Sermon Transcript – Stay Awake

Series B – Last Sunday of the Church Year – Sunday, November 22, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:30chapter 13 verses 24 through 37.
0:36but in those days following that
0:37distress the sun will be darkened moon
0:40will not give its light the Stars will
0:42fall from the sky the heavenly bodies
0:44will be shaken
0:46at that time men will see the son of man
0:48coming in clouds with great power and
0:51glory and he will send his angels and
0:54gather his elect from the Four Winds
0:56from the ends of the Earth to the ends
0:57of the heavens
0:58now learn this lesson from the Fig Tree
1:01as soon as its Twigs get tender and its
1:04leaves come out you know that summer is
1:06near even so when you see these things
1:09happening you know that it is near right
1:12at the door I tell you the truth this
1:14generation will certainly not pass away
1:16until all these things have happened
1:17Heaven and Earth will pass away but my
1:20words will never pass away
1:22no one knows about that day or hour not
1:26even the angels in Heaven nor the son
1:28but only the father be on guard be alert
1:32you do not know when that time will come
1:35it’s like a man going away
1:38he leaves his house and puts his
1:40servants in charge each with his design
1:42task and tells the one at the door to
1:45keep watch therefore keep watch because
1:48you do not know when the owner of the
1:49house will come back whether in the
1:51evening or at midnight or when the
1:53rooster crows or at dawn if he comes
1:55suddenly do not let him find you
1:58sleeping what I say to you I say to
2:00everyone watch in the name of Jesus
2:05all right for those of you visiting
2:07today you picked a doozer of a Sunday
2:09it’s the end of the world Sunday this is
2:12the last Sunday of the church here and
2:14historically the church has used the
2:16last part of the church here to look at
2:19the very end of the book to see what’s
2:21coming and so those of you who are not
2:23familiar with the Christian faith this
2:25is a total spoiler alert you’re going to
2:27learn what the end of the story is All
2:29About and I apologize for that but it’s
2:32just how the dice rolls you know what
2:35I’m saying so today we’re going to be
2:37looking at Mark chapter 13 I’ll be
2:39preaching from my own translation of the
2:41text which is why it doesn’t quite fit
2:43with the NIV and we’ll see if we can
2:45have a little bit of comfort along the
2:47way because by the way
2:49talking about the end of the world
2:51causes a lot of anxiety for some people
2:53it really does but see the reason why
2:56Jesus is telling us what’s coming is so
2:59that we would not be caught unawares so
3:01that we wouldn’t be anxious he’s given
3:03us the inside scoop if you know what I
3:04mean we know what’s coming here’s what
3:07Jesus says in those days
3:09after that tribulation the sun will be
3:12darkened the moon will not give its
3:15light and the Stars will be out of the
3:18heaven falling and the powers of the
3:20heavens will be shaken and Greek word
3:23there actually says the powers of the
3:24heavens will be made to totter
3:28what does all that mean I don’t know it
3:30sounds really frightening kind of
3:31awesome I’m sure it’ll be on the news
3:35right but see that’s kind of the thing
3:38we have to keep in mind is that we well
3:41here at Kong’s finger we have the the
3:44privilege of having this congregation be
3:47around for a little bit of time I think
3:49we just celebrated our 135 years with
3:52just the charter of Kong’s finger was
3:54135 years ago was it yesterday or the
3:56day before yeah okay and so we have
4:00generations of kungs vingerians that’s a
4:03word I’ve made up
4:04and that part of that Generation Well
4:07they’re out there some of us are in here
4:09and so we kind of get the thing with
4:12security of going well as things have
4:14been so they’ve continued to be you know
4:16yeah the technology has gotten a little
4:18bit better some of the television
4:19programs a little more interesting but
4:22um for the most part yeah things just
4:24keep plugging along but see the thing is
4:27is that this creation is going to end
4:31God’s going to kill it and then he’s
4:34going to raise it again death and
4:36Resurrection is the way God deals with
4:38sin and so everything you see here at
4:42some point in the future it will not be
4:46even the Sun and the Moon they’re not
4:48permanent I know the scientists like to
4:50tell you that those things have been
4:51around for a gazillion years how do they
