that you were
12:14it have you ever had that happen to you
12:16it happens to me and so you’re gonna
12:18note that we have this amazing ability
12:22to be a hundred percent
12:26to god’s word to not hear it to not care
12:29about anything that say in fact i i
12:31would even say that within the church
12:33there are fellows who uh when a pastor
12:35preached the word they get annoyed
12:38all right they’re looking at their
12:40watches they’re checking their instagram
12:42feed to see if they got another like on
12:44that photo they posted yesterday they’re
12:46checking to see who’s checked in on
12:48snapchat or facebook or whatever you
12:50know i don’t really know that much about
12:52some of the other social media platforms
12:54you get what i’m saying though right
12:56and so the idea here is is that
12:59well the devil’s kind of like a bird of
13:01praise johnny on the spot as soon as the
13:04word is sown as soon as it’s get it gets
13:06out there you know you can almost hear
13:10and it comes swooping in and grabs that
13:12word right up so that it doesn’t have
13:16any opportunity to get watered yet alone
13:18you know
13:19you get the idea and and this is what
13:21happens by the way in um
13:23in heretical churches too
13:25i mean boy the one thing i’m
13:28absolutely convinced of nowadays is that
13:30heretics are absolutely counting on and
13:33banking on in pun intended
13:36that people are completely ignorant
13:38about what the scriptures say and you
13:40know what people who attend churches
13:43year after year week after week they are
13:45legitimately illiterate when it comes to
13:47the word of god
13:51you sit there and go there’s something
13:53seriously wrong here and then you think
13:55about the fact that the soil that’s
13:56being described here is like a beaten
13:59path didn’t Jesus say
14:01broad is the road that leads to
14:03destruction right so that beaten path
14:06kind of hints at something here that
14:08this is the way that everybody goes and
14:11and anything that runs contrary to like
14:15the the status quo the agreed upon
14:18understanding of how religion and
14:20spirituality works
14:22that ain’t gonna that ain’t gonna fly
14:24but here’s the thing this impacts us all
14:28because i even within my own soul
14:32in my own daily reading of scriptures i
14:34can be a hundred percent inattentive to
14:37it or
14:39just you know
14:40you know just go through the motions
14:41yeah i read my bible today whoop-dee-doo
14:47and so note then the law portion of this
14:50convicts us all how many of us can say
14:53we are absolutely innocent when it comes
14:55to being inattentive to god’s word and
14:58not breaking
14:59the third commandment
15:02unfortunately i’ve broken it and so have
15:04you but here’s where we have to point
15:06something out then
15:09if you are found guilty as a result of
15:12what Christ has said in this parable
15:14what’s the solution this is a solution
15:16that you try harder
15:19commit yourself to doing gooder i’m
15:22going to make a new year’s resolution
15:24that i’m going to you know
15:26okay that’s not the solution
15:29the solution is this repent
15:31see your sin for what it is
15:34see that you have really actually
15:36that rather than shoe off the devil you
15:38know this bird of prey and be attentive
15:41to god’s word that many times you are
15:43guilty of just completely being
15:45inattentive ignoring it not taking it to
15:48heart not listening to it uh you get the
15:50whole point and so as a result of it you
15:52have broken one of god’s commands
15:55and you deserve his righteous wrath but
15:57Christ he has bled and died for that sin
16:01all of your breakings of the third
16:03commandment he took your sin upon
16:05himself bled and died and so cry out to
16:08him for forgiveness and mercy and you
16:10know what he’ll forgive and then ask god
16:13the holy spirit to take you off that
16:17path that broad highway that’s well
16:19paved that seeds don’t actually
16:21penetrate and till up the soil of your
16:24heart so that his word may bear fruit
16:31next one
16:32okay so all right maybe you’re not going
16:35the way of like you know the the popular
16:38spirituality of the day and you’re not
16:40on that path or and the in the birds you
16:42you know they’ve been shoot off and and
16:44well the the word reaches your heart and
16:47well the ones on the rock
16:49are those who when they hear the word
16:52they receive it with joy oh that was
16:54such a good word right but they have no
16:57root they believe for a while and then
16:59in the time of testing they fall away
17:01and here’s here’s the next bit of it
17:03okay so this this runs us straight into
17:06the sin of idolatry you will have no
17:08other gods
17:09this the commandment says what does this
17:11mean we should fear love and trust in
17:13god above all things but here’s the
