Sermon Transcript – The Bread of Life

Series B – Tenth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, August 2, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint John chapter 6 verses
0:34the next day the crowd that had stayed
0:37on the opposite shore of the lake
0:38realized that only one boat had been
0:41there and that Jesus had not entered it
0:44with his disciples but they had gone
0:46away alone then some boats from Tiberius
0:49landed near the place where the people
0:51had eaten the bread after the Lord had
0:53given thanks once the crowd realized
0:56that neither Jesus nor his disciples
0:58were there they got into the boats and
1:00went to Capernaum in search of Jesus
1:03when they had found him on the other
1:05side of the lake they asked him Rabbi
1:07when did you get here
1:09Jesus answered I tell you the truth you
1:12are looking for me not because you saw
1:14miraculous signs but because you ate the
1:16Loaves and had your film
1:18do not work for food that spoils but for
1:21food that endures to eternal life for
1:24which the son of man will give you on
1:26him the father has placed his seal of
1:30they then asked him what must we do to
1:33do the works that God requires Jesus
1:36answered the work of God is this to
1:39believe in the one he has sent so they
1:42asked him what miraculous sign then will
1:44you give that we may see it and believe
1:46you what will you do our forefathers ate
1:50the Manna in the desert as it is written
1:52he gave them bread from Heaven to eat
1:55Jesus said to them I tell you the truth
1:57it is not Moses who has given you bread
2:00from heaven but it is my father who
2:03gives you the true bread from heaven
2:05for the bread of God is he who comes
2:08down from heaven and gives life to the
2:10world sir they said from now on give us
2:13this bread then Jesus declared I am the
2:17bread of life he who comes to me will
2:19never go hungry and he who believes in
2:21me will never be thirsty
2:25in the name of Jesus
2:29so we’re going to take a little bit of
2:30an Excursion if you would you have
2:32noticed we’ve been working our way
2:33through the gospel of Mark and now we
2:35have landed in the Gospel of John
2:37figuratively speaking so to speak pun
2:39intended if you would and the idea here
2:42is that last week we saw Jesus in The
2:45Miracle of the feeding of the five
2:46thousand and we used the Gospel of John
2:49last week to fill in some of the missing
2:50data that’s in the gospel of Mark and
2:53found out that well when Jesus
2:55multiplied those Loaves and Fishes that
2:57little boy’s lunch that the crowd wanted
3:00to make Jesus King by force and oh what
3:03a king he would have been world hunger
3:05would have been solved with a snap of a
3:07finger all you have to do is have Jesus
3:09pray give thanks multiply Loaves and
3:11Fishes and there ain’t a hungry person
3:12on the planet
3:14well that’s not what Jesus came to be he
3:16did not come to be a bread King he came
3:18to be a suffering King The King who bled
3:21and died for our sins and so if you
3:23remember Jesus sent his disciples away
3:25gave him a very difficult toil toilsome
3:28task of rowing Against the Wind on the
3:31Sea of Galilee in the middle of the
3:32night which I’m sure they were very
3:34thrilled to do and of course the text
3:36says he forced them to do it and then
3:40you know after they had been long gone
3:43he starts walking on the water and he
3:46walks across the Sea of Galilee it was
3:48about to stroll by except for the
3:49disciples freaked out thought they had
3:51seen a ghost and he says those important
3:53words fear not I am take courage boys
3:57and so we pick up then the next day the
4:01next day from that day when Jesus walked
4:03on on the water it says this on the next
4:05day the crowd that remained on the other
4:07side of the sea
4:08saw that there had been only one boat
4:10there and that Jesus had not entered the
4:13boat with his disciples but that his
4:16disciples had gone away alone other
4:18boasts from Tiberius came near the place
4:21where they had eaten the bread after the
4:23Lord had given thanks so when the crowd
4:25saw that Jesus was not there nor his
4:28disciples they themselves got into the
4:30boats and went to Capernaum seeking
4:33Jesus so kind of scratching their heads
4:36there were no other boats here how did
4:38where where’s Jesus so they go seeking
4:41for him and when they get to Capernaum
4:43they find him on the other side of the
4:45sea and they said to him Rabbi when did
4:48you come here you can almost reread that
4:50phrase as how on Earth did you get here
4:52Jesus there was only one boat
4:55your disciples were in it and now you’re
4:57here with them
4:59what gives well Jesus you’ll notice
5:02doesn’t exactly answer the question he
