Sermon Transcript – Tasting the Complexity of Isaiah’s Prophecy

1 Year Lectionary – Twelfth Sunday After Trinity – Sunday, September 4, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Mark the seventh
0:36oh Lord
0:39Jesus returned from the region of tire
0:41and went through sidon to the Sea of
0:43Galilee in the region of the decapolis
0:45and they brought to him a man who was
0:47deaf and had a speech impediment and
0:49They begged him to lay his hand on him
0:51and taking him aside from the crowd
0:53privately he put his fingers into his
0:55ears and after spitting touched his
0:57tongue and looking up to heaven he
0:59sighed and said to him ephathah that is
1:02be opened and his ears were opened his
1:04tongue was released and he spoke plainly
1:07and Jesus charged them to tell no one
1:09but the more he charged them the more
1:11zealously they proclaimed it and they
1:13were astonished Beyond measures saying
1:15he has done all things well even makes
1:17the death to hear in the mute to speak
1:20this is the gospel of the Lord in the
1:22name of Jesus all right all right see if
1:25these words sound familiar to you in
1:27fact I might even try to chant this this
1:29should sound familiar to some of you
1:31hopefully some of some of you even more
1:33oh Lord open my lips
1:36how’s the next part go and my mouth will
1:39declare your praise make haste o God to
1:43deliver me make haste to help me O Lord
1:47that’s the order of matins and so you
1:49know oh Lord open my lips and my mouth
1:52will declare your praise you’ll note
1:54that throughout the scripture
1:56muteness blindness
1:59um deafness and things like this
2:01oftentimes have kind of a double meaning
2:04if you would they and so God throughout
2:07the scriptures will point to physical
2:09bodily ailments like the inability to
2:11hear the inability to speak the
2:13inability to see as a as metaphors
2:17regarding our spiritual deadness our
2:20spiritual blindness you see not all of
2:22us are physically incapable of seeing or
2:25hearing although my wife would argue
2:27that I have a fairly bad hearing but I
2:28don’t need hearing aids it’s the
2:30strangest thing but all of that being
2:33um when we don’t suffer from the actual
2:35physics physical ailment then you’ll
2:38note that scripture points to physical
2:39ailments like this to kind of get to a
2:42bigger reality one that has to do with
2:45spiritual realities and that’s part of
2:47what’s going on in Our Gospel text so
2:50here we have Jesus and let’s kind of
2:52work our way through our gospel text and
2:54then we’ll use Isaiah to kind of help
2:56unpack all of this when Jesus returned
2:59from the region of tire and went through
3:01side into the Sea of Galilee in the
3:03region of the decapolis there’s our
3:04opening sentence in Our Gospel text here
3:06today and you’ll note that tire sidon
3:09region of decapolis
3:11these are these are where the on the
3:14unbelieving Pagan Gentiles live right
3:16this is technically outside of Israel
3:20although the decapolis may be within the
3:22borders of what historically was Israel
3:24the decapolis the 10 cities established
3:27by Rome they were known for their
3:30paganism that you know they ate bacon
3:32and things like that their Tire inside
3:34and uh oh Old Testament enemies of
3:38Israel and so Jesus here in Our Gospel
3:41text is hanging out with the Gentiles
3:43and you’ll note that Jesus isn’t
3:46treating them poorly he’s being kind
3:49he’s forgiving their sins he’s healing
3:52their sick and things like this you’ll
3:54note that Christ came to die for the
3:56sins of the whole world and so his
3:59behavior here is unique it’s not
4:02normally Jewish for Jews to mingle with
4:05pagans and Gentiles in such a way but
4:07Christ is and so you’ll note that as
4:10Christ is extending kindness and mercy
4:12preaching good news to them and healing
4:15people this well inspires them to bring
4:18a man to Jesus who was deaf and had a
4:21speech impediment and so they begged
4:23Jesus to lay his hands on him and you’ll
4:26note what Jesus does next is rather
4:28interesting Jesus doesn’t do the Benny
4:30Hinn thing all right or the TBN thing
4:33you don’t see Jesus going all right this
4:34is a great opportunity for me to
4:35demonstrate the power of God right and
4:38so he takes his coat off and swings it
4:40in there I want you to hear right you
4:43know it doesn’t do any of that instead
4:45jesus takes him aside privately
4:47and what happens next is so interesting
4:50he puts his fingers in his ears and
4:53you’ll note that what Christ is who he
4:56is he is our great God and savior and as
4:59I look at this it kind of reminds me of
