Sermon Transcript – The Boldest Prison Break EVER!

Series C – Second Sunday of Easter – Sunday, April 3, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint John
0:31chapter 20 verses 19 through 31.
0:35on the evening of that day the first day
0:37of the week the doors being locked where
0:40the disciples were for fear of the Jews
0:42Jesus came and stood among them and said
0:45to them peace be with you
0:47and when he had said this he showed them
0:49his hands and his side then the
0:51disciples were glad when they saw the
0:53Lord Jesus said to them again
0:55peace be with you as the father has sent
0:58me even so I am sending you and when he
1:01had said this he breathed on them and
1:03said to them receive the Holy Spirit if
1:07you forgive the sins of anyone they are
1:09forgiven if you withhold forgiveness
1:11from anyone it is withheld now Thomas
1:14one of the twelve called the twin was
1:17not with them when Jesus came so the
1:19other disciples told him we have seen
1:21the Lord but he said to them unless I
1:24see his hands the marks of the nails and
1:26place my finger into the marks of the
1:28nails and place my hand into his side I
1:30will never believe
1:33eight days later
1:35his disciples were inside again Thomas
1:37was with them although the doors were
1:39locked Jesus came and stood among them
1:41and said peace be with you then he said
1:44to Thomas put your finger here and see
1:46my hands put out your hand and place it
1:48in my side do not disbelieve but believe
1:51Thomas answered him
1:54my Lord and my God Jesus said to him
1:58have you believed because you have seen
1:59me blessed are those who have not seen
2:02and yet have believed now Jesus did many
2:05other signs in the presence of the
2:07disciples which are not written in this
2:09book but these are written so that you
2:11may believe that Jesus is the Christ the
2:14son of God and that by believing you may
2:16have life in his name
2:19he is risen
2:20he is risen indeed
2:23in the name of Jesus Amen
2:26all right have any of you ever seen
2:28movies or television programs that have
2:31to do with Prison Breaks right isn’t
2:34this normally how a prison break works
2:37guys are in prison they’re plotting
2:39they’re scheming they’ve come up with a
2:41way to defeat the defenses get around
2:44the guards sneak out through a pipe or
2:46something like that right and then they
2:48execute their plan it’s an intense type
2:51of thing right and what’s the first
2:53thing a prisoner does as soon as they’re
2:55out from behind the wall
2:58lose the orange jumpsuit and start
3:01hoofing it right we got to get out of
3:03here because they know at any time that
3:05siren’s gonna go up
3:08right and then the dogs are going to
3:10start coming the helicopters will start
3:12flying the Posse and the shotguns
3:14they’ll all be doing their things right
3:16and they’re
3:21in our first reading today
3:24I gotta admit
3:26this is like either the most audacious
3:29bold prison break I’ve ever seen in my
3:32life or the dumbest
3:35because these guys
3:38as soon as they are sprung from prison
3:42they go right back to doing what they
3:44were doing rather than heading to the
3:46coast catching a ship to Rome or
3:49something right or maybe Spain or maybe
3:51it’s a good time to go visit Europe you
3:54know get up into Gaul up into uh where
3:57the Brits where the British are right no
3:59these guys head right back to where they
4:01were arrested
4:03which kind of begs the question what’s
4:05gotten into these guys
4:07all right what’s gotten into this and
4:10we’re talking about boldness confidence
4:12who are these men I don’t even recognize
4:15them at least not based on last week’s
4:18reading how on Earth can this be Peter
4:21and the apostles and we see in Acts 5
4:24right let me read again a portion of it
4:26acts 5 27-22 when they had brought them
4:30they set them before the council the
4:32high priest questioned them saying we
4:33strictly charged you not to teach in
4:35this name this is after they got
4:37arrested a second time right we strictly
4:39charge you not to teach in this name yet
4:41here you filled Jerusalem with your
4:43teaching and you intend to bring this
4:45man’s blood on us side note it’s not a
4:48bad thing if Jesus’s blood is on you
4:52yeah they’re concerned about guilt but
4:55see the thing is we already know that we
4:57are guilty and so Jesus’s blood being on
4:59us is what cleanses us from our sins
5:01side note complete we continue
5:04all right you’re intending to bring this
5:06man’s blood on us but Peter and the
