Sermon Transcript – The Agony of Apostasy

Series C – Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, August 14, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:30chapter 12 verses 49-53
0:34I came to cast fire on the Earth
0:37and I would that it were already kindled
0:40I have a baptism to be baptized with and
0:43how great is my distress until it is
0:47do you think that I’ve come to give
0:48peace on Earth no
0:51I tell you but rather division
0:54from now on in one’s house there will be
0:57five divided three against two and two
0:59against three
1:00they will be divided father against son
1:04son against father
1:06mother against daughter daughter against
1:09mother mother-in-law against her
1:12daughter and daughter-in-law against
1:16in the name of Jesus
1:18beloved I wish I could bring to you
1:20better texts than these
1:23everything seems so dark with these
1:25texts what’s this about Jesus bringing
1:28fire and Division I mean didn’t the
1:31Angels sing on Jesus’s birth you know
1:35peace to you right peace what is this
1:40fire sword conflict division talk
1:46this has to do
1:48with the division that’s caused by the
1:50separation of light from Darkness
1:53let’s return again to our Old Testament
1:57you’ll note that although the words of
1:59the Prophet Jeremiah were written more
2:01than 2500 years ago
2:03they could have been written well today
2:07this morning
2:08the state of the visible church today is
2:10abysmal false teachers false prophets
2:13abound and there’s no way to check them
2:17they fill the hearts and the minds of
2:19people with absolute nonsense they do it
2:23on Christian TV Christian radio
2:24Christian churches
2:26it’s like watching the world become
2:28darker and darker as the light of the
2:32well the light of one church after
2:34another is extinguished and snuffed out
2:39that’s our context
2:41Jeremiah writes
2:42thus says Yahweh he is truly speaking
2:46the word of the Lord Jeremiah unlike the
2:48people he is now writing about is not a
2:50false prophet he is a true prophet and
2:52here’s what the Lord says do not listen
2:56to the words the prophets who prophesy
2:58to you filling you with vain hopes
3:03they speak visions of their own minds
3:05not from the mouth of the Lord
3:09they say continually to those who
3:11despise the word of the Lord it shall be
3:14well with you you’ll have your best life
3:17now no I put that in the text
3:20but it fits doesn’t it
3:23everyone who stubbornly follows his own
3:25heart they say no disaster will come
3:27upon you
3:29love wins
3:35in his introduction
3:37the Prophet Jeremiah says this
3:40few comments are needed for an
3:43understanding of the Prophet Jeremiah
3:45if one will only pay attention to the
3:47events that took place under the Kings
3:49and whose time he preached for his
3:51preaching had reference to the condition
3:53of the land at the time
3:56in the first place the land was full of
3:58vices and idolatry the people slew the
4:02prophets and would have their own vices
4:04and their own idolatries go unrebuked
4:10this is in
4:12well the land where they claimed that
4:16Yahweh was their God and King
4:19Luther continues we learn from Jeremiah
4:21among others that as usual the nearer
4:24the punishment the worse people become
4:28and that the more one preaches to them
4:30the more they despise his preaching thus
4:34we understand that when it is God’s will
4:36to inflict punishment he makes the
4:38people to become hardened so that they
4:41may be destroyed without any mercy and
4:43not appease God’s Wrath with any
4:47those are some sharp words
4:53and it should cause us to take pause and
4:56check Luther continues so the men of
4:59Sodom long ago
5:01had to not only despise righteous lot
5:04but even afflict him because he taught
5:06them even their own Affliction was at
5:09the door likewise Pharaoh when about to
5:13be drowned in the Red Sea had to oppress
5:15the children of Israel twice as much as
5:17before and Jerusalem had to crucify
5:19God’s son when its own final destruction
5:22was on the way
5:24so it goes everywhere even now
5:27now that the end of the world is
5:29approaching the people rage and Rave
5:31most horribly against God they blaspheme
5:35and damn God’s word
5:37though they well know
5:39that it is God’s word and they know it
5:41is the truth besides so many fearful
5:44signs and wonders are appearing both in
5:46the heavens and among all creatures
5:48which threaten them terribly it is
5:50indeed a wicked and miserable time even