5:02two things number one the Garden of Eden
5:04it reminds me of the well God forming
5:07Adam from the dust and there’s Adam’s
5:10lifeless body newly fashioned by Jesus
5:13in the Garden of Eden and what does it
5:16say that God breathed into the nostrils
5:19of Adam the breath of life and his eyes
5:21open up first thing Adam sees is the
5:24face of his God I mean it’s such a
5:27beautiful picture but the other thing
5:29here now is is that now our broken body
5:32is being brought to our creator Jesus is
5:35doing some diagnostic work I’m not
5:36exactly sure how any of this works I’ve
5:38never seen a doctor behave like this
5:40right but the other thing it kind of
5:42reminds me of is you guys remember Star
5:44Trek the Next Generation right and data
5:47you you know and like he had the
5:48opportunity to like in one of the
5:50episodes run into his creator and you
5:52know and so he’s getting a tune-up and a
5:54checkup from it’s kind of like that so
5:56here this fellow he’s got a broken body
5:58and it just so happens his creator is
6:00standing right in front of him and Jesus
6:02is doing poking prodding you know taking
6:05and all this kind of stuff and then
6:07looking up to heaven Jesus side and he
6:10said to him kind of breathy word a
6:11breathy word you have to say it like
6:14right it’s very breathy it kind of
6:17invokes the wind of the spirit and that
6:19word itself means be open his ears were
6:23open his tongue was released and he
6:26spoke plainly and Jesus charged him to
6:29tell no one but the more he charged them
6:32the more zealously they proclaimed it
6:33you know you’ll note that Jesus wasn’t
6:35trying to draw a crowd because the more
6:38crowds came to him with bodily ailments
6:40and broken bodies and things like this
6:42the harder it was for him to actually
6:44preach the word which was the important
6:47bit but they were astonished beyond all
6:48measures saying he has done all things
6:52he even makes the death to hear in the
6:55mute to speak and we should know indeed
6:58he does I need to remind each and every
7:01one of you myself included that our
7:04state when we were conceived and born
7:06into this world was not a healthy one
7:07despite the fact that you may have got a
7:10good apgar score by the the doctor who
7:12delivered you that’s that’s beside the
7:15point each and every one of us are born
7:17dead in trespasses and sins so we can
7:21say spiritually our eyes don’t work
7:24spiritually our ears don’t hear
7:27spiritually our mouths do not speak oh
7:30Lord open my lips
7:33and my mouth will declare your praise in
7:36fact that’s exactly what David taught us
7:38to pray oh Lord open my lips and my
7:41mouth will declare your praise why
7:42because corpses don’t speak
7:46corpses don’t sing corpses don’t do
7:49anything except for decompose and that’s
7:52our state spiritually when we are born
7:55we are all born dead in trespasses and
7:57sins and so the deafness muteness
8:00blindness theme runs throughout
8:03scripture and it’s here where I would
8:05take us back to our old testament text
8:07and we’ll see if we can weave in a
8:10little bit of meaning here because it
8:11connects so well with our gospel and
8:13here’s where I have to do a little bit
8:15of explaining about how the Old
8:17Testament prophets work have you ever
8:19noticed that when you’re reading an Old
8:22Testament Prophet maybe Isaiah or
8:24Jeremiah or you’re you’re reading Micah
8:27or things like you know prophets like
8:29this you’ll note that somehow it seems
8:32like they’re constantly changing the
8:34subject as you’re reading through some
8:36of these prophetic texts it seems like
8:38they’re talking about one thing and then
8:40without any solid transition it’s like
8:42immediately now we’re talking about
8:44something else now we’re talking about
8:45this and and it just seem to kind of go
8:47back and forth well let me give you a
8:49metaphor that will kind of help us here
8:51to understand what’s going on in Isaiah
8:53and this what requires me to talk about
8:56something that’s very uncomfortable for
8:58Norwegians but that’s a good wine all
9:00right now let me explain years and years
9:02and years ago I knew nothing about wine
9:05absolutely not a thing I would go to
9:08Trader Joe’s because we had Trader Joe’s
9:10in Southern California and they have all
9:12kinds of wines that you can choose from
9:14and you know how I would choose based
9:17upon who had the coolest label on their
9:18bottle right because I don’t know a
9:21thing about wine at the time and so at
9:24the time I was also in the corporate
9:26world and I was a CEO running a company
9:28and one of my employees said we need to