5:05doesn’t say well listen I was walking
5:06across the Sea of Galilee and you know
5:09and I strolled on over here you know he
5:11doesn’t say that
5:13which I think would have been quite an
5:15interesting answer for him to give and
5:16that he is not what he says instead he
5:19kind of changes the subject deflects a
5:21little bit if you would and addresses
5:24the problem of the day before that they
5:26wanted to make him King by force and he
5:28says amen amen I say to you you are
5:30seeking me not because you saw signs but
5:33because you ate your fill of the loaves
5:36in other words you’re still stuck on
5:39this bread King thing
5:41do not work for food that perishes but
5:43for the food that endures to eternal
5:46life which the son of man will give to
5:49you for on him the son of man God the
5:53father has set his seal so Jesus changes
5:56the subject doesn’t answer the question
5:58about how he got there and then goes
6:00right back to kind of the core problem
6:02they are looking for temporal food food
6:06that well you need more of it every day
6:08the daily food kind of thing and they
6:10want Jesus to solve all of their Earthly
6:12problems but Jesus has not come to solve
6:15our Earthly Problems by making this
6:17world bearable tolerable or meeting all
6:19of our needs in that sense instead his
6:22solution is death and resurrection and
6:25so we learn from here that Jesus is the
6:29bread of life the bread he’s talking
6:31about is himself which then creates a
6:34problem John chapter 6 the chapter that
6:37we’re in is probably one of the most
6:39controversial passages in all of the
6:42scripture and so Jesus begins talking in
6:45ways that well makes a lot of people
6:47uncomfortable so I’m preparing you for
6:49that now now so they hear Jesus say that
6:53work work for the for the food that
6:55endures to eternal life
6:57and they’re basically saying sure no
7:00problem so what are the works
7:02that God requires us to do it’s the
7:05question that they ask Jesus and Jesus
7:09responds this is the work singular
7:12notice they said what must we do to be
7:15doing the works of God Jesus says the
7:19singular work is to believe in the one
7:22whom he has sent
7:25to believe in Jesus
7:27so here Jesus makes it clear
7:30the bread that inter endures to eternal
7:34to believe is to do the work to receive
7:37that bread to believe in Jesus that is
7:40the gift that is the work that God
7:42requires to believe
7:44it doesn’t say go and do these 10 things
7:47clean up your act make yourself worthy
7:50he says no the work of God is to believe
7:54in the one whom he has sent
7:57so they decide they’re going to
7:59challenge Jesus a little bit here now
8:01remember the day before he had done this
8:03amazing miracle and they realized that
8:06he was the one who was prophesied by
8:09so they said to him well then what sign
8:11do you do that we may see and believe
8:13you what work do you perform
8:17our fathers ate the Manna in the
8:19wilderness as it is written he gave them
8:22bread from Heaven to eat
8:24so Jesus says to them amen amen I say to
8:28you it was not Moses who gave you bread
8:31from heaven but my father gives you the
8:34true bread from heaven for the bread of
8:37God is he who comes down from heaven and
8:40gives life to the world
8:42and they said to him sir give us this
8:45bread always you’ll notice their answer
8:47is similar to the answer given from the
8:50woman in the in Samaria remember when
8:52Jesus was passing through Samaria and
8:54she and he’s at the well and the out
8:56Comes This Woman In the Heat of the day
8:59to draw water out of the well and the
9:01reason for that is simple because
9:03normally The Whole Town’s women they
9:06come out in the evening when it’s cooler
9:07to draw water She Went Out In the Heat
9:09of the day to avoid you know eye contact
9:12words with the other women in town and
9:15we find out the reason for this is quite
9:17simple well she’s had five husbands and
9:20the guy she’s shacking up with is in her
9:22husband so it’s just easier if you just
9:25not make eye contact and talk with the
9:27women of town so Jesus he talks to her
9:30about that Living Water right that
9:32she’ll never be thirsty again she says
9:34give me this water always you know
9:35because she’s thinking if I could get
9:37this living water stuff that’d be like
9:39having indoor plumbing I never have to
9:41come out here right this is what she’s
9:43thinking and so you’ll notice that
9:45they’re thinking kind of similarly they
9:47said give us this bread always and
9:49they’re thinking
9:51this is physical bread
9:54and then Jesus says these words
9:57I am the bread of life
10:02now that’s not the answer they expected
10:04by the way
10:05they did not expect this and you’ll
10:08notice at the end of the chapter a
