Sermon Transcript – Terminator Levels of Evil

1 Year Lectionary – Second Sunday After Christmas – Sunday, January 2, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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0:28the holy gospel according to saint matthew the second chapter and hang on a second here
0:35there we go [Music]
0:43when the wise men had departed behold an angel of the lord appeared to joseph in a dream and said rise take the child and
0:49his mother and flee to egypt and remain there until i tell you for herod is about to search for the child to destroy
0:55him and he rose and he took the child and his mother by night and departed to egypt and remained there until the death
1:02of herod this was to fulfill what the lord had spoken by the prophet out of egypt i have called my son
1:08then herod when he saw that he had been tricked by the wise men became furious and he sent and killed all the male
1:14children in bethlehem and in all that region who were two years old or under according to the time that he had
1:20ascertained from the wise men what then was fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet jeremiah a voice was
1:27heard in rama weeping and loud lamentation rachel weeping for her children she refused to be comforted
1:33because they are no more but when herod died behold an angel of the lord appeared in a dream to joseph
1:39in egypt saying rise take the child and his mother and go to the land of israel
1:44for those who sought the child’s life are dead and then he rose and took the child and his mother and went to the
1:50land of israel but when he heard that archelaus was reigning over judea in place of his father herod he was afraid
1:56to go there and being warned in a dream he withdrew to the district of galilee and he went and lived in a city called
2:02nazareth that was and that was spoken by the prophet might be fulfilled he shall be called a
2:08nazarene this is the word this is the gospel of the lord in the name of Jesus
2:15amen you guys remember the terminator movies you guys remember those now i may be aging myself some of you may not have
2:21actually seen those movies but i remember very distinctly the first one was okay i mean a terminator a robot
2:28sent from the future to kill a woman sarah connor right but terminator 2
2:34creeped me out it absolutely just grabbed my attention and creeped me out and the reason being is because
2:42no matter what happened that terminator thing kept coming kept coming kept coming and
2:50you couldn’t get rid of that thing it was figuring out how to destroy it well that was all part of the plot so have
2:55you ever stopped to think that um the devil is a lot like that and what we see in the terminator movies is a very
3:02good depiction of how the devil operates in our gospel text today we hear of
3:09just how wicked and evil herod is in fact think of it this way i mean how how
3:17wicked is he he knows that the messiah has been born and his first response is to see if he
3:25can get the magi the wise men of the east to reveal to him where the messiah
3:31is so that he can go and worship him right and when that didn’t turn out and the
3:38wise men kind of made a fool of herod in a rage he decides he’s going to
3:43worship Jesus in his own way and that is he’s going to have him murdered
3:51who does that i mean could you imagine the scandal today you know president biden orders all kids
3:59in bethlehem pennsylvania two years old and under to be murdered right i think this wouldn’t this would make
4:05the news i think that people would be upset i think there would be opinion pieces written saying that that’s a really really evil wicked thing to do
4:13and so you’re going to note that herod he just cast this wide net he doesn’t send out agents to figure out who Jesus
4:19is and have him murdered he just cast this wide net everybody two years old and under if you’re a boy you’re dead
4:26and it’s absolutely wicked beyond all reason but you’re
4:31going to note then this is how evil operates and i would note that evil in
4:37operating in this way in its tenacity and its hatred towards the one true god
4:43is really really delusional and i want you to think with me for a
4:48second here can the word of god be broken
4:54no if the word of god says something’s going to happen you know what’s going to happen the thing that the word of god
5:00said right and so you’ll note that in our old testament text here we have god
5:06promising israel jacob was his birth name israel is his given name by god
5:12promising him that go ahead go into egypt i’m going to bring you out i’m
5:17going to build you into a mighty nation there and i will victoriously bring you out did god bring the children of israel
5:24out of egypt yes the whole book of exodus is all about that does god ever make a promise
5:30and not follow through no so in our gospel text today you’ll note these important words
5:38that after an angel appears to joseph in a dream and sends him to egypt
5:45joseph having dreams egypt that sounds vaguely familiar and
5:51it should that you hear these words in our text this was to fulfill what the
5:57lord had spoken by the prophet out of egypt i called my
6:02son so if god prophesied through the prophets of the old testament that his
6:09son would spend a sojourn in egypt and then come out of egypt was herod going to be able to kill Jesus prior to that