9:30have a management Retreat well that’s
9:33fine I’m in Southern California
9:34management Retreat seems like a good
9:36thing you could kind of get everybody on
9:38the same page work on things where
9:40people are lacking and you know kind of
9:42team build and stuff like this it’s an
9:44important thing but they came up with
9:45the idea of having a management retreat
9:47in Sonoma California
9:50all right so we’re going to travel from
9:52Southern California to Sonoma now if
9:54you’re not familiar with Sonoma let me
9:55explain you’ve heard of California wine
9:57country right all right California wine
9:59country you can kind of think of it it
10:00breaks up into several pieces but two
10:03main parts are going to be Napa which is
10:05like super commercialized but Sonoma is
10:08a little more let’s just say Mom and Pop
10:11okay good way to put it and so we were
10:14doing our Retreat our corporate retreat
10:16in Sonoma and yeah and which is a really
10:19nice mom and pop kind of wine country
10:22and one of my employees said you know we
10:23should go on a wine tasting Tour all
10:27right wine tasting tour sounds good so
10:29they they went I didn’t know what they
10:31were using because this is a long time
10:32ago this is probably before Yelp even
10:34existed but they went online and we’re
10:36looking at different reviews and things
10:37like this and they came up with a fellow
10:40who had really good reviews as to
10:42somebody who would take us on kind of a
10:44Cook’s tour of the the wineries in the
10:47Sonoma Valley and so he shows up in his
10:50and he’s got this white van it looks
10:52kind of governmental it’s just
10:53non-descript kind of ugly van shows up
10:56and first thing he does is he sits us
10:58down at like a picnic table and he ends
11:01up because I’m the boss he ends up like
11:03interviewing me for like 10 or 15
11:05minutes I’m thinking are we going to go
11:07on this thing or not all right and he’s
11:10saying that I like to personalize each
11:13and every wine tour and so I’m going to
11:16find out what you are all about and you
11:19want to know about me as a person we’ve
11:21discovered that I was in nerd it only
11:22takes like three seconds to figure this
11:24out right and and so he figured out some
11:27other things about me he goes all right
11:28I know exactly which one wineries I
11:30should take you to First Winery on the
11:33list was a winery run by a retired JPL
11:37rocket scientist no joke retired JPL
11:42rocket science and he was an Aussie to
11:44boot he grew up on a Vineyard in
11:48Adelaide in in the south of Australia
11:50spent 15 years working for the jet
11:52propulsion laboratory in Pasadena and
11:55decided that he wanted to go back to
11:57being a wine maker so he sold all of his
12:01stocks retired took out of all of his
12:03retirement and then used the money to
12:05Parlay into buying a specialty Vineyard
12:07up in in the Sonoma Valley and so we are
12:11in this guy’s really basic Winery and he
12:16begins to pull out some of his choice
12:18wines one of them was an award-winning
12:21um I what I want to say it was a it was
12:25award-winning Harvest to Zinfandel now I
12:28didn’t know a thing about zinfandels at
12:29the time again I just know that labels
12:32are pretty and I kind of picked based on
12:33that and so at this point I get poured
12:36at an award-winning Harvest Zinfandel
12:39and I tasted and it’s like okay well
12:41that’s all right and he looks at me like
12:43that’s all right and our our tour guide
12:46is like oh this is terrible and so at
12:49this point I now get the entire lesson
12:53on how wine is tasted all right and so
12:58and and this was a complete education
13:00for me like wine tasting 101 Number One
13:04You’re Gonna swirl your glass but the
13:06important thing is is that that first
13:07taste you’re going to be listening for
13:09with your tongue different notes of
13:13flavors and things like this so he says
13:16all right take a swig tell me what you
13:18taste do you taste any vanilla and I go
13:21yeah there’s a little bit of vanilla
13:23right there at the beginning of it good
13:25good good what else do you and I said
13:27well there’s a little bit of kind of a
13:28cherry hint to it perfect that’s exactly
13:31correct and says all right so we got
13:33vanilla we got a little bit of cherry
13:34and then tell me about the Finish tell
13:36me about the very last bit as it’s
13:38leaving your palette I go it’s it’s kind
13:41of peppery he goes exactly right and so
13:44you’ll note that at this point I’ve now
13:46had my mind blown right and then he says
13:49oh it doesn’t stop there and he goes let
13:52me do something really quick so he takes