10:10little bit of a peek if you would in the
10:11weeks ahead at the end of the chapter
10:13this results in not Church growth but
10:18Church shrinkage because after Jesus has
10:21these little discourses with these
10:23people saying that I am the bread come
10:25down to heaven and he says things like
10:27my flesh is True Food my blood is true
10:30drink and they’re just going
10:33ooh and what ends up happening is is
10:36that lots of people at this point leave
10:39Jesus to the point where Jesus asks the
10:42question of his disciples are you two
10:44going to leave and then we get that
10:46famous response from Peter he says Lord
10:48to whom shall we go
10:50you have the words of eternal life
10:53so this is part of Jesus’s big church
10:55shrinkage sermon and this is the one
10:58that basically says to people if you’re
11:00here for health wealth food Prosperity
11:04you know and think that the kingdom of
11:06God is all about having your Earthly
11:07needs met and you being fat and
11:10satisfied well then I’ve got news for
11:12you you don’t understand what it is that
11:14God is offering God is truly offering
11:18that the bread is Jesus
11:23you sit there and go
11:25does that mean what I think it means
11:28the answer is yeah it does
11:31and then you sit there and go but how
11:33and my answer is I don’t know
11:36Jesus said it
11:38I don’t know better than him so we just
11:41trust him remember the work of God is to
11:43believe right so Jesus says I am the
11:45bread of life whoever comes to me shall
11:48not hunger whoever believes in me
11:51shall never thirst and with these words
11:55we begin to see something and what we
11:58begin to see is that in the Old
11:59Testament that whole Manna From Heaven
12:02thing you know the Manna From Heaven
12:04that was all type and Shadow pointing us
12:08to none other than Jesus himself and
12:11this is what it teaches us from Exodus
12:1416 let me read again from Exodus the
12:16whole Congregation of the people of
12:18Israel grumbled against Moses and you’ll
12:20notice in our text the people here are
12:22kind of grumbling against Jesus there’s
12:24a little bit of that going on here and
12:26so they grumbled against Moses and Aaron
12:29in the wilderness and the people of
12:30Israel said to them now I’m going to say
12:33this the way this probably sounded okay
12:35this next portion of the text I believe
12:38if we were to have recorded it it would
12:40have sounded like your children in a you
12:43know like a family vacation in a car
12:45going when are we going to get there and
12:47yeah that kind of thing so here’s how it
12:49should have sounded
12:51wood that we had died by the hand of the
12:53Lord in the land of Egypt when we sat by
12:56Meat pods and ate bread to the full
12:59and was out of this
13:00and this was almost
13:05that’s exactly how this probably sounded
13:07right and you’re just thinking what on
13:09Earth are you thinking really meat pots
13:12eight to the full in Egypt do you
13:14remember the whole brick thing it’s like
13:16it’s like you know but this is how our
13:19sinful nature is
13:21and so the Lord comes up with a solution
13:23which is going to point us to none other
13:25than Jesus himself so Yahweh said to
13:27Moses behold I’m about to Reign bread
13:29from heaven for you and the people shall
13:32go out and gather a day’s portion every
13:34day that I might test them whether they
13:37will walk in my law or not on the sixth
13:40day when they prepare what they bring in
13:43it will be twice as much as they gather
13:45daily so Moses and Aaron said to all the
13:47people of Israel at evening you shall
13:49know that it was Yahweh who brought you
13:52out of the land of Egypt and in the
13:54morning you shall see the glory of the
13:55Lord because he has heard your grumbling
13:58against the Lord for what are we that
14:01you Grumble against us and Moses said
14:03when the Lord gives you in the evening
14:05meat to eat and in the morning bread to
14:08the full because the Lord has heard your
14:10grumbling that you Grumble against him
14:12what are we your grumbling is not
14:14against us but it is against the Lord so
14:16then Moses said to Aaron say to the
14:18whole Congregation of the people of
14:20Israel come nearby for the Lord for he
14:22has heard your grumbling and as soon as
14:24Aaron spoke to the whole Congregation of
14:26the people of Israel they looked toward
14:27the Wilderness and behold the glory of
14:30the Lord appeared in the cloud and the
14:32Lord said to Moses I have heard the
14:33grumbling of the people of Israel say to
14:35them at Twilight you shall eat meat and
14:37in the morning you shall be filled with
14:41then they all shall know that I am the
14:42Lord your God
14:44so in the evening Quail came up covered
14:46the camp and in the morning do lay