4:53figure these the math out on that I
4:55don’t know the math in the Bible comes
4:57up with a different number altogether
4:58but we know this as long as they’ve been
5:02they’re not permanent they seem
5:04permanent don’t they but they’re not
5:06nothing here is permanent not even you
5:08oh and keep this in mind if you’re not
5:11around for all of this the day you die
5:14that’s the end of the world for you so
5:17keep that in mind you can have you got
5:18there’s like two plans here plan a and
5:21plan B plan a is you Crump
5:24and then we put you out there and then
5:26you wait for Jesus to return Plan B is
5:28if Jesus is returning soon then you’ll
5:31be alive to see these things happen and
5:34so don’t panic when all this stuff
5:36starts going down does that make sense
5:38so the Stars will be falling out of the
5:40heavens the powers of the heavens will
5:42be shaken they will be made to totter
5:44and then they will see the son of man
5:46coming in the clouds with great power
5:48and Glory yeah by the way Jesus doesn’t
5:51ever show up secretly
5:53yep Jesus’s return everybody’s going to
5:56see it you’re going to look up and go Ah
5:58that’s Jesus coming right and when he
6:01comes those who are not in the faith who
6:04do not trust in Christ for the
6:06Forgiveness of their sins they are going
6:08to have the ultimate chill run down
6:10their spine
6:12because they know that they’re guilty
6:14before God they’ve sinned just like you
6:16and I have sinned but they have not
6:19heard or have not believed or refused to
6:21believe which is even more foolish the
6:23good news that Christ has bled and died
6:25for their sins and rather than repent
6:27and be forgiven and pardoned they have
6:29persisted in sin and unbelief and then
6:31when Jesus shows up quite unexpected
6:34unawares they had no idea he was coming
6:37back when he shows up they’re going to
6:42but for us
6:43it’s a little bit of a different
6:45response to this
6:47all right
6:50hate to ask this question how many of
6:51you have seen the movie The Polar
6:54okay okay I’m in good company
6:58I’m not going to be stoned for making a
6:59reference to this movie because Jesus
7:01isn’t mentioned once in the The Polar
7:03Express but it’s a fascinating Christmas
7:06um if in the scene in there the story of
7:09The Polar Express is a story of a kid
7:10who’s kind of at that age where either
7:13Santa Claus exists or he doesn’t exist
7:15right he’s checking his encyclopedia and
7:18the scientific facts just don’t make any
7:19sense because like living at the North
7:21Pole nothing grows there no one lives
7:24there and so he’s thinking that this
7:26whole Santa Claus thing has been well
7:28some kind of wool pulled over his eyes
7:30so he’s at that critical moment and then
7:33what happens is this magical train shows
7:35up outside of his door on Christmas Eve
7:37and takes him to well of all places the
7:41North Pole and what happens there is
7:44that he is there when Santa makes his
7:48Grand appearance on Christmas Eve
7:51because he’s getting ready to get into
7:52his sleigh and head off to do his
7:54business right and so the pivotal moment
7:56he’s there and can just feel the energy
8:00all the elves are freaking out they’re
8:02just they’re getting ready to party and
8:05open the door and you can see the shadow
8:08of Santa and pandemonium breaks out
8:11right okay
8:16this is what it’s going to be like for
8:18because when we see the sign of Christ
8:22is appearing in the heavens
8:28something exciting has happened we’re
8:30finally gonna see his face what does he
8:32look like how tall is he right
8:36you’re going to see the kindness in his
8:38eyes you’ll see the nail marks in his
8:41hands and in his feet those tokens of
8:43your salvation that he won for you right
8:46and we’re going to be straining and
8:48enjoy knowing that now the end has come
8:50no more
8:52sin no more pain no more suffering No
8:56More Death no more sickness World
8:59Without End
9:01huzzah Christmas forever
9:08and see that’s the thing
9:10you’re either in Christ and you’re
9:12looking forward to his return
9:15or you are in your sin
9:18thinking that you can somehow skate
9:20through the day of judgment
9:23well maybe
9:24I’ll try to do some good works as I get
9:27closer to the end of my life
9:29you think of Bill Cosby’s joke about his
9:31parents how they would treat his
9:33children you know with kindness and all
9:36this kind of stuff and he would say that
9:38was not my dad when I grew up he’s old
9:41now and he’s trying to get into heaven
