Sermon Transcript – The Church Needs to Repent for Not Preaching Repentance

Series B – Sixth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, July 5, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:31chapter 6 verses 1-13
0:35Jesus left there and went to his
0:37hometown accompanied by his disciples
0:39when the Sabbath came he began to teach
0:42in the synagogue and many who heard him
0:44were amazed where did this man get these
0:46things they asked what’s this wisdom
0:48that has been given to him that he even
0:50does Miracles isn’t this the carpenter
0:53isn’t this Mary’s son and the brother of
0:55James Joseph Judas and Simon are his
0:59sisters here with us and they took
1:01offense at him
1:03Jesus said to them only in his hometown
1:06among his relatives and in his own house
1:08as a prophet without honor he could not
1:11do any Miracles there except lay his
1:13hands on a few sick people and heal them
1:15and he was amazed at their lack of faith
1:18then Jesus went around teaching from
1:20Village to Village calling the twelve to
1:22him he sent them out two by two gave
1:25them authority over evil spirits these
1:27were his instructions take nothing for
1:30the journey except a staff no bread no
1:33bag no money in your belts weigh your
1:37sandals but not an extra tunic whenever
1:39you enter a house stay there until you
1:42leave that town if any place will not
1:45welcome you or listen to you shake the
1:47dust off your feet when you leave as a
1:49testimony against them they went out and
1:52preached that people should repent they
1:54drove out many demons and anointed many
1:57sick people with oil and healed them
2:01in the name of Jesus
2:05our text for today is taken from our
2:07gospel text and it says this if any
2:10place will not receive you and they will
2:12not listen to you when you leave shake
2:15off the dust the design your feet as a
2:17testimony against them
2:18so they went out and proclaimed that
2:20people should
2:22here’s the word repent
2:26yeah get this
2:28ancient Christianity under the tutelage
2:31and instruction of Jesus
2:33was a message of repentance
2:37we seem to have lost that today let me
2:39digress for a second I don’t know if
2:41you’ve noticed the news but things seem
2:43to be going haywire here in the United
2:45States I’m going to make something very
2:47clear pagans do what pagans do because
2:50pagans are pagans
2:52do you know what I’m saying cows moo
2:54dogs woof Pagan sin
2:56and our our country is experiencing a
3:00lot of moral upheaval in turmoil and I
3:02lay all of the blame not on the
3:04politicians not on the culture I lay all
3:07of the blame on the church
3:08and I’ll explain in a minute we’ve lost
3:11that important word repent
3:15and it goes way back there’s a reason
3:17why there are churches today that are
3:19blessing same-sex marriages and I’m more
3:21alarmed at that than I am about the
3:23society doing it because again pagans do
3:26what pagans do you know what I mean so
3:29let me point this out
3:31in our text that I’ve chosen from our
3:33gospel text it begins with Jesus though
3:36going to his hometown and of course they
3:39threw a parade right
3:41they put out the bunting
3:43local boy becomes celebrity prophet
3:46and everybody welcomed him in the
3:48synagogue and they gave him the keys to
3:50the city
3:53that’s not how it went is it
3:57Jesus in his hometown was rejected
4:00and he could do very few Miracles
4:01because of their lack of faith
4:04they didn’t believe
4:06they didn’t believe
4:08so if Jesus is rejected by those who
4:10know him best it shouldn’t surprise us
4:14when we find ourselves in hot water when
4:17we’re preaching Jesus because Jesus said
4:20they didn’t like me they’re not going to
4:22like you either that’s the rose bro
4:24paraphrase and I pray that that
4:25translation never comes out
4:28but so let’s go to this thing again
4:31Jesus said if any place will not receive
4:33you Jesus actually anticipated that
4:36they’re not going to roll out the red
4:37carpet every time you Proclaim him and
4:40tell people to repent and be forgiven he
4:42says if any place will not receive you
4:43you know what you do
4:45change the message make it a little bit
4:47more appealing
4:48that’s what you do you go out there and
4:51you find a way to you know make it so
4:53that you can put on a spectacle maybe
4:55have a circus or a carnival
