Sermon Transcript – The Faith Delivered to the Saints

Series A – Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, August 23, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint
0:30matthew the 16th chapter
0:35now when Jesus came into the district of
0:36caesarea philippi he asked his disciples
0:39who do people say the son of man is
0:41and they said well some say john the
0:42baptist others say elijah others
0:44jeremiah or one of the prophets
0:46he said to them but who do you say that
0:48i am
0:50simon peter replied you are the Christ
0:52the son of the living god
0:53and Jesus answered him blessed are you
0:55simon barjona for flesh and blood has
0:58not revealed this to you but my father
0:59who is in heaven and i tell you that you
1:02are peter and on this rock i will build
1:04church and the gates of hell shall not
1:06prevail against it
1:08i will give you the keys of the kingdom
1:09of heaven and whatever you bind on earth
1:11shall be bound in heaven
1:12whatever you loose on earth shall be
1:14loosed in heaven then he strictly
1:15charged the disciples to tell
1:17no one that he was the Christ this is
1:19the gospel of the lord
1:23in the name of Jesus amen so Jesus
1:27is now with his disciples in the
1:29district of caesarea philippi
1:31i mean really right planted firmly in
1:33the middle of pagan territory
1:35this is a wonderful religious uh tourist
1:38to visit they have the temple of pan
1:41they have the
1:42gates of hades they have well in fact
1:44the city itself
1:46was founded by philip ii and he named it
1:50caesar in fact they had a coin struck
1:53with caesar’s image on it and of course
1:55the jews were freaking out about that
1:58saying that it was idolatrous to even
2:00use that coin
2:01and they kind of had a point because
2:02back in the day well the worship of
2:05caesar was part of your civic duty as a
2:08citizen of the roman empire and so you
2:10were called to show
2:12your allegiance your loyalty to caesar
2:15through a religious ceremony where all
2:17you had to do was offer a pinch of
2:19and say caesar is lord and so here’s
2:22Jesus he’s not
2:22in well judea he’s not in israel
2:26and he asks the question who do people
2:29say the son
2:30of man is it’s a little bit of a vague
2:33question i mean are we talking son of
2:35man like ezekiel
2:36which is seems to be a point something
2:39pointing us to
2:40god in human flesh or god himself or are
2:42we talking about son of man like talking
2:44about a mere mortal
2:45it’s almost as if Jesus is saying all
2:47right guys have you checked the latest
2:49gallup polls
2:50you know what do they show what are
2:52people saying about me
2:54and the answers come back the ones that
2:58come back they’re really really weird
3:00let me explain so some say john the
3:05others say elijah others jeremiah or one
3:08of the prophets
3:10that’s a weird answer by the way and you
3:12almost see Jesus stroking his beard
3:14since when did we start believing in
3:16reincarnation you know
3:18this is a weird answer so rather than
3:21comment on the answers given he looks
3:24at them and he said to them but who do
3:28you say that i am and you’re going to
3:32note here this is one of those times in
3:34scripture where the question
3:36jumps out of the text and kind of
3:38demands that we all
3:40answer that question as well who do you
3:42say Jesus is
3:44and that’s kind of the point and we’ll
3:46note that throughout
3:48Christian history there have been all
3:50kinds of interesting answers
3:52given now let me digress for just a
3:55minute have you all been following the
3:56latest kerfuffle in american politics
4:00did the democrats take out under god
4:03in the pledge of allegiance now
4:07as civic creeds go i mean i remember
4:10saying the pledge of allegiance when i
4:12was a young lad every single
4:14time we had something at my school we
4:17say the pledge of allegiance every time
4:19we got together as the cub scouts
4:21both as a cub scout yes i was a cub
4:23scout but i quit before we got to
4:25i was a cub scout and and but then later
4:28in life i was a cub scout leader i was a
4:30pack leader and every time we would get
4:32together as cub scouts
4:33there you have all your cub scouts in
4:35uniform and we would say the pledge of
4:38and so here’s the question you know
4:41that’s kind of before us right now as
4:42americans can we renegotiate what it
4:44means to be
4:45an american because it seems to be that
4:48there are people who are renegotiating
