Sermon Transcript – The Dawning of the Day of the Lord

Series A – First Sunday of Advent – Sunday, November 27, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew chapter 24
0:31verses 36 through 44.
0:34Jesus said but concerning that day and
0:37hour no one knows not even the angels of
0:40Heaven Nor this time but the father only
0:42as with the days of Noah so will be the
0:45coming of the son of man for as in those
0:48days before the flood they were eating
0:49and drinking marrying and giving in
0:51marriage until the day when Noah entered
0:54the Ark and they were unaware until the
0:56flood came and swept them all away so
0:59will be the coming of the son of man
1:00then two men will be in the field one
1:03will be taken one left two women will be
1:06grinding at the Mill one will be taken
1:08one left therefore stay awake for you do
1:12not know on what day your lord is coming
1:14but know this that if the Master of the
1:16House had known in what part of the
1:18night the thief was coming he would have
1:20stayed awake and would not have let his
1:22house be broken into therefore you also
1:25must be ready for the son of man is
1:27coming at an hour you do not expect
1:30in the name of Jesus
1:34all right here this from our epistle
1:36text this morning besides this you know
1:38the time that the hour has come for you
1:40to wake from sleep
1:43for salvation is nearer to us
1:46than when we first believed the night is
1:48far gone
1:50the day is at hand
1:52now the windows in my office in my
1:55Pirate Cave if you’ve been there you
1:56know that it’s decked out in modern
1:58pirate the windows in my office they
2:00face East
2:02I’m in North Dakota I could see the uh
2:05see the dike and the time you know the
2:08time of the year when the days are short
2:10the nights are cold and the days are
2:12cold too we’re all familiar with those
2:13days I wake up early in the morning
2:15hours and I begin to work and Out My
2:18Window the day begins with total
2:21darkness now the only lights I can see
2:24are what my wife calls are Narnia light
2:26all right we have one of those wrought
2:28iron lights in my yard she calls it our
2:30Narnia light and that stays on and then
2:33it turns off you know when the sun comes
2:35up but I also can see a city street
2:37light over on the corner now eventually
2:40as I’m working I begin to see in the sky
2:44the first pale pinks of the night
2:47beginning to Signal the imminent arrival
2:49of the day and I know that when I begin
2:52to see color in the sky that it is not
2:55long before the sun will burst into the
2:57sky and the new day will Dawn and my
3:00office will be flooded with sunlight I
3:04have to put on my sunglasses the whole
3:07room is just blazing with the Sun
3:11now brothers and sisters
3:13what I’ve just described is exactly what
3:16Advent is all about Advent is that in
3:21between time we see we’ve been awakened
3:24from the grave Christ has spoken to us
3:27we have been regenerated we are alive in
3:30the wee morning hours of the new
3:34sun has not yet come up
3:36you see through the word through the
3:39washing of regeneration we’ve been
3:41awakened from our sinful
3:43Slumber notice that sin is likened to
3:46sleeping we’ve risen before the sun has
3:49arrived and that’s spelled
3:51s-o-n before the sun has arrived and
3:54when we gaze at the eschatological East
3:57often the eschatological Eastern Horizon
4:00we can see that already colors are
4:03appearing and becoming more pronounced
4:04the light is growing brighter and
4:07brighter And Soon the Darkness will be
4:09no more the dawning of the new day is
4:12greater than Christmas This Dawning of
4:14this new day is greater than Christmas
4:16Easter oh in the last day of school
4:20those were the three Pinnacle days if
4:24the kids calendar Christmas Easter last
4:28day of school it’s greater than all of
4:30that and we when this day Dawns we will
4:33finally behold Jesus with our own eyes
4:36we will finally be able to worship at
4:38his feet our hearts will swell when we
4:41finally behold the awesomeness of our
4:45crucified Risen Savior and King
4:49will sit on the throne of David forever
4:51so look at the horizon
4:53can you see that the night is far spent
4:57if you can’t see it then trust the words
5:00of our epistle text the night is far
5:04spent the sun s-o-n is almost here now
5:10here’s a little bit of a factoid I’d
5:12like to consider today your view of the
5:15future has a well huge impact almost in
5:17a determining impact on how you live
5:20your life you may have heard the phrase
5:22that person is so Heavenly minded
5:24they’re of no earthly good
5:26have you ever heard this whoever says
5:29this doesn’t know what they’re talking
5:31about and if a pastor says this from a
5:33Pulpit you need to put a dunce cap on
5:36him and send them to the back of the
5:37congregation for remedial instruction on
5:40Theology and what the scriptures say