4:58maybe have your pastor dress up in a
5:00clown suit or come in in an Elvis
5:04that’ll bring in the crowds right
5:06that’s not what Jesus said if any place
5:08will not receive you and will not listen
5:11to you when you leave shake off the dust
5:15that’s on your feet as a testimony
5:16against them so they Jesus’s disciples
5:19went and proclaimed again listen that
5:22people should here it is again repent
5:28in other words you don’t get to stay in
5:30your sin
5:31God doesn’t wink at it God is not up in
5:34heaven as some elderly grandfather who
5:37likes to put the butterscotches in his
5:38pocket you know what I’m talking about
5:39my grandfather would do this okay and it
5:42didn’t matter how misbehaved his
5:44grandchildren were including me we’d all
5:46get a little pat on the head and he’d
5:48give us a butterscotch and we can be
5:49little hooligans
5:52God is not like that
5:54and Jesus is not like that in fact if
5:57you look with me in Luke Luke 24 verses
6:0145 through 47 I’d like to point
6:03something out this is Luke’s account of
6:05the Great Commission and in Luke’s
6:07account of the Great Commission Jesus
6:09actually gives us the message in
6:11Matthews account he tells us what to do
6:12right Matthew says all authority in
6:14heaven on Earth has been given to me go
6:16therefore and Make Disciples of all
6:17Nations baptizing and teaching all that
6:19I have commanded you right this is what
6:21Jesus says in Matthew but in Luke’s
6:23account of the Great Commission we get
6:25the message here’s what it says Luke 24
6:2845 he opened their minds to understand
6:31the scriptures and said to them thus it
6:33is written that the Christ should suffer
6:35and on the third day rise from the dead
6:37and here it is and that repentance and
6:41the Forgiveness of sins should be
6:43proclaimed in his name to All Nations
6:45beginning from Jerusalem
6:48in order to preach repentance and the
6:51Forgiveness of sins the two go together
6:53they’re like peanut butter and jelly
6:56in order for repentance and forgiveness
6:58of sins to be proclaimed that requires a
7:00preacher a Christian a pastor a teacher
7:02to Proclaim both God’s law and the
7:06gospel you don’t get to just preach the
7:10because what happens when you only
7:12preach the gospel is that the idea goes
7:15that no longer is God love but love
7:18becomes God you see the difference
7:21love becomes God when you only preach
7:24the gospel oh you you you want to get
7:27married and you have a a partner that’s
7:30the same sex as you well that’s okay
7:32Jesus died for everybody so we can bless
7:35that marriage
7:37you know we can’t
7:39because we have to Proclaim repentance
7:41and the Forgiveness of sins
7:44in order for sins to be forgiven one has
7:47to acknowledge that they need to be
7:49forgiven and before that can happen you
7:51must preach God’s law the two go
7:53together if you only preach the law you
7:55create a bunch of legalists running
7:57around the landscape thinking that
7:58they’re holier than thou and that
8:00they’re earning brownie points with God
8:01and they’re going to heaven on their own
8:02steam that’s another error by the way
8:04you gotta avoid both errors we’re not
8:07antinomians and we’re not legalists we
8:10hold law in gospel intention
8:12understanding that God has given both
8:13and they serve a function
8:15Luther put it this way
8:18he said always preach in such a way that
8:20if the people listening to you do not
8:22come to hate their sin they will instead
8:25hate you
8:27that’s a good quote
8:28some pretty good advice
8:30Paul writing to Young Pastor Timothy in
8:33second Timothy chapter four says this I
8:36charge you in the presence of God and of
8:38Christ Jesus who’s to judge the living
8:40and the dead notice it’s in light of the
8:41fact that Jesus is returning we sang
8:44about it in the Battle Hymn of the
8:45Republic it’s kind of weird for me to
8:47sing The Battle Hymn of the Republic
8:48because clearly at the time that it was
8:50written the Christian faith and
8:52patriotism were somewhat intertwined
8:54they seem to be quite disconnected today
8:56but Paul says in in light of Christ’s
8:59imminent return and judgment and he’s
9:01going to judge the living and the dead
9:03and by his appearing in his in his
9:04kingdom in light of the fact that what
9:06we’re dealing with are ultimately the
