Sermon Transcript – Tempted in Every Way

1 Year Lectionary – Third Wednesday in Lent – Wednesday, March 16, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27A reading from genesis
0:29chapter 39.
0:32now joseph had been brought down to
0:34egypt and potiphar an officer of pharaoh
0:36the captain of the guard an egyptian had
0:39bought him from the ishmaelites who had
0:42brought him down there the lord was with
0:44joseph and he became a successful man
0:47and he was in the house of his egyptian
0:50master his master saw that the lord was
0:52with him and that the lord caused all
0:55that he did to succeed in his hands so
0:58joseph found favor in his sight and
1:00attended him and he made him overseer of
1:03his house and put him in charge of all
1:05that he had
1:06from the time that he had made him
1:08overseer in his house and over all that
1:10he had the lord blessed the egyptians
1:12house for joseph’s sake the blessing of
1:16the lord was on all that he had in house
1:19and field and so he left all that he had
1:21in joseph’s charge and because of him he
1:23had no concern about anything but the
1:25food that he ate now joseph was handsome
1:28in form and appearance and after a time
1:30his master’s wife cast her eyes on
1:32joseph and said lie with me but he
1:35refused and said to his master’s wife
1:37behold because of me my master has no
1:40concern about anything in the house and
1:42he has put everything that he has in my
1:44charge he is not greater in this house
1:47than i am nor has he kept back anything
1:49from me except for you because you are
1:52his wife how then can i do this great
1:55wickedness in sin against god and as she
1:58spoke to joseph day after day he would
2:01not listen to her to lie with her or to
2:04be with her but one day when he went
2:06into the house to do his work and none
2:09of the men of the house was there in the
2:11house she caught him by his garment
2:13saying lie with me
2:15but he left his garment in her hand and
2:17fled and got out of the house and as
2:19soon as she saw that he had left his
2:22garment in her hand and had fled out of
2:24the house she called to the men of her
2:26household and said to them see he has
2:29brought among us a hebrew to laugh at us
2:31he came in to lie with me and i cried
2:34out with a loud voice and as soon as he
2:36heard that i had lifted up my voice and
2:38cried out he left his garment beside me
2:41and fled and got out of the house then
2:43she laid up his garment by her until his
2:46master came home and she told him the
2:48same story saying the hebrew servant
2:51whom you have brought among us came in
2:53to me to laugh at me but as soon as i
2:55lifted up my voice and cried he left his
2:58garment beside me and fled out of the
3:01house and as soon as his master heard
3:04the words that his wife spoke to him
3:07this is the way your servant treated me
3:09his anger was kindled
3:11and joseph’s master took him and put him
3:13into the prison the place where the
3:15king’s prisoners were confined and he
3:18was there in prison but the lord was
3:21with joseph and showed him steadfast
3:24love and gave him favor in the sight of
3:26the keeper of the prison and the keeper
3:28of the prison put joseph in charge of
3:31all the prisoners who were in the prison
3:33whatever was done there he was the one
3:35who did it the keeper of the prison paid
3:38no attention to anything that was in
3:40joseph’s charge because the lord was
3:42with him and whenever he did the lord
3:44made it succeed oh lord have mercy on us
3:50please rise for the gospel
3:53the holy gospel according to saint luke
3:55the 22nd chapter Jesus said simon simon
3:59behold satan demanded to have you that
4:01he might sift you like wheat
4:04but i have prayed for you that your
4:05faith may not fail and when you have
4:07turned again strengthen your brothers
4:09peter said to him lord i am ready to go
4:12with you both to prison and to death and
4:14Jesus said i tell you peter the rooster
4:16will not crow this day until you deny me
4:19three times that you know me and he said
4:21to them when i sent you out with no
4:23money bag or knapsack or sandals did you
4:25lack anything they said nothing he said
4:27to them but now let the one who has a
4:30money bag take it and likewise a
4:32knapsack let the one who has no sword
4:34sell his cloak and buy one for i tell