17:16thing you believe in Jesus
17:19okay well the devil’s making note of
17:22that and we learn from job that the
17:24devil might want to make your life a
17:25living hell he might put you through all
17:27kinds of suffering pain
17:30and affliction
17:31your health might go put that’s an
17:33official theological term by the way
17:37or or even worse maybe your confession
17:40of faith in Jesus will draw the
17:42attention of those who hate Jesus and
17:45they will bear you a grudge and make
17:47sure that you suffer and are persecuted
17:50well tremendously
17:52so you you’ll find the word
17:54the word will take root you receive it
17:57with joy but all the rocks of
17:58persecution and suffering are in place
18:01designed to make you fall away in fact
18:04we need to pay close attention this
18:06Jesus warns that in the last days
18:08which i kind of think we’re in you know
18:10and we have been for a while and have
18:12you noticed that things are really
18:13getting crazier by the day
18:15you know that in the last days he says
18:17because of the increase the of
18:19lawlessness of wickedness the love of
18:22many would grow cold and he says many
18:25will fall away you know
18:27you know family members betraying each
18:30other and stuff this is what’s being
18:32talked about here
18:33and so you’ll know what what’s the
18:36oh well
18:37i i want a religion i want a
18:40spirituality that’s going to make me
18:42important that’s going to make me
18:44successful that’s going to make my life
18:47better what’s the point of having a
18:48religion if i can’t be the head and not
18:50the tail if i can’t have prosperity
18:53health and divine whatever you get get
18:56the point right so people they don’t
18:58sign up for Christianity in order to be
18:59persecuted or to suffer
19:01they they want to have
19:04a word we used a few weeks ago glory
19:08self glory
19:09and when they don’t get the self glory
19:11well you know they just totally fall
19:17but here’s the thing
19:19each and every one of us is guilty of
19:21loving ourselves our own skin more than
19:24loving god
19:25and making ourselves into an idol
19:29many of us are guilty of having these
19:32stones in our soil
19:35so what do we do
19:36repent repent Christ has bled and died
19:40even for this self-idolatry this desire
19:43to save your own skin the desire for you
19:45to be the head and not the tail i mean
19:47isn’t this what Jesus was tempted with
19:48when the devil said oh listen all the
19:50kingdoms of the earth i’ll give them to
19:53if you just
19:55bow down and worship me right
19:57you get the point we you know but we we
20:00want to be in charge and we don’t want
20:02suffering we don’t want persecution
20:04so we need to repent
20:06confess this sin to Christ and be
20:09forgiven because of his great mercy
20:12and the redemption the price that he
20:15paid so that you and i can be forgiven
20:18well if the devil’s not gonna get us
20:19through uh persecution
20:21and suffering well he can take things
20:24all the way to the opposite side of the
20:28next side of the pendulum check this one
20:30out all right so because the goal here
20:31we don’t want that word of god to go
20:34deep for those roots to go down and for
20:36that fruit to mature because you know
20:38what happens with mature Christians
20:41they tell other people about Jesus
20:43and those people who
20:45hearing the gospel are brought to
20:46penitent faith in Christ and then they
20:49and they tell people about Jesus
20:51so all right so some fell among the
20:55and they are those who hear but as they
20:57go on their way they’re choked by the
20:59cares the riches and the pleasures of
21:01life and their fruit doesn’t mature so
21:04the devil sits there and goes fine all
21:08you’re going to bear up under suffering
21:09you’re going to trust Jesus in the midst
21:11of it and there’s no rocks there like
21:12that i’m just going to pour the riches
21:14of earth into your lap and see what you
21:16do with that okay
21:19and you’ll note that that’s always a big
21:21temptation too
21:23and who of us
21:26not been guilty
21:27of well you know
21:29thinking about you know working on
21:31planning our next vacation during the
21:33divine service you know of thinking
21:35about the you know the places that we
21:37can go and the things that we can see
21:39and the things that we experience i
21:40always think about the my great need to
21:42do some pastoral ministry in barbados
21:45because it’s so warm there right now
21:46we’re in the middle of a blizzard right
21:48but that’s kind of the idea
21:51life offers so many
21:54interesting pleasures note here that
21:56like food and drink they’re not a sin in
21:58it of themselves but we have an amazing
22:00ability to take these gifts that god has
22:02given us and turn them into idols money
22:05itself becoming an idol