9:09ultimate matters of life and death
9:11believe me when I tell you it’s all
9:14about that last day you remember when
9:17you were in high school
9:18I I went to high school as a freshman
9:20and I don’t know about you guys but I
9:22was totally oblivious about how high
9:24school worked okay I had no clue that at
9:27the end that they were going to have a
9:30valedictorian and a salutatorian and
9:32that people were going to be honored and
9:33stuff like that at some banquet at like
9:35graduation no clue and I could care less
9:38but then when it came time I sat there
9:41and go dang it you know I was actually
9:42smarter than that kid that got the
9:46but it’s like I wasn’t even cognizant of
9:49there’s like a graduation day and
9:51there’s things that happen right think
9:52of well Christ’s judgment is kind of
9:55like graduation day if you would and on
9:57that day the only thing that matters is
10:00what you’re going to hear from Christ
10:02either he’s going to welcome you into
10:04his kingdom and he’s going to say Well
10:05done good and faithful servant or he’s
10:07going to say depart from me I never knew
10:11that’s all that matters on that day
10:14and where you end up after that is
10:16either in Christ’s Eternal new heavens
10:19and new earth or you end up in the Lake
10:21of Fire and believe me it’s
10:22uncomfortable there
10:24and that’s an understatement
10:27so in light of the fact that Christ is
10:29going to return and judge the living and
10:31the dead here’s what Paul says to Pastor
10:33Timothy preach the word
10:37this isn’t a game
10:39be ready in season and out of season oh
10:41yeah that means there’s times when
10:42preaching the word is not going to be in
10:44Vogue reprove rebuke and exhort two
10:48negatives and one positive
10:51so maybe two-thirds of my Ministry needs
10:53to be negative
10:55I’m joking about that
10:57but do so with complete patience and
10:59teaching for a time is coming Paul says
11:01when people will not endure sound
11:06but having itching ears they will
11:08accumulate for themselves teachers to
11:11suit their own passions they will turn
11:14away from listening to the truth and
11:16wander off into myths
11:21is that not today
11:23I cannot even begin to tell you I’ve
11:26lost count of the hundreds of pastors
11:29I’ve heard about over the years who have
11:31lost their jobs as pastors and they’ve
11:34been run out on a rail because they
11:36dared to preach repentance in the
11:37Forgiveness of sins and Proclaim Christ
11:39in him crucified you know what that does
11:42nowadays it just upsets people it’s
11:44divisive it’s so negative it doesn’t
11:46make me feel good about me
11:49well it’s not supposed to
11:52is it
11:54but see the thing is those who turn away
11:56from listening to the truth and wander
11:57off into myths
11:59are wandering their way right into hell
12:02because remember it’s all in light of
12:03Christ’s imminent return and judgment
12:05that we are to do these things
12:06repentance is the message that Jesus
12:10taught his disciples to preach and they
12:11preached it if Peter were alive today
12:13how popular would he be on Twitter
12:19oh he’d be a raving Maniac wouldn’t he
12:21people think he’s some kind of Westboro
12:23Baptist Nut Job telling people to repent
12:27but here’s the important thing about
12:29this repentance is intimately tied to if
12:33you would conversion and I want you to
12:35think about this Francis peeper who is
12:37arguably the the premier Lutheran
12:41dogmatician of the 20th century
12:43in writing about conversion this is
12:46where people go from being pagans to
12:47actually being Christians kind of a big
12:49deal he says this conversion is affected
12:52by the gospel with the aid of the law
12:55listen again conversion is affected by
12:58the gospel with the aid of the law the
13:00inner motions of the heart which go to
13:02make up conversion this is what you
13:04experience are the Terrors of conscience
13:07which arise from the knowledge of sin
13:10engendered by the law and the trust of
13:12the heart and the gracious promise of
13:14the Forgiveness extended to the man in
13:17the gospel
13:19have you felt Terrors of conscience over
13:22your sin
13:24when I’ve preached over the past year
13:27and I’ve preached the law have you felt
13:30terrified by it if not then I need to to
13:33ramp it up a little bit I need to take