9:44right but I must warn you
9:48there is no amount of good works that
9:50you can do
9:51to earn your salvation
9:54there is no amount
9:56doesn’t matter if you go and sell
9:58everything you have right now and give
10:00it to the poor and dedicate every living
10:03hour and breath that you have left of
10:06your life to doing good
10:09you will not
10:10you will not
10:12by any stretch of the imagination even
10:15come close to paying the debt that you
10:18owe because of your sin
10:21let me say well how then can I be saved
10:25stop trying to earn it
10:27you will never earn it
10:29God has done something amazing and the
10:32amazing thing that he has done is that
10:34God has become one of us
10:38is God of God light of light very God of
10:41very God begotten not made and he was
10:44born of the Virgin Mary and he has lived
10:47perfectly the law of God for you
10:50and because he is taken upon himself
10:53your sin your shame your guilt and the
10:56death that you owe God
10:59you now have the ability to be forgiven
11:04and salvation according to Christ
11:07is a gift
11:09it’s a gift there’s nothing that you can
11:12do to earn it nothing
11:14receive the gift be forgiven be pardoned
11:18repent of your wickedness trust in the
11:20Forgiveness of sins and then when this
11:22day shows up you will be very excited as
11:26opposed to much in distress remember
11:28what our sermon hymn said about those
11:30who pierced Christ deeply wailing
11:34deeply wailing
11:36right and those who pierced Christ who
11:39nailed him to the Cross they will see
11:41him and they will well because God’s
11:43going to raise them from the dead
11:45we continue
11:47so then you will see the son of man
11:49coming in the clouds with great power
11:51and Glory
11:53and then he will send the angels and he
11:55will gather the chosen of him from the
11:56Four Winds from the end of the Earth to
11:59the end of Heaven
12:00angels are going to pick you up and
12:02bring you to Christ
12:04but from the Fig Tree learn the parable
12:06when the branch has already become
12:08tender and put forth leaves you know
12:11that summer is near so also whenever you
12:14might see these things taking place you
12:15know that he is near that he is at the
12:17very Gates truly I say to you this
12:19generation will not pass away until all
12:21these things have taken place now there
12:24are two major bits of confusion in what
12:27I just read let’s straighten this out
12:29number one you may have heard that the
12:31Fig Tree in this text refers to the
12:34nation state of Israel
12:37and that when the nation state of Israel
12:39is established that generation or
12:41re-established that generation will not
12:43pass away until Christ returns that is
12:46not what this text is saying the fig
12:49tree is not Israel
12:51so those who are saying that Jesus’s
12:53imminent return it’s got to be like now
12:57because Israel was reestablished in 1948
13:00they are not rightly handling God’s word
13:03Jesus wasn’t making any reference to the
13:05re-establishing of the nation’s state of
13:07Israel so let’s get this straight Jesus
13:10could take two three hundred a thousand
13:13two thousand four thousand years to
13:16the generation that was alive in 1948 is
13:20not the last generation that’s not what
13:22this text is saying okay Jesus is
13:25instead using a parable
13:27a parable if you would basically
13:29pointing to something that they all know
13:30fig trees apparently like our trees
13:33around here lose their leaves in the in
13:35the wintertime or in the fall and then
13:37we all know how it goes in the
13:39wintertime if you look at the trees
13:40outside of my window in my office they
13:42all look pretty darn dead
13:44sticks okay it’s an amazing thing and
13:47then we all know what happens as we get
13:49into March getting close to April
13:51although around here it’s a lot later
13:53than when I was in Indiana
13:56just saying okay I want to know where my
13:59global warming is I want to be able to
14:01plant a palm tree up here but anyway
14:03that’s a different story too but the
14:06idea is is that we all know what happens
14:08is that as the weather starts to warm up
14:10we look at those branches on the tree
14:13and they start to look like there’s some
14:14kind of a little bit of growth a little
14:15bit of buds and then all of a sudden
14:17blammo life I mean it seems to happen
14:21overnight I mean these trees like
14:22explode to life
14:25so the idea is that you know that summer