6:16nope not at all because god’s word cannot be broken and this is important for us so
6:23as we consider then how does evil operate and believe me this has
6:28implications for all of us we’ll note that evil is delusionally
6:34well wicked and tenacious singly focused in fact it’s in the book of exodus that we
6:41hear something akin to what we hear in our gospel text in exodus chapter 1 we read
6:47these words the king of egypt pharaoh you know the guy with the snake hat think about that for a second a guy with
6:53a snake hat sounds like a stand-in for the serpent right the devil right when the king of egypt said to the
6:59hebrew midwives well one of the whom was named shifra and the other pua
7:04when you serve as a midwife to the hebrew women and you see them on the birth stool if it’s a son you shall
7:11kill him if it’s a daughter she shall live. wow all the way back in egypt the
7:20devil was trying to figure out how to murder the messiah could you imagine had
7:25all the male children of the hebrews been slaughtered
7:30that would have put an end to the promise of the messiah the seat of the woman who would crush the head of the serpent right
7:37is satan ever going to be able to succeed in his maniacal plans
7:42no no in fact i would like to kind of posit this idea if you would for a
7:48second that when we read through scripture especially the book of revelation and other places it’s as if
7:55well the devil himself is wiley coyote
8:00and the church is the road runner i mean he’s always coming up with these plans
8:06to destroy the church and they always end up blowing up in his face
8:12but that never seems to stop him so going back to exodus 1 here the midwives
8:18though they feared god and they did not do as the king of egypt commanded them but they let the male children live so
8:26the king of egypt called the midwives and said to them why have you done this and let the male
8:32children live and i love this these women lie through their teeth to pharaoh the midwives said to pharaoh well
8:38because hebrew women they’re not like the egyptian women apparently the egyptian women were pampered and rich
8:45and spoiled and weak you know those those slave women of the hebrews they were vigorous you know and they said and
8:51they said this the the hebrew women they’re vigorous they give birth before the midwife comes to them they just pop
8:57them babies right out and you know we have no opportunity to murder those poor little male children lying through their
9:03teeth and so the people multiplied and grew very strong and because the midwives fear god god he gave them
9:10families and pharaoh commanded all his people every son that is born to the hebrews you shall cast into the nile but
9:16you shall let every daughter live you’ll note similar themes to our gospel
9:22text but what is behind this what is behind this is the devil himself and
9:27it’s here where we should pay attention to what paul is saying not paul sorry
9:33peter is saying in our epistle text telling us how we
9:38as Christians are going to participate in the sufferings of Christ if you
9:44haven’t started participating in those yet see me in about five minutes after
9:49the service things will start to heat up shortly after that it’s just generally how this goes remember the devil is like
9:55wiley coyote but here here’s how we think about this in revelation chapter 12 revelation
10:01chapter 12 we have this picture here of what the devil has been up to the entire
10:08time and what he’s currently doing now revelation chapter 12 verse 1 says this
10:13a great sign appeared in heaven a woman clothed with the sun the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of 12 stars
10:21now i know that rome thinks this is the virgin mary it ain’t all right you can tell because later this woman flees into
10:27the wilderness and god protects her and stuff like that this is a picture if you would if you you know the 12 the moon
10:33the sun the 12 stars that sounds a lot like one of those joseph dreams from the book of exodus that’s the point here in
10:40revelation chapter 12 we get a picture of the church of the old testament not
10:47specifically the virgin mary but the bride of Christ in the old testament at
10:52in the new same kind of imagery kind of bleeds over but you get the idea here
10:58and it’s in the in the woman the believers of the old testament that
11:03Christ comes out of she was pregnant crying out in birth pains in agony of giving birth another sign appeared in
11:10heaven behold a great red dragon seven heads ten horns on his head seven
11:16diadems now i would note that uh not even on my worst day would i like to go toe to toe with a seven-headed red
11:24dragon it sounds like that would be the end of my life the picture in imagery itself invokes well certain death this
11:32is a weird theme to have to be preaching around Christmas time because it sounds like something i should be preaching at
11:39halloween you know this scary imagery but here’s the thing you’ll note
11:44that in our gospel text that well all the shepherds have gone the stars
11:50disappeared the magi have gone back to where they’ve come from mary and joseph
11:55haven’t even had a moment to unpack and unload the gifts that they had received
12:00from the magi when they get word from an angel that they need to skedaddle and