13:35it from you know maybe you know beating
13:38you with a stick to flamethrower take it
13:40up a notch because the reality of this
13:42situation is that God’s law reveals you
13:44don’t measure up I don’t measure up
13:47you do not love God with your whole
13:49heart and you how do I know this it’s
13:51real simple when you’re in trouble
13:54and things are going bad in your life
13:57what do you turn to for comfort
14:00do you turn to comfort to God
14:03or do you disappear into a book
14:05go on a binge on Netflix and watch five
14:09seasons of a program do you crawl into a
14:12Bottle Pop A Pill
14:15go on the internet and find a way to
14:17distract yourself that’s your God by the
14:19way the thing that you turn to in
14:21comfort in times of trial and
14:22tribulation that’s your God
14:25do you love God with your whole heart
14:28do you love your neighbor perfectly as
14:32and don’t think for a second this has
14:34only to do with like the big sins you
14:37know Murder adultery foreign whatever
14:39that is
14:41how about murdering your neighbors
14:43reputation through your gossip
14:48how about coveting your neighbor’s stuff
14:51how about wanting your neighbor dead
14:52because you’re so angry at him you just
14:54want to knock his head off
14:56all of that dams to Hell these are not
14:59small matters
15:01they’re huge
15:03and if you were to stand before God
15:05without being covered in the perfect
15:07righteousness of Christ which is given
15:09to you as a gift because Christ bled and
15:11died for your sins you would be damned
15:13to hell
15:14you are not a good person I am not a
15:16good person
15:18so don’t think for a second that this
15:20doesn’t impact us all
15:22so conversion it’s very important that
15:25the law do its work and strip you of all
15:28Notions that you are going to stand
15:30before God and God’s going to say you
15:32are the best thing next to slice toast
15:35because you’re not
15:36Christ only died for the ungodly and
15:39that means you and me
15:41people then continues where these two
15:43motions Contrition and Faith which are
15:46affected by the Holy Ghost through the
15:49law and the gospel are wanting
15:51no conversion has taken place
15:57I want you to think about the
15:58implications of what he just said
15:59without Contrition and faith without the
16:02working of long gospel the holy spirit
16:04is the one who works that Terror of
16:06conscience it’s the Holy Spirit who
16:08works faith in you to take comfort in
16:10the promises of God where those two
16:12things are wanting no conversion has
16:15taken place
16:17so imagine yourself if you would in a
16:20there’s a pastor
16:22and the pastor’s very eloquent he’s very
16:25funny he’s very entertaining and The
16:28Rock and Roll laser light smoke is in is
16:31just off the chain
16:33but the message you hear is this
16:36you you’ve got some difficulty in your
16:39life yeah we understand marriage is
16:41tough children are disobedient that boss
16:43of yours might be a little bit difficult
16:45to work for but if you promise God that
16:48you’re going to apply his principles to
16:50make your life better you can turn
16:52things around and experience victory in
16:54your life so sign at the dotted line I
16:57would like everybody to Bow their heads
16:59and raise your hand if you’re going to
17:00pray this prayer with me Lord I promise
17:03to apply your principle so that I can
17:04have better sex better behaved children
17:06and find my purpose
17:10when somebody does that have they been
17:13have they been brought to penitent faith
17:16in Christ for the Forgiveness of their
17:19no they haven’t
17:22or how about the churches in town
17:24that performs same-sex marriages
17:28and let somebody who is an impenitent
17:31sin continue to wrongly believe that
17:34they have a right standing before God
17:36and that God is blessing this Union
17:39have they been brought
17:41to penitent faith in Christ for the
17:43Forgiveness of their sins
17:45have they experienced the Terrors of
17:46conscience of the law
17:49and the comfort of the Assurance of the
17:50Forgiveness of sins in Christ no they
17:55are they Christian
17:58I would say no they’re not
18:01Christ taught his disciples to preach
18:04repentance instead our day is a lot like
18:10the day
18:12of Jeremiah
18:14and if you have your Bible I’d like you
18:15to look with me at Jeremiah 23.