5:07apostles answered now check this out
5:10we must obey God rather than men
5:14you were just arrested
5:17yeah an angel sprung you out of prison
5:19and you went right back we must obey God
5:22rather than men the god of our fathers
5:24raised Jesus whom you killed by hanging
5:26him on a tree God exalted him at his
5:29right hand as leader and savior to give
5:32repentance to Israel in the Forgiveness
5:34of sins and we are witnesses to these
5:36things and so is the holy spirit whom
5:39God has given to those who obey him
5:43all right I feel like I’m missing
5:45something here because last week when we
5:48left off things were not quite this way
5:50in fact let me kind of give you a little
5:51bit of an idea here I remember when I
5:54was growing up watching The Brady Bunch
5:56now I’m not talking about reruns
5:58okay just so you know I was old enough
6:01to see like first time airing Brady
6:04Bunch episodes brought to you by tide
6:07okay yeah okay and I remember one year
6:12they had a series of episodes that all
6:14took place in Hawaii that’s kind of a
6:17mini series right there in The Brady
6:18Bunch all right and these are the
6:20episodes where Greg had a surfing
6:22accident and a series of bad events took
6:25place to the Brady family supposedly due
6:27to a cursed tiki statue that found its
6:30way into someone’s luggage right and
6:31after the first episode in Hawaii aired
6:34the following episodes in Hawaii in that
6:36little mini-series would begin with
6:37these words previously on The Brady
6:39Bunch right and they would have
6:41flashbacks right so we’re gonna do a
6:44little bit of a flashback let’s flash
6:45back to last Sunday’s gospel text
6:48pay attention to what’s going on here
6:50because I don’t recognize these Apostles
6:53at the moment something’s disconnected
6:55all right Luke 24 verse 1 on the first
6:58day of the week that would be Sunday at
7:00early Dawn they went to the tomb taking
7:02spices they had prepared they found the
7:04stone rolled away from the tomb but when
7:06they went in they did not find the body
7:08of the Lord Jesus while they were
7:10perplexed about this behold two men
7:12stood by them in dazzling apparel as
7:15they were frightened and bowed their
7:17faces to the ground the men said to them
7:18why do you seek the living among the
7:21he’s not here he’s risen remember how he
7:24told you while he was still in Galilee
7:26that the son of man must be delivered in
7:28the hands of sinful men and be crucified
7:30and on the third day rise they
7:33remembered his words and returning from
7:35the tomb they told all these things to
7:37the eleven and to the rest so the women
7:40go there and they go back and they
7:41report what they’d see now it was Mary
7:43Magdalene and Joanna and Mary the mother
7:44of James and the other women with them
7:46who told these things to the apostles
7:48but these words seem to them an idle
7:53they did not believe them
7:58okay so we leave the apostles off
8:02hearing the report from the women oh and
8:05by the way it’s a good thing that the
8:07women were the first to report that
8:09Jesus had been raised from the dead in
8:10fact it was Mary Magdalene herself who
8:12was the very first eyewitness to the
8:14resurrection and this is a good thing
8:15and the reason why think back to the
8:17Garden of Eden
8:19who of our family our family as humans
8:22was the first to fall into the
8:25Temptations of the devil it was Eve the
8:27sin is completed by Adam though and he’s
8:29the one who’s held responsible and so it
8:31is that as Jesus threw his death and
8:34Resurrection is reversing all of the
8:36curse and what the devil has done now
8:38has it that the first one to proclaim
8:41the resurrection of Jesus Christ the
8:43first to be the eyewitness of the
8:45Resurrection is none other than a woman
8:47very important
8:49but we leave them off so the First
8:51Gospel of the resurrection of Jesus is
8:54proclaimed by a woman and it goes forth
8:56into the world and the disciples hear it
8:58and they say
9:00no they’re sitting there scratching
9:02their head going huh
9:03what right so we return to Our Gospel
9:07text see pick up a little bit more
9:09context here from today on the evening
9:11of that date still Easter Sunday the
9:13first day of the week the doors being
9:15locked where the disciples were for
9:18fear of the Jews
9:21this doesn’t sound anything like the
9:24guys from acts 5. all right so they’re
9:27all huddled inside this upper room right
9:30the doors locked and you can hear like
9:33I’m sure it went down something like
9:35this Mary comes back