4:37you that this scripture must be
4:38fulfilled in me and he was numbered with
4:40the transgressors for what is written
4:43about me has its fulfillment and they
4:45said look here are two swords and Jesus
4:47said to them it is enough and he came
4:50out and went as was his custom to the
4:54mount of olives and his disciples
4:56followed him and when he had came to the
4:58place he said pray that you may not
5:00enter into temptation in the name of
5:05temptation yeah Jesus knows a thing or
5:07two about temptation we read about
5:09Christ that Christ was like us in every
5:12way except for without sin and we do not
5:16have a high priest who cannot sympathize
5:18with our weaknesses because he has been
5:21tempted in every way that we have been
5:24and yet is without sin and so as we
5:28consider our meditation tonight a
5:30meditation on the story of joseph joseph
5:33has now had a
5:35change of vocations not willfully but at
5:39last he’s had a change of vocations and
5:41you go he’s going to change vocations
5:42twice in our text first vocation
5:46slave what do we used to make of that
5:49what what should happen to you how are
5:51you supposed to do your good works if
5:53somebody well
5:55hijacks you sells you into slavery and
5:58you find yourself waking up a couple of
6:00weeks from now in a foreign land as a
6:03slave what are you supposed to do well
6:06scripture says that slaves are to obey
6:08their masters as unto the lord and that
6:11Christ will reward their good works as a
6:14slave you’ll note that rather than whine
6:17and complain and moan and go oh woe is
6:21me i used to be my dad’s favorite and he
6:24i used to have a really nice coat of
6:26many colors and now i’m a slave i’m so
6:30sad no
6:31that’s not what joseph did he just kind
6:33of basically said well all right god
6:35sent me here let’s get to it so he was
6:37the best slave ever
6:40that’s what the text says and so you’ll
6:43note that although the text doesn’t talk
6:45about the temptation to despair or the
6:47temptation to despise the vocation that
6:51god has put you into we learn from the
6:53later part of the story that god is the
6:54one who sent them there so who is it
6:56that will that joseph become a slave
7:00god all right so the highest most
7:03favored child tiki tiki tempo no saw
7:06rambo has now been reduced to the slave
7:10right that’s what has happened here and
7:13he makes the best of it and here we hear
7:15something about Christ because you’re
7:16going to note that the story of joseph
7:19is so similar to our stories about
7:21Christ the parallels and the types and
7:23shadows are fascinating that joseph
7:25found favor in his sight and this his
7:29master put him in charge of all that he
7:30had and that the lord blessed the
7:33egyptians house listen to these words
7:37joseph’s sake
7:42so you’re going to note here this
7:43egyptian who doesn’t even believe in
7:44yahweh doesn’t worship yahweh has no
7:47faith in yahweh
7:49he’s blessed for joseph’s sake
7:51have you ever heard somebody say that we
7:54we are declared righteous for the sake
7:57of Christ or that we are
7:59saved or that we have blessings from god
8:02for Christ’s sake now people have turned
8:05that into some kind of a curse word you
8:07know they’ll use it disparagingly but
8:10the reality is is that
8:12we have been reconciled to god for
8:14Christ’s sake we have been given an
8:16inheritance in the new earth for the
8:19sake of Christ because of his mercy his
8:22vicarious suffering suffering bleeding
8:25and dying for your sins and mine and so
8:28you’ll know that there’s a little bit of
8:29that theology in here this this egyptian
8:32fellow is rather than being cursed by
8:35god for owning a slave he’s being
8:37blessed by god for the sake of joseph a
8:40man who has faith but alas temptation
8:44arises for all of us
8:46and temptation arises for joseph and
8:49since joseph is one of these fellows who
8:51is a type and shadow of Christ rather
8:53than giving in to the temptation
8:56he doesn’t in the in the u.s in not us
8:59in the world’s history’s first ever
9:03occurrence of workplace sexual
9:05harassment which is what we have going
9:07on here we have a woman harassing her
9:10employee if you would day after day
9:13after day with these words lie with me
9:17and she probably said it seductively in