12:06wander off into egypt and they left that very night you’ll note that the
12:12Christmas themes themselves do not have us sitting there constantly looking at Jesus lying in a manger Jesus is picked
12:19up and handled like a football and had sent off to egypt in order to protect
12:25his life we walk in danger all the way the hymn says and so you’ll note this
12:31obsessed wily coyote red dragon with seven heads ten horns on
12:37his heads he this is the one who had swept down a third of the stars of heaven talking about the angels of
12:43heaven cast them to the earth and the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth so that when she
12:48bore her child he might devour it she gave birth to a male child one who was
12:53to rule all the nations with a rod of iron but her child was cut up to god and to his throne and then the woman fled
12:59into the wilderness where she has a place prepared by god in which she is to be nourished for 1260 days you know a
13:07time time half a time that 1260 days is the time from Christ’s ascension until
13:12the time of his return you get the idea and so how did that work out for satan i’m
13:18going to devour the child well that didn’t work out Christ Jesus not only was he born he grew
13:25he laid down his life he was crucified for your sins and mind rose victorious
13:30from the grave ascended to the right hand of the father there he reigns and rules to this day well that didn’t work
13:38out for the dragon so and we hear now what happens in the aftermath of Christ
13:44victorious death burial resurrection and ascension
13:49and that is is that the devil was well he had to change careers a
13:54little bit the next part of revelation shows us what the devil had been up to
13:59up to the point of Christ’s burial and resurrection and death for our sins and that is is that apparently he was
14:06the worst attorney ever very litigious you know so think of the devil you know
14:12before Christ’s death for our sins he was up in heaven accusing the saints
14:18filing lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit and Jesus’s death on the cross silences him here’s what it says now war
14:26arose in heaven michael and his angels fighting against the dragon the dragon and his angels they fought back
14:32but he was defeated there was no longer any place for them in heaven and the great dragon then was thrown down that
14:39ancient serpent who was called the devil and satan the deceiver of the whole world he was thrown down to the earth
14:46and his angels were thrown down with him and i heard a loud voice in heaven saying now the salvation the power and
14:52the kingdom of our god and of the authority of his Christ have come for the accuser of our brothers has been
14:57thrown down who accuses them day and night before our god and they have conquered him by the blood of the lamb
15:04and by the word of their testimony for they love not their lives even unto death therefore rejoice o heavens and
15:10you who dwell in them but woe to you on the earth the devil has come down to you in great wrath
15:15because he knows that his time is short so think of it this way Christ’s death on the cross for your sins he was
15:22pierced for your transgressions bruised for your iniquities and mine that this then takes away the accusing power of
15:28the devil and michael and the angels give him a new job if you would he’s no
15:35longer an attorney and you’ll note that usually when things go poorly for something that you’ve planned this is a
15:41time for self-reflection and to consider your life choices
15:46but did the devil consider his life choices and decide you know maybe just maybe i should give up this fight
15:52against god because it’s not going to go my way no not at all and we now being forgiven by Christ the
16:00devil cannot accuse us of anything in fact paul says in colossians 2 that the
16:05record of debt that stood against us has been canceled and has been nailed to the cross there’s nothing that the devil can
16:12accuse you with you are covered by the blood of Christ you are clothed in his righteousness but here’s the thing
16:18having them been thrown out of heaven and to earth the scriptures say that he’s come down in great wrath because he
16:24knows that his time is short yippee for us but watch what happens next this is
16:30exactly like a road runner cartoon the dragon then saw that he had been thrown
16:36down to the earth and so he pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child but the woman was given the two
16:41wings of the great eagle so that she might fly from the serpent into the wilderness to the place where she is to be nourished for a time time and half a
16:48time and the serpent poured out water like a river out of his mouth and after the woman to sweep her way with a flood
16:55but the earth came to the help of the woman and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the river so the dragon had
17:01poured from his mouth every attempt by the dragon to destroy the church god
17:07miraculously steps in and saves the church and well does this give the devil
17:13pause no he keeps at it so then the dragon became furious with a woman went
17:18off to make war on the rest of her offspring that’s us on those who keep the commandments of god and hold to the
17:24testimony of Jesus so as we hear in our gospel text how herod