18:18by way of historical note Jeremiah was
18:21the last prophet that God sent to Israel
18:25before he judged them
18:28before he had 90 percent of the people
18:33of Israel killed systematically by
18:37Nebuchadnezzar as a judgment only 10
18:39percent of them remained alive and they
18:42were taken out of the land and brought
18:44to Babylon and spent 70 years in Babylon
18:48as a consequence and a punishment for
18:51their obstinate refusal to bend the need
18:54to God be forgiven and abandon their
18:57and I want you to hear the spiritual
19:00of Jeremiah’s day
19:02and tell me if this is not today
19:05Jeremiah 23 starting at verse 9.
19:08concerning the prophets
19:11notice it says prophets prophets are
19:13religious guys prophets are guys saying
19:15thus saith the Lord they’re speaking to
19:17people and giving them words from God
19:19here’s what Jeremiah writes my heart is
19:22broken within me all my bones shake and
19:24I am like a drunken man like a man
19:26overcome by wine because of the Lord and
19:29because of his holy words for the land
19:32is full of adulterers because of the
19:35curse the land Mourns and the pastors of
19:38the Wilderness are dried up their course
19:41is evil their might is not right both
19:44prophet and priest are ungodly
19:48religious leaders who are what
19:53even in my house I have found their evil
19:56declares the Lord therefore their way
19:59shall be to them like slippery paths in
20:02the darkness into which they shall be
20:04driven in Fall for I will bring disaster
20:06upon them in the year of their
20:08punishment declares the Lord and the
20:10prophets of Samaria I saw an unsavory
20:12thing they prophesied by ba’al and led
20:15My People Israel astray
20:18but in the but the in the prophets of
20:21Jerusalem I have seen a horrible thing
20:23they commit adultery and walk in lies
20:27they strengthen the hands of evildoers
20:32look at that the religious leaders of
20:34Israel immediately before God judged
20:40they were strengthening the hands of
20:43preaching to them oh all is fine
20:46everything will be well God is for you
20:49so who could be against you
20:52they strengthen the hands of evildoers
20:54so that no one turns from his evil and
20:57that’s what repentance is
21:00so the religious leaders of Israel were
21:02strengthening the hands of evildoers and
21:04nobody was repenting all of them have
21:06become like Sodom to me and its
21:08inhabitants like Gomorrah therefore thus
21:11says the Lord of hosts concerning the
21:13prophets behold I will feed them with
21:16bitter food and give them poisoned water
21:18to drink for from the prophets of
21:21Jerusalem ungodliness has gone out into
21:24all the land thus says the Lord of hosts
21:27do not listen to the words of the
21:30prophets who prophesy to you filling you
21:33with vain hopes they speak visions of
21:36their own minds not from the mouth of
21:39the Lord they say continually to those
21:41who despise the word of the Lord it
21:44shall be well with you and everyone who
21:47stubbornly follows his own heart they
21:48say no disaster shall come upon you
21:54what kind of religious leaders are these
21:58strengthening the hands of evil doers
22:03but that’s what’s happening in the
22:04church today is it not
22:09congregations there’s 375
22:13000 congregations in the United States
22:15of America
22:16how many of them are strengthening the
22:19hands of evildoers and telling no
22:21disaster is going to befall you you go
22:24ahead and have marital relations with
22:26anybody you feel like doesn’t matter if
22:28it’s a dude or a girl or maybe even
22:31three or four of you can get together
22:32and you can have one of those Paulie
22:33relationships God’s okay with that
22:35because if you feel it in your heart you
22:38got to be true to who you are
22:45who’s to blame for what’s happening in
22:47society the church is
22:48because pagans do what pagans do because
22:51pagans are what pagans are
22:53you can’t expect unbelievers to Bear the
22:55Fruit of the Spirit
22:57we’ve been given a message to preach
22:59repentance and the Forgiveness of sins
23:01and God is the one who raises people to
23:04life through his law and his gospel
23:08but we want to be everybody’s friends
23:11we want to be liked by everybody we want
23:14to we want finally for the world to say
23:16those Christians are so hip they’re so
23:20when were we told to ever believe that