5:53worse than that of Jeremiah
5:56and note Luther pen these words 500
5:58years ago how much worse has it gotten
6:02but so it will be
6:03and it must be
6:05the people begin to feel secure and they
6:08sing peace all is well love wins they
6:12simply persecute everything that Accords
6:14with the will of God and they disregard
6:17all the threatening signs until
6:19destruction suddenly surprises them and
6:23destroys them before they know it
6:26but Christ will be able to sustain his
6:28own for whose sake he causes his word to
6:31shine forth in this shameful time of
6:33ours just as at Babylon he sustained
6:36Daniel and those like him for whose sake
6:40Jeremiah’s prophecy had to shine forth
6:42the same dear Lord be praise and thanks
6:45the father and the Holy Spirit one God
6:48over all
6:49to Eternity
6:54sobering words are they not
6:57you think preaching the gospel is about
7:00making people feel happy
7:02boosting their self-esteem
7:05the gospel is the good news of Christ’s
7:07death for sinners
7:09that’s you
7:10that’s me
7:12each and every one of us deserves the
7:14wrath of God because of our sinful
7:17Rebellion against God
7:22and when the word of the Lord comes to
7:24us what do we do
7:26we fall asleep we ignore it
7:29ah things will be fine I mean things
7:32have been getting better and better all
7:35I mean look at we now have iPhones and
7:38iPads we can talk to each other over the
7:40Internet the world is getting better
7:42haven’t you seen the Olympics look how
7:44happy everybody is in the whole wide
7:46world we’re all heading towards Utopia
7:49the kingdom of God is just on the cusp
7:53and yet look at Society
7:56how many Untold Millions
7:59of unborn infants have we slaughtered
8:03as a nation we are so guilty it’s not
8:06even funny
8:08and you wonder why has God’s judgment
8:10tarried but has it
8:13has God’s judgment tarried
8:15look long and hard how difficult is it
8:18to hear the gospel being preached today
8:22how hard is it to find a church where a
8:25pastor preaches the word of God how easy
8:28is it to find a church where God’s well
8:30word is treated like a balloon animal
8:33twisted and bent into every kind of
8:35shape that pleases and entertains people
8:40anything different in our society than
8:43it was in the time of Jeremiah
8:46the parallels are Stark
8:48the sobering it makes one wonder that
8:51the Judgment of God is not just around
8:53the corner
8:56Jeremiah continues for who among them
8:59has stood in the counsel of the Lord
9:00these false prophets to see and hear his
9:03word or who has paid attention to his
9:05word and listened the obvious answer is
9:08none behold the storm of the Lord wrath
9:12has gone forth
9:15this is dark stuff
9:17a whirling Tempest a tornado is burst
9:21upon the head of the wicked the anger of
9:23the Lord will not turn back until he has
9:25executed and accomplished the intents of
9:28his heart in the latter days you will
9:30understand it clearly
9:32and these false teachers and false
9:33prophets assure us oh no no no no no no
9:35no no God really isn’t this way there is
9:38no wrath in God God is love
9:41there is no Wrath this was a
9:44misunderstanding on the part of that
9:46cranky guy named Jeremiah
9:48he clearly had gastrointestinal problems
9:52and was probably not potty trained
9:56ignore those words no no God is love you
10:01will be prosperous God wants to make you
10:03a millionaire didn’t you know that he
10:05has the secret dream destiny that he
10:07wants to give you
10:08it’s come to church apply these
10:10principles your life will get better and
10:13better and better
10:18and then you have that nagging part of
10:19you saying but what if he isn’t crazy
10:23what if he actually is saying saying the
10:27Jeremiah says that God says I didn’t
10:30send those teachers I didn’t send those
10:33prophets yet they ran I didn’t speak to
10:36them yet they prophesied
10:39if they had stood in my counsel God says
10:41then they would have proclaimed my words
10:43to my people they would have turned them
10:46from their evil way and from the evil of
10:50their deeds
10:52no no no no you’re fine it’s okay
10:55it’s okay
10:56you go ahead and
10:59do whatever you want
11:00surf into websites and look at porn no
11:05sleep with your girlfriend no big deal
11:08cheat your boss
11:09steal and steal stuff from his till go
11:14do whatever you like
11:16you deserve it
11:23something’s off here
11:25these teachers are telling us everything
11:28is fine with God and we can just stay