4:50right now and uh without any input
4:54from the rest of the country this is why
4:56this is a discussion going on
4:58right now now whether you believe trump
5:00was right or wrong i do think the topic
5:02at hand is kind of fascinating
5:04but you’re going to note that in well in
5:06our day and age and even before our day
5:08and age
5:09the people have been trying to
5:12what jude calls the faith
5:15once delivered or once and for all
5:19delivered to the saints keep this in
5:22mind unlike the us constitution
5:24Christianity was not something where
5:26some guys got together
5:28and said you know let’s put together a
5:30better religion
5:31you know one that is that gets rid of
5:34some of the
5:35this crazy stuff that goes on in these
5:37other religions
5:38and let’s let’s see if we concoct a
5:40religion that
5:41is is more expansive that has wide
5:45we appeal to people all over the earth
5:47and so maybe what we should do is we
5:49talk about this fellow named Jesus and
5:52me we can make him be a miracle worker
5:54we can make him god in human flesh
5:56and everyone said that sounds like a
5:57great idea and then sat down and banged
6:00out maybe the
6:00the nicean creed and then they sent it
6:02out for ratification among all the
6:05regions that’s not how that worked is it
6:08no you see Christianity is a
6:11faith a trust
6:14a creed even if you would that has been
6:18delivered delivered by whom well in our
6:22it says here by god the father
6:26so if you would think of it this way
6:28this text of ours today
6:31is kind of the first rough draft of
6:34maybe the apostles creed
6:36or the nicene creed and in this
6:39confession of faith that peter gives
6:42in this confession of faith he
6:45is saying the words that were given to
6:48him that were delivered
6:50to him the insight that was given to him
6:52by none other than god the father
6:54Christianity is of faith once for all
6:57delivered to the saints and so you’ll
7:00note but
7:01i i in my lifetime i got to see if you
7:04would the changing of the guard
7:06because if you’ve been on the planet
7:08long enough you all remember
7:10those those modernist liberals in the
7:13churches who were saying that miracles
7:14were not possible you remember
7:16those guys okay they kind of culminated
7:19it their final act before
7:21they fell out of vogue was that thing
7:23called the Jesus seminar
7:25where john dominic cross and a bunch of
7:27liberal and i’m going to say
7:28bible scholars got together
7:31and voted on which parts of the gospels
7:35were historic and which parts were myth
7:39all right all the miracles out they
7:42voted them out
7:43you know sermon on the mount stays
7:45anything moralistic
7:47and all of this is really kind of the
7:48culmination of the
7:50work that was began by albert schweitzer
7:52in his in his attempt to demythologize
7:56and figure out who the historic Jesus is
7:59as opposed
7:59to the Jesus of faith as if the two are
8:03altogether and in this way of thinking
8:05the general idea goes something like
8:08the historic Jesus well you know he was
8:11he was a pretty bold and courageous
8:14itinerant preacher uh you know in right
8:17traipsing around judea and he had some
8:19things that he said and he
8:21challenged the authorities and wouldn’t
8:23you know what poor Jesus went and got
8:25himself killed
8:26all right but he serves as an example of
8:28what it means to stand up to the caesar
8:31man and so we hold him
8:32in high esteem but the Jesus of faith
8:35well that’s the concoction of the
8:38you know because the historic Jesus
8:40didn’t walk on water the historic Jesus
8:42didn’t rise from the dead the historic
8:44Jesus didn’t heal the sick and all that
8:46kind of stuff because that’s miracles
8:47those are miracles and those aren’t even
8:48possible because they would be a
8:51of the laws of nature this is how they
8:54argue right
8:55and and so this
8:58Jesus of faith this Jesus of faith
9:02is just a man-made invention a legend if
9:05you would
9:05like the legend of paul bunyan or
9:08something like that
9:11and these are people who were operating
9:12within the visible church but here’s the
9:16that way of thinking that it’s not
9:19really theologizing is it
9:20it’s philosophizing if you would it’s
9:23yeah because
9:23theology you need a biblical text you
9:26see they deny what the biblical text
9:28this way of philosophizing has fallen
9:31out of vogue
9:32what happened what happened what what
9:34caused them to no longer