17:30wanted to murder Christ and in so doing ended up murdering a whole lot of
17:35innocent children and we hear about what well happened in egypt all those male
17:40children who were put to death because again the schemes and the evil of the devil to somehow put an end to the
17:46promises of god again i ask you can god’s word be broken
17:52no it cannot so it’s in that regard then we should consider what peter writes to us because
18:00the fight is here it’s now and the devil is like the terminator that second one that
18:06morphs into things and deceives and all that kind of stuff and he ain’t gonna stop he ain’t gonna stop coming after you
18:13coming after me coming after the church coming after those who bear the testimony and confess Jesus Christ as
18:19their savior for the forgiveness of their sins he ain’t gonna stop which means what
18:26suffering and persecution are the order of the day
18:32and listen to what peter says beloved do
18:37not be surprised i had no idea that Christianity was all
18:44about suffering who knew all right yeah i had no idea that i was going to be
18:50persecuted for saying the truth i thought the people were going to give me the key to the city
18:56right no don’t be surprised at the fiery trial
19:02when it comes upon you to test you as though something strange were happening to you
19:08have you ever stopped to think just that sentence alone verse 12 of chapter four of first peter
19:14would probably and should give people pause at like lakewood who believe that they’re having their best laugh now you
19:21know what i’m saying here because they’re they’re going to be completely caught off guard
19:26suffering persecution i didn’t sign up for that i signed up to be a millionaire
19:32in the name of Jesus well that ain’t going to happen right but here’s what peter says
19:37rejoice in so far as you share in Christ’s sufferings
19:43how is that possible because god’s word cannot be broken
19:52just like herod was not going to be able to kill Jesus it was never going to happen because god’s word cannot be
19:58broken have you stopped to consider that when you are made to suffer and a
20:03fiery trial comes upon you as a Christian that god’s word said that that was
20:08exactly the thing that was coming so you should sit there and go wow that word of god is amazing i saw this coming
20:16i’m not surprised by the fiery trial i know that it’s here and so you know what i’m going to do i’m going to rejoice
20:23that god keeps his word
20:29you all don’t seem like he’s sitting around i don’t know about that i mean should we take suffering so lightly that
20:34we rejoice about it well it says it right there well that’s that’s my ipad but it’s in your bible if you’re reading along you
20:41get the idea so rejoice in so far as what you share in the sufferings of Christ
20:51and every time we are made to suffer as Christians when people lie about us
20:56slander us come at us make us suffer take away our jobs all because of our
21:02confession and cry or even take away our lives and i’ll say this here this is a little
21:07bit of a sobering fact there’s a vicar of a lutheran denomination down in australia who am i friends with and last
21:15week i had a conversation with him i knew that he was he had gone dark on social media hadn’t
21:20really seen him for a bit so i checked in you know did one of my friend friendship things checking and seeing
21:26how you’re doing vicar how’s it going and he got backed with me and we set up a zoom call and we talked
21:33for a little bit but uh part of the reason why he went dark and why he was really kind of down
21:39is that at the time remember when kabul fell last year
21:45well he had been working with some Christian churches that were in afghanistan
21:52and he was on a zoom call with some of the people in one of the churches in kabul when the taliban knocked on the
21:59door of the church and he watched video stream live
22:06as the taliban demanded that these Christians renounce Christ
22:14in his accounting of it there were several very brave souls who
22:20very firmly said we will never renounce Christ and they were gunned down as he watched
22:29the religion of peace strikes again
22:35but here’s the thing in my conversation with him
22:41he actually was able to rejoice because he knew they were with Christ
22:46you see we Christians have nothing to fear when it comes to death one of the church fathers says we
22:52Christians are the masters of death and why is that because we’ve already died
22:58the scriptures say that when you are buried with Christ in the waters of baptism you are raised with him you’ve
23:03got death already off your bucket list so you’re already dead we are the masters of death and what does the word
23:10of god say and the word of god cannot be broken Christ is giving you
23:16the new heavens and the new earth they belong to you he’s coming back just like he said just
23:23like satan couldn’t kill him just like satan can’t really destroy you when you are made to suffer rejoice that you are
23:32participating in sharing in the in the sufferings of Christ so that you may
23:37also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed therefore if you are insulted for the name of
23:44Christ you are blessed do you believe these words
23:50god’s word cannot be broken you are blessed because the spirit of glory and of god rests upon you but let