11:30the way that we are and yet Jeremiah
11:32says that if they had my words God’s
11:34words they would have turned from then
11:36turned from their evil
11:38who talks about that anymore evil sin
11:42you got to be kidding me right they’re
11:44oopsies they’re slipsies they’re
11:46mistakes I’m broken it was an accident
11:49sin evil nah
11:53and yet the Lord speaking to the Prophet
11:55Jeremiah says am I a god at hand
11:56declares the Lord and not a god far away
11:58can a man hide himself in secret places
12:01so that I cannot see him declares the
12:04do I not fill Heaven and Earth declares
12:07the Lord
12:08I have heard what the prophets have said
12:10who prophesy lies in my name
12:16wise it’s a lie yeah a lie they say I
12:22have dreamed a dream I have dreamed how
12:26long shall there be lies in the heart of
12:28the prophets who prophesy lies and who
12:31prophesy the deceit of Their Own Heart
12:34you mean God doesn’t have a dream
12:37Destiny thingy for me you mean God
12:40doesn’t intend for me to go out and be
12:43the most amazing person ever the one
12:45who’s going to change the world the one
12:48who everybody says at his death wow
12:51that one was amazing
12:56you mean Jesus isn’t telling us to dream
12:58bigger to be imaginative to go and
13:02conquer the world with our great dreams
13:04and Visions for making the world a
13:05better place
13:08Jeremiah says all of those people who
13:10speak this way they’re speaking deceit
13:14these words do not come from the mind of
13:17these words come from the deceit of
13:19their own blackened
13:23infested pus ridden hearts
13:30they think that they can make my people
13:31forget my name
13:33by their dreams
13:35they tell one another even as their
13:37fathers forgot my name for by all
13:40but let the prophet who has a dream tell
13:42the dream but let him who has my word
13:46speak my word Faithfully
13:49brothers and sisters we have God’s word
13:53you will not find it here
13:55you will find it in your Bible
13:59that’s where God’s word is and God’s
14:02word his written word all of it they a
14:04news to us God breathe none of it says
14:08oh don’t worry about your evil just go
14:10about doing what you like
14:14Jesus who is the word of God incarnate
14:19his voice is added to the voice of the
14:21prophets of the Old Testament and what
14:23does his voice say
14:29you are not good
14:30you are wicked you are evil you have
14:34sinned Gravely against Heaven and Earth
14:37you stand guilty before God you are not
14:42you are the opposite of that
14:44you and I both have all deserved the
14:46wrath of God
14:48and Christ’s word comes to us and says
14:52change your mind
14:53say God you’re right
14:56I’m wrong
14:58and then hear these words
15:00Christ is bled and died
15:02for your Rebellion
15:04for your wickedness for your evil
15:08now be forgiven
15:10and live
15:12now keep this in mind
15:15that the idolatry that is today
15:19all of these words these prophecies
15:21these dreams these Visions these
15:24teachings that have their origin in the
15:26hearts of these people and then have
15:28well God’s name slapped on it if you
15:32right this is a common thing and it goes
15:34way back by the way way way back
15:37remember the incident of the golden calf
15:40let me remind you from the book of
15:42Exodus Exodus chapter 32. when the
15:45people saw that Moses was delayed to
15:46come down from the mountain the people
15:48gathered themselves together to Aaron
15:50and they said to him up make us Gods who
15:53shall go before us as for this Moses
15:56fella the man who brought us up out of
15:58the land of Egypt we don’t know what has
16:00become of him
16:01so Aaron said to them
16:03take off the rings of gold that are in
16:06the ears of your wives your sons and
16:08your daughters and bring them to me
16:10so all the people took off the rings of
16:12gold that were in their ears and brought
16:14them to Aaron and he received the gold
16:16from their hand and fashioned it with a
16:18graving tool and made a golden calf and
16:21they said
16:22these are your Gods o Israel who brought
16:26you up out of the land of Egypt now
16:28watch these Pious words from Aaron and
16:32when Aaron saw this he built an altar
16:34before it and Aaron made a proclamation
16:36and said tomorrow shall be a feast to
16:43that’s what the text says
16:47golden calf Idol
16:50we’re going to worship the way we want
16:51to worship we’re going to believe what
16:52we want to believe and then we’re going