9:37right and she knocks on the door
9:39ah it’s the Jews we’re dead we’re dead
9:42no it’s just me oh don’t knock so loud
9:46Mary right you almost killed us right
9:48you can just see this these guys are
9:50totally like paranoid
9:53so in the midst of all of this
9:56fear paranoia worried that these guys
9:59are next right that’s what they’re
10:01really worried about they just crucified
10:03Jesus and remember Peter all right while
10:06the night with Jesus is betrayed he’s
10:09warming His Hands by our charcoal fire
10:11and a slave girl
10:13slave girl
10:15were you one of the his disciples no I
10:18never knew him I don’t know what you’re
10:19talking about does this three times
10:21totally gives up Jesus to a slave girl
10:25right this doesn’t sound anything like
10:28the guys in acts 5. so in the midst of
10:31all of this fear worry doubt
10:34Jesus came stood among them and said to
10:38catch this
10:40peace be with you
10:43no rebuke
10:46Jesus is just bled and died for their
10:50and he says to them peace he doesn’t say
10:52listen I told you I was going to raise
10:54again on the third day where was the
10:55praise band when the storm was rolled
10:57away I expected trumpets and Fanfare
11:00confetti I mean no no no no no no rebuke
11:04instead from Jesus words of forgiveness
11:07words of peace peace be with you and
11:11when he had said this now watch this
11:13little detail he showed them his hands
11:15and his side oftentimes people think
11:17that Thomas gets special treatment right
11:20he doesn’t
11:22the other disciples the ten that are
11:24left right now Thomas has missed this
11:28they also get to see Jesus’s hands and
11:32his side they get to touch him and see
11:34that he is truly bodily raised from the
11:38grave so then the disciples were glad
11:40when they saw the Lord and Jesus said to
11:42them again
11:43peace be with you peace
11:47as the father has sent me even so I am
11:50sending you see Jesus was sent by the
11:53father and now Jesus raised from the
11:55grave is sending the apostles in fact
11:58that’s what the word Apostle lost in
12:00Greek means Ascent one and so these are
12:03the apostoloid they are sent of Jesus
12:05Christ and he gives them a commission he
12:08ordains them to do a very important
12:10thing so he breathes on them
12:13says to them receive the holy spirit
12:16this is much akin to the Breath of Life
12:19breathed into Adam when he was formed by
12:22God in the clay and he says if you
12:24forgive the sins of any
12:27the Greek is way better than the ESV
12:29here they are already forgiven
12:33will have already been forgiven maybe is
12:36a little tighter translation which means
12:38that when a pastor or a Christian and
12:40notice I said Christian not just pastor
12:43pronounces an absolution
12:45it’s really not the Christian doing the
12:47speaking because we’ll have already been
12:50forgiven means the words of forgiveness
12:52have been announced already
12:55by Christ himself in the Heavenly
12:58same with the retention of sentence
13:00there’s two keys but that’s a different
13:03and so here we’ve got the disciples
13:05commissioned by Christ sent by Christ to
13:08Proclaim repentance and the Forgiveness
13:10of sins in Jesus name and even to
13:12forgive sins and when we see them back
13:15in Acts 5 after the Prison Break
13:19while talking to the
13:21Sadducees and the religious leaders who
13:23had them arrested they are saying again
13:26that God has exalted Christ to be our
13:31leader and savior in order to give
13:34repentance to Israel and the Forgiveness
13:36of sins they are doing exactly what
13:38Christ has commissioned them to do and
13:40Our Gospel then continues now Thomas one
13:42of the twelve called the twin was not
13:44with them when Jesus came and everybody
13:46calls him doubting Thomas
13:48right everybody calls them down and
13:51comments but doubt wasn’t his problem
13:53okay doubt makes it sound like he kind
13:56of sorta believed
13:57right he wasn’t exactly sure maybe he
14:01was kind of sitting on the fence right
14:03no Thomas wasn’t sitting on the fence
14:05listen to this Thomas one of the twelve
14:08called the twin was not with them when
14:09Jesus came so the other disciples told
14:12him we have seen the Lord now watch the
14:14women announce it first he’s raised from
14:16the grave the disciples respond nah are
14:21you sure huh right
14:23they don’t believe the report
14:25now these guys have seen Jesus
14:28themselves it’s true he’s alive and what
14:31does Thomas say no
14:33no way right
14:36this gospel preaching is really not