5:43it’s a little strong I know but that’s
5:45the truth the fact is is that scripture
5:47says you are only able to be of any
5:50Earthly good when you are really
5:52Heavenly minded
5:54we have our minds looking forward to and
5:57seeing what is coming and we live our
6:00lives appropriately
6:02so let me kind of point out this on the
6:04back end of it the the negative side if
6:07you believe that Jesus is a myth and I
6:09hope that there’s nobody here who
6:10believes this but if you believe that
6:11Jesus is a myth a legend a fairy tale
6:14something akin to the tooth fairy or
6:17Santa Claus or maybe even the Easter
6:19Bunny then you believe that he’s never
6:21going to come back and you probably even
6:23doubt that he came in the first place if
6:26this is what you believe then you are
6:29you’re asleep in your sins you live in
6:32the darkness blissfully unaware of the
6:35coming Dawn because of this you continue
6:37to practice the works of darkness which
6:39our scripture passage makes clear
6:41include includes sexual immorality
6:43hatred murder coveting gossiping of the
6:47like things like this in fact you live
6:50for yourself
6:51and all you do is for you and your
6:55oh you’re looking out for number one
6:57the big eye the big ego so if this is
7:00you I must warn you
7:02the day is Dawning and do not think for
7:05a second that you will be able to press
7:06the snooze button once the day of the
7:09Lord Dawns that ain’t gonna happen boy
7:11do I love my snooze button oh
7:15best invention ever my college roommates
7:18hated it though because I would five
7:21six seven eight times it took me a while
7:24to wake up but when the day of the Lord
7:26Dawns you will not be able to press the
7:28snooze button in fact Peter warns those
7:32who are not awake and those who scoff at
7:35the idea that the darkness is fast
7:37fleeing before the dawning of Christ Our
7:41cross-reference today is found in second
7:42Peter chapter 3 starting at verse 1. if
7:45you’d like to follow along
7:47and here’s what Peter writes
7:49this is now the second letter that I’m
7:52writing to you beloved and both of them
7:54I am stirring up your sincere Mind by
7:56way of reminder that you should remember
7:58the predictions of the Holy prophets and
8:01the Commandment of the Lord and Savior
8:03through your Apostles knowing this first
8:06of all that scoffers will come in the
8:08last days with scoffing following their
8:13own sinful desires show me a pastor from
8:17the pulpit that scoffs at the idea that
8:19Jesus is returning and I’ll show you a
8:21pastor who is following his own sinful
8:24desires show me a pastor who scoffs at
8:26the idea that Jesus is returning soon or
8:29that the well the Bible is the inspired
8:31inerrant word of God and I’ll show you a
8:33pastor who’s got some really interesting
8:35skeletons in his closet
8:38this is what this text says
8:41they are scoffing because they are
8:42following their own sinful desires they
8:45will say where is the promise of his
8:47coming forever since the fathers fell
8:50asleep all things are continuing as they
8:52were from the beginning of creation you
8:55see they kind of extrapolate it this way
8:57human beings as far back as anybody can
9:00remember as always the history books
9:02kind of record have all been screwed up
9:05we’ve all been this way it’s been
9:07Darkness ever since the beginning of the
9:09dawning of time and darkness has
9:12continued till now Darkness has been
9:14there my whole life therefore Ergo
9:16Darkness will continue forever
9:19to air is human they say
9:23oh but this is not what God says this is
9:26not what God says and then to make
9:29matters worse
9:31give me an example of this a pastor
9:32friend of mine a colleague who works
9:34with me with our alethia outreached down
9:37in Australia was telling us the story of
9:40well an event that he had to go to where
9:43there was an installation of an Anglican
9:45priest and he had been invited you know
9:47clergyman from all over the region were
9:48invited to this this fellow’s
9:50installation and the presiding Bishop of
9:53the Anglican Church there made a quip
9:56about well those people who believe in
9:59the inerrancy of scripture they clearly
10:02don’t know what they’re talking about
10:03because Jesus said behold I come quickly
10:05it’s been a few thousand years if you
10:08haven’t checked your watch
10:09so therefore God’s word must not be
10:14send this man back to college for
10:17remedial logic
10:18and he said it from the pulpit
10:21but Sierra here’s what Peter says
10:24forever since the fathers fell asleep
10:26all things are continuing as they were
10:27from the beginning of creation that’s
10:28their argument for they deliberately
10:30overlook this fact that the heavens
10:33existed long ago the earth was formed
10:35out of water and through Water by the
10:37word of God and that by means of these
10:40the world that then existed was deluged