9:36have the best seats in the theological
9:38seminaries the answer is this
9:41a television show that you all may have
9:44goes back more than a decade ghost
9:47you guys remember ghost hunters i think
9:49the world changed with ghost hunters and
9:51the reason why
9:52is because there on the sci-fi channel
9:54there were guys in the dark with
9:56infrared cameras
9:57running around haunted houses haunted
9:59places and using
10:01scientific equipment to prove the
10:04existence of the paranormal
10:06and the supernatural and all of a sudden
10:08the whole world
10:09changed science has now proven the
10:11existence of the paranormal
10:13and now things are different everybody
10:17believes in miracles nowadays
10:18everybody believes in them right except
10:20for like the artifacts like
10:22you know the 80 year old guys who were
10:23trained the old way
10:25you know they’re dinosaurs they’ve
10:26fallen out of vogue but here’s the thing
10:28don’t think for a second that just
10:29because everybody believes that
10:31that miracles are possible that that
10:33means that they have a correct view of
10:36they don’t we’ll talk about this in our
10:39sunday school today
10:41it’s a whole bunch of people running
10:42around now in the charismatic and
10:43pentecostal churches who are
10:46overtly saying that Jesus did not come
10:50as god he only came as man
10:53that is a quote that Jesus did the
10:56things that he did as a man
10:58not as god and so they are
11:01downplaying the deity of Christ or even
11:03worse saying that Jesus laid aside his
11:06divinity all together
11:09and as a result of that Jesus is now the
11:12ultimate example
11:13of what you can do the miracles you can
11:18as a Christian and dwell by the holy
11:22it’s a big threat big change that’s
11:24happened in our lifetimes
11:26but i digress so coming back then to
11:29peter’s confession
11:31remember Christ asked the question who
11:33do you say that i am peter replied you
11:34are the Christ
11:36you could even say messiah yeah because
11:40and mashiach are synonymous
11:43words means the anointed one you are the
11:45anointed one
11:46you are the son of the living god
11:51and if you remember our texts when Jesus
11:54was walking on the water
11:56and they were freaked out he said take
12:00egg owe me i am do not be afraid and at
12:03the end of that text
12:05it says the disciples were worshiping
12:09Jesus is god he is the son of the living
12:12god and peter’s confession of faith
12:14is well quite the confession
12:17that Jesus is the son of the living god
12:19is to say that
12:20Jesus is god in the gospel of john
12:24you have Jesus calling god the father
12:27his father and by doing so the jews got
12:29really upset
12:30because they accused him of making
12:33himself equal with god by that language
12:36and so here this language of peter you
12:38are the son of the living god is a
12:39confession that Jesus
12:40is the god of the old testament in human
12:42flesh he is the promised messiah
12:45and that’s the full stop that’s the
12:47kernel that’s the nugget
12:48and you’re going to note then that this
12:52of peter’s is the central foundational
12:55doctrine the foundation stone itself of
12:59the Christian faith not
13:00peter but this confession
13:04so Jesus answered him blessed are you
13:06simon bar jonah and listen to the words
13:08flesh and blood has not revealed this to
13:10but my father who is in heaven now it’s
13:13absolutely true
13:14that here Jesus takes cephas’s name
13:18and and changes it to peter
13:22it’s absolutely true that’s
13:25that’s not a problem for us and you’ll
13:28know that
13:28uh i think a good way to think about it
13:31that when he says that you are peter and
13:33on this rock i will build my
13:35church and not that we need to pay
13:37attention to the details but simon
13:39barjona you are peter
13:41and on this rock i will build my church
13:43simon barjona
13:44Jesus changes his name to peter and bar
13:46jonah i mean you can kind of translate
13:48that or transliterate that as
13:50son of john that would not be a bad way
13:53say it i had one pastor who i i will
13:57never forget the point that he made
13:59at this point he said Jesus changed
14:01peter’s name
14:02to rocky johnson
14:07i think it’s brilliant it’s great rocky
14:10johnson rocky the son of john now
14:13if we were to kind of do a 21st century
14:16version of that you know
14:17right now rather than saying Jesus
14:19changed his name to rocky johnson i