16:54to slap God’s holy name onto it
16:58a golden calf named Yahweh
17:02that’s cute
17:04but it’s deceitfully sinful
17:07many people lost their lives for this
17:12and all of this comes from their own
17:14none of it comes from God
17:18now a little bit of a turn here
17:21I want you to think of this
17:24you who know the truth
17:26you who are baptized into Christ were
17:28given who trust Jesus for the
17:31Forgiveness of your sins
17:33who daily
17:34walk in the waters of your baptism
17:37penitent forgiven
17:39that when you speak the truth of God’s
17:43do you not know that you get yourself in
17:45trouble you do I’ve talked with many of
17:48you and you say things like yeah but if
17:50I say that to this person they’re going
17:52to get upset
17:54right we all know this we now know that
17:57if we say these words this message this
18:00word of God to people that you’re evil
18:02repent be forgiven Christ is bled and
18:04died for that that’s going to send some
18:06people over the edge the word nowadays
18:09is triggered
18:12I’m triggered I’m triggered
18:16consider the words of our Psalm today
18:19listen to what it says my soul Longs for
18:22your salvation
18:24I hope in your word my eyes long for
18:27your promise I ask when will you comfort
18:30me for I have become like a wine skin in
18:32the Smoke yet I have not forgotten your
18:35how long must your servant endure when
18:39will you judge those who persecute me
18:41the insolent have dug pitfalls for me
18:44they do not live according to your law
18:46your Torah
18:48all of your Commandments are sure they
18:50persecute me with falsehood help me
18:55you see here’s the issue
18:58is that every single one of us is born
19:00dead in trespasses and sins and as long
19:03as you remain in that state you are
19:05hostile to God
19:06you hate his word you do not want to
19:09hear anything about turning from your
19:10sin and being forgiven that whole
19:13crucified and risen Jesus is very
19:15impractical and quite offensive and so
19:18when somebody comes to you speaking
19:19those words what do you do to that
19:22you treat them the way the Pharisees
19:24treated Christ
19:27and since well murdering somebody
19:29physically could land you in prison for
19:31a very long time and in Texas might
19:34result in you being killed we come up
19:36with ways of murdering people without
19:38actually leaving a mark
19:40and how do we do that we murder their
19:43names their reputations when they show
19:45up we turn our backs on them we make
19:48sure to be on the phone and gossiping
19:50about them right
19:54and you know what I’m talking about we
19:55unfriend them on Facebook we let
19:58everybody know that person’s drunk the
20:01they’re religious now we don’t invite
20:04them to our parties and we make sure
20:06that they know that they’re not invited
20:10and all of this is because you would
20:13dare to speak the truth to them they
20:18God’s word
20:20and this is why Jesus in our text says
20:22today I came to cast fire on the earth
20:26and would that it were already kindled
20:29right now it’s quite out of control
20:33but Jesus said gave us these words I
20:35have a baptism to be baptized with
20:38and how great is my distress until it is
20:41these are good words for us because
20:43Jesus truly was baptized baptized into
20:49baptized in the fires of the wrath of
20:52God baptized so that we might live
20:55and so we now in our baptisms Esther you
20:59today join to Christ in the waters of
21:02we now do not get what we deserve we get
21:06the Forgiveness of our sins
21:08rather than face the fires of hell for
21:11our crimes and Rebellion against God
21:14we hear from Christ Our judge
21:16that you are forgiven
21:18all because he has gone to his baptism
21:21but in the meantime for those of us who
21:23have the audacity to believe and
21:25proclaim the words of God and do it
21:29Jesus says from now on one house there
21:32will be the people who are divided five
21:34against three two against four do the
21:37math it just is awful
21:40some of you even in this congregation
21:42have suffered that kind of division
21:44division in your own family division
21:47with your own friends
21:48but again Christ has been baptized with
21:51the baptism of God’s Wrath he is bled
21:53and died for all of your iniquities and
21:55all of us who have come to the Waters of
21:57baptized have been baptized into Jesus
22:00and we are all now in him
22:03Jesus was The Prophet prophesied by
22:06Moses he is our Prophet our priest and