14:48around the camp and when the Dew had
14:50gone up there was on the face of the
14:53Wilderness A Fine flake-like Thing
14:56finest frost on the ground and when the
14:59people of Israel saw it they said to one
15:00another what is it and that’s the word
15:03manna manna means what is it
15:05for they did not know what it was Moses
15:08said to them it is the bread that the
15:10Lord has given you to eat
15:12so you’ll notice
15:14children of Israel after The Exodus
15:16after being set free from slavery to the
15:18false god king Pharaoh having his armies
15:21drowned in the Red Seas as they were
15:23baptized both walking through the Red
15:25Sea by faith they’re now in the
15:27wilderness and God feeds them bread from
15:31as they’re on their way to the promised
15:33land in the same way we too baptize
15:36Believers in Christ set free from
15:38bondage to sin death in the devil in our
15:40Wilderness wanderings as we wait to go
15:42into the promised land which is the new
15:43Heaven and the new Earth God again feeds
15:46us bread from heaven but the bread from
15:50Heaven that God feeds us is none other
15:52than Jesus’s Flesh and Blood let me read
15:56a little bit from you know forward in
15:58this text the tail end of the Gospel of
16:00John chapter 6 starting in verse 54 it
16:02says this and Jesus
16:04proclaims whoever feeds on my flesh and
16:08drinks my blood has
16:10eternal life and I will raise him up on
16:13the last day
16:14and everyone goes that’s disgusting
16:17that’s gross
16:19well Jesus isn’t talking about here have
16:21a finger would you like a toenail you
16:23know that’s not the kind of eating he’s
16:24talking about but in a very real way
16:27this morning when we come to this Altar
16:30for the Lord’s Supper Christ is truly
16:33bodily present we are truly eating the
16:37Flesh of Christ and we are drinking his
16:42how again I don’t know
16:45but I do know this
16:47it says here
16:49Jesus says whoever eats my flesh and
16:52drinks my blood has
16:54eternal life
16:56so when you come to the altar this
16:58morning remember these promises you have
17:00eternal life you will be raised up on
17:02the last day for he says my flesh is
17:04True Food my blood is true drink whoever
17:07feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood
17:09abides in me you want to know what it
17:11means to abide in Christ
17:13it means to come to the Lord’s table
17:16to receive his body and blood this is
17:18what he said whoever feeds on my flesh
17:20and drinks my blood abides in me in
17:22second Peter there’s this kind of
17:24enigmatic statement that Peter says that
17:27he says that we are partakers of the
17:29divine nature people have wondered what
17:31does that mean well the church has
17:32always understood that to mean that we
17:34are partakers of the divine nature when
17:36we have the Lord’s Supper
17:39and so that all these promises are
17:41attached to it and Jesus says As the
17:43living father sent me and I live because
17:44of the father so whoever feeds on me he
17:47will also live because of me this is the
17:50bread that come came down from heaven
17:52not like the bread the fathers ate and
17:57whoever feeds on this bread
17:59will live
18:02and there’s a lot of debate going on it
18:05has been for a long time about this
18:07passage and yet it’s so clear
18:09so let me read again the warning from
18:11Ephesians chapter four that we heard
18:13this morning here’s what it says and he
18:16Jesus gave the apostles the prophets the
18:19evangelists the Shepherds and teachers
18:21to equip the Saints for the work of
18:22Ministry for the building up of the body
18:24of Christ until we all attain the unity
18:26of the faith and the knowledge of the
18:28Son of God to mature manhood to the
18:30measure of the stature and the fullness
18:32of Christ so that we may no longer be
18:35children tossed to and fro by the waves
18:39and carried about by every wind of
18:42Doctrine by human cunning by craftiness
18:45and deceitful schemes rather speaking
18:48the truth in love we are to grow up in
18:50every way into him who is the head
18:53so the idea is this
18:55beware of people who would deny what
18:58Jesus says
19:00I know it’s a tough saying I know it’s
19:02difficult it resulted in a lot of people
19:05no longer following Jesus when he spoke
19:07this way
19:09but remember the singular work of God is
19:11to believe in the one whom the father
19:13has sent
19:14Jesus speaks the truth
19:17he’s told us what it is that we receive
19:19in the Lord’s supper and the gospel
19:22promise is attached to what it is that
19:25we’re eating
19:27our reason sits there and says it can’t
19:29be that that’s not possible that’s
19:34disgusting that’s gross that’s fill in
19:37the blank right
19:40and to which we say reason be silent