22:08and when when your obsession ends your
22:12is on the pleasures and the riches and
22:15the things of this life
22:17what is what does it say the fruit
22:19doesn’t mature i mean have you ever
22:21noticed that the people who attend like
22:23ken copeland’s church they’re not really
22:26known for their evangelism they’re known
22:28for their greed
22:31and there’s a reason for that
22:34a reason for that
22:35well he sits there and go oh you know um
22:39there’s there’s some
22:40there’s some weeds and thorns in my soil
22:43and uh
22:44and Christ’s parable here has really
22:46kind of pointed that out what do i do
22:53trust Christ he’s even bled and died for
22:56this idolatry he’s bled and died for all
22:58the ways where you’ve taken the good
22:59gifts that he’s given us in this life
23:02and turn them into the things that you
23:04look to
23:05in order to give you good
23:07but then we have this last soil and
23:09here’s where we have to start with this
23:11one this one as for that in the good
23:13soil they are those who hearing the word
23:16hold it fast in an honest and good heart
23:18and bear fruit with patience and here’s
23:20what we have to start with this one was
23:23it not Jesus who was the one the only
23:26one among us
23:27who literally had
23:30a honest
23:31and good heart whose soil was perfect
23:35that he kept god’s word perfectly
23:38scripture is so clear he was tempted in
23:40every way that you and i are tempted yet
23:42is without sin Christ at no time in his
23:45life was ever inattentive to god’s word
23:48Christ at no time did he ever yield to
23:51the temptation of like putting god’s
23:54word aside because of the persecution
23:57and suffering he was made to go through
23:58in fact
24:00it was god’s will to crush him the
24:02scripture says and Jesus he laid down
24:06his life willingly
24:09not only being persecuted but being
24:12by you and i
24:14so that he could bear our sin and our
24:16grief and our guilt and our shame so
24:19that we could be forgiven
24:22and so you’ll note at no point was Jesus
24:24did Jesus ever yield to that temptation
24:26and when tempted regarding the things of
24:28this earth Jesus basically said to the
24:30devil it is written you shall worship
24:32the lord your god and him only shall you
24:34serve Christ is the good soil
24:38and here’s the best bit
24:40he calls us to repent and to be forgiven
24:44and by the power of the holy spirit
24:46Christ will till up the soil he will
24:48take that hard path and make it into
24:50good soil he’ll remove the rocks he’ll
24:52pull the weeds he’ll send even more of
24:56his words so that it bears fruit and he
24:58does this all out of his good and
25:00gracious and kindness and will and mercy
25:04and so note then scripture also
25:06describes Christians as those who have
25:09had their heart of stone
25:11taken out and replaced with the heart of
25:14so by faith then trusting in the one who
25:16is the good soil Jesus we hear the word
25:20and we hold it fast and we cling to
25:22Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins
25:24with the honest and good heart that he
25:26has given us by grace through faith and
25:29then here’s the thing we do bear fruit
25:34passively the fruit of the spirit and
25:36rather than that list that horrible list
25:39that we heard
25:40paul say regarding the fruit of the
25:41flesh sexual immorality and purity and
25:44sensuality and idolatry and sorcery
25:46instead now Jesus through his word
25:48produces in us
25:51and joy
25:52and peace
25:54patience and kindness and goodness and
25:58gentleness and self-control
26:00these are all the fruit that Jesus bears
26:03within within us
26:05by his mighty power through his holy
26:08so this calls us again as we get closer
26:10and closer to that season of lent
26:13to look a little closer
26:15inside of our heart and see the rocks
26:18and the weeds
26:19and the hard stony places
26:22and confess to Christ that we still
26:25are under the influence of the original
26:27seed that was sown in us by the devil
26:29and that we need to be forgiven by him
26:32and ask and plead with him to remove all
26:36these things so that his word may have
26:38its way with us that we may in
26:40experience the joys of salvation the
26:44well the honor of being persecuted for
26:46his name’s sake and forsaking everything
26:49in this life and
26:50well humbling ourselves taking up our
26:53cross and following Jesus to the new
26:55world that is coming which he gives us
26:57as a gift
26:59this is a great parable
27:02but it takes a little bit of time to
27:04kind of sort out how the soils work and
27:06how our sin is involved but when we do
27:08we find our savior there to forgive us
27:11to renew us and strengthen us through
27:13his word in the name of Jesus amen
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