22:09our King and he does not fill our heart
22:11with vain words
22:14no vain words keep us in slavery
22:17no Jesus who is the truth you see Jesus
22:21isn’t just it’s not true about Jesus
22:24Jesus is the truth
22:26he who is the truth
22:28and who cannot and will not ever lie to
22:30you or to me has spoken The Truth About
22:33and he has correctly spoken to us his
22:35law that we are by Nature sinful we have
22:39rebelled against God our merciful and
22:41kind Creator and his word and his
22:43commands and rather than live in Freedom
22:45as children of the light we’ve become
22:47slaves to the Dominion of Darkness with
22:49the Devil Himself as I as our tyrannical
22:52dictator but rather than throw the whole
22:54lot of us into the fires of hell as we
22:56rightly deserve scripture says that God
22:59sent forth his son born of a woman born
23:02under the law to redeem to purchase
23:04those who were under the law so that we
23:06might receive adoption as sons and
23:09because you are all now sons of God God
23:12has sent the spirit of his son into our
23:13hearts so that we cry out Abba Father
23:16you are no longer slaves
23:18you are sons and heirs through God
23:22now that we’ve been set free
23:25those who are blinded by the devil in
23:27his ways mistakenly think that we’ve
23:29joined with evil and because of this
23:31they persecute us and they hate us
23:34and the reason for this is that they
23:36hate the light
23:37John chapter 1 says this all things were
23:40made through Jesus without him was not
23:42anything that was made that was made in
23:44him was life and the light was the light
23:46of the world and the light shines in the
23:48darkness and the Darkness is not
23:50overcome it
23:51there was a man who was sent from God
23:53whose name was John he was a he came as
23:56a witness to Bear witness about the
23:58light so that all might believe through
24:00him he was not the light that came to
24:03bear witness about the light the True
24:05Light which gives light to everyone was
24:06coming into the world he was in the
24:09world and the world was made through him
24:10and yet the world did not know him he
24:13came to his own and his own people did
24:14not receive him
24:16but to all who did receive him who
24:18believed in his name he gave the right
24:20to become children of God who were born
24:23not of blood nor of the will of the
24:25flesh nor even of the decision of a man
24:27the born of God
24:29and John chapter 3 says no one has ever
24:33ascended into heaven except he who
24:34descended from Heaven who is the son of
24:36man and just as Moses lifted up the
24:38serpent in the wilderness so must the
24:40son of man be lifted up that whoever
24:42believes in him may have
24:44a gift eternal life
24:46for God so loved the world that he gave
24:48his only son
24:50that whoever believes in him would never
24:53but have eternal life
24:55God did not send his son into the world
24:57to condemn the world but in order that
24:59the world might be saved through him
25:01and there’s where the Folly is those who
25:03hate and despise God’s word
25:05do not understand that Christ has not
25:08come to condemn them but to save them
25:10and the good news is is this that
25:12whoever believes in him is not condemned
25:15whoever does not believe is condemned
25:16already because he has not believed in
25:18the name of the only son of God and this
25:21is the judgment
25:22light has come into the world
25:25and people love the darkness rather than
25:28the light because their Works were evil
25:31everyone who does wicked things hates
25:34the light and does not come into the
25:37lest his Works should be exposed
25:41Christ Jesus was baptized into our sin
25:43and death to accomplish our salvation by
25:46his cross and Resurrection so that all
25:48that so would all whom he has sealed by
25:52the holy spirit with a sign of his
25:53sacrifice so that we would no longer
25:55live according to the lying enslaving
25:57words of the Dominion of Darkness
26:01and our own sinful hearts
26:03instead that we would live in true
26:06in the light of his word
26:08and that’s the dividing line
26:12the dividing line is light
26:14and darkness
26:16you hate his word despise it
26:20you are in the dark
26:23if you truly believe in trust in Christ
26:26the light of the world
26:28then you will never be in darkness and
26:30you have been set free
26:32from the Dominion of Darkness
26:35in the name of Jesus
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