10:42with water and perished this is a
10:45reference to the flood
10:47by the same word the heavens and the
10:49Earth that now exist are stored up for
10:51fire being kept until the day of
10:54judgment and the destruction of the
10:56ungodly but do not overlook this one
10:58fact beloved that with the Lord one day
11:00is as a thousand years and a thousand
11:03years as one day and this is due to the
11:06fact that God himself exists in eternity
11:08we are the ones who exist in time and
11:11space and we experience things one thing
11:13after another
11:14God experiences them all at the same
11:17right so with him well one day is like a
11:21thousand years and a thousand years as a
11:24day and the Lord is not slow to fulfill
11:25his promise as some count slowness but
11:29as patient towards you in other words
11:32the fact that Christ continues to tarry
11:34is a sign that God loves you he’s being
11:37patient with you not wishing that any
11:40should perish including you
11:43instead God desires that all should
11:45reach repentance
11:47but the day of the Lord will come like a
11:50and then the heavens will pass away with
11:52a roar the heavenly bodies will be
11:55burned up and dissolved and the earth
11:57and the works that are done and it will
11:58be exposed
12:00since all these things are thus to be
12:03dissolved what sort of people ought you
12:05to be in lives of Holiness and godliness
12:08notice here Peter wants us to be so
12:11Heavenly minded that we can finally be
12:12of some Earthly good
12:15and think of it this way everything
12:16right now that you can see smell taste
12:20touch experience purchase by love
12:25everything that you’re looking at all of
12:27this is going bye-bye
12:30none of it will exist after this
12:34the whole creation will die
12:38God himself is killing it
12:44he’s also making a new heavens and a new
12:47Earth you have the information of what’s
12:51coming next since all of these things
12:53are to be dissolved they are
12:55what sort of people ought you to be in
12:57lives of Holiness and godliness waiting
13:00for and hastening the coming of the day
13:02of God because of which the heavens will
13:04be set on fire and dissolved and the
13:06heavenly bodies will melt as they burn
13:09but according to his promise we are
13:14for the new heavens
13:15and the new Earth in which righteousness
13:18dwells that’s right in the world that is
13:21coming there is no Darkness there is no
13:24sin there are no corrupt politicians
13:27sorry I get excited about things like
13:30that there are no awful bosses who treat
13:34you poorly there are no people who are
13:38engaging in sexual immorality or fall
13:40short you have in this new creation
13:44will be completely set free
13:46from the Dominion of Darkness the
13:48tyranny of sin the tyranny of death
13:50there will be no disease there will be
13:52no hospitals oh and by the way in case
13:55you hadn’t paid attention to the subtext
13:57of our of our Old Testament reading from
14:00Isaiah people are going to learn about
14:02God from God himself I’m out of a job
14:08I’m really nervous about all of this I’m
14:11gonna have to learn how to farm
14:14some of you Farmers well I’m gonna need
14:16your help
14:18because Pastor is going to be well out
14:21of a job and homeless if I don’t get to
14:24this is what we are hoping for this is
14:26what we are expecting and this is what
14:28God says is coming and does God ever lie
14:31no so in other words keep your eyes
14:35focused on the horizon what’s coming
14:38because only then focusing on what is
14:41coming and hoping for expecting waiting
14:45can’t wait for it to get here it’s
14:47almost Christmas kind of thought talking
14:50only then are you able to live a life in
14:53Holiness and godliness
14:55only then are you to be of service to
14:57your neighbor
14:58you must become so Heavenly minded
15:02that you will finally be of some good
15:04here on this planet Jesus says regarding
15:07this day
15:08we read it in Our Gospel text concerning
15:11that day
15:12that hour no one knows
15:15not even the angels of Heaven nor the
15:16son but the father only for as were the
15:19days of Noah so will be the coming of
15:20the son of man
15:22for as in those days before the flood
15:24they were eating and drinking marrying
15:26and giving and marriage until the day
15:27when Noah entered the Ark and they were
15:30unaware until the flood came and swept
15:32them all away
15:33so will be the coming of the son of man
15:35and you think about it it’s really
15:38Noah according to scriptures preached
15:41for a hundred years he was a preacher of
15:44righteousness he was warning everybody
15:46that the flood is coming
15:48can you imagine how difficult it was for
15:51him to get the building permits to build
15:52an ark in his backyard
15:56and they never listened to him none of
15:59but God doesn’t lie and God judged the