13:53the glass kind of pours out what’s left
13:56of the of the of the wine and then just
13:58this tiny little drop and he takes the
14:00wine gobble and he spins it you know and
14:02he ends up drying it inside it points
14:05the wine glass right to the center of my
14:06nose points right there it says now take
14:08a whip what do you smell I’m like I
14:10smell vanilla he’s all right that means
14:12it was aged in a French Oak Barrel it’s
14:16like no way my mind is like
14:19it’s like all of a sudden the whole
14:21world is just opened up it’s like are
14:23all wines like this no not the only the
14:26good ones but yes the good ones have
14:28these kind of complexities these kind of
14:30notes these kind of flavors and stuff
14:31like this and as a result of that from
14:34then on it’s like I’ve had a real
14:36appreciation for good wines and their
14:38complexity and the different things they
14:40bring to the table all of that being
14:42said when you read an Old Testament
14:44Prophet like Isaiah you have to sip it
14:48kind of like a wine there’s different
14:51themes and different things that are
14:53happening and there’s no transitions
14:55they just go from one concept to another
14:57concept and then once you’re able to
15:00kind of take it all in you can see how
15:02the different complexities work in an
15:04Old Testament reading like Isaiah so
15:06watch how this works Isaiah chapter 29
15:08it is not yet a very little while until
15:11Lebanon shall be turned into a fruitful
15:14field and the fruitful field shall be
15:16regarded as a forest now in this first
15:19sentence a fruitful field is Lebanon a
15:23fruitful field today
15:24is Lebanon a zip code where you’d
15:27probably want to move your family and
15:30okay so that being the case what what is
15:34this note in this drinking of Isaiah’s
15:38prophecy here well we have some pest
15:40catological notes Here things pointing
15:43to a coming reality when Jesus returns
15:47in glory to judge the living and the
15:49dead the re-creation of the of the
15:52universe and the renewing of it and it
15:55going back to being the way it should be
15:57but note then he says in that day the
15:59deaf shall hear the words of a book and
16:01out of their gloom and darkness the eyes
16:03of the blinds shall see oh now hmm
16:07that’s interesting right different note
16:09here a different flavor and this refers
16:12to the fact that each and every one of
16:14us born dead in trespasses and sins we
16:17are blind deaf and mute spiritually and
16:21we have all today heard the words of a
16:24book the book is the scriptures and so
16:26you’ll note that Isaiah is prophesying
16:28of those who would hear the words of
16:31Christ hear the words of scripture the
16:34Assurance of the Forgiveness of our sins
16:36in Jesus Christ and how we are renewed
16:39we are risen from the grave and we are
16:42given back our spiritual faculties so
16:45that we are no longer deaf and blind and
16:48mute but instead we can see we can hear
16:50and we speak and out of the Gloom in the
16:53darkness of sin now our eyes which were
16:57once blind see the meek shall obtain
17:01fresh joy in Yahweh and the poor among
17:05mankind shall exalt in the Holy One of
17:08Israel this is talking about the
17:10meekness and poorness of the one who
17:12confesses their sins and recognizes that
17:15they have nothing to offer God and they
17:18cry out to him for mercy and here Isaiah
17:21prophesies that the one who does that
17:23will actually exult in the Holy One of
17:26Israel and who is that well that’s none
17:28other than Jesus Christ
17:30and then note without a single
17:32transition sent word then we just going
17:36to take a hard turn into a different
17:37flavor a different note altogether a
17:40word of warning
17:41for those who are ruthless and for those
17:44who are scoffers and you’ll note
17:46ruthless and the scoffers these are the
17:47people who are not penitent they have no
17:50trust in Christ in fact they mock those
17:54who believe in Jesus and even worse in
17:57many cases they even persecute them this
17:59is the lot of being a Christian we are
18:01called to suffer the same way that
18:03Christ is suffered remember Jesus
18:05committed no sin there was not a single
18:07thing you can point to Jesus and say
18:09dude you are absolutely in the wrong
18:11there what were you thinking you need to
18:13repent but he was crucified anyway right
18:17how so well by people bringing forth
18:21false Witnesses who testified against
18:23Jesus and you’ll know it took a lot of
18:26false Witnesses because they needed at
18:27least two of them to agree with each
18:29other and even then they Twisted The