23:58none of you suffer as a murderer or a thief or an evil doer or as a meddler if
24:03you’re suffering because of that well then you’re that’s not suffering in the truth that’s called punishment you’re
24:09being punished for your sins yet if anyone suffers as a Christian let him not be ashamed but let him glorify god
24:17in that name for it is time for judgment to begin with us
24:22what will be the outcome of those who do not obey the gospel of god and if the righteous is scarcely saved
24:27what will become of the ungodly and the sinner therefore let those who suffer according to god’s will entrust their
24:34souls to a faithful creator while doing good
24:39again we hear in our gospel text this took place to fulfill what was spoken by
24:45the prophet this took place to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet hear then what the prophet says
24:53about us a little bit of a picture so when we are made to suffer and we
24:58will be when the fiery trial arrives and it will if it hasn’t already and if you’ve just finished one don’t worry
25:03another one’s coming the word of god cannot be broken here’s
25:09what the prophet says in isaiah chapter 60 we begin begin to
25:15get a picture of the world that is to come and there’s a specific prophecy about those who are troubling us and
25:22they should would do wise to pay attention to it and maybe turn away from their sin and
25:28repent but in isaiah 60 we have this wonderful passage where in looking at the eschaton
25:34you get a picture of something that relates to Christ and then it bleeds over and has implications for us here’s
25:40what it says starting at verse 1 arise and shine your light has come the
25:46glory of yahweh has risen upon you behold darkness shall cover the earth thick darkness the peoples but yahweh
25:52will arise upon you and his glory will be seen upon you and nation shall come to your light and the kings to the
25:58brightness of your rising so lift up your eyes all around and see that they all together they come to you your sons
26:05shall come from afar your daughters shall be carried on the hip this is talking about Christ note that there is
26:11a day coming when all the nations those who have been brought to faith in Christ from every tribe nation language people
26:19they will come streaming into the new jerusalem and they will even be bringing their
26:25children with them one of the things i think is really important here is that
26:31despite the horror that the women of bethlehem went through who lost their
26:36children that day they were in Christ
26:41and Christ will give them back to them their daughters their children will be
26:47carried on the hip as they journey and sojourn now to the new jerusalem to see their lord and
26:53savior and worship at his feet in his presence then you shall be radiant and your heart
26:58will thrill and exalt because of the abundance of the sea it will be turned to you the wealth of the nations it will
27:04come to you a multitude of camels shall come come cover you young camels of
27:09midian and ephah those from shiva shall come they shall bring gold and frankincense and bring good news the
27:15praises of yahweh all the flocks of kadar shall be gathered to you the realms of nabayaf shall minister to you
27:22they shall come up with the acceptance on my altar and i will beautify my beautiful house who are these that fly
27:29like a cloud and like doves to their windows for the coastline shall hope for me the ships of tarshish first to bring
27:36your children from afar their silver their gold with them for the name of yahweh your god and for the holy one of
27:42israel because he has made you beautiful foreigners shall build up your walls and their kings will minister to you for in
27:49my wrath i struck you but in my favor i have had mercy on you your gates shall
27:54be opened continually day and night they shall not be shut so that people may bring to you the wealth of the nations
28:01and their kings led in procession for the nation and the kingdom that will not serve you it will perish
28:07and the nations shall utterly be laid waste the glory of lebanon shall come to
28:12you the cyprus the plain the pine to beautify the place of my sanctuary
28:18and i will make the place of my feet glorious the sons of those who afflicted
28:23you listen to verse 14 the sons of those who afflicted you shall come bending low
28:28to you and all who despised you shall bow down at your feet they shall call you the city of yahweh the zion of the
28:35holy one of israel so note then even those who trouble us now as Christians who persecute us and
28:41make us suffer because of our confession of Christ the word of God cannot be broken the
28:47prophet has made it clear speaking the words given to him by the holy spirit isaiah makes it clear that even
28:53those who afflict us will come and bend low before Christ and other passages of
28:59scripture make it clear that they will be made to confess the lord loved us
29:06so can the word of God be broken no when you think of that
29:13comical seven-headed red dragon it was the original wily coyote he still
29:21is to this day Christ has defeated him and he cannot defeat you because you are in
29:26Christ in the name of Jesus amen
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