14:27is near when you see that happening
14:29right sit there and go summer it’s time
14:31to plant it’s time to you know all you
14:34Farmers you start calculating what you
14:36got to do right in the long days ahead
14:38so that’s the idea this is not a
14:40prophecy about the nation state of
14:42Israel it’s just a parable that says
14:43this when you see these things happening
14:46then you know that I am near I’m at the
14:50very gate Jesus is saying and that’s
14:52what he’s saying the other thing is is
14:54that the if you’ve ever run across a
14:57waskely atheist who knows his Bible or
15:00at least thinks he knows his Bible he’ll
15:03point to this text and says it says here
15:05that this generation will not pass away
15:07until these things take place and so
15:09Jesus was telling the people there that
15:11were listening to him that he was going
15:12to return in their lifetime
15:14and wrong you don’t know you don’t know
15:17how to read Greek do you
15:19okay the question is which generation is
15:22Jesus talking about the generation
15:25that’s listening to him
15:27or the generation that sees these things
15:29start to take place sees the branch
15:32Sprout new life and knows that summer is
15:34near the answer is it’s the second one
15:37and that’s the referent so Jesus is not
15:39saying that the disciples will not pass
15:41away until he returns Jesus is first and
15:44second coming in their lifetime no he’s
15:47saying that the generation who sees
15:49these signs to be fulfilled they will
15:52not pass away so there is a generation
15:54coming when you start to see the signs
15:58for real hard labor what we talked about
16:00last week that generation will not pass
16:03away until these things are fulfilled
16:04now that being the case has the Sun the
16:08moon and the stars done their thing have
16:10the heavens been shaken to the point
16:12where they’re tottering do we see the
16:14sign of the son of man appearing in
16:15heaven answer new
16:18therefore we don’t know if we’re this
16:20generation or not we could be
16:23and here’s the best part Christians
16:26since the beginning have all thought
16:28they were the last generation they have
16:31all done it you read the church fathers
16:32we’re the last generation we’re toast
16:34right yeah okay and I look at us and I
16:37look at what’s happening in the world I
16:38look what’s happening in the church and
16:39I say oh we’re the last generation we’re
16:41toast it’s over and you know what’s
16:43going to happen if the Lord tarries the
16:45next generation is going to say the same
16:49and so the idea here is is that Jesus
16:51and remember His words watch right
16:53actually it’s better translated stay
16:55awake Jesus wants us to live in this
16:59he wants us to live in this tension to
17:02live our lives in anticipation of his
17:05return not knowing when it’s going to be
17:07living like it could be today
17:10and yet at the same time living Our
17:13Lives as if well it may not be for a
17:17keeps us on our toes makes it so we
17:19don’t become lacks could you imagine the
17:21Mischief that we would get involved in
17:22as a church if we knew that Jesus was
17:25returning on March 14th in the year
17:30what would we do if we knew that
17:32I don’t know I mean it would probably be
17:35a real mess since we don’t know well
17:37let’s keep living like it could be today
17:39because it could be
17:40so I say this generation will not pass
17:42away until these things take place and
17:44Heaven and Earth will pass away there it
17:46is again this is all coming to an end
17:48but my words will not pass away now
17:51concerning that day or the hour no one
17:53knows not even the angels in heaven not
17:55even the son but only the father in
17:58other words The Herald campings of the
18:00World when they come around and they
18:02continue to come around telling you that
18:05we we figured it out and here’s how they
18:08get around this well it slows here that
18:09we can’t know the day or hour but
18:10doesn’t say we can’t know the month or
18:15straining out a net and swallowing a
18:17camel good night okay the point that
18:20Jesus is making is nobody knows and so
18:22the person who says I’ve cracked the
18:24code I’ve taken all of the words of the
18:26Book of Revelation in the Greek put them
18:28into my computer and started doing some
18:31calculations and I know that Jesus is
18:34returning on the well the fifth blood
18:38you know this with certainty that
18:40person’s lying to you
18:42okay and it might be that they’re just