18:31Words of Christ in order to Trump up
18:33false charges against them talk about
18:35ruthless the ruthless they will come to
18:38nothing the scoffers they will cease all
18:41who watch watch and do evil they will be
18:44cut off and these are people who by a
18:47word make a man out to be offender all
18:50right now let me explain here what is
18:53the biblical standard for a charge to be
18:56leveled against anyone
18:58Pastor or even just layperson two or
19:01more witnesses right you have to
19:04actually have two or more witnesses but
19:06when somebody is made out to be an
19:08offender merely by a single word what is
19:13slander but slander
19:16that’s lying it is bearing false witness
19:20against your neighbor and those who
19:23persecute Christ and those who trust in
19:26him that’s what they do they offend by
19:30making people out to be offenders merely
19:33by a single word but they do not abide
19:35by the biblical standard a true charge
19:38must be brought to the right people and
19:40a true charge must be established by the
19:43testimony of two or more witnesses as a
19:46result the ruthless they lay a snare for
19:48the one who reproves in the gate and the
19:51one who reproves in the gate who is that
19:52fellow that’s the fellow who tells his
19:55fellow citizens in his either town or a
19:58state or his country that you we are
20:01doing wrong we need to turn away from
20:03doing wrong we need to do what is right
20:05and there are people who are annoyed by
20:08folks like this and so what do they do
20:09for them they lay a snare for people
20:12like that that’s exactly what they did
20:14with Jesus and then with an empty plea
20:16that turn aside him who is in the right
20:19these are people who are constantly
20:21subverting the truth subverting justice
20:23subverting the message of God and
20:26finding a way to persecute to slander
20:29and to demean those who would speak the
20:31truth to us completely different note
20:33altogether and note this is a word of
20:36judgment against such people and if you
20:39don’t think that applies to you believe
20:41me when I tell you I know this from my
20:43own personal experience that you and I
20:45have all participated in this to one
20:46degree or another when we hear the truth
20:49and we go yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that
20:51that Pastor he’s just crazy he’s just
20:53he’s just a little tightly wound or
20:55whatever you get the idea we’ve all done
20:57things like this but therefore thus says
21:01Yahweh who redeemed Abraham concerning
21:04the house of Jacob Jacob shall no more
21:07be ashamed no more shall his face grow
21:11pale for when he sees his children the
21:13work of my hands in his midst they will
21:15sanctify my name now a little bit of a
21:18note here without a single warning the
21:21flavor on our palate in this drink from
21:24Isaiah changes again kind of back to
21:27that original note in the text not yet a
21:30little while until Lebanon shall be
21:32turned into a fruitful field that
21:34eschatological taste that hint there
21:37here it now comes Again full circle and
21:39we get that taste back it’s kind of like
21:41the aftertaste of this text no more
21:44shall Jacob be ashamed no more shall his
21:46face grow pale for when he sees his
21:48children the work of my hands in his
21:50midst they will sanctify my name they
21:55will sanctify the Holy One of Jacob and
21:58they will stand in awe of the god of
22:00Israel again a picture of the end of the
22:03world and so as we see what’s going on
22:06here in this wonderful text
22:08we can see the connections then with
22:10Christ in Our Gospel Christ by
22:12physically opening the ears of the death
22:14by physically opening the mouths of the
22:17mute by physically opening the eyes of
22:20the blind was pointing to the spiritual
22:22reality that in him we must be raised
22:25from the dead we must have our eyes
22:28opened our mouths opened our ears opened
22:32so that we can see and hear and for
22:35those who have had these things done to
22:37them by Christ they have a hope a hope
22:41of a World Without End where we will
22:44stand and we with our own eyes will see
22:48the awe of the god of Israel
22:51here’s the promise those who go astray
22:53in spirit they will come to end
22:56understanding each and every one of us
22:57has truly done that gone astray in our
23:00spirit and in our body but because of
23:03Christ and his word and his grace and
23:05his Mercy we now have come to have
23:08understanding and even we who murmured
23:11against God will finally accept
23:14instruction it’s a beautiful text when