14:21think it would be better to say he
14:22changed his name to stoney johnson
14:24doesn’t sound like a great name like
14:26like on apple music if you saw a new
14:28artist who was being
14:29you know being premiered you know and
14:31his name was stoney johnson i mean
14:33you can almost picture with a name like
14:35that he’s got really cool jazz vibe to
14:37him you know
14:38the kind of easy anyway just look for
14:41him on apple music you’ll find him
14:45i look like you guys look like you’re in
14:50okay all right but here’s the text says
14:54i tell you you are patras you are peter
14:59and you are peter and on this patra
15:04feminine on this petra i will build my
15:08you see Jesus here is not making peter
15:11the first pope that’s not what’s going
15:14on here
15:15but what is happening is that we are
15:18that the faith once delivered to the
15:21saints the light bulb has gone on
15:23and in a way Jesus is making peter
15:26kind of like the first prototypical
15:30and you’ll note that with his confession
15:31of faith which by the way because he
15:33says you are patros and on this patra
15:36i will build my church on this rock the
15:38rock was not peter
15:39the rock was his confession that Jesus
15:42is the Christ the son of the living god
15:44this is the rock that the church is
15:46built on
15:47and the gates of hell shall not prevail
15:49against it
15:50and so he then he goes on to say i will
15:52give you the keys of the kingdom of
15:54whatever you bind on earth will be bound
15:55in heaven whatever you loose on earth
15:57shall be loosed in heaven
15:58and don’t miss this part that what
16:01happens is
16:02that with this confession of faith with
16:04the foundation of the very church itself
16:07it’s not good news in and of itself
16:10to say that Jesus is the Christ the son
16:13of the living god
16:15that’s not good news in and of itself
16:17because to say that Jesus
16:19is the son of the living god for some
16:21that revelation
16:22is something that will result in their
16:25not their salvation and so to the church
16:28then Christ gives the keys of the
16:31kingdom of heaven
16:32so that sins may be forgiven
16:35it is wrong for the for the roman
16:38church to take the keys here
16:42that are given and turn it into the logo
16:44for the papacy
16:45that’s trademark infringement the keys
16:47in john chapter 20 are given to the
16:49entire church
16:50and so you’ll note here that with this
16:53proclamation that Jesus is the Christ
16:55the thing that is important is that
16:57there is the forgiveness
16:58of sins for all who repent and all who
17:02and whoever persists in sin and unbelief
17:05their sins are bound to them but those
17:07who believe their sins
17:08are forgiven and so that is a good way
17:11to look
17:12at this text now since we’ve talked
17:14about different ways in which people
17:17are trying to renegotiate Christianity
17:20modernist liberals of the past who’ve
17:22fallen out of vogue the charismatics
17:24today who are denying the deity of
17:27keep in mind that it is never a safe
17:30idea to merely talk about the different
17:32popular ways in which it is to deny
17:35to confess is to say the same thing as
17:37crypt as scripture
17:39and to confess then here that Christ is
17:42that Jesus is the Christ the son of the
17:44living god also requires us to consider
17:47the ways in which
17:48we as individuals even if we
17:51are never bought into the modernist
17:53liberal notions that
17:55miracles were not possible or even if
17:56we’re not modern-day charismatics
17:58denying that Jesus is
18:00Jesus had access to his divine nature
18:03there are ways in which we deny Christ
18:05in our thoughts our words our deeds
18:07so we deny that Jesus is the Christ the
18:11son of the living god
18:13every time we try to justify ourselves
18:17by our own good works by our own piety
18:21all the ways in which we want to
18:24with god so when we do that
18:29what we end up doing is we become a
18:33for ourselves we become our savior we be
18:36we become our messiah and by doing so we
18:40are denying that Christ is the messiah
18:43we also do this in all the different
18:45ways in which we live
18:46where we basically act as if god doesn’t
18:51and as as if other people have not
18:53mattered and in fact worse
18:56all the ways in which we think that we
18:57matter the most we deny that Jesus is
19:00the son of god
19:02because when we think that we are the
19:04ones who matter the most