18:44not right in the head that may be a
18:47possibility okay because I’ve noticed
18:49that those people who overcook their
18:51minds on trying to crack eschatological
18:53codes end up having their minds cracked
18:56and this is what happened to poor hero
18:58camping he predicted the end of the
18:59world how many times before he
19:02gave up and then died right so anybody
19:05who says the tribulation begins next
19:10get ready buy prepper food start buying
19:13spam I hate spam okay don’t listen to
19:18them listen to Jesus nobody knows when
19:22he’s coming back and anybody who says
19:24that they do know they’re selling you
19:27most likely they’re selling you their
19:30nine to five I’ll give you a book when
19:32you can tell when the world is coming to
19:34an end yeah I’m sorry that’s pretty
19:37expensive toilet paper but anyway Jesus
19:40says nobody knows it says this instead
19:44be watching be alert
19:46and be alert here means to be vigilant
19:48and where and being aware of a
19:50threatening Peril to be alert is like
19:52you know a guy who’s on duty in the you
19:55know in the Army Behind Enemy Lines you
19:58got to be vigilant you don’t know when
19:59the enemy is going to attack that’s the
20:01idea you don’t know the time Jesus says
20:04it’s like a man who goes on a journey
20:07leaves his home and gives his servant
20:09The Authority each to do his work and he
20:12commands the porter stay awake in other
20:15words I could come back at night don’t
20:18be falling asleep
20:19so therefore Jesus says stay awake you
20:22don’t know when the lord of the house is
20:24coming whether it’s evening or midnight
20:28or the rooster crowing or in the early
20:30morning you don’t know if it’s next
20:33Thursday at nine o’clock you don’t know
20:36if it’s next year in November you don’t
20:40so stay awake
20:42and here’s what he says okay so that
20:46having coming suddenly he may not find
20:48you sleeping you don’t want Jesus to
20:50find you sleeping and so what Jesus says
20:52what I say to you I say to everyone keep
20:54watching stay awake now the obvious
20:57question is well then how do I stay
21:00awake all right Jesus is pretty emphatic
21:02about this he doesn’t want you falling
21:03asleep well it’s real simple
21:05you ready
21:07in the words of that song from the great
21:09theologians from the band Journey
21:13Don’t Stop Believing
21:16it’s just that simple
21:18keep coming to church
21:20keep hearing that your sins are forgiven
21:23on the Sundays when we have the Lord’s
21:25supper and you hear these words take eat
21:28this is the body of Christ broken for
21:30you take drink this is the True Blood of
21:33Christ shed for you for the Forgiveness
21:35of your sins
21:37keep believing when you hear me say I is
21:41a called servant of the word forgive you
21:43all of your sins believe
21:45believe that’s what it means to stay
21:47awake because salvation is by grace
21:51through faith
21:53alone not by works you sit there and go
21:56what are you saying we shouldn’t do
21:57Works no I’m not saying that okay but
22:01doing good works is not how you stay
22:03awake we don’t do good works in order to
22:06stay awake we do good works because we
22:08is awake okay bad grammar on purpose it
22:12helps okay you’re all looking at me like
22:14you know what’s wrong with this guy all
22:17in other words we Christians do good
22:19works because we is Christians not
22:21because we want to be them if you hope
22:24someday to be a Christian
22:26then you’re not
22:29but if you believe that Christ is bled
22:31and died for you believe what happened
22:33to you in that font that Christ washed
22:36away your sins that you were buried with
22:38Christ that you were raised with Christ
22:40that he feeds you and sustains you with
22:43his body and blood receive and believe
22:46the Forgiveness of sins
22:48then you can’t help but do good works
22:50how could you not
22:53okay how many of you know of apple trees
22:56well they want to be the trees that want
22:58to be apple trees but so they’re going
23:00out trying to make apples in order to
23:01become an apple tree
23:03no I know that doesn’t work that way you
23:06know what apple trees do
23:08they make apples right
23:10ours I like to say cows moo dogs woof
23:14right they do cats meow and Christians
23:19do good works
23:21because you is one
23:23right so here’s the idea stay awake
23:25continue to believe trust in Christ all
23:29right and this trust is so confident and
23:32so certain that if the Lord should
23:35choose to test your faith on the last
