Sermon Transcript – The Big Gospel Reveal

1 Year Lectionary – 6th Wednesday in Lent – Wednesday, March 30, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28in the name of Jesus
0:31so now it’s happened what what an
0:34amazing story and a lot of things i want
0:36to point out here you’ll note that our
0:39my sermons for the lenten tide have been
0:41more of the meditation on what we’ve
0:43been reading in scripture and as i’ve
0:45been pointing out the story of joseph
0:48wow does it have amazing connections to
0:51that of christ but i’m going to point
0:53something out here at the very beginning
0:56and that is is that joseph suffered
1:01the psalms described the torment that he
1:04went through the difficulty that he
1:06experienced the pain that he physically
1:08suffered he had to wear
1:10a fetter an iron fetter around his neck
1:13and it dug into his skin and he was in
1:15prison for 13 years yet not a single
1:20hint of revenge upon his brothers for
1:24the evil that they had done to him
1:27and indeed it was evil they betrayed him
1:30every bit as much as judas betrayed
1:33jesus it’s really that kind of bad but
1:37in him there is only forgiveness only
1:41recognizing that god
1:43had a hand in all of this and it’s here
1:46where he really exemplifies christ
1:49consider this these words from first
1:52peter chapter 2 verse 22
1:55jesus committed no sin neither was the
1:57seat found in his mouth
1:59when he was reviled
2:02he did not revile in return
2:04when he suffered
2:06he didn’t threaten
2:08but he continued entrusting himself to
2:11him who judges justly and he himself
2:14bore our sins in his body on the tree so
2:16that we might die to sin
2:19and live to righteousness and by his
2:21wounds we have been healed you see all
2:24we like sheep were straying sheep but
2:26now we’ve returned to the shepherd and
2:28the overseer of our souls and so
2:31joseph exemplifies this but here’s kind
2:33of a key thought and that is is that in
2:38suffering has
2:41and we are called by scripture
2:45explicit commands of the new testament
2:49share in the sufferings of christ these
2:52are not meaningless things and you’re
2:54going to note that the world that we
2:55live in
2:56nobody wants to deny themselves anything
3:01in fact that is the big sin
3:04that well the media and the culture
3:07think is is the most unforgivable sin of
3:10all if anybody anybody is made to deny
3:17and you know
3:19and you know maybe it’s making a
3:21decision because you’ve well
3:24you’ve sinned against god and you’ve had
3:26committed sexual immorality and you’ve
3:29gotten pregnant and instead of murdering
3:32your child
3:33you decide
3:35that you’re going to confess your sin
3:38and that you are going to keep your
3:39child and give your child a life but
3:41understand by doing that you’re making a
3:44sacrifice you see and in this life
3:48suffering is the thing that nobody wants
3:50to do nobody wants to deny themselves
3:52you think that you’re you were born a
3:54man but you think that you’re a woman
3:55you just go right ahead and you start
3:59different dresses and stuff
4:01you get the idea here and that’s the
4:03thing but for us christians we see the
4:06suffering of joseph
4:08how it parallels and foreshadows the
4:10sufferings of christ
4:12and we must acknowledge this
4:15that in this world there is suffering
4:17and this is because of our sin
4:20and what we did to jesus jesus has
4:23worked for our salvation
4:25suffering has
4:28it legitimately
4:30does and
4:31joseph’s suffering didn’t make him
4:36didn’t cause him to lack
4:38anything in his faith
4:41for god and his faith never wavered in
4:45fact if anything his suffering seems to
4:48well made his faith even
4:51stronger something to consider in the
4:53world that we live in but it’s in this
4:55capacity then that we consider what’s
4:58going on if you remember last week i
5:00noted the fact that
5:01joseph’s brothers show up
5:04they show up in egypt
5:06second time and before of course the
5:08first time they showed up you know they
5:10made the uh
5:11fatal mistake of trying to explain to
5:14joseph how they were honest men okay
5:17of course who was missing benjamin so