23:22that was going to happen
23:26so the religious leaders of Jeremiah’s
23:28day oh they were hip they were popular
23:29they were cool everyone was listening to
23:32them and they were strengthening the
23:33hands of evildoers and now God is
23:35speaking judgment against them
23:37and he says don’t listen to the words of
23:40the prophets
23:41he didn’t say don’t listen to the words
23:43of the king
23:44or some raving Maniac out there some
23:47Pagan idolater these are people who are
23:49the religious leaders of Israel
23:51how nonsensical is this
23:54and then the Lord says says this for who
23:56among them has stood in the counsel of
23:58the Lord to see and to hear his word or
24:01who has paid attention to his word and
24:03listen behold the storm of the Lord
24:05wrath has gone forth a whirling Tempest
24:08it will burst upon the head of the
24:10wicked the anger of the Lord will not
24:12turn back until he is executed and
24:13accomplished the intents of his heart in
24:15the latter days you will understand it
24:17clearly I did not send the prophets yet
24:20they ran I did not speak to them yet
24:23they prophesied but if they had stood in
24:26my counsel they would have proclaimed my
24:28words to my people and they would have
24:30turned them from their evil way and from
24:33the evil of their deeds
24:36you want to know how you can tell
24:38whether or not a pastor is really sent
24:40from God
24:42does he preach repentance and the
24:44Forgiveness of sins or does he coddle in
24:47comfort in penitent sinners
24:51that’s how you know the difference
24:53because God here says that if they had
24:57been sent by me they would have turned
25:00people from their evil and from the evil
25:02of their deeds
25:06this is not a game
25:08there are real people who are going to a
25:10real hell
25:12and we have the real words of eternal
25:16does the nation of the United States
25:18need to repent truly it does but before
25:21it will know that it needs to do that
25:23the church must repent
25:27we must speak the truth
25:29and we must do it in love
25:31and if they will not listen to us we
25:34shake the dust off the feet and move on
25:37we don’t change the message we’re never
25:40going to be the cool trend on Twitter
25:45no one’s going to be coming and say I
25:47really am just dying to be in with you
25:49and hang with you Christian Folk
25:52love what you’re doing
25:54that whole celibacy thing before
25:56marriage and that whole thing about
25:58being married to one person your whole
26:00life of like the opposite sex just
26:04can’t wait to hang with you guys
26:09it’s never going to happen
26:11so let’s stop acting like we can make
26:13that happen
26:15we need to repent
26:18and understand that we are dealing with
26:19the ultimate issues of life and death
26:21we’ve been given a commission to make
26:24disciples and we’ve been given a message
26:27repentance and the Forgiveness of sins
26:29and unfortunately the church many
26:33portions of the church in the visible
26:35church have abandoned that message
26:37abandoned the authority of God don’t
26:39believe in miracles and believe that
26:42basically the message is all about can’t
26:46we all just get along
26:48and that’s not our message our message
26:51is that Christ is bled and died for our
26:55and your neighbors need to hear this
26:56they need to hear this
26:58they need to hear that they’re Sinners
27:00they need to understand that they do not
27:02have a right standing before God that
27:03they’re ungodly and that Christ has bled
27:06and died for them
27:07and they need to be called to repent and
27:10to be forgiven the message has never
27:12changed because Jude writes it’s the
27:14faith once delivered to the Saints
27:17Christian theology does not progress and
27:19it doesn’t matter that we have
27:20smartphones today this message still
27:22doesn’t change we have a Timeless
27:24message to tell people until Christ
27:28lettuce repent be forgiven for not being
27:32diligent in this message and bear fruit
27:35in keeping with that message and go and
27:37tell the world because if you’re truly a
27:40patriot and you care about this country
27:42and where it’s going we’ve got the only
27:46nobody no politician can turn this thing
27:48around Only God Can and that comes
27:50through the preaching of repentance and
27:52the Forgiveness of sins in Jesus name
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