19:06we are confessing with our actions that
19:08we think that we are the son of god
19:12that we have the preeminence that we’re
19:13the foundation
19:16we seek to deny we deny Christ when we
19:18seek to atone for our sins with our own
19:22and this is kind of an interesting way
19:24of thinking about it and by our own
19:26blood we can even talk about by
19:28being a living sacrifice kind of a
19:30twisting of our epistle
19:31text but in our day and age there’s
19:34there’s a
19:35an alarmingly large number of
19:39teenage girls who engage in cutting
19:44it’s a fascinating phenomenon and with
19:47that there is
19:48oftentimes a feeling in the girl in the
19:51girls that do this
19:52that by doing so they are
19:56well making themselves to suffer for
19:59their wrong
20:00doing they’re letting their out their
20:02own blood
20:03out for the purpose of atoning for
20:06standard they have not achieved but we
20:10cannot atone for our own blood and so i
20:13kindly remind those who are tempted
20:16along those lines
20:17that Jesus was cut for us so that we
20:19would not have to cut ourselves
20:21because we cannot atone for our own sins
20:23with our own blood
20:26the other ways we deny Christ is when we
20:29try to bargain
20:30with god you ever done that it’s like
20:33god if you just get me out of this
20:35circumstance i will
20:36i will pray at least once a day
20:41or okay once a week right we try to
20:44bargain with god
20:46that you can’t do that you’re denying
20:48that Jesus is the Christ the son of the
20:50living god
20:52and that there is forgiveness offered
20:54through him
20:56when you try to bargain in these ways
21:00we deny Christ when we refuse to sing
21:04his praise
21:06when we refuse to confess his name
21:10when we do not pray we do not praise
21:14we do not give thanks for what he has
21:16won for us
21:18when we sit in stony silence and we
21:21to confess and yet claiming to believe
21:24as though
21:25heart and mouth can somehow be
21:29we deny Christ when we make his word to
21:31be nothing but a human opinion
21:34we deny Christ
21:37when we turn his sacraments into nothing
21:39more than a religious ceremony
21:42we deny his presence among us in the
21:44word and in the bread and the cup
21:46when we do that we are denying the very
21:48word of Christ that is intended to bring
21:51life and salvation so you’ll note
21:54this confession of peter’s is the
21:58and it is wise for us to consider all of
22:01ways in which we deny this confession
22:06where our own lives our own worship fall
22:10so far short that
22:13it’s clear that our sinful nature is
22:17very very active in denying
22:20this confession of peter’s but i would
22:23remind you
22:25that in john 20 the keys the sins you
22:29y’all forgive are forgiven the sins you
22:32are already retained Jesus gave the keys
22:34to the whole church to all of his
22:36to everybody who believes and so you’ll
22:39note then here today you heard
22:42that your sins were forgiven and indeed
22:44they were because the same Jesus is
22:46going to go to the cross in fact next
22:49if you’re tempted to really think that
22:50peter got it right
22:52you’re going to note that in the
22:53sentences that immediately follow this
22:56Jesus is going to turn right around and
22:58tell peter that he’s from satan
23:00that he is acting as the devil and the
23:02reason why is because from this time
23:04forward Jesus
23:05will begin to tell his disciples that he
23:07has to go to jerusalem that he’s going
23:09to suffer
23:10at the hands of the scribes and the
23:11religious leaders and that he will die
23:14and that he will rise again and so this
23:17Jesus the one who is the Christ the son
23:19of the living god
23:20he goes to the cross and he bleeds for
23:23all of the ways in which you have denied
23:26to be what peter confessed him to be all
23:29the ways in which you have exalted
23:30yourself and made yourself the son of
23:32god and made yourself the Christ
23:34made yourself your own savior Christ has
23:36even bled and died for all of that
23:40and so today you again heard that your
23:42sins were forgiven
23:44so i would say this Jesus said to peter
23:48blessed are you simon barjona for flesh
23:51and blood has not revealed this to you
23:54and so blessed are you dear saints
23:56blessed are you
23:58because you believe this and your sins
24:01:00are forgiven like his
24:02:00in the name of Jesus amen
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