16:02world just like he promised and there
16:05was plenty of room on the ark for others
16:06to come along
16:08but they persisted in sin and unbelief
16:10they slumbered they were asleep they
16:13were cozy in their beds of sin it’s so
16:18warm there and I’m so tired I don’t I
16:21can’t get up
16:23that’s what sin does to you
16:26but Jesus says this
16:29two men will be in the field one will be
16:31taken one left
16:32two women will be grinding at the Mill
16:34one taken one left when the day when
16:36Jesus returns it says earlier in the
16:39that he’s going to send out his angels
16:41and they will gather up the elect
16:43they will be gathered up in first
16:44Thessalonians says we will meet him in
16:46the sky therefore stay awake you don’t
16:51know on what day your lord is coming but
16:54know this that if the Master of the
16:56House had known in which part of the
16:57night the thief was coming he would have
16:59stayed awake and would not have left let
17:02his house be broken into therefore you
17:04must be ready the son of man is coming
17:06at an hour you do not expect brothers
17:09and sisters you have been awakened
17:12you are awake Christ has raised you up
17:16do not return to your bed of sin and go
17:19back to sleep
17:21again here the words of Paul besides
17:23this you know the time the hour has come
17:25for you to wake from sleep for salvation
17:27is nearer to us than when we first
17:29believe the night is far gone the day is
17:33at hand
17:35Today We Live By the Light of Bethlehem
17:38and Calvary the cradle and the cross
17:41but keep looking at the eschatological
17:44Horizon the night is far gone
17:46the reason that you know this is because
17:48Christ has awakened you so that his day
17:51will not catch you unawares you’ve been
17:53awakened in the wee hours of the first
17:55day of the new creation your sins have
17:58been washed away in the waters of your
18:00baptism you’ve been fed the breakfast of
18:02Christ’s body and blood given and shed
18:05for you for the Forgiveness of your sins
18:07you’ve received word from Jesus himself
18:10that all of your sins are forgiven in
18:12the words of the absolution
18:14the dawning of the day of your salvation
18:16is at hand can you see his light in the
18:20Horizon Jesus is just about ready to
18:23burst forth from the Eastern sky
18:26the war will finally be over
18:30and our reunion with those who’ve gone
18:32before us is mere minutes away
18:35all of this Darkness sin and devilish
18:38satanic evil will disappear at us coming
18:40the way the darkness disappears when the
18:42sun comes over the horizon
18:44so let us walk properly as in the
18:47daytime not in orgies or drunkenness not
18:49in sexual immorality and sensuality not
18:52in quarreling and jealousy and
18:54backbiting and stabbing each other and
19:00put on the Lord Jesus Christ
19:02make no provision for the flesh to
19:05gratify its desires and notice Jesus
19:08here is likened to a garment
19:10something that you put on
19:12our sinful nature hates these clothes
19:16have you ever seen the movie A Christmas
19:18Story remember Ralphie his aunt made him
19:21that bunny suit the pink nightmare our
19:24sinful nature thinks about Christ in
19:27those terms you put on Christ and it’s
19:30sitting there going oh you look
19:33no you don’t
19:35you look like you’re ready for the dawn
19:41so all of those sinful desires passions
19:44thoughts actions they’re going to be no
19:46more when Jesus comes so let’s drop them
19:49now leave them Behind These are the
19:52shackles in the chains that bound us and
19:54enslaved us to the devil and his
19:56Dominion of darkness in the first place
19:58the light is Dawning so let us get out
20:01of bed cast off the works of darkness
20:03and put on the armor of light
20:08Luke says from our gospel text from a
20:10couple weeks ago there will be signs in
20:12the sun and moon and stars on the earth
20:15the stress of Nations and perplexity
20:17because of the Roaring of the Sea and
20:19the waves people fainting with fear and
20:21foreboding of what is coming on the
20:24because they are not paying attention
20:26the powers of the heavens will be shaken
20:28they will see the son of man coming in a
20:30cloud with power and great glory and now
20:33when you see these things begin to take
20:36place straighten up
20:38raise your heads because your Redemption
20:41is drawing near the colors in the
20:43Horizon tell us that your Jesus is near
20:46very very near it won’t be long now
20:51and it shall come to pass Isaiah says
20:54that in the latter days the mountain of
20:56the house of the Lord will be
20:57established as the highest of the
20:59mountains it shall be lifted up above
21:02the Hills
21:03and all the nations will flow to it
21:08cannot wait
21:10a new world is coming
21:12it’s almost here
21:14Can you feel it
21:16in the name of Jesus
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