23:16you think about it and so how does this
23:19end then all of this work well a good
23:21connector on all of this would be the
23:23gospel itself you’ll note that Christ is
23:27opening the eyes of the blind he’s
23:29opening the ears of the death he’s
23:30opening the mouths of the mute this is
23:32the work of raising people from the dead
23:35but how was it possible that people who
23:37have participated in the sins of the
23:39devil could have such great things done
23:42for them to them by God number one it’s
23:46by his grace and his Mercy but you’re
23:48going to note then that Christ bore your
23:50sin things in mind in his body on the
23:54cross he suffered bled and died and on a
23:58Friday afternoon at three in the
24:00afternoon while suffering for your sins
24:03and mind bleeding in the darkness
24:05because the sun was no longer giving its
24:07light Christ cried out it is finished
24:09and he gave up his spirit and you’ll
24:12note that the author of Life the one who
24:15opened the eyes of Adam that day the one
24:19who opened his eyes by breathing into
24:20his nostrils the breath of life and Adam
24:23his eyes opened the first thing he sees
24:25is Jesus that same Jesus who the author
24:28of Life took that poor fellow who was
24:31mute and was deaf and opened his ears
24:33and opened his mouth like the Creator
24:35that he is because he is that our
24:41and when he gave up his spirit
24:44his eyes no longer saw his ears stopped
24:49his mouth stopped speaking
24:52he died
24:54so that we could live
24:56it’s a beautiful picture when you kind
24:58of tie it all together with that gospel
25:00bow and all of that being said then the
25:03author of Life died on the cross so that
25:07you and I can be forgiven pardon and
25:10redeemed we who’ve acted in deadness and
25:13blindness and death and and muteness and
25:16have blasphemed and resisted God and
25:19acted ruthlessly against him that we can
25:22be forgiven and pardoned and made alive
25:24in Christ and so at three in the
25:26afternoon on the Friday of the
25:28crucifixion Christ’s eyes stop seeing
25:31his ears stop hearing his mouth stop
25:33speaking and he stood
25:36rested in silence in the Tomb all Friday
25:41evening all Saturday
25:44and then on into Sunday
25:46but you’ll note something amazing
25:48happened and that is that the author of
25:50life could not be swallowed by death and
25:52stay there
25:53using the imagery of Jonah and Jonah’s
25:56three days in the great Belly of the
25:59great fish is used as an analogy of
26:01Christ’s death and his resurrection well
26:03if you remember the story of Jonah that
26:06fish got a belly ache about through the
26:08third day and took Jonah and vomited him
26:11up on to the shore I’m sure that would
26:14have must have been a sight to see in
26:16the smell to smell you know it got to
26:18throw the smelling into there because
26:19it’s kind of interesting but all of that
26:21being said
26:22on the third day death itself got a
26:25belly ache and vomited up Christ and
26:27he’s conquered death so that you and I
26:30never have to die that you and I can
26:33live forever as a free gift because of
26:35the great love that God has for us again
26:38note The Compassion of Christ in Our
26:40Gospel text and how he is ministering to
26:44Pagan Gentiles who don’t even rightly
26:46believe in the god of Israel that
26:48doesn’t matter Christ shows up and gives
26:50them mercy and Grace and heals them and
26:54all of that points to the fact that he
26:55also heals us he heals us spiritually
26:58and Promises Us in the new Earth that he
27:01will also take our dead corpses and
27:03raise us from the grave because there is
27:05a day coming if Christ continues to
27:07tarry when your eyes will no longer see
27:10a thing your ears will no longer hear
27:12anything and your mouth will say nothing
27:14you’ll note that every time we sing
27:16hymns here the folks in our graveyard do
27:18not join us in chorus that we can hear
27:20right but despite all of that Christ
27:23died so that we might live and you will
27:25live because you are in him so trust in
27:28this Jesus and repent of all the ways in
27:32which you continue to be blind to his
27:34truth blind to what is Right blind to
27:37what we should be doing and not doing
27:39and repent and Trust in this Jesus who
27:42will raise you from the dead
27:45and so you’ll know
27:47fine line we had today nice little hints
27:50of judgment and mercy and the coming
27:52eschaton and the promises of Jesus will
27:55never look pun intended at blindness and
27:58we’ll never hear about deafness the same
28:00in the name of Jesus Amen
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