19:44and bend the knee
19:46there’s no way you’re going to figure
19:48out how this works because God’s ways
19:51are not our ways
19:53our reason must bend the knee to what
19:55Christ has revealed and when our reason
19:58bends the knee
19:59and we like children trust the words of
20:03Christ we receive the benefits and the
20:06promises that are there for us when we
20:09take the Lord’s Supper
20:10it’s a tough saying it’s a hard one it’s
20:12very divisive lots of people don’t want
20:14to say that that’s what it is and so
20:16their reason comes up with all kinds of
20:18excuses all kinds of explanations well
20:21Jesus can’t possibly be bodily present
20:24in the Lord’s Supper so what happens is
20:26when we come to the Lord’s Supper we
20:28spiritually Ascend into heaven
20:32that’s one explanation
20:34another explanation is is that well it’s
20:36just a symbol it’s not really that at
20:39all Jesus didn’t mean what he said he
20:41should have used the word symbol to make
20:43it clear but that’s clearly what he was
20:45saying that’s not what he says at all
20:46he says
20:48My Flesh
20:50is True Food
20:53my blood is true drink
20:57and there it is
20:59and Jesus when he institutes the Lord’s
21:03he says take eat this is my body take
21:07drink this is my blood broken and shed
21:11for you for the Forgiveness of your sins
21:16and faith says I believe
21:19I don’t know how it works
21:21I don’t need to figure it out philosophy
21:22won’t figure it out science won’t figure
21:24it out
21:26but truly we receive
21:28in the Lord’s Supper
21:30a sustaining food a bread from Heaven
21:33the body and blood of Christ
21:37and through his body and blood our faith
21:41is strengthened
21:43we are preserved it’s a salutary gift
21:46and a sign to us and so that’s the thing
21:49is that when you come to the altar this
21:51morning and you hear these words take
21:55this is the True Body of Christ broken
21:57for you the sign is the bread
22:02but the words are what is real about it
22:05does that make sense and when you hear
22:07the words your faith then grasps onto
22:10them and say Yes Lord amen amen this is
22:14most certainly true and it’s for me
22:17do you want to know what Christ his
22:20disposition is towards you
22:22‘ll hear it this morning you’ve heard it
22:25this morning already in the Absolution
22:26but you’re going to hear it again at the
22:28at the rail you’re going to hear that
22:30Christ’s disposition for you is Forgiven
22:33loved bled for died for
22:36you are his sheep and he’s feeding you
22:38and caring for you giving you miraculous
22:42bread from Heaven to sustain you in your
22:45Wilderness Journey
22:47as you head towards the real Promised
22:49Land the new heavens and new earth these
22:51are powerful gifts
22:53with gospel promises
22:55and it’s all about what Jesus is giving
22:58you and you sit there and go well I’m
23:00not exactly worthy to receive such a
23:03amazing gift and to which I would say
23:06good you’re thinking correctly
23:08because you’re not worthy to receive
23:10these gifts I’m not worthy
23:13but see the thing is they’re gifts their
23:16promises and they’re there to sustain
23:18you and they’re for the Forgiveness of
23:21sins so the way you make yourself worthy
23:24to receive these is to believe they are
23:26what they are and that the promise is
23:28attached to them are true and they’re
23:29for you
23:33so have you sinned this week last time
23:36you had the Lord’s Supper has there been
23:37any sin in your life you know over the
23:40last month which by the way is a long
23:42time to go between the Lord’s Supper
23:45if there’s any sin in your life
23:47well I have news for you Christ is going
23:49to be present for you in body and blood
23:52for the Forgiveness of your sins
23:54come to the table
23:56and receive the Forgiveness of sins in
23:59your mouth forgiveness of sins has a
24:01taste a little chewy piece of bread
24:04and some sweet wine
24:08you know maybe a Robert Mondavi would be
24:10better but yet
24:11I’m joking
24:14and that’s what Jesus is talking about
24:17and it’s so difficult to believe
24:21so difficult for our reason to say is it
24:25really that
24:27and I would just say has there ever been
24:29a time that Jesus has lied and told you
24:33something that isn’t true
24:35I would say absolutely not
24:37it is what Jesus says it is and he
24:41to you is an individual what he promises
24:45in this great gift so let us then do the
24:48work of God and believe the one whom
24:50Christ has whom the father has sent
24:52Jesus Christ Our crucified and Risen
24:55Savior who is the bread of life and the
24:58Bread of Heaven who sustains us through
25:00his body and blood as we journey towards
25:04the Eternal Kingdom of God in Jesus name
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