9:19and what did joseph do he said
9:22no way not only that you’re going to
9:25note that joseph
9:27450 years before mount sinai
9:30had sorted it out knew that adultery is
9:34a great sin against god and would have
9:36been a great sin against his master and
9:39without the torah without the words of
9:43god written in stone he with the law of
9:46god written on his heart knows that
9:48sexual immorality
9:50is a sin
9:51and by the power of the holy spirit he
9:54resists the temptation and we’ll note
9:57here that although the scriptures hold
9:59joseph up as a great example for us and
10:02by the way this is a great example
10:04scripture itself in the new testament
10:09sexual immorality don’t stick around for
10:12it it’s not a good thing and the chances
10:15that you’re going to give into it the
10:17longer you stay in this situation grow
10:19and increase so scripture tells us to
10:21flee these things just like joseph did
10:25joseph well we know this that he died
10:29and he stayed dead which means that
10:32although he is held up as an example for
10:34us of not giving into temptation we also
10:36know that joseph was a sinner and that
10:39he was in need of the forgiveness of
10:41sins and the types and shadows point to
10:43Christ and Jesus tempted in every way
10:46that we were he wasn’t merely tempted
10:49for a short amount of time regarding you
10:52know giving in to sin he was tempted day
10:55after day after day
10:57in all the ways that we have been
10:59tempted and never once yielded you’re
11:02going to note that Christ didn’t give in
11:04to that temptation and the fact that he
11:06remained sinless
11:07is salvation for us now we’ll hear the
11:11words of Jesus in our gospel text which
11:14are very interesting
11:16but i’m getting ahead of myself but kind
11:18of keep that in mind so well as the
11:21saying goes no good deed goes unpunished
11:23so refusing to give in to the temptation
11:27into the pressure that was before him
11:29now joseph in kind of an interesting
11:32turn of events if you remember early on
11:34joseph had that multi-colored coat his
11:37dad basically saying you’re my favorite
11:40now he has his coat stripped from him
11:43and not only does he have his coat
11:45stripped from him he has his reputation
11:47taken from him as well he loses his
11:50garment he loses his honor he loses his
11:53dignity he loses his reputation all to
11:56the sin of slander you will not bear
11:59false witness against your neighbor the
12:01scripture says and yet potiphar’s wife
12:04who was the seductress in this affair
12:06she lies about joseph accuses him of
12:10being the perpetrator when all along she
12:13was and makes herself out to be the
12:15victim and now potiphar’s anger it grows
12:18and grows and grows and off to prison
12:22joseph goes
12:24now for a next change of vocation by the
12:29is prisoner a vocation
12:32yes it is
12:33yes it is
12:34so if you should ever find yourself in
12:39how are you to get on and doing your
12:40good works well the same way joseph did
12:42by being the best prisoner
12:46and you’ll know god considers those
12:49vocations to be godly enough that the
12:52works done in them count as say the same
12:55as good works done for those who are
12:57free and those who are not in prison
13:00keep that in mind god is the one who
13:03punishes people for sin and sometimes
13:05the justice system just doesn’t quite do
13:07what it’s supposed to do and the
13:10innocent end up with the guilty but god
13:12sees it all and he sorts it all out and
13:14god blessed joseph and gave him a pretty
13:17nice job as far as nice jobs go
13:20in the prison but all of that being said
13:23our theme tonight has to do with
13:25temptation and you’ll note that peter
13:28i have a i have a little more
13:31affinity towards peter yes because over
13:34and again i look at my life and i think
13:36of all the different ways when i have
13:37been tempted i have not
13:40like joseph fled the scene and instead
13:43have sinned against god or my neighbor
13:45and had to repent and to be forgiven
13:48peter is a lot like us and so here Jesus
13:51tells simon on the night that he’s going
13:53to be betrayed he says simon simon
13:56behold satan has demanded to have you
13:58that he might sift you like wheat
14:01man the devil does stuff like that pay