5:19what does joseph got to do he’s got to
5:21figure out whether or not his full
5:22brother is still alive did they do to
5:24him what they
5:26did to him did they do to him what they
5:28did yeah you got the how the pronouns
5:30work there right
5:34and so they bring benjamin back but
5:36remember before they go judah steps up
5:40and says i will be responsible i will
5:43bring him back to you
5:46and it’s here where i can’t help but
5:49think about the father’s heart the god
5:51the father and how what christ did
5:55is is so akin to that except for he went
5:58to go and rescue
6:00the lost children
6:02of god you
6:04and me
6:05and he’s the one who lays down his life
6:07and bleeds and dies for our sins so that
6:09we can be reconciled and forgiven and
6:14to our heavenly father oh man the themes
6:17in this text are just amazing but coming
6:19back to judah here judah once they’ve
6:22been marched back after they found that
6:25cup and benjamin sack a little bit of
6:27interesting planting of evidence there i
6:30believe that the crime scene was cooked
6:32what do you guys think but
6:36judah finally comes clean
6:39and he says this
6:40god has found out the guilt of your
6:44yeah think
6:49do you think for a second god didn’t
6:50know about your guilt you know and
6:53here’s the thing god knew about their
6:54guilt the entire time and he was already
6:57walking them down the path of repentance
7:00that’s what this is all about this is
7:03not merely about joseph being reconciled
7:06to his brothers
7:09but also his brothers being reconciled
7:11to god and he recognizes his guilt and
7:14he confesses his sin
7:16if we say we have no sin we deceive
7:18ourselves the truth is not in us if we
7:21confess our sins god is faithful and
7:23just to forgive us our sins
7:26cleanse us from all not some not a
7:29little bit all of it the whole thing all
7:32unrighteousness and so here then he
7:38in place of benjamin of course because
7:39benjamin is the one who was caught
7:41having the the chalice a chalice
7:45huh kind of reminds me of the lord’s
7:47supper just saying all these little
7:48props in here they’re not throwaway
7:50details god knows what he’s doing so
7:53judah offers to be a substitute
7:56oh wow isn’t that exactly what jesus did
7:59for us
8:00indeed it is and
8:02where judah
8:04offered it christ truly
8:07did it he fulfilled it by taking on our
8:11sin god made him to be sin who knew no
8:16so that you and i we could be the
8:17righteousness of god or as isaiah says
8:21oh god has laid on him the iniquity of
8:24us all and the chastisement the
8:28punishment that brings us peace with god
8:31was upon him oh yeah he was pierced for
8:34our transgressions
8:36he’s bruised for our iniquities yours
8:38and mine
8:44as the story goes
8:46now comes the big
8:48reveal this is kind of fun
8:51and i’m going to note here just remember
8:53that up until this point
8:57joseph has been speaking to his brothers
9:00through an interpreter
9:02and he hasn’t uttered a word
9:06of ibrit hebrew he hasn’t spoken a
9:10single word of it and as a result i am
9:13convinced that the first two words out
9:16of his mouth were in hebrew and from the
9:18from the moment he says those two words
9:20i think he’s speaking full hebrew to his
9:21brothers because he can understand them
9:24and so here’s here’s what it says so
9:27joseph could control himself no longer
9:30but and so he cried make everyone go out
9:32from me no one stayed when joseph made
9:35himself known to his brothers and he
9:36wept aloud oh man doesn’t this remind
9:39you of jesus at lazarus’s tomb it says
9:42that jesus wept
9:44ah it’s the same thing here so he wept
9:48aloud the egyptians heard it the
9:49household of pharaoh heard what’s going
9:51on in there man
9:53and then joseph said to his brothers
9:57two words to start off in hebrew
9:59ani yosef
10:02hai yosef i am i am joseph
10:08is my father still alive
10:13it’s so
10:17his brothers couldn’t answer him they
10:19were dismayed at his presence
10:22no we’re doomed we’re un
10:27they have mistaken joseph for somebody
10:32somebody who
10:34thinks the way the world thinks
10:37maybe the way the klingons think how did
10:39the klingon say revenge is a dish