23:37day Martin Luther actually gave some
23:39really good advice I read it earlier
23:41this week and here’s what he says
23:44if you appear before the Throne of God
23:46and Jesus says to you well I’m sorry
23:50off to hell with you
23:52all right
23:54he if Jesus says this to you then you
23:57are to stand your ground and say
23:58absolutely not you cannot send me to
24:01hell because if you send me to hell
24:03you’re a liar
24:06you told me I was forgiven you told me
24:09that salvation is by grace through faith
24:11you told me that I was receiving your
24:15body and blood for the Forgiveness of my
24:17sins and that when I was baptized I was
24:19baptized into your death and into your
24:21Resurrection I believed what you said
24:23you can’t send me to hell if you do you
24:27are a liar
24:29could you imagine saying that to Jesus
24:33but be that confident
24:36because his promises are that sure
24:38should he choose to test your faith on
24:40that last day you stand your ground and
24:42say you promised
24:44and you know what he’ll say you’re right
24:47I did
24:49he never lies
24:51so what does it look like to stay awake
24:54I think Jude helps us out here our text
24:57from Jude let’s revisit it and we’ll end
24:59with these thoughts beloved
25:02building yourselves up in your Most Holy
25:05Faith praying in the Holy Spirit but you
25:08do these things beloved as because we
25:11are Christians because we are in Christ
25:12because we confidently believe that we
25:14are forgiven and redeemed we continue to
25:17build ourselves up in our Most Holy
25:19Faith coming to church hearing his word
25:21receiving his body and blood trusting in
25:23the promises and also praying in the
25:25Holy Spirit we as Christians we pray
25:28we don’t decree and declare we pray we
25:32humbly ask God to meet our needs to give
25:35us our daily bread to lead us not into
25:37temptation and we also pray for those
25:40who are in need as well humbly asking
25:42God to meet their needs to strengthen
25:44people and to step in and do justice for
25:48those who are oppressed keep yourselves
25:51in the love of God and you do that by
25:53trusting and coming here waiting for the
25:55mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that
25:57leads to eternal life now listen to what
25:59Jude says what are we waiting for as
26:01Christians Jude doesn’t say hey we’re
26:03waiting for God’s Wrath to show up I
26:04hope you make it
26:08Jude says we are waiting for the mercy
26:11of our Lord Jesus Christ
26:13that’s what we’re waiting for when Jesus
26:15shows up we will receive and we will see
26:17that mercy so have mercy on those who
26:21that’s right
26:23how many of you have ever struggled with
26:25those those doubts
26:28those doubts take on all kinds of
26:29different forms
26:30can I truly be forgiven am I really a
26:35what if I haven’t done enough right if
26:38we come across these doubts and so when
26:40you see somebody struggling with them
26:42those doubts you have mercy on them and
26:44you point them back to Jesus
26:47save others by snatching them out of the
26:49fire yeah there are those who have done
26:52the foolish thing they’ve gone from the
26:54frying pan Into the Fire
26:56they’ve stopped believing
26:59so we go out and snatch others we do
27:01good works because we is Christians
27:04to others show Mercy with fear hating
27:07even the Garment
27:09stained by the flesh but now to him who
27:12is able to keep you from stumbling that
27:14would be Jesus and him who’s able to
27:16present you blameless before the
27:17presence of his glory that’s Jesus he’s
27:19the one who’s presenting you as
27:21blameless and you sit there and go but
27:22I’m not
27:25but you are
27:26your sin doesn’t belong to you anymore
27:30I’m sorry
27:31I hate to break this to you but all of
27:34those sins that you’ve committed all of
27:36those sins that you will commit they
27:37were put on Christ they’re bled for
27:40they’re died for they don’t belong to
27:42you they belong to him and he’s taken
27:44care of them he’s dispatched them so he
27:47instead is going to give you mercy and
27:49he’s going to present you before the
27:51Throne of God
27:55perfectly righteous
27:57shining as the sun
28:00as a gift
28:03so to the only God our savior through
28:05Jesus Christ Our Lord be glory Majesty
28:08Dominion Authority before all time now
28:12and forever as the Greek says from the
28:14ages into the ages
28:17Amen in the name of Jesus Amen
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