14:39effective at this point something’s it’s
14:41not banging on all cylinders quite yet
14:43right it’s not the problem with the
14:45gospel though it’s the problem with
14:46unbelief within us
14:48so the all of the disciples said we’ve
14:50seen the Lord but he says unless I see
14:52his hands in the mark of the nails and
14:54place my finger into the marks of the
14:55nails place my hand on the side get this
14:58he doesn’t say I’m going to stay on the
14:59fence he says I will never believe
15:02he’s not doubting Thomas he’s
15:04non-believing Thomas
15:07totally different thing altogether
15:09but watch this Jesus doesn’t rebuke him
15:14because what’s that wonderful prayer
15:15Lord I believe help my unbelief right so
15:18Jesus merciful Jesus who is bled and
15:21died even for Thomas’s unbelief says
15:23comes back eight days later it’s Sunday
15:27again notice the Rhythm here Jesus is
15:30not appearing on the Sabbath which is
15:32Saturday he’s now appearing Sunday after
15:35Sunday after Sunday ah This Is Why We
15:38Gather on the Lord’s day not on Saturday
15:41the Sabbath right so eight days his
15:44disciples were again inside Thomas was
15:46with him although the doors were locked
15:48this time it doesn’t say for fear of the
15:50Jews maybe they’ve gotten into the Habit
15:52well it’s better than
15:54right still not quite the guys from acts
15:57five Jesus came and stood among them
16:01and again he says peace be with you
16:04then he said to Thomas put your finger
16:06here see my hands
16:08put your hand and place it in my side no
16:10special treatment the other disciples
16:12were able to do this as well
16:14and then it says in the Greek the Greek
16:16is so much better do not be disbelieving
16:19but be believing is the way it works out
16:22with the verb tenses do not be
16:24disbelieving but be believing and
16:27Thomas’s response is to him is
16:30my Lord and my God
16:33a confession of Faith a confession of
16:36belief and you’ll notice here he calls
16:38Jesus both Lord and God because that’s
16:41who Jesus is he is both Lord and God
16:45and Jesus doesn’t rebuke him for calling
16:47him God and Lord Jesus says to him have
16:50you believed because you’ve seen me
16:52and now watch this
16:54this is for us
16:56blessed are those who have not seen and
16:59yet have believed
17:01you see the atheists today will say I
17:04will not believe unless I see Jesus
17:06myself oh but we’re not given to see
17:10the disciples were
17:12it is the apostolic preaching those who
17:15were sent to make disciples the
17:18eyewitnesses who we listen to and so
17:21here’s the question for you kind of a
17:22little side note Mary Magdalene shows up
17:25I’ve seen the Lord disciples called nah
17:28Jesus shows up to disciples and says and
17:31they say to Thomas we’ve seen the Lord
17:33and Thomas says Nah
17:36but now Mary Magdalene Thomas Peter and
17:40the rest of the disciples proclaimed to
17:42you today we have seen the Lord and that
17:45he has risen indeed
17:46and how do we respond
17:48he’s risen he’s risen indeed absolutely
17:51and Jesus says of you although your eyes
17:54have not seen and you are blessed
17:58you are blessed
18:01what an amazing thing
18:03what a gracious God
18:06how kind Jesus is and John puts in this
18:09little note here now Jesus did many
18:11other signs in the presence of the
18:13disciples which are not written in this
18:15and here’s the best part but these
18:17things are written so that you might
18:19believe that Jesus is the Christ the
18:21Messiah the Son of God and that by
18:24believing you might have life in his
18:27you mean simply by believing
18:31simply by believing eternal life you are
18:36now this is kind of the thing that’s
18:39going on here so something has changed
18:41and I’m beginning to wonder if what has
18:44caused this radical transformation in
18:46our disciples who are now the apostles
18:48has something to do with the fact that
18:51they have seen the Risen Lord that he
18:54has breathed on them the holy spirit
18:56that they have received the Holy Spirit
18:58with power
18:59of the day of Pentecost and now we see
19:03something absolutely radical
19:05the men who are behaving like school
19:08girls The Men Who were up in the upper
19:10room shaking in their knees knocking and
19:13they’re prone to wet themselves if
19:15somebody knocks too loudly on the door
19:17for fear of the Jews right these men now
19:20have radically changed
19:23so much so that they have not a care in
19:26the world for their own safety
19:30not a care at all
19:32so we come back to Acts 5.