10:42best serve cold right you know i’m
10:44showing my nerdiness there
10:47but that’s not what joseph is about
10:50joseph is not
10:53to reveal himself so that he can say aha
10:56and now call in the guards off to prison
10:58with you guys but joseph said to his
11:01brothers come near to me come please
11:03so they came near and he said
11:07i am your brother joseph whom you sold
11:09into egypt and now do not be distressed
11:12or angry with yourselves because you
11:14sold me here
11:16for god sent me before you to preserve
11:25i think of the words of peter in one of
11:27his sermons in the early portion of acts
11:29you murdered the author of life right he
11:33but what we did for evil god has worked
11:36for good
11:37what we did is the ultimate crime in all
11:40of humanity the one sinless human being
11:43to walk among us
11:45and we murdered him
11:46he turns his murder into the very thing
11:49by which he atones
11:51for your sin and for mine do not be
11:55alarmed you you sold me here god sent me
11:58before you to preserve life it’s like
12:01what paul says in philippians he says
12:03have this mind among yourselves which is
12:05in christ jesus who though he was in the
12:08form in the very nature of god he didn’t
12:11count equality with god a thing to be
12:13grasped instead he emptied himself by
12:15taking on the form of a servant being
12:17born in the likeness of men being found
12:20in human form
12:22he humbled himself by becoming obedient
12:24to the point of death even death on the
12:28and god is the one who has exalted
12:31and so note
12:33it is the father who sent jesus
12:35and he humbled himself and he suffered
12:38terribly if you think about it if karma
12:41were true then jesus wouldn’t have
12:43even suffered even a little bit i mean
12:45he wouldn’t even had a hangnail you know
12:48instead he was nailed to the cross
12:51and so here
12:53just like christ that same
12:55loving forgiving
12:58merciful grace
13:00he says
13:01god sent me here to preserve life god
13:04sent me before you to preserve for your
13:06remnant and keep alive for you many
13:10so it was not you who sent me here it
13:22i could go on
13:24the story is so good and i read so much
13:28and so the idea then is that
13:31as we consider then
13:33a close of our mid-week services for
13:36this lenten season
13:38lent is a penitential season
13:40it is a season for us to reflect upon
13:42our own sin
13:44the sin that separates us from god and
13:48has separated us we have not seen god’s
13:50face because of our sin
13:53we he’s off in a distant land it seems
13:56because of our sin
13:58the ways we have sinned against him and
14:00thought word deed by what we’ve done and
14:03left undone all the
14:05muck and i’m not talking about over your
14:07lifetime i’m talking about what you did
14:09today before this service
14:13yeah i know i’m a sinner too
14:16and note that
14:18christ forgives us all of it so true
14:22repentance has two parts
14:27recognition that what you’ve done is
14:31and has earned god’s wrath
14:33true sorrow for that but real repentance
14:37has a second component and that is
14:41absolute trust and faith in confidence
14:45in the promises of god for the merits of
14:49that we are forgiven in him you remember
14:52when joseph was first sold into slavery
14:54how he was in the house of potiphar and
14:56it says that god blessed
14:59potiphar for the sake
15:01of joseph
15:03know then this you are clothed in the
15:06righteousness of christ
15:08and god blesses you for the sake of
15:10jesus he forgives you for the sake of
15:14jesus he
15:15just like
15:17israel just like jacob and his whole
15:20being taken up from where they were to
15:22where they were going to be where it’s
15:24going to be safe christ has now
15:27taken you on your exodus to the real
15:30promised land he has promised you a new
15:33heavens and a new earth and all of this
15:35will someday
15:36be a distant memory but christ assures
15:39us behold i make old things new
15:42so as we wrap up our midweek lenten
15:44services i think it is important to say
15:48we all need to
15:51in the name of Jesus amen
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