14:03attention yeah he does but know what
14:05Christ says but i’ve prayed for you that
14:06your faith may not fail and this kind of
14:09invokes another important thing for us
14:11that Christ is our mediator Christ is
14:13the one who well he he prays to us
14:17for us to the father he
14:20intercedes for us and so kind of an
14:22important thing here so it says i pray
14:24that your faith may not fail but when
14:25you’ve turned again
14:26then strengthen your brothers and peter
14:29of course
14:30i don’t know what he’s thinking here
14:32because has Jesus ever said anything in
14:34it not be true
14:36what does peter say yeah lord i’m ready
14:39to go with you both to prison and to
14:41well we know that wasn’t true and Jesus
14:44said i tell you peter the rooster will
14:46not crow this day until you deny me
14:48three times that you know me
14:50three times and we know how the story
14:52goes right there’s there’s peter
14:55warming his hands over a charcoal fire
14:58while Jesus is on trial at caiaphas
15:01house in the middle of the night
15:02kangaroo court by the way not real
15:04justice you’ll note the this world is
15:06chock full of injustices
15:09is it not
15:10all right and these men had set out to
15:12murder Jesus and while peter is warming
15:15his hands a slave girl
15:17a slave
15:19girl says hey you’re a galilean weren’t
15:23you with Jesus i thought i saw you with
15:26him no no no i don’t know the man never
15:29seen him i’m just happened to be
15:30strolling down the street at three in
15:32the morning and happened to come across
15:34a kangaroo court thought i’d check in
15:36and see what’s going on denied Christ
15:38three times
15:40just like Christ
15:43but listen to what Jesus says in our
15:46gospel text
15:48i tell you
15:49this scripture must be fulfilled in me
15:52and he was numbered
15:54with the transgressors
15:56and so you’ll note
15:58that scripture tells us in 1st john i
16:01write these things so that you do not
16:02sin but if we do sin we have an advocate
16:04with father Jesus Christ the righteous
16:07Jesus tempted in all the ways that we
16:09were he was without sin but scripture
16:12had to be fulfilled Jesus was numbered
16:15with the transgressors he was numbered
16:17with all those folks like me and like
16:20you who when faced with temptation of
16:23all kinds
16:25rather than flee or resist the devil
16:28or say i could never sin against god in
16:31that way have said okay
16:33all right and gone along with it and as
16:36a result of it we sinned against god and
16:38we sin against others and you’ll note
16:40that Jesus’s death on the cross he was
16:43numbered with the transgressors for this
16:45reason your sin was imputed to him so
16:48was mine the sin of the whole world and
16:51Jesus drawn drunk to the dregs
16:54drunk to the dregs the whole wrath and
16:56the fury of god in our place for all of
16:58us who when faced with temptation
17:00yielded to it gave way to it made
17:03excuses for it went for it and sinned
17:06against god and others he was numbered
17:09with the transgressors the one who
17:11tempted in every way and yet without sin
17:14and the fact that he was without sin
17:16shows us that he truly was the spotless
17:19lamb of god who takes away the sin of
17:20the world and the way he did it was by
17:23being numbered among the transgressors
17:25in fact Jesus becomes the transgressor
17:28before god
17:29and he bleeds and dies in your place so
17:31that you and i can be forgiven and so we
17:35pray as Christ taught us to pray lead us
17:37not into temptation but deliver us from
17:39the evil one but remember earlier on in
17:41that same prayer we pray that god would
17:43forgive us our debts our trespasses as
17:46we forgive those who trespass against us
17:49so this lenten tide this this week in
17:52lent as we consider again the big themes
17:55the sin that we’ve contributed that made
17:57it necessary for us to be saved let us
18:00think of all the different ways in which
18:01we have yielded to temptation rather
18:03than flee from it but take heart because
18:06Christ tempted like us never sinned but
18:09instead he was numbered with the
18:10transgressors and
18:12and suffered in our place so that we can
18:15be numbered among the righteous
18:18as a gift from god in the name of Jesus
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