19:34to the part where they
19:36are arrested the high priest rose up
19:39and all who are with him that is the
19:41party of the Sadducees filled with
19:44they arrested the apostles put them in
19:46the public prison
19:48but during the night an angel of the
19:50Lord opened the prison doors and brought
19:53them out and said go stand in the temple
19:56speak to the people all the words of
19:59this life
20:01this is awesome
20:04this is awesome
20:07we’re going to let you out go ahead and
20:09go get arrested again
20:11this is not how Prison Breaks work and
20:13only with Christ only with God something
20:16like this able to happen and only with
20:19men who have absolutely been radically
20:25to where they go from being in fear to
20:28speaking so boldly
20:30because they know that what they’re
20:32preaching is true
20:33there are the circulation of the report
20:37that was put out from the Jews regarding
20:39the explanation as to why the tomb was
20:41empty which by the way is absolutely
20:43fascinating because even the enemies of
20:45Christ admit the tomb was empty their
20:48explanation is the disciples stole the
20:52right which means that all of Jesus’s
20:55resurrection appearances were like the
20:57movie you know that party with Bernie or
20:59whatever you know the corpse guy you
21:01know right Hey look it’s Jesus say hi
21:03Jesus hi I’m alive right
21:07and this instilled such confidence in
21:10them that they were absolutely they
21:12don’t care about their life I don’t
21:13think so
21:15I don’t think so at all
21:18so when they heard this
21:20they entered the temple at Daybreak as
21:23the angel told them to and they began to
21:25teach it’s just like the angel told them
21:27to we just got arrested yesterday right
21:30now when the high priest came and those
21:32who were with him they called together
21:33the council all the Senate the people of
21:35Israel and sent to the prison to have
21:37them brought
21:39but when the officers came they did not
21:41find them in prison so they returned and
21:43reported we found the prison securely
21:45locked the guards standing at the doors
21:47but when we opened them we found no one
21:50inside now when the captain of the
21:52temple and the chief priests heard these
21:54words they were greatly perplexed at
21:56this point the prison Sirens start going
22:00right yeah
22:04they were perplexed
22:06wondering what this would come to and
22:09someone came and said to them
22:11you’re not going to believe this no
22:14you’re really not going to believe look
22:15the manner you put in prison they’re
22:17standing in the temple and they’re
22:18teaching the people
22:23these guys are outrageous right and
22:27that’s a sign to them
22:29it’s an absolute sign to these men
22:33this is a miracle
22:35for them this Sadducees these religious
22:40we were sprung out of prison because God
22:42let us out oh and he told us to go
22:44preach again and we’re going to continue
22:45to preach and rather than repent
22:48rather than say we’ve never met men with
22:52such boldness
22:55The Story Goes a little differently so
22:57the captain with the officers they went
22:58and brought them
23:00not by force they were afraid of being
23:02Stoned by the people who’s afraid now
23:06and when they had brought them they set
23:08them before the council and the high
23:09priests questioned them saying we
23:11strictly charged you not to teach in
23:13this name yet here you filled Jerusalem
23:15with your teaching and you intend to
23:17bring this man’s blood upon us and you
23:20can almost see Peter saying yeah did you
23:21notice that we were out of prison did
23:22you see that little factoid yeah you
23:24noticed that little thing right there
23:25that was a call it’s called a miracle
23:27right so Peter and the apostles answered
23:29we must obey God
23:32rather than men
23:34the god of our fathers raised Jesus whom
23:37you killed by hanging on a tree God
23:39exalted him in his right hand as leader
23:42and savior to give repentance to Israel
23:44and the Forgiveness of sins
23:47and we are witnesses to these things
23:53how do you explain such a radical change
23:55if Christ has not been raised from the
23:59how do you explain how these men go
24:02from fear and trembling
24:04to the most outrageous and bold prison
24:07break ever in the history of mankind
24:11there is only one explanation he’s risen
24:14just like he said these men are
24:16eyewitnesses and
24:19Jesus comes to us today this Eighth Day
24:23this first day of the new creation
24:26and he says to us peace
24:28because he is truly bled and died for
24:31our sins the fact that he has bodily
24:33been raised from the grave demonstrates
24:34beyond a shadow of a doubt that his
24:38his bodily sacrifice his blood shed for
24:42us was received by God the father and
24:45truly works our Salvation And so Jesus
24:48comes to us today and he will be here
24:50this morning in with and under the bread
24:54and the wine bodily present
24:57Body of Christ the blood of Christ
24:59broken and shed for you for the
25:01Forgiveness of your sins
25:03so that you can hear from his mouth and
25:07receive in your mouth peace and
25:10forgiveness and know that you have a
25:12right standing with god he has not come
25:14to chastise you this morning he’s come
25:17to bind your wounds he’s come to speak
25:19peace to you and these things were
25:22so that you would believe that he’s the
25:24Christ and that by believing you might
25:26have life in his name
25:29what an amazing story what an amazing
25:32Savior and the best part is it’s all
25:37in the name of Jesus
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